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ISSN: 0016-2361 (Print) 

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1 - 4 Iron-enhanced anaerobic digestion of cyanobacterial biomass from Lake Chao
Peng SC, Xue J, Shi CB, Wang J, Chen TH, Yue ZB
5 - 7 Evaluation of potential biodiesel feedstock production from oleaginous insect Solenopsis sp.
Bowling JJ, Anderson JB, Armbrust KL, Hamann MT
8 - 14 Applying Taguchi method to combustion characteristics and optimal factors determination in diesel/biodiesel engines with port-injecting LPG
Wu ZY, Wu HW, Hung CH
15 - 25 Aging of asphaltic binders investigated with atomic force microscopy
Rebelo LM, de Sousa JS, Abreu AS, Baroni MPMA, Alencar AEV, Soares SA, Mendes J, Soares JB
26 - 32 The relation between lubricity and electrical properties of low sulfur diesel and diesel/biodiesel blends
Nicolau A, Lutckmeier CV, Samios D, Gutterres M, Piatnick CMS
33 - 42 Estimation of the water content of natural gas dried by solid calcium chloride dehydrator units
Ghiasi MM, Bahadori A, Zendehboudi S
43 - 49 Mechanistic investigation of bypassed-oil recovery during CO2 injection in matrix and fracture
Khosravi M, Bahramian A, Emadi M, Rostami B, Roayaie E
50 - 58 Combustion behavior of a spark ignition engine fueled with synthetic gases derived from biogas
Arroyo J, Moreno F, Munoz M, Monne C, Bernal N
59 - 67 Changes in asphaltenes during thermal cracking of residual oils
Lababidi HMS, Sabti HM, AlHumaidan FS
68 - 73 Efficient one-pot synthesis of 5-ethoxymethylfurfural from fructose catalyzed by heteropolyacid supported on K-10 clay
Liu AQ, Liu B, Wang YM, Ren RS, Zhang ZH
74 - 78 Determination of phase separation efficiency for biodiesel quality and blending
Stromberg N, Eriksson H, Saramat A
79 - 86 The effect of CO2 addition on the flame behavior of a non-premixed oxy-methane jet in a lab-scale furnace
Oh J, Noh D
87 - 94 Experimental evaluation of the effect of emulsion stability on micro-explosion phenomena for water-in-oil emulsions
Califano V, Calabria R, Massoli P
95 - 102 A model for predicting solid particle behavior in petroleum sludge during centrifugation
Huang QX, Han X, Mao FY, Chi Y, Yan JH
103 - 108 Recovery of side streams in biodiesel production process
Mythili R, Venkatachalam P, Subramanian P, Uma D
109 - 117 Kinetic inhibition of natural gas hydrates in saline solutions and heptane
Sharifi H, Ripmeester J, Walker VK, Englezos P
118 - 124 Recovery of hollow spherical particles with two different densities from coal fly ash and their characterization
Kolay PK, Bhusal S
125 - 132 Kinetics of non-catalytic and ZnL2-catalyzed esterification of lauric acid with ethanol
de Paiva EJM, Graeser V, Wypych F, Corazza ML
133 - 145 Effect of coal ash on the performance of alloys in simulated oxy-fuel environments
Zeng Z, Natesan K, Cai Z, Rink DL
146 - 151 Study of Brazilian asphaltene aggregation by Nuclear Magnetic Resonance spectroscopy
Oliveira ECD, Neto AC, Lacerda V, de Castro EVR, de Menezes SMC
152 - 183 An overview of the behaviour of biomass during combustion: Part II. Ash fusion and ash formation mechanisms of biomass types
Vassilev SV, Baxter D, Vassileva CG
184 - 190 Selective removal of benzothiophene and dibenzothiophene from gasoline using double-template molecularly imprinted polymers on the surface of carbon microspheres
Liu WF, Liu XG, Yang YZ, Zhang Y, Xu BS
