Energy Policy

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1 - 2 Energy policy: Where are the boundaries?
Greene DL
3 - 9 Feasibility study for the transition towards a hydrogen economy: A case study in Brazil
do Sacramento EM, Carvalho PCM, de Lima LC, Veziroglu TN
10 - 18 Australian coal mine methane emissions mitigation potential using a Stirling engine-based CHP system
Meybodi MA, Behnia M
19 - 27 "Marginal land" for energy crops: Exploring definitions and embedded assumptions
Shortall OK
28 - 43 Renewable deployment in India: Financing costs and implications for policy
Shrimali G, Nelson D, Goel S, Konda C, Kumar R
44 - 50 Projected contributions of future wind farm development to community noise and annoyance levels in Ontario, Canada
Aslund MLW, Ollson CA, Knopper LD
51 - 61 Transporting the terajoules: Efficient energy distribution in a post-carbon world
Pickard WF
62 - 69 Social costs from proximity to hydraulic fracturing in New York State
Popkin JH, Duke JM, Borchers AM, Ilvento T
70 - 78 The United States experience as a reference of success for shale gas development: The case of Mexico
Maya JRL
79 - 89 Urban gas drilling and distance ordinances in the Texas Barnett Shale
Fry M
90 - 98 The effect of the 2010 Gulf oil spill on public attitudes toward offshore oil drilling and wind development
Lilley J, Firestone J
99 - 106 Assessing the potential of hybrid fossil-solar thermal plants for energy policy making: Brayton cycles
Bernardos E, Lopez I, Rodriguez J, Abanades A
107 - 117 Life cycle energy and greenhouse gas emissions from transportation of Canadian oil sands to future markets
Tarnoczi T
118 - 123 Low-enthalpy geothermal resources for electricity production: A demand-side management study for intelligent communities
Xydis GA, Nanaki EA, Koroneos CJ
124 - 130 Winds of time: Lessons from Uto in the Stockholm Archipelago, 1990-2001
Fjaestad M
131 - 138 Optimal integration of offshore wind power for a steadier, environmentally friendlier, supply of electricity in China
Lu X, McElroy MB, Nielsen CP, Chen XY, Huang JL
139 - 144 Utilization of excess wind power in electric vehicles
Hennings W, Mischinger S, Linssen J
145 - 156 Pipeline politics-A study of India's proposed cross border gas projects
Nathan HSK, Kulkarni SS, Ahuja DR
157 - 175 Evaluating the potential of concentrating solar power generation in Northwestern India
Purohit I, Purohit P, Shekhar S
176 - 184 Knowledge, risk, and policy support: Public perceptions of nuclear power
Stoutenborough JW, Sturgess SG, Vedlitz A
185 - 195 Offer of secondary reserve with a pool of electric vehicles on the German market
Jargstorf J, Wickert M
196 - 206 Progress in ZEBs-A review of definitions, policies and construction activity
Panagiotidou M, Fuller RJ
207 - 214 Estimating and decomposing productivity growth of the electricity generation industry in Malaysia: A stochastic frontier analysis
See KF, Coelli T
215 - 225 Modelling the economics of farm-based anaerobic digestion in a UK whole-farm context
Jones P, Salter A
226 - 235 The influence of distributed generation penetration levels on energy markets
Vahl FP, Ruther R, Casarotto N
236 - 246 Industrial waste heat utilization for low temperature district heating
Fang H, Xia JJ, Zhu K, Su YB, Jiang Y
247 - 253 Road transport-related energy consumption: Analysis of driving factors in Tunisia
Mraihi R, ben Abdallah K, Abid M
254 - 266 Nuclear energy policy in the United States 1990-2010: A federal or state responsibility?
Heffron RJ
267 - 281 International benchmarking of electricity transmission by regulators: A contrast between theory and practice?
