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1 - 1 Special Issue of The Second International Symposium on Gasification and its Application Preface
Hayashi J, Xu GW, Li CZ
2 - 6 Plasma-assisted oxidation of carbon particle by lattice oxygen on/in oxide catalyst
Sekine Y, Koyama H, Matsukata M, Kikuchi E
7 - 13 Mechanisms and kinetic modelling of steam gasification of brown coal in the presence of volatile-char interactions
Kajitani S, Tay HL, Zhang S, Li CZ
14 - 21 Modeling of coal char gasification in coexistence of CO2 and H2O considering sharing of active sites
Umemoto S, Kajitani S, Hara S
22 - 28 Effects of gasifying agent on the evolution of char structure during the gasification of Victorian brown coal
Tay HL, Kajitani S, Zhang S, Li CZ
29 - 36 Isothermal differential characteristics of gas-solid reaction in micro-fluidized bed reactor
Yu J, Zeng X, Zhang JW, Zhong M, Zhang GY, Wang Y, Xu GW
37 - 41 Gravity separation and its effect on CO2 gasification
Nonaka M, Hirajima T, Sasaki K
42 - 52 Optimization of char and tar conversion in fluidized bed biomass gasifiers
Gomez-Barea A, Ollero P, Leckner B
53 - 57 Experimental research on fuel staging cyclone gasification of wood powder
Zhao YJ, Sun SZ, Zhang TP, Zhou H
58 - 63 Simulation of municipal solid waste gasification in two different types of fixed bed reactors
Chen C, Jin YQ, Yan JH, Chi Y
64 - 72 Coproduction of clean syngas and iron from woody biomass and natural goethite ore
Kudo S, Sugiyama K, Norinaga K, Li CZ, Akiyama T, Hayashi J
73 - 79 Simultaneous removal of hydrogen sulfide and mercury from simulated syngas by iron-based sorbents
Wang JC, Zhang YP, Han LN, Chang LP, Bao WR
80 - 86 Effect of monolithic structure on CO2 adsorption performance of activated carbon fiber-phenolic resin composite: A simulation study
An H, Feng B, Su S
87 - 93 The sintering behavior of coal ash under pressurized conditions
Jing NJ, Wang QH, Cheng LM, Luo ZY, Cen KF
94 - 100 Effect of coexisting inorganic chlorides on lead volatilization from CaO-SiO2-Al2O3 molten slag under municipal solid waste gasification and melting conditions
Kageyama H, Osada S, Nakata H, Kubota M, Matsuda H
101 - 110 A microscopic study of the precipitation of metallic iron in slag from iron-rich coal during high temperature gasification
Wei YJ, Li HX, Yamada N, Sato A, Ninomiya Y, Honma K, Tanosaki T
111 - 121 Steam reforming of naphthalene/benzene with various types of Pt- and Ni-based catalysts for hydrogen production
Furusawa T, Saito K, Kori Y, Miura Y, Sato M, Suzuki N
122 - 129 Catalytic performance of manganese-promoted nickel catalysts for the steam reforming of tar from biomass pyrolysis to synthesis gas
Koike M, Ishikawa C, Li DL, Wang L, Nakagawa Y, Tomishige K
130 - 134 Production of ketones from pyroligneous acid of woody biomass pyrolysis over an iron-oxide catalyst
Mansur D, Yoshikawa T, Norinaga K, Hayashi J, Tago T, Masuda T
135 - 140 Synthesis gas production from catalytic gasification of waste biomass using nickel-loaded brown coal char
Xiao XB, Cao JP, Meng XL, Le DD, Li LY, Ogawa Y, Sato K, Takarada T
141 - 150 Detailed chemical kinetic modelling of vapour-phase cracking of multi-component molecular mixtures derived from the fast pyrolysis of cellulose
Norinaga K, Shoji T, Kudo S, Hayashi J
151 - 155 Influence of production conditions on the yield and environmental stability of biochar
Masek O, Brownsort P, Cross A, Sohi S
156 - 160 Torrefaction of oil palm EFB in the presence of oxygen
Uemura Y, Omar W, Othman NA, Yusup S, Tsutsui T
161 - 170 Catalytic gasification of a Powder River Basin coal
Popa T, Fan MH, Argyle MD, Slimane RB, Bell DA, Towler BF
171 - 178 Moisture sorption characteristics of switchgrass and prairie cord grass
Karunanithy C, Muthukumarappan K, Donepudi A
