Energy Conversion and Management

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1 - 13 Combined-cycle gas turbine power plant integration with cascaded latent heat thermal storage for fast dynamic responses
Li DC, Hu YK, Li DC, Wang JH
14 - 25 Numerical simulation on combustion process of a hydrogen direct-injection stratified gasoline Wankel engine by synchronous and asynchronous ignition modes
Shi C, Ji CW, Wang SF, Yang JX, Li XY, Ge YS
26 - 34 Optimization of energy regeneration of hybrid hydraulic excavator boom system
Yu YX, Ahn KK
35 - 49 Investment analysis of gas-turbine combined heat and power systems for commercial buildings under different climatic and market scenarios
Carragher M, De Rosa M, Kathirgamanathan A, Finn DP
50 - 64 Thermodynamic analysis of a solid oxide fuel cell jet hybrid engine for long-endurance unmanned air vehicles
Ji ZX, Qin J, Cheng KL, Liu H, Zhang SL, Dong P
65 - 72 A lifetime prediction model for coated metallic bipolar plates in proton exchange membrane fuel cells
Yi PY, Li XB, Yao L, Fan F, Peng LF, Lai XM
73 - 83 Combustion partitioning inside a natural gas spark ignition engine with a bowl-in-piston geometry
Liu JL, Dumitrescu CE
84 - 96 Experimental and numerical study of multiple injection effects on combustion and emission characteristics of natural gas-diesel dual-fuel engine
Huang HZ, Zhu ZJ, Chen YJ, Chen YJ, Lv DL, Zhu JZ, Ouyang TC
97 - 108 Thermodynamic analysis and optimization of photovoltaic/thermal hybrid hydrogen generation system based on complementary combination of photovoltaic cells and proton exchange membrane electrolyzer
Wang HS, Li WJ, Liu T, Liu X, Hu XJ
109 - 115 Combined solar concentration and carbon nanotube absorber for high performance solar thermoelectric generators
Li L, Gao X, Zhang G, Xie WY, Wang FF, Yao W
116 - 125 Off-design analysis of a CO2 Rankine cycle for the recovery of LNG cold energy with ambient air as heat source
Xia WK, Huo YW, Song YF, Han JM, Dai YP
126 - 136 Energy-water nexus embodied in the supply chain of China: Direct and indirect perspectives
Fan JL, Kong LS, Zhang X, Wang JD
137 - 148 Prediction of energetic performance of a building integrated photovoltaic/thermal system thorough artificial neural network and hybrid particle swarm optimization models
Alnaqi AA, Moayedi H, Shahsavar A, Nguyen TK
149 - 158 Optimization of critical parameters of PEM fuel cell using TLBO-DE based on Elman neural network
Guo CJ, Lu JC, Tian Z, Guo W, Darvishan A
159 - 166 Experimental study of methane reforming with products of complete methane combustion in a reformer filled with a nickel-based catalyst
Pashchenko D
167 - 181 Performance investigation on a frost-free air source heat pump system employing liquid desiccant dehumidification and compressor-assisted regeneration based on exergy and exergoeconomic analysis
Su W, Li H, Sun B, Li SH, Zhang XS
182 - 192 Layered uniformly delocalized electronic structure of carbon supported Ni catalyst for catalytic reforming of toluene and biomass tar
Ren J, Cao JP, Yang FL, Zhao XY, Tang W, Cui X, Chen Q, Wei XY
193 - 209 A hybrid molten carbonate fuel cell and parabolic trough solar collector, combined heating and power plant with carbon dioxide capturing process
Marefati M, Mehrpooya M, Shafii MB
210 - 229 Comparative study of two novel micro-CCHP systems based on organic Rankine cycle and Kalina cycle
Rostarnzadeh H, Ebadollahi M, Ghaebi H, Shokri A
230 - 240 A proton exchange membrane fuel cell with an airflow cooling system: Dynamics, validation and nonlinear control
Sankar K, Aguan K, Jana AK
241 - 251 Experimental investigation of a vertical earth-to-air heat exchanger system
Liu ZX, Yu Z, Yang TT, Li SS, El Mankibi M, Roccamena L, Qin D, Zhang GQ
252 - 265 A comparative performance evaluation of the reversed Brayton cycle operated heat pump based on thermo-ecological criteria through many and multi objective approaches