Haney AB, Pollitt MG
282 - 291 Improving inter-transmission compensation in EU
Stoilov D, Stoilov L
292 - 300 An integrated pan-European ancillary services market for frequency control
Scherer M, Zima M, Andersson G
301 - 314 Efficient power generating portfolio in Brazil: Conciliating cost, emissions and risk
Losekann L, Marrero GA, Ramos-Real FJ, de Almeida ELF
315 - 323 A fuzzy levelised energy cost method for renewable energy technology assessment
Wright DG, Dey PK, Brammer JG
324 - 332 A comparative study of dynamic changes in CO2 emission performance of fossil fuel power plants in China and Korea
Zhang N, Choi Y
333 - 341 Hybrid systems to address seasonal mismatches between electricity production and demand in nuclear renewable electrical grids
Forsberg C
342 - 353 Interactions between renewable energy policy and renewable energy industrial policy: A critical analysis of China's policy approach to renewable energies
Zhang SF, Andrews-Speed P, Zhao XL, He YX
354 - 362 The potential estimation and factor analysis of China's energy conservation on thermal power industry
Lin BQ, Yang LS
363 - 371 Retro-analysis of liquid bio-ethanol and bio-diesel in New Zealand
Krumdieck S, Page S
372 - 378 Individual acceptance of the biogas innovation: A structural equation model
Emmann CH, Arens L, Theuvsen L
379 - 385 Captive power generation in Saudi Arabia-Overview and recommendations on policies
Abdul-Majeed MA, Al-Hadhrami LM, Al-Soufi KY, Ahmad F, Rehman S
386 - 400 An analysis of Australia's large scale renewable energy target: Restoring market confidence
Nelson T, Nelson J, Ariyaratnam J, Camroux S
401 - 409 Setting a standard for electricity pilot studies
Davis AL, Krishnamurti T, Fischhoff B, de Bruin WB
410 - 418 The use of green waste from tourist attractions for renewable energy production: The potential and policy implications
Shi Y, Du YY, Yang GF, Tang YL, Fan LK, Zhang J, Lu YJ, Ge Y, Chang J
419 - 430 Divergence in technical efficiency of electric utilities: Evidence from the SAPP
Jaunky VC
431 - 442 Cost estimates for nuclear power in the UK
Harris G, Heptonstall P, Gross R, Handley D
443 - 455 Evaluation of next generation biomass derived fuels for the transport sector
Tsita KG, Pilavachi PA
456 - 462 Prospects and current status of B5 biodiesel implementation in Malaysia
Yusoff MHM, Abdullah AZ, Sultana S, Ahmad M
463 - 472 Energy recovery in SUDS towards smart water grids: A case study
Ramos HM, Teyssier C, Samora I, Schleiss AJ
473 - 483 A sequential Monte Carlo model of the combined GB gas and electricity network
Chaudry M, Wu JZ, Jenkins N
484 - 492 Development strategy of green energy industry for Taipei-A modern medium-sized city
Lu SM, Huang MY, Su PT, Tseng KT, Chen FL
493 - 502 Long term strategy for electricity generation in Peninsular Malaysia -Analysis of cost and carbon footprint using MESSAGE
Fairuz SMC, Sulaiman MY, Lim CH, Mat S, Ali B, Saadatian O, Ruslan MH, Salleh E, Sopian K
503 - 512 LNG as vehicle fuel and the problem of supply: The Italian case study
Arteconi A, Polonara F
513 - 521 The seesaw of Germany's biofuel policy - Tracing the evolvement to its current state
Kaup F, Selbmann K
522 - 530 Products, practices and processes: exploring the innovation potential for low-carbon housing refurbishment among small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the UK construction industry
Killip G
531 - 539 The development of natural gas as an automotive fuel in China
Ma LW, Geng J, Li WQ, Liu P, Li Z
540 - 549 Car dieselization: A solution to China's energy security?
Ding YJ, Shen W, Yang SH, Han WJ, Chai QH
550 - 560 Moving from assumption to observation: Implications for energy and emissions impacts of plug-in hybrid electric vehicles
Davies J, Kurani KS
561 - 572 Thailand's Low-Carbon Scenario 2050: The AIM/CGE analyses of CO2 mitigation measures
Thepkhun P, Limmeechokchai B, Fujimori S, Masui T, Shrestha RM
573 - 581 Assessment of government support for the household adoption of micro-generation systems in Korea
Jeong G
582 - 592 Power interruption costs to industries in Cameroon
Diboma BS, Tatietse TT
593 - 606 Electrification of the Canadian road transportation sector: A 2050 outlook with TIMES-Canada
Bahn O, Marcy M, Vaillancourt K, Waaub JP
607 - 616 Decomposing final energy use for heating in the residential sector in Austria
Holzmann A, Adensam H, Kratena K, Schmid E
617 - 624 Drivers, trends, and uncertainty in long-term price projections for energy management in public buildings
Egging R
625 - 636 Evaluation of emission cost of inefficiency in road freight transportation in Turkey
Ozen M, Tuydes-Yaman H
637 - 645 Improved cook stove adoption and impact assessment: A proposed methodology
Troncoso K, Armendariz C, Alatorre S
646 - 655 The impact of niche green developments in transforming the building sector: The case study of Lochiel Park
Berry S, Davidson K, Saman W
656 - 664 Life-cycle energy of residential buildings in China
Chang Y, Ries RJ, Wang YW
665 - 675 Factors influencing energy-saving behavior of urban households in Jiangsu Province
Yue T, Long RY, Chen H
676 - 685 Using network analysis to understand public policy for wave energy
Vantoch-Wood A, Connor PM
686 - 696 Simulating demand for electric vehicles using revealed preference data
Driscoll A, Lyons S, Mariuzzo F, Tol RSJ
697 - 706 Adoption of solar home lighting systems in India: What might we learn from Karnataka?
