Energy Policy

Energy Policy, Vol.52 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0301-4215 (Print) 

In this Issue (75 articles)

1 - 9 Challenges of the transition to a low carbon, more electric future: From here to 2050
Hammond GP, Pearson PJG
10 - 24 Transition pathways for a UK low carbon electricity future
Foxon TJ
25 - 44 Governing transitions: Cases and insights from two periods in the history of the UK gas industry
Arapostathis S, Carlsson-Hyslop A, Pearson PJG, Thornton J, Gradillas M, Laczay S, Wallis S
45 - 54 The structure of uncertainty in future low carbon pathways
Hughes N, Strachan N, Gross R
55 - 59 Delivering a secure electricity supply on a low carbon pathway
Boston A
60 - 75 Modelling generation and infrastructure requirements for transition pathways
Barnacle M, Robertson E, Galloway S, Barton J, Ault G
76 - 84 Smart control for minimizing distribution network reinforcement cost due to electrification
Pudjianto D, Djapic P, Aunedi M, Gan CK, Strbac G, Huang SK, Infield D
85 - 102 The evolution of electricity demand and the role for demand side participation, in buildings and transport
Barton J, Huang SK, Infield D, Leach M, Ogunkunle D, Torriti J, Thomson M
103 - 116 The energy and environmental implications of UK more electric transition pathways: A whole systems perspective
Hammond GP, Howard HR, Jones CI
117 - 125 Smart grids or smart users? Involving users in developing a low carbon electricity economy
Verbong GPJ, Beemsterboer S, Sengers F
126 - 134 Keeping energy visible? Exploring how householders interact with feedback from smart energy monitors in the longer term
Hargreaves T, Nye M, Burgess J
135 - 145 The emergence of an electric mobility trajectory
Dijk M, Orsato RJ, Kemp R
146 - 158 Branching points for transition pathways: assessing responses of actors to challenges on pathways to a low carbon future
Foxon TJ, Pearson PJG, Arapostathis S, Carlsson-Hyslop A, Thornton J
159 - 165 Decomposition analysis of CO2 emissions from electricity generation in China
Zhang M, Liu X, Wang WW, Zhou M
166 - 169 A sustainable framework for biofuels in Europe
Linares P, Perez-Arriaga IJ
170 - 180 The transformation of the electric power sector in China
Mathews JA, Tan H
181 - 189 Economic effects of energy efficiency improvements in the Finnish building stock
Tuominen P, Forsstrom J, Honkatukia J
190 - 198 Energy saving in energy market reform-The feed-in tariffs option
Eyre N
199 - 212 Main drivers of natural gas prices in the Czech Republic after the market liberalisation
Slaba M, Gapko P, Klimesova A
213 - 234 Is disaggregation the holy grail of energy efficiency? The case of electricity
Armel KC, Gupta A, Shrimali G, Albert A
235 - 248 Climate change and energy policy in Chile: Up in smoke?
Mundaca TL
249 - 263 Dynamic analysis of policy drivers for bioenergy commodity markets
Jeffers RF, Jacobson JJ, Searcy EM
264 - 276 Reviving manufacturing with a federal cogeneration policy
Brown MA, Cox M, Baer P
277 - 287 Empowered? Examining self-disconnection in a postal survey of electricity prepayment meter consumers in New Zealand
O'Sullivan KC, Howden-Chapman PL, Fougere GM, Hales S, Stanley J
288 - 296 An analysis of long-term scenarios for the transition to renewable energy in the Korean electricity sector
Park NB, Yun SJ, Jeon EC
297 - 311 The transition towards renewable energies: Physical limits and temporal conditions
Mediavilla M, de Castro C, Capellan I, Miguel LJ, Arto I, Frechoso F
312 - 327 A review of the costs and benefits of demand response for electricity in the UK
Bradley P, Leach M, Torriti J
328 - 341 Analysis of CO2 emissions reduction potential in secondary production and semi-fabrication of non-ferrous metals
Palencia JCG, Furubayashi T, Nakata T
342 - 353 Evaluating direct energy savings and market transformation effects: A decade of technical design assistance in the northwestern USA
Van den Wymelenberg K, Brown GZ, Burpee H, Djunaedy E, Gladics G, Kline J, Loveland J, Meek C, Thimmanna H
354 - 362 The determinants of household energy-saving behavior: Survey and comparison in five major Asian cities
Hori S, Kondo K, Nogata D, Ben H
363 - 372 Incorporating technology buying behaviour into UK-based long term domestic stock energy models to provide improved policy analysis
Lee T, Yao RM
373 - 384 Facilitating the financing of bioenergy projects in sub-Saharan Africa
Hofmann M, Khatun K
385 - 401 Assessing the strength and effectiveness of renewable electricity feed-in tariffs in European Union countries
Jenner S, Groba F, Indvik J
402 - 416 Incorporating experience curves in appliance standards analysis
Desroches LB, Garbesi K, Kantner C, Van Buskirk R, Yang HC
417 - 428 Understanding China's renewable energy technology exports
Liu JL, Goldstein D
429 - 438 Cost-effectiveness of plug-in hybrid electric vehicle battery capacity and charging infrastructure investment for reducing US gasoline consumption
Peterson SB, Michalek JJ
439 - 452 Relating R&D and investment policies to CCS market diffusion through two-factor learning
Lohwasser R, Madlener R
