Energy Policy

Energy Policy, Vol.113 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0301-4215 (Print) 

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1 - 8 Household installation of solar panels - Motives and barriers in a 10-year perspective
Palm J
9 - 19 Exploring the impacts of regional unbalanced carbon tax on CO2 emissions and industrial competitiveness in Liaoning province of China
Li ZL, Dai HC, Sun L, Xie Y, Liu Z, Wang P, Yabar H
20 - 27 Evaluating the impact of urban traffic investment on SO2 emissions in China cities
Yang M, Ma TM, Sun CW
28 - 40 Do tidal stream energy projects offer more value than offshore wind farms? A case study in the United Kingdom
Lamy JV, Azevedo IL
41 - 51 A research agenda for the retrofitting of residential buildings in China - A case study
Baldwin AN, Loveday DL, Li BZ, Murray M, Yu W
52 - 52 Vulnerability and resistance in the United Kingdom's smart meter transition (vol 109, pg 767, 2017)
Sovacool BK, Kivimaa P, Hielscher S, Jenkins K
53 - 67 Developing offshore wind farm siting criteria by using an international Delphi method
Ho LW, Lie TT, Leong PT, Clear T
68 - 75 Further evidence on the debate of oil-gas price decoupling: A long memory approach
Zhang DY, Ji Q
76 - 86 Politics in the US energy transition: Case studies of solar, wind, biofuels and electric vehicles policy
Stokes LC, Breetz HL
87 - 93 Can power affect environmental risk attitude toward nuclear energy?
Geng LN, Liu T, Zhou KX, Yang GM
94 - 96 The Massetti et al. criticisms of Trainer's critique of the 2014 IPCC Report on renewable energy: A reply by Trainer
Trainers T
97 - 111 Regional distribution effects of different electricity network tariff designs with a distributed generation structure: The case of Germany
Hinz F, Schmidt M, Most D
112 - 122 The optimization of Chinese power grid investment based on transmission and distribution tariff policy: A system dynamics approach
He YX, Jiao J, Chen RJ, Shu H
123 - 134 Local residents' risk perceptions in response to shale gas exploitation: Evidence from China
Yu CH, Huang SK, Qin P, Chen XL
135 - 148 The cost of decarbonizing the Canadian electricity system
Dolter B, Rivers N
149 - 156 Drivers of stagnating global carbon intensity of electricity and the way forward
Goh T, Ang BW, Su B, Wang H
157 - 170 Fuel Poverty Potential Risk Index in the context of climate change in Chile
Perez-Fargallo A, Rubio-Bellido C, Pulido-Arcas JA, Guevara-Garcia FJ
171 - 192 New estimates of the security costs of US oil consumption
Brown SPA
193 - 205 Cross-border reserve markets: network constraints in cross-border reserve procurement
Van den Bergh K, Bruninx K, Delarue E
206 - 222 Investigating the effect of renewable energy incentives and hydrogen storage on advantages of stakeholders in a microgrid
Haghi E, Raahemifar K, Fowler M
223 - 231 Estimation of European Union service sector space cooling potential
Jakubcionis M, Carlsson J
232 - 238 Electricity regulation and economic growth
Costa-Campi MT, Garcia-Quevedo J, Trujillo-Baute E
239 - 248 Prices versus quantities: Comparing economic efficiency of feed-in tariff and renewable portfolio standard in promoting renewable electricity generation
Choi G, Huh SY, Heo E, Lee CY
249 - 257 Investigating driving forces of aggregate carbon intensity of electricity generation in China
Wang JF, He ST, Qiu Y, Liu N, Li YJ, Dong ZF
258 - 268 Does France have a fuel poverty trap?
Chaton C, Lacroix E
269 - 277 'Them and us': Regional-national power-plays in the German energy transformation: A case study in Lower Franconia
Galvin R
278 - 293 A spatial shift-share decomposition of electricity consumption changes across Italian regions
Grossi L, Mussini M
294 - 305 An assessment of US rare earth availability for supporting US wind energy growth targets
Imholte DD, Nguyen RT, Vedantam A, Brown M, Iyer A, Smith BJ, Collins JW, Anderson CG, O'Kelley B
306 - 319 Modeling uncertainty in estimation of carbon dioxide abatement costs of energy-saving technologies for passenger cars in China
Peng BB, Xu JH, Fan Y
320 - 330 China's rise: Challenging the North-South technology transfer paradigm for climate change mitigation and low carbon energy
Urban F
331 - 331 Energy policy considerations in the design of an alternative-fuel refueling infrastructure to reduce GHG emissions on a transportation network (vol 111, pg 427, 2017)
Ventura JA, Kweon SJ, Hwang SW, Tormay M, Li CX
332 - 341 The price and income elasticity of China's natural gas demand: A multi-sectoral perspective
Zhang Y, Ji Q, Fan Y
342 - 347 The viability of vehicle-to-grid operations from a battery technology and policy perspective
Uddin K, Dubarry M, Glick MB
348 - 355 Energy policy reforms in the Serbian oil sector: An update
Maricic VK, Danilovic D, Lekovic B, Crnogorac M
356 - 367 How economic growth, renewable electricity and natural resources contribute to CO2 emissions?