191 - 197 Hydrotreatment of two atmospheric residues from Kuwait Export and Lower Fars crude oils
Kim T, Al-Mutairi A, Marafi AMJ, Park JI, Koyama H, Yoon SH, Miyawaki J, Mochida I
198 - 205 CO2 as moderator for biomass gasification
Pohorely M, Jeremias M, Svoboda K, Kamenikova P, Skoblia S, Beno Z
206 - 217 Understanding the polydisperse behavior of asphaltenes during precipitation
Tavakkoli M, Panuganti SR, Taghikhani V, Pishvaie MR, Chapman WG
218 - 223 An experimental approach to selecting chemical inhibitors to retard the spontaneous combustion of coal
Wang DM, Dou GL, Zhong XX, Xin HH, Qin BT
224 - 229 Identifying the illegal removal from diesel oil of certain chemical markers that designate excise duty
Orzel J, Daszykowski M, Grabowski I, Zaleszczyk G, Sznajder M
230 - 235 Asphaltenes biodegradation under shaking and static conditions
Jahromi H, Fazaelipoor MH, Ayatollahi S, Niazi A
236 - 250 An experimental study of negative valve overlap injection effects and their impact on combustion in a gasoline HCCI engine
Hunicz J
251 - 258 Microemulsion systems containing diesel and colza oil as alternative fuels: Phase studies, interfacial tension and solubilization
Balcan M, Mihailescu FC, Anghel DF, Vacaresteanu IC, Aricov L, Vasilescu EL
259 - 268 Further investigation into the mechanisms of asphaltene deposition and permeability impairment in porous media using a modified analytical model
Kord S, Mohammadzadeh O, Miri R, Soulgani BS
269 - 277 Investigation on ash deposit formation during the co-firing of coal with agricultural residues in a large-scale laboratory furnace
Wang GL, Pinto T, Costa M
278 - 285 Impact of ignition promoting additives on the characteristics of a diesel engine powered by pine oil-diesel blend
Vallinayagam R, Vedharaj S, Yang WM, Saravanan CG, Lee PS, Chua KJE, Chou SK
286 - 293 Performance and emissions of iso-stoichiometric ternary GEM blends on a production SI engine
Sileghem L, Coppens A, Casier B, Vancoillie J, Verhelst S
294 - 308 Methods to predict the critical energy of direct detonation initiation in gaseous hydrocarbon fuels - An overview
Zhang B, Bai CH
309 - 325 Modelling of soot formation in a heavy-duty diesel engine with conditional moment closure
Bolla M, Farrace D, Wright YM, Boulouchos K
326 - 330 The mechanisms of gas generation during coal deformation: Preliminary observations
Xu RT, Li HJ, Guo CC, Hou QL
331 - 339 Gasification characteristic of large wood chars with anisotropic structure
Pattanotai T, Watanabe H, Okazaki K
340 - 350 Experimental investigation of the laminar burning velocities of methanol, ethanol, n-propanol, and n-butanol at high pressure
Beeckmann J, Cai L, Pitsch H
351 - 353 Mercury chemistry of brominated activated carbons - Packed-bed breakthrough experiments
Rupp EC, Wilcox J
354 - 363 Effect of temperature on permeability of geopolymer: A primary well sealant for carbon capture and storage wells
Nasvi MCM, Ranjith PG, Sanjayan J, Bui H
364 - 371 Thermoplasticity and strength improvement of coking coal by addition of coal extracts
Chang CM, Whang TJ, Huang DS, Wang DH, Tsai ST, Hung MT
372 - 380 Comparison of yield and fuel properties of thermal and catalytic Mahua seed pyrolytic oil
Shadangi KP, Mohanty K
381 - 390 Evaluation of chemical composition of waters associated with petroleum production using Kohonen neural networks