Harish SM, Iychettira KK, Raghavan SV, Kandlikar M
707 - 716 Life cycle assessment of coupling household biogas production to agricultural industry: A case study of biogas-linked persimmon cultivation and processing system
Chen B, Chen SQ
717 - 728 Individual energy use and feedback in an office setting: A field trial
Murtagh N, Nati M, Headley WR, Gatersleben B, Gluhak A, Imran MA, Uzzell D
729 - 741 An analysis on energy efficiency initiatives in the building stock of Liege, Belgium
Singh MK, Mahapatra S, Teller J
742 - 751 Analysis and modeling of active occupancy of the residential sector in Spain: An indicator of residential electricity consumption
Lopez-Rodriguez MA, Santiago I, Trillo-Montero D, Torriti J, Moreno-Munoz A
752 - 761 Evaluating the impact of third-party price reporting and other drivers on residential photovoltaic price estimates
Davidson C, Steinberg D
762 - 767 The building process of single-family houses and the embeddedness (or disembeddedness) of energy
Palm J
768 - 773 Barriers' and policies' analysis of China's building energy efficiency
Zhang YR, Wang YF
774 - 779 SmartCity Malaga, a real-living lab and its adaptation to electric vehicles in cities
Carillo-Aparicio S, Heredia-Larrubia JR, Perez-Hidalgo F
780 - 787 Long-term fuel demand: Not only a matter of fuel price
Lampin LBA, Nadaud F, Grazi F, Hourcade JC
788 - 797 Market power in cap-and-trade auctions: A Monte Carlo approach
Dormady NC
798 - 808 The electricity consumption and economic growth nexus: Evidence from Greece
Polemis ML, Dagoumas AS
809 - 820 Dedicating new real estate transfer taxes for energy efficiency: A revenue option for scaling up Green Retrofit Programs
Lester TW
821 - 829 Financing investment in the European electricity transmission network: Consequences on long-term sustainability of the TSOs financial structure
Henriot A
830 - 843 Impact of residential PV adoption on Retail Electricity Rates
Cai DWH, Adlakha S, Low SH, De Martini P, Chandy KM
844 - 859 The rapid growth of OPEC's domestic oil consumption
Gately D, Al-Yousef N, Al-Sheikh HMH
860 - 868 Obstacles in energy security: An analysis of congressional and presidential framing in the United States
Below A
869 - 877 Testing causal relationships between wholesale electricity prices and primary energy prices
Nakajima T, Hamori S
878 - 886 Volatility spillovers in China's crude oil, corn and fuel ethanol markets
Wu HX, Li SP
887 - 897 Do renewable electricity policies promote renewable electricity generation? Evidence from panel data
Zhao Y, Tang KK, Wang LL
898 - 909 Correlation between Chinese and international energy prices based on a HP filter and time difference analysis
He YX, Wang B, Wang JH, Xiong W, Xia T
910 - 919 Voluntary emission trading potential of Turkey
Ari I
920 - 933 Determinants of green electricity tariff uptake in the UK
MacPherson R, Lange I
934 - 947 Redistribution effects of energy and climate policy: The electricity market
Hirth L, Ueckerdt F
948 - 958 Measuring competitiveness of the EPEX spot market for electricity
Graf C, Wozabal D
959 - 965 OPEC: How to transition from black to green gold
Wittmann N
966 - 977 Economic feasibility of large community feed-in tariff-eligible wind energy production in Nova Scotia
Mudasser M, Yiridoe EK, Corscadden K
978 - 988 Evaluation of the effect of the Power of One campaign on natural gas consumption
Diffney S, Lyons S, Valeri LM
989 - 1001 Energy, environmental and economic effects of Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS) in a Developing Country
Farooq MK, Kumar S, Shrestha RM
1002 - 1009 The impact of the shale gas revolution on the US and Japanese natural gas markets
Wakamatsu H, Aruga K
1010 - 1019 Analysis of the imbalance price scheme in the Spanish electricity market: A wind power test case
Bueno-Lorenzo M, Moreno MA, Usaola J
1020 - 1030 European energy policy-A review
Kanellakis M, Martinopoulos G, Zachariadis T
1031 - 1039 An assessment of market and policy barriers for demand response providing ancillary services in US electricity markets
Cappers P, MacDonald J, Goldman C, Ma O
1040 - 1047 The Greek Electricity Market Reforms: Political and Regulatory Considerations
Danias N, Swales JK, McGregor P
1048 - 1052 Electricity as a traded good
Srinivasan S
1053 - 1057 A regulatory adjustment process for the determination of the optimal percentage requirement in an electricity market with Tradable Green Certificates
Currier KM
