Energy Conversion and Management

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ISSN: 0196-8904 (Print) 

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1 - 14 Hydrogen and methane bio-production and microbial community dynamics in a multi-phase anaerobic reactor treating saline industrial wastewater
Ali M, Elreedy A, Ibrahim MG, Fujii M, Tawfik A
15 - 41 Concentrated photovoltaic thermal systems: A component-by-component view on the developments in the design, heat transfer medium and applications
George M, Pandey AK, Abd Rahim N, Tyagi VV, Shahabuddin S, Saidur R
42 - 50 Comparison of microwave-assisted zinc chloride hydrate and alkali pretreatments for enhancing eucalyptus enzymatic saccharification
Wei WQ, Zhang HD, Jin YC
51 - 65 Effect of corrugation pitch on thermo-hydraulic performance of nanofluids in corrugated tubes of heat exchanger system based on exergy efficiency
Wang GQ, Qi C, Liu MN, Li CY, Yan YY, Liang L
66 - 81 Parametric analysis and optimization for exergoeconomic performance of a combined system based on solid oxide fuel cell-gas turbine and supercritical carbon dioxide Brayton cycle
Chen YR, Wang M, Liso V, Samsatli S, Samsatli NJ, Jing R, Chen JC, Li N, Zhao YR
82 - 92 Optimization of microwave and NaOH pretreatments of wheat straw for enhancing biofuel yield
Tsegaye B, Balomajumder C, Roy P
93 - 102 High-temperature steam generation from low-grade waste heat from an adsorptive heat transformer with composite zeolite-13X/CaCl2
Xue B, Ye S, Zhang LS, Wei XL, Nakaso K, Fukai J
103 - 119 Exergo-economic analysis of different power-cycle configurations driven by heat recovery of a gas engine
Milani SM, Saray RK, Najafi M
120 - 130 Employing thermoelectric generator and booster compressor for performance improvement of a geothermal driven combined power and ejector-refrigeration cycle
Takleh HR, Zare V
131 - 139 Co-production of high-gravity bioethanol and succinic acid from potassium peroxymonosulfate and deacetylation sequentially pretreated sugarcane bagasse by simultaneous saccharification and co-fermentation
Bu J, Yan X, Wang YT, Zhu SM, Zhu MJ
140 - 155 Thermal integration of a high-temperature co-electrolyzer and experimental methanator for Power-to-Gas energy storage system
Ancona MA, Antonucci V, Branchini L, Catena F, De Pascale A, Di Blasi A, Ferraro M, Italiano C, Melino F, Vita A
156 - 167 Dual intake rotary vane expander technology: Experimental and theoretical assessment
Fatigati F, Di Bartolomeo M, Cipollone R
168 - 187 Accurate modeling of photovoltaic modules using a 1-D deep residual network based on I-V characteristics
Chen ZC, Chen YX, Wu LJ, Cheng SY, Lin PJ, You LL
188 - 199 Potential of sustainable bioenergy production from Synechocystis sp. cultivated in wastewater at large scale - A low cost biorefinery approach
Ashokkumar V, Chen WH, Ngamcharussrivichai C, Agila E, Ani FN
200 - 219 Techno-economic and exergy analysis of polygeneration plant for power and DME production with the integration of chemical looping CO2/H2O splitting
Farooqui A, Di Tomaso F, Bose A, Ferrero D, Llorca J, Santarelli M
220 - 228 Investigation of diesel engine performance and exhaust emissions of microalgae fuel components in a turbocharged diesel engine
Hossain FM, Nabi MN, Brown RJ
229 - 240 Design and thermodynamic analysis of coal-gasification assisted multigeneration system with hydrogen production and liquefaction
Yilmaz F, Ozturk M, Selbas R
241 - 257 MPC for optimal dispatch of an AC-linked hybrid PV/wind/biomass/H-2 system incorporating demand response
Acevedo-Arenas CY, Correcher A, Sanchez-Diaz C, Ariza E, Alfonso-Solar D, Vargas-Salgado C, Petit-Suarez JF
258 - 266 Experimental study of gas purge effect on cell voltage during mode switching from electrolyser to fuel cell mode in a unitized regenerative fuel cell
Yuan XM, Guo H, Ye F, Ma CF
267 - 277 Influence of blade profiles on Savonius rotor performance: Numerical simulation and experimental validation
Alom N, Saha UK
278 - 292 A comprehensive study on parabolic trough solar receiver-reactors of methanol-steam reforming reaction for hydrogen production
