Energy Policy

Energy Policy, Vol.38, No.11 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0301-4215 (Print) 

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6389 - 6390 Energy efficiency policies and strategies
Yang M
6391 - 6397 Integrated resource strategic planning: Case study of energy efficiency in the Chinese power sector
Hu ZG, Tan XD, Yang F, Yang M, Wen QA, Shan BG, Han XY
6398 - 6408 US energy conservation and efficiency policies: Challenges and opportunities
Dixon RK, McGowan E, Onysko G, Scheer RM
6409 - 6418 The 25 IEA energy efficiency policy recommendations to Plan of Action
Jollands N, Waide P, Ellis M, Onoda T, Laustsen J, Tanaka K, de T'Serclaes P, Barnsley I, Bradley R, Meier A
6419 - 6427 G8+5 collaboration on energy efficiency and IPEEC: Shortcut to a sustainable future?
Lesage D, Van de Graaf TV, Westphal K
6428 - 6438 Energy efficiency in India: Assessing the policy regimes and their impacts
Balachandra P, Ravindranath D, Ravindranath NH
6439 - 6452 Overview of current energy-efficiency policies in China
Zhou N, Levine MD, Price L
6453 - 6462 Light vehicle energy efficiency programs and their impact on Brazilian CO2 emissions
Wills W, La Rovere EL
6463 - 6474 Final energy use in IEA countries: The role of energy efficiency
Taylor PG, d'Ortigue OL, Francoeur M, Trudeau N
6475 - 6484 The Chinese nonferrous metals industry-energy use and CO2 emissions
Wang YJ, Chandler W
6485 - 6498 The challenge of reducing energy consumption of the Top-1000 largest industrial enterprises in China
Price L, Wang XJ, Yun JA
6499 - 6513 A model for the development of a power production system in Greece, Part I: Where RES do not meet EU targets
Kalampalikas NG, Pilavachi PA
6514 - 6528 A model for the development of a power production system in Greece, Part II: Where RES meet EU targets
Kalampalikas NG, Pilavachi PA
6529 - 6533 Decomposing international polarization of per capita CO2 emissions
Duro JA
6534 - 6539 Hydropower potential of municipal water supply dams in Turkey: A case study in Ulutan Dam
Kucukali S
6540 - 6544 The car industry and the blow-out of the hydrogen hype
Bakker S
6545 - 6550 Energy efficiency standards for refrigerators in Brazil: A methodology for impact evaluation
de Melo CA, Jannuzzi GD
6551 - 6559 Efficient capacity investment and joint production agreements in an oligopolistic electricity market: The HidroAysen joint venture project
Raineri R, Contreras G
6560 - 6565 Causality between energy consumption and output growth in the Indian cement industry: An application of the panel vector error correction model (VECM)
Mandal SK, Madheswaran S
6566 - 6569 Peak Oil and other threatening peaks-Chimeras without substance
Radetzki M
6570 - 6573 Linear and nonlinear causality between sectoral electricity consumption and economic growth: Evidence from Taiwan
Cheng-Lang Y, Lin HP, Chang CH
6574 - 6585 Understanding the spectrum of residential energy consumption: A quantile regression approach
Kaza N
6586 - 6596 The slow search for solutions: Lessons from historical energy transitions by sector and service
Fouquet R
6597 - 6603 The embodied energy and environmental emissions of construction projects in China: An economic input-output LCA model
Chang YA, Ries RJ, Wang YW
6604 - 6614 Optimizing a CO2 value chain for the Norwegian Continental Shelf
Klokk O, Schreiner PF, Pages-Bernaus A, Tomasgard A
6615 - 6628 Dealing with surplus emissions in the climate negotiations after Copenhagen: What are the options for compromise?