179 - 192 Electricity production by biomass steam gasification using a high efficiency technology and low environmental impact
Molino A, Giordano G, Motola V, Fiorenza G, Nanna F, Braccio G
193 - 199 Hydrogen production by supercritical water gasification of glucose with Ni/CeO2/Al2O3: Effect of Ce loading
Lu YJ, Li S, Guo LJ
200 - 211 Combustion characteristics and emissions of 2-methylfuran compared to 2,5-dimethylfuran, gasoline and ethanol in a DISI engine
Wang CM, Xu HM, Daniel R, Ghafourian A, Herreros JM, Shuai SJ, Ma X
212 - 219 Thermal and heat transfer behaviors of an inverse diffusion flame with induced swirl
Zhen HS, Cheung CS, Leung CW, Li HB
220 - 226 Does Illinois bituminous coal manifest glass transition: DMA, DSC, and FTIR results
Markevicius G, West RD, Malhotra VM, Hofer S
227 - 231 Common rail diesel tractor engine performance running on pure plant oil
Golimowski W, Pasyniuk P, Berger WA
232 - 238 Density of alkyl esters and its mixtures: A comparison and improvement of predictive models
Garcia M, Alba JJ, Gonzalo A, Sanchez JL, Arauzo J
239 - 246 The influence of changes in fuel calorific value to combustion performance for Siemens SGT-300 dry low emission combustion system
Liu KX, Sanderson V
247 - 257 Characterisation of waste derived intermediate pyrolysis oils for use as diesel engine fuels
Yang Y, Brammer JG, Ouadi M, Samanya J, Hornung A, Xu HM, Li Y
258 - 268 Pore structure and its impact on CH4 adsorption capacity and flow capability of bituminous and subbituminous coals from Northeast China
Cai YD, Liu DM, Pan ZJ, Yao YB, Li JQ, Qiu YK
269 - 277 Multi-objective optimization of a bio-diesel production process
Sharma S, Rangaiah GP
278 - 284 An experimental investigation of stability and operation of a biogas fueled porous burner
Keramiotis C, Founti MA
285 - 291 Kinetic mechanism research of an industrial hydrocracker based on strict calculation of stoichiometric coefficients
Li GQ, Xia Y, Zeng WQ
292 - 298 Combustion characterization in a single cylinder engine with mid-levels hydrated ethanol-gasoline blended fuels
Schifter I, Diaz L, Gomez P, Gonzalez U
299 - 307 The origin of trimethyldibenzothiophenes and their application as maturity indicators in sediments from the Liaohe Basin, East China
Li MJ, Zhong NN, Shi SB, Zhu L, Tang YJ
308 - 320 Study of factors affecting syngas quality and their interactions in fluidized bed gasification of lignite coal
Karimipour S, Gerspacher R, Gupta R, Spiteri RJ
321 - 333 Removal of refractory S-containing compounds from liquid fuels over P-loaded NiMoW/SBA-16 sulfide catalysts
Guzman MA, Huirache-Acuna R, Loricera CV, Hernandez JR, de Leon JND, Reyes JADL, Pawelec B
334 - 346 Variation of hydrocarbon compositions and ignition locations on the radiative flame initiation characteristics through multi-dimensional DFCD incorporated image analysis
Huang HW, Yang JS, Wang Q, Zhang Y
347 - 355 Determination of effective thermal conductivity and specific heat capacity of wood pellets
Guo WD, Lim CJ, Bi XT, Sokhansanj S, Melin S
356 - 363 Demulsifying super-heavy crude oil with bifunctionalized block copolymers
Cendejas G, Arreguin F, Castro LV, Flores EA, Vazquez F
364 - 372 Nonlinear response of buoyant diffusion flame under acoustic excitation
Wang Q, Huang HW, Tang HJ, Zhu M, Zhang Y
373 - 379 Fuel octane effects on gasoline multiple premixed compression ignition (MPCI) mode
Yang HQ, Shuai SJ, Wang Z, Wang JX
380 - 386 Diesel exhaust emissions and particle hygroscopicity with HVO fuel-oxygenate blend
Happonen M, Heikkila J, Aakko-Saksa P, Murtonen T, Lehto K, Rostedt A, Sarjovaara T, Larmi M, Keskinen J, Virtanen A
387 - 392 Comparison of efficiency of two methods for tar sampling in the syngas
Osipovs S
