Energy Conversion and Management

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1 - 7 Influence of user behavior on unsatisfactory indoor thermal environment
Yan B, Long ES, Meng X, Zhang YZ, Hou DQ, Du X
8 - 19 Investigation on gasoline homogeneous charge compression ignition (HCCI) combustion implemented by residual gas trapping combined with intake preheating through waste heat recovery
Xie H, Li L, Chen T, Zhao H
20 - 27 Numerical analysis on the combustion and emission characteristics of forced swirl combustion system for DI diesel engines
Su LW, Li XR, Zhang Z, Liu FS
28 - 38 Performance of water based CuO and Al2O3 nanofluids in a Cu-Be alloy heat sink with rectangular microchannels
Peyghambarzadeh SM, Hashemabadi SH, Chabi AR, Salimi M
39 - 48 Bioethanol E85 as a fuel for dual fuel diesel engine
Tutak W
49 - 59 Experimental and numerical heat transfer analysis of a V-cavity absorber for linear parabolic trough solar collector
Xiao X, Zhang P, Shao DD, Li M
60 - 69 Theoretical analysis of a biogas-fed PEMFC system with different hydrogen purifications: Conventional and membrane-based water gas shift processes
Authayanun S, Aunsup P, Patcharavorachot Y, Arpornwichanop A
70 - 80 Mathematical modeling of hot air/electrohydrodynamic (EHD) drying kinetics of mushroom slices
Dinani ST, Hamdami N, Shahedi M, Havet M
81 - 92 Technical and economic design of photovoltaic and battery energy storage system
Bortolini M, Gamberi M, Graziani A
93 - 98 Improving powder bed properties for thermochemical storage by adding nanoparticles
Rosskopf C, Haas M, Faik A, Linder M, Worner A
99 - 110 A holistic 3D finite element simulation model for thermoelectric power generator element
Wu GX, Yu X
111 - 124 Development of a stochastic simulation-optimization model for planning electric power systems - A case study of Shanghai, China
Piao MJ, Li YP, Huang GH
125 - 131 Experimental investigation of thermal de-stratification in rock bed TES systems for high temperature applications
Okello D, Nydal OJ, Banda EJK
132 - 153 Microgrid testbeds around the world: State of art
Hossain E, Kabalci E, Bayindir R, Perez R
154 - 164 Analysis of thermal degradation kinetics and carbon structure changes of co-pyrolysis between macadamia nut shell and PET using thermogravimetric analysis and C-13 solid state nuclear magnetic resonance
Ko KH, Rawal A, Sahajwalla V
165 - 174 Homogeneous generation period method for the analysis of wind generation variation
Klementavicius A, Radziukynas V, Radziukyniene N, Pukys G
175 - 185 A novel all-glass evacuated tubular solar steam generator with simplified CPC
Liu ZH, Tao GD, Lu L, Wang Q
186 - 193 Experimental investigation of stepped solar still with continuous water circulation
El-Agouz SA
194 - 203 Investigation of a high frequency pulse tube cryocooler driven by a standing wave thermoacoustic engine
Boroujerdi AA, Ziabasharhagh M
204 - 215 Frequency domain design of gain scheduling control for large wind systems in full-load region
Burlibasa A, Ceanga E
216 - 225 Energy improvement and performance evaluation of a novel full hybrid electric motorcycle with power split e-CVT
Chung CT, Hung YH
226 - 232 Use of palm oil decanter cake as a new substrate for the production of bio-oil by vacuum pyrolysis
Dewayanto N, Isha R, Nordin MR
233 - 240 Uninterrupted thermoelectric energy harvesting using temperature-sensor-based maximum power point tracking system
Park JD, Lee H, Bond M
241 - 249 New procedure for fault detection in grid connected PV systems based on the evaluation of current and voltage indicators
Silvestre S, da Silva MA, Chouder A, Guasch D, Karatepe E
