Energy Conversion and Management

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1 - 24 Achieving high performance and low emission in a dual fuel operated engine with varied injection parameters and combustion chamber shapes
Nayak SK, Mishra PC
25 - 35 An integrated approach for efficient conversion of Lemna minor to biogas
Kaur M, Srikanth S, Kumar M, Sachdeva S, Puri SK
36 - 43 Bridging the relationship between hydrothermal pretreatment and co-pyrolysis: Effect of hydrothermal pretreatment on aromatic production
Dai LL, Wang YP, Liu YH, Ruan R, He C, Duan DL, Zhao YF, Yu ZT, Jiang L, Wu QH
44 - 59 Multiple parametric analysis, optimization and efficiency prediction of transcritical organic Rankine cycle using trans-1,3,3,3-tetrafluoropropene (R1234ze(E)) for low grade waste heat recovery
Zhi LH, Hu P, Chen LX, Zhao G
60 - 71 Catalytic fast co-pyrolysis of bamboo sawdust and waste tire using a tandem reactor with cascade bubbling fluidized bed and fixed bed system
Wang J, Zhong ZP, Ding K, Li M, Hao NJ, Meng XZ, Ruan R, Ragauskas AJ
72 - 82 Effect of employing a new biological nanofluid containing functionalized graphene nanoplatelets on thermal and hydraulic characteristics of a spiral heat exchanger
Bahiraei M, Salmi HK, Safaei MR
83 - 93 Optimization analysis of a hybrid fresh air handling system based on evaporative cooling and condensation dehumidification
Zhang L, Zha XB, Song X, Zhang XS
94 - 105 A solution to the cooling and preheating of hydraulic system by organic Rankine cycle with heat pump
Gu ZZ, Zhang XG, Dong ZX, Quan L
106 - 118 A gas-atomized spray cooling system integrated with an ejector loop: Ejector modeling and thermal performance analysis
Wang JX, Li YZ, Li JX, Li C, Zhang Y, Ning XW
119 - 133 Cascade hydropower plants operation considering comprehensive ecological water demands
Zhang HX, Chang JX, Gao C, Wu HS, Wang YM, Lei KX, Long RH, Zhang LP
134 - 148 Activated carbon and graphene nanoplatelets based novel composite for performance enhancement of adsorption cooling cycle
Pal A, Uddin K, Thu K, Saha BB
149 - 161 Catalyst layer design and arrangement to improve the performance of a microchannel methanol steam reformer
Herdem MS, Mundhwa M, Farhad S, Hamdullahpur F
162 - 170 A novel framework for Lithium-ion battery modeling considering uncertainties of temperature and aging
Tang XP, Wang YJ, Zou CF, Yao K, Xia YX, Gao FR
171 - 182 Investigation of a nanofluid-based concentrating thermal photovoltaic with a parabolic reflector
Bellos E, Tzivanidis C
183 - 195 Energy, exergy, environmental, and economic modeling of combined cooling, heating and power system with Stirling engine and absorption chiller
Sheykhi M, Chahartaghi M, Balakheli MM, Kharkeshi BA, Miri SM
196 - 205 Wind speed prediction model using singular spectrum analysis, empirical mode decomposition and convolutional support vector machine
Mi XW, Liu H, Li YF
206 - 217 A new AMTEC/TAR hybrid system for power and cooling cogeneration
Wu SY, Guo G, Xiao L, Chen ZL
218 - 230 A thermodynamic analysis and economic evaluation of an integrated cold-end energy utilization system in a de-carbonization coal-fired power plant
Xu C, Gao YC, Xu G, Li XS, Zhao SF, Yang YP
231 - 239 3D model of thermoelectric generator (TEG) case study: Effect of flow regime on the TEG performance
Eldesoukey A, Hassan H
240 - 249 Production capacity analysis and energy optimization of complex petrochemical industries using novel extreme learning machine integrating affinity propagation
Han YM, Wu H, Jia MH, Geng ZQ, Zhong YH
250 - 257 Integrated techno-economic analysis under uncertainty of glycerol steam reforming for H-2 production at distributed H-2 refueling stations
Lee B, Heo J, Kim S, Kim CH, Ryi SK, Lim H
258 - 268 Dynamic vulnerability in standalone hybrid renewable energy system
Kosai S
269 - 280 Thermo-environ-economic evaluation of a trigeneration system based on thermoelectric generator, two-bed adsorption chiller, and polymer exchange membrane fuel cell
