Energy Conversion and Management

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ISSN: 0196-8904 (Print) 

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1 - 7 Numerical investigation of vapor-liquid heat and mass transfer in porous media
Xin CY, Rao ZH, You XY, Song ZC, Han DT
8 - 13 A comparative study of three types of grid connected photovoltaic systems based on actual performance
Ya'acob ME, Hizam H, Khatib T, Radzi MAM
14 - 23 Effects of streamwise conduction on thermal performance of nanofluid flow in microchannel heat sinks
Ting TW, Hung YM, Guo NQ
24 - 31 Determination of the sun area in sky camera images using radiometric data
Alonso J, Batlles FJ, Villarroel C, Ayala R, Burgaleta JI
32 - 38 Development of a piezoelectric energy harvesting system for implementing wireless sensors on the tires
Lee J, Choi B
39 - 49 Thermodynamic and economic analysis and optimization of power cycles for a medium temperature geothermal resource
Coskun A, Bolatturk A, Kanoglu M
50 - 57 Production and characterization of biodiesel from Camelus dromedarius (Hachi) fat
Sbihi HM, Nehdi IA, Tan CP, Al-Resayes SI
58 - 64 Effect of cycle coupling-configuration on energy cascade utilization for a new power and cooling cogeneration cycle
Jing XY, Zheng DX
65 - 73 Combined effects of cooled EGR and a higher geometric compression ratio on thermal efficiency improvement of a downsized boosted spark-ignition direct-injection engine
Su JY, Xu M, Li T, Gao Y, Wang JS
74 - 80 Parametric studies on packed bed storage unit filled with PCM encapsulated spherical containers for low temperature solar air heating applications
Karthikeyan S, Solomon GR, Kumaresan V, Velraj R
81 - 87 Development of micro-thermophotovoltaic power generator with heat recuperation
Yang WM, Chua KJ, Pan JF, Jiang DY, An H
88 - 95 Efficient fault-ride-through control strategy of DFIG-based wind turbines during the grid faults
Mohammadi J, Afsharnia S, Vaez-Zadeh S
96 - 104 Variable speed operation of reversible pump-turbines at Kadamparai pumped storage plant - A case study
Sivakumar N, Das D, Padhy NP
105 - 113 Plant management tools tested with a small-scale distributed generation laboratory
Ferrari ML, Traverso A, Pascenti M, Massardo AF
114 - 124 Compressed air energy storage with waste heat export: An Alberta case study
Safaei H, Keith DW
125 - 136 Techno-economic and social analysis of energy storage for commercial buildings
Yan XH, Zhang XH, Chen HS, Xu YJ, Tan CQ
137 - 150 The impact of small scale cogeneration on the gas demand at distribution level
Vandewalle J, D'haeseleer W
151 - 164 Economic-environmental energy and reserve scheduling of smart distribution systems: A multiobjective mathematical programming approach
Zakariazadeh A, Jadid S, Siano P
165 - 172 A new approach to determine the outdoor temperature distributions for building energy calculations
Coskun C, Erturk M, Oktay Z, Hepbasli A
173 - 183 Considering linear generator copper losses on model predictive control for a point absorber wave energy converter
Andrade DE, Jaen AD, Santana AG
184 - 192 An analytical approach to evaluating the effect of thermal interaction of geothermal heat exchangers on ground heat pump efficiency
Koohi-Fayegh S, Rosen MA
193 - 203 Simulation of an enhanced integrated collector-storage solar water heater
Ziapour BM, Aghamiri A
204 - 218 Trigeneration scheme for a natural gas liquids extraction plant in the Middle East
Eveloy V, Rodgers P, Popli S
219 - 224 Gas turbine with heating during the expansion in the stator blades
Abd El-Maksoud RM
225 - 236 Cooling performance assessment of horizontal earth tube system and effect on planting in tropical greenhouse
Mongkon S, Thepa S, Namprakai P, Pratinthong N
237 - 244 Efficiency improvement and torque ripple minimization of Switched Reluctance Motor using FEM and Seeker Optimization Algorithm
Navardi MJ, Babaghorbani B, Ketabi A
245 - 252 Control optimizations for heat recovery from CO2 refrigeration systems in supermarket
