Energy Conversion and Management

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1 - 11 Study of advanced engine operating strategies on a turbocharged diesel engine by using coupled numerical approaches
Petranovic Z, Sjeric M, Taritas I, Vujanovic M, Kozarac D
12 - 19 A novel composite perovskite-based material for chemical-looping steam methane reforming to hydrogen and syngas
Ding HR, Xu YQ, Luo C, Wang QY, Shen C, Xu JX, Zhang LQ
20 - 30 Conceptual design and life cycle assessment of decentralized power generation by HT-PEMFC system with sorption enhanced water gas shift loop
Suwanmanee U, Saebea D, Hacker V, Assabumrungrat S, Arpornwichanop A, Authayanun S
31 - 37 Optimized composite piezoelectric energy harvesting floor tile for smart home energy management
Kim KB, Cho JY, Jabbar H, Ahn JH, Hong SD, Woo SB, Sung TH
38 - 47 Mechanical fragmentation of wheat and rice straw at different scales: Energy requirement in relation to microstructure properties and enzymatic hydrolysis
Ji GY, Xiao WH, Gao CF, Cao YY, Zhang Y, Han LJ
48 - 58 Exergetic and heat load optimization of high temperature organic Rankine cycle
Aziz F, Mudasar R, Kim MH
59 - 81 Solar-powered absorption chillers: A comprehensive and critical review
Shirazi A, Taylor RA, Morrison GL, White SD
82 - 97 Influence of superheat and expansion ratio on performance of organic Rankine cycle-based combined heat and power (CHP) system
Jang Y, Lee J
98 - 109 A zeolite 13X/magnesium sulfate-water sorption thermal energy storage device for domestic heating
Xu SZ, Lemington, Wang RZ, Wang LW, Zhu J
110 - 125 Economic analysis of heat production in existing medium size combined heat and power plant, with respect to the CO2 allowances purchasing cost
Krol J, Oclon P
126 - 132 Solar energy as a process intensification tool for the biodiesel production from hempseed oil
Gupta AR, Jalan AP, Rathod VK
133 - 155 A review of recent developments in hydrogen production via biogas dry reforming
Gao YC, Jiang JG, Meng Y, Yan F, Aihemaiti A
156 - 169 Implementation of novel hybrid approaches for power curve modeling of wind turbines
Yesilbudak M
170 - 187 Perturbation observer based fractional-order PID control of photovoltaics inverters for solar energy harvesting via Yin-Yang-Pair optimization
Yang B, Yu T, Shu HC, Zhu DN, Zeng F, Sang YY, Jiang L
188 - 195 Assessment of off-design performance of a combined cooling, heating and power system using exergoeconomic analysis
Wang ZF, Han W, Zhang N, Su BS, Liu M, Jin HG
196 - 210 Enhancing the performance of energy recovery ventilators
Al-Waked R, Nasif MS, Mostafa DB
211 - 221 Direct conversion of simulated propene-rich bio-syngas to liquid iso-hydrocarbons via FT-oligomerization integrated catalytic process
Zhang Q, Wang TJ, Weng YJ, Zhang HY, Vitidsant T, Li YP, Zhang Q, Xiao R, Wang CG, Ma LL
222 - 240 Energy, exergy, environmental and economic analysis of an agricultural waste-to-energy integrated multigeneration thermal power plant
Ogorure OJ, Oko COC, Diemuodeke EO, Owebor K
241 - 248 Hydrogen production from cellulose catalytic gasification catalyst on CeO2/Fe2O3
Zou J, Oladipo J, Fu SL, Al-Rahbi A, Yang HP, Wu CF, Cai N, Williams P, Chen HP
249 - 271 Effect analysis on power coefficient enhancement of a convective wind energy collecting device in the expressway
Hu WY, Jiaqiang E, Deng YW, Li LJ, Han DD, Zhao XH, Zhang ZQ, Peng QG
272 - 278 Recyclable photo-thermal conversion and purification systems via Fe3O4@TiO2 nanoparticles
Shi L, He YR, Wang XZ, Hu YW
279 - 286 Numerical modeling of a cogeneration system based on a direct carbon solid oxide fuel cell and a thermophotovoltaic cell
