Energy Policy

Energy Policy, Vol.127 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0301-4215 (Print) 

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1 - 10 Electricity market deregulation in Singapore - Initial assessment of wholesale prices
Loi TSA, Jindal G
11 - 18 Assessment of import risks for natural gas and its implication for optimal importing strategies: A case study of China
Kong ZY, Lu X, Jiang QZ, Dong XC, Liu GX, Elbot N, Zhang ZH, Chen S
19 - 23 Linking soy oil demand from the US Renewable Fuel Standard to palm oil expansion through an analysis on vegetable oil price elasticities
Santeramo FG, Searle S
24 - 38 How does energy consumption affect China's urbanization? New evidence from dynamic threshold panel models
Wu HT, Hao Y, Weng JH
39 - 50 Transnational energy flows, capacity building and Greece's quest for energy autarky, 1914-2010
Arapostathis S, Fotopoulos Y
51 - 63 Which provincial administrative regions in China should reduce their coal consumption? An environmental energy input requirement function based analysis
Li HZ, Kopsakangas-Savolainen M, Yan MZ, Wang JL, Xie BC
64 - 72 Exploring the determinants of consumers' WTB and WTP for electric motorcycles using CVM method in Macau
Zhu LC, Song QB, Sheng N, Zhou X
73 - 86 A comprehensive evaluation of the development and utilization of China's regional renewable energy
Yu SW, Zheng YL, Li LX
87 - 101 Review and assessment of energy policy developments in Chile
Simsek Y, Lorca A, Urmee T, Bahri PA, Escobar R
A1 - A3 Transitions at Energy Policy
Brown SPA, Brown MA, Madlener R, Thomas SD, Zhou P
102 - 112 Regional energy-water nexus based on structural path betweenness: A case study of Shanxi Province, China
Feng CY, Tang X, Jin Y, Guo YH, Zhang XC
113 - 124 Historical trends in global energy policy and renewable power system issues in Sub-Saharan Africa: The case of solar PV
Pillot B, Muselli M, Poggi P, Dias JB
125 - 133 Evaluating the economy-wide effects of energy efficient lighting in the household sector of Iran
Barkhordar ZA
134 - 146 From fossil fuels to renewables: An analysis of long-term scenarios considering technological learning
Handayani K, Krozer Y, Filatova T
147 - 154 China Pakistan Economic Corridor and Pakistan's energy security: A meta analytic review
Ahmed SU, Ali A, Kumar D, Malik MZ, Memon AH
155 - 164 Scenario-based forecast for the electricity demand in Qatar and the role of energy efficiency improvements
Khalifa A, Caporin M, Di Fonzo T
165 - 178 Health and economic benefits of cleaner residential heating in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region in China
Zhang X, Jin YN, Dai HC, Xie Y, Zhang SQ
179 - 185 Assessing the equity and effectiveness of the GB energy price caps using smart meter data
Hardy A, Glew D, Gorse C
186 - 199 Do fossil fuel and renewable energy consumption affect total factor productivity growth? Evidence from cross-country data with policy insights
Rath BN, Akram V, Bal DP, Mahalik MK
200 - 212 The China wind paradox: The role of state-owned enterprises in wind power investment versus wind curtailment
Zhu MY, Qi Y, Belis D, Lu JQ, Kerremans B
213 - 227 Does China's air pollution abatement policy matter? An assessment of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region based on a multi-regional CGE model
Li N, Zhang XL, Shi MJ, Hewings GJD
228 - 239 The Dutch retail electricity market
Mulder M, Willems B
240 - 247 Street-level priority-setting: The role of discretion in implementation of research, development, and innovation priorities
Brattstrom E, Hellstrom T
248 - 258 Impact of off-farm income on household energy expenditures in China: Implications for rural energy transition
Ma WL, Zhou XS, Renwick A
259 - 268 Exploring public perceptions of benefits and risks, trust, and acceptance of nuclear energy in Thailand and Vietnam: A qualitative approach
Ho SS, Oshita T, Looi J, Leong AD, Chuah ASF
269 - 279 The green flings: Norwegian oil and gas industry's engagement in offshore wind power
Makitie T, Normann HE, Thune TM, Gonzalez JS
280 - 286 Accelerating renewable energy electrification and rural economic development with an innovative business model: A case study in China
Li CS, Shen B
287 - 298 Energy use in world economy from household-consumption-based perspective
Wu XD, Guo JL, Ji X, Chen GQ
299 - 307 How to reach the EU renewables target by 2030? An analysis of the governance framework
Veum K, Bauknecht D
308 - 319 Regulating Japan's nuclear power industry to achieve zero-accidents
Behling N, Williams MC, Managi S
320 - 329 Carbon leakage from geological storage sites: Implications for carbon trading
Garcia JH, Torvanger A
330 - 340 Abandoning the concept of renewable energy
Harjanne A, Korhonen JM
341 - 349 Thermal insulation of rental residential housing: Do energy poor households benefit? A case study in Krems, Austria
Berger T, Holtl A
350 - 360 Medium-to-long-term coupled strategies for energy efficiency and greenhouse gas emissions reduction in Beijing (China)
Zhang DY, Liu GY, Chen CC, Zhang Y, Hao Y, Casazza M
361 - 373 Macroeconomic modeling for assessing sustainability of bioethanol production in Thailand
Kaenchan P, Puttanapong N, Bowonthumrongchai T, Limskul K, Gheewala SH
374 - 381 Information booms and busts: Examining oil and gas disclosure policies across the states
Fisk JM, Good AJ
382 - 391 Models for estimating the price of forest biomass used as an energy source: A Brazilian case
Deboni TL, Simioni FJ, Brand MA, Costa VJ
392 - 403 Transition from non-commercial to commercial energy in rural China: Insights from the accessibility and affordability
Li JL, Chen C, Liu HX
404 - 411 De-risking policies as a substantial determinant of climate change mitigation costs in developing countries: Case study of the Middle East and North African region
Komendantova N, Schinko T, Patt A
412 - 424 The impact of PVs and EVs on domestic electricity network charges: A case study from Great Britain
Kufeoglu S, Pollitt MG
425 - 437 Long-term energy strategy scenarios for South Korea: Transition to a sustainable energy system
Hong JH, Kim J, Son W, Shin H, Kim N, Lee WK, Kim J
438 - 444 Energy dependence in historical perspective: The geopolitics of smaller nations
Hogselius P, Kaijser A
445 - 451 It's up to us: Policies to improve climate outcomes from automated vehicles
Greenwald JM, Kornhauser A
452 - 463 The costs and gains of policy options for coordinating electricity generation in the Gulf Cooperation Council
Wogan D, Murphy F, Pierru A
464 - 474 Willingness to pay for a second-generation bioethanol: A case study of Korea
Mamadzhanov A, McCluskey JJ, Li TZ
475 - 485 Domestic thermal upgrades, community action and energy saving: A three-ear experimental study of prosperous households
Bardsley N, Buchs M, James P, Papafragkou A, Rushby T, Saunders C, Smith G, Wallbridge R, Woodman N
486 - 499 Energy performance certificates - New opportunities for data-enabled urban energy policy instruments?
Pasichnyi O, Wallin J, Levihn F, Shahrokni H, Kordas O
500 - 522 OPEC behavior: The volume of oil reserves announced
Behrouzifar M, Araghi ES, Meibodi AE
523 - 532 The US solar panel anti-dumping duties versus uniform tariff
Nguyen L, Kinnucan HW
533 - 533 Pricing emergency service of dynamic microgrid as a measure to increase distribution resilience (vol 111, pg 321, 2017)
Shang D