Patel VK, Raja BD
266 - 279 Hybrid agent-based modeling of rooftop solar photovoltaic adoption by integrating the geographic information system and data mining technique
Lee M, Hong T
280 - 295 Potential of kernel-based nonlinear extension of Arps decline model and gradient boosting with categorical features support for predicting daily global solar radiation in humid regions
Wu LF, Huang GM, Fan JL, Zhang FC, Wang XK, Zeng WZ
296 - 306 Engine performance and octane on demand studies of a dual fuel spark ignition engine with ethanol/gasoline surrogates as fuel
Qian Y, Liu GB, Guo JJ, Zhang YH, Zhu L, Lu XC
307 - 331 Strategies to improve the thermal performance of heat pipe solar collectors in solar systems: A review
Shafieian A, Khiadani M, Nosrati A
332 - 348 Investment risk evaluation for new energy resources: An integrated decision support model based on regret theory and ELECTRE III
Peng HG, Shen KW, He SS, Zhang HY, Wang JQ
349 - 359 A novel DEACM integrating affinity propagation for performance evaluation and energy optimization modeling: Application to complex petrochemical industries
Han YM, Long C, Geng ZQ, Zhu QX, Zhong YH
360 - 368 Highly enhanced thermoelectric energy harvesting from a high-temperature heat source by boosting thermal interface conduction
Kim D, Kim C, Park J, Kim TY
369 - 381 Energy, exergy, economic and advanced and extended exergy analyses of a wind turbine
Ehyaei MA, Ahmadi A, Rosen MA
382 - 390 Experimental investigation on the dynamic malfunction behavior of the two-phase ejector in a modified auto-cascade freezer refrigeration system
Bai T, Yan G, Yu JL
391 - 405 Optimal energy efficiency of isolated PAT systems by SEIG excitation tuning
Fernandes JFP, Perez-Sanchez M, da Silva FF, Lopez-Jimenez PA, Ramos HM, Branco PJC
406 - 417 Comparison between the steam compression refrigeration system with intercooler and with compressor scale system: A case study
Rosado DJM, Chavez SBR, de Carvalho JA, Huallpachoque RCC
418 - 426 Thermodynamic exploration of temperature vacuum swing adsorption for direct air capture of carbon dioxide in buildings
Zhao RK, Liu LC, Zhao L, Deng S, Li SJ, Zhang Y, Li HL
427 - 439 Thermodynamic analysis of hybrid cooling system integrated with waste heat reusing and peak load shifting for data center
Chen H, Peng YH, Wang YL
440 - 449 Performance analysis and test of a novel eddy-current braking & heating system for electric bus
Ye LZ, Liang C, Liu YP, Li DS, Liu ZG
450 - 461 Exergoeconomic and exergoenvironmental comparison of diesel-biodiesel blends in a direct injection engine at variable loads
Cavalcanti EJC, Carvalho M, Ochoa AAV
462 - 473 Innovative power-to-gas plant concepts for upgrading of gasification bio-syngas through steam electrolysis and catalytic methanation
Anghilante R, Muller C, Schmid M, Colomar D, Ortloff F, Sporl R, Brisse A, Graf F
474 - 484 Highly dispersed nickel nanoparticles supported on hydrochar for hydrogen-rich syngas production from catalytic reforming of biomass
Gai C, Zhu NM, Hoekman SK, Liu ZG, Jiao WT, Peng NN
485 - 499 Distribution and chemical structure characteristic of the fast thermal-cracking products of Buton oil sand bitumen by Py-GC/TOF-MS and a fluidized bed reactor
Hao JH, Zong PJ, Tian YY, Zhang JH, Qiao YY
500 - 514 Investigation on gaseous fuels interchangeability with an extended zero-dimensional engine model
Xiang L, Theotokatos G, Ding Y
515 - 528 Performance evaluation of large solar photovoltaic power plants in Spain
Martin-Martinez S, Canas-Carreton M, Honrubia-Escribano A, Gomez-Lazaro E
529 - 560 Recent developments in non-thermal catalytic DBD plasma reactor for dry reforming of methane
Khoja AH, Tahir M, Amin NAS
561 - 576 Dynamic exergetic assessment of heating and cooling systems in a complex building
Sayadi S, Tsatsaronis G, Morosuk T
