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ISSN: 0016-2361 (Print) 

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1 - 6 Nitrogen transformations during fast pyrolysis of sewage sludge
Cao JP, Li LY, Morishita K, Xiao XB, Zhao XY, Wei XY, Takarada T
7 - 13 Static stability and rheological behavior of lignite char-water mixture
Fan YL, Hu HQ, Jin LJ, Zhu SW, Zhang QM
14 - 21 Analysis of coal tar derived from pyrolysis at different atmospheres
Wang PF, Jin LJ, Liu JH, Zhu SW, Hu HQ
22 - 27 Catalytic performance of V2O5/ZrO2-Al2O3 for methanol oxidation
Zhao YB, Qin ZF, Wang GF, Dong M, Huang LC, Wu ZW, Fan WB, Wang JG
28 - 35 Gasification of oil palm residues (empty fruit bunch) in an entrained-flow gasifier
Ogi T, Nakanishi M, Fukuda Y, Matsumoto K
36 - 40 Ecotoxicity of effluents from hydrothermal treatment process for low-rank coal
Nakajima T, Hasegawa H, Takanashi H, Ohki A
41 - 45 CO preferential oxidation in H-2-rich stream over a CuO/CeO2 catalyst with high H2O and CO2 tolerance
Wu ZW, Zhu HQ, Qin ZF, Wang H, Ding JF, Huang LC, Wang JG
46 - 52 Kinetic study of hydroxide-catalyzed methanolysis of Jatropha curcas-waste food oil mixture for biodiesel production
Berchmans HJ, Morishita K, Takarada T
53 - 57 Plasma enhanced catalytic reforming of biomass tar model compound to syngas
Tao K, Ohta N, Liu GQ, Yoneyama Y, Wang T, Tsubaki N
58 - 61 Reaction behavior during heating biomass materials and iron oxide composites
Ueki Y, Yoshiie R, Naruse I, Ohno K, Maeda T, Nishioka K, Shimizu M
62 - 69 Mixed alcohols synthesis from syngas over Cs- and Ni-modified Cu/CeO2 catalysts
Liu YY, Murata K, Inaba M, Takahara I, Okabe K
70 - 76 Hg occurrence in coal and its removal before coal utilization
Luo GQ, Ma JJ, Han J, Yao H, Xu MH, Zhang C, Chen G, Gupta R, Xu ZH
77 - 82 Treatment of high strength coking wastewater by supercritical water oxidation
Du X, Zhang R, Gan ZX, Bi JC
83 - 94 Hot gas filtration - A review
Heidenreich S
95 - 100 Kinetic investigation on thermal decomposition of hexahydro-1,3,5-trinitro-1,3,5-triazine (RDX) nanoparticles
Fathollahi M, Mohammadi B, Mohammadi J
101 - 108 Wood sulphate turpentine as a gasoline bio-component
Knuuttila P
109 - 115 Effect of diethyl ether on Tyre pyrolysis oil fueled diesel engine
Hariharan S, Murugan S, Nagarajan G
116 - 127 Influence of injection pressure on droplet atomization and auto-ignition of dimethyl ether (DME) at elevated pressure
Pfeifer C, Kuhn D, Class AG
128 - 132 A theoretical study of JP-10 hydroperoxidation
Turker L, Varis S, Bayar CC
133 - 146 Swirling turbulent flows in a combustion chamber with and without heat release
Orbay RC, Nogenmyr KJ, Klingmann J, Bai XS
147 - 154 Combustion, performance and emission parameters of used transformer oil and its diesel blends in a DI diesel engine
Behera P, Murugan S
155 - 162 A novel method for improving the physicochemical properties of diesel and jet fuel using polyaspartate polymer additives
Tsanaktsidis CG, Christidis SG, Favvas EP
163 - 169 Application of artificial neural networks to predict pyrite oxidation in a coal washing refuse pile
Sedeghiamirshahidi M, Kish TE, Ardejani FD
170 - 182 The effect of biodiesel fatty acid composition on combustion and diesel engine exhaust emissions
Pinzi S, Rounce P, Herreros JM, Tsolakis A, Dorado MP
183 - 193 Strategies for emission control in diesel engine to meet Euro VI
Squaiella LLF, Martins CA, Lacava PT
194 - 200 Characteristics and synergistic effects of co-firing of coal and carbonaceous wastes
Wu T, Gong M, Lester E, Hall P
201 - 207 Preparation of bifunctional NiPb/ZnO-diatomite-ZSM-5 catalyst and its reactive adsorption desulfurization coupling aromatization performance in FCC gasoline upgrading process
Zhang K, Liu YQ, Tian S, Zhao EH, Zhang JC, Liu CG
208 - 215 Evaluation of limestones for the purposes of desulphurisation during the fluid combustion of brown coal
Hlincik T, Buryan P
216 - 223 The influence of ester additives on the properties of gasoline
