Energy Conversion and Management

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ISSN: 0196-8904 (Print) 

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1 - 14 Hydrogen saving through optimized control of both fueling flows of the Fuel Cell Hybrid Power System under a variable load demand and an unknown renewable power profile
Bizon N, Hoarca LC
15 - 23 Comparative study of flexibility enhancement technologies for the coal-fired combined heat and power plant
Zhao SF, Ge ZH, Sun J, Ding YL, Yang YP
24 - 39 Understanding the role of soot oxidation in gasoline combustion: A numerical study on the effects of oxygen enrichment on particulate mass and number emissions in a spark-ignition engine
Distaso E, Amirante R, Tamburrano P, Reitz RD
40 - 47 Performance evaluation and parametric optimization strategy of a thermocapacitive heat engine to harvest low-grade heat
Lin J, Zhang ZH, Zhu XY, Meng C, Li N, Chen JC, Zhao YR
48 - 59 Assessment of heat-to-power ratio in a bio-oil sorption enhanced steam reforming and solid oxide fuel cell system
Wiranarongkorn K, Arpornwichanop A
60 - 73 System development and environmental performance analysis of a solar driven supercritical water gasification pilot plant for hydrogen production using life cycle assessment approach
Chen JW, Xu WW, Zuo HY, Wu XM, E JQ, Wang TS, Zhang F, Lu N
74 - 82 Thermodynamic modelling and optimization of self-evaporation vapor cooled shield for liquid hydrogen storage tank
Zheng JP, Chen LB, Wang J, Zhou Y, Wang JJ
83 - 90 Simulation and experimental evaluation of Stirling refrigerator for converting electrical/mechanical energy to cold energy
Katooli MH, Moghadam RA, Hajinezhad A
91 - 106 Experimental investigation on the tri-generation performance of roll-bond photovoltaic thermal heat pump system during summer
Zhou C, Liang RB, Riaz A, Zhang JL, Chen JQ
107 - 126 Comparative study of liquefied natural gas (LNG) cold energy power generation systems in series and parallel
Bao JJ, Yuan T, Zhang L, Zhang N, Zhang XP, He GH
127 - 138 Performance of a small-scale solar cogeneration system in the equatorial zone of Malaysia
Heng SY, Asako Y, Suwa T, Tan LK, Sharifmuddin NB, Kamadinata JO
139 - 158 A review of water injection applied on the internal combustion engine
Zhu SP, Hu B, Akehurst S, Copeland C, Lewis A, Yuan H, Kennedy I, Bernards J, Branney C
159 - 171 Enzymatic ethanolysis subjected to Schizochytrium biomass: Sequential processing for DHA enrichment and biodiesel production
He YJ, Wang XF, Zhang Y, Guo Z, Jiang Y, Chen F
172 - 179 Investigation into Ca/Na compounds catalyzed coal pyrolysis and char gasification with steam
Bai YH, Lv P, Li F, Song XD, Su WG, Yu GS
180 - 193 High performance and thermal stress analysis of a segmented annular thermoelectric generator
Shittu S, Li GQ, Zhao XD, Ma XL, Akhlaghi YG, Ayodele E
194 - 204 Enhancement of gas production from methane hydrate reservoirs by the combination of hydraulic fracturing and depressurization method
Feng YC, Chen L, Suzuki A, Kogawa T, Okajima J, Komiya A, Maruyama S
205 - 218 Biodiesel from waste frying oils: Methods of production and purification
Fonseca JM, Teleken JG, Almeida VD, da Silva C
219 - 234 Optical efficiency improvement of solar power tower by employing and optimizing novel fin-like receivers
Wang WQ, Qiu Y, Li MJ, Cao F, Liu ZB
235 - 248 A comparative study on the performance of liquid flat-plate solar collector with a new V-corrugated absorber
Fan M, You SJ, Gao XL, Zhang H, Li BJ, Zheng WD, Sun LZ, Zhou TT
249 - 261 Energy, exergy, and economic (3E) analyses and multi-objective optimization of a cascade absorption refrigeration system for low-grade waste heat recovery
Cui PZ, Yu MX, Liu ZQ, Zhu ZY, Yang S
262 - 276 Dimethyl ether synthesis via captured CO2 hydrogenation within the power to liquids concept: A techno-economic assessment
Michailos S, McCord S, Sick V, Stokes G, Styring P
277 - 289 Proposal and thermodynamic assessment of a new ammonia-water based combined heating and power (CHP) system
Wang JY, Wang JF, Zhao P, Dai YP
290 - 300 Performance analysis of a variable-stage open absorption heat pump combined with a membrane absorber
Ye BC, Wang Z, Yan XN, Chen GM
301 - 314 A novel solar photovoltaic/thermal assisted gas engine driven energy storage heat pump system (SESGEHPs) and its performance analysis
Zhang Q, Yang Z, Li N, Feng R, Shi PF
315 - 326 Hydrogen generation by steam reforming of tar model compounds using lanthanum modified Ni/sepiolite catalysts
Chen MQ, Li XJ, Wang YS, Wang CS, Liang T, Zhang H, Yang ZL, Zhou ZS, Wang J
327 - 337 Performance of a conventional diesel aftertreatment system used in a medium-duty multi-cylinder dual-mode dual-fuel engine
Garcia A, Monsalve-Serrano J, Villalta D, Sari RL
338 - 349 Robust optimization for the preliminary design of solar organic Rankine cycle (ORC) systems
Petrollese M, Cocco D
350 - 361 Long-term environmental impacts of a small-scale spectral filtering concentrated photovoltaic-thermal system
