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1 - 14 Experimental investigation of combustion, emissions and thermal balance of secondary butyl alcohol-gasoline blends in a spark ignition engine
Yusri IM, Mamat R, Azmi WH, Najafi G, Sidik NAC, Awad OI
15 - 28 CFD analysis of the characteristics of a proportional flow control valve with an innovative opening shape
Lisowski E, Filo G
29 - 34 Modification and regeneration of HZSM-5 catalyst in microwave assisted catalytic fast pyrolysis of mushroom waste
Wang J, Zhong ZP, Song ZW, Ding K, Deng AD
35 - 45 Aerodynamic optimization of the blades of diffuser-augmented wind turbines
Vaz JRP, Wood DH
46 - 55 Efficiency assessment of wind farms in China using two-stage data envelopment analysis
Wu YN, Hu Y, Xiao XL, Mao CY
56 - 70 Multidisciplinary design optimization of large wind turbines-Technical, economic, and design challenges
Ashuri T, Zaaijer MB, Martins JRRA, Zhang J
71 - 83 Effects of valve timing, valve lift and exhaust backpressure on performance and gas exchanging of a two-stroke GDI engine with overhead valves
Dalla Nora M, Lanzanova TDM, Zhao H
84 - 94 A bi-level integrated generation-transmission planning model incorporating the impacts of demand response by operation simulation
Zhang N, Hu ZG, Springer C, Li YN, Shen B
95 - 103 Influence of reaction conditions and feedstock on hydrochar properties
Guo SQ, Dong XY, Wu TT, Zhu CX
104 - 115 Numerical simulation coupling with experimental study on the non-uniform of each cylinder gas exchange and working processes of a multi-cylinder gasoline engine under transient conditions
Zhou F, Fu JQ, Shu J, Liu JP, Wang SQ, Feng RH
116 - 129 Short-term hydro-thermal-wind complementary scheduling considering uncertainty of wind power using an enhanced multi-objective bee colony optimization algorithm
Zhou JZ, Lu P, Li YZ, Wang C, Yuan L, Mo L
130 - 139 Technical and functional analysis of Spanish windmills: 3D modeling, computational-fluid-dynamics simulation and finite-element analysis
Rojas-Sola JI, Bouza-Rodriguez JB, Menendez-Diaz A
140 - 152 A comparison between Miller and five-stroke cycles for enabling deeply downsized, highly boosted, spark-ignition engines with ultra expansion
Li T, Wang B, Zheng B
153 - 173 Comparison of the energy and environmental impact by integrating a H-2 vehicle and an electric vehicle into a zero-energy building
Cao SL
174 - 184 An experimental study of a hydrogen-enriched ethanol fueled Wankel rotary engine at ultra lean and full load conditions
Amrouche F, Erickson PA, Varnhagen S, Park JW
185 - 199 Effect of asynchronous valve timing on combustion characteristic and performance of a high speed SI marine engine with five valves
Liu KM, Yang J, Jiang W, Li YT, Wang Y, Feng RH, Chen XQ, Ma K
200 - 208 Experimental study on cooling performance and energy saving of gas engine-driven heat pump system with evaporative condenser
Liu HW, Zhou QS, Zhao HB
209 - 217 Effect of the Miller cycle on the performance of turbocharged hydrogen internal combustion engines
Luo QH, Sun BG
218 - 231 A holistic approach to thermodynamic analysis of photo-thermo-electrical processes in a photovoltaic cell
Bicer Y, Dincer I, Zamfirescu C
232 - 242 Experimental investigation of the thermal control effects of phase change material based packaging strategy for on-board permanent magnet synchronous motors
Wang JX, Li YZ, Wang SN, Zhang HS, Ning XW, Guo W
243 - 251 Acoustic field characteristics and performance analysis of a looped travelling-wave thermoacoustic refrigerator
Jin T, Yang R, Wang Y, Feng Y, Tang K
252 - 264 Influences of ignition improver additive on ternary (diesel-biodiesel-higher alcohol) blends thermal stability and diesel engine performance
Imdadul HK, Masjuki HH, Kalam MA, Zulkifli NWM, Alabdulkarem A, Rashed MM, Ashraful AM
265 - 279 Performance analysis of ventilation systems with desiccant wheel cooling based on exergy destruction
Tu R, Liu XH, Hwang YH, Ma F
280 - 289 Size effects on the thermal behavior of superfine pulverized coal ash
Liu JX, Jiang XM, Zhang YC, Shen J, Zhang H
290 - 307 Heat transfer augmentation in a tube using nanofluids under constant heat flux boundary condition: A review
Singh V, Gupta M
308 - 316 Influence of the radial-inflow turbine efficiency prediction on the design and analysis of the Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) system
Song J, Gu CW, Ren XD
317 - 323 Pyrogenic transformation of oil-bearing biomass into biodiesel without lipid extraction
Jung JM, Lee J, Kim J, Kim KH, Kwon EE
324 - 337 Thermodynamic and exergoeconomic assessments of a new solid oxide fuel cell-gas turbine cogeneration system
Mahmoudi SMS, Khani L
338 - 347 Investigation of the effect of heated ethanol fuel on combustion and emissions of an ethanol direct injection plus gasoline port injection (EDI plus GPI) engine
