Energy Conversion and Management

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ISSN: 0196-8904 (Print) 

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1 - 11 Design and experiment of hybridized electromagnetic-triboelectric energy harvester using Halbach magnet array from handshaking vibration
Salauddin M, Rasel MS, Kim JW, Park JY
12 - 21 Performance improvement of steam ejectors under designed parameters with auxiliary entrainment and structure optimization for high energy efficiency
Tang YZ, Liu ZL, Li YX, Shi C, Wu HQ
22 - 33 Thermal optimization of composite PCM based large-format lithium-ion battery modules under extreme operating conditions
Wu WX, Wu W, Wang SF
34 - 47 Levelized cost of electricity for photovoltaic/biogas power plant hybrid system with electrical energy storage degradation costs
Lai CS, Jia YW, Xu Z, Lai LL, Li XC, Cao J, McCulloch MD
48 - 59 Genetically engineered hybrid poplars for the pyrolytic production of bio-oil: Pyrolysis characteristics and kinetics
Vo TK, Cho JS, Kim SS, Ko JH, Kim J
60 - 70 An improved modeling for low-grade organic Rankine cycle coupled with optimization design of radial-inflow turbine
Zhai LJ, Xu GQ, Wen J, Quan YK, Fu J, Wu HW, Li TT
71 - 82 Investigating the effect of geometrical parameters of an optimized wind turbine blade in turbulent flow
Tahani M, Maeda T, Babayan N, Mehrnia S, Shadmehri M, Li Q, Fahimi R, Masdari M
83 - 92 Pyrolysis study of waste cable hose with thermogravimetry/Fourier transform infrared/mass spectrometry analysis
Chen RY, Lu SX, Zhang Y, Lo SM
93 - 105 Efficient optimization of a longitudinal finned heat pipe structure for a latent thermal energy storage system
Pan CJ, Vermaak N, Romer C, Neti S, Hoenig S, Chen CH
106 - 114 Numerical study of a novel miniature compound parabolic concentrating photovoltaic/thermal collector with microencapsulated phase change slurry
Liu LK, Jia YT, Lin YX, Alva G, Fang GY
115 - 128 Experimental and numerical investigation on the performance of carbon-based nanoenhanced phase change materials for thermal management applications
Bahiraei F, Fartaj A, Nazri GA
129 - 143 A novel framework for optimal photovoltaic size and location in remote areas using a hybrid method: A case study of eastern Iran
Maleki A, Pourfayaz F, Hafeznia H, Rosen MA
144 - 156 New radial turbine dynamic modelling in a low-temperature adiabatic compressed air energy storage system discharging process
He W, Wang JH, Ding YL
157 - 162 Theoretical analyses of pressure losses in organic Rankine cycles
Lei B, Wu YT, Ma CF, Wang W, Zhi RP
163 - 174 Steam gasification of biochar derived from elephant grass pyrolysis in a screw reactor
Ferreira SD, Lazzarotto IP, Junges J, Manera C, Godinho M, Osorio E
175 - 187 Multi-scale multi-objective optimization and uncertainty analysis of methane-fed solid oxide fuel cells using Monte Carlo simulations
Gholaminezhad I, Jafarpur K, Paydar MH, Karimi G
188 - 214 Assessment of the productive efficiency of large wind farms in the United States: An application of two-stage data envelopment analysis
Saglam U
215 - 223 Preparation and investigation of the heat transfer properties of a novel nanofluid based on graphene quantum dots
Ettefaghi E, Ghobadian B, Rashidi A, Najafi G, Khoshtaghaza MH, Pourhashem S
224 - 242 A comprehensive approach to find the performance map of a heat pump using experiment and soft computing methods
Moradi MH, Sohani A, Zabihigivi M, Wirbser H
243 - 256 Development of a fuel management model for a multi-source district heating system under multi-uncertainty and multi-dimensional constraints
Fu DZ, Zheng ZY, Gui J, Xiao R, Huang GH, Li YP
257 - 277 A renewable energies-assisted sustainable development plan for Iran using techno-econo-socio-environmental multivariate analysis and big data
Ifaei P, Karbassi A, Lee S, Yoo C
278 - 287 Performance evaluation of a flat-plate solar collector filled with porous metal foam: Experimental and numerical analysis
Saedodin S, Zamzamian SAH, Nimvari ME, Wongwises S, Jouybari HJ
288 - 303 CFD based investigations for the design of severe service control valves used in energy systems
Asim T, Charlton M, Mishra R
304 - 312 Experimental study of the influence of exhaust gas recirculation on heat transfer in the firedeck of a direct injection diesel engine
Torregrosa AJ, Broatch A, Olmeda P, Salvador-Iborra J, Warey A
313 - 322 Optimization of a three-bed adsorption chiller by genetic algorithms and neural networks
Krzywanski J, Grabowska K, Herman F, Pyrka P, Sosnowski M, Prauzner T, Nowak W
323 - 334 Thermal performance of loop heat pipes with smooth and rough porous copper fiber sintered sheets
Ling WS, Zhou W, Yu W, Liu RL, Hui KS
335 - 345 Influence of the number of injections on piston heat rejection under low temperature combustion conditions in an optical compression-ignition engine
