Energy Conversion and Management

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1 - 9 Continuous pyrolysis and catalytic upgrading of corncob hydrolysis residue in the combined system of auger reactor and downstream fixed-bed reactor
Li YP, Li BS, Zhang XH, Chen LG, Zhang Q, Wang TJ, Ma LL
10 - 24 Wolf pack hunting strategy for automatic generation control of an islanding smart distribution network
Xi L, Zhang ZY, Yang B, Huang LN, Yu T
25 - 38 Earth-Air Heat Exchanger thermal performance in Egyptian conditions: Experimental results, mathematical model, and Computational Fluid Dynamics simulation
Serageldin AA, Abdelrahman AK, Ookawara S
39 - 51 Moroccan wind farm potential feasibility. Case study
Nouri A, Babram MA, Elwarraki E, Enzili M
52 - 62 Economically viable production of biodiesel from a rural feedstock from eastern India, P. pinnata oil using a recyclable laboratory synthesized heterogeneous catalyst
Singh V, Hameed BH, Sharma YC
63 - 73 Simulation and analysis of a meshed district heating network
Vesterlund M, Toffolo A, Dahl J
74 - 84 Analysis of a feasible trigeneration system taking solar energy and biomass as co-feeds
Zhang XF, Li HQ, Liu LF, Zeng R, Zhang GQ
85 - 94 A comprehensive and time-efficient model for determination of thermoelectric generator length and cross-section area
Fan LH, Zhang GB, Wang RF, Jiao K
95 - 108 Optimal short-term scheduling of a novel tri-generation system in the presence of demand response programs and battery storage system
Jabari F, Nojavan S, Ivatloo BM, Sharifian MBB
109 - 118 Thermodynamic analysis of a Rankine dual loop waste thermal energy recovery system
Sciubba E, Tocci L, Toro C
119 - 130 Pathways of 3-biofules (hydrogen, ethanol and methane) production from petrochemical industry wastewater via anaerobic packed bed baffled reactor inoculated with mixed culture bacteria
Elreedy A, Tawfik A, Enitan A, Kumari S, Bux F
131 - 141 A refrigerated container envelope with a PCM (Phase Change Material) layer: Experimental and theoretical investigation in a representative town in Central Italy
Fioretti R, Principi P, Copertaro B
142 - 152 Energy, economy and exergy evaluations of the solutions for supplying domestic hot water from low-temperature district heating in Denmark
Yang XC, Li HW, Svendsen S
153 - 164 Research on the intermediate process of a free-piston linear generator from cold start-up to stable operation: Numerical model and experimental results
Feng HH, Guo CD, Jia BR, Zuo ZX, Guo YY, Roskilly T
165 - 173 Application of GRNN for the prediction of performance and exhaust emissions in HCCI engine using ethanol
Bendu H, Deepak BBVL, Murugan S
174 - 181 Effects of water and basin depths in single basin solar stills: An experimental and theoretical study
Feilizadeh M, Estahbanati MRK, Ahsan A, Jafarpur K, Mersaghian A
182 - 194 Optimal economic and environment operation of micro-grid power systems
Elsied M, Oukaour A, Gualous H, Lo Brutto OA
195 - 206 Active load current sharing in fuel cell and battery fed DC motor drive for electric vehicle application
Pany P, Singh RK, Tripathi RK
207 - 214 Computational study on oxynitride perovskites for CO2 photoreduction
Hafez AM, Zedan AF, AlQaradawi SY, Salem NM, Allam NK
215 - 222 Thermophysical properties of phase change emulsions prepared by D-phase emulsification
Morimoto T, Togashi K, Kumano H, Hong H
223 - 238 Software simulation and experimental characterisation of a rotationally asymmetrical concentrator under direct and diffuse solar radiation
Freier D, Muhammad-Sukki F, Abu-Bakar SH, Ramirez-Iniguez R, Mas'ud AA, Albarracin R, Ardila-Rey JA, Munir A, Yasin SHM, Bani NA
239 - 251 RBFN based MPPT algorithm for PV system with high step up converter
Saravanan S, Babu NR
252 - 262 Investigation of thermodynamic performances for two solar-biomass hybrid combined cycle power generation systems
Liu QB, Bai Z, Wang XH, Lei J, Li HG
263 - 278 Numerical investigation on using of nanofluid in a water-cooled photovoltaic thermal system
Khanjari Y, Pourfayaz F, Kasaeian AB
279 - 289 Performance optimization of a Two-Stroke supercharged diesel engine for aircraft propulsion
Carlucci AP, Ficarella A, Trullo G
290 - 297 Inhibition study of additives towards the corrosion of ferrous metal in palm biodiesel
Fazal MA, Sazzad BS, Haseeb ASMA, Masjuki HH
298 - 309 Modeling, experiments and optimization of an on-pipe thermoelectric generator
Chen J, Zuo L, Wu YJ, Klein J
