Energy Conversion and Management

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1 - 8 Shark Smell Optimizer applied to identify the optimal parameters of the proton exchange membrane fuel cell model
Rao YS, Shao ZH, Ahangarnejad AH, Gholamalizadeh E, Sobhani B
9 - 20 Thermal management of Li-ion battery pack with the application of flexible form-stable composite phase change materials
Huang YH, Cheng WL, Zhao R
21 - 33 Questions and current understanding about solar chimney power plant: A review
Guo PH, Li T, Xu B, Xu XH, Li JY
34 - 40 Generalized optimization method for energy conversion and storage efficiency of nanoscale flexible piezoelectric energy harvesters
Lu CF, Zhang Y, Zhang H, Zhang ZC, Shen MZ, Chen YS
41 - 50 Performance investigations of cross flow hydro turbine with the variation of blade and nozzle entry arc angle
Ranjan RK, Alom N, Singh J, Sarkar BK
51 - 52 Comments on "Non-steady experimental investigation on an integrated thermal management system for power battery with phase change materials" by Shang Shi et al. [Energy Conyers. Manage. 138 (2017) 84-96]
Mehrabi-Kermani M
53 - 59 Parametric design strategies of an updated alkali metal thermoelectric converter-thermoelectric generator system operating at optimum states
Peng WL, Li WY, Ye ZL, Su GZ, Chen J
60 - 71 Analysis of energy matching performance between CCHP systems and users based on different operation strategies
Feng LJ, Dai XY, Mo JR, Ma YZ, Shi L
72 - 88 How to decarbonise international shipping: Options for fuels, technologies and policies
Balcombe P, Brierley J, Lewis C, Skatvedt L, Speirs J, Hawkes A, Staffell I
89 - 94 Modeling and optimization of industrial internal combustion engines running on Diesel/syngas blends
Rinaldini CA, Allesina G, Pedrazzi S, Mattarelli E, Tartarini P
95 - 107 A demand-oriented approach for integrating earth-to-air heat exchangers into buildings for achieving year-round indoor thermal comfort
Yang D, Wei HB, Shi R, Wang JB
108 - 116 A novel PEMEC with 3D printed non-conductive bipolar plate for low-cost hydrogen production from water electrolysis
Yang GQ, Yu SL, Kang ZY, Dohrmann Y, Bender G, Pivovar BS, Green JB, Retterer ST, Cullen DA, Zhang FY
117 - 125 Pyrolysis kinetics of biomasses pretreated by gas-pressurized torrefaction
Dacres OD, Tong S, Li X, Zhu XQ, Edreis EMA, Liu H, Luo GQ, Worasuwannarak N, Kerdsuwan S, Fungtammasan B, Yao H
126 - 142 Standardized modelling and economic optimization of multi-carrier energy systems considering energy storage and demand response
Liu TH, Zhang DD, Wang SY, Wu T
143 - 153 TGA/MS/FT-IR study for kinetic evaluation and evolved gas analysis of a biomass/PVC co-pyrolysis process
Ozsin G, Putun AE
154 - 165 CFD analysis of the angle of attack for a vertical axis wind turbine blade
Elsakka MM, Ingham DB, Ma L, Pourkashanian M
166 - 177 Experimental investigation on cylindrically macro-encapsulated latent heat storage for space heating applications
Xu TH, Chiu JN, Palm B, Sawalha S
178 - 190 Integrated sizing of hybrid PV-wind-battery system for remote island considering the saturation of each renewable energy resource
Ma T, Javed MS
191 - 200 Study on force and wave energy conversion efficiency of buoys in low wave energy density seas
Chen F, Duan DR, Han Q, Yang XF, Zhao F
201 - 214 Strategic situation, design and simulation of a biorefinery in Andalusia
Gutierrez MC, Rosas JM, Rodriguez-Cano MA, Lopez-Luque I, Rodriguez-Mirasol J, Cordero T
215 - 223 Lipid-based biofuel synthesized from palm-olein oil by supercritical ethyl acetate in fixed-bed reactor
