Energy Conversion and Management

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ISSN: 0196-8904 (Print) 

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1 - 11 Analysis of utilizing Graphene nanoplatelets to enhance thermal performance of flat plate solar collectors
Ahmadi A, Ganji DD, Jafarkazemi F
12 - 19 Energy, exergy, economic and environmental (4E) analysis of a solar desalination system with humidification-dehumidification
Deniz E, Cinar S
20 - 31 Aero-economical optimization of Wells turbine rotor geometry
Shaaban S
32 - 41 Optimal biodiesel-additive synthesis under infrared excitation using pork bone supported-Sb catalyst: Engine performance and emission analyses
Chakraborty R, Mukhopadhyay P, Kumar B
42 - 50 Review and validation of Solar Thermal Electricity potential methodologies
Navarro AA, Ramirez L, Dominguez P, Blanco M, Polo J, Zarza E
51 - 59 Exergy costs analysis of water desalination and purification techniques by transfer functions
Carrasquer B, Martinez-Gracia A, Uche J
60 - 75 Solar parabolic dish Stirling engine system design, simulation, and thermal analysis
Hafez AZ, Soliman A, El-Metwally KA, Ismail IM
76 - 88 Thermodynamic analysis of combined cycle under design/off-design conditions for its efficient design and operation
Zhang GQ, Zheng JZ, Xie AJ, Yang YP, Liu WY
89 - 98 Design and experimental investigation of a stretched parabolic linear Fresnel reflector collecting system
Zhu YQ, Shi JF, Li YJ, Wang LL, Huang QZ, Xu G
99 - 109 Comparison of the performance of two different Dual-loop organic Rankine cycles (DORC) with nanofluid for engine waste heat recovery
Huang HZ, Zhu J, Yan B
110 - 123 The influence of different parameters on biomass gasification in circulating fluidized bed gasifiers
Mirmoshtaghi G, Skvaril J, Campana PE, Li H, Thorin E, Dahlquist E
124 - 131 Synthesis and characterization of Fe2O3/CaO derived from Anadara Granosa for methyl ester production
Ezzah-Mahmudah S, Lokman IM, Saiman MI, Taufiq-Yap YH
132 - 141 A comparison between two methods of generating power, heat and refrigeration via biomass based Solid Oxide Fuel Cell: A thermodynamic and environmental analysis
Mortazaei M, Rahimi M
142 - 157 Optimal day-ahead operational planning of microgrids
Hosseinnezhad V, Rafiee M, Ahmadian M, Siano P
158 - 167 Experimental investigation on the evaporation of a wet porous layer inside a vertical channel with resolution of the heat equation by inverse method
Terzi A, Foudhil W, Harmand S, Ben Jabrallah S
168 - 176 Dynamic tests and adaptive control of a bottoming organic Rankine cycle of IC engine using swash-plate expander
Torregrosa A, Galindo J, Dolz V, Royo-Pascual L, Haller R, Melis J
177 - 204 Recent progresses and achievements in photovoltaic-phase change material technology: A review with special treatment on photovoltaic thermal-phase change material systems
Islam MM, Pandey AK, Hasanuzzaman M, Rahim NA
205 - 209 Parametric characteristics of a solar thermophotovoltaic system at the maximum efficiency
Liao TJ, Chen XH, Yang ZM, Lin BH, Chen JC
210 - 216 Experimental study on transient cooling characteristics of a realistic thermoelectric module under a current pulse operation
Ma M, Yu JL
217 - 227 Advanced exergy analysis for a bottoming organic rankine cycle coupled to an internal combustion engine
Galindo J, Ruiz S, Dolz V, Royo-Pascual L
228 - 246 Effect of non-condensable gas on heat transfer in steam turbine condenser and modelling of ejector pump system by controlling the gas extraction rate through extraction tubes
Strusnik D, Golob M, Avsec J
247 - 255 Design and development of a parametrically excited nonlinear energy harvester
Yildirim TJ, Ghayesh MH, Li WH, Alici G
256 - 265 Synthetic natural gas production by sorption enhanced steam hydrogasification based processes for improving CH4 yield and mitigating CO2 emissions
Liu ZZ, Norbeck JM, Raju ASK, Kim SY, Park CS
266 - 277 The influence of inner topology of exhaust heat exchanger and thermoelectric module distribution on the performance of automotive thermoelectric generator
Wang YP, Li SA, Zhang YF, Yang X, Deng YD, Su CQ
278 - 289 A methodology for calculating photovoltaic field output and effect of solar tracking strategy
Hu YG, Yao YX
