Energy Conversion and Management

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1 - 12 Computational fluid dynamics simulation for chemical looping combustion of coal in a dual circulation fluidized bed
Su MZ, Zhao HB, Ma JC
13 - 19 Influence of accelerated thermal charging and discharging cycles on thermo-physical properties of organic phase change materials for solar thermal energy storage applications
Dheep GR, Sreekumar A
20 - 29 Factor substitution and rebound effect in China's food industry
Lin BQ, Xie X
30 - 44 Fast-solving thermally thick model of biomass particles embedded in a CFD code for the simulation of fixed-bed burners
Gomez MA, Porteiro J, Patino D, Miguez JL
45 - 53 Impacts of inner/outer reactor heat recirculation on the characteristic of micro-scale combustion system
Bagheri G, Hosseini SE
54 - 70 A control-oriented approach to estimate the injected fuel mass on the basis of the measured in-cylinder pressure in multiple injection diesel engines
Finesso R, Spessa E
71 - 80 Performance of US hybrid distributed. energy systems: Solar photovoltaic, battery and combined heat and power
Shah KK, Mundada AS, Pearce JM
81 - 92 Investigation of wind power potential at Oran, northwest of Algeria
Boudia SM, Guerri O
93 - 102 Comprehensive parametric study of using carbon foam structures saturated with PCMs in thermal management of electronic systems
Nada SA, Alshaer WG
103 - 117 What is the effect of optimum independent parameters on solar heating systems?
Kacan E, Ulgen K, Kacan E
118 - 126 Energy and water conservation at lignite-fired power plants using drying and water recovery technologies
Liu M, Qin YZ, Yan H, Han XQ, Chong DT
127 - 138 A comparative exergoeconomic analysis of different ORC configurations for binary geothermal power plants
Zare V
139 - 148 A simple but accurate procedure for solving the five-parameter model
Mares O, Paulescu M, Badescu V
149 - 166 Two novel techniques for increasing energy efficiency of photovoltaic-battery systems
Fathabadi H
167 - 177 An investigation of volute cross-sectional shape on turbocharger turbine under pulsating conditions in internal combustion engine
Yang M, Martinez-Botas R, Rajoo S, Yokoyama T, Ibaraki S
178 - 188 Experimental investigations on the performance of a collector-storage wall system using phase change materials
Zhou GB, Pang MM
189 - 196 Experimental analysis, modeling and simulation of a solar energy accumulator with paraffin wax as PCM
Reyes A, Henriquez-Vargas L, Aravena R, Sepulveda F
197 - 205 Numerical study on the performance of a solar chimney power plant
Guo PH, Li JY, Wang YF, Wang Y
206 - 215 Numerical configuration design and investigation of heat transfer enhancement in pipes filled with gradient porous materials
Wang BC, Hong YF, Hou XT, Xu ZB, Wang PF, Fang XD, Ruan XD
216 - 229 Combustion phenomenon, performance and emissions of a diesel engine with aviation turbine JP-8 fuel and rapeseed biodiesel blends
Labeckas G, Slavinskas S
230 - 239 Cost allocation and sensitivity analysis of multi-products from biomass gasification combined cooling heating and power system based on the exergoeconomic methodology
Wang JJ, Mao TZ
240 - 250 Advanced control system of DFIG based wind generators for reactive power production and integration in a wind farm dispatching
Ghennam T, Aliouane K, Akel F, Francois B, Berkouk EM
251 - 259 Pyrolysis behaviors and kinetic studies on Eucalyptus residues using thermogravimetric analysis
Chen ZH, Zhu QJ, Wang X, Xiao B, Liu SM
260 - 271 Three-dimensional simulation of high temperature latent heat thermal energy storage system assisted by finned heat pipes
Tiari S, Qiu SG
272 - 284 Experimental and numerical study of heat transfer performance of nitrate/expanded graphite composite PCM for solar energy storage
Xiao X, Zhang P, Li M
285 - 293 Experimental and theoretical investigation of Stirling engine heater: Parametrical optimization
Gheith R, Hachem H, Aloui F, Ben Nasrallah S
294 - 302 An insight on advantage of hybrid sun-wind-tracking over sun-tracking PV system
Rahimi M, Banybayat M, Tagheie Y, Valeh-e-Sheyda P
303 - 312 Optimization of single channel glazed photovoltaic thermal (PVT) array using Evolutionary Algorithm (EA) and carbon credit earned by the optimized array
Singh S, Agrawal S, Gadh R
313 - 327 Impact of the future water value on wind-reversible hydro offering strategies in electricity markets
de la Nieta AAS, Contreras J, Catalao JPS