393 - 397 Lanthanum-chromium-nickel perovskites for the catalytic cracking of tar model compounds
Grieco EM, Gervasio C, Baldi G
398 - 407 Biodiesel production from hempseed oil using alkaline earth metal oxides supporting copper oxide as bi-functional catalysts for transesterification and selective hydrogenation
Su MX, Yang R, Li M
408 - 413 Aromatization of n-octane over Pd/C catalysts
Yin MC, Natelson RH, Campos AA, Kolar P, Roberts WL
414 - 420 Exhaust emissions and mutagenic effects of diesel fuel, biodiesel and biodiesel blends
Schroder O, Bunger J, Munack A, Knothe G, Krahl J
421 - 429 Oxy-fuel technology: An experimental investigations into oil shale combustion under oxy-fuel conditions
Al-Makhadmeh L, Maier J, Al-Harahsheh M, Scheffknecht G
430 - 436 Toxic elements mobility in coal and ashes of Figueira coal power plant, Brazil
Flues M, Sato IM, Scapin MA, Cotrim MEB, Camargo IMC
437 - 443 Production of the liquid fuel by thermal pyrolysis of neem seed
Nayan NK, Kumar S, Singh RK
444 - 453 Effect of syngas composition on hydrogen permeation through a Pd-Ag membrane
Pinto F, Andre RN, Franco C, Carolino C, Gulyurtlu I
454 - 466 An automated ash fusion test for characterisation of the behaviour of ashes from biomass and coal at elevated temperatures
Pang CH, Hewakandamby B, Wu T, Lester E
467 - 472 Experimental and modeling study on the influences of methanol on premixed fuel-rich n-heptane flames
Chen G, Yu W, Jiang X, Huang ZH, Wang ZD, Cheng ZJ
473 - 479 Study on first-cycle combustion and emissions during cold start in a TSDI gasoline engine
Fan Q, Li L
480 - 485 Chitosan modified zeolite as a versatile adsorbent for the removal of different pollutants from water
Xie J, Li CJ, Chi LA, Wu DY
486 - 494 Effect of liquid viscosity on atomization in an internal-mixing twin-fluid atomizer
Li ZH, Wu YX, Yang HR, Cai CR, Zhang H, Hashiguchi K, Takeno K, Lu JF
495 - 505 Continuous high purity hydrogen generation from a syngas chemical looping 25 kW(th) sub-pilot unit with 100% carbon capture
Tong A, Sridhar D, Sun ZC, Kim HR, Zeng L, Wang F, Wang DW, Kathe MV, Luo SW, Sun YH, Fan LS
506 - 511 The use of thermal lens spectroscopy to assess oil-biodiesel blends
Ventura M, Simionatto E, Andrade LHC, Simionatto EL, Riva D, Lima SM
512 - 523 Effect of sulfuric acid addition on the yield and composition of lignin derived oligomers obtained by the auger and fast pyrolysis of Douglas-fir wood
Zhou S, Osman NB, Li H, McDonald AG, Mourant D, Li CZ, Garcia-Perez M
524 - 532 Time dependent production of NO from combustion of large biomass char particles
Karlstrom O, Brink A, Hupa M
533 - 541 Zeolites formation by hydrothermal alkali activation of coal fly ash from thermal power station "Maritsa 3'', Bulgaria
Shoumkova A, Stoyanova V
542 - 552 Pyrolysis of rubber tyre wastes: A kinetic study
Miranda M, Pinto F, Gulyurtlu I, Cabrita I
553 - 561 Hydrocracking of petroleum vacuum residue with activated carbon and metal additives in a supercritical m-xylene solvent
Viet TT, Lee JH, Ma F, Kim GR, Ahn IS, Lee CH
562 - 569 Destruction of alkali chlorides using sulphur and ferric sulphate during grate combustion of corn stover and wood chip blends
Aho M, Paakkinen K, Taipale R
570 - 578 Mercury removal by bio-char based modified activated carbons
De M, Azargohar R, Dalai AK, Shewchuk SR
579 - 584 Temperature effect on co-hydroprocessing of heavy gas oil-waste cooking oil mixtures for hybrid diesel production
Bezergianni S, Dimitriadis A
585 - 592 Studying various optimal control problems in biodiesel production in a batch reactor under uncertainty
Benavides PT, Diwekar U
593 - 599 Potential renewable oxygenated biofuels for the aviation and road transport sectors
Jenkins RW, Munro M, Nash S, Chuck CJ
600 - 605 Effect of polar/nonpolar groups in comb-type copolymers on cold flowability and paraffin crystallization of waxy oils
