Energy Policy

Energy Policy, Vol.44 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0301-4215 (Print) 

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1 - 9 Impact of window selection on the energy performance of residential buildings in South Korea
Ihm P, Park L, Krarti M, Seo D
10 - 22 Asymmetric impacts of international energy shocks on macroeconomic activities
Yeh FY, Hu JL, Lin CH
23 - 33 Sustainability assessment of bioethanol and petroleum fuel production in Japan based on emergy analysis
Liu JE, Lin BL, Sagisaka M
34 - 45 Health impacts of power-exporting plants in northern Mexico
Blackman A, Chandru S, Mendoza-Dominguez A, Russell AG
46 - 51 The upside hedge value of California's global warming policy given uncertain future oil prices
Fine J, Busch C, Garderet R
52 - 67 Modeling transitions in the California light-duty vehicles sector to achieve deep reductions in transportation greenhouse gas emissions
Leighty W, Ogden JM, Yang C
68 - 78 On the portents of peak oil (and other indicators of resource scarcity)
Smith JL
79 - 91 Facilitating efficient augmentation of transmission networks to connect renewable energy generation: the Australian experience
Wright G
92 - 100 The emergence of rural transport strategies in response to rising fuel costs
Shapiro D, Pearlmutter D, Schwartz M
101 - 117 Biofuels in developing countries: Are comparative advantages enough?
Doku A, Di Falco S
118 - 129 International comparisons of energy efficiency in power, steel, and cement industries
Oda J, Akimoto K, Tomoda T, Nagashima M, Wada K, Sano F
130 - 139 Coping with the energy crisis: Impact assessment and potentials of non-traditional renewable energy in rural Kyrgyzstan
Liu MFM, Pistorius T
140 - 152 Efficiency analysis of world cement industry in presence of undesirable output: Application of data envelopment analysis and directional distance function
Riccardi R, Oggioni G, Toninelli R
153 - 159 Explaining the reductions in US corn ethanol processing costs: Testing competing hypotheses
Chen XG, Khanna M
160 - 173 A new comparison between the life cycle greenhouse gas emissions of battery electric vehicles and internal combustion vehicles
Ma HR, Balthasar F, Tait N, Riera-Palou X, Harrison A
174 - 184 Reserve reporting in the United States coal industry
Grubert E
185 - 198 Regulation and competition issues in Thai electricity sector
Wisuttisak P
199 - 206 Demand Side Management for the European Supergrid: Occupancy variances of European single-person households
Torriti J
207 - 216 A feasibility evaluation tool for sustainable cities - A case study for Greece
Theodoridou I, Papadopoulos AM, Hegger M
217 - 225 Comparative economic analysis of supporting policies for residential solar PV in the United States: Solar Renewable Energy Credit (SREC) potential
Burns JE, Kang JS
226 - 234 Peak electricity demand and social practice theories: Reframing the role of change agents in the energy sector
Strengers Y
235 - 244 Economic feasibility of biomass gasification for power generation in three selected communities of northwestern Ontario, Canada
Upadhyay TP, Shahi C, Leitch M, Pulkki R
245 - 255 Energy consumption and economic growth-New evidence from meta analysis
Chen PY, Chen ST, Chen CC
256 - 267 The driving forces of change in energy-related CO2 emissions in Ireland: A multi-sectoral decomposition from 1990 to 2007
O' Mahony T, Zhou P, Sweeney J
268 - 279 The relationship between agricultural technology and energy demand in Pakistan
Zaman K, Khan MM, Ahmad M, Rustam R
280 - 290 Implementing peak load reduction algorithms for household electrical appliances
Dlamini NG, Cromieres F
291 - 300 The Mediterranean Solar Plan: Project proposals for renewable energy in the Mediterranean Partner Countries region
Jablonski S, Tarhini M, Touati M, Garcia DG, Alario J
301 - 311 Decarbonizing the electric sector: Combining renewable and nuclear energy using thermal storage
Denholm P, King JC, Kutcher CF, Wilson PPH
312 - 319 Wind power or uranium mine: Appraisal of two energy-related environmental changes in a local context
Pedersen E, Johansson M
320 - 330 Evaluation of electricity saving potential in China's chemical industry based on cointegration
Lin BQ, Zhang L, Wu Y
331 - 340 A sustainable scenario for Venezuelan power generation sector in 2050 and its costs
Bautista S
341 - 353 From the Copenhagen Accord to efficient technology protocols
Kypreos S
354 - 361 Scenario of the emerging shift from gasoline to LPG fuelled cars in Ghana: A case study in Ho Municipality, Volta Region
Biscoff R, Akple M, Turkson R, Klomegah W
362 - 373 Providing adequate economic incentives for bioenergies with CO2 capture and geological storage
Ricci O
374 - 384 Formation of competences to realize the potential of offshore wind power in the European Union
Jacobsson S, Karltorp K
385 - 394 Oil market structure, network effects and the choice of currency for oil invoicing
Mileva E, Siegfried N
395 - 405 The emergence of the biodiesel industry in Brazil: Current figures and future prospects
Padula AD, Santos MS, Ferreira L, Borenstein D
406 - 415 Improving policy instruments to better tap into homeowner refurbishment potential: Lessons learned from a case study in Germany
Weiss J, Dunkelberg E, Vogelpohl T
416 - 424 Greenhouse gas emissions from cities and regions: International implications revealed by Hong Kong
Harris PG, Chow ASY, Symons J
425 - 430 Impact of deployment of renewable portfolio standard on the electricity price in the State of Illinois and implications on policies
Kung HH
431 - 440 Competition in the European electricity markets - outcomes of a Delphi study
Makkonen M, Patari S, Jantunen A, Viljainen S
441 - 450 Social groups and CO2 emissions in Spanish households
Duarte R, Mainar A, Sanchez-Choliz J
451 - 463 Environmental assessment of two pathways towards the use of biofuels in shipping
Bengtsson S, Fridell E, Andersson K
464 - 468 Climate change mitigation and electrification
Sugiyama M
469 - 475 Czech Republic and indicative targets of the European Union for electricity generation from renewable sources
Sivek M, Kavina P, Maleckova V, Jirasek J
476 - 481 A critique of Jacobson and Delucchi's proposals for a world renewable energy supply
Trainer T
482 - 484 Response to "A critique of Jacobson and Delucchi's proposals for a world renewable energy supply" by Ted Trainer
Delucchi MA, Jacobson MZ
485 - 486 Comment on "Comparing the feed-in tariff incentives for renewable electricity in Ontario and Germany" by Mabee, Mannion, and Carpenter
Weitzel M
487 - 488 Response to Weitzel on our paper "Comparing the feed-in tariff incentives for renewable electricity in Ontario and Germany" by Mabee, Mannion, and Carpenter
Mabee W, Carpenter T
489 - 489 Review of "Geological Disposal of Carbon Dioxide and Radioactive Waste: A Comparative Review", vol 44
Holmes J