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1 - 10 Modeling to enhance attached microalgal biomass growth onto fluidized beds packed in nutrients-rich wastewater whilst simultaneously biofixing CO2 into lipid for biodiesel production
Rosli SS, Lim JW, Jumbri K, Lam MK, Uemura Y, Ho CD, Tan WN, Cheng CK, Kadir WNA
11 - 20 Microwave-assisted catalytic fast pyrolysis coupled with microwave-absorbent of soapstock for bio-oil in a downdraft reactor
Wang YP, Wu QH, Yang S, Yang Q, Wu JL, Ma ZY, Jiang L, Yu ZT, Dai LL, Liu YH, Ruan R, Fu GM, Zhang B, Zhu HB
21 - 34 Thermo-economic study of waste heat recovery from condensing steam for hydrogen production by PEM electrolysis
Lummen N, Karouach A, Tveitan S
35 - 43 Development of a compact and robust Polyoxymethylene Dimethyl Ether 3 reaction mechanism for internal combustion engines
Lin QJ, Tay KL, Zhou DZ, Yang WM
44 - 54 Mission-based multidisciplinary optimization of solar-powered hybrid airship
Zhang LC, Lv MY, Zhu WY, Du HF, Meng JH, Li J
55 - 65 Experimental investigation on the effects of bioethanol addition in diesel-biodiesel blends on emissions and performances of a micro-cogeneration system
Caligiuri C, Renzi M, Bietresato M, Baratieri M
66 - 74 Numerical study of compound intake on mixture formation and combustion process in a hydrogen-enriched gasoline Wankel rotary engine
Yang JX, Ji CW, Wang SF, Shi C, Wang D, Ma ZD, Yang ZX
75 - 86 Thermal performance of micro-encapsulated PCM with LMA thermal percolation in TES based heat sink application
Praveen B, Suresh S
87 - 100 Thermodynamic and economic analysis of a gas-fired absorption heat pump for district heating with cascade recovery of flue gas waste heat
Lu D, Chen GF, Gong MQ, Bai Y, Xu QY, Zhao YX, Dong XQ, Shen J
101 - 129 Using MATLAB to model and simulate a photovoltaic system to produce hydrogen
Ismail TM, Ramzy K, Elnaghi BE, Abelwhab MN, Abd El-Salam M
130 - 142 Comparative analysis of an organic Rankine cycle with different turbine efficiency models based on multi-objective optimization
Li P, Han ZH, Jia XQ, Mei ZK, Han X, Wang Z
143 - 154 Energetic performance analysis of seawater desalination with a solar membrane distillation
Miladi R, Frikha N, Kheiri A, Gabsi S
155 - 168 Performance analysis and optimization for maximum exergy efficiency of a geothermal power plant using gravitational search algorithm
Ozkaraca O, Kecebas A
169 - 182 Hysteresis of output voltage and liquid water transport in gas diffusion layer of polymer electrolyte fuel cells
Shao YB, Xu LF, Li JQ, Hu ZY, Fang C, Hu JM, Guo D, Ouyang MG
183 - 201 Dynamic evolution of a bulb hydroelectric generating unit considering effects of the blades
Yan DL, Chen QJ, Zheng Y, Wang WY, An YC
202 - 210 Design of high-efficiency electromagnetic energy harvester based on a rolling magnet
Zhang LB, Dai HL, Yang YW, Wang L
211 - 222 Theoretical and experimental analysis of the lithium-ion battery thermal runaway process based on the internal combustion engine combustion theory
Li WF, Wang HW, Ouyang MG, Xu CS, Lu LG, Feng XN
223 - 231 Revealing the effect of reaction parameters towards alkyl group distribution in in-situ transesterification of Chlorella vulgaris
Nguyen TT, Uemura Y, Lam MK, Mansor N, Lim JW
232 - 247 Thermodynamic and transient analysis of the hybrid concentrated photovoltaic panel and vapour compression cycle thermal system for combined heat and power applications
Kwan TH, Yao QH
248 - 258 Experimental investigation of galinstan based minichannel cooling for high heat flux and large heat power thermal management
Zhang XD, Yang XH, Zhou YX, Rao W, Gao JY, Ding YJ, Shu QQ, Liu J
259 - 270 Performance analysis of a combined power and refrigeration cycle
Bian YN, Pan JX, Liu Y, Zhang FG, Yang YJ, Arima H
271 - 290 Thermal-hydraulic performances in multiple twisted tapes inserted sinusoidal rib tube heat exchangers for exhaust gas heat recovery applications
Hong YX, Du J, Li Q, Xu T, Li WY
291 - 303 Performance investigation of a combined heat and power system with internal and external combustion engines
Sheykhi M, Chahartaghi M, Balakheli MM, Hashemian SM, Miri SM, Rafiee N
304 - 312 Co-processing a waste fatty acid mixture and unrefined gas oil to produce renewable diesel fuel-blending components
Toth O, Hollo A, Hancsok J
313 - 329 Combustion, performance and emission analysis of diesel engine fuelled by higher alcohols (butanol, octanol and heptanol)/diesel blends
Nour M, Attia AMA, Nada SA