290 - 301 Thermodynamic performance optimization of the absorption-generation process in an absorption refrigeration cycle
Chen Y, Han W, Jin HG
302 - 315 Methane decomposition into COx free hydrogen and multiwalled carbon nanotubes over ceria, zirconia and lanthana supported nickel catalysts prepared via a facile solid state citrate fusion method
Pudukudy M, Yaakob Z, Takriff MS
316 - 328 Performance assessment of a solar powered ammonia-water absorption refrigeration system with storage units
Khan MMA, Ibrahim NI, Saidur R, Mahbubul IM, Al-Sulaiman FA
329 - 341 Conceptual insights to debottleneck the Network Pinch in heat-integrated crude oil distillation systems without topology modifications
Gadalla MA, Abdelaziz OY, Ashour FH
342 - 351 Heat transfer measurement in a three-phase spray column direct contact heat exchanger for utilisation in energy recovery from low-grade sources
Baqir AS, Mahood HB, Hameed MS, Campbell AN
352 - 361 Conceptual energy and water recovery system for self-sustained nano membrane toilet
Hanak DP, Kolios AJ, Onabanjo T, Wagland ST, Patchigolla K, Fidalgo B, Manovic V, McAdam E, Parker A, Williams L, Tyrrel S, Cartmell E
362 - 372 Urea-nitrate combustion synthesis of MgO/MgAl2O4 nanocatalyst used in biodiesel production from sunflower oil: Influence of fuel ratio on catalytic properties and performance
Vahid BR, Haghighi M
373 - 384 Low grade heat driven adsorption system for cooling and power generation using advanced adsorbent materials
Al-Mousawi FN, Al-Dadah R, Mahmoud S
385 - 399 Comparing multi-objective non-evolutionary NLPQL and evolutionary genetic algorithm optimization of a DI diesel engine: DoE estimation and creating surrogate model
Navid A, Khalilarya S, Taghavifar H
400 - 410 Numerical investigation of the performances of axial separation helical baffle heat exchangers
Tang HL, Chen YP, Wu JF, Yang SF
411 - 420 Techno-economic assessment of biogas plant upgrading by adsorption of hydrogen sulfide on treated sewage-sludge
Aguilera PG, Ortiz FJG
421 - 433 Energetic and financial investigation of a stand-alone solar-thermal Organic Rankine Cycle power plant
Tzivanidis C, Bellos E, Antonopoulos KA
434 - 445 Evaluation of an alkaline fuel cell system as a micro-CHP
Verhaert I, Mulder G, De Paepe M
446 - 462 Optimised operation of an off-grid hybrid wind-diesel-battery system using genetic algorithm
Gan LK, Shek JKH, Mueller MA
463 - 472 Long term planning and hedging for a lignocellulosic biorefinery in a carbon constrained world
Cheng LF, Martinez MG, Anderson CL
473 - 487 Synchronous buck converter based low-cost and high-efficiency sub-module DMPPT PV system under partial shading conditions
Luo HY, Wen HQ, Li XS, Jiang L, Hu YH
488 - 496 Preparation and esterification performance of sulfonated coal-based heterogeneous acid catalyst for methyl oleate production
Yu HW, Niu SL, Lu CM, Li J, Yang YZ
497 - 508 A RCCI operational limits assessment in a medium duty compression ignition engine using an adapted compression ratio
Benajes J, Pastor JV, Garcia A, Boronat V
509 - 515 A comparative study of biomass pellet and biomass-sludge mixed pellet: Energy input and pellet properties
Jiang LB, Yuan XZ, Xiao ZH, Liang J, Li H, Cao L, Wang H, Chen XH, Zeng GM
516 - 525 Experimental and theoretical model of a concentrating photovoltaic and thermal system
Renno C, Petito F
526 - 536 Numerical and experimental investigation of a novel configuration of indirect evaporative cooler with internal baffles
Kabeel AE, Abdelgaied M
537 - 547 Structure and reactivity of ZSM-5 supported oxalate ligand functionalized nano-Fe catalyst for low temperature direct methane conversion to methanol
Ayodele OB
548 - 560 A thermal energy storage system provided with an adsorption module -Dynamic modeling and viability study
Fernandes MS, Brites GJVN, Costa JJ, Gaspar AR, Costa VAF
561 - 572 An exergoeconomic assessment of waste heat recovery from a Gas Turbine-Modular Helium Reactor using two transcritical CO2 cycles
Wang XR, Dai YP
573 - 580 Real-time dynamic analysis for complete loop of direct steam generation solar trough collector
Guo S, Liu DY, Chu YH, Chen XY, Shen BB, Xu C, Zhou L, Wang P
581 - 594 Optimization of a waste heat recovery system with thermoelectric generators by three-dimensional thermal resistance analysis