Ge YT, Tassou SA
253 - 259 Activity of Ni-Cu-Al based catalyst for renewable hydrogen production from steam reforming of glycerol
Dou BL, Wang C, Song YC, Chen HS, Xu YJ
260 - 265 Study on the performances of SnS heterojunctions by numerical analysis
Xu JX, Yang YZ
266 - 275 Study of fuel properties of rubber seed oil based biodiesel
Ahmad J, Yusup S, Bokhari A, Kamil RNM
276 - 285 The exploitation of biomass for building space heating in Greece: Energy, environmental and economic considerations
Michopoulos A, Skoulou V, Voulgari V, Tsikaloudaki A, Kyriakis NA
286 - 296 Thermodynamic analysis of a novel energy-efficient refrigeration system subcooled by liquid desiccant dehumidification and evaporation
She XH, Yin YG, Zhang XS
297 - 305 Energy management in a microgrid with distributed energy resources
Zhang LF, Gari N, Hmurcik LV
306 - 315 Improved gravitational search algorithm for parameter identification of water turbine regulation system
Chen ZH, Yuan XH, Tian H, Ji B
316 - 323 Assessment of infiltration heat recovery and its impact on energy consumption for residential buildings
Solupe M, Krarti M
324 - 337 Studying effect of heating plant parameters on performances of a geothermal-fuelled series cogeneration plant based on Organic Rankine Cycle
Habka M, Ajib S
338 - 346 A microspray-based cooling system for high powered LEDs
Hsieh SS, Hsu YF, Wang ML
347 - 358 Thermal and flow analysis of microchannel heat sink (MCHS) cooled by Cu-water nanofluid using porous media approach and least square method
Hatami M, Ganji DD
359 - 366 Experimental investigation of a dual purpose solar heating system
Nematollahi O, Alamdari P, Assari MR
367 - 373 Kinetic modeling of reduction zone in biomass gasification
Hameed S, Ramzan N, Rahman ZU, Zafar M, Riaz S
374 - 385 Flickering characteristics and temperature field of premixed methane/air flame under the influence of co-flow
Fujisawa N, Abe T, Yamagata T, Tomidokoro H
386 - 392 Experimental investigation of the higher coefficient of thermal performance for water-in-glass evacuated tube solar water heaters in China
Zhang XY, You SJ, Xu W, Wang M, He T, Zheng XJ
393 - 404 Modeling the dynamics of the multiphase fluid in the parabolic-trough solar steam generating systems
Lobon DH, Valenzuela L, Baglietto E
405 - 411 Exergy analysis and optimization of Dieng single-flash geothermal power plant
Pambudi NA, Itoi R, Jalilinasrabady S, Jaelani K
412 - 420 Transient stability enhancement of wind farms connected to a multi-machine power system by using an adaptive ANN-controlled SMES
Muyeen SM, Hasanien HM, Al-Durra A
421 - 430 Same-vessel enzymatic saccharification and fermentation of organosolv/H2O2 pretreated oil palm (Elaeis guineensis Jacq.) fronds for bioethanol production: Optimization of process parameters
Ofori-Boateng C, Lee KT
431 - 437 Parametric investigation to enhance the performance of a PBI-based high-temperature PEMFC
Ferng YM, Su A, Hou J
438 - 451 Prediction of dynamic Rankine Cycle waste heat recovery performance and fuel saving potential in passenger car applications considering interactions with vehicles' energy management
Horst TA, Tegethoff W, Eilts P, Koehler J
452 - 460 Advanced exergoeconomic analysis of an electricity-generating facility that operates with natural gas
Acikkalp E, Aras H, Hepbasli A
461 - 467 Converting of oil shale and biomass into liquid hydrocarbons via pyrolysis
Kilic M, Putun AE, Uzun BB, Putun E
468 - 476 Optimization of shell-and-tube heat exchangers conforming to TEMA standards with designs motivated by constructal theory
Yang J, Fan AW, Liu W, Jacobi AM
477 - 485 Fast and accurate solution for the SCUC problem in large-scale power systems using adapted binary programming and enhanced dual neural network
Shafie-khah M, Moghaddam MP, Sheikh-El-Eslami MK, Catalao JPS
486 - 492 Exergetic analysis of a solar thermal power system with PCM storage
Mahfuz MH, Kamyar A, Afshar O, Sarraf M, Anisur MR, Kibria MA, Saidur R, Metselaar IHSC