330 - 338 Combination of two-stage series evaporation with non-isothermal phase change of organic Rankine cycle to enhance flue gas heat recovery from gas turbine
Li TL, Liu J, Wang JQ, Meng N, Zhu JL
339 - 352 Techno-economic optimization of an off-grid hybrid renewable energy system using metaheuristic optimization approaches - Case of a radio transmitter station in India
Das M, Singh MAK, Biswas A
353 - 367 Hydrogen-based self-sustaining integrated renewable electricity network (HySIREN) using a supply-demand forecasting model and deep-learning algorithms
Hwangbo S, Nam K, Heo S, Yoo C
368 - 383 A systematic data-driven Demand Side Management method for smart natural gas supply systems
Su H, Zio E, Zhang JJ, Chi LX, Li XY, Zhang ZJ
384 - 395 Thermodynamic analysis of three ejector based organic flash cycles for low grade waste heat recovery
Chen LX, Hu P, Sheng CC, Zhang N, Xie MN, Wang FX
396 - 409 An innovative solar assisted desiccant-based evaporative cooling system for co-production of water and cooling in hot and humid climates
Heidari A, Roshandel R, Vakiloroaya V
410 - 430 Analysis and optimisation of a novel "bio-brewery" approach: Production of bio-fuels and bio-chemicals by microwave-assisted, hydrothermal liquefaction of brewers' spent grains
Lorente A, Remon J, Budarin VL, Sanchez-Verdu P, Moreno A, Clark JH
431 - 441 Effects of pre-treatment and biological acidification on fermentative hydrogen and methane co-production
Sun CH, Xia A, Fu Q, Huang Y, Lin RC, Murphy JD
442 - 454 Performance investigation of a two-phase transcritical CO2 ejector heat pump system
Taleghani ST, Sorin M, Poncet S, Nesreddine H
455 - 464 A novel intelligent-based method to control the output voltage of Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell
Nejad HC, Farshad M, Gholamalizadeh E, Askarian B, Akbarimajd A
465 - 472 Experimental investigation of reforming and flow characteristics of a steam methane reformer filled with nickel catalyst of various shapes
Pashchenko D
473 - 481 Adapting the MgO-CO2 working pair for thermochemical energy storage by doping with salts
Shkatulov AI, Kim ST, Miura H, Kato Y, Aristov YI
482 - 495 An improved actuator disc model for the numerical prediction of the far-wake region of a horizontal axis wind turbine and its performance
Behrouzifar A, Darbandi M
496 - 507 Comfort index evaluating the water and thermal characteristics of proton exchange membrane fuel cell
Wang RF, Zhang GB, Hou ZJ, Wang KY, Zhao YY, Jiao K
508 - 517 A review for key challenges of the development of biodiesel industry
Manaf ISA, Embong NH, Khazaai SNM, Rahim MHA, Yusoff MM, Lee KT, Maniam GP
518 - 536 Diffuse solar radiation models for different climate zones in China: Model evaluation and general model development
Zhou Y, Wang DJ, Liu YF, Liu JP
537 - 551 Development of flexible procedures for co-optimizing design and control of fuel cell hybrid vehicles
Sorrentino M, Cirillo V, Nappi L
552 - 561 Wind missing data arrangement using wavelet based techniques for getting maximum likelihood
Zapata-Sierra AJ, Cama-Pinto A, Montoya FG, Alcayde A, Manzano-Agugliaro F
562 - 573 Regression models for performance prediction of counter flow dew point evaporative cooling systems
Pakari A, Ghani S
574 - 585 Application of the Peltier sub-cooled trans-critical carbon dioxide heat pump system for water heating - Modelling and performance analysis
Kwan TH, Ikeuchi D, Yao QH
586 - 592 Combined with fractional condensation to upgrade the liquid products derived from the co-pyrolysis of bio-oil distillation residue and bituminous coal
Zhu XF, Li SY, Luo ZJ, Zhu XF
593 - 602 Unbalanced mass flow rate of packed bed thermal energy storage and its influence on the Joule-Brayton based Pumped Thermal Electricity Storage
Wang L, Lin XP, Chai L, Peng L, Yu D, Liu J, Chen HS
603 - 610 Thermodynamic and economic assessment of an integrated thermoelectric generator and the liquefied natural gas production process
Khanmohammadi S, Saadat-Targhi M
611 - 621 A novel diagnostic methodology for fuel cell stack health: Performance, consistency and uniformity
Hu ZY, Xu LF, Li JQ, Gan QQ, Xu X, Song ZY, Shao YB, Ouyang MG
622 - 635 Impact of thermal storage capacity, electricity and emission certificate costs on the optimal operation of an industrial energy system
Panuschka S, Hofmann R
636 - 653 Dynamic modeling of reversible solid oxide cell stack and control strategy development
Botta G, Romeo M, Fernandes A, Trabucchi S, Aravind PV
654 - 665 Comparative thermodynamic performance study for the design of power and desalting cogeneration technologies in Kuwait