Xu J, Xing SL, Qian HQ, Chen S, Wei XM, Zhang R, Li L, Guo XH
606 - 616 Pore structure characterization of North American shale gas reservoirs using USANS/SANS, gas adsorption, and mercury intrusion
Clarkson CR, Solano N, Bustin RM, Bustin AMM, Chalmers GRL, He L, Melnichenko YB, Radlinski AP, Blach TP
617 - 625 Catalytic characteristics and parameters optimization of the glycerol acetylation over solid acid catalysts
Zhou LM, Al-Zaini E, Adesina AA
626 - 631 Microwave-assisted preparation of a new esterification catalyst from wasted flint kaolin
de Oliveira AD, Costa LRD, Pires LHD, do Nascimento LAS, Angelica RS, da Costa CEF, Zamian JR, da Rocha GN
632 - 638 Support influence on the basicity promotion of lithium-based mixed oxides for transesterification reaction
Castro CS, Ferreti C, Di Cosimo JI, Assaf JM
639 - 645 The biosolubilization of lignite by Bacillus sp Y7 and characterization of the soluble products
Jiang F, Li ZH, Lv ZW, Gao TG, Yang JS, Qin ZH, Yuan HL
646 - 662 Numerical investigation of the effects of fuel variability on the dynamics of syngas impinging jet flames
Martinez DM, Jiang X, Moulinec C, Emerson DR
663 - 671 Gasification kinetics during entrained flow gasification - Part I; Devolatilisation and char deactivation
Tremel A, Spliethoff H
672 - 682 Effect of pretreatment temperature on the yield and properties of bio-oils obtained from the auger pyrolysis of Douglas fir wood
Liaw SS, Zhou S, Wu HW, Garcia-Perez M
683 - 692 Experimental study on bio-oil upgrading over Pt/SO42-/ZrO2/SBA-15 catalyst in supercritical ethanol
Dang Q, Luo ZY, Zhang JX, Wang J, Chen W, Yang Y
693 - 698 Optimization and kinetic studies on biodiesel production from underutilized Ceiba Pentandra oil
Sivakumar P, Sindhanaiselvan S, Gandhi NN, Devi SS, Renganathan S
699 - 704 Preparation of the highly loaded and well-dispersed NiO/SBA-15 for methanation of producer gas
Lu BW, Kawamoto K
705 - 710 Spatial structure and NO formation of a laminar methane-nitrogen jet in hot coflow under MILD conditions: A spontaneous Raman and LIF study
Sepman AV, Mokhov AV, Levinsky HB
711 - 718 Influence of thermoplastic properties on coking pressure generation: Part 3 - Evidence and role of pore coalescence in the mechanism for pressure generation
Duffy JJ, Scholes O, Mahoney MR, Steel KM
719 - 724 Biodiesel production using cesium modified mesoporous ordered silica as heterogeneous base catalyst
Kazemian H, Turowec B, Siddiquee MN, Rohani S
725 - 729 Simultaneous determination of ethanol and methanol in fuel ethanol using cyclic voltammetry
Pereira PF, Sousa RMF, Munoz RAA, Richter EM
730 - 735 Combustion and emissions of 2,5-dimethylfuran addition on a diesel engine with low temperature combustion
Zhang QC, Chen GS, Zheng ZQ, Liu HF, Xu J, Yao MF
736 - 741 Characterization of a certified reference material (NMIJ CRM 8301-a) for determination of Cu in bio-ethanol
Zhu YB, Narukawa T, Numata M, Kitamaki Y, Matsuo M, Hioki A, Kato K, Chiba K
742 - 748 A new co-solvent method for the green production of biodiesel fuel -Optimization and practical application
Thanh LT, Okitsu K, Sadanaga Y, Takenaka N, Maeda Y, Bandow H
749 - 757 A novel technique for measuring the kinetics of high-temperature gasification of biomass char with steam
Woodruff RB, Weimer AW
758 - 763 Liquefaction of giant reed (Arundo donax L.) by supercritical fluid extraction
Aysu T, Kucuk MM
764 - 772 Dynamic Elemental Thermal Analysis: A technique for continuous measurement of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen chemistry of tar species evolved during coal pyrolysis
Stanger R, Xie W, Wall T, Lucas J, Mahoney M
773 - 782 Multi-scale modeling of fixed-bed thermo-chemical processes of biomass with the representative particle model: Application to pyrolysis