493 - 498 Enhancement of modified solar still integrated with external condenser using nanofluids: An experimental approach
Kabeel AE, Omara ZM, Essa FA
499 - 507 Application of conventional and advanced exergy analyses to evaluate the performance of a ground-source heat pump (GSHP) dryer used in food drying
Erbay Z, Hepbasli A
508 - 517 A scenario of vehicle-to-grid implementation and its double-layer optimal charging strategy for minimizing load variance within regional smart grids
Jian LN, Zhu XY, Shao ZY, Niu SX, Chan CC
518 - 526 Pyrolysis of Jatropha curcas pressed cake for bio-oil production in a fixed-bed system
Jourabchi SA, Gan S, Ng HK
527 - 536 Classification of methods for annual energy harvesting calculations of photovoltaic generators
Rus-Casas C, Aguilar JD, Rodrigo P, Almonacid F, Perez-Higueras PJ
537 - 550 Optimal decentralized valley-filling charging strategy for electric vehicles
Zhang KK, Xu LF, Ouyang MG, Wang HW, Lu LG, Li JQ, Li Z
551 - 558 A supercritical or transcritical Rankine cycle with ejector using low-grade heat
Li XG, Huang HJ, Zhao WJ
559 - 564 New concept for energy storage: Microwave-induced carbon gasification with CO2
Bermudez JM, Ruisanchez E, Arenillas A, Moreno AH, Menendez JA
565 - 573 A two control volume model for the Thermal Lag Engine
Altamirano CFA, Moldenhauer S, Bayon JG, Verhelst S, De Paepe M
574 - 583 Thermal loss of life and load-carrying capacity of marine induction motors
Gnacinski P
584 - 594 An improved sensorless decoupled power control scheme of grid connected variable speed wind turbine generator
Akel F, Ghennam T, Berkouk EM, Laour M
595 - 610 Thermodynamic analysis of a combined reheat regenerative thermal power plant and water-LiBr vapor absorption refrigeration system
Gogoi TK, Talukdar K
611 - 616 Evaluation of the environmental sustainability of a micro CHP system fueled by low-temperature geothermal and solar energy
Ruzzenenti F, Bravi M, Tempesti D, Salvatici E, Manfrida G, Basosi R
617 - 626 Numerical study of heat loss from a non-evacuated receiver of a solar collector
Patil RG, Kale DM, Panse SV, Joshi JB
627 - 633 Performance comparison of a novel configuration of beta-type Stirling engines with rhombic drive engine
Solmaz H, Karabulut H
634 - 640 Thermodynamic analysis of a thermoelectric power generator in relation to geometric configuration device pins
Ali H, Sahin AZ, Yilbas BS
641 - 651 Performance analysis of photovoltaic thermal (PVT) water collectors
Fudholi A, Sopian K, Yazdi MH, Ruslan MH, Ibrahim A, Kazem HA
652 - 660 Parameter optimization via cuckoo optimization algorithm of fuzzy controller for energy management of a hybrid power system
Berrazouane S, Mohammedi K
661 - 675 A modified harmony search method for environmental/economic load dispatch of real-world power systems
Jeddi B, Vahidinasab V
676 - 683 Parametric analysis of the curved slats fixed mirror solar concentrator for medium temperature applications
Pujol-Nadal R, Martinez-Moll V
684 - 694 Nuclear-renewable hybrid energy systems: Opportunities, interconnections, and needs
Ruth MF, Zinaman OR, Antkowiak M, Boardman RD, Cherry RS, Bazilian MD
695 - 703 Experimental investigation of gas heating and dissociation in a microwave plasma torch at atmospheric pressure
Su L, Kumar R, Ogungbesan B, Sassi M
704 - 710 Bio-oil production via co-pyrolysis of almond shell as biomass and high density polyethylene
Onal E, Uzun BB, Putun AE
711 - 719 Day-ahead deregulated electricity market price forecasting using neural network input featured by DCT
Anbazhagan S, Kumarappan N
720 - 737 Advanced exergetic analysis of five natural gas liquefaction processes
Vatani A, Mehrpooya M, Palizdar A
738 - 744 Production of biodiesel from palm oil using modified Malaysian natural dolomites
Nur ZAS, Taufiq-Yap YH, Nizah MFR, Teo SH, Syazwani ON, Islam A
745 - 752 Novel effects of demand side management data on accuracy of electrical energy consumption modeling and long-term forecasting
Ardakani FJ, Ardehali MM