Abdulrahim AH, Chung JN
666 - 677 Performance evaluation of an integrated proton exchange membrane fuel cell system with ejector absorption refrigeration cycle
Toghyani S, Afshari E, Baniasadi E
678 - 717 High-temperature, point-focus, pressurised gas-phase solar receivers: A comprehensive review
Sedighi M, Padilla RV, Taylor RA, Lake M, Izadgoshasb I, Rose A
718 - 729 Energy and exergy analyses of an integrated system using waste material gasification for hydrogen production and liquefaction
Yuksel YE, Ozturk M, Dincer I
730 - 739 Experimental and numerical investigation of injection timing and rail pressure impact on combustion characteristics of a diesel engine
Juric F, Petranovic Z, Vujanovic M, Katrasnik T, Vihar R, Wang XB, Duic N
740 - 757 Thermoeconomic optimization and comparison of the simple single-stage transcritical carbon dioxide vapor compression cycle with different subcooling methods for district heating and cooling
Wang GB, Zhang XR
758 - 773 A novel probabilistic wind speed prediction approach using real time refined variational model decomposition and conditional kernel density estimation
Jiang Y, Huang GQ, Yang QS, Yan ZT, Zhang CF
774 - 782 Synthesis gas production from chemical looping gasification of lignite by using hematite as oxygen carrier
Wei GQ, Wang HT, Zhao WN, Huang Z, Yi Q, He F, Zhao K, Zheng AQ, Meng JG, Deng ZB, Chen J, Zhao ZL, Li HB
783 - 799 Multifactor spatio-temporal correlation model based on a combination of convolutional neural network and long short-term memory neural network for wind speed forecasting
Chen Y, Zhang S, Zhang WY, Peng JJ, Cai YS
800 - 815 Experimental investigations on PV cleaning of large-scale solar power plants in desert climates: Comparison of cleaning techniques for drone retrofitting
Al-Housani M, Bicer Y, Koc M
816 - 835 Energy, exergy, economic and environmental analysis and optimization of a novel biogas-based multigeneration system based on Gas Turbine-Modular Helium Reactor cycle
Gargari SG, Rahimi M, Ghaebi H
836 - 849 An economic analysis of the integration between air-conditioning and solar photovoltaic systems
Leite GDP, Weschenfelder F, Araujo AM, Ochoa AAV, Neto NDP, Kraj A
850 - 865 Development of a new trigenerational integrated system for dimethyl-ether, electricity and fresh water production
DinAli MN, Dincer I
866 - 890 Collaborative swarm intelligence to estimate PV parameters
Nunes HGG, Pombo JAN, Bento PMR, Mariano SJPS, Calado MRA
891 - 891 Transportation in a 100% renewable energy system (vol 158, pg 266, 2018)
Garcia-Olivares A, Sole J, Osychenko O
892 - 893 An Integrated System For Sewage Sludge Drying through Solar Energy and a Combined Heat and Power Unit fuelled by Biogas (vol 171, pg 587, 2018)
Di Fraia S, Figaj RD, Massarotti N, Vanoli L
894 - 894 Physics Field Distributions within Fuel Cell Stacks with Manifolds Penetrating through the Plane Zone and Open Outlet features (vol 178, pg 190, 2018)
Chen DF, Ding K, Chen ZY, Wei T, Liu K
895 - 897 Comments on "Performance analysis of tracked panel according to predicted global radiation. Energy conversion and management 50, (2009) 2029-2034" by Chang T.P
Soulayman S, Hamoud M
898 - 919 Thermoeconomic analysis of multi-stage recuperative Brayton power cycles: Part I- hybridization with a solar power tower system
Mohammadi K, McGowan JG, Saghafifar M
920 - 934 Thermoeconomic analysis of multi-stage recuperative Brayton cycles: Part II - Waste energy recovery using CO2 and organic Rankine power cycles
Mohammadi K, McGowan JG
935 - 937 Comments on "Multi-objective optimization of double effect series and parallel flow water lithium chloride and water lithium bromide absorption refrigeration systems" by Konwar et al. [Energy Convers. Manage. 180 (2019) 425-441]
Datta D
938 - 941 Reply to Comment on Multi-objective optimization of double effect series and parallel flow water-lithium chloride and water-lithium bromide absorption refrigeration systems" [Energy Convers. Manage. 2019;180:425-441] by Konwar et al.
Konwar D, Gogoi TK, Das AJ
942 - 943 Comments on "Thermodynamic evaluation of solar-geothermal hybrid power plants in northern Chile" [Cardemil JM, Cortes F, Diaz A, Escobar R., Energy Conversion and Management 123, 348-361]
Maya DMY, Henao NC, Freitas FF, Freitas LCF
944 - 945 Reply to "Comment on "Thermodynamic evaluation of solar-geothermal hybrid power plants in northern Chile" [Energy Convers. Manage. 2016;123:348-361] by Cardemil et al"
Cardemil JM, Cortes F, Diaz A, Escobar R