Anca-Couce A, Zobel N, Jakobsen HA
783 - 791 Experimental observations of complex flame propagations initiated at different locations of an impingement configuration
McDaid C, Zhou J, Zhang Y
792 - 798 Control of NOx emissions of a domestic/small-scale biomass pellet boiler by air staging
Liu H, Chaney J, Li JX, Sun CG
799 - 804 An optimized highly active and thermo-stable oxidation catalyst Pd/Ce-Zr-Y/Al2O3 calcined at superhigh temperature and used for C3H8 total oxidation
Wang G, You R, Meng M
805 - 813 Performance, cost and emissions of coal-to-liquids (CTLs) plants using low-quality coals under carbon constraints
Mantripragada HC, Rubin ES
814 - 826 Torrefaction of ionic-liquid impregnated lignocellulosic biomass and its comparison to dry torrefaction
Sarvaramini A, Gravel O, Larachi F
827 - 834 Synthesis of zeolites X and A from fly ashes for cadmium and zinc removal from aqueous solutions in single and binary ion systems
Izidoro JD, Fungaro DA, Abbott JE, Wang SB
835 - 842 The combustion of droplets of high-asphaltene heavy oils
Bartle KD, Jones JM, Lea-Langton AR, Pourkashanian M, Ross AB, Thillaimuthu JS, Waller PR, Williams A
843 - 849 Correlation of chemical and physical properties of an Alaska heavy oil from the Ugnu formation
Li KJ, Akeredolu BA, Renehan AM, Yang Y, Batzle M, Evans RJ, Dorgan JR, Liberatore MW, Herring AM
850 - 861 Spray and atomization of diesel fuel and its alternatives from a single-hole injector using a common rail fuel injection system
Chen PC, Wang WC, Roberts WL, Fang TG
862 - 868 Lifted flame behavior of a non-premixed oxy-methane jet in a lab-scale slot burner
Oh J, Noh D
869 - 875 Different selections of active sites for CO, C3H6, and C10H22 oxidation on Pd/CeO2 catalysts
Shen MQ, Wei GX, Yang HM, Wang J, Wang XQ
876 - 883 Application of response surface methodology to oil spill remediation
Bravo-Linares C, Ovando-Fuentealba L, Mudge SM, Loyola-Sepulveda R
884 - 891 Improvement on a skeletal chemical kinetic model of iso-octane for internal combustion engine by using a practical methodology
Liu YD, Jia M, Xie MZ, Pang B
892 - 898 Numerical analysis on knock for a high compression ratio spark-ignition methanol engine
Zhen XD, Wang Y, Xu SQ, Zhu YS
899 - 904 Estimation of lower flammability limit temperature of chemical compounds using a corresponding state method
Gharagheizi F, Ilani-Kashkouli P, Mohammadi AH
905 - 914 Simultaneous oil recovery and residual gas storage: A pore-level analysis using in situ X-ray micro-tomography
Iglauer S, Paluszny A, Blunt MJ
915 - 922 Effect of the interactions between volatiles and char on sulfur transformation during brown coal upgrade by pyrolysis
Zhang YL, Wang MJ, Qin Z, Yang YL, Fu CH, Feng L, Chang LP
923 - 931 Thermal cracking kinetics of Kuwaiti vacuum residues in Eureka process
AlHumaidan F, Lababidi HMS, Al-Rabiah H
932 - 942 Effect of flue gas impurities on the performance of a chemical looping based air separation process for oxy-fuel combustion
Shah K, Moghtaderi B, Wall T
943 - 949 Production of solid biochar fuel from waste biomass by hydrothermal carbonization
Liu ZG, Quek A, Hoekman SK, Balasubramanian R
950 - 955 Catalytic reforming of tar during gasification. Part III. Effects of feedstock on tar reforming using ilmenite as a catalyst
Min Z, Yimsiri P, Zhang S, Wang Y, Asadullah M, Li CZ
956 - 962 An experimental study on turbulent lifted flames of methane in coflow jets at elevated temperatures
Choi BC, Chung SH
963 - 969 Influence of production variables for biodiesel synthesis on yields and fuel properties, and optimization of production conditions
Abuhabaya A, Fieldhouse J, Brown D
970 - 979 Alteration of sewage sludge biomass into oil-like products by hydrous pyrolysis methods