Huang GY, Hsu CT, Fang CJ, Yao DJ
595 - 607 Fuel cell-grade hydrogen production from methanol over sonochemical coprecipitated copper based nanocatalyst: Influence of irradiation power and time on catalytic properties and performance
Hosseini T, Haghighi M, Ajamein H
608 - 621 Development of an active solar humidification-dehumidification (HDH) desalination system integrated with geothermal energy
Elminshawy NAS, Siddiqui FR, Addas MF
622 - 631 Thermal performance of lithium-ion battery thermal management system by using mini-channel cooling
Qian Z, Li YM, Rao ZH
632 - 637 Screening of hydrocarbons as supercritical ORCs working fluids by thermal stability
Dai XY, Shi L, An QS, Qian WZ
638 - 648 Optimization of combustion chamber geometry and operating conditions for compression ignition engine fueled with pre-blended gasoline-diesel fuel
Lee S, Jeon J, Park S
649 - 661 Improved flexibility with large-scale variable renewable power in cities through optimal demand side management and power-to-heat conversion
Salpakari J, Mikkola J, Lund PD
662 - 672 Performance analysis of wind turbines at low tip-speed ratio using the Betz-Goldstein model
Vaz JRP, Wood DH
673 - 685 Fabrication and characterization of a new enhanced hybrid shell microPCM for thermal energy storage
Han PJ, Qiu XL, Lu LX, Pan L
686 - 696 Effects of upgrading systems on energy conversion efficiency of a gasifier - fuel cell - gas turbine power plant
Pedrazzi S, Allesina G, Tartarini P
697 - 703 A study on anode diffusion layer for performance enhancement of a direct methanol fuel cell
Liu G, Li XY, Wang M, Wang MX, Kim JY, Woo JY, Wang XD, Lee JK
704 - 716 Analysis of organic Rankine cycles using zeotropic mixtures as working fluids under different restrictive conditions
Lu JL, Zhang J, Chen SL, Pu YM
717 - 723 A new model for coal gasification on pressurized bubbling fluidized bed gasifiers
Sanchez C, Arenas E, Chejne F, Londono CA, Cisneros S, Quintana JC
724 - 735 A simplified model exploration research of new anisotropic diffuse radiation model
Yao WX, Li ZR, Wang X, Zhao Q, Zhang ZG, Lin L
736 - 747 The role of the design and operation of individual heating systems for the energy retrofits of residential buildings
Teres-Zubiaga J, Campos-Celador A, Gonzalez-Pino I, Diarce G
748 - 758 Selection of time window for wind power ramp prediction based on risk model
Zha XM, Ouyang TH, Qin L, Xiong Y, Huang HM
759 - 766 Performance investigation of a wind turbine-solar photovoltaic panels-fuel cell hybrid system installed at Incek region - Ankara, Turkey
Devrim Y, Bilir L
767 - 773 A novel photobioreactor creating fluctuating light from solar energy for a higher light-to-biomass conversion efficiency
Iluz D, Abu-Ghosh S
774 - 789 The optimization of integration modes in solar aided power generation (SAPG) system
Wu JJ, Hou HJ, Yang YP
790 - 798 A computational procedure to define the incidence angle on airfoils rotating around an axis orthogonal to flow direction
Bianchini A, Balduzzi F, Ferrara G, Ferrari L
799 - 810 Exergy analysis of single effect absorption refrigeration systems: The heat exchange aspect
Joybari MM, Haghighat F
811 - 825 Theoretical investigation of the performance of integrated seawater desalination plant utilizing renewable energy
Ismail TM, Azab AK, Elkady MA, Elnasr MMA
826 - 836 Assessment of ANN and SVM models for estimating normal direct irradiation (H-b)
dos Santos CM, Escobedo JF, Teramoto ET, da Silva SHMG
837 - 849 Thermal analysis of double-pipe heat exchanger in thermodynamic vent system
Liu Z, Li YZ, Zhou K
850 - 861 Advanced exergy analyses of an ejector expansion transcritical CO2 refrigeration system
Bai T, Yu JL, Yan G
862 - 874 Computational and experimental optimization of the exhaust air energy recovery wind turbine generator
Tabatabaeikia S, Ghazali NNB, Chong WT, Shahizare B, Izadyar N, Esmaeilzadeh A, Fazlizan A
875 - 888 Enhancement of energy performance in a boil-off gas re-liquefaction system of LNG carriers using ejectors
Tan HB, Zhao QX, Sun NN, Li YZ
889 - 897 Numerical and experimental investigation on latent thermal energy storage system with spiral coil tube and paraffin/expanded graphite composite PCM
Chen CX, Zhang H, Gao XN, Xu T, Fang YT, Zhang ZG