250 - 258 Evaluation of comfort conditions in urban open spaces. Application in the island of Crete
Tsitoura M, Tsoutsos T, Daras T
259 - 267 Strategic bidding for wind power producers in electricity markets
Sharma KC, Bhakar R, Tiwari HP
268 - 274 Improving the performance of solar still by using nanofluids and providing vacuum
Kabeel AE, Omara ZM, Essa FA
275 - 285 Heat transfer enhancement in a PV cell using Boehmite nanofluid
Karami N, Rahimi M
286 - 299 Comparative analysis of distributed MPPT controllers for partially shaded stand alone photovoltaic systems
Muthuramalingam M, Manoharan PS
300 - 308 Potentials of a hybrid offshore farm for the island of Fuerteventura
Veigas M, Iglesias G
309 - 324 Exhaust gas recirculation - Zero dimensional modelling and characterization for transient diesel combustion control
Asad U, Tjong J, Zheng M
325 - 339 A general-purpose process modelling framework for marine energy systems
Dimopoulos GG, Georgopoulou CA, Stefanatos IC, Zymaris AS, Kakalis NMP
340 - 348 Performance evaluation of free piston compressor coupling organic Rankine cycle under different operating conditions
Han YQ, Kang JJ, Zhang GP, Liu ZC, Tian J, Chai JH
349 - 355 Exergy costing for energy saving in combined heating and cooling applications
Nguyen C, Veje CT, Willatzen M, Andersen P
356 - 364 Effect of air preheat temperature on the MILD combustion of syngas
Huang MM, Zhang ZD, Shao WW, Xiong Y, Liu Y, Lei FL, Xiao YH
365 - 370 Transient thermal analysis of longitudinal fins with internal heat generation considering temperature-dependent properties and different fin profiles
Mosayebidorcheh S, Farzinpoor M, Ganji DD
371 - 378 Production of brown algae pyrolysis oils for liquid biofuels depending on the chemical pretreatment methods
Choi J, Choi JW, Suh DJ, Ha JM, Hwang JW, Jung HW, Lee KY, Woo HC
379 - 387 Heat exchanger inventory cost optimization for power cycles with one feedwater heater
Qureshi BA, Antar MA, Zubair SM
388 - 398 A comprehensive measure of the energy resource: Wind power potential (WPP)
Zhang J, Chowdhury S, Messac A
399 - 409 Thermodynamic investigation and optimization of laminar forced convection in a rotating helical tube heat exchanger
Shi ZY, Dong T
410 - 417 The experimental study of a two-stage photovoltaic thermal system based on solar trough concentration
Tan LJ, Ji X, Li M, Leng CB, Luo X, Li HL
418 - 427 An adapted blockage factor correlation approach in wind tunnel experiments of a Savonius-style wind turbine
Roy S, Saha UK
428 - 434 Pyrolysates distribution and kinetics of Shenmu long flame coal
Lin YK, Li QS, Li XF, Ji K, Zhang HP, Yu YM, Song YH, Fu Y, Sun LY
435 - 442 An extension theory-based maximum power tracker using a particle swarm optimization algorithm
Chao KH
443 - 452 Investigation of the effect of multidimensionality in PEM fuel cells
Raj A, Shamim T
453 - 475 Power converter interfaces for electrochemical energy storage systems -A review
Pires VF, Romero-Cadaval E, Vinnikov D, Roasto I, Martins JF
476 - 489 The prospects for coal-fired power plants with carbon capture and storage: A UK perspective
Hammond GP, Spargo J
490 - 495 Performance parameters of a standalone PV plant
El Fathi A, Nkhaili L, Bennouna A, Outzourhit A
496 - 506 Experimental Assessment of residential split type air-conditioning systems using alternative refrigerants to R-22 at high ambient temperatures
Joudi KA, Al-Amir QR
507 - 519 Energy and exergy based performance analyses of a solid oxide fuel cell integrated combined cycle power plant
Gogoi TK, Sarmah P, Nath DD
520 - 536 Flow effects due to pulsation in an internal combustion engine exhaust port