den Elzen M, Roelfsema M, Slingerland S
6629 - 6637 Economic analysis of coal price-electricity price adjustment in China based on the CGE model
He YX, Zhang SL, Yang LY, Wang YJ, Wang J
6638 - 6653 China in the transition to a low-carbon economy
Zhang ZX
6654 - 6661 Reevaluating the first and the second dividends of environmental tax reforms
Gimenez EL, Rodriguez M
6662 - 6673 Making, breaking, and (partially) remaking markets: State regulation and photovoltaic electricity in New Jersey
Hart DM
6674 - 6683 Who formulates renewable-energy policy? A Swedish example
Uba K
6684 - 6694 Rethinking economy-wide rebound measures: An unbiased proposal
Guerra AI, Sancho F
6695 - 6702 'Capture ready' regulation of fossil fuel power plants - Betting the UK's carbon emissions on promises of future technology
Markusson N, Haszeldine S
6703 - 6712 Cost and emissions impacts of plug-in hybrid vehicles on the Ohio power system
Sioshansi R, Fagiani R, Marano V
6713 - 6723 Economic evaluation and optimization of a photovoltaic-fuel cell-batteries hybrid system for use in the Brazilian Amazon
Silva SB, de Oliveira MAG, Severino MM
6724 - 6735 Interactions and implications of renewable and climate change policy on UK energy scenarios
Anandarajah G, Strachan N
6736 - 6745 On integration of plug-in hybrid electric vehicles into existing power system structures
Galus MD, Zima M, Andersson G
6746 - 6754 Blowing against the wind-An exploratory application of actor network theory to the analysis of local controversies and participation processes in wind energy
Jolivet E, Heiskanen E
6755 - 6766 Electricity sector reforms in four Latin-American countries and their impact on carbon dioxide emissions and renewable energy
Ruiz-Mendoza BJ, Sheinbaum-Pardo C
6767 - 6775 Chinese academic experts' assessment for forest bio-energy development in China
Qu M, Ahponen P, Tahvanainen L, Pelkonen P
6776 - 6783 How ambitious are China and India's emissions intensity targets?
Stern DI, Jotzo F
6784 - 6792 An analysis of the driving forces of CO2 emissions embodied in Japan-China trade
Dong YL, Ishikawa M, Liu XB, Wang C
6793 - 6803 The potential of fission nuclear power in resolving global climate change under the constraints of nuclear fuel resources and once-through fuel cycles
Knapp V, Pevec D, Matijevic M
6804 - 6819 Preliminary evaluation of the Section 1603 treasury grant program for renewable power projects in the United States
Bolinger M, Wiser R, Darghouth N
6820 - 6829 The role of energy efficiency spending in Maryland's implementation of the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative
Paul A, Palmer K, Ruth M, Hobbs BF, Irani D, Michael J, Chen YH, Ross K, Myers E
6830 - 6848 An attitude study on the environmental effects of rationing petrol in Tehran
Hanafizadeh P, Navardi Z, Soofi JB
6849 - 6859 Incentivizing wood-based Fischer-Tropsch diesel through financial policy instruments: An economic assessment for Norway
Bright RM, Stromman AH
6860 - 6867 Fuel consumption from vehicles of China until 2030 in energy scenarios
Zhang QY, Tian WL, Zheng YY, Zhang LL
6868 - 6876 Personal carbon trading: A policy ahead of its time?
Fawcett T
6877 - 6885 Motivations driving renewable energy in European countries: A panel data approach
Marques AC, Fuinhas JA, Manso JRP
6886 - 6899 Status of thermal power generation in India-Perspectives on capacity, generation and carbon dioxide emissions
Ghosh S
6900 - 6909 Renewable energy policy and landscape management in Andalusia, Spain: The facts
Prados MJ
6910 - 6918 Monitoring energy efficiency trends in European industry: Which top-down method should be used?
