Energy Conversion and Management

Energy Conversion and Management, Vol.110 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0196-8904 (Print) 

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1 - 12 Techno-economic analysis of four concepts for thermal decomposition of methane: Reduction of CO2 emissions in natural gas combustion
Keipi T, Hankalin V, Nummelin J, Raiko R
13 - 21 Design, assembly and characterization of silicide-based thermoelectric modules
Skomedal G, Holmgren L, Middleton H, Eremin IS, Isachenko GN, Jaegle M, Tarantik K, Vlachos N, Manoli M, Kyratsi T, Berthebaud D, Truong NYD, Gascoin F
22 - 32 Microchannels enhanced by porous materials: Heat transfer enhancement or pressure drop increment?
Dehghan M, Valipour MS, Saedodin S
33 - 41 Techno-economic analysis and comparison of coal based olefins processes
Xiang D, Yang SY, Qian Y
42 - 50 Energetic and exergetic performance analysis of CdS/CdTe based photovoltaic technology in real operating conditions of composite climate
Rawat R, Kaushik SC, Sastry OS, Singh YK, Bora B
51 - 58 An investigation on unsteadiness of a mixed-flow turbine under pulsating conditions
Yang MY, Deng KY, Martines-Botas R, Zhuge WL
59 - 66 Decision-making model of generation technology under uncertainty based on real option theory
Ming Z, Ping Z, Shunkun Y, Ge Z
67 - 77 Thermodynamic analysis of solar energy integrated underground coal gasification in the context of cleaner fossil power generation
Shrivastava A, Prabu V
78 - 89 Effect of inhomogeneous compression of gas diffusion layer on the performance of PEMFC with interdigitated flow field
Mahmoudi AH, Ramiar A, Esmaili Q
90 - 112 Production of gaseous and liquid chemicals by aqueous phase reforming of crude glycerol: Influence of operating conditions on the process
Remon J, Gimenez JR, Valiente A, Garcia L, Arauzo J
113 - 124 Economic and environmental scheduling of smart homes with microgrid: DER operation and electrical tasks
Zhang D, Evangelisti S, Lettieri P, Papageorgiou LG
125 - 134 Rubber seed oil: A potential renewable source of biodiesel for sustainable development in sub-Saharan Africa
Onoji SE, Iyuke SE, Igbafe AI, Nkazi DB
135 - 141 A novel method for improving the performance of thermoacoustic electric generator without resonator
Wang YF, Li ZY, Li Q
142 - 153 Fuel production from microwave assisted pyrolysis of coal with carbon surfaces
Mushtaq F, Mat R, Ani FN
154 - 164 Heat transfer enhancement of microchannel heat sink using transcritical carbon dioxide as the coolant
Leng C, Wang XD, Yan WM, Wang TH
165 - 175 Experimental evaluation of the effect of wave focusing walls on the performance of the Sea-wave Slot-cone Generator
Oliveira P, Taveira-Pinto F, Morais T, Rosa-Santos P
176 - 183 Synthesis and thermal properties of cross-linked poly(acrylonitrile-co-itaconate)/polyethylene glycol as novel form-stable change material
Mu SY, Guo J, Yu Y, An QD, Zhang S, Wang D, Chen S, Huang XL, Li SL
184 - 191 Performance investigation of a novel water-power cogeneration plant (WPCP) based on humidification dehumidification (HDH) method
He WF, Han D, Xu LN, Yue C, Pu WH
192 - 199 Effects of component performance on overall performance of R410A air conditioner with oil flooding and regeneration
Luo BJ
200 - 211 Novel photovoltaic based battery charger including novel high efficiency step-up DC/DC converter and novel high accurate fast maximum power point tracking controller
Fathabadi H
212 - 229 Optimization of the combustion system of a medium duty direct injection diesel engine by combining CFD modeling with experimental validation
Benajes J, Novella R, Pastor JM, Hernandez-Lopez A, Hasegawa M, Tsuji N, Emi M, Uehara I, Martorell J, Alonso M
230 - 239 Optimal design of permanent magnet flux switching generator for wind applications via artificial neural network and multi-objective particle swarm optimization hybrid approach