Semlitsch B, Wang Y, Mihaescu M
537 - 547 Thermodynamic analysis of a novel air-cooled non-adiabatic absorption refrigeration cycle driven by low grade energy
Cai DH, He GG, Tian QQ, Tang WE
548 - 560 Chaotic improved PSO-based multi-objective optimization for minimization of power losses and L index in power systems
Chen GG, Liu LL, Song PZ, Du YW
561 - 567 Design and experimental verification of a bi-directional nonlinear piezoelectric energy harvester
Fan KQ, Chao FB, Zhang JG, Wang WD, Che XH
568 - 575 A parametric study on a humidification-dehumidification (HDH) desalination unit powered by solar air and water heaters
Yildirim C, Solmus I
576 - 586 Minimum variance control of organic Rankine cycle based waste heat recovery
Hou GL, Bi SS, Lin MM, Zhang JH, Xu JL
587 - 594 Study of an improved integrated collector-storage solar water heater combined with the photovoltaic cells
Ziapour BM, Palideh V, Mohammadnia A
595 - 604 Computational analysis of new microchannel heat sink configurations
Vinodhan VL, Rajan KS
605 - 613 Calcination removing soft template cetyl trimethyl ammonium bromide and its effects on capacitance performance of supercapacitor electrode MnO2
Zhang HH, Gu JN, Jiang YY, Wang YQ, Zhao J, Zhang XX, Wang CY
614 - 621 Micro/nanoencapsulated n-nonadecane with poly(methyl methacrylate) shell for thermal energy storage
Sari A, Alkan C, Bicer A, Altuntas A, Bilgin C
622 - 633 Techno-economic performance analysis of parabolic trough collector in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia
Mokheimer EMA, Dabwan YN, Habib MA, Said SAM, Al-Sulaiman FA
634 - 643 Energy and exergy utilizations of the Chinese urban residential sector
Liu YF, Li Y, Wang DJ, Liu JP
644 - 652 Decision-making for supplying energy projects: A four-dimensional model
Stegen KS, Palovic M
653 - 663 Assessment of regions priority for implementation of solar projects in Iran: New application of a hybrid multi-criteria decision making approach
Vafaeipour M, Zolfani SH, Varzandeh MHM, Derakhti A, Eshkalag MK
664 - 669 Site matching study of pitch-controlled wind turbine generator
Chang TP, Cheng SP, Liu FJ, Sun LC, Chang YP
670 - 682 Numerical simulations for the coal/oxidant distribution effects between two-stages for multi opposite burners (MOB) gasifier
Unar IN, Wang LJ, Pathan AG, Mahar RB, Li RD, Uqaili MA
683 - 688 Slag properties of blending coal in an industrial OMB coal water slurry entrained-flow gasifier
Guo QH, Zhou ZJ, Wang FC, Yu GS
689 - 700 Technical challenges for electric power industries due to grid-integrated electric vehicles in low voltage distributions: A review
Haidar AMA, Muttaqi KM, Sutanto D
701 - 708 Switched reluctance machines control with a minimized sampling frequency
Rain X, Hilairet M, Arias A
709 - 716 Technical and economic effects of charge controller operation and coulombic efficiency on stand-alone hybrid power systems
Lujano-Rojas JM, Dufo-Lopez R, Bernal-Agustin JL
717 - 726 Influence of reaction conditions and type of alcohol on biodiesel yields and process economics of supercritical transesterification
Micic RD, Tomic MD, Kiss FE, Nikolic-Djoric EB, Simikic MD
727 - 734 Theoretical and conditional monitoring of a small three-bladed vertical-axis micro-hydro turbine
Huang SR, Ma YH, Chen CF, Seki K, Aso T
735 - 744 Optimization of catalytic glycerol steam reforming to light olefins using Cu/ZSM-5 catalyst
Zakaria ZY, Amin NAS, Linnekoski J
745 - 755 Integrated scheduling of renewable generation and electric vehicles parking lot in a smart microgrid
Honarmand M, Zakariazadeh A, Jadid S