Fernandes MR, Schaefer LA
362 - 373 Effects of gasification condition on the overall performance of methanol electricity polygeneration system
Qin Z, Bhattacharya S, Tang K, Zhang ZX
374 - 388 Large-scale forest-based biofuel production in the Nordic forest sector: Effects on the economics of forestry and forest industries
Jastad EO, Bolkesjo TF, Tromborg E, Rorstad PK
389 - 401 Design of steam condensation temperature for an innovative solar thermal power generation system using cascade Rankine cycle and two-stage accumulators
Gao GT, Li J, Li PC, Cao JY, Pei G, Dabwan YN, Su YH
402 - 415 On the use of Gurney Flaps for the aerodynamic performance augmentation it of Darrieus wind turbines
Bianchini A, Balduzzi F, Di Rosa D, Ferrara G
416 - 426 Analysis and assessment of cascaded closed loop type organic Rankine cycle
Rashwan SS, Dincer I, Mohany A
427 - 435 Zero-emission casting-off and docking maneuvers for series hybrid excursion ships
Lhomme W, Trovao JP
436 - 447 Pyrolytic kinetics, reaction mechanisms and products of waste tea via TG-FTIR and Py-GC/MS
Cai HM, Liu JY, Xie WM, Kuo JH, Buyukada M, Evrendilek F
448 - 455 Experimental and numerical study on the transient behavior of multi junction solar cell-thermoelectric generator hybrid system
Mahmoudinezhad S, Atouei SA, Cotfas PA, Cotfas DT, Rosendahl LA, Rezania A
456 - 465 An analysis of energy flow in a turbocharged diesel engine of a heavy truck and potentials of improving fuel economy and reducing exhaust emissions
Gao JB, Chen HB, Tian GH, Ma CC, Zhu F
466 - 474 Sorption thermal energy storage: Hybrid coating/granules adsorber design and hybrid TCM/PCM operation
Engel G
475 - 487 3D printed micro-chemical plant for biodiesel synthesis in millireactors
Lopes MGM, Santana HS, Andolphato VF, Russo FN, Silva JL, Taranto OP
488 - 509 Development of an artificial neural network based virtual sensing platform for the simultaneous prediction of emission-performance-stability parameters of a diesel engine operating in dual fuel mode with port injected methanol
Kakati D, Roy S, Banerjee R
510 - 520 A novel methodology on beta-type Stirling engine simulation using CFD
Caetano BC, Lara IF, Borges MU, Sandoval OR, Valle RM
521 - 529 Impact of potential engine malfunctions on fuel consumption and gaseous emissions of a Euro VI diesel truck
Huang YH, Ng ECY, Yam YS, Lee CKC, Surawski NC, Mok WC, Organ B, Zhou JL, Chan EFC
530 - 538 Experimental evaluation of the use of fins and metal wool as heat transfer enhancement techniques in a latent heat thermal energy storage system
Gasia J, Maldonado JM, Galati F, De Simone M, Cabeza LF
539 - 558 Techno-economic analysis of polygeneration systems based on catalytic hydropyrolysis for the production of bio-oil and fuels
Nguyen TV, Clausen LR
559 - 570 Improving efficiency of piezoelectric based energy harvesting from human motions using double pendulum system
Izadgoshasb I, Lim YY, Tang LH, Padilla RV, Tang ZS, Sedighi M
571 - 580 Solar multiple optimization of a DSG linear Fresnel power plant
Marugan-Cruz C, Serrano D, Gomez-Hernandez J, Sanchez-Delgado S
581 - 599 A review of studies using graphenes in energy conversion, energy storage and heat transfer development
Zhao XH, Jiaqiang E, Wu G, Deng YW, Han DD, Zhang B, Zhang ZQ
600 - 608 2D SnO2 nanosheet/PVDF composite based flexible, self-cleaning piezoelectric energy harvester
Kar E, Bose N, Dutta B, Banerjee S, Mukherjee N, Mukherjee S
609 - 625 Gaseous fuels variation effects on first and second law analyses of a small direct injection engine for micro-CHP systems
Darzi M, Johnson D, Ulishney C, Oliver D
626 - 635 Heat transfer performance of an integrated solar-air source heat pump evaporator
Long JB, Zhang RC, Lu J, Xu F
636 - 648 A solar fuel plant via supercritical water gasification integrated with Fischer-Tropsch synthesis: Steady-state modelling and techno-economic assessment
Rahbari A, Shirazi A, Venkataraman MB, Pye J
649 - 660 Assessing the influence of biomass properties on the gasification process using multivariate data analysis
Gil MV, Gonzalez-Vazquez MP, Garcia R, Rubiera F, Pevida C
661 - 670 Assessment of a solar energy powered regenerative organic Rankine cycle using compound parabolic involute concentrator
Ustaoglu A, Okajima J, Zhang XR, Maruyama S
671 - 680 Lipase immobilised carbonaceous catalyst assisted enzymatic transesterification of Mesua ferrea oil
Dhawane SH, Chowdhury S, Halder G
681 - 708 Regularizing the operation of unglazed transpired collectors by incorporating phase change materials
Badescu V, Ciocanea A, Budea S, Soriga I
709 - 725 Optimization and matching for range-extenders of electric vehicles with artificial neural network and genetic algorithm
Zhao JX, Ma YY, Zhang ZD, Wang SW, Wang S
726 - 734 Experimental and simulation analysis of the combined adsorption system driven by 80-140 degrees C heat source
735 - 747 Numerical modeling and comparative study of different membrane-based liquid desiccant dehumidifiers
Jafarian H, Sayyaadi H, Torabi F