Dabbagh HA, Ghobadi F, Ehsani MR, Moradmand M
224 - 229 Bimetallic Ni-Fe total-methanation catalyst for the production of substitute natural gas under high pressure
Tian DY, Liu ZH, Li DD, Shi HL, Pan WX, Cheng Y
230 - 243 Modeling of in-cylinder pressure oscillations under knocking conditions: A general approach based on the damped wave equation
di Gaeta A, Giglio V, Police G, Rispoli N
244 - 252 Evaluation of hematite oxygen carrier in chemical-looping combustion of coal
Song T, Shen TX, Shen LH, Xiao J, Gu HM, Zhang SW
253 - 261 A semidetailed model of primary fragmentation of coal
Senneca O, Urciuolo M, Chirone R
262 - 274 Chemical looping combustion (CLC) of two Victorian brown coals - Part 1: Assessment of interaction between CuO and minerals inherent in coals during single cycle experiment
Saha C, Zhang SA, Hein K, Xiao R, Bhattacharya S
275 - 283 A potential refinery process of light-light naphtha olefins conversion to valuable oxygenated products in aqueous media - Part 1: Biphasic hydroformylation
Kokkinos NC, Kazou E, Lazaridou A, Papadopoulos CE, Psaroudakis N, Mertis K, Nikolaou N
284 - 293 Potential of alkaline flooding to enhance heavy oil recovery through water-in-oil emulsification
Pei HH, Zhang GC, Ge JJ, Jin LC, Ma C
294 - 306 Are NaCl and KCl equally corrosive on superheater materials of steam boilers?
Enestam S, Bankiewicz D, Tuiremo J, Makela K, Hupa M
307 - 317 A TG-FTIR investigation to the catalytic effect of mineral matrix in oil shale on the pyrolysis and combustion of kerogen
Yan JW, Jiang XM, Han XX, Liu JG
318 - 325 On-line monitoring of the transesterification reaction carried out in microreactors using near infrared spectroscopy
Richard R, Dubreuil B, Thiebaud-Roux S, Prat L
326 - 332 Flow and yield stress behaviour of ultrafine Mallee biochar slurry fuels: The effect of particle size distribution and additives
Shivaram P, Leong YK, Yang H, Zhang DK
333 - 341 A promising chemical-augmented WAG process for enhanced heavy oil recovery
Luo P, Zhang YP, Huang S
342 - 350 Effect of storage period on the dominant weathering processes of biodiesel and its blends with diesel in ambient conditions
Yang ZY, Hollebone BP, Wang ZD, Yang C, Landriault M
351 - 364 Mathematical modelling of straw combustion in a moving bed combustor: A two dimensional approach
Miljkovic B, Pesenjanski I, Vicevic M
365 - 371 Characterization of nitrogen-containing species in Huadian shale oil by electrospray ionization Fourier transform ion cyclotron resonance mass spectrometry
Tong JH, Liu JG, Han XX, Wang S, Jiang XM
372 - 378 Study on the variation of dynamic interfacial tension in the process of alkaline flooding for heavy oil
Pei HH, Zhang GC, Ge JJ, Jin LC, Ding L
379 - 385 The alkaline-catalyzed transesterification of monoglycerides of butyric and pentylic acids: Gas-phase and solvent effects
da Silva ACH, da Silva SC, Dall'Oglio EL, de Sousa PT, Kuhnen CA
386 - 397 Combustion and emission characteristics of alcohol fuels in a CAI engine
Tongroon M, Zhao H
398 - 408 Oxyfuel combustion of lignite in a non-stoichiometric operating two burner arrangement
Bohn JP, Blume M, Baumgartner A, Goanta A, Spliethoff H
409 - 416 Combined effect of injection timing, EGR and injection pressure in NOx control of a stationary diesel engine fuelled with crude rice bran oil methyl ester
Saravanan S, Nagarajan G, Sampath S
417 - 425 Advanced core flooding apparatus to estimate permeability and storage dynamics of CO2 in large coal specimens
De Silva PNK, Ranjith PG
426 - 432 A simple and green analytical method for acid number analysis of biodiesel and biodiesel blends based on potentiometric technique
Baig A, Paszti M, Ng FTT
433 - 442 Application of the full factorial design to optimization of base-catalyzed sunflower oil ethanolysis
Veliclovic AV, Stamenkovic OS, Todorovic ZB, Veljkovic VB
443 - 451 New gas material balance to quantify biogenic gas generation rates from shallow organic-matter-rich shales
