Energy Policy

Energy Policy, Vol.112 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0301-4215 (Print) 

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1 - 3 Critiquing the use of war to mobilise peaceful climate action: A response to Kester & Sovacool
Delina LL, Diesendorf M
4 - 11 Exploring strengths and weaknesses of bioethanol production from bio-waste in Greece using Fuzzy Cognitive Maps
Konti A, Damigos D
12 - 18 US state and local oil and gas revenue sources and uses
Newell RG, Raimi D
19 - 28 Solar Feed-In Tariffs: Examining fair and reasonable retail rates using, cost avoidance estimates
Martin N, Rice J
29 - 33 Creative accounting: A critical perspective on the market-based method for reporting purchased electricity (scope 2) emissions
Brander M, Gillenwater M, Ascui F
34 - 44 Evaluating the CO2 emissions reduction potential and cost of power sector re-dispatch
Steinberg DC, Bielen DA, Townsend A
45 - 55 Public estimates of support for offshore wind energy: False consensus, pluralistic ignorance, and partisan effects
Sokoloski R, Markowitz EM, Bidwell D
56 - 66 Economic and environmental costs of replacing nuclear fission with solar and wind energy in Sweden
Hong S, Qvist S, Brook BW
67 - 73 A nuclear- to-gas transition in South Korea: Is it environmentally friendly or economically viable?
Hong S, Brook BW
74 - 83 Explaining choices in energy infrastructure development as a network of adjacent action situations: The case of LNG in the Baltic Sea region
Gritsenko D
84 - 97 The impact of investors' risk aversion on the performances of capacity remuneration mechanisms
Abani AO, Hary N, Rious V, Saguan M
98 - 110 Poverty and distributional effects of a carbon tax in Mexico
Renner S
111 - 118 The effect of renewable and nonrenewable electricity generation on economic growth
Atems B, Hotaling C
119 - 128 Understanding stress effects of wind turbine noise - The integrated approach
Pohl J, Gabriel J, Hubner G
129 - 140 Investigating the rebound effect in road transport system: Empirical evidence from China
Zhang SS, Lin BQ
141 - 151 Business perspective to the national greenhouse gases emissions trading scheme: A survey of cement companies in China
Liu XB, Fan YB
152 - 161 Promoting green residential buildings: Residents' environmental attitude, subjective knowledge, and social trust matter
Liu YX, Hong ZS, Zhu J, Yan JJ, Qi JQ, Liu P
162 - 172 The shale technical revolution - cheer or fear? Impact analysis on efficiency in the global oilfield service market
Gong BL
173 - 183 On the role of efficient cogeneration for meeting Mexico's clean energy goals
Llamas A, Probst O
184 - 197 Natural gas market integration in the Visegrad 4 region: An example to follow or to avoid?
Osicka J, Lehotsky L, Zapletalova V, Cernoch F, Dancak B
198 - 208 Investigating the multivariate Granger causality between energy consumption, economic growth and CO2 emissions in Ghana
Appiah MO
209 - 220 The governance of the European Energy Union: Efficiency, effectiveness and acceptance of the Winter Package 2016
Ringel M, Knodt M
221 - 232 Household consumption of coal and related sulfur, arsenic, fluorine and mercury emissions in China
Zhao C, Luo KL
233 - 241 Why people want to buy electric vehicle: An empirical study in first-tier cities of China
Lin BQ, Wu W
242 - 257 The influence of emission thresholds and retrofit options on airline fleet planning: An optimization approach
Muller C, Kieckhafer K, Spengler TS
258 - 271 Public receptiveness of vertical axis wind turbines
Hui I, Cain BE, Dabiri JO
272 - 279 Cost comparisons for wind and thermal power generation
Partridge I
280 - 290 Developing weighting system for refurbishment building assessment scheme in Malaysia through analytic hierarchy process (AHP) approach
Kamaruzzaman SN, Lou ECW, Wong PF, Wood R, Che-Ani AI
291 - 300 Consumption-based approach to RES-E quantification: Insights from a Pan-European case study
Gaffney F, Deane JP, Collins S, O Gallachoir BP
301 - 304 Editorial to the special issue "Sustainable energy policies in Northeast Asia"
Choi Y
305 - 315 Public acceptance of high-voltage power lines: The influence of information provision on undergrounding
Lienert P, Sutterlin B, Siegrist M
316 - 327 Strategy on China's regional coal consumption control: A case study of Shandong province
Zhang YQ, Liu CG, Li K, Zhou Y
328 - 333 Pioneering industry/municipal district heating collaboration in Sweden in the 1970s
Soderholm K
334 - 348 The networking dynamics of the Italian biofuel industry in time of crisis: Finding an effective instrument mix for fostering a sustainable energy transition
Falcone PM, Lopolito A, Sica E
349 - 360 The effect of additive manufacturing on global energy demand: An assessment using a bottom-up approach
Verhoef LA, Budde BW, Chockalingam C, Nodar BG, van Wijk AJM
361 - 370 Barriers to biogas dissemination in India: A review
Mittal S, Ahlgren EO, Shukla PR
371 - 371 Variability of electricity load patterns and its effect on demand response: A critical peak pricing experiment on korean commercial and industrial customers (vol 88, pg 11, 2016)
Jang D, Eom J, Park MJ, Rho JJ
372 - 380 What do local stakeholders think about the impacts of small hydroelectric plants? Using Q methodology to understand different perspectives
Pagnussatt D, Petrini M, dos Santos ACMZ, da Silveira LM
381 - 398 Economic and environmental impacts of electricity subsidy reform in Kuwait: A general equilibrium analysis
Gelan A
399 - 414 Sunset or sunrise? Understanding the barriers and options for the massive deployment of solar technologies in Chile
Haas J, Palma-Behnke R, Valencia F, Araya P, Diaz-Ferran G, Telsnig T, Eltrop L, Diaz M, Puschel S, Grandel M, Roman R, Jimenez-Estevez G
415 - 426 Analysing households' responsiveness towards socio-economic determinants of residential electricity consumption in Singapore
Loi TSA, Ng JL
427 - 436 Renewable energy curtailment: A case study on today's and tomorrow's congestion management
Schermeyer H, Vergara C, Fichtner W
437 - 448 Electric vehicles and natural disaster policy implications
Adderly SA, Manukian D, Sullivan TD, Son M