Yang ZM, Xu HR, Chen B, Tan P, Zhang HC, Ni M
287 - 297 Performance assessment of a combined heat and power system: A novel integrated biomass gasification, solid oxide fuel cell and high-temperature sodium heat pipe system part I: Thermodynamic analysis
Mojaver P, Khalilarya S, Chitsaz A
298 - 306 Analysis of inlet air throttling operation method for gas turbine in performance of CCHP system under different operation strategies
Wang ZF, Han W, Zhang N, Su BS, Li M, Jin HG
307 - 325 Hydrodynamic response of the WEC sub-system of a novel hybrid wind-wave energy converter
Perez-Collazo C, Greaves D, Iglesias G
326 - 338 On a carbon-negative energy production scheme via a quadruple fluidized bed gasifier
Yan LB, Cao Y, Li XZ, He BS
339 - 349 Use of floating PV plants for coordinated operation with hydropower plants: Case study of the hydroelectric plants of the Sao Francisco River basin
Silverio NM, Barros RM, Tiago GL, Redon-Santafe M, dos Santos IFS, Valerio VED
350 - 360 Thermodynamic analysis of an integrated solid oxide fuel cell, Organic Rankine Cycle and absorption chiller trigeneration system with CO2 capture
Tian ML, Yu ZT, Zhao HX, Yin JQ
361 - 370 Evaluation of paraffin infiltrated in various porous silica matrices as shape-stabilized phase change materials for thermal energy storage
Zhang YZ, Zheng SL, Zhu SQ, Ma JN, Sun ZM, Farid M
371 - 383 Analysis of process intensification and performance assessment for fermentative continuous production of bioethanol in a multi-staged membrane-integrated bioreactor system
Pal P, Kumar R, Ghosh AK
384 - 397 Industrial heat recovery from a steel furnace for the cogeneration of electricity and hydrogen with the copper-chlorine cycle
Ishaq H, Dincer I, Naterer GF
398 - 410 Melting and solidification of PCM embedded in porous metal foam in horizontal multi-tube heat storage system
Esapour M, Hamzehnezhad A, Darzi AAR, Jourabian M
411 - 426 Multi-objective problem based operation and emission cots for heat and power hub model through peak load management in large scale users
Wei PC, He FC, Li L, Shi X, Simoes R
427 - 437 Performance analysis of automobile exhaust thermoelectric generator system with media fluid
Zhao YL, Wang SX, Ge MH, Liang ZJ, Liang YF, Li YZ
438 - 451 Computational assessment of temperature variations through calibrated orifices subjected to high pressure drops: Application to diesel injection nozzles
Salvador FJ, Carreres M, De la Morena J, Martinez-Miracle E
452 - 460 Cost analysis of a humidification dehumidification desalination system with a packed bed dehumidifier
He WF, Wu F, Wen T, Kong YP, Han D
461 - 477 Combustion characteristics, engine performances and emissions of a diesel engine using nanoparticle-diesel fuel blends with aluminium oxide, carbon nanotubes and silicon oxide
Chen AF, Adzmi MA, Adam A, Othman MF, Kamaruzzaman MK, Mrwan AG
478 - 490 Empirical model for Darrieus-type tidal current turbine induced seabed scour
Sun C, Lam WH, Cui YG, Zhang TM, Jiang JX, Guo JH, Ma YB, Wang SG, Tan TH, Chuah JH, Lam SS, Hamill G
491 - 506 Effects of individual metering and charging of heating and domestic hot water on energy consumption of buildings in temperate climates
Teres-Zubiaga J, Perez-Iribarren E, Gonzalez-Pino I, Sala JM
507 - 517 Design and evaluation of a micro combined cooling, heating, and power system based on polymer exchange membrane fuel cell and thermoelectric cooler
Ebrahimi M, Derakhshan E
518 - 527 Combined heating operation optimization of the novel cogeneration system with multi turbine units
Li WT, Tian XF, Li Y, Ma YF, Fu L