756 - 763 Research on a layered coupling optimal operation model of the Three Gorges and Gezhouba cascade hydropower stations
Chen J, Zhong PA, Zhao YF
764 - 773 Theoretical research on working fluid selection for a high-temperature regenerative transcritical dual-loop engine organic Rankine cycle
Tian H, Liu LN, Shu GQ, Wei HQ, Liang XY
774 - 783 Thermodynamic analysis of a transcritical CO2/propylene (R744-R1270) cascade system for cooling and heating applications
Dubey AM, Kumar S, Das Agrawal G
784 - 791 Safe control of thermostatically controlled loads with installed timers for demand side management
Mehta N, Sinitsyn NA, Backhaus S, Lesieutre BC
792 - 800 Entransy analysis of irreversible heat pump using Newton and Dulong-Petit heat transfer laws and relations with its performance
Acikkalp E
801 - 808 An efficiency comparison of numerical methods for determining Weibull parameters for wind energy applications: A new approach applied to the northeast region of Brazil
de Andrade CF, Neto HFM, Rocha PAC, da Silva MEV
809 - 817 Optimization of operating schedule of machines in granite industry using evolutionary algorithms
Loganthurai P, Rajasekaran V, Gnanambal K
818 - 830 A study on the characteristics, predictions and policies of China's eight main power grids
Wang JZ, Dong Y, Jiang H
831 - 847 A cognitive decision agent architecture for optimal energy management of microgrids
Velik R, Nicolay P
848 - 863 Applicability of dimethyl ether (DME) in a compression ignition engine as an alternative fuel
Park SH, Lee CS
864 - 872 Experimental investigation of solidification and melting characteristics of composite PCMs for building heating application
Harikrishnan S, Deenadhayalan M, Kalaiselvam S
873 - 885 Application of HGSO to security based optimal placement and parameter setting of UPFC
Hagh MT, Alipour M, Teimourzadeh S
886 - 891 Insights into methane hydrate formation, agglomeration, and dissociation in water plus diesel oil dispersed system
Chen J, Liu J, Chen GQ, Sun CY, Jia ML, Liu B, Si S, Ren N
892 - 900 Modeling, analysis and comparison of TSR and OTC methods for MPPT and power smoothing in permanent magnet synchronous generator-based wind turbines
Nasiri M, Milimonfared J, Fathi SH
901 - 915 Stirling engine based solar-thermal power plant with a thermo-chemical storage system
Acharya S, Bhattacharjee S
916 - 926 Study on the economic and environmental benefits of different EV powertrain topologies
Wang B, Xu M, Yang L
927 - 932 Bulk metallic glass Zr55Cu30Al10Ni5 bipolar plates for proton exchange membrane fuel cell
Tian RJ, Qin ZX
933 - 943 CHIRON project: Reform of methane from a cold plasma reactor with hydrogen production for desalination and energy cogeneration
de Sena APS, Coutinho OA, Lima ADS
944 - 951 Effects of environmental factors on the conversion efficiency of solar thermoelectric co-generators comprising parabola trough collectors and thermoelectric modules without evacuated tubular collector
Li C, Zhang M, Miao L, Zhou JH, Kang YP, Fisher CAJ, Ohno K, Shen Y, Lin H
952 - 963 Effect of circularity of perforation holes in V-shaped blockages on heat transfer and friction characteristics of rectangular solar air heater duct
Alam T, Saini RP, Saini JS
964 - 972 Microgrid energy management in grid-connected and islanding modes based on SVC
Gabbar HA, Abdelsalam AA
973 - 980 Preparation of diesel emulsion using auxiliary emulsifier mono ethylene glycol and utilization in a turbocharged diesel engine
Yilmaz E, Solmaz H, Polat S, Uyumaz A, Sahin F, Salman MS
981 - 991 Sugarcane biorefineries: Case studies applied to the Brazilian sugar-alcohol industry