1058 - 1063 Regulatory restrictions and energy: The impact of the Jones Act on spot gasoline prices
Gius M
1064 - 1077 Network approach for local and community governance of energy: The case of Oxfordshire
Parag Y, Hamilton J, White V, Hogan B
1078 - 1091 Reliability in the US electricity industry under new environmental regulations
Burtraw D, Palmer K, Paul A, Beasley B, Woerman M
1092 - 1103 The Mexican electricity sector: Policy analysis and reform (1992-2009)
Ramirez-Camperos AM, Rodriguez-Padilla V, Guido-Aldana PA
1104 - 1109 Roles of renewable energy technologies in improving the rural energy situation in Nepal: Gaps and opportunities
Gurung A, Karki R, Cho JS, Park KW, Oh SE
1110 - 1119 An assessment of the impact of energy insecurity on state stability in India
Varigonda KC
1120 - 1127 Antecedents of employee electricity saving behavior in organizations: An empirical study based on norm activation model
Zhang YX, Wang ZH, Zhou GH
1128 - 1137 Capturing stakeholders' views on oil palm-based biofuel and biomass utilisation in Malaysia
Darshini D, Dwivedi P, Glenk K
1138 - 1147 The nexus between carbon emissions, energy consumption and economic growth in Middle East countries: A panel data analysis
Ozcan B
1148 - 1156 Valuation of environmental and societal trade-offs of renewable energy sources
Kosenius AK, Ollikainen M
1157 - 1164 Effects of simplifying outreach materials for energy conservation programs that target low-income consumers
Wong-Parodi G, de Bruin WB, Canfield C
1165 - 1171 Rentierism, energy and economic growth: The case of Algeria and Egypt (1965-2010)
Fuinhas JA, Marques AC
1172 - 1186 Attitudes of Hong Kong residents toward the Daya Bay nuclear power plant
Chung W, Yeung IMH
1187 - 1193 Effects of energy consumption on per worker output: A study of Kenya and South Africa
Kumar RR, Kumar R
1194 - 1203 Fuel poverty and energy efficiency obligations - A critical assessment of the supplier obligation in the UK
Rosenow J, Platt R, Flanagan B
1204 - 1211 Public perceptions of climate change and energy futures before and after the Fukushima accident: A comparison between Britain and Japan
Poortinga W, Aoyagi M, Pidgeon NF
1212 - 1215 Response to comment on paper examining the feasibility of changing New York state's energy infrastructure to one derived from wind, water, and sunlight
Jacobson MZ, Howarth RW, Delucchi MA, Scobie SR, Barth JM, Dvorak MJ, Klevze M, Katkhuda H, Miranda B, Chowdhury NA, Jones R, Plano L, Ingraffea AR
1216 - 1225 Analysis of Japan's energy and environment strategy after the Fukushima nuclear plant accident
Homma T, Akimoto K
1226 - 1237 Business model innovation for sustainable energy: German utilities and renewable energy
Richter M
1238 - 1244 Industrial CO2 emissions in China based on the hypothetical extraction method: Linkage analysis
Wang Y, Wang WQ, Mao GZ, Cai H, Zuo J, Wang LL, Zhao P
1245 - 1253 LMDI decomposition analysis of greenhouse gas emissions in the Korean manufacturing sector
Jeong K, Kim S
1254 - 1267 The effects of alternative carbon mitigation policies on Japanese industries
Sugino M, Arimura TH, Morgenstern RD
1268 - 1275 The impact of German biogas production on European and global agricultural markets, land use and the environment
Britz W, Delzeit R
1276 - 1287 Towards a comprehensive system of methodological considerations for cities' climate targets
Kramers A, Wangel J, Johansson S, Hojer M, Finnveden G, Brandt N
1288 - 1300 Incorporating regional growth into forecasts of greenhouse gas emissions from project-level residential and commercial development
Rowangould D, Eldridge M, Niemeier D
1301 - 1308 Frameworks for pricing greenhouse gas emissions and the policy objectives they promote
Higgins PAT
1309 - 1319 Evidence of the clean development mechanism impact on the Chinese electric power system's low-carbon transition
Stua M
1320 - 1328 Explanatory factors of CO2 per capita emission inequality in the European Union
Padilla E, Duro JA
1329 - 1335 Blame the exurbs, not the suburbs: Exploring the distribution of greenhouse gas emissions within a city region
Wilson J, Spinney J, Millward H, Scott D, Hayden A, Tyedmers P
1336 - 1343 A life-cycle carbon footprint of Yosemite National Park
Villalba G, Tarnay L, Campbell E, Gabarrell X
1344 - 1355 The economics of CO2-EOR cluster developments in the UK Central North Sea
Kemp AG, Kasim S
1356 - 1365 The carbon curse: Are fuel rich countries doomed to high CO2 intensities?
