Energy Conversion and Management

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1 - 12 Application of dual-fuel combustion over the full operating map in a heavy-duty multi-cylinder engine with reduced compression ratio and diesel oxidation catalyst
Ren SJ, Wang BY, Zhang J, Wang Z, Wang JX
13 - 22 Experimental investigation on binary ammonia-water and ternary ammonia-water-lithium bromide mixture-based absorption refrigeration systems for fishing ships
Yuan H, Zhang J, Huang XK, Mei N
23 - 36 Micro-multigeneration prospects for residential applications in Italy
Badami M, Chicco G, Portoraro A, Romaniello M
37 - 47 Multi-objective optimization and sensitivity analysis of an organic Rankine cycle coupled with a one-dimensional radial-inflow turbine efficiency prediction model
Han ZH, Mei ZK, Li P
48 - 63 Enhanced power generation through integrated renewable energy plants: Solar chimney and waste-to-energy
Habibollahzade A, Houshfar E, Ashjaee M, Behzadi A, Gholamian E, Mehdizadeh H
64 - 73 Thermodynamic analysis and multi-objective optimization of a novel power/cooling cogeneration system for low-grade heat sources
Yin JQ, Yu ZT, Zhang CH, Tian ML, Han JT
74 - 80 Performance improvement of a four-terminal thermal amplifier with multiple energy selective tunnels
Peng WL, Ye ZL, Zhang X, Chen JC
81 - 97 Effective utilization of waste plastic oil in a direct injection diesel engine using high carbon alcohols as oxygenated additives for cleaner emissions
Damodharan D, Sathiyagnanam AP, Rana D, Saravanan S, Kumar BR, Sethuramasamyraja B
98 - 105 Study on the effects of thermal throat on flame stabilization in a kerosene fueled supersonic combustor
Tian Y, Zeng XJ, Yang SH, Zhong FY, Le JL
106 - 119 Global sensitivity analysis of borehole thermal energy storage efficiency on the heat exchanger arrangement
Woloszyn J
120 - 131 Smart deep learning based wind speed prediction model using wavelet packet decomposition, convolutional neural network and convolutional long short term memory network
Liu H, Mi XW, Li YF
132 - 145 Off-design performance modelling of a solar organic Rankine cycle integrated with pressurized hot water storage unit for community level application
Kutlu C, Li J, Su YH, Pei G, Riffat S
146 - 155 Hybrid solar flameless combustion system: Modeling and thermodynamic analysis
Hosseini SE, Barzegaravval H, Chehroudi B, Wahid MA
156 - 162 Favorable energy conversion efficiency of coupling dark fermentation and microalgae production from food wastes
Ren HY, Liu BF, Kong F, Zhao L, Ma J, Ren NQ
163 - 173 Combined auxiliary entrainment and structure optimization for performance improvement of steam ejector with consideration of back pressure variation
Tang YZ, Liu ZL, Li YX, Shi C
174 - 186 Conceptual design and preliminary performance analysis of a hybrid nuclear-solar power system with molten-salt packed-bed thermal energy storage for on-demand power supply
Zhao BC, Cheng MS, Liu C, Dai ZM
187 - 200 Performance optimization of combined supercritical CO2 recompression cycle and regenerative organic Rankine cycle using zeotropic mixture fluid
Hou SY, Cao S, Yu LJ, Zhou YD, Wu YD, Zhang FY
201 - 214 Thermodynamic analysis of dual-loop organic Rankine cycle using zeotropic mixtures for internal combustion engine waste heat recovery
Ge Z, Li J, Liu Q, Duan YY, Yang Z
215 - 232 Energetic and exergetic assessment of a two-stage Organic Rankine Cycle with reactivity controlled compression ignition engine as a low temperature heat source
Mansoury M, Jafarmadar S, Khalilarya S
233 - 240 Hybrid strontium bromide-natural graphite composites for low to medium temperature thermochemical energy storage: Formulation, fabrication and performance investigation
Cammarata A, Verda V, Sciacovelli A, Ding Y
241 - 259 Melting of nano-PCM inside a cylindrical thermal energy storage system: Numerical study with experimental verification