Meo S, Zohoori A, Vahedi A
240 - 248 Co-gasification of black liquor and pyrolysis oil: Evaluation of blend ratios and methanol production capacities
Anderson J, Furusjo E, Wetterlund E, Lundgren J, Landalv I
249 - 259 Modeling of optimal energy flows for systems with close integration of sea water desalination and renewable energy sources: Case study for Jordan
Perkovic L, Novosel T, Puksec T, Cosic B, Mustafa M, Krajacic G, Duic N
260 - 267 Thermodynamic analysis and optimization for an irreversible heat pump working on reversed Brayton cycle
Ahmadi MH, Ahmadi MA, Pourfayaz F, Bidi M
268 - 277 Electricity for development: Mini-grid solution for rural electrification in South Africa
Azimoh CL, Klintenberg P, Wallin F, Karlsson B, Mbohwa C
278 - 286 Gas action effect of free piston Stirling engine
Mou J, Li W, Li JZ, Hong GT
287 - 295 Effect of microwave pretreatment on pyrolysis of crude glycerol-olive kernel alternative fuels
Ganesapillai M, Manara P, Zabaniotou A
296 - 306 Gasification of fruit wastes and agro-food residues in supercritical water
Nanda S, Isen J, Dalai AK, Kozinski JA
307 - 318 Air-steam biomass gasification: Experiments, modeling and simulation
Sharma S, Sheth PN
319 - 326 Performance analyses of a spark-ignition engine firing with gasoline-butanol blends at partial load operation
Galloni E, Fontana G, Staccone S, Scala F
327 - 337 Coupled heat transfer performance of a high temperature cup shaped porous absorber
Meng XL, Xia XL, Zhang SD, Sellami N, Mallick T
338 - 346 Study on the application of energy storage system in offshore wind turbine with hydraulic transmission
Fan YJ, Mu AL, Ma T
347 - 355 Numerical assessment of flow dynamics for various DI diesel engine designs considering swirl number and uniformity index
Jafarmadar S, Taghavifar H, Taghavifar H, Navid A
356 - 366 Enhancement of PEM fuel cell performance by flow channel indentation
Ghanbarian A, Kermani MJ
367 - 377 Numerical and model validation of uncovered nanofluid sheet and tube type photovoltaic thermal solar system
Rejeb O, Sardarabadi M, Menezo C, Passandideh-Fard M, Dhaou MH, Jemni A
378 - 385 Upgrading fast pyrolysis oil: Solvent-anti-solvent extraction and blending with diesel
Li H, Xia SQ, Ma PS
386 - 396 Development of life cycle water footprints for gas-fired power generation technologies
Ali B, Kumar A
397 - 406 Direct contact membrane water distillation assisted with solar energy
Elzahaby AM, Kabeel AE, Bassuoni MM, Abd Elbar AR
407 - 418 Numerical simulation of stability behaviors and heat transfer characteristics for near-critical fluid microchannel flows
Chen L, Zhang XR, Okajima J, Komiya A, Maruyama S
419 - 427 Exergy costs analysis of groundwater use and water transfers
Carrasquer B, Uche J, Martinez-Gracia A
428 - 435 Numerical investigation of PCM melting process in sleeve tube with internal fins
Wang PL, Yao H, Lan ZP, Peng ZJ, Huang Y, Ding YL
436 - 447 Exergy analysis of a H2O-LiCl absorption refrigeration system with operating temperatures estimated through inverse analysis
Gogoi TK, Konwar D
448 - 456 Empirical models for estimating daily global solar radiation in Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico
Quej VH, Almorox J, Ibrakhimov M, Saito L
457 - 468 Effects of pilot injection parameters on low temperature combustion diesel engines equipped with solenoid injectors featuring conventional and rate-shaped main injection
d'Ambrosio S, Ferrari A
469 - 480 A proper analytical analysis of annular step porous fins for determining maximum heat transfer
Kundu B, Lee KS
481 - 493 Effects of psychrometric properties on fin performances of minimum envelope shape of wet fins
Kundu B, Lee KS
494 - 500 A novel louvered fin design to enhance thermal and drainage performances during periodic frosting/defrosting conditions
Kim MH, Kim H, Kim DR, Lee KS