Friedrichs J, Inderwildi OR
1366 - 1376 Nuclear power threats, public opposition and green electricity adoption: Effects of threat belief appraisal and fear arousal
Hartmann P, Apaolaza V, D'Souza C, Echebarria C, Barrutia JM
1377 - 1384 Revisiting the weather effect on energy consumption: Implications for the impact of climate change
Kaufmann RK, Gopal S, Tang XJ, Raciti SM, Lyons PE, Geron N, Craig F
1385 - 1391 Wind, coal, and the cost of environmental externalities
Galetovic A, Munoz CM
1392 - 1402 The Environmental Kuznets Curve (EKC) theory-Part A: Concept, causes and the CO2 emissions case
Kaika D, Zervas E
1403 - 1411 The environmental Kuznets curve (EKC) theory. Part B: Critical issues
Kaika D, Zervas E
1412 - 1419 Who is responsible for the CO2 emissions that China produces?
Liu Y, Jayanthakumaran K, Neri F
1420 - 1427 Implications of the North Atlantic Oscillation for a UK Norway Renewable power system
Ely CR, Brayshaw DJ, Methven J, Cox J, Pearce O
1428 - 1433 Cost effectiveness comparison of certain transportation measures to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions in San Diego County, California
Silva-Send N, Anders S, Narwold A
1434 - 1437 Does income inequality harm the environment?: Empirical evidence from the United States
Baek J, Gweisah G
1438 - 1452 Modelling the impacts of challenging 2020 non-ETS GHG emissions reduction targets on Ireland's energy system
Chiodi A, Gargiulo M, Deane JP, Lavigne D, Rout UK, Gallachoir BPO
1453 - 1460 Refurbishment decision support tools review-Energy and life cycle as key aspects to sustainable refurbishment projects
Ferreira J, Pinheiro MD, de Brito J
1461 - 1469 FGD investments as part of energy policy: A case study for Turkey
Kilic O, Acarkan B, Ay S
1470 - 1480 The effectiveness of domestic content criteria in India's Solar Mission
Sahoo A, Shrimali G
1481 - 1492 Application of the counterfactual method to assess of the local economic impact of a nuclear power station
Gallo-Rivera MT, Mancha-Navarro T, Garrido-Yserte R
1493 - 1505 Energy performance certification as a signal of workplace quality
Parkinson A, De Jong R, Cooke A, Guthrie P
1506 - 1514 Planning for seven generations: Energy planning of American Indian tribes
Brookshire D, Kaza N
1515 - 1524 Re-investigating the electricity consumption and economic growth nexus in Portugal
Tang CF, Shahbaz M, Arouri M
1525 - 1532 Energy consumption, carbon emissions and economic growth in Saudi Arabia: An aggregate and disaggregate analysis
Alkhathlan K, Javid M
1533 - 1543 Assessment of China's renewable energy contribution during the 12th Five Year Plan
Hong LX, Zhou N, Fridley D, Raczkowski C
1544 - 1552 Evaluation of the long-term power generation mix: The case study of South Korea's energy policy
Min D, Chung J
1553 - 1561 On the structure and form of the GDP-nuclear nexus: New perspectives and new findings
Jobert T, Karanfil F, Tykhonenko A
1562 - 1569 Hydrogen pathways in France: Results of the HyFrance3 Project
Le Duigou A, Quemere MM, Marion P, Menanteau P, Decarre S, Sinegre L, Nadau L, Rastetter A, Cuni A, Mulard P, Antoine L, Alleau T
1570 - 1580 A top-down analysis: Determining photovoltaics R&D investments from patent analysis and R&D headcount
Breyer C, Birkner C, Meiss J, Goldschmidt JC, Riede M
1581 - 1590 Energy consumption and energy R&D in OECD: Perspectives from oil prices and economic growth
Wong SL, Chia WM, Chang Y