Ebadi S, Tasnim SH, Aliabadi AA, Mahmud S
260 - 267 Two-step pyrolysis of corncob for value-added chemicals and high quality bio-oil: Effects of pyrolysis temperature and residence time
Zhang LQ, Li SS, Li K, Zhu XF
268 - 280 Thermocatalytic conversion of methane to highly pure hydrogen over Ni-Cu/MgO center dot Al2O3 catalysts: Influence of noble metals (Pt and Pd) on the catalytic activity and stability
Rategarpanah A, Meshkani F, Wang Y, Arandiyan H, Rezaei M
281 - 296 Polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell flow field design criteria - Application to parallel serpentine flow patterns
Ghanbarian A, Kermani MJ, Scholta J, Abdollahzadeh M
297 - 307 Loss development analysis of a micro-scale centrifugal compressor
Tiainen J, Jaatinen-Varri A, Gronman A, Fischer T, Backman J
308 - 317 A novel hydraulic excavator boom driving system with high efficiency and potential energy regeneration capability
Ge L, Quan L, Li YW, Zhang XG, Yang J
318 - 327 Design and synthesis of novel Bronsted-Lewis acidic ionic liquid and its application in biodiesel production from soapberry oil
Cai DR, Xie YW, Li L, Ren JY, Lin XC, Qiu T
328 - 336 Performance analysis of microfluidic fuel cells with various inlet locations and multiple compartments
Tanveer M, Kim KY
337 - 342 Influence of leg geometry configuration and contact resistance on the performance of annular thermoelectric generators
Zhang AB, Wang BL, Pang DD, Chen JB, Wang J, Du JK
343 - 355 Optimization of a solar collector with evacuated tubes using the simulated annealing and computational fluid dynamics
Alfaro-Ayala JA, Lopez-Nunez OA, Gomez-Castro FI, Ramirez-Minguela JJ, Uribe-Ramirez AR, Belman-Flores JM, Cano-Andrade S
356 - 371 Uniform cooling for concentrator photovoltaic cells and electronic chips by forced convective boiling in 3D-printed monolithic double-layer microchannel heat sink
Radwan A, Ookawara S, Mori S, Ahmed M
372 - 384 Performance prediction of a solar district cooling system in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia - A case study
Franchini G, Brumana G, Perdichizzi A
385 - 401 Comparison between seasonal pumped-storage and conventional reservoir dams from the water, energy and land nexus perspective
Hunt JD, Byers E, Riahi K, Langan S
402 - 408 Optimal sizing of a grid-assisted wind-hydrogen system
Clua JGG, Mantz RJ, De Battista H
409 - 423 The evaluation of the optimal medium temperature in a space heating used transcritical air-source CO2 heat pump with an R134a subcooling device
Song YL, Cao F
424 - 432 Rate of injection modelling for gasoline direct injectors
Payri R, Bracho G, Gimeno J, Bautista A
433 - 444 Numerical investigation of the thermal performance of compressor-assisted double-effect absorption refrigeration using [mmim] DMP/CH3OH as working fluid
Chen W, Sun Q, Bai Y, Zhang B
445 - 462 A multi-objective optimization and multi-criteria evaluation integrated framework for distributed energy system optimal planning
Jing R, Zhu XY, Zhu ZY, Wang W, Meng C, Shah N, Li N, Zhao YR
463 - 473 Experimental investigation of a solar thermal storage heater assembled with finned heat pipe and collective vacuum tubes
Bai YC, He XF, Liu Y, Duan JG, Wang YX, Han XX
474 - 488 Issues, comparisons, turbine selections and applications An overview in organic Rankine cycle
Pethurajan V, Sivan S, Joy GC
489 - 499 An improvement of a lean burning condition of natural gas/diesel RCCI engine with a pre-chamber by using hydrogen
Kakoee A, Bakhshan Y, Aval SM, Gharehghani A
500 - 511 Stochastic dynamic simulation of a novel hybrid thermal-compressed carbon dioxide energy storage system (T-CCES) integrated with a wind farm
Chaychizadeh F, Dehghandorost H, Aliabadi A, Taklifi A
512 - 521 Various orientations research on thermal performance of novel multi-branch heat pipes with different sintered wicks
