Energy Conversion and Management

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1 - 6 Synthesis of fatty acid methyl esters via non-catalytic transesterification of avocado oil with dimethyl carbonate
Jung JM, Oh JI, Kwon D, Park YK, Zhang M, Lee J, Kwon EE
7 - 20 Four-way coupling of particle-wall and colloidal particle-particle interactions in direct absorption solar collectors
Sharaf OZ, Al-Khateeb AN, Kyritsis DC, Abu-Nada E
21 - 31 Methodology to separate the two burn stages of natural-gas lean premixed-combustion inside a diesel geometry
Liu JL, Dumitrescu CE
32 - 42 Multi-objective optimization design and performance evaluation of a novel multi-stream intermediate fluid vaporizer with cold energy recovery
Wang Z, Cai WJ, Hong W, Shen SP, Yang HZ, Han FH
43 - 56 Heat transfer reduction in buildings by embedding phase change material in multi-layer walls: Effects of repositioning, thermophysical properties and thickness of PCM
Li ZX, Al-Rashed AAAA, Rostamzadeh M, Kalbasi R, Shahsavar A, Afrand M
57 - 69 Developing a model to predict the start of combustion in HCCI engine using ANN-GA approach
Taghavi M, Gharehghani A, Nejad FB, Mirsalim M
70 - 75 One dimensional convolutional neural network architectures for wind prediction
Harbola S, Coors V
76 - 85 Fault detection of fuel cell systems based on statistical assessment of impedance data
Stepancic M, Juricic D, Boskoski P
86 - 98 A solar-heat-driven ejector-assisted combined compression cooling system for multistory building - Application potential and effects of floor numbers
Xu YJ, Wang CY, Jiang N, Song MJ, Wang Q, Chen GM
99 - 113 Overlap energy utilization reaches maximum efficiency for S-CO2 coal fired power plant: A new principle
Sun EH, Xu JL, Hu H, Li MJ, Miao Z, Yang YP, Liu JZ
114 - 124 Effect of pre-pyrolysis biotreatment of banana pseudo-stem (BPS) using synergistic microbial consortium: Role in deoxygenation and enhancement of yield of pyro-oil
Ghosh S, Das S, Chowdhury R
125 - 138 A Computational Fluid Dynamics analysis of the influence of the regenerator on the performance of the cold Stirling engine at different working conditions
Bulinski Z, Kabaj A, Krysinski T, Szczygiel I, Stanek W, Rutczyk B, Czarnowska L, Gladysz P
139 - 156 Evaluation of the effects of optical filtration and nanoPCM on the performance of a hybrid photovoltaic-thermal solar collector
Abdelrazik AS, Al-Sulaiman FA, Saidur R, Ben-Mansour R
157 - 166 A hybrid flue gas heat recovery system based on vapor compression refrigeration and liquid desiccant dehumidification
Zhang XY, Wu JD, Li Z, Chen YM
167 - 179 Lithium-ion battery charging management considering economic costs of electrical energy loss and battery degradation
Liu KL, Hu XS, Yang ZL, Xie Y, Feng SZ
180 - 197 A novel hybrid model based on VMD-WT and PCA-BP-RBF neural network for short-term wind speed forecasting
Zhang YG, Chen B, Pan GF, Zhao Y
198 - 209 The effects of the ideal gas model with constant heat capacities on fuel efficiency optimization of the open-cycle gas turbine
Delgado-Torres AM
210 - 225 Off-design performance analysis of a novel hybrid binary geothermal-biomass power plant in extreme environmental conditions
Briola S, Gabbrielli R, Bischi A
226 - 235 Working domains of a hybrid absorption-compression heat pump for industrial applications
Liu CC, Wang ZF, Han W, Kang QL, Liu M
236 - 243 Geometry optimization of thermoelectric modules: Simulation and experimental study