Ribeiro FAL, Rosario FF, Bezerra MCM, Wagner RDC, Bastos ALM, Melo VLA, Poppi RJ
391 - 407 Minor and trace element emissions from post-combustion CO2 capture from coal: Experimental and equilibrium calculations
Cotton A, Patchigolla K, Oakey JE
408 - 414 Kinetic analysis of vacuum residue hydrocracking in early reaction stages
Puron H, Arcelus-Arrillaga P, Chin KK, Pinilla JL, Fidalgo B, Millan M
415 - 421 Effect of native bacteria Sinomonas flava 1C and Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans on desulphurization of Meghalaya coal and its combustion properties
Mishra S, Panda PP, Pradhan N, Satapathy D, Subudhi U, Biswal SK, Mishra BK
422 - 430 Growing algae using water from coal seam gas industry and harvesting using an innovative technique: A review and a potential
Hamawand I, Yusaf T, Hamawand S
431 - 441 Thermal recovery strategies for thin heavy oil reservoirs
Zhao DW, Wang J, Gates ID
442 - 449 Methane hydrate nucleation and growth from the bulk phase: Further insights into their mechanisms
Fandino O, Ruffine L
450 - 457 Effect of the degree of unsaturation of biodiesel fuels on the exhaust emissions of a diesel power generator
Altun S
458 - 462 Transesterification of castor oil in a solvent-free medium using the lipase from Burkholderia cepacia LTEB11 immobilized on a hydrophobic support
Baron AM, Barouh N, Barea B, Villeneuve P, Mitchell DA, Krieger N
463 - 469 Binder effect on the catalytic activity of MoO3 bulk catalyst reduced by H-2 for n-heptane hydroisomerization
Aleman-Vazquez LO, Hernandez-Perez F, Cano-Dominguez JL, Rodriguez-Hernandez A, Garcia-Gutierrez JL
470 - 477 Thermodynamic and kinetic studies of a catalytic process to convert glycerol into solketal as an oxygenated fuel additive
Nanda MR, Yuan ZS, Qin WS, Ghaziaskar HS, Poirier MA, Xu CC
478 - 487 On burnout performance of a rocket-engine-based incinerator devised for high burning rate of solid particles
Son JW, Kim SH, Sohn CH
488 - 498 Influences of entrainers to engine oil to improve the drag-out of biodiesel - Experiments and simulations
Mader A, Zimon A, Fleischmann A, Munack A, Ruck W, Krahl J
499 - 508 Desulfurization of Jet-A fuel in a fixed-bed reactor at room temperature and ambient pressure using a novel selective adsorbent
Xu XH, Zhang SY, Li PW, Shen YS
509 - 519 Experimental study and modelling of methane adsorption and diffusion in shale
Yuan WN, Pan ZJ, Li X, Yang YX, Zhao CX, Connell LD, Li SD, He JM
520 - 527 Determination of iron in biodiesel based on fluorescence quenching of CdTe quantum dots
Rodrigues SSM, Lima AS, Teixeira LSG, Korn MDA, Santos JLM
528 - 536 Gasification of a solid recovered fuel in a pilot scale fluidized bed reactor
Arena U, Di Gregorio F
537 - 543 Scenedesmus obliquus as feedstock for biohydrogen production by Enterobacter aerogenes and Clostridium butyricum
Batista AP, Moura P, Marques PASS, Ortigueira J, Alves L, Gouveia L
544 - 551 Cold flow properties for blends of biofuels with diesel and jet fuels
Lown AL, Peereboom L, Mueller SA, Anderson JE, Miller DJ, Lira CT
552 - 555 Halloysite-Y-zeolite blends as novel mesoporous catalysts for the cracking of waste vegetable oils with vacuum gasoil
Abbasov V, Mammadova T, Andrushenko N, Hasankhanova N, Lvov Y, Abdullayev E
556 - 563 Evaluation of atmospheric solids analysis probe mass spectrometry for the analysis of coal-related model compounds