Ebrahimi M, Derakhshan E
281 - 291 Data-driven techniques for fault diagnosis in power generation plants based on solid oxide fuel cells
Costamagna P, De Giorgi A, Moser G, Serpico SB, Trucco A
292 - 301 Experimental thermodynamic first and second law analysis of a variable output 1-4.5 kWe, ICE-driven, natural-gas fueled micro-CHP generator
Taie Z, Hagen C
302 - 311 Advanced wind power prediction based on data-driven error correction
Yan J, Ouyang TH
312 - 324 Quantifying the influence of wind power and photovoltaic on future electricity market prices
Sorknaes P, Djorup SR, Lund H, Thellufsen JZ
325 - 337 Thermodynamic analysis of the novel chemical looping process for two-grade hydrogen production with CO2 capture
Saithong N, Authayanun S, Patcharavorachot Y, Arpornwichanop A
338 - 357 A novel wind speed forecasting based on hybrid decomposition and online sequential outlier robust extreme learning machine
Zhang D, Peng XG, Pan KD, Liu Y
358 - 371 The photovoltaic-thermal system parameter optimization design and practical verification
Kuo CFJ, Liu JM, Umar ML, Lan WL, Huang CY, Syu SS
372 - 390 A synergistic evaluation on application of solar-thermal energy in water purification: Current scenario and future prospects
Verma SK, Singhal P, Chauhan DS
391 - 400 Power dispatch assessment of a wind farm and a hydropower plant: A case study in Argentina
Levieux LI, Inthamoussou FA, De Battista H
401 - 410 Catalytic performance of strontium oxide supported by MIL-100(Fe) derivate as transesterification catalyst for biodiesel production
Li H, Liu FS, Ma XL, Wu ZJ, Li Y, Zhang LH, Zhou SJ, Helian YX
411 - 424 Optimization and application of Stirling engine for waste heat recovery from a heavy-duty truck engine
Guven M, Bedir H, Anlas G
425 - 441 Multi-objective optimization of double effect series and parallel flow water-lithium chloride and water-lithium bromide absorption refrigeration systems
Konwar D, Gogoi TK, Das AJ
442 - 472 Integrated assessment of a sustainable microgrid for a remote village in hilly region
Kumar A, Singh AR, Deng Y, He XN, Kumar P, Bansal RC
473 - 495 Multi-objective optimization and comparison framework for the design of Distributed Energy Systems
Karmellos M, Mavrotas G
496 - 510 Appending empirical modelling to numerical solution for behaviour characterisation of microalgae biodiesel
Salam S, Verma TN
511 - 523 Optimization of synthesis condition for CO2 hydrogenation to light olefins over In2O3 admixed with SAPO-34
Numpilai T, Wattanakit C, Chareonpanich M, Limtrakul J, Witoon T
524 - 532 Performance analysis and optimization of a NGCC-CHP plant with low pressure economizer partial recirculation system
Yu HQ, Zhou JX, Ma H, Shao Z, Si FQ
533 - 549 Three-dimensional computational fluid dynamics simulation of stirling engine
El-Ghafour SA, El-Ghandour M, Mikhael NN
550 - 558 Design of fins with a grooved heat pipe for dissipation of heat from high-powered automotive LED headlights
Huang DS, Chen TC, Tsai LT, Lin MT
559 - 583 A review of unconventional bottoming cycles for waste heat recovery: Part II - Applications
Omar A, Saghafifar M, Mohammadi K, Alashkar A, Gadalla M
584 - 597 An approximate and efficient characterization method for temperature-dependent parameters of thermoelectric modules
He HL, Liu WW, Wu Y, Rong MZ, Zhao P, Tang XJ
598 - 608 Optimal design and size of a desiccant cooling system with onsite energy generation and thermal storage using a multilayer perceptron neural network and a genetic algorithm
Ren HS, Ma ZJ, Lin WY, Wang SG, Li WH
609 - 621 Sizing a stand-alone solar-wind-hydrogen energy system using weather forecasting and a hybrid search optimization algorithm
Zhang WP, Maleki A, Rosen MA, Liu JQ
622 - 640 Exergetic and exergoeconomic evaluation of co-firing biomass gas with natural gas in CCHP system integrated with ground source heat pump
Zhang XF, Zeng R, Mu K, Liu XB, Sun XQ, Li HQ
641 - 653 Numerical investigation of a humidification-dehumidification desalination system driven by heat pump
