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1 - 11 Frosting characteristics on hydrophobic and superhydrophobic surfaces: A review
Kim MH, Kim H, Lee KS, Kim DR
12 - 21 Effects of the generator and evaporator temperature differences on a double absorption heat transformer-Different control strategies on utilizing heat sources
Wang HZ, Li HS, Bu XB, Wang LB
22 - 29 Experimental investigation non-premixed methane/air combustion in Y-shaped meso-scale combustors with/without fibrous porous media
Ning DG, Liu Y, Xiang Y, Fan AW
30 - 37 Design and experimental investigation of a low-voltage thermoelectric energy harvesting system for wireless sensor nodes
Guan MJ, Wang KP, Xu DZ, Liao WH
38 - 44 Experimental study of enhancing heating performance of the air-source heat pump by using a novel heat recovery device designed for reusing the energy of the compressor shell
Huang B, Jian QF, Luo LZ, Zhao J
45 - 53 Efficient production of biodiesel with promising fuel properties from Koelreuteria integrifoliola oil using a magnetically recyclable acidic ionic liquid
Zhang H, Li H, Pan H, Liu XF, Yang KL, Huang S, Yang S
54 - 60 A gradient activation method for direct methanol fuel cells
Liu G, Yang ZY, Halim M, Li XY, Wang MX, Kim JY, Mei Q, Wang XD, Lee JK
61 - 76 Heading towards the nZEB through CHP plus HP systems. A comparison between retrofit solutions able to increase the energy performance for the heating and domestic hot water production in residential buildings
Salata F, Golasi I, Domestico U, Banditelli M, Lo Basso G, Nastasi B, Vollaro AD
77 - 83 Fatty acid methyl esters synthesis from non-edible vegetable oils using supercritical methanol and methyl tert-butyl ether
Lamba N, Modak JM, Madras G
84 - 96 Non-steady experimental investigation on an integrated thermal management system for power battery with phase change materials
Shi S, Xie YQ, Li M, Yuan YP, Yu JZ, Wu HW, Liu B, Liu N
97 - 105 Thermo-ecological performance analysis of a Joule-Brayton cycle (JBC) turbine with considerations of heat transfer losses and temperature dependent specific heats
Gonca G, Sahin B
106 - 118 Effects of the cellulose, xylan and lignin constituents on biomass pyrolysis characteristics and bio-oil composition using the Simplex Lattice Mixture Design method
Fan YS, Cai YX, Li XH, Jiao LH, Xia JS, Deng XL
119 - 130 Experimental characterization of a concentrating photovoltaic system varying the light concentration
Renno C, Petito F, Landi G, Neitzert HC
131 - 147 Three-objective optimization of a novel triple-effect absorption heat transformer combined with a water desalination system
Mahmoudi SMS, Salehi S, Yari M
148 - 155 The feasibility of solid sorption heat pipe for heat transfer
Yu Y, Wang LW, Jiang L, Gao P, Wang RZ
156 - 161 Maximal continuous power output and parametric optimum design of an electrochemical system driven by low-grade heat
Wang Y, Cai L, Peng WL, Zhou YH, Chen JC
162 - 170 Experimental study on solidification process of a phase change material containing TiO2 nanoparticles for thermal energy storage
Motahar S, Alemrajabi AA, Khodabandeh R
171 - 182 Harnessing thermoelectric power from transient heat sources: Waste heat recovery from silicon production
Savani I, Waage MH, Borset M, Kjelstrup S, Wilhelmsen O
183 - 189 Upgrading of glycerol from biodiesel synthesis with dimethyl carbonate on reusable Sr-Al mixed oxide catalysts
Algoufi YT, Akpan UG, Kabir G, Asif M, Hameed BH
190 - 198 Stochastic analysis of residential micro combined heat and power system
Karami H, Sanjari MJ, Gooi HB, Gharehpetian GB, Guerrero JM
199 - 209 Multi-objective optimization and exergoeconomic analysis of a combined cooling, heating and power based compressed air energy storage system
