Energy Conversion and Management

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1 - 13 Numerical investigations on different configurations of a four-channel meso-scale planar combustor fueled by hydrogen/air mixture
Zuo W, Jiaqiang E, Lin RM, Jin Y, Han DD
14 - 21 Energy harvesting performance of hexagonal shaped thermoelectric generator for passenger vehicle applications: An experimental approach
Kim TY, Kwak J, Kim BW
22 - 30 Development of a sequential alkalic salt and dilute acid pretreatment for enhanced sugar recovery from corn cobs
Sewsynker-Sukai Y, Suinyuy TN, Kana EBG
31 - 47 Optimizations of the organic Rankine cycle-based domestic CHP using biomass fuel
Jang Y, Lee J
48 - 59 Numerical investigation of a premixed combustion large marine two-stroke dual fuel engine for optimising engine settings via parametric runs
Mavrelos C, Theotokatos G
60 - 73 Comparison of combined cooling, heating and power (CCHP) systems with different cooling modes based on energetic, environmental and economic criteria
Zhang JX, Cao S, Yu LJ, Zhou YD
74 - 84 Improving fuel economy and performance of a fuel-cell hybrid electric vehicle (fuel-cell, battery, and ultra-capacitor) using optimized energy management strategy
Ahmadi S, Bathaee SMT, Hosseinpour AH
85 - 92 Effect of pulse electrodeposition parameters on electrocatalytic the activity of methanol oxidation and morphology of Pt/C catalyst for direct methanol fuel cells
Ye F, Xu C, Liu G, Yuan MD, Wang ZM, Du XZ, Lee JK
93 - 108 Optimization and parametric analysis of a nanofluid based photovoltaic thermal system: 3D numerical model with experimental validation
Hosseinzadeh M, Salari A, Sardarabadi M, Passandideh-Fard M
109 - 125 Experimental and simulation investigation into the effects of a flat plate deflector on vertical axis wind turbine
Wong KH, Chong WT, Sukiman NL, Shiah YC, Poh SC, Sopian K, Wang WC
126 - 140 Optimising the machining time, deviation and energy consumption through a multi-objective feature sequencing approach
Hu LK, Tang RZ, Liu Y, Cao YL, Tiwari A
141 - 149 Using high-frequency ultrasound waves and nanofluid for increasing the efficiency and cooling performance of a PV module
Rostami Z, Rahimi M, Azimi N
150 - 164 Effect of hydrogen injection strategies on mixture formation and combustion process in a hydrogen direct injection plus natural gas port injection rotary engine
Fan BW, Pan JF, Liu YX, Zhu YJ, Pan ZH, Chen W, Otchere P
165 - 175 Modeling flash boiling breakup phenomena of fuel spray from multi-hole type direct-injection spark-ignition injector for various fuel components
Kim T, Park S
176 - 181 An optimization study of structural size of parameterized thermoelectric generator module on performance
Wang J, Li YL, Zhao C, Cai YX, Zhu L, Zhang CZ, Wang J, Zhao WD, Cao PG
182 - 190 Thermo-economic analysis of a water-heated humidification-dehumidification desalination system with waste heat recovery
He WF, Han D, Zhu WP, Ji C
191 - 208 Simulation of the performance of a solar concentrating photovoltaic-thermal collector, applied in a combined cooling heating and power generation system
Moaleman A, Kasaeian A, Aramesh M, Mahian O, Sahota L, Tiwari GN
209 - 219 Thermal degradation of carbohydrates, proteins and lipids in microalgae analyzed by evolutionary computation
Chen WH, Chu YS, Liu JL, Chang JS
220 - 229 Hybrid-coprecipitation vs. combustion synthesis of Mg-Al spinel based nanocatalyst for efficient biodiesel production
Vahid BR, Haghighi M, Toghiani J, Alaei S
230 - 242 Energy and exergy analyses of a stand-alone HT-PEMFC based trigeneration system for residential applications
Authayanun S, Hacker V
243 - 250 Operation optimization strategy for wind-concentrated solar power hybrid power generation system
Yang Y, Guo S, Liu DY, Li R, Chu YH