Zhang Y, Zhang H, Zheng WD, You SJ, Wang YR
654 - 664 Continuous power output criteria and optimum operation strategies of an upgraded thermally regenerative electrochemical cycles system
Guo JC, Wang Y, Gonzalez-Ayala J, Roco JMM, Medina A, Hernandez AC
665 - 679 Analysis and comparison on thermodynamic and economic performances of an organic Rankine cycle with constant and one-dimensional dynamic turbine efficiency
Li P, Han ZH, Jia XQ, Mei ZK, Han X, Wang Z
680 - 688 Ultrasonic enhanced simultaneous algal lipid production and nutrients removal from non-sterile domestic wastewater
Ren HY, Zhu JN, Kong FY, Xing DF, Zhao L, Ma J, Ren NQ, Liu BF
689 - 708 Optimization of a triple cycle based on a solid oxide fuel cell and gas and steam cycles with a multiobjective genetic algorithm and energy, exergy and economic analyses
Ehyaei MA, Rosen MA
709 - 723 Hybrid system combining mechanical compression and thermochemical storage of ammonia vapor for cold production
Fito J, Coronas A, Mauran S, Mazet N, Perier-Muzet M, Stitou D
724 - 732 An improved calorimetric method for characterizations of the specific heat and the heat generation rate in a prismatic lithium ion battery cell
Sheng L, Su L, Zhang HY, Fang YD, Xu HF, Ye W
733 - 746 A modified novel blade configuration proposal for a more efficient VAWT using CFD tools
Ostos I, Ruiz I, Gajic M, Gomez W, Bonilla A, Collazos C
747 - 756 Bioinspired sweating with temperature sensitive hydrogel to passively dissipate heat from high-end wearable electronics
Pu SR, Su JX, Li LX, Wang HS, Chen CY, Hu XJ
757 - 768 Hybridisation of biomass and concentrated solar power systems in transcritical organic Rankine cycles: A micro combined heat and power application
Morrone P, Algieri A, Castiglione T
769 - 783 A novel ultra-thin flattened heat pipe with biporous spiral woven mesh wick for cooling electronic devices
Zhou WJ, Li Y, Chen ZS, Deng LQ, Gan YH
784 - 795 Enhancement of nanoparticle-phase change material melting performance using a sinusoidal heat pipe
Ren QL
796 - 810 Thermodynamic investigation and experimental analysis on phenol steam reforming towards enhanced H-2 production over structured Ni/ZnTiO3 nanocatalyst
Baamran KS, Tahir M
811 - 821 Design, modeling and experimental verification of circular Halbach electromagnetic energy harvesting from bearing motion
Zhang Y, Cao JY, Zhu HY, Lei YG
822 - 830 NiCo@NiCo phyllosilicate@CeO2 hollow core shell catalysts for steam reforming of toluene as biomass tar model compound
Li ZW, Li M, Ashok J, Sibudjing K
831 - 843 A simplified mathematical model for power output predicting of Building Integrated Photovoltaic under partial shading conditions
Zhu L, Li QX, Chen MD, Cao KY, Sun Y
844 - 858 Inverse design of wind turbine blade sections for operation under icing conditions
Kollar LE, Mishra R
859 - 888 A novel multigeneration system driven by a hybrid biogas-geothermal heat source, Part II: Multi-criteria optimization
Rostamzadeh H, Gargari SG, Namin AS, Ghaebi H
889 - 903 Exergoeconomic design criterion of solar absorption-subcooled compression hybrid cooling system based on the variable working conditions
Jing Y, Li ZY, Chen HK, Lu SZ, Lv SL
904 - 923 A comparative analysis of engine characteristics from various biodiesels: Numerical study
Rajak U, Verma TN
924 - 930 Prediction of sorption-enhanced reforming process on hydrotalcite sorbent in a fluidized bed reactor
Wang S, Xu SD, Liu SY, Hu B
931 - 937 Co-digestion of municipal waste biopulp with marine macroalgae focusing on sodium inhibition
Tsapekos P, Alvarado-Morales M, Kougias PG, Konstantopoulos K, Angelidaki I
938 - 948 Technical and economic feasibility analysis of an anaerobic digestion plant fed with canteen food waste
Zeng HR, Yan YJ, Liberti F, Pietro B, Fantozzi F
949 - 961 Simultaneous energy storage and recovery in the triplex-tube heat exchanger with PCM, copper fins and Al2O3 nanoparticles
Mahdi JM, Lohrasbi S, Ganji DD, Nsofor EC