Balsalobre-Lorente D, Shahbaz M, Roubaud D, Farhani S
368 - 375 The US biofuel mandate as a substitute for carbon cap-and-trade
Thompson W, Johansson R, Meyer S, Whistance J
376 - 385 A 'Regional Energy Hub' for achieving a low-carbon energy transition
Guler B, Celebi E, Nathwani J
386 - 400 Does government ideology affect environmental pollutions? New evidence from instrumental variable quantile regression estimations
Chang CP, Wen J, Dong MY, Hao Y
401 - 409 Economic, environmental and health co-benefits of the use of advanced control strategies for lighting in buildings of Mexico
Diaz-Mendez SE, Torres-Rodriguez AA, Abatal M, Soberanis MAE, Bassam A, Pedraza-Basulto GK
410 - 419 Application of multi criteria analysis in the design of energy policy: Space and water heating in households - City Novi Sad, Serbia
Vasic G
420 - 429 Counting energy poverty in Spain between 2004 and 2015
Aristondo O, Onaindia E
430 - 438 The firm-level innovation impact of public R&D funding: Evidence from the German renewable energy sector
Plank J, Doblinger C
439 - 453 Nexus of energy use, agricultural production, employment and incomes among rural households in Uttar Pradesh, India
Djanibekov U, Gaur V
454 - 465 The future role of natural gas in the UK: A bridge to nowhere?
McGlade C, Pye S, Ekins P, Bradshaw M, Watson J
466 - 477 Social acceptance of new energy technology in developing countries: A framing experiment in rural India
Aklin M, Cheng CY, Urpelainen J
478 - 486 Unintended consequences of China's coal capacity cut policy
Shi XP, Rioux B, Galkin P
487 - 499 Public acceptance of household energy-saving measures in Beijing: Heterogeneous preferences and policy implications
Jia JJ, Xu JH, Fan Y
500 - 512 Distributional costs of wind energy production in Portugal under the liberalized Iberian market regime
Prata R, Carvalho PMS, Azevedo IL
513 - 522 Electricity sector in Ecuador: An overview of the 2007-2017 decade
Ponce-Jara MA, Castro M, Pelaez-Samaniego MR, Espinoza-Abad JL, Ruiz E
523 - 534 An exploration of the boundaries of 'community' in community renewable energy projects: Navigating between motivations and context
Hicks J, Ison N
535 - 545 The reuse of electrified vehicle batteries as a means of integrating renewable energy into the European electricity grid: A policy and market analysis
Gur K, Chatzikyriakou D, Baschet C, Salomon M
546 - 558 Technology transfer in the hydropower industry: An analysis of Chinese dam developers' undertakings in Europe and Latin America
Kirchherr J, Matthews N
559 - 570 Green transition of energy systems in rural China: National survey evidence of households' discrete choices on water heaters
Ma B, Yu YH, Urban F
571 - 583 Reaching carbon neutral transport sector in Denmark - Evidence from the incorporation of modal shift into the TIMES energy system modeling framework
Tattini J, Gargiulo M, Karlsson K
584 - 607 Sustainable planning of the energy-water-food nexus using decision making tools
Bieber N, Ker JH, Wang XN, Triantafyllidis C, van Dam KH, Koppelaar RHEM, Shah N
608 - 620 Energy supply security for the Aegean islands: A routing model with risk and environmental considerations
Iliopoulou C, Kepaptsoglou K, Schinas O
621 - 622 Photovoltaic self-consumption regulation in Spain: Profitability analysis and alternative regulation schemes (vol 108, pg 742, 2017)
Prol JL, Steininger KW
623 - 632 Governance barriers to sustainable energy transitions - Assessing Ireland's capacity towards marine energy futures
Lange M, O'Hagan AM, Devoy RRN, Le Tissier M, Cummins V
633 - 642 Household energy elasticities and policy implications for Pakistan
Irfan M, Cameron MP, Hassan G
643 - 650 Exploring the prospects of cooperation in the manufacturing industries between India and China: A perspective of embodied energy in India-China trade
Sun CW, Ma TM, Xu ML
651 - 662 Quantifying CO2 emission reductions from renewables and nuclear energy - Some paradoxes
Goh T, Ang BW
663 - 672 The welfare effects of energy price changes due to energy market reform in Mexico
Moshiri S, Santillan MAM
673 - 687 A prospective economic assessment of residential PV self-consumption with batteries and its systemic effects: The French case in 2030
688 - 700 Strategic municipal energy planning in Sweden - Examining current energy planning practice and its influence on comprehensive planning
Wretling V, Gunnarsson-Ostling U, Hornberg C, Balfors B
701 - 710 Offshore risk regulation: A comparative analysis of regulatory framework in Ghana, the United Kingdom and Norway
Acheampong T, Akumperigya R
711 - 720 Shifting demand and supply over time and space to manage intermittent generation: The economics of electrical storage
Newbery D
721 - 730 UK public beliefs about fracking and effects of knowledge on beliefs and support: A problem for shale gas policy
Howell RA
731 - 746 Hedging spark spread risk with futures
Martinez B, Torro H
747 - 750 The double-edged sword of decentralized energy autonomy
McKenna R
751 - 764 Households energy consumption and transition toward cleaner energy sources
Damette O, Delacote P, Del Lo G
765 - 777 Delivering a highly distributed electricity system: Technical, regulatory and policy challenges
Bell K, Gill S
778 - 794 On the effects of storage facilities on optimal zonal pricing in electricity markets
Weibelzahl M, Martz A