Tanov S, Salvador-Iborra J, Andersson O, Olmeda P, Garcia A
346 - 361 Decomposing core energy factor structure of US commercial buildings through clustering around latent variables with Random Forest on large-scale mixed data
Wang ED
362 - 373 Experimental study of a latent heat thermal energy storage system assisted by a heat pipe network
Tiari S, Mandavi M, Qiu SG
374 - 390 Impact of integrating desiccant dehumidification processes to conventional AC system on urban microclimate and energy use in Beirut city
Ghaddar Z, Ghali K, Ghaddar N
391 - 408 Optimisation of stand-alone hybrid CHP systems meeting electric and heating loads
Das BK, Al-Abdeli YM
409 - 422 Deterministic and probabilistic forecasting of photovoltaic power based on deep convolutional neural network
Wang HZ, Yi HY, Peng JC, Wang GB, Liu YT, Jiang H, Liu WX
423 - 434 Techno-economic evaluation of solar-based thermal energy storage systems
Thaker S, Oni AO, Kumar A
435 - 445 Energetic analyses of installing SOFC co-generation systems with EV charging equipment in Japanese cafeteria
Tanaka T, Kamiko H, Akiba K, Ito S, Osaki H, Yashiro M, Inui Y
446 - 454 Preparation and catalytic performance in esterification of a bamboo-based heterogeneous acid catalyst with microwave assistance
Ning YL, Niu SL
455 - 461 The effect of wind direction on the performance of solar PV plants
Vasel A, Iakovidis F
462 - 472 Magnetically recyclable basic polymeric ionic liquids for efficient transesterification of Firmiana platanifolia L.f. oil into biodiesel
Zhang H, Li H, Pan H, Wang AP, Xu CB, Yang S
473 - 481 Co-gasification of municipal solid waste with high alkali coal char in a three-stage gasifier
Hu BH, Huang QX, Buekens A, Chi Y, Yan JH
482 - 492 Solar thermal pyrolysis of non-edible seeds to biofuels and their feasibility assessment
Chintala V, Kumar S, Pandey JK, Sharma AK, Kumar S
493 - 503 Process design of biodiesel production: Hybridization of ester- and transesterification in a single reactive distillation
Petchsoongsakul N, Ngaosuwan K, Kiatkittipong W, Aiouache F, Assabumrungrat S
504 - 514 Improved correlations of the thermal-hydraulic performance of large size multi-louvered fin arrays for condensers of high power electronic component cooling by numerical simulation
Deng J
515 - 525 An innovative solar-powered absorption refrigeration system combined with liquid desiccant dehumidification for cooling and water
Su BS, Han W, Jin HG
526 - 537 Micro-kinetic modeling study of dry reforming of methane over the Ni-based catalyst
Xie ZH, Liao QK, Liu MQ, Yang ZQ, Zhang L
538 - 556 Thermodynamic evaluation and multi-objective optimization of molten carbonate fuel cell-supercritical CO2 Brayton cycle hybrid system
Jokar MA, Ahmadi MH, Sharifpur M, Meyer JP, Pourfayaz F, Ming TZ
557 - 565 Experimental study on thermo-hydraulic performances of CPU cooled by nanofluids
Qi C, Hu JD, Liu MN, Guo LX, Rao ZH
566 - 575 Experimental investigation on the feasibility of industrial methane production in the subsurface environment via microbial activities in northern Hokkaido, Japan - A process involving subsurface cultivation and gasification
Aramaki N, Tamamura S, Ueno A, Badrul AAKM, Murakami T, Tamazawa S, Yamaguchi S, Aoyama H, Kaneko K
576 - 588 Experimental and theoretical analysis of glazed tube-and-sheet photovoltaic/thermal system with earth water heat exchanger cooling
Jakhar S, Soni MS
589 - 602 Multi-step ahead wind speed forecasting using a hybrid model based on two-stage decomposition technique and AdaBoost-extreme learning machine
Peng T, Zhou JZ, Zhang C, Zheng Y
603 - 615 Field test and numerical investigation on the heat transfer characteristics and optimal design of the heat exchangers of a deep borehole ground source heat pump system
Wang ZH, Wang FH, Liu J, Ma ZJ, Han E, Song MJ
616 - 626 Comparative exergoeconomic evaluation of the latest generation of combined-cycle power plants
Blumberg T, Assar M, Morosuk T, Tsatsaronis G
627 - 640 Thermodynamic analysis of organic Rankine cycle used for flue gases from biogas combustion
Mudasar R, Aziz F, Kim MH
641 - 648 Modeling downdraft biomass gasification process by restricting chemical reaction equilibrium with Aspen Plus
Han J, Liang Y, Hu J, Qin LB, Street J, Lu YW, Yu F
649 - 658 Stable poly (ionic liquid) with unique crosslinked microsphere structure as efficient catalyst for transesterification of soapberry oil to biodiesel
Feng YY, Li L, Wang X, Yang JB, Qiu T
659 - 670 Prediction of NOx emissions for high speed DI Diesel engines using a semi-empirical, two-zone model
Provataris SA, Savva NS, Chountalas TD, Hountalas DT
671 - 682 Next generation prediction model for daily solar radiation on horizontal surface using a hybrid neural network and simulated annealing method
Mousavi SM, Mostafavi ES, Jiao PC