Wang SZ, Fan X, Zheng AL, Wang YG, Dou YQ, Wei XY, Zhao YP, Wang RY, Zong ZM, Zhao W
564 - 567 Potentiometric determination of phosphorus in biodiesel using chemically modified electrode with cobalt film
Sartori MC, Zezza TRC, Paim LL, Stradiotto NR
568 - 578 Novel permeability upscaling method using Fast Marching Method
Sharifi M, Kelkar M
579 - 589 Prediction breakthrough time of water coning in the fractured reservoirs by implementing low parameter support vector machine approach
Ahmadi MA, Ebadi M, Hosseini SM
590 - 597 Liquid-liquid equilibrium data and thermodynamic modeling, at T/K=298.2, in the washing step of ethyl biodiesel production from crambe, fodder radish and macauba pulp oils
Basso RC, Miyake FH, Meirelles AJD, Batista EAC
598 - 607 Coke-pitch interactions during anode preparation
Sarkar A, Kocaefe D, Kocaefe Y, Sarkar D, Bhattacharyay D, Morais B, Chabot J
608 - 617 Methane conversion with carbon dioxide in plasma-catalytic system
Krawczyk K, Mlotek M, Ulejczyk B, Schmidt-Szalowski K
618 - 623 Effects of animal fat based biodiesel on a TDI diesel engine performance, combustion characteristics and particle number and size distribution emissions
Barrios CC, Dominguez-Saez A, Martin C, Alvarez P
624 - 632 Dispersed phase catalysis: Past and future. Celebrating one century of industrial development
Bacaud R
633 - 648 Decoupled CFD simulation of furnace and heat exchangers in a lignite utility boiler
Drosatos P, Nikolopoulos N, Agraniotis M, Itskos G, Grammelis P, Kakaras E
649 - 659 Catalytic pyrolysis with ZSM-5 based additive as co-catalyst to Y-zeolite in two reactor configurations
Mante OD, Agblevor FA, Oyama ST, McClung R
660 - 666 Octane enhancement by the selective separation of branched and linear paraffins in naphthas using a PVDC-PVC carbon molecular sieve
Laredo GC, Cano JL, Castillo J, Hernandez JA, Marroquin JO
667 - 673 Preparation of highly dispersed tungsten species within mesoporous silica by ionic liquid and their enhanced catalytic activity for oxidative desulfurization
Gu QQ, Zhu WS, Xun SH, Chang YH, Xiong J, Zhang M, Jiang W, Zhu FX, Li HM
674 - 679 Effect of high pressure thermal pretreatment on Chlorella vulgaris biomass: Organic matter solubilisation and biochemical methane potential
Mendez L, Mahdy A, Demuez M, Ballesteros M, Gonzalez-Fernandez C
680 - 687 A two-zone solar-driven gasifier concept: Reactor design and experimental evaluation with bagasse particles
Kruesi M, Jovanovic ZR, Steinfeld A
688 - 696 Experimental study on the hydrate dissociation in porous media by five-spot thermal huff and puff method
Wang Y, Li XS, Li G, Huang NS, Feng JC
697 - 703 Use of artificial neural network for the prediction of bioelectricity production in a membrane less microbial fuel cell
Tardast A, Rahimnejad M, Najafpour G, Ghoreyshi A, Premier GC, Bakeri G, Oh SE
704 - 715 Computational fluid dynamics modeling of biomass fast pyrolysis in a fluidized bed reactor, using a comprehensive chemistry scheme
Mellin P, Kantarelis E, Yang WH
716 - 732 CFD modelling of thermal conversion and packed bed compaction in biomass combustion
Gomez MA, Porteiro J, Patino D, Miguez JL
733 - 741 Independent fuel injection strategy based on the initial piston positions for HEV engine quick start
Li T, Deng KY, Peng HY, Wu CM
742 - 748 Techno-economic assessment of biomass slow pyrolysis into different biochar and methanol concepts