Cheng ZD, Men JJ, Zhao XR, He YL, Tao YB
293 - 305 Parameter extraction of photovoltaic models using an improved teaching-learning-based optimization
Li SJ, Gong WY, Yan XS, Hu CY, Bai DY, Wang L, Gao L
306 - 322 Multi-step wind speed prediction based on turbulence intensity and hybrid deep neural networks
Li F, Ren GR, Lee J
323 - 333 Multi-objective optimization, design and performance analysis of an advanced trigenerative micro compressed air energy storage system
Jiang RH, Yin HB, Peng KW, Xu YJ
334 - 348 Modeling and simulation of cogeneration systems for buildings on a university campus in Northeast Brazil - A case study
Silva HCN, Dutra JCC, Costa JAP, Ochoa AAV, dos Santos CAS, Araujo MMD
349 - 367 Dynamic test and verification of model-guided ORC system
Zhang Y, Deng S, Zhao L, Lin S, Bai MJ, Wang W, Zhao DP
368 - 379 Artificial neural network modeling and analysis of photovoltaic/thermal system based on the experimental study
Al-Waeli AHA, Sopian K, Yousif JH, Kazem HA, Boland J, Chaichan MT
380 - 392 A novel combined cooling-heating and power (CCHP) system integrated organic Rankine cycle for waste heat recovery of bottom slag in coal-fired plants
Liao GL, Liu LJ, Zhang F, Jiaqiang E, Chen JW
393 - 400 Thermolysis of crude oil sludge using CO2 as reactive gas medium
Kim JH, Oh JI, Baek K, Park YK, Zhang M, Lee J, Kwon EE
401 - 414 Entropy generation minimization of thermoelectric systems applied for electronic cooling: Parametric investigations and operation optimization
Cai Y, Wang WW, Ding WT, Yang GB, Liu D, Zhao FY
415 - 432 Energy performance certification in mechanical manufacturing industry: A review and analysis
Cai W, Liu CH, Lai KH, Li L, Cunha J, Hu LK
433 - 449 Experimental and numerical study of a vertical earth-to-air heat exchanger system integrated with annular phase change material
Liu ZX, Yu Z, Yang TT, El Mankibi M, Roccamena L, Sun Y, Sun PC, Li SS, Zhang GQ
450 - 461 Proposal of novel degradation diagnosis method for photovoltaic module employing xenon flash lighting system and detector capacitor
Tanaka T, Hayashi T, Nagayama T, Yanagidaira T, Inui Y
462 - 472 Ejector based CO2 transcritical combined cooling and power system utilizing waste heat recovery: A thermoeconomic assessment
Ipakchi O, Mosaffa AH, Farshi LG
473 - 486 Long-term thermal analysis of an airfield-runway snow-melting system utilizing heat-pipe technology
Zhang C, Tan YQ, Chen FC, Ye Q, Xu HN
487 - 499 Thermodynamic and exergoeconomic analyses of a proton exchange membrane fuel cell (PEMFC) system and the feasibility evaluation of integrating with a proton exchange membrane electrolyzer (PEME)
Chitsaz A, Haghghi MA, Hosseinpour J
500 - 515 Performance evaluation of heating tower heat pump systems over the world
Huang SF, Ye YY, Han X, Zuo WD, Zhang XS, Jiang L
516 - 525 On the number of PV modules in series for large-power irrigation systems
Narvarte L, Almeida RH, Carrelo IB, Rodriguez L, Carrasco LM, Martinez-Moreno F
526 - 534 Thermodynamic analysis and comparison of four insulation schemes for liquid hydrogen storage tank
Zheng JP, Chen LB, Wang J, Xi XT, Zhu HL, Zhou Y, Wang JJ
535 - 545 Thermodynamic and economic analysis of solar assisted CCHP-ORC system with DME as fuel
Wang SC, Fu ZG
546 - 555 Power generation and electric charge density with temperature effect of alumina nanofluids using dimensional analysis
Yen PH, Wang JC
556 - 569 Electricity supply to offshore oil and gas platforms from renewable ocean wave energy: Overview and case study analysis
Oliveira-Pinto S, Rosa-Santos P, Taveira-Pinto F
570 - 585 Oxygen transport in polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells based on measured electrode pore structure and mass transport properties
Zhao J, Li XG
586 - 596 A kW-scale, 24-hour continuously operational, radiative sky cooling system: Experimental demonstration and predictive modeling
Aili A, Zhao DL, Lu JT, Zhai Y, Yin XB, Tan G, Yang RG
597 - 609 Energy analysis and heat recovery opportunities in spray dryers applied for effluent management
Patel SK, Bade MH