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1 - 5 A novel modeling approach to optimize oxygen-steam ratios in coal gasification process
Arabloo M, Bahadori A, Ghiasi MM, Lee M, Abbas A, Zendehboudi S
6 - 12 Effect of charge air temperature on E85 dual-fuel diesel combustion
Sarjovaara T, Larmi M, Vuorinen V
13 - 18 Enhancing the enzymatic synthesis of alkyl esters by coupling transesterification to an efficient glycerol separation system
Jachmanian I, Martinez N, Segura N
19 - 30 Fuel property quantification of triglyceride blends with an emphasis on industrial oilseeds camelina, carinata, and pennycress
Drenth AC, Olsen DB, Denef K
31 - 39 Sooting tendency of surrogates for the aromatic fractions of diesel and gasoline in a wick-fed diffusion flame
Botero ML, Mosbach S, Akroyd J, Kraft M
40 - 47 Pd-catalyst assisted organosolv pretreatment to isolate ethanol organosolv lignin retaining compatible characteristics for producing phenolic monomer
Kim HY, Jeong HS, Lee SY, Choi JW, Choi IG
48 - 55 A biomimetic silicification approach to synthesize CaO-SiO2 catalyst for the transesterification of palm oil into biodiesel
Chen GY, Shan R, Li SY, Shi JF
56 - 66 A drop-tube particle-entrained flow solar reactor applied to thermal methane splitting for hydrogen production
Abanades S, Kimura H, Otsuka H
67 - 69 Flash points and volatility characteristics of gasoline/diesel blends
Al-Abdullah MH, Kalghatgi GT, Babiker H
70 - 77 A theoretical study on bond dissociation enthalpies of coal based model compounds
Li L, Fan HJ, Hu HQ
78 - 84 Fatty acid esters: a potential cetane number improver for diesel from direct coal liquefaction
Liu H, Jiang SS, Wang JN, Yang C, Guo HS, Wang XJ, Han S
85 - 89 A novel theoretical approach to the temperature-viscosity relation for fluidic fuels
Yang XH, Li WY
90 - 101 Experimental characterization of the combustion of single lithium particles with CO2
Fischer P, Schiemann M, Scherer V, Maas P, Schmid G, Taroata D
102 - 109 Understanding the primary and secondary slow pyrolysis mechanisms of holocellulose, lignin and wood with laser-induced fluorescence
Dieguez-Alonso A, Anca-Couce A, Zobel N, Behrendt F
110 - 117 Porosity evolution in oil-prone source rocks
Zargari S, Canter KL, Prasad M
118 - 127 Effect of process conditions on tar formation from thermal reactions of ethylene
Kaisalo NK, Koskinen-Soivi ML, Simell PA, Lehtonen J
128 - 134 Third generation biohydrogen production by Clostridium butyricum and adapted mixed cultures from Scenedesmus obliquus microalga biomass
Ortigueira J, Alves L, Gouveia L, Moura P
135 - 142 Supercritical carbon dioxide-based integrated continuous extraction of oil from chicken feather meal, and its conversion to biodiesel in a packed-bed enzymatic reactor, at pilot scale
Gameiro M, Lisboa P, Paiva A, Barreiros S, Simoes P
143 - 153 Investigation of sulfidation and regeneration of a ZnO-adsorbent used in a biomass tar removal process based on catalytic steam reforming
Zuber C, Husmann M, Schroettner H, Hochenauer C, Kienberger T
154 - 165 Experimental and numerical studies of biodiesel combustion mechanisms using a laminar counterflow spray premixed flame
Alviso D, Rolon JC, Scouflaire P, Darabiha N
166 - 175 Ceria-zirconia based catalysts for ethanol steam reforming
Moretti E, Storaro L, Talon A, Chitsazan S, Garbarino G, Busca G, Finocchio E
176 - 182 Insight into the structural features of Zhaotong lignite using multiple techniques
Li ZK, Wei XY, Yan HL, Zong ZM
183 - 191 Transient characteristics of diesel sprays from a deposit rich injector
Pos R, Cracknell R, Ganippa L
192 - 201 Catalytic partial oxidation of methane over nickel and ruthenium based catalysts under low O-2/CH4 ratios and with addition of steam
Velasco JA, Fernandez C, Lopez L, Cabrera S, Boutonnet M, Jaras S
202 - 209 Combined calcium looping and chemical looping combustion cycles with CaO-CuO pellets in a fixed bed reactor
Ridha FN, Lu D, Macchi A, Hughes RW
210 - 223 Integration of calcium looping technology in existing cement plant for CO2 capture: Process modeling and technical considerations
Atsonios K, Grammelis P, Antiohos SK, Nikolopoulos N, Kakaras E
224 - 230 Stabilization of bio-oils using low temperature, low pressure hydrogenation
Rover MR, Hall PH, Johnston PA, Smith RG, Brown RC
231 - 239 A new rapid method for shale oil and shale gas assessment
Wright MC, Court RW, Kafantaris FCA, Spathopoulos F, Sephton MA