528 - 540 Optimal daily generation scheduling of large hydro-photovoltaic hybrid power plants
Ming B, Liu P, Cheng L, Zhou YL, Wang XX
541 - 565 Nonlinear multivariable sliding mode control of a reversible PEM fuel cell integrated system
Sankar K, Jana AK
566 - 575 Fabrication of carbonated alumina doped by calcium oxide via microwave combustion method used as nanocatalyst in biodiesel production: Influence of carbon source type
Nayebzadeh H, Haghighi M, Saghatoleslami N, Tabasizadeh M, Yousefi S
576 - 586 Energy efficient multi-effect distillation powered by a solar linear Fresnel collector
Alhaj M, Mabrouk A, Al-Ghamdi SG
587 - 603 An integrated system for sewage sludge drying through solar energy and a combined heat and power unit fuelled by biogas
Di Fraia S, Figaj RD, Massarotti N, Vanoli L
604 - 617 Performance optimization of a solar assisted CCHP based on biogas reforming
Su BS, Han W, Chen Y, Wang ZF, Qu WJ, Jin HG
618 - 625 Improvement in bio-crude yield and quality through co-liquefaction of algal biomass and sawdust in ethanol-water mixed solvent and recycling of the aqueous by-product as a reaction medium
Hu YL, Feng SH, Bassi A, Xu CB
626 - 634 Flue gas treatment by power-to-gas integration for methane and ammonia synthesis - Energy and environmental analysis
Castellani B, Rinaldi S, Morini E, Nastasi B, Rossi F
635 - 646 Poly-generation as a solution to address the energy challenge of an aging population
Brandoni C, Shah NN, Vorushylo I, Hewitt NJ
647 - 658 Techno-economic study of the impact of blackouts on the viability of connecting an off-grid PV-diesel hybrid system in Tanzania to the national power grid
Bastholm C, Fiedler F
659 - 670 Comparative study of combined solid oxide fuel cell-gas turbine-Organic Rankine cycle for different working fluid in bottoming cycle
Singh R, Singh O
671 - 682 Thermoeconomic analysis of an integrated combined cooling heating and power system with biomass gasification
Yang K, Zhu N, Ding Y, Chang C, Yuan TH
683 - 698 Potential of reactivity controlled compression ignition (RCCI) combustion coupled with variable valve timing (VVT) strategy for meeting Euro 6 emission regulations and high fuel efficiency in a heavy-duty diesel engine
Xu GF, Jia M, Li YP, Chang YC, Wang TY
699 - 709 An experimental investigation of forced convection heat transfer with novel microencapsulated phase change material slurries in a circular tube under constant heat flux
Zhang GH, Cui GM, Dou BL, Wang ZL, Goula MA
710 - 720 An evaluative comparison of lignocellulosic pyrolysis products derived from various parts of Populus deltoides trees and Panicum virgatum grass in an inductively heated reactor
Daniel DJ, Ellison CR, Bursavich J, Benbow M, Favrot C, Blazier MA, Marculescu C, Nokes SE, Boldor D
721 - 728 Improving performance of a gasoline Wankel rotary by hydrogen enrichment at different conditions
Su T, Ji CW, Wang SF, Cong XY, Shi L
729 - 741 Visualization of two-phase flow in primary nozzle of a transcritical CO2 ejector
Li YF, Deng JQ, Ma L, Zhang YZ
742 - 749 Effects of physical and chemical properties of working fluids on thermodynamic performances of medium-low temperature organic Rankine cycles (ORCs)
Ma WW, Liu T, Min R, Li M
750 - 768 Direct catalytic methanation of biogas - Part I: New insights into biomethane production using rate-based modelling and detailed process analysis
Witte J, Settino J, Biollaz SMA, Schildhauer TJ
769 - 777 Numerical performance assessment of an innovative Darrieus-style vertical axis wind turbine with auxiliary straight blades
Arpino F, Scungio M, Cortellessa G