Cokar M, Ford B, Kallos MS, Gates ID
452 - 461 Oxy-fuel combustion: Laboratory experiments and pilot scale tests
Miklaszewski EJ, Zheng Y, Son SF
462 - 467 Experimental investigation of adsorption of a new nonionic surfactant on carbonate minerals
Ahmadi MA, Shadizadeh SR
468 - 475 Experimental investigation of intraparticle secondary reactions of tar during wood pyrolysis
Pattanotai T, Watanabe H, Okazaki K
476 - 487 Quality of deposits during grate combustion of corn stover and wood chip blends
Aho M, Paakkinen K, Taipale R
488 - 499 On the simplification of kinetic reaction mechanisms of air-ethanol under high pressure conditions
Salvato L, Viggiano A, Valorani M, Magi V
500 - 507 Spray characteristics of V-type intersecting hole nozzles for diesel engines
Dong Q, Long WQ, Ishima T, Kawashima H
508 - 514 Thermogravimetric characteristics and combustion emissions of rubbers and polyvinyl chloride in N-2/O-2 and CO2/O-2 atmospheres
Tang YT, Ma XQ, Lai ZY, Zhou DX, Chen Y
515 - 525 Two-dimensional direct numerical simulation of spray flames - Part 1: Effects of equivalence ratio, fuel droplet size and radiation, and validity of flamelet model
Fujita A, Watanabe H, Kurose R, Komori S
526 - 535 Two-dimensional direct numerical simulation of spray flames - Part 2: Effects of ambient pressure and lift, and validity of flamelet model
Kitano T, Nakatani T, Kurose R, Komori S
536 - 546 Effect of sulfuric acid concentration on the yield and properties of the bio-oils obtained from the auger and fast pyrolysis of Douglas Fir
Zhou S, Mourant D, Lievens C, Wang Y, Li CZ, Garcia-Perez M
547 - 552 The ethylbenzene hydrogenation over Ni-H3PW12O40/SiO2 in the presence of thiophene
Zheng JB, Wu ZF, Yan ZY, Li JJ, Lai WK, Yi XD, Chen BH, Fang W, Wan HL
553 - 560 Alkali transesterification of linseed oil for biodiesel production
Kumar R, Tiwari P, Garg S
561 - 574 Energy penalty of CO2 capture for the Carbonation-Calcination Reaction (CCR) Process: Parametric effects and comparisons with alternative processes
Wang W, Ramkumar S, Fan LS
575 - 582 Electrocatalytic hydrogen evolution reaction on carbon paste electrode modified with Ni ferrite nanoparticles
Abbaspour A, Mirahmadi E
583 - 592 Application to SFC-GC x GC to heavy petroleum fractions analysis
Dutriez T, Thiebaut D, Courtiade M, Dulot H, Bertoncini F, Hennion MC
593 - 606 Role of active clays on alkaline-surfactant-polymer formulation performance in sandstone formations
Kazempour M, Manrique EJ, Alvarado V, Zhang JY, Lantz M
607 - 613 Torrefaction of beechwood: A parametric study including heat of reaction and grindability
Ohliger A, Forster M, Kneer R
614 - 619 Microwave assisted transesterification of waste frying oil and concentrate methyl ester content of biodiesel by molecular distillation
Azcan N, Yilmaz O
620 - 634 Development and validation of a reduced combined biodiesel-diesel reaction mechanism
Ng HK, Gan SY, Ng JH, Pang KM
635 - 640 Oxidation/adsorption desulfurization of natural gas by bridged cyclodextrins dimer encapsulating polyoxometalate
Zou CJ, Zhao PW, Ge J, Qin YB, Luo PY
641 - 646 Numerical and experimental investigations on the gas temperature deviation in a large scale, advanced low NOx, tangentially fired pulverized coal boiler
Park HY, Baek SH, Kim YJ, Kim TH, Kang DS, Kim DW
647 - 655 Effect of temperature and pressure on the mineralogical and fusion characteristics of Jincheng coal ash in simulated combustion and gasification environments
Jing NJ, Wang QH, Cheng LM, Luo ZY, Cen KF, Zhang DK
656 - 663 Analysis of the heavy oil distillation cuts corrosion by electrospray ionization FT-ICR mass spectrometry, electrochemical impedance spectroscopy, and scanning electron microscopy
Freitas S, Malacarne MM, Romao W, Dalmaschio GP, Castro EVR, Celante VG, Freitas MBJG
664 - 680 Large eddy simulations of coal gasification in an entrained flow gasifier
Abani N, Ghoniem AF