251 - 261 Multi-objective exergy-based optimization of continuous glycerol ketalization to synthesize solketal as a biodiesel additive in subcritical acetone
Aghbashlo M, Tabatabaei M, Hosseinpour S, Rastegari H, Ghaziaskar HS
262 - 272 Application of calcium ferrites as oxygen carriers for microalgae chemical looping gasification
Liu GC, Liao YF, Wu YT, Ma XQ
273 - 288 An improved combination approach based on Adaboost algorithm for wind speed time series forecasting
Xiao L, Dong YX, Dong Y
289 - 301 Process simulation and thermodynamic evaluation for chemical looping air separation using fluidized bed reactors
Deng ZK, Jin B, Zhao YL, Gao HX, Huang YQ, Luo X, Liang ZW
302 - 312 Effect of fuel injection characteristics on the performance of a free-piston diesel engine linear generator: CFD simulation and experimental results
Guo CD, Song Y, Feng HH, Zuo ZX, Jia BR, Zhang ZW, Roskilly AP
313 - 325 Optimization of the combined supercritical CO2 cycle and organic Rankine cycle using zeotropic mixtures for gas turbine waste heat recovery
Hou SY, Zhou YD, Yu LJ, Zhang FY, Cao S
326 - 340 Influence of a degraded triple-junction solar cell on the CPV system performances
Renno C, Landi G, Petito F, Neitzert HC
341 - 353 Meta-heuristic optimization for a high-detail smart management of complex energy systems
Facci AL, Ubertini S
354 - 363 Thermodynamic modelling and energy balance of direct methanation of glycerol for Bio-SNG production
White R, Dupont V, Cockerill T
364 - 374 Process optimization, kinetics of production Jatropha curcus methyl ester, and its utilization in single cylinder diesel engine
Yadav M, Upadhyay S, Sharma YC
375 - 383 Microwave pretreatment on microalgae: Effect on thermo-gravimetric analysis and kinetic characteristics in chemical looping gasification
Hu ZF, Jiang EC, Ma XQ
384 - 395 Multi-criteria assessment and optimization study on 5 kW PEMFC based residential CCHP system
Chen X, Zhou HW, Li WB, Yu ZK, Gong GC, Yan YT, Luo L, Wan ZM, Ding YJ
396 - 402 Ammonium and phosphorus recovery and electricity generation from mariculture wastewater by the seawater battery
Jin YC, Fu JL, Chen RY, Zhang QT, Zheng X, Chen X, Liu YX
403 - 410 Characteristics and reaction mechanisms of sludge-derived bio-oil produced through microwave pyrolysis at different temperatures
Lin JH, Sun SC, Ma R, Fang L, Zhang PX, Qu JL, Zhang XH, Geng HH, Huang XF
411 - 425 Proposal and analysis of two novel integrated configurations for hybrid solar-biomass power generation systems: Thermodynamic and economic evaluation
Sarkis RB, Zare V
426 - 438 Experimental and computational study on the effects of injection timing on thermodynamics, combustion and emission characteristics of a natural gas (NG)-diesel dual fuel engine at low speed and low load
Shu J, Fu JQ, Liu JP, Zhang L, Zhao ZC
439 - 454 Integrated operation of renewable energy sources and water resources
Tsai YC, Chan YK, Ko FK, Yang JT
455 - 466 Combined heat and power generation with lime production for direct air capture
Hanak DP, Manovic V
467 - 476 Finned heat pipe assisted low melting point metal PCM heat sink against extremely high power thermal shock
Yang XH, Tan SC, He ZZ, Liu J
477 - 485 Biodiesel synthesis over biochar-based catalyst from biomass waste pomelo peel
Zhao C, Lv PM, Yang LM, Xing SY, Luo W, Wang ZM
486 - 494 Investigation of micro-combined heat and power application of PEM fuel cell systems
Budak Y, Devrim Y
495 - 508 Lifecycle cost and CO2 emissions of residential heat and electricity prosumers in Finland and the Netherlands
Delgado BM, Kotireddy R, Cao SL, Hasan A, Hoes PJ, Hensen JLM, Siren K
509 - 517 Acidogenic fermentation of wheat straw after chemical and microbial pretreatment for biofuel applications
Tsafrakidou P, Bekatorou A, Koutinas AA, Kordulis C, Banat IM, Petsi T, Sotiriou M