Cahill CJ, Gallachoir BPO
6919 - 6925 Effect of hybrid system battery performance on determining CO2 emissions of hybrid electric vehicles in real-world conditions
Alvarez R, Schlienger P, Weilenmann M
6926 - 6935 Strategies for carbon dioxide emissions reductions: Residential natural gas efficiency, economic, and ancillary health impacts in Maryland
Ruth M, Blohm A, Mauer J, Gabriel SA, Kesana VG, Chen YS, Hobbs BF, Irani D
6936 - 6945 An assessment of the present and future opportunities for combined heat and power with district heating (CHP-DH) in the United Kingdom
Kelly S, Pollitt M
6946 - 6954 The impact of increased interconnection on electricity systems with large penetrations of wind generation: A case study of Ireland and Great Britain
Denny E, Tuohy A, Meibom P, Keane A, Flynn D, Mullane A, O'Malley M
6955 - 6965 Low carbon fuel standards: Implementation scenarios and challenges
Yeh S, Sperling D
6966 - 6976 Integration of electricity markets in Europe: Relevant issues for Italy
Creti A, Fumagalli E, Fumagalli E
6977 - 6988 An overview of biofuel policies across the world
Sorda G, Banse M, Kemfert C
6989 - 7000 Cost and optimal feed-in tariff for small scale photovoltaic systems in China
Rigter J, Vidican G
7001 - 7013 Privatization of electricity distribution in the Northeast of Brazil: The good, the bad, the ugly or the naive?
Silvestre B, Hall J, Matos S, Figueira LA
7014 - 7020 Test run of biodiesel in public transport system in Belgrade
Tica S, Filipovic S, Zivanovic P, Milovanovic B
7021 - 7030 Renewable energy potential on brownfield sites: A case study of Michigan
Adelaja S, Shaw J, Beyea W, McKeown JDC
7031 - 7040 Economic and environmental implications of Turkish accession to the European Union: A CGE analysis
Aydin L, Acar M
7041 - 7047 Producer responsibility and recycling solar photovoltaic modules
McDonald NC, Pearce JM
7048 - 7053 Energy conservation potential in Taiwanese textile industry
Hong GB, Su TL, Lee JD, Hsu TC, Chen HW
7054 - 7069 Eliciting public preference for nuclear energy against the backdrop of global warming
Liao SY, Tseng WC, Chen CC
7070 - 7081 Grid matching of large-scale wind energy conversion systems, alone and in tandem with large-scale photovoltaic systems: An Israeli case study
Solomon AA, Faiman D, Meron G
7082 - 7092 Power sector reform in Maharashtra, India
Totare NP, Pandit S
7093 - 7105 Methodological proposal for territorial distribution of the percentage reduction in gross inland energy consumption according to the EU energy policy strategic goal
Tolon-Becerra A, Lastra-Bravo X, Botta GF
7106 - 7120 Western China energy development and west to east energy transfer: Application of the Western China Sustainable Energy Development Model
Chen WY, Li HL, Wu ZX
7121 - 7129 Getting reforms done in inhospitable institutional environments: untying a Gordian Knot in India's power distribution sector
Tankha S, Misal AB, Fuller BW
7130 - 7141 A decision model for energy resource selection in China
Wang B, Kocaoglu DF, Daim TU, Yang JT
7142 - 7151 Cost and CO2 aspects of future vehicle options in Europe under new energy policy scenarios
Thiel C, Perujo A, Mercier A
7152 - 7160 The changing role of the State in the expansion of electricity supply in Latin America
Batlle C, Barroso LA, Perez-Arriaga IJ
7161 - 7168 Emerging bio-ethanol projects in Nigeria: Their opportunities and challenges
Ohimain EI
7169 - 7179 A critical assessment of the different approaches aimed to secure electricity generation supply
Batlle C, Rodilla P
7180 - 7188 Evaluating the benefits of an electrical energy storage system in a future smart grid
Wade NS, Taylor PC, Lang PD, Jones PR
7189 - 7199 Is carbon lock-in blocking investments in the hydrogen economy? A survey of actors' strategies
Bento N
7200 - 7208 The viability of balancing wind generation with large scale energy storage
Nyamdash B, Denny E, O'Malley M
7209 - 7215 Caspian energy phase II: Beyond 2005
Shaffer B