681 - 690 Chemical characterization of soot precursors and soot particles produced in hexane and diesel surrogates using an inverse diffusion flame burner
Velasquez M, Mondragon F, Santamaria A
691 - 697 Nickel oxide redox processes with oxide ion conductor-supported nickel oxide in dry and humidified methane: Effect of oxide ion conductors on induction period in nickel oxide reduction and subsequent hydrogen production
Otomo J, Furumoto Y, Hatano H, Hatanaka T, Oshima Y
698 - 703 A new solid base catalyst for the transesterification of rapeseed oil to biodiesel with methanol
Wang BY, Li SF, Tian SJ, Feng RH, Meng YL
704 - 710 Surface tensions of petro-diesel, canola, jatropha and soapnut biodiesel fuels at elevated temperatures and pressures
Chhetri AB, Watts KC
711 - 716 CuZn/ZrO2 catalytic honeycombs for dimethyl ether steam reforming and autothermal reforming
Ledesma C, Llorca J
717 - 725 Fungal degradation of coal as a pretreatment for methane production
Haider R, Ghauri MA, SanFilipo JR, Jones EJ, Orem WH, Tatu CA, Alchtar K, Akhtar N
726 - 731 Emulsion fuel with novel nano-organic additives for diesel engine application
Yang WM, An H, Chou SK, Vedharaji S, Vallinagam R, Balaji M, Mohammad FEA, Chua KJE
732 - 738 Measurements of mercury speciation and fine particle size distribution on combustion of China coal seams
Zhang L, Daukoru M, Torkamani S, Wang SX, Hao JM, Biswas P
739 - 748 Downstream interaction between stretched premixed syngas-air flames
Kim TH, Park J, Fujita O, Kwon OB, Park JH
749 - 751 The development of a new method for the determination of concentrations of carbonaceous gases using a non-dispersive infrared sensor
Liu HB, Chen TH, Chen D, Chang DY, Frost RL
752 - 757 Novel simple method for quantitation of nitrogen compounds in middle distillates using solid phase extraction and comprehensive two-dimensional gas chromatography
Lissitsyna K, Huertas S, Quintero LC, Polo LM
758 - 770 Leachability of elements in alkaline and acidic coal fly ash samples during batch and column leaching tests
Neupane G, Donahoe RJ
771 - 780 The pore structure and permeability of alkali activated fly ash
Ma Y, Hu J, Ye G
781 - 787 Thermal decomposition of lignin structural modification in termite digested softwood (II)
Ke J, Chen SL
788 - 797 Structural investigations of Monterey kerogen by sequential chemical degradation
Barakat AO, Scholz-Bottcher BM, Rullkotter J
798 - 804 Study of motor oil adulteration by infrared spectroscopy and chemometrics methods
Bassbasi M, Hafid A, Platikanov S, Tauler R, Oussama A
805 - 812 A novel analytical approach for oxygen speciation in coal-derived liquids
Omais B, Charon N, Courtiade M, Ponthus J, Thiebaut D
813 - 821 Higher methane storage at low pressure and room temperature in new easily scalable large-scale production activated carbon for static and vehicular applications
Policicchio A, Maccallini E, Agostino RG, Ciuchi F, Aloise A, Giordano G
822 - 837 Reduced order modeling of the Shell-Prenflo entrained flow gasifier
Gazzani M, Manzolini G, Macchi E, Ghoniem AF
838 - 846 Characterization of spray and combustion processes of biodiesel fuel injected by diesel engine common rail system
Kuti OA, Zhu JY, Nishida K, Wang XG, Huang ZH
847 - 860 Modeling a stratified downdraft wood gasifier with primary and secondary air entry
Di Blasi C, Branca C
861 - 864 Low linolenic soybeans for biodiesel: Characteristics, performance and advantages
Santos EM, Piovesan ND, de Barros EG, Moreira MA
865 - 877 Heat transfer effect on selective hydrogenation of butadiene in presence of butane and benzene using a structured catalytic packing
Nobrega AP, Rivas SS, Tailleur RG, Verruschi EM
878 - 881 A ZSM-5/MCM-48 based catalyst for methanol to gasoline conversion
Di ZX, Yang C, Jiao XJ, Li JQ, Wu JH, Zhang DK
882 - 885 Improving regeneration properties of potassium-based alumina sorbents for carbon dioxide capture from flue gas
Lee SC, Kwon YM, Chae HJ, Jung SY, Lee JB, Ryu CK, Yi CK, Kim JC