778 - 786 Analytical assessment of the outdoor performance and efficiency of grid-tied photovoltaic system under hot dry climate in the south of Algeria
Necaibia A, Bouraiou A, Ziane A, Sahouane N, Hassani S, Mostefaoui M, Dabou R, Mouhadjer S
787 - 806 Variational mode decomposition based low rank robust kernel extreme learning machine for solar irradiation forecasting
Majumder I, Dash PK, Bisoi R
807 - 814 Investigation of proper external air flow path for tubular fuel cell stacks with an anode support feature
Chen DF, Xu Y, Hu B, Yan C, Lu L
815 - 824 A numerical and experimental assessment of a coated diesel engine powered by high-performance nano biofuel
Dhinesh B, Raj YMA, Kalaiselvan C, KrishnaMoorthy R
825 - 838 Solidification behavior of binary eutectic phase change material in a vertical finned thermal storage system dispersed with graphene nano-plates
Singh RP, Kaushik SC, Rakshit D
839 - 854 Association rule mining based quantitative analysis approach of household characteristics impacts on residential electricity consumption patterns
Wang F, Li KP, Duic N, Mi ZQ, Hodge BM, Shafie-khah M, Catalao JPS
855 - 862 Fast pyrolysis of wheat straw in a dual concentric rotary cylinder reactor with ceramic balls as recirculated heat carrier
Fu P, Bai XY, Yi WM, Li ZH, Li YJ
863 - 878 Multi-criteria optimization and comparative performance analysis of a power plant fed by municipal solid waste using a gasifier or digester
Behzadi A, Houshfar E, Gholamian E, Ashjaee M, Habibollahzade A
879 - 889 Numerical study on the effect of non-uniform magnetic fields on melting and solidification characteristics of NEPCMs in an annulus enclosure
Dibavar MR, Mohammadpourfard M, Mohseni F, Heris SZ
890 - 902 Development and use of exergy efficiency for complex cryogenic processes
Kim D, Gundersen T
903 - 916 Effect of using nanoparticles on the performance of thermal energy storage of phase change material coupled with air-conditioning unit
Said MA, Hassan H
917 - 924 Energy optimization analysis of a thermochemical exhaust gas recuperation system of a gas turbine unit
Pashchenko D
925 - 935 Performance evaluation of a partially admitted axial turbine using R245fa, R123 and their mixtures as working fluid for small-scale organic Rankine cycle
Sun HC, Qin J, Yan PG, Huang HY, Hung TC
936 - 952 Exergoeconomic analysis and optimization of a combined supercritical carbon dioxide recompression Brayton/organic flash cycle for nuclear power plants
Wu C, Wang SS, Li J
953 - 968 Modeling of horizontal axis wind turbine wakes in Horns Rev offshore wind farm using an improved actuator disc model coupled with computational fluid dynamic
Naderi S, Parvanehmasiha S, Torabi F
969 - 983 Economically viable production of biodiesel using a novel heterogeneous catalyst: Kinetic and thermodynamic investigations
Sahani S, Sharma YC
984 - 1001 Unit commitment considering dual-mode combined heat and power generating units using integrated optimization technique
Anand H, Narang N, Dhillon JS
1002 - 1019 Maximum power point tracking using Hill Climbing and ANFIS techniques for PV applications: A review and a novel hybrid approach
Lasheen M, Abdel-Salam M
1020 - 1029 Theoretical analysis and experimental study of the effect of the neutral plane of a composite piezoelectric cantilever
Hong Y, Sui L, Zhang MY, Shi GC
1030 - 1037 Modifying the electrode-electrolyte interface of anode supported solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs) by laser-machining
Zhang YL, Cai GF, Gu YH, Ge L, Zheng YF, Chen H, Guo LC
1038 - 1051 Thermoeconomic analysis of an integrated solar combined cycle power plant
Calise F, d'Accadia MD, Libertini L, Vicidomini M