Ji DX, Wei ZB, Pou J, Mazzoni S, Rajoo S, Romagnoli A
244 - 261 A techno-economic comparison of a photovoltaic/thermal organic Rankine cycle with several renewable hybrid systems for a residential area in Rayen, Iran
Jahangir MH, Mousavi SA, Rad MAV
262 - 273 Enhancement of Ca2Fe2O5 oxygen carrier through Mg/Al/Zn oxide support for biomass chemical looping gasification
Liu GC, Liao Y, Wu Y, Ma XQ
274 - 289 Effect analysis on energetic, exergetic and financial performance of a flat plate collector with heat pipes
Allouhi A, Amine MB
290 - 301 Techno-economic analysis of oxy-fuel IGCC power plants using integrated intermittent chemical looping air separation
Shi B, Xu W, Wu W, Kuo PC
302 - 312 Thermochemical analysis and experimental investigation of a recuperative waste heat recovery system for the tri-reforming of light oil
Gaber C, Demuth M, Schluckner C, Hochenauer C
313 - 327 Conventional and energy level based exergoeconomic analysis of biomass and natural gas fired polygeneration system integrated with ground source heat pump and PEM electrolyzer
Zhang XF, Zeng R, Du T, He YC, Tian H, Mu K, Liu XB, Li H
328 - 345 Deterministic wind energy forecasting: A review of intelligent predictors and auxiliary methods
Liu H, Chen C, Lv XW, Wu X, Liu M
346 - 359 TG-FTIR and Py-GC/MS analyses of pyrolysis behaviors and products of cattle manure in CO2 and N-2 atmospheres: Kinetic, thermodynamic, and machine-learning models
Zhang JH, Liu JY, Evrendilek F, Zhang XC, Buyukada M
360 - 366 The optimal operation states and parametric choice strategies of a DCFC-AMTEC coupling system with high efficiency
Peng WL, Cai L, Lin J, Zhao YR, Chen JC
367 - 383 Channel wise displacement-velocity-frequency analysis in acetone charged multi-turn Closed Loop Pulsating Heat Pipe
Patel VM, Mehta HB
384 - 391 Effect of pyrolysis upgrading temperature on particulate matter emissions from lignite semi-char combustion
Wang XB, Zhang JY, Bai SJ, Zhang L, Li Y, Mikulcic H, Chen J, Wang L, Tan HZ
392 - 408 Multi-objective optimization of solar photovoltaic and solar thermal collectors for industrial rooftop applications
Mousa OB, Taylor RA, Shirazi A
409 - 419 Plasma reforming of biomass gasification tars using mixed naphthalene and toluene as model compounds
Mei DH, Wang YL, Liu SY, Alliati M, Yang HP, Tu X
420 - 435 Exergoeconomic analysis of a novel integrated transcritical CO2 and Kalina 11 cycles from Sabalan geothermal power plant
Abdolalipouradl M, Khalilarya S, Jafarmadar S
436 - 446 Experimental study on the temperature management behaviours of a controllable loop thermosyphon
Cao JY, Chen CX, Su YH, Leung MKH, Bottarelli M, Pei G
447 - 456 Acetogenesis and methanogenesis liquid digestates for pretreatment of rice straw: A holistic approach for efficient biomethane production and nutrient recycling
Elsayed M, Abomohra A, Ai P, Jin K, Fan QZ, Zhang YL
457 - 465 Site-specific wave energy conversion performance of an oscillating water column device
Lopez I, Carballo R, Iglesias G
466 - 479 Effects of leading edge defects on aerodynamic performance of the S809 airfoil
Ge MW, Zhang H, Wu Y, Li YH
480 - 491 Synthesis of carbonaceous solid acid magnetic catalyst from empty fruit bunch for esterification of palm fatty acid distillate (PFAD)
Ibrahim NA, Rashid U, Taufiq-Yap YH, Yaw TCS, Ismail I
492 - 501 Environmental assessment of a binary geothermal sourced power plant accompanied by exergy analysis
