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ISSN: 0016-2361 (Print) 

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1 - 8 Effects of oxygenated fuel blends on carbonaceous particulate composition and particle size distributions from a stationary diesel engine
Zhang ZH, Balasubramanian R
9 - 16 Optimization studies on coal-oil agglomeration using Taguchi (L16) experimental design
Kumar S, Chary GHVC, Dastidar MG
17 - 22 Production of upgraded bio-oils by biomass catalytic pyrolysis in an auger reactor using low cost materials
Veses A, Aznar M, Lopez JM, Callon MS, Murillo R, Garcia T
23 - 38 Correlation and prediction of biodiesel density for extended ranges of temperature and pressure
Prieto NMCT, Ferreira AGM, Portugal ATG, Moreira RJ, Santos JB
39 - 45 Rapid and accurate determination of the lignin content of lignocellulosic biomass by solid-state NMR
Fu L, McCallum SA, Miao JJ, Hart C, Tudryn GJ, Zhang FM, Linhardt RJ
46 - 55 Kinetic study of steam gasification of two mineralogically different lignite chars: An active site/intermediate model
Tang J, Wu XT, Wang J
56 - 63 Acid-catalyzed conversion of C6 sugar monomer/oligomers to levulinic acid in water, tetrahydrofuran and toluene: Importance of the solvent polarity
Hu X, Wang S, Westerhof RJM, Wu LP, Song Y, Dong DH, Li CZ
64 - 73 Modelling of heating and evaporation of n-Heptane droplets: Towards a generic model for fuel droplet/particle conversion
Yin CE
74 - 81 Supercritical carbon dioxide extraction of petroleum on kieselguhr
Ni HX, Hsu CS, Lee P, Wright J, Chen R, Xu CM, Shi Q
82 - 92 Optimization of the feeding ports location in a fluidized bed combustor based on Monte Carlo simulations of fuel particles motion
Garcia-Gutierrez LM, Soria-Verdugo A, Ruiz-Rivas U
93 - 98 Enhanced performance of calcium-enriched coal ash for the removal of humic acids from aqueous solution
Zhang Y, Zhang XM, Song YC, Wang JH
99 - 108 Use of sewage sludge combustion ash and gasification ash for high-temperature desulphurization of different gas streams
Gil-Lalaguna N, Sanchez JL, Murillo MB, Gea G
109 - 119 Experimental study on diesel conventional and low temperature combustion by fueling four isomers of butanol
Zheng ZQ, Li CL, Liu HF, Zhang Y, Zhong XF, Yao MF
120 - 135 Projection of world fossil fuels by country
Mohr SH, Wang J, Ellem G, Ward J, Giurco D
136 - 142 Characterization of gasoline/ethanol blends by infrared and excess infrared spectroscopy
Corsetti S, Zehentbauer FM, McGloin D, Kiefer J
143 - 153 Potential for aerobic and methanogenic oil biodegradation in a water flooded oil field (Dagang oil field)
Cai MM, Jimenez N, Kruger M, Guo H, Jun Y, Straaten N, Richnow HH
154 - 163 Effect of Karanja biodiesel blends on particulate emissions from a transportation engine
Dhar A, Agarwal AK
164 - 172 Liquid-liquid phase equilibrium measurements and modeling for systems involving {soybean oil plus ethyl esters plus (ethanol plus water)}
Dagostin JLA, Mafra MR, Ramos LP, Corazza ML
173 - 184 Exploring methane-hydrate formation and dissociation in geologic materials through laboratory experiments: Kinetic behavior and morphology
Ruffine L
185 - 191 Investigation on characteristics of ion current in a methanol direct-injection spark-ignition engine
Gao ZQ, Li BZ, Li CY, Liu B, Liu SH, Wu XM, Huang ZH
192 - 199 The prediction of fuel injection quality using a NOx sensor for the on-board diagnosis of heavy-duty diesel engines with SCR systems
Qiu T, Li XC, Lei Y, Liu XH, Zhang CX, Feng X, Xu H
200 - 206 Cycle-based optimal NOx emission control of selective catalytic reduction systems with dynamic programming algorithm
Zhang H, Chen Y, Wang JM, Yang SC
207 - 213 Study of flow characteristics of biomass and biomass-coal blends
Guo ZG, Chen XL, Xu Y, Liu HF
214 - 221 Rheological properties and stability of lignite washery tailing suspensions
Chen DD, Jiang XG, Lv S, Lv GJ, Ma ZY, Yan JH, Yu XH, Liao HY, Zhao H
222 - 225 Recycle of algal residue suspension from acid-catalyzed hot-water extraction (AHE) as substrate of oleaginous yeast Cryptococcus sp.
Seo YH, Sung M, Han JI
226 - 235 The effect of hydraulic fracture characteristics on production rate in thermal EOR methods
Shakib JT, Akhgarian E, Ghaderi A
236 - 249 Numerical investigation of the heterogeneous combustion processes of solid fuels
Alganash B, Paul MC, Watson IA
250 - 257 Effects of pre-treatments on the lipid extraction and biodiesel production from municipal WWTP sludge
Olkiewicz M, Fortuny A, Stuber F, Fabregat A, Font J, Bengoa C
258 - 267 Novel Janus magnetic micro particle synthesis and its applications as a demulsifier for breaking heavy crude oil and water emulsion
Ali N, Zhang BL, Zhang HP, Li W, Zaman W, Tian L, Zhang QY
268 - 274 Identification of basic nitrogen compounds in ethanol-soluble portion from Zhaotong lignite ethanolysis by positive-ion electrospray ionization Fourier transform ion cyclotron resonance mass spectrometry
Li ZK, Zong ZM, Yan HL, Wei ZH, Li Y, Wei XY
275 - 284 Prediction of biomass ash fusion behaviour by the use of detailed characterisation methods coupled with thermodynamic analysis
Rizvi T, Xing P, Pourkashanian M, Darvell LI, Jones JM, Nimmo W
285 - 292 Effect of H-2/CO ratio and N-2/CO2 dilution rate on laminar burning velocity of syngas investigated by direct measurement and simulation
Wang ZH, Weng WB, He Y, Li ZS, Cen KF
293 - 304 Comparing the porosity and surface areas of coal as measured by gas adsorption, mercury intrusion and SAXS techniques
Okolo GN, Everson RC, Neomagus HWJP, Roberts MJ, Sakurovs R