1052 - 1062 Multi-objective optimization and decision making of endoreversible combined cycles with consideration of different heat exchangers by finite time thermodynamics
Ghasemkhani A, Farahat S, Naserian MM
1063 - 1082 Conceptual design, optimization, and assessment of a hybrid Otto-Stirling engine/cooler for recovering the thermal energy of the exhaust gasses for automotive applications
Izadiamoli N, Sayyaadi H
1083 - 1092 In situ synthesized electroactive and large dielectric BaF2/PVDF nanocomposite film for superior and highly durable self-charged hybrid photo-power cell
Khatun F, Thakur P, Hoque NA, Kool A, Roy S, Biswas P, Bagchi B, Das S
1093 - 1105 Thermodynamic analysis of a novel power-hydrogen cogeneration system
Gargari SG, Rahimi M, Ghaebi H
1106 - 1115 Thermal degradation of typical plastics under high heating rate conditions by TG-FTIR: Pyrolysis behaviors and kinetic analysis
Xu FF, Wang B, Yang D, Hao JH, Qiao YY, Tian YY
1116 - 1133 Multi-objective optimization of biomass-based solid oxide fuel cell integrated with Stirling engine and electrolyzer
Habibollahzade A, Gholamian E, Houshfar E, Behzadi A
1134 - 1149 Experimental and numerical investigations of the piezoelectric energy harvesting via friction-induced vibration
Wang DW, Mo JL, Wang XF, Ouyang H, Zhou ZR
1150 - 1162 Potential of a thermofluidic feed pump on performance improvement of the dual-loop Rankine cycle using for engine waste heat recovery
Shu GQ, Yu ZG, Liu P, Xu ZQ, Sun R
1163 - 1176 Thermoelectric heat recovery units applied in the energy harvest built ventilation: Parametric investigation and performance optimization
Cai Y, Mei SJ, Liu D, Zhao FY, Wang HQ
1177 - 1192 Evaluation and improvement of the thermal performance of different types of horizontal ground heat exchangers based on techno-economic analysis
Habibi M, Hakkaki-Fard A
1193 - 1201 Differentiation of syngases produced by steam gasification of mono- and mixed sources feedstock: A chemometric approach
Skrbic BD, Durisic-Mladenovic N, Cvejanov J
1202 - 1212 Catalytic co-pyrolysis of grape seeds and waste tyres for the production of drop-in biofuels
Sanahuja-Parejo O, Veses A, Navarro MV, Lopez JM, Murillo R, Callen MS, Garcia T
1213 - 1225 Simulating combined cycle gas turbine power plants in Aspen HYSYS
Liu ZM, Karimi IA
1226 - 1236 Highly effective organic draw solutions for renewable power generation by closed-loop pressure retarded osmosis
Islam MS, Sultana S, Adhikary S, Rahaman MS
1237 - 1245 Thermal performance of different integration schemes for a solar tower aided coal-fired power system
Li C, Zhai RR, Yang YP, Patchigolla K, Oakey JE
1246 - 1254 Real time partial shading detection and global maximum power point tracking applied to outdoor PV panel boost converter
Hocine L, Samira KM
1255 - 1262 The application of artificial neural networks to predict the performance of solar chimney filled with phase change materials
Fadaei N, Yan WM, Tafarroj MM, Kasaeian A
1263 - 1272 Optimization of bio-oil production from solid digestate by microwave assisted liquefaction
Barbanera M, Pelosi C, Taddeid AR, Cotana F
1273 - 1291 A comprehensive review on hybrid power system for PEMFC-HEV: Issues and strategies
Lu XQ, Qu Y, Wang YD, Qin C, Liu G
1292 - 1301 Microwave co-pyrolysis of waste polyolefins and waste cooking oil: Influence of N-2 atmosphere versus vacuum environment
Mahari WAW, Chong CT, Lam WH, Anuar TNST, Ma NL, Ibrahim MD, Lam SS
1302 - 1310 Development of a compact thermoelectric generator consisting of printed circuit heat exchangers
Lee W, Lee J