Basogul Y
502 - 518 An efficient auxiliary power generation system for exploiting hydrogen boil-off gas (BOG) cold exergy based on PEM fuel cell and two-stage ORC: Thermodynamic and exergoeconomic viewpoints
Marandi S, Mohammadkhani F, Yari M
519 - 532 Research on the application of aviation kerosene in a direct injection rotary engine-Part 1: Fundamental spray characteristics and optimized injection strategies
Lu Y, Pan JF, Fan BW, Otchere P, Chen W, Cheng B
533 - 547 Energy, exergy and economic analysis of a novel geothermal energy system for wastewater and sludge treatment
Di Fraia S, Macaluso A, Massarotti N, Vanoli L
548 - 560 Energy management of hybrid electric bus based on deep reinforcement learning in continuous state and action space
Tan HC, Zhang HL, Peng JK, Jiang ZX, Wu YK
561 - 572 Energy analysis and multi-objective optimization of waste heat and cold energy recovery process in LNG-fueled vessels based on a triple organic Rankine cycle
Han FH, Wang Z, Ji YL, Li WH, Sunden B
573 - 586 Numerical optimization for the design of living walls in the Mediterranean climate
De Masi RF, de Ross F, Ruggiero S, Vanoli GP
587 - 596 Efficiency analysis and control of a grid-connected PEM fuel cell in distributed generation
Sun L, Jin YH, Pan L, Shen J, Lee KY
597 - 608 Optimal photovoltaic capacity of large-scale hydro-photovoltaic complementary systems considering electricity delivery demand and reservoir characteristics
Zhang YS, Ma C, Lian JJ, Pang XL, Qiao YN, Chaima E
609 - 619 Design and optimization of CO2 pressurization system integrated with a supercritical CO2 power cycle for the CO2 capture and storage system
Muhammad HA, Lee G, Cho J, Bhatti UH, Baik YJ, Lee B
620 - 629 Design and optimization of bio-oil co-processing with vacuum gas oil in a refinery
Wu L, Wang YQ, Zheng L, Shi MR, Li JY
630 - 640 Integration of pressure retarded osmosis in the solar ponds for desalination and photo-assisted chloralkali processes: Energy and exergy analysis
Mohamed AMO, Bicer Y
641 - 649 A lightweight biomechanical energy harvester with high power density and low metabolic cost
Fan J, Xiong CH, Huang ZK, Wang CB, Chen WB
650 - 671 Thermal and energy performance investigation of a smart double skin facade integrating vanadium dioxide through CFD simulations
Iken O, Fertahi SED, Dlimi M, Agounoun R, Kadiri I, Sbai K
672 - 681 A ring-vortex actuator disk method for wind turbines including hub effects
Bontempo R, Manna M
682 - 689 Hybrid thermal power plants: Solar-electricity and fuel-electricity productions
Gambini M, Vellini M
690 - 700 Energy efficiency evaluation and prediction of large-scale chemical plants using partial least squares analysis integrated with Gaussian process models
Zhu L, Chen JH
701 - 711 Spatio-temporal solar exergoeconomic and exergoenvironmental maps for photovoltaic systems
Rahnama E, Aghbashlo M, Tabatabaei M, Khanali M, Rosen MA
712 - 726 Winglet design for vertical axis wind turbines based on a design of experiment and CFD approach
Zhang TT, Elsakka M, Huang W, Wang ZG, Ingham DB, Ma L, Pourkashanian M
727 - 737 Catalytic pyrolysis of wood polymer composites over hierarchical mesoporous zeolites
Kim YM, Jeong J, Ryu S, Lee HW, Jung JS, Siddiqui MZ, Jung SC, Jeon JK, Jae J, Park YK
738 - 747 Can acid pre-treatment enhance biohydrogen and biomethane production from grass silage in single-stage and two-stage fermentation processes?