453 - 461 A comparative life cycle assessment of diesel and compressed natural gas powered refuse collection vehicles in a Canadian city
Rose L, Hussain M, Ahmed S, Malek K, Costanzo R, Kjeang E
462 - 471 Field installation versus local integration of photovoltaic systems and their effect on energy evaluation metrics
Halasah SA, Pearlmutter D, Feuermann D
472 - 481 The safety regulation of small-scale coal mines in China: Analysing the interests and influences of stakeholders
Song XQ, Mu XY
482 - 500 Analysis of the performance of domestic lighting lamps
Aman MM, Jasmon GB, Mokhlis H, Bakar AHA
501 - 512 Dutch sectoral energy intensity developments in international perspective, 1987-2005
Mulder P, de Groot HLF
513 - 521 Japanese investment in Australian coal assets through the demise of concessional financing
West J
522 - 530 A multi-criteria methodology for energy planning and developing renewable energy sources at a regional level: A case study Thassos, Greece
Mourmouris JC, Potolias C
531 - 542 Profitability and productivity changes in the Korean electricity industry
Hwang WS, Lee JD
543 - 553 Analysis of the partnership network in the clean development mechanism
Kang MJ, Park J
554 - 562 Modelling oil price volatility with structural breaks
Salisu AA, Fasanya IO
563 - 572 Quantifying the prevalence of fuel poverty across the European Union
Thomson H, Snell C
573 - 582 Short-term strategies for Dutch wind power producers to reduce imbalance costs
Chaves-Avila JP, Hakvoort RA, Ramos A
583 - 586 Techno-economic evaluation of masonry type animal feed solar cooker in rural areas of an Indian state Rajasthan
Panwar NL, Kothari S, Kaushik SC
587 - 596 Impact of perennial energy crops income variability on the crop selection of risk averse farmers
Alexander P, Moran D
597 - 607 Why should support schemes for renewable electricity complement the EU emissions trading scheme?
Lehmann P, Gawel E
608 - 617 Introducing mandatory standards for select household appliances in Lebanon: A cost-benefit analysis
Ruble I, Karaki S
618 - 627 Emissions reduction and economic implications of renewable energy market penetration of power generation for residential consumption in the MENA region
El Fadel M, Rachid G, El-Samra R, Boutros GB, Hashisho J
628 - 638 Co-constructing a sustainable built environment in the Netherlands-Dynamics and opportunities in an environmental sectoral innovation system
Faber A, Hoppe T
639 - 655 Management accounting approach to analyse energy related CO2 emission: A variance analysis study of top 10 emitters of the world
Pani R, Mukhopadhyay U
656 - 666 Smart-grid investments, regulation and organization
Agrell PJ, Bogetoft P, Mikkers M
667 - 676 Energy and behavioral impacts of integrative retrofits for residential buildings: What is at stake for building energy policy reforms in northern China?
Xu P, Xu TF, Shen PY
677 - 688 Ensuring compatibility of the all-island electricity system with the target model: Fitting a square peg into a round hole?
Gorecki PK
689 - 698 Global and regional potential for bioelectricity with carbon capture and storage
Ricci O, Selosse S
699 - 705 Not locked-in? The overlooked impact of new gas-fired generation investment on long-term decarbonisation in the UK
Chignell S, Gross RJK
706 - 715 Intervention strategy to stimulate energy-saving behavior of local residents
Han Q, Nieuwenhijsen I, de Vries B, Blokhuis E, Schaefer W
716 - 725 Double jeopardy: The dichotomy of fuelwood use in rural South Africa
Matsika R, Erasmus BFN, Twine WC
726 - 736 Fukushima and thereafter: Reassessment of risks of nuclear power
Srinivasan TN, Rethinaraj TSG
737 - 747 Potential energy savings and reduction of CO2 emissions through higher efficiency standards for polyphase electric motors in Japan
748 - 759 Energy conservation through energy service companies: Empirical analysis from China
Kostka G, Shin K
760 - 769 Exploring the link between products and services in low-income markets-Evidence from solar home systems
Friebe CA, von Flotow P, Taube FA
770 - 778 Colombian ancillary services and international connections: Current weaknesses and policy challenges
Carvajal SX, Serrano J, Arango S
779 - 788 Security, independence, and sustainability: Imprecise language and the manipulation of energy policy in the United States
Littlefield SR
789 - 796 What ails India's biodiesel programme?
Biswas PK, Pohit S
797 - 809 Depletion of fossil fuels and anthropogenic climate change-A review
Hook M, Tang X
810 - 818 The competitiveness of synthetic natural gas as a propellant in the Swedish fuel market
Mohseni F, Gorling M, Alvfors P
819 - 831 Innovation in the US building sector: An assessment of patent citations in building energy control technology
Altwies JE, Nemet GF
832 - 838 Revised feed-in tariff for solar photovoltaic in the United Kingdom: A cloudy future ahead?
Muhammad-Sukki F, Ramirez-Iniguez R, Munir A, Yasin SHM, Abu-Bakar SH, McMeekin SG, Stewart BG
839 - 840 40 years on: Re-examining the nexus of energy, economic growth, and the environment
Krupa J