898 - 908 Conceptual design and techno-economic evaluation of efficient oil shale refinery processes ingratiated with oil and gas products upgradation
Yang QC, Qian Y, Zhou HR, Yang SY
909 - 922 Optimal hybrid renewable energy design in autonomous system using Modified Electric System Cascade Analysis and Homer software
Zahboune H, Zouggar S, Krajacic G, Varbanov PS, Elhafyani M, Ziani E
923 - 934 Thermo-catalytic decomposition of methane: The effect of reaction parameters on process design and the utilization possibilities of the produced carbon
Keipi T, Tolvanen KES, Tolvanen H, Konttinen J
935 - 943 Conceptual development of a novel photovoltaic-thermoelectric system and preliminary economic analysis
Li GQ, Zhao XD, Ji J
944 - 959 Integration of an atmospheric solid oxide fuel cell - gas turbine system with reverse osmosis for distributed seawater desalination in a process facility
Eveloy V, Rodgers P, Qiu LY
960 - 970 Bioenergy for District Bioheating System (DBS) from eucalyptus residues in a European coal-producing region
Paredes-Sanchez JP, Lopez-Ochoa LM, Lopez-Gonzalez LM, Xiberta-Bernat J
971 - 981 Experimental investigation on performance enhancement of forced draft wet cooling towers with special emphasis on the role of stage numbers
Rahmati M, Alavi SR, Tavakoli MR
982 - 990 Usefulness analysis on regenerator and heat exchanger in Brayton & inverse Brayton cycles at moderate pressure ratio operation
Goodarzi M
991 - 1002 A nonlinear support vector machine model with hard penalty function based on glowworm swarm optimization for forecasting daily global solar radiation
Jiang H, Dong Y
1003 - 1012 Analysis of an integrated solar combined cycle with steam and organic Rankine cycles as bottoming cycles
Shaaban S
1013 - 1027 A new economic feasibility approach for solar chimney power plant design
Okoye CO, Solyali O, Taylan O
1028 - 1036 Oil extracted from spent coffee grounds for bio-hydrotreated diesel production
Phimsen S, Kiatkittipong W, Yamada H, Tagawa T, Kiatkittipong K, Laosiripojana N, Assabumrungrat S
1037 - 1046 Pyrolysis characteristics and kinetics of low rank coals by distributed activation energy model
Song HJ, Liu GR, Wu JH
1047 - 1053 Enhancement of the jojobyl alcohols and biodiesel production using a renewable catalyst in a pressurized reactor
Sanchez M, Avhad MR, Marchetti JM, Martinez M, Aracil J
1054 - 1065 Multi-objective optimization of a bottoming Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) of gasoline engine using swash-plate expander
Galindo J, Climent H, Dolz V, Royo-Pascual L
1066 - 1083 A mixture kernel density model for wind speed probability distribution estimation
Miao SW, Xie KG, Yang HJ, Karki R, Tai HM, Chen T
1084 - 1092 A Gaussian process regression based hybrid approach for short-term wind speed prediction
Zhang C, Wei HK, Zhao X, Liu TH, Zhang KJ
1093 - 1105 Exploring the performance limits of a stratified torch ignition engine using numerical simulation and detailed experimental approaches
Baeta JGC, Rodrigues FA, Pontoppidan M, Valle RM, da Silva TRV
1106 - 1117 Numerical investigation of an ejector for anode recirculation in proton exchange membrane fuel cell system
Yin Y, Fan MZ, Jiao K, Du Q, Qin YZ
1118 - 1127 Replacing conventional fuels in USA, Europe, and UK with plastic pyrolysis gases - Part I: Experiments and graphical interchangeability methods
Honus S, Kumagai S, Nemcek O, Yoshioka T
1128 - 1145 Replacing conventional fuels in USA, Europe, and UK with plastic pyrolysis gases - Part II: Multi-index interchangeability methods
Honus S, Kumagai S, Yoshioka T
1146 - 1156 Experimental study of the injection conditions influence over n-dodecane and diesel sprays with two ECN single-hole nozzles. Part I: Inert atmosphere
Gimeno J, Bracho G, Marti-Aldaravi P, Peraza JE
1157 - 1167 Experimental study of the injection conditions influence over n-dodecane and diesel sprays with two ECN single-hole nozzles. Part II: Reactive atmosphere
Payri R, Salvador FJ, Gimeno J, Peraza JE
1168 - 1177 Modeling chemical kinetics of avocado oil ethanolysis catalyzed by solid glycerol-enriched calcium oxide
Avhad MR, Sanchez M, Bouaid A, Martinez M, Aracil J, Marchetti JM
1178 - 1186 A note on short-term hydro-thermal scheduling
Esmaeily A, Raeisi F, Ahmadi A, Ahmadi MR