Zhong GS, Ding XR, Tang Y, Yu SD, Chen G, Tang H, Li ZT
522 - 533 A novel building energy efficiency evaluation index: Establishment of calculation model and application
Liu Y, Yang L, Zheng WX, Liu T, Zhang XR, Liu JP
534 - 544 Effective production of biodiesel from non-edible oil using facile synthesis of imidazolium salts-based Bronsted-Lewis solid acid and co-solvent
Pan H, Li H, Zhang H, Wang AP, Jin D, Yang S
545 - 555 The influence of accessory energy consumption on evaluation method of braking energy recovery contribution rate
Li N, Zhang JZ, Zhang SY, Hou XH, Liu YS
556 - 568 Estimate of transient and persistent energy efficiency in Africa: A stochastic frontier approach
Adom PK, Amakye K, Abrokwa KK, Quaidoo C
569 - 578 Efficient conversion of municipal solid waste to biofuel by simultaneous dilute-acid hydrolysis of starch and pretreatment of lignocelluloses
Mahmoodi P, Karimi K, Taherzadeh MJ
579 - 589 A comparative assessment of single cylinder diesel engine characteristics with plasto-oils derived from municipal mixed plastic waste
Chintala V, Godkhe P, Phadtare S, Tadpatrikar M, Pandey JK, Kumar S
590 - 601 Climatic behaviour of solar photovoltaic integrated with phase change material
Khanna S, Reddy KS, Mallick TK
602 - 636 Multi-objective optimization and flexibility analysis of a cogeneration system using thermorisk and thermoeconomic analyses
Safder U, Ifaei P, Yoo C
637 - 647 Design and implementation of a robotic active solar distiller based on a Fresnel concentrator and a photovoltaic system
Palomino-Resendiz SI, Flores-Hernandez DA, Lozada-Castillo N, Guzman-Vargas L, Luviano-Juarez A
648 - 662 Thermodynamic analysis of small-scale externally fired gas turbines and combined cycles using turbo-compound components for energy generation from solid biomass
Amirante R, De Palma P, Distaso E, Tamburrano P
663 - 673 Detailed thermodynamic investigation of an ICE-driven, natural gas-fueled, 1 kWe micro-CHP generator
Taie Z, West B, Szybist J, Edwards D, Thomas J, Huff S, Vishwanathan G, Hagen C
674 - 686 Performance, combustion, and emission characteristics of a diesel engine fueled with Jatropha methyl ester and graphene oxide additives
El-Seesy AI, Hassan H, Ookawar S
687 - 696 Online dynamic conductance estimation based maximum power point tracking of photovoltaic generators
Sitbon M, Lineykin S, Schacham S, Suntio T, Kuperman A
697 - 703 Investigation of a cascade waste heat recovery system based on coupling of steam Rankine cycle and NH3-H2O absorption refrigeration cycle
Liang YC, Shu GQ, Tian H, Sun ZL
704 - 718 Effect of emission from ethylic biodiesel of edible and non-edible vegetable oil, animal fats, waste oil and alcohol in CI engine
Rajak U, Verma TN
719 - 734 Concrete thermal energy storage for linear Fresnel collectors: Exploiting the South Mediterranean's solar potential for agri-food processes
Buscemi A, Panno D, Ciulla G, Beccali M, Lo Brano V
735 - 743 Improving the thermal regulation and efficiency enhancement of PCM-Integrated PV modules using nano particles
Nada SA, El-Nagar DH, Hussein HMS
744 - 757 Effect of rotating twisted tape on thermo-hydraulic performances of nanofluids in heat-exchanger systems
Qi C, Wang GQ, Yan YY, Mei SY, Luo T
758 - 770 Cost competitiveness of a novel PVT-based solar combined heating and power system: Influence of economic parameters and financial incentives
Herrando M, Ramos A, Zabalza I
771 - 771 Novel plasma photocatalysis process for syngas generation via dry reforming of methane (vol 164, pg 417, 2018)
Chung WC, Tsao IY, Chang MB
772 - 772 Net primary productivity, biofuel production and CO2 emissions reduction potential of Ulva sp. (Chlorophyta) biomass in a coastal cPdatcc area of the Eastern Mediterranean (vol 148, pg 1497, 2017)
Chemodanov A, Jinjikhashvily G, Habiby O, Liberzon A, Israel A, Yakhini Z, Golberg A