Deng C, Lin RC, Cheng J, Murphy JD
748 - 759 Establishment of an improved heat transfer model based on an enhanced thermal wall function for internal combustion engines operated under different combustion modes
Cao JJ, Jia M, Niu B, Chang YC, Xu Z, Liu H
760 - 769 Exergy analysis of novel dual-pressure evaporation organic Rankine cycle using zeotropic mixtures
Li J, Duan YY, Yang Z, Yang FB
770 - 787 Parametric analysis and optimization of transcritical-subcritical dual-loop organic Rankine cycle using zeotropic mixtures for engine waste heat recovery
Zhi LH, Hu P, Chen LX, Zhao G
788 - 797 Assessment and multi-criteria optimization of a solar and biomass-based multi-generation system: Thermodynamic, exergoeconomic and exergoenvironmental aspects
Hashemian N, Noorpoor A
798 - 809 Investigation energy, exergy and electricity production performance of an integrated system based on a low-temperature geothermal resource and solar energy
Atiz A, Karakilcik H, Erden M, Karakilcik M
810 - 818 Degradation prediction of proton exchange membrane fuel cell based on grey neural network model and particle swarm optimization
Chen K, Laghrouche S, Djerdir A
819 - 829 Application of extracted marine Chlorella sp. residue for bio-oil production as the biomass feedstock and microwave absorber
Amin M, Chetpattananondh P, Ratanawilai S
830 - 843 Implementation of energy management strategy of hybrid power source for electrical vehicle
Marzougui H, Kadri A, Martin JP, Amari M, Pierfederici S, Bacha F
844 - 853 Fe2O3 nanocatalyst aided transesterification for biodiesel production from lipid-intact wet microalgal biomass: A biorefinery approach
Banerjee S, Rout S, Banerjee S, Atta A, Das D
854 - 865 Optimization and comparison on supercritical CO2 power cycles integrated within coal-fired power plants considering the hot and cold end characteristics
Liu M, Zhang XW, Yang KX, Ma YG, Yan JJ
866 - 884 Design and analysis of a novel solar-wind based integrated energy system utilizing ammonia for energy storage
Siddiqui O, Dincer I
885 - 908 Global advancement of solar thermal energy technologies for industrial process heat and its future prospects: A review
Kumar L, Hasanuzzaman M, Rahim NA
909 - 926 Novel parabolic trough power system integrating direct steam generation and molten salt systems: Preliminary thermodynamic study
Yang HL, Wang QL, Huang YH, Gao GT, Feng JS, Li J, Pei G
927 - 942 An opposition-based sine cosine approach with local search for parameter estimation of photovoltaic models
Chen HL, Jiao S, Heidari AA, Wang MJ, Chen X, Zhao XH
943 - 957 Energy saving and user satisfaction for a new advanced public lighting system
Beccali M, Bonomolo M, Lo Brano V, Ciulla G, Di Dio V, Massaro F, Favuzza S
958 - 971 Experimental study on spray and atomization characteristics under subcritical, transcritical and supercritical conditions of marine diesel engine
Xia J, Huang Z, Xu LL, Ju DH, Lu XC
972 - 988 Modification of the two-fluid model and experimental study of proton exchange membrane fuel cells with baffled flow channels
Chen H, Guo H, Ye F, Ma CF
989 - 1003 Three-dimensional two-phase simulation of a unitized regenerative fuel cell during mode switching from electrolytic cell to fuel cell
Guo H, Guo Q, Ye F, Ma CF, Zhu X, Liao Q
1004 - 1011 Modeling I-V curves of photovoltaic modules at indoor and outdoor conditions by using the Lambert function
Polo J, Martin-Chivelet N, Alonso-Garcia MC, Zitouni H, Alonso-Abella M, Sanz-Saiz C, Vela-Barrionuevo N
1012 - 1021 Powertrain assessment of wind and hydrokinetic turbines with diffusers
Vaz JRP, Mesquita ALA, Mesquita ALA, de Oliveira TF, Brasil ACP
1022 - 1034 Thermodynamic and economic analyses and multi-objective optimization of harvesting waste heat from a biomass gasifier integrated system by thermoelectric generator
Khanmohammadi S, Saadat-Targhi M, Al-Rashed AAAA, Afrand M
1035 - 1043 All-utensil domestic induction heating system
Han W, Chau KT, Lam WH
1044 - 1055 Direct and two-step gasification behaviour of Victorian brown coals in an entrained flow reactor
Xu T, Bhattacharya S
1056 - 1066 Design, synthesis and nucleate boiling performance assessment of hybrid micro-nano porous surfaces for thermal management of concentrated photovoltaics (CPV)
Khan SA, Sezer N, Ismail S, Koc M
