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ISSN: 0016-2361 (Print) 

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1 - 7 Homogeneous and heterogeneous contributions of CO2 and recycled NO to NO emission difference between air and oxy-coal combustion
Hu XW, Li X, Luo GQ, Yao H
8 - 16 Catalytic upgrading of soybean oil methyl esters by partial hydrogenation using Pd catalysts
Thunyaratchatanon C, Luengnaruemitchai A, Chollacoop N, Yoshimura Y
17 - 24 Liquid-liquid equilibria of binary and ternary systems involving monoethyleneglycol, water, n-alkanes at three temperatures: 283.15, 303.15 and 333.15 K
Mokbel I, Lindemann C, Duchet-Suchaux P, Jose J
25 - 33 Developing detailed kinetic models of syngas production from bio-oil gasification using Reaction Mechanism Generator (RMG)
Khanshan FS, West RH
34 - 40 Analysis of the effect of particle size on permeability in hydrate-bearing porous media using pore network models combined with CT
Wang JQ, Zhao JF, Zhang Y, Wang DY, Li YH, Song YC
41 - 47 Well-dispersed sulfated mesoporous WO3/SiO2 hybrid colloidal spheres: High-efficiency catalysts for the synthesis of fatty acid alkyl esters
Chen GC, Qiao HB, Cao JK, Wang ZC, Ye MF, Guo CY, Ding PF, Wen XM
48 - 55 Oil shale pyrolysis in indirectly heated fixed bed with metallic plates of heating enhancement
Lin LX, Lai DG, Guo E, Zhang C, Xu GW
56 - 64 Catalytic performance of manganese doped CuO-CeO2 catalysts for selective oxidation of CO in hydrogen-rich gas
Guo XL, Li J, Zhou RX
65 - 73 Discrete fracture modeling using Centroidal Voronoi grid for simulation of shale gas plays with coupled nonlinear physics
Wang YH, Shahvali M
74 - 79 Production of 2,5-dimethylfuran from 5-hydroxymethylfurfural over reduced graphene oxides supported Pt catalyst under mild conditions
Shi JJ, Wang YY, Yu XN, Du WC, Hou ZY
80 - 87 Aluminum oxide and copper oxide nanodiesel fuel properties and usage in a compression ignition engine
Gumus S, Ozcan H, Ozbey M, Topaloglu B
88 - 97 Chemical, dielectric and structural characterization of optimized hydrochar produced from hydrothermal carbonization of palm shell
Nizamuddin S, Mubarak NM, Tiripathi M, Jayakumar NS, Sahu JN, Ganesan P
98 - 111 Extension of the Eddy Dissipation Concept for turbulence/chemistry interactions to MILD combustion
Parente A, Malik MR, Contino F, Cuoci A, Daily BB
112 - 121 Electrochemical determination of total reducing sugars from bioethanol production using glassy carbon electrode modified with graphene oxide containing copper nanoparticles
Santos FCU, Paim LL, da Silva JL, Stradiottoa NR
122 - 128 Numerical study on the penetration of ash particles in a three-dimensional randomly packed granular filter
Guan L, Gu ZZ, Yuan ZL, Yang LJ, Zhong WQ, Wu YY, Sun SS
129 - 132 Detection of rare earth elements in Powder River Basin sub-bituminous coal ash using laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS)
Phuoc TX, Wang P, McIntyre D
133 - 138 Cyclic pressurization assisted extraction of lipids from microalgae for biodiesel production: Non-equilibrium and equilibrium data
Batista G, Surek GAS, Beninca C, Corazza ML, Zanoelo EF
139 - 147 Characterization of some Indian coals to assess their liability to spontaneous combustion
Nimaje DS, Tripathy DP
148 - 156 Investigations on the thermal decomposition of JP-10/iso-octane binary mixtures
Li GQ, Zhang CF, Wei H, Xie HJ, Guo YS, Fang WJ
157 - 165 An experimental study of CaSO4 decomposition during coal pyrolysis
Jia X, Wang QH, Cen KF, Chen LM
166 - 174 Experimental study of dual n-butanol and iso-butanol additives on spark-ignition engine performance and emissions
Elfasakhany A
175 - 179 Strategies for the determination of trace and toxic elements in pitch: Evaluation of combustion and wet digestion methods for sample preparation
Pereira LSF, Lop GD, Flores EMM, Burrow RA, Mello PA, Duarte FA
180 - 188 Hydrodesulfurization of dibenzothiophene on NiMo/gamma-Al2O3 washcoated monoliths
Singh R, Kunzru D
189 - 195 Evaluation of different microwave-assisted dilute acid extracting reagents on simultaneous coal desulphurization and demineralization
Mketo N, Nomngongo PN, Ngila JC
196 - 204 Predicting heavy oil/water relative permeability using modified Corey-based correlations
Torabi F, Mosavat N, Zarivnyy O
205 - 213 The effects of pore geometry on adsorption equilibrium in shale formations and coal-beds: Lattice density functional theory study
Qajar A, Daigle H, Prodanovic M
214 - 222 Experimental study of the two-stage injection process of fatty acid esters on a common rail injection system
Han D, Duan YZ, Wang CH, Lin H, Huang Z, Wooldridge MS
223 - 231 Roles of surface chemistry and structural defects of activated carbons in the oxidative desulfurization of benzothiophenes
Timko MT, Wang JA, Burgess J, Kracke P, Gonzalez L, Jaye C, Fischer DA
232 - 239 Mechanisms and roles of fly ash compositions on the adsorption and oxidation of mercury in flue gas from coal combustion
Wang FY, Wang SX, Meng Y, Zhang L, Wu QR, Hao JM
240 - 247 Guayule (Parthenium argentatum) pyrolysis biorefining: Fuels and chemicals contributed from guayule leaves via tail gas reactive pyrolysis
Boateng AA, Elkasabi Y, Mullen CA
248 - 259 Material compatibility evaluation for elastomers, plastics, and metals exposed to ethanol and butanol blends
Durbin TD, Karayalakis G, Norbeck JM, Park CS, Castillo J, Rheem Y, Bumiller K, Yang JC, Van V, Hunter K
260 - 270 An experimental study of the effects of fuel properties on reactive spray evolution using Primary Reference Fuels
Pastor JV, Garcia-Oliver JM, Lopez JJ, Vera-Tudela W
271 - 281 Characterization and differentiation of chemical fingerprints of virgin and used lubricating oils for identification of contamination or adulteration sources
Yang C, Yang ZY, Zhang G, Hollebone B, Landriault M, Wang ZD, Lambert P, Brown CE
282 - 294 The fate of fracturing water: A field and simulation study
Ghanbari E, Dehghanpour H
295 - 303 Momentum- and buoyancy-driven laminar methane diffusion flame shapes and radiation characteristics at sub-atmospheric pressures
Fang J, Wang JW, Guan JF, Zhang YM, Wang JJ
304 - 313 Optimization and kinetics of sunflower oil methanolysis catalyzed by calcium oxide-based catalyst derived from palm kernel shell biochar
Kostic MD, Bazargan A, Stamenkovic OS, Veljkovic VB, McKay G
314 - 323 Study on relative permeability characteristics affected by displacement pressure gradient: Experimental study and numerical simulation
Xu JC, Guo CH, Jiang RZ, Wei MZ
324 - 333 Correlations among thermophysical properties, ignition quality, volatility, chemical composition, and kinematic viscosity of petroleum distillates
Shen J, Astrath NGC, Pedreira PRB, Guimares FB, Gieleciak R, Wen Q, Michaelian KH, Fairbridge C, Malacarne LC, Rohling JH, Baesso ML