310 - 320 Parametric effects and optimization on synthesis of iron (II) doped carbonaceous catalyst for the production of biodiesel
Dhawane SH, Kumar T, Haider G
321 - 329 Comparison of PZN-PT, PMN-PT single crystals and PZT ceramic for vibration energy harvesting
Yang ZB, Zu J
330 - 343 Comparison between two braking control methods integrating energy recovery for a two-wheel front driven electric vehicle
Itani K, De Bernardinis A, Khatir Z, Jammal A
344 - 349 Characterization of a microalgal mutant for CO2 biofixation and biofuel production
Qi F, Pei HY, Hu WR, Mu RM, Zhang S
350 - 356 Optimum performance of a double absorption heat transformer
Wang HZ, Li HS, Bu XB, Wang LB
357 - 365 Proposal of a combined heat and power plant hybridized with regeneration organic Rankine cycle: Energy-Exergy evaluation
Anvari S, Jafarmadar S, Khalilarya S
366 - 371 Effect of fabrication and operating parameters on electrochemical property, of anode and cathode for direct methanol fuel cells
Liu GC, Zhou HW, Ding XN, Li XP, Zou DC, Li XY, Wang XD, Lee JK
372 - 385 Thermodynamic performance simulation and concise formulas for triple-pressure reheat HRSG of gas-steam combined cycle under off-design condition
Zhang GQ, Zheng JZ, Yang YP, Liu WY
386 - 399 Study on the coupling performance of a turboexpander compressor applied in cryogenic reverse Brayton air refrigerator
Yang SJ, Chen ST, Chen XY, Zhang XQ, Hou Y
400 - 410 Thermodynamic assessment of CO2 to carbon nanofiber transformation for carbon sequestration in a combined cycle gas or a coal power plant
Lau J, Dey G, Licht S
411 - 418 Statistical modeling/optimization and process intensification of microwave-assisted acidified oil esterification
Ma LL, Lv EM, Du LX, Lu J, Ding JC
419 - 427 Study of new prototype pintle injectors for diesel engine application
Payri R, Gimeno J, De la Morena J, Battiston PA, Wadhwa A, Straub R
428 - 438 Parametric study on catalytic cracking of LDPE to liquid fuel over ZSM-5 zeolite
Wong SL, Abdullah TAT, Ngadi N, Ahmad A, Inuwa IM
439 - 448 Concept development and techno-economic assessment for a solar home system using lithium-ion battery for developing regions to provide electricity for lighting and electronic devices
Zubi G, Dufo-Lopez R, Pardo N, Pasaoglu G
449 - 461 Efficiency maximization and performance evaluation of hybrid dual channel semitransparent photovoltaic thermal module using fuzzyfied genetic algorithm
Singh S, Agrawal S
462 - 476 A capacity expansion planning model for integrated water desalination and power supply chain problem
Saif Y, Almansoori A
477 - 487 Hybrid-mode interleaved boost converter design for fuel cell electric vehicles
Wen HQ, Su B
488 - 503 Coordinated control of three-phase AC and DC type EV-ESSs for efficient hybrid microgrid operations
Rahman MS, Hossain MJ, Lu JW
504 - 514 Experimental investigation on thermal performance of natural draft wet cooling towers employing an innovative wind-creator setup
Alavi SR, Rahmati M
515 - 525 Fuzzy-predictive direct power control implementation of a grid connected photovoltaic system, associated with an active power filter
Ouchen S, Betka A, Abdeddaim S, Menadi A
526 - 534 Fast pyrolysis of Saccharina japonica alga in a fixed-bed reactor for bio-oil production
Ly HV, Kim SS, Choi JH, Woo HC, Kim J
535 - 543 Seashell-derived mixed compounds of Ca, Zn and Al as active and stable catalysts fore the transesterification of palm oil with methanol to biodiesel
Jindapon W, Jaiyen S, Ngamcharussrivichai C
544 - 551 Thermal performance analysis of multiple borehole heat exchangers
Gultekin A, Aydin M, Sisman A
552 - 563 Optimization of combustion chamber geometry for natural gas engines with diesel micro-pilot-induced ignition
Wang B, Li T, Ge LL, Ogawa H
564 - 579 Novel techniques of oxygen bleeding for polymer electrolyte fuel cells under impure anode feeding and poisoning condition: A computational study using OpenFOAM (R)
Hafttananian M, Ramiar A, Ranjbar AA
580 - 588 A theoretical investigation of energy efficiency improvement by coal pre-drying in coal fired power plants
Xu C, Xu G, Zhao SF, Dong W, Zhou LY, Yang YP
589 - 598 Selecting optimum locations for co-located wave and wind energy farms. Part I: The Co-Location Feasibility index
Astariz S, Iglesias G
599 - 608 Selecting optimum locations for co-located wave and wind energy farms. Part II: A case study
Astariz S, Iglesias G
609 - 609 Fuel suitability for homogeneous charge compression ignition combustion (vol 119, pg 304, 2016)
Yousefi A, Birouk M