Yao ER, Wang HR, Wang LG, Xi G, Marechal F
210 - 223 A novel cascade organic Rankine cycle (ORC) system for waste heat recovery of truck diesel engines
Chen T, Zhuge WL, Zhang YJ, Zhang L
224 - 236 CFD wind turbines wake assessment in complex topography
Nedjari HD, Guerri O, Saighi M
237 - 247 Parametric optimization designs of a thermoelectric refrigeration device existing Zeeman and Coulomb effects
Zhang GP, Lin BH, Wu GC
248 - 260 Improvement of xylose recovery from the stalks of oil palm fronds using inorganic salt and oxidative agent
Loow YL, Wu TY, Lim YS, Tan KA, Siow LF, Jahim JM, Mohammad AW
261 - 272 Pyrolysis of biofuels of the future: Sewage sludge and microalgae -Thermogravimetric analysis and modelling of the pyrolysis under different temperature conditions
Soria-Verdugo A, Goos E, Morato-Godino A, Garcia-Hernando N, Riedel U
273 - 285 Construction and experimental verification of a novel flexible thermal control system configuration for the autonomous on-orbit services of space missions
Guo W, Li YH, Li YZ, Wang SN, Zhong ML, Wang JX, Zhang JX
286 - 298 Augmentation of thermal efficiency of the glass evacuated solar tube collector with coaxial heat pipe with different refrigerants and filling ratio
Kabeel AE, Dawood MMK, Shehata AI
299 - 311 Modeling, simulation, parametric study and economic assessment of reciprocating internal combustion engine integrated with multi-effect desalination unit
Salimi M, Amidpour M
312 - 326 Full-scale multi-ejector module: for a carbon dioxide supermarket refrigeration system: Numerical study of performance evaluation
Bodys J, Palacz M, Haida M, Smolka J, Nowak AJ, Banasiak K, Hafner A
327 - 337 Quality improvement of biodiesel blends using different promising fuel additives to reduce fuel consumption and NO emission from CI engine
Imdadul HK, Rashed MM, Shahin MM, Masjuki HH, Kalam MA, Kamruzzaman M, Rashedul HK
338 - 345 Evaluating the susceptibility of pyrolysis of monosaccharide, disaccharide, and polysaccharide to CO2
Lee J, Tsang YF, Oh JI, Lee SR, Kwon EE
346 - 359 Effects of varying composition of biogas on performance and emission characteristics of compression ignition engine using exergy analysis
Verma S, Das LM, Kaushik SC
360 - 374 Upgrading versus reforming: an energy and exergy analysis of two Solid Oxide Fuel Cell-based systems for a convenient biogas-to-electricity conversion
Baldinelli A, Barelli L, Bidini G
375 - 382 Dynamic modeling and dynamical analysis of pump-turbines in S-shaped regions during runaway operation
Zhang H, Chen DY, Wu CZ, Wang XY, Lee JM, Jung KH
383 - 392 A cost-emission model for fuel cell/PV/battery hybrid energy system in the presence of demand response program: c-constraint method and fuzzy satisfying approach
Nojavan S, Majidi M, Najafi-Ghalelou A, Ghahramani M, Zare K
393 - 399 Behenic acid pyrolysis to produce diesel-like hydrocarbons
Xu ZX, Liu P, Xu GS, He ZX, Ji HS, Wang Q
400 - 412 An explicit I-V model for photovoltaic module technologies
Boutana N, Mellit A, Haddad S, Rabhi A, Pavan AM
413 - 425 A novel hybrid model for hourly global solar radiation prediction using random forests technique and firefly algorithm
Ibrahim IA, Khatib T
426 - 434 Second-law-based analysis of vapor-compression refrigeration cycles: Analytical equations for COP and new insights into features of refrigerants
Ma WW, Fang S, Su B, Xue XP, Li M
435 - 451 Experimental and numerical approaches for the quantification of tumble intensity in high-performance SI engines
Baratta M, Misul D, Spessa E, Viglione L, Carpegna G, Perna F