1311 - 1321 Heterogeneously catalyzed transesterification of palm oil with methanol to produce biodiesel over calcined dolomite: The role of magnesium oxide
Jindapon W, Ngamcharussrivichai C
1322 - 1338 Effects of instantaneous tangential velocity on the aerodynamic performance of an H-Darrieus wind turbine
Ali S, Lee SM, Jang CM
1339 - 1351 Primary energy consumption of heat pumps in high renewable share electricity mixes
Jarre M, Noussan M, Simonetti M
1352 - 1364 Design, optimization, modeling and testing of a piezoelectric footwear energy harvester
Qian F, Xu TB, Zuo L
1365 - 1387 Technological challenges and optimization efforts of the Stirling machine: A review
Hachem H, Gheith R, Aloui F, Ben Nasrallah S
1388 - 1396 A novel cascade energy utilization to improve efficiency of double reheat cycle
Fan CH, Pei DS, Wei HQ
1397 - 1404 Optimization of the ionic liquid-microwave assisted one-step biodiesel production process from wet microalgal biomass
Wahidin S, Idris A, Yusof NM, Kamis NHH, Shaleh SRM
1405 - 1415 Experimental investigation of energy harvesting from swirling flows using a piezoelectric film transducer
Stamatellou AM, Kalfas AI
1416 - 1429 Harvesting and pre-treatment of microalgae cultivated in wastewater for biodiesel production: A review
Kadir WNA, Lam MK, Uemura Y, Lim JW, Lee KT
1430 - 1439 Off-design performance prediction of radial turbines operating with ideal and real working fluids
Alshammari F, Karvountzis-Kontakiotis A, Pesiridis A, Giannakakis P
1440 - 1448 Effects of gravity and variable thermal properties on nanofluid convective heat transfer using connected and unconnected walls
Li QQ, Wang J, Wang JS, Baleta J, Min CH, Sunden B
1449 - 1462 Development and validation of a real time flow control integrated MPPT charger for solar PV applications of vanadium redox flow battery
Bhattacharjee A, Samanta H, Banerjee N, Saha H
1463 - 1475 A quasi-2D transient model of proton exchange membrane fuel cell with anode recirculation
Wang BW, Wu KC, Yang ZR, Jiao K
1476 - 1486 Cathode catalyst layer design with gradients of ionomer distribution for proton exchange membrane fuel cells
Shahgaldi S, Ozden A, Li XG, Hamdullahpur F
1487 - 1501 Comparative study on different water/steam injection layouts for fuel reduction in a turbocompound diesel engine
Zhao RC, Zhang ZB, Zhuge WL, Zhang YJ, Yin Y
1502 - 1513 Assessment of linear solar concentrating technologies for Greek climate
Bellos E, Tzivanidis C
1514 - 1528 A versatile computational tool for model-based design, control and diagnosis of a generic Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Integrated Stack Module
Gallo M, Marra D, Sorrentino M, Pianese C, Au SF
1529 - 1539 Performance of geothermal energy extraction in a horizontal well by using CO2 as the working fluid
Sun FR, Yao YD, Li GZ, Li XF
1540 - 1548 Investigation on thermal properties of a novel fuel blend and its diesel engine performance
Jiang L, Wang YD, Roskilly AP, Xie XL, Zhang ZC, Wang RZ
1549 - 1559 Research on actual performance and energy recovery characteristic of capacitive deionization regeneration method for absorption air-conditioning system
Zhao H, Zhang XS, Li XW, Ding BQ, Cheng F
1560 - 1572 Biomass gasification integrated with CO2 capture processes for high-purity hydrogen production: Process performance and energy analysis
Detchusananard T, Im-orb K, Ponpesh P, Arpornwichanop A
1573 - 1588 Techno-economic comparison of the levelised cost of electricity generation from solar PV and battery storage with solar PV and combustion of bio-crude using fast pyrolysis of biomass
Perkins G