Huang YH, Hong G
348 - 361 Thermodynamic evaluation of solar-geothermal hybrid power plants in northern Chile
Cardemil JM, Cortes F, Diaz A, Escobar R
362 - 371 Current status of wind energy forecasting and a hybrid method for hourly predictions
Okumus I, Dinler A
372 - 380 An assessment on performance, combustion and emission behavior of a diesel engine powered by ceria nanoparticle blended emulsified biofuel
Annamalai M, Dhinesh B, Nanthagopal K, SivaramaKrishnan P, Lalvani JIJ, Parthasarathy M, Annamalai K
381 - 391 An assessment of the dual-mode reactivity controlled compression ignition/conventional diesel combustion capabilities in a EURO VI medium-duty diesel engine fueled with an intermediate ethanol-gasoline blend and biodiesel
Benajes J, Garcia A, Monsalve-Serrano J, Balloul I, Pradel G
392 - 401 Novel high efficient speed sensorless controller for maximum power extraction from wind energy conversion systems
Fathabadi H
402 - 409 Experimental and numerical investigations on flame stability of methane/air mixtures in mesoscale combustors filled with fibrous porous media
Liu Y, Ning DG, Fan AW, Yao H
410 - 422 Design and economic analysis of a macroalgae-to-butanol process via a thermochemical route
Okoli CO, Adams TA, Brigljevic B, Liu JJ
423 - 430 Biomass production and nutrient assimilation by a novel microalga, Monoraphidium spp. SDEC-17, cultivated in a high-ammonia wastewater
Jiang LQ, Pei HY, Flu WR, Hou QJ, Han F, Nie CL
431 - 444 Environmental and exergy benefit of nanofluid-based hybrid PV/T systems
Hassani S, Saidur R, Mekhilef S, Taylor RA
445 - 452 Robust total energy demand estimation with a hybrid Variable Neighborhood Search - Extreme Learning Machine algorithm
Sanchez-Oro J, Duarte A, Salcedo-Sanz S
453 - 461 Exergetic and energetic comparison of LiCl-H2O and LiBr-H2O working pairs in a solar absorption cooling system
Bellos E, Tzivanidis C, Antonopoulos KA
462 - 469 Effectiveness-NTU analyses in a double tube heat exchanger equipped with wavy strip considering various angles
Pourahmad S, Pesteei SM
470 - 486 Combined effect of injection timing and exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) on performance and emissions of a DI diesel engine fuelled with next-generation advanced biofuel - diesel blends using response surface methodology
Kumar BR, Saravanan S, Rana D, Nagendran A
487 - 497 Sustainable biodiesel production via transesterification of waste cooking oil by using CaO catalysts prepared from chicken manure
Maneerung T, Kawi S, Dai YJ, Wang CH
498 - 511 A new approach for the prediction of thermal efficiency in solar receivers
Barbero R, Rovira A, Montes MJ, Val JMM
512 - 522 A new method to predict high and low-temperature ignition delays under transient thermodynamic conditions and its experimental validation using a Rapid Compression-Expansion Machine
Desantes JM, Bermudez V, Lopez JJ, Lopez-Pintor D
523 - 534 Energy and advanced exergy analysis of an existing hydrocarbon recovery process
Mehrpooya M, Lazenizade R, Sadaghiani MS, Parishani H
535 - 548 Parameters extraction of the three diode model for the multi-crystalline solar cell/module using Moth-Flame Optimization Algorithm
Allam D, Yousri DA, Eteiba MB
549 - 558 The performance and applicability study of a fixed photovoltaic-solar water disinfection system
Jin YC, Wang YP, Huang QW, Zhu L, Cui Y, Cui LY
559 - 568 Performance study of desiccant coated heat exchanger air conditioning system in winter
Ge TS, Dai YJ, Wang RZ
569 - 580 Experimental enhancement of fuzzy fractional order PI plus I controller of grid connected variable speed wind energy conversion system
Beddar A, Bouzekri H, Babes B, Afghoul H
581 - 591 The effect of employing nanofluid on reducing the bore length of a vertical ground-source heat pump
Narei H, Ghasempour R, Noorollahi Y
592 - 609 Improvement of wind turbine performance using a novel tip plate structure
Nobari MRH, Mirzaee E, Nosratollahi M
610 - 624 Thermoeconomic and environmental analyses of a low water consumption combined steam power plant and refrigeration chillers - Part 1: Energy and economic modelling and analysis
Ifaei P, Rashidi J, Yoo C
625 - 642 Thermoeconomic and environmental analyses of a low water consumption combined steam power plant and refrigeration chillers-Part 2: Thermoeconomic and environmental analysis
Ifaei P, Ataei A, Yoo C
643 - 645 Comment on "Energy and entropy analysis of closed adiabatic expansion based trilateral cycles" by Ramon Ferreiro Garcia, Jose Carbia Carril, Javier Romero Gomez, Manuel Romero Gomez [Energy Convers. Manage. 119 (2016) 49-59]
Stouffs P
646 - 648 Reply to: Comment on "Energy and entropy analysis of closed adiabatic expansion based trilateral cycles" by Garcia et al. Energy Conversion and Management 119 (2016) 49-59
Garcia RF