240 - 248 A method for characterization of bitumen
Azinfar B, Zirrahi M, Hassanzadeh H, Abedi J
249 - 256 Effect of coal rank on structure and dielectric properties of chars
Liu HY, Xu L, Jin Y, Fan BG, Qiao XL, Yang YX
257 - 266 Effect of temperature on dielectric properties and penetration depth of oil palm shell (OPS) and OPS char synthesized by microwave pyrolysis of OPS
Tripathi M, Sahu JN, Ganesan P, Dey TK
267 - 275 Flame stability limits and near blowout characteristics of CNG inverse jet flame
Mahesh S, Mishra DP
276 - 283 A LSSVM approach for determining well placement and conning phenomena in horizontal wells
Ahmadi MA, Bahadori A
284 - 293 Influence of the regeneration conditions on the performances and the microstructure modifications of NiO/NiAl2O4 for chemical looping combustion
Blas L, Dorge S, Michelin L, Dutournie P, Lambert A, Chiche D, Bertholin S
294 - 302 Reactivity of olefins and inhibition effect on the hydrodesulfurization of a model FCC naphtha
Morales-Valencia EM, Baldovino-Medrano VG, Giraldo SA
303 - 309 Combined H2O and CO2 reforming of coke oven gas over Ca-promoted Ni/MgAl2O4 catalyst for direct reduced iron production
Koo KY, Lee JH, Jung UH, Kim SH, Yoon WL
310 - 319 Rapid method to estimate the minimum miscibility pressure (MMP) in live reservoir oil systems during CO2 flooding
Kamari A, Arabloo M, Shokrollahi A, Gharagheizi F, Mohammadi AH
320 - 327 Effect of char generation method on steam, CO2 and blended mixture gasification of high ash Turkish coals
Jayaraman K, Gokalp I
328 - 335 Oxygenate screening on a heavy-duty diesel engine and emission characteristics of highly oxygenated oxymethylene ether fuel OME1
Hartl M, Seidenspinner P, Jacob E, Wachtmeister G
336 - 345 The role of naphthenates and kaolinite in toluene and toluene-bitumen emulsions
Quraishi S, Acosta E, Ng S
346 - 354 Analyzes of hydrocarbons by atmosphere pressure chemical ionization FT-ICR mass spectrometry using isooctane as ionizing reagent
Tose LV, Cardoso FMR, Fleming FP, Vicente MA, Silva SRC, Aquije GMFV, Vaz BG, Romao W
355 - 360 Formulation of a fuel spray SMD model at atmospheric pressure using Design of Experiments (DoE)
Chen LF, Liu ZX, Sun PH, Huo WY
361 - 369 Promotional effect of CeO2 modified support on V2O5-WO3/TiO2 catalyst for elemental mercury oxidation in simulated coal-fired flue gas
Zhao LK, Li CT, Zhang J, Zhang XA, Zhan FM, Ma JF, Xie YE, Zeng GM
370 - 381 Calcium looping process simulation based on an advanced thermodynamic model combined with CFD analysis
Atsonios K, Zeneli M, Nikolopoulos A, Nikolopoulos N, Grammelis P, Kakaras E
382 - 392 Methanol conversion over SAPO-34 catalysts; Systematic study of temperature, space-time, and initial gel composition on product distribution and stability
Sedighi M, Towfighi J
393 - 401 Effect of polyethylene co-feeding in the steam gasification of biomass in a conical spouted bed reactor
Lopez G, Erkiaga A, Amutio M, Bilbao J, Olazar M
402 - 407 Gasoline analysis by headspace mass spectrometry and near infrared spectroscopy
Ferreiro-Gonzalez M, Ayuso J, Alvarez JA, Palma M, Barroso CG
408 - 415 Carbonate and sandstone reservoirs wettability improvement without using surfactants for Chemical Enhanced Oil Recovery (C-EOR)
Ershadi M, Alaei M, Rashidi A, Ramazani A, Khosravani S
416 - 430 Spray and atomization of a common rail fuel injector with non-circular orifices
Sharma P, Fang TG
431 - 436 Performance of a household boiler fed with agropellets blended from olive mill solid waste and pine sawdust
Lajili M, Jeguirim M, Kraiem N, Limousy L
437 - 444 Coal fly ash as a potential fixation reagent for radioactive wastes
Lieberman RN, Green U, Segev G, Polat M, Mastai Y, Cohen H
445 - 454 Esterification of fatty acids with ethanol over layered zinc laurate and zinc stearate - Kinetic modeling
de Paiva EJM, Sterchele S, Corazza ML, Murzin DY, Wypych F, Salmi T
455 - 463 Effect of basic nitrogen compounds on gas oil hydrodesulfurization and deposit formed on the catalyst
Koide R, Iwanami Y, Konishi S, Kimura N, Takahashi S, Kamata M, Baba T
464 - 482 Bio-oil from pyrolysis of wood pellets using a microwave multimode oven and different microwave absorbers
Undri A, Abou-Zaid M, Briens C, Berruti F, Rosi L, Bartoli M, Frediani M, Frediani P
483 - 491 Impact of n-butanol and hydrous ethanol fumigation on the performance and pollutant emissions of an automotive diesel engine
Lopez AF, Cadrazco M, Agudelo AF, Corredor LA, Velez JA, Agudelo JR