577 - 589 Technical and economic feasibility of organic Rankine cycle-based waste heat recovery systems on feeder ships: Impact of nitrogen oxides emission abatement technologies
Baldasso E, Andreasen JG, Mondejar ME, Larsen U, Haglind F
590 - 603 Determining suitable region wind speed probability distribution using optimal score-radar map
Maio SW, Gu YZ, Li D, Li H
604 - 616 Geothermal energy recovery from deep flooded copper mines for heating
Bao T, Meldrum J, Green C, Vitton S, Liu Z, Bird K
617 - 632 A new framework for work and heat exchange network synthesis and optimization
Pavao LV, Costa CBB, Ravagnani MASS
633 - 644 Emerging mineral-coupled composite phase change materials for thermal energy storage
Li CC, Xie BS, Chen J, He ZX, Chen ZS, Long Y
645 - 659 Comprehensive modeling for geometric optimization of a thermoelectric generator module
He HL, Wu Y, Liu WW, Rong MX, Fang ZX, Tang XJ
660 - 670 Optimization analysis of waste heat recovery district cooling system on a remote island: Case study Green Island
Hsu CY, Lin TY, Liang JD, Lai CH, Chen SL
671 - 688 Systematic review of research guidelines for numerical simulation of biomass gasification for bioenergy production
Mazaheri N, Akbarzadeh AH, Madadian E, Lefsrud M
689 - 697 Thermal performance and surface analysis of steel-supported platinum nanoparticles designed for bio-oil catalytic upconversion during radio frequency-based inductive heating
Bursavich J, Abu-Laban M, Muley PD, Boldor D, Hayes DJ
698 - 707 Techno-economic assessment of a biorefinery based on low-impact energy crops: A step towards commercial production of biodiesel, biogas, and heat
Rahimi V, Shafiei M
708 - 720 Numerical study on energy and exergy performances of a microencapsulated phase change material slurry based photovoltaic/thermal module
Yu QH, Romagnoli A, Yang R, Xie DM, Liu CP, Ding YL, Li YL
721 - 731 Thermodynamic analysis of cavern and throttle valve in large-scale compressed air energy storage system
Zhang SY, Wang HR, Li RX, Li CC, Hou FB, Ben Y
732 - 745 Numerical study of a passive-pitch shield for the efficiency improvement of vertical axis wind turbines
Tian WL, Mao ZY, Ding H
746 - 752 Wavelet analysis of an SI engine cycle-to-cycle variations fuelled with the blending of gasoline -fusel oil at a various water content
Abdalla AN, Ali OM, Awad OI, Tao H
753 - 763 Experimental investigation of a variable compression ratio system applied to a gasoline passenger car engine
Wittek K, Geiger F, Andert J, Martins M, Cogo V, Lanzanova T
764 - 771 Development of walkable photovoltaic floor tiles used for pavement
Ma T, Yang HX, Gu WB, Li ZP, Yan SY
772 - 790 Determination of the ORC-RO system optimum parameters based on 4E analysis; Water-Energy-Environment nexus
Shayesteh AA, Koohshekan O, Ghasemi A, Nemati M, Mokhtari H
791 - 802 Novel hybrid microencapsulated phase change materials incorporated wallboard for year-long year energy storage in buildings
Li CE, Yu H, Song Y, Liu ZY
803 - 815 Multi-stage reverse electrodialysis: Strategies to harvest salinity gradient energy
Hu JY, Xu SM, Wu X, Wu DB, Jin DX, Wang P, Leng Q
816 - 829 Thermodynamic and economic evaluation of the organic Rankine cycle (ORC) and two-stage series organic Rankine cycle (TSORC) for flue gas heat recovery
Li TL, Meng N, Liu J, Zhu JL, Kong XF
830 - 832 Reply to: "Comments on Non-steady experimental investigation on an integrated thermal management system for power battery with phase change materials' by Shang Shi et al. [Energy Conyers. Manage. 138 (2017) 84-96]" by Mehdi Mehrabi-Kermani
Xie YQ, Shi S, Wu HW
833 - 847 Multi-objective optimization of ORC parameters and selection of working fluid using preliminary radial inflow turbine design
Bekiloglu HE, Bedir H, Anlas G
848 - 858 Thermodynamic and economic investigation of a humidification dehumidification desalination system driven by low grade waste heat
He WF, Yang HX, Wen T, Han D