Shabangu S, Woolf D, Fisher EM, Angenent LT, Lehmann J
749 - 755 Preliminary evaluation of mulberry leaf-derived surfactant on interfacial tension in an oil-aqueous system: EOR application
Ahmadi MA, Arabsahebi Y, Shadizadeh SR, Behbahani SS
756 - 762 Method for lifetime estimation of power transformer mineral oil
Dumitran LM, Setnescu R, Notingher PV, Badicu LV, Setnescu T
763 - 775 Occurrence and sources of zinc in fuels
Jones F, Bankiewicz D, Hupa M
776 - 782 The influence of the addition of expired pharmaceuticals on the coal plasticization and changes in volume of the heated charge
Zubkova V, Strojwas A, Jarzab M
783 - 791 Characterization and analysis of vanadium and nickel species in atmospheric residues
Kim T, Ryu J, Kim MJ, Kim HJ, Shul YG, Jeon Y, Park JI
792 - 800 Emission characteristics of co-combustion of a low calorie and high sulfur-lignite coal and woodchips in a circulating fluidized bed combustor: Part 1. Effect of excess air ratio
Varol M, Atimtay AT, Olgun H, Atakul H
801 - 808 The neutron scattering length density of kerogen and coal as determined by CH3OH/CD3OH exchange
Thomas JJ, Valenza JJ, Craddock PR, Bake KD, Pomerantz AE
809 - 824 Evaluation of the combustion behaviour and ash characteristics of biomass waste derived fuels, pine and coal in a drop tube furnace
Wang GL, Silva RB, Azevedo JLT, Martins-Dias S, Costa M
825 - 832 Significant contribution of organically-bound Mg, Ca, and Fe to inorganic PM10 emission during the combustion of pulverized Victorian brown coal
Gao XP, Rahim MU, Chen XX, Wu HW
833 - 838 Air mass flow estimation of diesel engines using neural network
Uzun A
839 - 850 New thermodynamic modeling of reservoir crude oil
Dong CL, Petro D, Pomerantz AE, Nelson RK, Latifzai AS, Nouvelle X, Zuo JLY, Reddy CM, Mullins OC
851 - 869 Miscanthus combustion properties and variations with Miscanthus agronomy
Baxter XC, Darvell LI, Jones JM, Barraclough T, Yates NE, Shield I
870 - 875 Co-gasification of petroleum coke and biomass
Nemanova V, Abedini A, Liliedahl T, Engvall K
876 - 881 Effect of polymeric cold flow improvers on flow properties of biodiesel from waste cooking oil
Wang JN, Cao LC, Han S
882 - 889 Extractive and oxidative-extractive desulfurization of fuels with ionic liquids
Rodriguez-Cabo B, Rodriguez H, Rodil E, Arce A, Soto A
890 - 899 Unburned carbon in combustion residues from solid biofuels
Bjurstrom H, Lind BB, Lagerkvist A
900 - 909 High pressure phase equilibrium of wax: A new thermodynamic model
Ghanaei E, Esmaeilzadeh F, Fathikalajahi J
911 - 916 Fast determination of 2-ethylhexyl nitrate in diesel oils by infrared spectrometry
Bajerova P, Bajer T, Adam M, Eisner A, Ventura K
917 - 925 Ammonia yield from gasification of biomass and coal in fluidized bed reactor
Jeremias M, Pohorely M, Bode P, Skoblia S, Beno Z, Svoboda K
926 - 931 Production development of ethyl ester biodiesel from palm oil using a continuous deglycerolisation process
Nikhom R, Tongurai C
932 - 938 A novel well-dispersed nano-Ni catalyst for endothermic reaction of JP-10
Guo YS, Yang YZ, Xiao J, Fang WJ
939 - 943 Investigation of biofuels from microorganism metabolism for use as anti-knock additives
Mack JH, Rapp VH, Broeckelmann M, Lee TS, Dibble RW
944 - 951 Support vector machine based online coal identification through advanced flame monitoring