Sakdasri W, Ngamprasertsith S, Daengsanun S, Sawangkeaw R
224 - 239 Investigation on performance improvement of small scale compressed-air energy storage system based on efficient radial-inflow expander configuration
Al Jubori AM, Jawad QA
240 - 250 Techno-economic evaluation of the integrated polygeneration system of methanol, power and heat production from coke oven gas
Kim S, Kim M, Kim YT, Kwak G, Kim J
251 - 261 Role of glycine/nitrates ratio on structural and texture evolution of MgO-based nanocatalyst fabricated by hybrid microwave-impregnation method for biofuel production
Yousefi S, Haghighi M, Vahid BR
262 - 281 A critical review of battery thermal performance and liquid based battery thermal management
Wu WX, Wang SF, Wu W, Chen K, Hong SH, Lai YX
282 - 298 The reactant starvation of the proton exchange membrane fuel cells for vehicular applications: A review
Chen HC, Zhao X, Zhang T, Pei PC
299 - 306 "MIL-101(Cr)-methanol" as working pair for adsorption heat transformation cycles: Adsorbent shaping, adsorption equilibrium and dynamics
Solovyeva MV, Gordeeva LG, Aristov YI
307 - 339 Progress and future of biodiesel synthesis: Advancements in oil extraction and conversion technologies
Karmakar B, Haider G
340 - 350 Experimental investigation of lubricant oil on a 3 kW organic Rankine cycle (ORC) using R123
Feng YQ, Hung TC, He YL, Wang Q, Chen SC, Wu SL, Lin CH
351 - 368 Comparative study of solid oxide fuel cell-combined heat and power system designs for optimal thermal integration
Park YJ, Min G, Hong J
369 - 382 Comprehensive assessment of the impact of operating parameters on sub 1 kW compact ORC performance
Jang Y, Lee J
383 - 397 Taguchi design approach for extraction of methyl ester from waste cooking oil using synthesized CaO as heterogeneous catalyst: Response surface methodology optimization
Singh TS, Verma TN
398 - 411 Effects of size and volume fraction of alumina nanoparticles on the performance of a solar organic Rankine cycle
Loni R, Ash-Ardeh EA, Ghobadian B, Najafi G, Bellos E
412 - 429 Multi-objective optimization of sorption enhanced steam biomass gasification with solid oxide fuel cell
Detchusananard T, Sharma S, Marechal F, Arpornwichanop A
430 - 450 Sensitivity analysis of supercritical CO2 power cycle energy and exergy efficiencies regarding cycle component efficiencies for concentrating solar power
Novales D, Erkoreka A, De la Pena V, Herrazti B
451 - 460 Low-temperature Rankine cycle to increase waste heat recovery from the internal combustion engine cooling system
Mashadi B, Kakaee A, Horestani AJ
461 - 496 Energy optimization of HVAC system from a holistic perspective: Operating theater application
Porowski M
497 - 507 Energetic and exergetic analysis of a solar-assisted combined power and cooling (SCPC) system with two different cooling temperature levels
Chen Y, Xu DJ, Chen Z, Gao X, Han W
508 - 519 A new type of heat storage system using the motion of phase change materials in an elliptical-shaped capsule
Shin DH, Park J, Choi SH, Ko HS, Karng SW, Shin Y
520 - 529 High titer ethanol production from rice straw via solid-state simultaneous saccharification and fermentation by Mucor indicus at low enzyme loading
Molaverdi M, Karimi K, Mirmohamadsadeghi S, Galbe M
530 - 545 Techno-economic study of a zero-emission methanol based energy storage system
Baak JA, Pozarlik AK, Arentsen MJ, Brem G
546 - 563 Static and dynamic photovoltaic models' parameters identification using Chaotic Heterogeneous Comprehensive Learning Particle Swarm Optimizer variants
Yousri D, Allam D, Eteiba MB, Suganthan PN