962 - 976 Performance analysis and optimization of a combined cooling and power system using low boiling point working fluid driven by engine waste heat
Huang WG, Wang JF, Xia JX, Zhao P, Dai YP
977 - 989 Modelling thermal performance degradation of high and low-temperature solid thermal energy storage due to cracking processes using a phase-field approach
Miao XY, Kolditz O, Nagel T
990 - 1000 Numerical simulation of the performance of a diesel cycle operating with diesel-biodiesel mixtures
Novaes TLCC, Henriquez JR, Ochoa AAV
1001 - 1012 Cooling performance study of a novel heat exchanger in an absorption system
Mirmohammadi SA, Behi M, Ghanbarpour M
1013 - 1025 Development of high microwave-absorptive bifunctional graphene oxide-based catalyst for biodiesel production
Loy ACM, Quitain AT, Lam MK, Yusup S, Sasaki M, Kida T
1026 - 1038 An investigation on CRDi engine characteristic using renewable orange-peel oil
Ashok B, Nanthagopal K, Perumal DA, Babu JM, Tiwari A, Sharma A
1039 - 1054 Performance comparison of a heating tower heat pump and an air-source heat pump: A comprehensive modeling and simulation study
Huang SF, Zuo WD, Lu HX, Liang CH, Zhang XS
1055 - 1067 Application of carbon dioxide as working fluid in geothermal development considering a complex fractured system
Chen Y, Ma GW, Wang HD, Li T, Wang Y
1068 - 1084 Performance study of solar photovoltaic-thermal collector for domestic hot water use and thermochemical sorption seasonal storage
Thinsurat K, Bao HS, Ma ZW, Roskilly AP
1085 - 1108 Assessment of the offshore wind turbine support structure integrity and management of multivariate hybrid probability frameworks
Zhang SY, Yan YF, Wang P, Xu ZQ, Yan XZ
1109 - 1128 Direct quantification of multiple-source energy flexibility in a residential building using a new model predictive high-level controller
Ruusu R, Cao SL, Delgado BM, Hasan A
1129 - 1138 Waste heat recovery and water-saving modification for a water-cooled gas-steam combined cycle cogeneration system with absorption heat pump
Zhang HS, Zhao HB, Li ZL
1139 - 1152 An innovative integrated system concept between oxy-fuel thermo-photovoltaic device and a Brayton-Rankine combined cycle and its preliminary thermodynamic analysis
Shan SQ, Zhou ZJ, Cen KF
1153 - 1166 Robust and flexible strategy for fault detection in grid-connected photovoltaic systems
Harrou F, Taghezouit B, Sun Y
1167 - 1184 Integral energy valorization of municipal solid waste reject fraction to biofuels
Ortiz FJG, Kruse A, Ramos F, Ollero P
1185 - 1195 Optimization of fins fitted phase change material equipped solar photovoltaic under various working circumstances
Khanna S, Newar S, Sharma V, Reddy KS, Mallick TK
1196 - 1202 Preparation of a novel composite phase change material (PCM) and its locally enhanced heat transfer for power battery module
Zou DQ, Liu XS, He RJ, Zhu SX, Bao JM, Guo JR, Hu ZG, Wang BH
1203 - 1216 Non-neutral catalyst and reaction energy recovery to minimize the energy consumption for hydrogen production by recyclably indirect H2O electrolysis and CO2 capture
Yu YS, Zhang C, Zhang ZX, Wang GGX
1217 - 1224 A comprehensive analysis of secondary flow effects on the performance of PEMFCs with modified serpentine flow fields
Min CH, He J, Wang K, Xie LY, Yang XG
1225 - 1246 Exergy analysis of single to triple effect lithium bromide-water vapour absorption cycles and optimization of the operating parameters
Azhar M, Siddiqui MA
1247 - 1259 Solar Thermal Electrochemical Process (STEP) action to biomass: Solar thermo-coupled electrochemical synergy for efficient breaking of biomass to biofuels and hydrogen
Yan C, Wang JQ, Du HF, Zhu LY, Jiang TT, Jiang H, Wu HJ, Wang BH
1260 - 1267 Pyrolysis characteristics and kinetic studies of horse manure using thermogravimetric analysis
Chong CT, Mong GR, Ng JH, Chong WWF, Ani FN, Lam SS, Ong HC
1268 - 1280 Thermodynamic analysis of a novel hybrid thermochemical-compressed air energy storage system powered by wind, solar and/or off-peak electricity
Wu SK, Zhou C, Doroodchi E, Moghtaderi B