492 - 498 Co-pyrolysis of Karanja and Niger seeds with waste polystyrene to produce liquid fuel
Shadangi KP, Mohanty K
499 - 509 Mass yield as guide parameter of the torrefaction process. An experimental study of the solid fuel properties referred to two types of biomass
Grigiante M, Antolini D
510 - 519 Influence of process parameters on the performance of an oxygen blown entrained flow biomass gasifier
Weiland F, Wiinikka H, Hedman H, Wennebro J, Pettersson E, Gebart R
520 - 525 Shear modulus of heavy oils: Confinement effects in rheometer measurements
Rodrigues PE, Batzle ML
526 - 534 Relationship between LPG fuel and gasoline injection duration for gasoline direct injection engines
Mitukiewicz G, Dychto R, Leyko J
535 - 543 The effects of noble metal catalysts on the bio-oil quality during the hydrodeoxygenative upgrading process
Oh S, Hwang H, Choi HS, Choi JW
544 - 551 Biodiesel production by direct conversion of Botryococcus braunii lipids: Reaction kinetics modelling and optimization
Hidalgo P, Ciudad G, Mittelbach M, Navia R
552 - 558 Analysis of trace contaminants in hot gas streams using time-weighted average solid-phase microextraction: Pilot-scale validation
Woolcock PJ, Koziel JA, Johnston PA, Brown RC, Broer KM
559 - 568 On hot water flooding strategies for thin heavy oil reservoirs
Zhao DW, Gates ID
569 - 577 Effect of injection timing to performance of a diesel engine fuelled with different diesel-ethanol mixtures
Murcak A, Hasimoglu C, Cevik I, Kahraman H
578 - 584 Enhanced sulfur capacity of durable and regenerable mesoporous sorbents for the deep desulfurization of diesel
Zhang JL, Qiu GH, Fan L, Meng XR, Cai QH, Wang YH
585 - 594 A mechanistic model for the softening of coking coal and its use for predicting the dilatation of blends
Jenkins DR, Mahoney MR
595 - 603 Aging studies of biodiesel and HVO and their testing as neat fuel and blends for exhaust emissions in heavy-duty engines and passenger cars
Singer A, Schroder O, Pabst C, Munack A, Bunger J, Ruck W, Krahl J
604 - 611 An investigation into the conversion of specific carbon atoms in oleic acid and methyl oleate to particulate matter in a diesel engine and tube reactor
Eveleigh A, Ladommatos N, Hellier P, Jourdan AL
612 - 619 A priori evaluation of subgrid-scale combustion models for diesel engine applications
Ameen MM, Abraham J
620 - 627 Biodiesel synthesis from canola oil via heterogeneous catalysis using functionalized CaO nanoparticles
Degirmenbasi N, Coskun S, Boz N, Kalyon DM
628 - 633 Relation of chemical composition to asphalt microstructure - Details and properties of micro-structures in bitumen as seen by thermal and friction force microscopy and by scanning near-filed optical microscopy
Fischer HR, Cernescu A
634 - 639 Vapour-liquid critical properties of components of biodiesel. 1. Methyl esters of n-alkanoic acids
Nikitin ED, Popov AP
640 - 649 Production of a methyl ester from the microalgae Nannochloropsis grown in raceways on the French west coast
Perrier B, Crampon C, Guezet O, Simon C, Maire F, Lepine O, Pruvost J, Lozano P, Bernard O, Badens E
650 - 663 Systematic study of the effect of the hydroxyl functional group in alcohol molecules on compression ignition and exhaust gas emissions
Koivisto E, Ladommatos N, Gold M
664 - 681 Petrophysical and geomechanical characteristics of Canadian tight oil and liquid-rich gas reservoirs: I. Pore network and permeability characterization
Ghanizadeh A, Clarkson CR, Aquino S, Ardakani OH, Sanei H
682 - 691 Petrophysical and geomechanical characteristics of Canadian tight oil and liquid-rich gas reservoirs: II. Geomechanical property estimation
Ghanizadeh A, Clarkson CR, Aquino S, Ardakani OH, Sanei H
692 - 706 A comparative study of different dynamic process simulation codes for combined cycle power plants - Part A: Part loads and off-design operation
Alobaid F, Starkloff R, Pfeiffer S, Karner K, Epple B, Kim HG
707 - 716 A comparative study of different dynamic process simulation codes for combined cycle power plants - Part B: Start-up procedure
Alobaid F, Starkloff R, Pfeiffer S, Karner K, Epple B, Kim HG
717 - 719 Geo-microbial niches: The control rooms for securing energy access
Haider R, Ghauri MA
720 - 720 The characterization of micro-structure of cobalt on gamma-Al2O3 for FTS: Effects of pretreatment on Ru-Co/gamma-Al2O3 (vol 149, pg 118, 2015)
Jung JS, Lee JS, Choi G, Ramesh S, Moon DJ