Zhou H, Tang Q, Yang LB, Yan Y, Lu G, Cen KF
952 - 956 Batch-injection stripping voltammetry of metals in fuel bioethanol
Tormin TF, Narciso LCD, Richter EM, Munoz RAA
957 - 965 Investigation of dielectric properties of the reaction mixture during the acid-catalyzed transesterification of Brazil nut oil for biodiesel production
Campos DC, Dall'Oglio EL, de Sousa PT, Vasconcelos LG, Kuhnen CA
966 - 973 Utilization of carbon dioxide and methane in huff-and-puff injection scheme to improve heavy oil recovery
Firouz AQ, Torabi F
974 - 980 Synthesis of ordered hierarchically porous L-SBA-15 material and its hydro-upgrading performance for FCC gasoline
Li TS, Duan AJ, Zhao Z, Liu BJ, Jiang GY, Liu J, Wei YC, Pan HF
981 - 988 Effect of thermal decomposition on biodiesel viscosity and cold flow property
Lin RH, Zhu YY, Tavlarides LL
989 - 995 Techno-economic impacts of shale gas on cellulosic biofuel pathways
Brown TR, Wright MM
996 - 1003 Phase equilibria and interfacial tensions in the systems ethanol+2-methoxy-2-methylbutane plus hexane
Mejia A, Segura H, Cartes M
1004 - 1009 Determination of the oxidative stability of biodiesel using near infrared emission spectroscopy
Vieira FS, Pasquini C
1010 - 1019 Physico-chemical properties and thermal degradation studies of commercial oils in nitrogen atmosphere
Volli V, Purkait MK
1020 - 1026 Woody biomass-based transportation fuels - A comparative techno-economic study
Tuna P, Hulteberg C
1027 - 1033 Study of the influence of NIRS acquisition parameters on the spectral repeatability for on-line measurement of crop straw fuel properties
Xue JJ, Yang ZL, Han LJ, Chen LJ
1034 - 1044 Gasification improvement of a poor quality solid recovered fuel (SRF). Effect of using natural minerals and biomass wastes blends
Pinto F, Andre RN, Carolino C, Miranda M, Abelha P, Direito D, Perdikaris N, Boukis I
1045 - 1051 Functional group effect on carbon nanotube (CNT)-supported cobalt catalysts in Fischer-Tropsch synthesis activity, selectivity and stability
Karimi A, Nasernejad B, Rashidi AM, Tavasoli A, Pourkhalil M
1052 - 1060 Application of multiple swirl burners in pilot-scale entrained bed gasifier for short residence time
Lee JW, Yun Y, Chung SW, Kang SH, Ryu JH, Kim GT, Kim YJ
1061 - 1073 Enhancement of phenol hydrodeoxygenation over Pd catalysts supported on mixed HY zeolite and Al2O3. An approach to O-removal from bio-oils
Echeandia S, Pawelec B, Barrio VL, Arias PL, Cambra JF, Loricera CV, Fierro JLG
1074 - 1084 Evolving smart approach for determination dew point pressure through condensate gas reservoirs
Ahmadi MA, Ebadi M
1085 - 1092 Effects of pelletization conditions on breaking strength and dimensional stability of Douglas fir pellet
Lam PY, Lam PS, Sokhansanj S, Bi XTT, Lim CJ, Melin S
1093 - 1095 Single step esterification of algae oil using mesoporous solid acid catalyst
Bala DD, Misra M, Chidambaram D
1096 - 1110 Emissions-calibrated equilibrium heat release model for direct injection compression ignition engines
Mattson JMS, Depcik C
1111 - 1114 Quantification of soybean biodiesels in diesel blends according to ASTM E1655 using mid-infrared spectroscopy and multivariate calibration
Gontijo LC, Guimaraes E, Mitsutake H, de Santana FB, Santos DQ, Neto WB
1115 - 1129 Total porosity measurement in gas shales by the water immersion porosimetry (WIP) method
Kuila U, McCarty DK, Derkowski A, Fischer TB, Prasad M