Rushdi AI, Al-Mutlaq KF, Sasmal SK, Simoneit BRT
980 - 986 Etherification of glycerol for improved production of oxygenates
Viswanadham N, Saxena SK
987 - 996 Performance characteristics of a pilot-scale biomass gasifier using oxygen-enriched air and steam
Huynh CV, Kong SC
997 - 1002 Fast oxidative desulfurization of fuel oil using dialkylpyridinium tetrachloroferrates ionic liquids
Nie Y, Dong YX, Bai L, Dong HF, Zhang XP
1003 - 1009 Biomethane production by anaerobic digestion of organic waste
Molino A, Nanna F, Ding Y, Bikson B, Braccio G
1010 - 1017 Catalytic deoxygenation of triglycerides and fatty acids to hydrocarbons over carbon-supported nickel
Santillan-Jimenez E, Morgan T, Lacny J, Mohapatra S, Crocker M
1018 - 1022 Measurement and prediction of the speed of sound of biodiesel fuels
Freitas SVD, Paredes MLL, Daridon JL, Lima AS, Coutinho JAP
1023 - 1031 Coal macerals separation by reflux classification and thermo-swelling analysis based on the Computer Aided Thermal Analysis
Xie W, Stanger R, Lucas J, Wall T, Mahoney M
1032 - 1038 Synthesis gas production from partial oxidation of methane over highly dispersed Pd/SiO2 catalyst
Li B, Li H, Weng WZ, Zhang Q, Huang CJ, Wan HL
1039 - 1050 Biodesulphurized low rank coal: Maritza east lignite and its "humus-like" byproduct
Gonsalvesh L, Marinov SP, Stefanova M, Carleer R, Yperman J
1051 - 1059 Formulation of an RP-1 pyrolysis surrogate from shock tube measurements of fuel and ethylene time histories
MacDonald ME, Davidson DF, Hanson RK, Pitz WJ, Mehl M, Westbrook CK
1060 - 1068 Fuel and Ethylene Measurements during n-dodecane, methylcyclohexane, and iso-cetane pyrolysis in shock tubes
MacDonald ME, Ren W, Zhu YY, Davidson DF, Hanson RK
1069 - 1079 Performance characteristics of a compression-ignition engine using direct-injection ammonia-DME mixtures
Gross CW, Kong SC
1080 - 1089 Influence of steam on gasification of millimetric wood particles in a drop tube reactor: Experiments and modelling
Septien S, Valin S, Peyrot M, Spindler B, Salvador S
1090 - 1105 Influence of turbulence-kernel interactions on flame development in lean methane/air mixtures under natural gas-fueled engine conditions
Reddy H, Abraham J
1106 - 1110 Aminopropylsilica as an environmentally friendly and reusable catalyst for biodiesel production from soybean oil
Xie WL, Zhao LL
1111 - 1122 Influence of the support and promotion on the structure and catalytic performance of copper-cobalt catalysts for carbon monoxide hydrogenation
Wang JJ, Chernavskii PA, Wang Y, Khodakov AY
1123 - 1131 Post injection in a compression ignition engine fueled with dimethyl-ether
Yoon H, Bae C
1132 - 1137 Heat transfer and thermal cracking behavior of hydrocarbon fuel
Hou LY, Dong N, Sun DP
1138 - 1143 Effects of ethyl-tert-butyl ether (ETBE) addition on the physicochemical properties of diesel oil and particulate matter and smoke emissions from diesel engines
Gorski K, Sen AK, Lotko W, Swat M
1144 - 1147 Effect of cooling rate on the wax precipitation temperature of "waxy" mixtures
Kasumu AS, Arumugam S, Mehrotra AK
1148 - 1153 Production of renewable gasoline from aqueous phase hydrogenation of lignin pyrolysis oil
Ben HX, Mu W, Deng YL, Ragauskas AJ
1154 - 1157 New spray flamelet equations considering evaporation effects in the mixture fraction space
Luo K, Fan JR, Cen KF
1158 - 1163 A green potentiometric method for the determination of the iodine number of biodiesel
Tubino M, Aricetti JA
1164 - 1167 Direct simultaneous determination of Pb(II) and Cu(II) in biodiesel by anodic stripping voltammetry at a mercury-film electrode using microemulsions
Martiniano LC, Abrantes VR, Neto SY, Marques EP, Fonseca TCO, Paim LL, Souza AG, Stradiotto NR, Aucelio RQ, Cavalcante GHR, Marques ALB