Reno MLG, del Olmo OA, Palacio JCE, Lora EES, Venturini OJ
992 - 1000 Simulation and evaluation of a CCHP system with exhaust gas deep-recovery and thermoelectric generator
Wang JL, Wu JY, Zheng CY
1001 - 1009 Effect of vapour velocity on condensate retention on horizontal pin-fin tubes
Ali HM, Abubaker M
1010 - 1022 CFD analysis of bubble hydrodynamics in a fuel reactor for a hydrogen-fueled chemical looping combustion system
Harichandan AB, Shamim T
1023 - 1030 Techno-economic studies on hybrid energy based cooling system for milk preservation in isolated regions
Edwin M, Sekhar SJ
1031 - 1044 Theoretical evaluation on the impact of heat exchanger in Advanced Adiabatic Compressed Air Energy Storage system
Yang K, Zhang Y, Li XM, Xu JZ
1045 - 1049 Evaluating the accuracy of the Distributed Activation Energy Model for biomass devolatilization curves obtained at high heating rates
Soria-Verdugo A, Garcia-Gutierrez LM, Blanco-Cano L, Garcia-Hernando N, Ruiz-Rivas U
1050 - 1058 Equipment sizing in a coal-fired municipal heating plant modernisation project with support for renewable energy and cogeneration technologies
Kalina J
1059 - 1068 Energy analysis of an original steering technology that saves fuel and boosts efficiency
Daher N, Ivantysynova M
1069 - 1077 Multi-criteria decision analysis to select the optimum position and proper field of view of a photosensor
Doulos L, Tsangrassoulis A, Topalis FV
1078 - 1090 Feasibility analysis of a small-scale ORC energy recovery system for vehicular application
Capata R, Toro C
1091 - 1101 Effects of groove shape of notch on the flow characteristics of spool valve
Ye Y, Yin CB, Li XD, Zhou WJ, Yuan FF
1102 - 1109 Theoretical basis and performance optimization analysis of a solid oxide fuel cell-gas turbine hybrid system with fuel reforming
Zhang XQ, Wang Y, Liu T, Chen JC
1110 - 1117 Transesterification catalyzed by industrial waste-Lime mud doped with potassium fluoride and the kinetic calculation
Li H, Niu SL, Lu CM, Liu MQ, Huo MJ
1118 - 1127 Integrated scheduling of renewable generation and demand response programs in a microgrid
Mazidi M, Zakariazadeh A, Jadid S, Siano P
1128 - 1133 Performance of grid-tied PV facilities based on real data in Spain: Central inverter versus string system
Diez-Mediavilla M, Dieste-Velasco MI, Rodriguez-Amigo MC, Garcia-Calderon T, Alonso-Tristan C
1134 - 1146 Optical and thermal evaluations of a medium temperature parabolic trough solar collector used in a cooling installation
Balghouthi M, Ali ABH, Trabelsi SE, Guizani A
1147 - 1153 High-temperature CO2 capture cycles of hydrated limestone prepared with aluminum (hydr)oxides derived from kaolin
Wang K, Zhao PF, Guo X, Han DT, Chao Y
1154 - 1163 Enhancement of exergy efficiency in combustion systems using flameless mode
Hosseini SE, Wahid MA
1164 - 1172 Energy conversion of orbital motions in gravitational waves: Simulation and test of the Seaspoon wave energy converter
Di Fresco L, Traverso A
1173 - 1185 A biogeography-based optimization algorithm with mutation strategies for model parameter estimation of solar and fuel cells
Niu Q, Zhang LT, Li K
1186 - 1188 Comment on "Study of fuel properties of rubber seed oil based biodiesel" [Energy Convers. Manage. 2014;78:266-275] by Ahmad et al.
Veljkovic VB
1189 - 1192 Response to "Comment on study of fuel properties of rubber seed oil based biodiesel" [Energy Convers. Manage. 2014;78:266-275] by Ahmad et al.
Yusup S
1193 - 1193 Barriers and drivers to energy efficiency - A new taxonomical approach (vol 74, pg 403, 2013)
Reddy BS, Assenza GB, Assenza D, Hasselmann F