1067 - 1078 Using novel integrated Maisotsenko cooler and absorption chiller for cooling of gas turbine inlet air
Dizaji HS, Hu EJ, Chen L, Pourhedayat S
1079 - 1097 Experimentation, modelling and applications of a novel low-cost air-based photovoltaic thermal collector prototype
Barone G, Buonomano A, Forzano C, Palombo A, Panagopoulos O
1098 - 1110 Multi-objective energy and exergy optimization of different configurations of hybrid earth-air heat exchanger and building integrated photovoltaic/thermal system
Li ZX, Shahsavar A, Al-Rashed AAAA, Kalbasi R, Afrand M, Talebizadehsardari P
1111 - 1123 Influence of ambient conditions on wind speed measurement: Impact on the annual energy production assessment
Guerrero-Villar F, Dorado-Vicente R, Fike M, Torres-Jimenez E
1124 - 1137 Combined influence of hydrogen direct-injection pressure and nozzle diameter on lean combustion in a spark-ignited rotary engine
Shi C, Ji CW, Wang SF, Yang JX, Ma ZD, Ge YS
1138 - 1173 Automotive exhaust thermoelectric generators: Current status, challenges and future prospects
Shen ZG, Tian LL, Liu X
1174 - 1186 Hydrodynamic response and power efficiency analysis of heaving wave energy converter integrated with breakwater
Reabroy R, Zheng XB, Zhang L, Zang J, Yuan Z, Liu MY, Sun K, Tiaple Y
1187 - 1198 Combustion, performance and emission analysis of a natural gas-hydrous ethanol dual-fuel spark ignition engine with internal exhaust gas recirculation
da Costa RBR, Hernandez JJ, Teixeira AF, Netto NAD, Valle RM, Roso VR, Coronado CJR
1199 - 1211 Investigation of an efficient and environmentally-friendly CCHP system based on CAES, ORC and compression-absorption refrigeration cycle: Energy and exergy analysis
Razmi A, Soltani M, Torabi M
1212 - 1226 Cascaded liquid desiccant system for humidity control in space conditioned by cooled membrane ceiling and displacement ventilation
Charara J, Ghaddar N, Ghali K, Zoughaib A, Simonetti M
1227 - 1237 Performance evaluation of a novel photovoltaic-electrochemic hybrid system
Zhao Q, Guo XR, Zhang HC, Ni M, Hou SJ
1238 - 1243 Energy efficiency of exhaust air heat recovery while controlling building air humidity: A case study
Zevenhoven R, Erlund R, Tveit TM
1244 - 1254 Green energy from brown seaweed: Sustainable polygeneration industrial process via fast pyrolysis of S. Japonica combined with the Brayton cycle
Brigljevic B, Liu J, Lim H
1255 - 1279 Work and efficiency optimization of advanced gas turbine cycles
Bontempo R, Manna M
1280 - 1294 Design, modeling and optimization of an m-shaped variable reluctance energy harvester for rotating applications
Xu Y, Bader S, Oelmann B
1295 - 1308 Thermo-economic analysis of transcritical CO2 power cycle and comparison with Kalina cycle and ORC for a low-temperature heat source
Meng FX, Wang EH, Zhang B, Zhang FJ, Zhao CL
1309 - 1318 Potential energy regeneration method and its engineering applications in large-scale excavators
Ge L, Dong ZX, Quan L, Li YW
1319 - 1333 Experimental and numerical investigation of the effects of low-pressure, high-pressure and internal EGR configurations on the performance, combustion and emission characteristics in a hydrogen-enriched heavy-duty lean-burn natural gas SI engine
Duan XB, Liu YQ, Liu JP, Lai MC, Jansons M, Guo GM, Zhang SH, Tang QJ
1334 - 1349 Low-emission offshore Gas-To-Wire from natural gas with carbon dioxide: Supersonic separator conditioning and post-combustion decarbonation
Interlenghi SF, Silva RDF, de Medeiros JL, Araujo MDF
1350 - 1358 An overall exergy analysis of glass-tedlar photovoltaic thermal air collector incorporating thermoelectric cooler: A comparative study using artificial neural networks
Dimri N, Tiwari A, Tiwari GN
1359 - 1370 Energy-ecologic efficiency of waste-to-energy plants
Carneiro MLNM, Gomes MSP
1371 - 1381 Experimental and numerical study on a novel hybrid battery thermal management system integrated forced-air convection and phase change material
Qin P, Liao MR, Zhang DF, Liu YJ, Sun JH, Wang QS
1382 - 1401 Performance evaluation of a new design of concentrator photovoltaic and solar thermoelectric generator hybrid system
Abdo A, Ookawara S, Ahmed M
1402 - 1414 Design and test of a multi-coil helical evaporator for a high temperature organic Rankine cycle plant driven by biogas waste heat
Linnemann M, Priebe KP, Herres G, Wolff C, Vrabec J