753 - 764 Equivalent electrical network model approach applied to a double acting low temperature differential Stirling engine
Formosa F, Badel A, Lottin J
765 - 775 Integrated energy optimisation for the cement industry: A case study perspective
Swanepoel JA, Mathews EH, Vosloo J, Liebenberg L
776 - 786 Numerical simulation and experimental validation of the cavitating flow through a ball check valve
Valdes JR, Rodriguez JM, Monge R, Pena JC, Putz T
787 - 795 Combustion and emissions characteristics of high n-butanol/diesel ratio blend in a heavy-duty diesel engine and EGR impact
Chen Z, Wu ZK, Liu JP, Lee C
796 - 804 Thermal characterization of polymer matrix composites containing microencapsulated paraffin in solid or liquid state
Sari-Bey S, Fois ML, Krupa I, Ibos L, Benyoucef B, Candau Y
805 - 814 Establishing a diffuse solar radiation model for determining the optimum tilt angle of solar surfaces in Tabass, Iran
Khorasanizadeh H, Mohammadi K, Mostafaeipour A
815 - 821 Energy recycling from sewage sludge by producing solid biofuel with hydrothermal carbonization
Zhao PT, Shen YF, Ge SF, Yoshikawa K
822 - 824 Editorials, "IREC 2012, The International Renewable Energy Congress," Sousse, Tunisia (December 19-22, 2012)
Sahin S
825 - 834 Predictive direct power control for photovoltaic grid connected system: An approach based on multilevel converters
Barra K, Rahem D
835 - 842 A proposal for off-grid photovoltaic systems with non-controllable loads using fuzzy logic
Yahyaoui I, Sallem S, Kamoun MBA, Tadeo F
843 - 850 Adaptive fuzzy controller based MPPT for photovoltaic systems
Guenounou O, Dahhou B, Chabour F
851 - 861 Simulation tool for energy management of photovoltaic systems in electric vehicles
Tina GM, Ventura C
862 - 871 Remote monitoring system for stand-alone photovoltaic power plants: The case study of a PV-powered outdoor refrigerator
Tina GM, Grasso AD
872 - 875 A simple tracking system to monitor solar PV panels
Bentaher H, Kaich H, Ayadi N, Ben Hmouda M, Maalej A, Lemmer U
876 - 881 Enhancing the stepped solar still performance using internal and external reflectors
Omara ZM, Kabeel AE, Younes MM
882 - 896 Effect of inter-cooling on the performance and economics of a solar energy assisted hybrid air conditioning system with six stages one-rotor desiccant wheel
Elzahzby AM, Kabeel AE, Bassuoni MM, Abdelgaied M
897 - 903 Thermal performance of an integrated collector storage solar water heater (ICSSWH) with phase change materials (PCM)
Chaabane M, Mhiri H, Bournot P
904 - 912 Enhancement of latent heat storage in a rectangular cavity: Solar water heater case study
Bouadila S, Fteiti M, Oueslati MM, Guizani A, Farhat A
913 - 922 Numerical and experimental investigation of thermosyphon solar water heater
Zelzouli K, Guizani A, Kerkeni C
923 - 930 Contribution to the modeling and simulation of solar power tower plants using energy analysis
Benammar S, Khellaf A, Mohammedi K
931 - 937 The effects of volumetric flow rate and inclination angle on the performance of a solar thermal collector
Razika I, Nabila I, Madani B, Zohra HF
938 - 947 Parametric sensitivity studies on the performance of a flat plate solar collector in transient behavior
Hamed M, Fellah A, Ben Brahim A
948 - 955 Evaluating the capacity value of wind power considering transmission and operational constraints
Gil E, Aravena I
956 - 967 Evaluation of wind power production prospective and Weibull parameter estimation methods for Babaurband, Sindh Pakistan
Khahro SF, Tabbassum K, Soomro AM, Dong L, Liao XZ
968 - 975 Using a DFIG based wind turbine for grid current harmonics filtering
Kesraoui M, Chaib A, Meziane A, Boulezaz A
976 - 984 Power maximization of an asynchronous wind turbine with a variable speed feeding a centrifugal pump
Ouchbel T, Zouggar S, Elhafyani ML, Seddik M, Oukili M, Aziz A, Kadda FZ
985 - 991 Modeling and simulation of an activated carbon-CO2 four bed based adsorption cooling system
Jribi S, Saha BB, Koyama S, Bentaher H