1589 - 1597 Role of temperature on gasification performance and tar composition in a fountain enhanced conical spouted bed reactor
Cortazar M, Alvarez J, Lopez G, Amutio M, Santamaria L, Bilbao J, Olazar M
1598 - 1616 Regeneration of liquid desiccant for solar air-conditioning and desalination using hybrid solar still
Modi KV, Shukla DL
1617 - 1638 Thermodynamic analysis of polygeneration systems based on catalytic hydropyrolysis for the production of bio-oil and fuels
Nguyen TV, Clausen LR
1639 - 1650 Energy, Exergy analysis and optimization of solar thermal power plant with adding heat and water recovery system
Vakilabadi MA, Bidi M, Najafi AF
1651 - 1661 Genetic algorithms and neural networks in optimization of sorbent enhanced H-2 production in FB and CFB gasifiers
Krzywanski J, Fan HT, Feng Y, Shaikh AR, Fang MX, Wang QH
1662 - 1674 Investigation of a combined cycle power plant coupled with a parabolic trough solar field and high temperature energy storage system
Mehrpooya M, Tosang E, Dadak A
1675 - 1684 New operating strategy for a combined cycle gas turbine power plant
Liu ZM, Karimi IA
1685 - 1696 Thermodynamic analysis of a new chemical looping process for syngas production with simultaneous CO2 capture and utilization
Zhao YL, Jin B, Deng ZK, Huang YQ, Luo X, Liang ZW
1697 - 1703 Mathematical modeling and experimental esterification at supercritical conditions for biodiesel production in a tubular reactor
de Jesus AA, Souza DFD, de Oliveira JA, de Deus MS, da Silva MG, Franceschi E, Egues SMD, Dariva C
1704 - 1711 Performance of a hydrogen-blended gasoline direct injection engine under various second gasoline direct injection timings
Ji CW, Cong XY, Wang SF, Shi L, Su T, Wang D
1712 - 1720 Techno-economic feasibility of producing biodiesel from acidic oil using sulfuric acid and calcium oxide as catalysts
Gebremariam SN, Marchetti JM
1721 - 1736 Exergoeconomic optimization of a combined cycle power plant's bottoming cycle using organic working fluids
Katulic S, Cehil M, Schneider DR
1737 - 1748 Techno-economic evaluation of a community-based hybrid renewable energy system considering site-specific nature
Ma WW, Xue XP, Liu G, Zhou RY
1749 - 1760 Performance evaluation of a new stepped solar still under the desert climatic conditions
Saadi Z, Rahmani A, Lachtar S, Soualmi H
1761 - 1772 Multi-objective optimization of a combined cycle using exergetic and exergoeconomic approaches
Bahlouli K
1773 - 1786 Wave energy conversion using fluidic flexible matrix composite power take-off pumps
Philen M, Squib C, Groo L, Hagerman G
1787 - 1800 Experimental investigation of the effects of diesel fuel properties on combustion and emissions on a multi-cylinder heavy-duty diesel engine
Liu HF, Ma JS, Dong F, Yang Y, Liu XL, Ma GX, Zheng ZQ, Yao MF
1801 - 1812 Synthesis of novel graphene oxide/bentonite bi-functional heterogeneous catalyst for one-pot esterification and transesterification reactions
Ali B, Yusup S, Quitain AT, Alnarabiji MS, Kamil RNM, Kida T
1813 - 1821 Optimization design of the cathode flow channel for proton exchange membrane fuel cells
Fan LH, Niu ZQ, Zhang GB, Jiao K
1822 - 1842 Performance comparison of exponential, Lambert W function and Special Trans function based single diode solar cell models
Gao XK, Cui Y, Hu JJ, Tahir N, Xu GY
1843 - 1859 Parameter estimation of solar cells diode models by an improved opposition-based whale optimization algorithm
Abd Elaziz M, Oliva D
1860 - 1860 RETRACTION: Simulation of tubular adsorber for adsorption refrigeration system powered by solar energy in sub-Sahara region of Algeria (Retraction of Vol 106, Pg 31, 2015)
Ammar MAH, Benhaoua B, Balghouthi M