Energy Conversion and Management

Energy Conversion and Management, Vol.50, No.12 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0196-8904 (Print) 

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2865 - 2878 Energy conversion efficiency of hybrid electric heavy-duty vehicles operating according to diverse drive cycles
Banjac T, Trenc F, Katrasnik T
2879 - 2884 Soft switching bidirectional DC-DC converter for ultracapacitor-batteries interface
Adib E, Farzanehfard H
2885 - 2892 An innovative process for simultaneous removal of CO2 and SO2 from flue gas of a power plant by energy integration
Yu YS, Li Y, Li Q, Jiang J, Zhang ZX
2893 - 2904 A novel ice slurry producing system: Producing ice by utilizing inner waste heat
Li XW, Zhang XS, Cao RQ, Fu XZ
2905 - 2912 Impact of physical properties of biodiesel on the injection process in a common-rail direct injection system
Boudy F, Seers P
2913 - 2918 An improved energy saving v/f control technique for solar powered single-phase induction motor
Ilango GS, Rajasekar N
2919 - 2926 Photocatalytic hydrogen production under direct solar light in a CPC based solar reactor: Reactor design and preliminary results
Jing DW, Liu H, Zhang XH, Zhao L, Guo LJ
2927 - 2943 Application of automated blind for daylighting in tropical region
Chaiwiwatworakul P, Chirarattananon S, Rakkwamsuk P
2944 - 2955 Evolutionary algorithms approach for integrated bioenergy supply chains optimization
Ayoub N, Elmoshi E, Seki H, Naka Y
2956 - 2963 The effect of model generated solar radiation data usage in hybrid (wind-PV) sizing studies
Hocaoglu FO, Gerek ON, Kurban M
2964 - 2966 Energy demand and greenhouse gas emissions during the production of a passenger car in China
Yan XY
2967 - 2975 Solving the economic dispatch problem with a modified quantum-behaved particle swarm optimization method
Sun J, Fang W, Wang DJ, Xu WB
2976 - 2982 Day-ahead price forecasting of electricity markets by a new feature selection algorithm and cascaded neural network technique
Amjady N, Keynia F
2983 - 2991 Vortex combustion in a low aspect ratio dump combustor with tapered exit
Yadav NP, Kushari A
2992 - 2998 Performance enhancement of a subcooled cold storage air conditioning system
Hsiao MJ, Cheng CH, Huang MC, Chen SL
2999 - 3006 Hydrodynamics of air-sand flow in a conical swirling fluidized bed: A comparative study between tangential and axial air entries
Kaewklum R, Kuprianov VI, Douglas PL
3007 - 3014 Comparison of particle swarm optimization and dynamic programming for large scale hydro unit load dispatch
Cheng CT, Liao SL, Tang ZT, Zhao MY
3015 - 3023 Improved merit order and augmented Lagrange Hopfield network for short term hydrothermal scheduling
Dieu VN, Ongsakul W
3024 - 3034 Handling zone dividing method in packed bed liquid desiccant dehumidification/regeneration process
Liu XH, Jiang Y
3035 - 3044 Numerical and experimental investigations on gas-particle flow behaviors of the Opposed Multi-Burner Gasifier
Ni JJ, Liang QF, Zhou ZJ, Dai ZH, Yu GS
3045 - 3050 Performance of alternative refrigerant R430A on domestic water purifiers
Park KJ, Jung D
3051 - 3055 Experimental investigation of high temperature congregating energy solar stove with sun light funnel
He KY, Zheng HF, Tao T, Xue XD
3056 - 3062 Performance analysis of a composite dual-winding reluctance machine
Anih LU, Obe ES
3063 - 3070 Dehumidification effects in the superheated region (SPR) of a direct expansion (DX) air cooling coil
Liang X, Chan MY, Shiming D, Xiangguo X
3071 - 3077 Power quality events classification and recognition using a novel support vector algorithm
Moravej Z, Banihashemi SA, Velayati MH
3078 - 3086 Ni-MH batteries state-of-charge prediction based on immune evolutionary network
Cheng B, Zhou YL, Zhang JX, Wang JP, Cao BG
3087 - 3095 Performance of one and a half-effect absorption cooling cycle of H2O/LiBr system
Wang JZ, Zheng DX
3096 - 3103 An iterative regularization method in estimating the transient heat-transfer rate on the surface of the insulation layer of a double circular pipe
Chen WL, Yang YC
3104 - 3111 Fast thermal cycling of acetanilide and magnesium chloride hexahydrate for indoor solar cooking
El-Sebaii AA, Al-Amir S, Al-Marzouki FM, Faidah AS, Al-Ghamdi AA, Al-Heniti S
3112 - 3128 Design and evaluation of modified screen net house for off-season vegetable raising in composite climate
Sethi VP, Dubey RK, Dhath AS
3129 - 3139 A comparison between EGR and lean-burn strategies employed in a natural gas SI engine using a two-zone combustion model
Ibrahim A, Bari S
3140 - 3146 A metal hydride-polymer composite for hydrogen storage applications
Pentimalli M, Padella F, La Barbera A, Pilloni L, Imperi E
3147 - 3157 Main routes for the thermo-conversion of biomass into fuels and chemicals. Part 1: Pyrolysis systems
Balat M, Balat M, Kirtay E, Balat H
3158 - 3168 Main routes for the thermo-conversion of biomass into fuels and chemicals. Part 2: Gasification systems
Balat M, Balat M, Kirtay E, Balat H
3169 - 3181 Dynamic characteristics and energy performance of buildings using phase change materials: A review
Zhu N, Ma ZJ, Wang SW
3182 - 3186 An adaptive Kalman filtering based State of Charge combined estimator for electric vehicle battery pack
Wang JP, Guo JG, Ding L
3187 - 3192 A thermoacoustic engine capable of utilizing multi-temperature heat sources
Qiu LM, Wang B, Sun DM, Liu Y, Steiner T
3193 - 3201 Simplified reactive power management strategy for complex power grids under stochastic operation and incomplete information
Vlachogiannis JG
3202 - U3 Evaluation of the maximum loadability point of power systems considering the effect of static load models
Amjady N, Velayati MH