1130 - 1138 Spanish biofuels heating value estimation. Part I: Ultimate analysis data
Garcia R, Pizarro C, Lavin AG, Bueno JL
1139 - 1147 Spanish biofuels heating value estimation. Part II: Proximate analysis data
Garcia R, Pizarro C, Lavin AG, Bueno JL
1148 - 1155 Coal breakage characterisation - Part 1: Breakage testing with the JKFBC
Shi FNA, Zuo WR
1156 - 1162 Coal breakage characterisation - Part 2: Multi-component breakage modelling
Shi FN
1163 - 1169 Coal breakage characterisation - Part 3: Applications of the multi-component model for HGI prediction and breakage simulations
Shi FN
1170 - 1171 Low molecular weight methyl ester in diesel/waste cooking oil biodiesel blend exhausted gas
Thang PQ, Maeda Y, Trung NQ, Takenaka N
1172 - 1172 Classification performance evaluation of floatex density separator for coal fines (vol 108, pg 303, 2013)
Kumar CR, Bhoja SK, Tripathy SK, Mohanan S, Venugopalan T, Suresh N
1173 - 1173 Preface
Grace J, Hayashi J, Hofbauer H, Li CZ, Li HB
1174 - 1180 Effect of catalysts on the reactivity and structure evolution of char in petroleum coke steam gasification
Li Y, Yang HP, Hu JH, Wang XH, Chen HP
1181 - 1189 K2CO3 catalyzed CO2 gasification of ash-free coal. Interactions of the catalyst with carbon in N-2 and CO2 atmosphere
Kopyscinski J, Rahman M, Gupta R, Mims CA, Hill JM
1190 - 1195 Effects of gasification atmosphere and temperature on char structural evolution during the gasification of Collie sub-bituminous coal
Li TT, Zhang L, Dong L, Li CZ
1196 - 1203 Bifunctional catalyst for petroleum residue cracking gasification
Zhang YM, Yu DP, Li WL, Gao SQ, Xu GW
1204 - 1214 Fuel characterization and co-pyrolysis kinetics of biomass and fossil fuels
Masnadi MS, Habibi R, Kopyscinski J, Hill JM, Bi XT, Lim CJ, Ellis N, Grace JR
1215 - 1222 Experimental investigation on coal devolatilization at high temperatures with different heating rates
Yan BH, Cao CX, Cheng Y, Jin Y, Cheng Y
1223 - 1230 An integrated hydrolysis-reforming process for the production of hydrogen from wet biomass feedstocks
Azadi P, Foroughi H, Dai TS, Azadi F, Farnood R
1231 - 1241 Gasification performances of raw and torrefied biomass in a downdraft fixed bed gasifier using thermodynamic analysis
Kuo PC, Wu W, Chen WH
1242 - 1247 Counter-flow air gasification of woody biomass pellets in the auto-thermal packed bed reactor
Kihedu JH, Yoshiie R, Nunome Y, Ueki Y, Naruse I
1248 - 1255 Fluidized bed gasification of biomass- In bed investigation of gas and tar formation
Mayerhofer M, Fendt S, Spliethoff H, Gaderer M
1256 - 1266 Steam gasification of biomass coupled with lime-based CO2 capture in a dual fluidized bed reactor: A modeling study
Hejazi B, Grace JR, Bi XT, Mahecha-Botero A
1267 - 1273 A lab-scale cold flow model reactor to investigate near-wall particle segregation relevant to entrained-flow slagging coal gasifiers
Troiano M, Carbone R, Montagnaro F, Salatino P, Solimene R
1274 - 1280 Study on deposition tendency of coal ash under various gasification environments through DTF
Namkung H, Xu LH, Shin WC, Kang TJ, Kim HT
1281 - 1287 Fusion and transformation properties of the inorganic components in biomass ash
Du SL, Yang HP, Qian KZ, Wang XH, Chen HP
1288 - 1297 Simulation of the integration of a bitumen upgrading facility and an IGCC process with carbon capture
El Gemayel J, Macchi A, Hughes R, Anthony EJ