452 - 460 Non-isothermal kinetics of biomass-pyrolysis-derived-tar (BPDT) thermal decomposition via thermogravimetric analysis
Xu TT, Xu F, Hu ZQ, Chen ZH, Xiao B
461 - 473 Techno-economic optimization for the design of solar chimney power plants
Ali B
474 - 485 Conventional and advanced exergoeconomic analyses applied to ethylene refrigeration system of an existing olefin plant
Palizdar A, Sadrameli SM
486 - 492 Experimental investigation on the thermal performance of heat pipe-assisted phase change material based battery thermal management system
Wu WX, Yang XQ, Zhang GQ, Chen K, Wang SF
493 - 510 Thermodynamic modelling and analysis of a solar organic Rankine cycle employing thermofluids
Helvaci HU, Khan ZA
511 - 517 Process systems engineering studies for catalytic production of bio-based platform molecules from lignocellulosic biomass
Han J
518 - 525 Experimental study of a novel integrated system of indirect evaporative cooler with internal baffles and evaporative condenser
Kabeel AE, Bassuoni MM, Abdelgaied M
526 - 537 Experimental investigation on a Common Rail Diesel engine partially fuelled by syngas
Rinaldini CA, Allesina G, Pedrazzi S, Mattarelli E, Savioli T, Morselli N, Puglia M, Tartarini P
538 - 546 A control oriental model for-combined compression-ejector refrigeration system
Liu JP, Wang L, Jia L, Li Z, Zhao HX
547 - 555 Transesterification of vegetable oil using stable natural diatomite-supported catalyst
Shan R, Zhao C, Yuan HR, Wang SX, Wang YZ
556 - 564 Biodiesel production from waste cooking oil in a. magnetically fluidized bed reactor using whole-cell biocatalysts
Chen GY, Liu J, Yao JG, Qi Y, Yan BB
565 - 576 Influence of swirl ratio on fuel distribution and cyclic variation under flash boiling conditions in a spark ignition direct injection gasoline engine
Yang J, Xu M, Hung DLS, Wu Q, Dong X
577 - 586 Intensification of monostearin (phase change material) synthesis in infrared radiated rotating reactor: Optimization and heterogeneous kinetics
Karan P, Mukhopadhyay P, Chakraborty R
587 - 602 A novel probabilistic wind speed forecasting based on combination of the adaptive ensemble of on-line sequential ORELM (Outlier Robust Extreme Learning Machine) and TVMCF (time-varying mixture copula function)
Peng XG, Zheng WQ, Zhang D, Liu Y, Lu D, Lin LX
603 - 626 A review of recent research on the use of zeotropic mixtures in power generation systems
Modi A, Haglind F
627 - 637 Low cost guinea fowl bone derived recyclable heterogeneous catalyst for microwave assisted transesterification of Annona squamosa L. seed oil
Singh V, Sharma YC
638 - 650 A moist air condensing device for sustainable energy production and water generation
Ming TZ, Gong TR, de Richter RK, Wu YJ, Liu W
651 - 658 Experimental investigation on an innovative resorption system for energy storage and upgrade
Jiang L, Wang LW, Wang RZ, Zhu FQ, Lu YJ, Roskilly AP
659 - 669 Optimal energy management of the smart parking lot under demand response program in the presence of the electrolyser and fuel cell as hydrogen storage system
Jannati J, Nazarpour D
670 - 685 Case study of an organic Rankine cycle applied for excess heat recovery: Technical, economic and policy matters
Lemmens S, Lecompte S
686 - 697 Intelligent dimensional and thermal performance analysis of Al2O3 nanofluid
Wang RT, Wang JC
698 - 699 Comments on "Introduction of an energy efficiency tool for small scale biomass gasifiers - A thermodynamic approach" (S. Vakalis, F. Patuzzi, M. Baratieri, Energy Conyers. Manage. 131 (2017) 1-9)
Awad MM
700 - 702 Reply and closure to comments on "Introduction of an energy efficiency tool for small scale biomass gasifiers - A thermodynamic approach"
Vakalis S, Patuzzi F, Baratieri M