7216 - 7225 Robust incentives and the design of a climate change governance regime
Nemet GF
7226 - 7234 Energy-urban transition: The Mexican case
Paez A
7235 - 7249 On the adoption of electricity as a domestic source by Mozambican households
Arthur MDSR, Zahran S, Bucini G
7250 - 7256 Cultural challenges to Chinese oil companies in Africa and their strategies
Feng G, Mu XZ
7257 - 7268 Wind power integration and power system flexibility-An empirical analysis of extreme events in Germany under the new negative price regime
Nicolosi M
7269 - 7277 Broken dreams: Unmet expectations of investors in the Philippine electricity restructuring and privatization
Roxas F, Santiago A
7278 - 7285 The impacts of carbon tax and complementary policies on Chinese economy
Lu CY, Tong Q, Liu XM
7286 - 7298 An outlook into energy consumption in large scale industries in India: The cases of steel, aluminium and cement
Dutta M, Mukherjee S
7299 - 7311 Managing a hydro-energy reservoir: A policy approach
van Ackere A, Ochoa P
7312 - 7322 Air-conditioning Australian households: The impact of dynamic peak pricing
Strengers Y
7323 - 7337 Valuation framework for large scale electricity storage in a case with wind curtailment
Loisel R, Mercier A, Gatzen C, Elms N, Petric H
7338 - 7345 Assessment of high penetration of solar photovoltaics in Wisconsin
Myers KS, Klein SA, Reindl DT
7346 - 7357 Evolution of China's power dispatch principle and the new energy saving power dispatch policy
Gao C, Li Y
7358 - 7369 Public R&D and commercialization of energy-efficient technology: A case study of Japanese projects
Kimura O
7370 - 7377 Comparing welfare effects of different regulation schemes: An application to the electricity distribution industry
Kopsakangas-Savolainen M, Svento R
7378 - 7394 The transition to renewables: Can PV provide an answer to the peak oil and climate change challenges?
Lloyd B, Forest AS
7395 - 7403 External governance and the EU policy for sustainable biofuels, the case of Mozambique
Di Lucia L
7404 - 7415 Competitiveness of Brazilian sugarcane ethanol compared to US corn ethanol
Crago CL, Khanna M, Barton J, Giuliani E, Amaral W
7416 - 7426 Future demand scenarios of Bangladesh power sector
Mondal MAH, Boie W, Denich M
7427 - 7441 Vertical integration, credit ratings and retail price settings in energy-only markets: Navigating the Resource Adequacy problem
Simshauser P
7442 - 7450 Copenhagen commitments and implications: A comparative analysis of India and China
Vazhayil JP, Balasubramanian R
7451 - 7456 A comparative analysis of performance and cost metrics associated with a diesel to biodiesel fleet transition
Shrake SO, Landis AE, Bilec MM, Collinge WO, Xue XB
7457 - 7465 Development status of liquefied natural gas industry in China
Shi GH, Jing YY, Wang SL, Zhang XT
7466 - 7475 EU climate change policy 2013-2020: Using the Clean Development Mechanism more effectively in the non-EU-ETS Sector
Gorecki PK, Lyons S, Tol RSJ
7476 - 7486 Security of feedstocks supply for future bio-ethanol production in Thailand
Silalertruksa T, Gheewala SH
7487 - 7496 Pricing model for biodiesel feedstock: A case study of Chhattisgarh in India
Pohit S, Biswas PK, Kumar R, Goswami A
7497 - 7503 The status and development trend of the water chiller energy efficiency standard in China
Tian H, Ma YT, Li MX, Liu CT, Zhao L
7504 - 7507 Using net energy output as the base to develop renewable energy
Shaw D, Hung MF, Lin YH
7508 - 7511 Potential errors when fitting experience curves by means of spreadsheet software
van Sark WGJHM, Alsema EA
7512 - 7518 Does energy consumption by the US electric power sector exhibit long memory behavior?
Gil-Alana LA, Loomis D, Payne JE
7519 - 7530 Should solar photovoltaics be deployed sooner because of long operating life at low, predictable cost?
Zweibel K
7531 - 7538 The energy implications of Chinese regional disparities
Huang YX, Todd D
7539 - 7540 Design limitations in Australian renewable electricity policies (vol 38, pg 3365, 2010)
Buckman G, Diesendorf M