328 - 337 Improving exergetic and sustainability parameters of a DI diesel engine using polymer waste dissolved in biodiesel as a novel diesel additive
Aghbashlo M, Tabatabaei M, Mohammadi P, Pourvosoughi N, Nikbakht AM, Goli SAH
338 - 354 In situ fast pyrolysis of biomass with zeolite catalysts for bioaromatics/gasoline production: A review
Galadima A, Muraza O
355 - 367 Laminar convective heat transfer of hexylamine-treated MWCNTs-based turbine oil nanofluid
Amiri A, Shanbedi M, Yarmand H, Arzani HK, Gharehkhani S, Montazer E, Sadri R, Sarsam W, Chew BT, Kazi SN
368 - 376 Long-term generation scheduling of Xiluodu and Xiangjiaba cascade hydro plants considering monthly streamflow forecasting error
Xie MF, Zhou JZ, Li CL, Zhu S
377 - 392 Dynamic control and advanced load management of a stand-alone hybrid renewable power system for remote housing
Alnejaili T, Drid S, Mehdi D, Chrifi-Alaoui L, Belarbi R, Hamdouni A
393 - 402 Evaluation of the thermal efficiency and a cost analysis of different types of ground heat exchangers in energy piles
Yoon S, Lee SR, Xue J, Zosseder K, Go GH, Park H
403 - 422 General review of solar-powered closed sorption refrigeration systems
Sarbu I, Sebarchievici C
423 - 432 Modeling and optimization of a novel solar chimney cogeneration power plant combined with solid oxide electrolysis/fuel cell
Joneydi Shariatzadeh O, Refahi AH, Abolhassani SS, Rahmani M
433 - 441 Determination of the optimal operating temperature range for high temperature PEM fuel cell considering its performance, CO tolerance and degradation
Zhang CZ, Zhou WJ, Ehteshami MM, Wang YY, Chan SH
442 - 452 Investigating the performance of support vector machine and artificial neural networks in predicting solar radiation on a tilted surface: Saudi Arabia case study
Ramli MAM, Twaha S, Al-Turki YA
453 - 461 Part-load performance of a high temperature Kalina cycle
Modi A, Andreasen JG, Kaern MR, Haglind F
462 - 470 An energy management approach of hybrid vehicles using traffic preview information for energy saving
Zheng CH, Xu GQ, Xu K, Pan ZM, Liang Q
471 - 479 Feasibility study and energy conversion analysis of stand-alone hybrid renewable energy system
Baghdadi F, Mohammedi K, Diaf S, Behar O
480 - 487 Performance characterization of a power generation unit-organic Rankine cycle system based on the efficiencies of the system components
Knizley A, Mago PJ, Tobermann J, Warren HR
488 - 497 Experimental study of redesigned draft tube of an Agnew microhydro turbine
Mirzaei A, Shojaeefard MH, Babaei A, Yassi Y
498 - 508 Multidimensional modeling of the effect of Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) on exergy terms in an HCCI engine fueled with a mixture of natural gas and diesel
Jafarmadar S, Nemati P, Khodaie R
509 - 517 Energy and exergy analysis of a new ejector enhanced auto-cascade refrigeration cycle
Yan G, Chen JH, Yu JL
518 - 529 Timing optimization of single-stage single-acting reciprocating expansion engine based on exergy analysis
Farzaneh-Gord M, Jannatabadi M
530 - 544 Thermal efficiency of coal-fired power plants: From theoretical to practical assessments
Fu C, Anantharaman R, Jordal K, Gundersen T
545 - 551 Generation of hydrogen free radicals from water for fuels by electric field induction
Nong GZ, Chen YY, Li M, Zhou ZW
552 - 561 Parameters extraction of double diode photovoltaic module's model based on hybrid evolutionary algorithm
Muhsen DH, Ghazali AB, Khatib T, Abed IA
562 - 569 Integrated analysis on the volumetric absorption characteristics and optical performance for a porous media receiver
Chen X, Xia XL, Dong XH, Dai GL
570 - 577 Selective cyclohexanol production from the renewable lignin derived phenolic chemicals catalyzed by Ni/MgO
Long JX, Shu SY, Wu QY, Yuan ZQ, Wang TJ, Xu Y, Zhang XH, Zhang Q, Ma LL
578 - 587 Fluidized bed gasification of high tonnage sorghum, cotton gin trash and beef cattle manure: Evaluation of synthesis gas production
Maglinao AL, Capareda SC, Nam H
588 - 595 Numerical investigation on heat transfer characteristics amelioration of a solar chimney power plant through passive flow control approach
Nia ES, Ghazikhani M
596 - 606 Thermodynamic and exergoeconomic analysis of biogas fed solid oxide fuel cell power plants emphasizing on anode and cathode recycling: A comparative study
Mehr AS, Mahmoudi SMS, Yari M, Chitsaz A
607 - 616 A new closed-form thermodynamic model for thermal simulation of spark ignition internal combustion engines
Barjaneh A, Sayyaadi H
617 - 629 Implementation of palm biodiesel based on economic aspects, performance, emission, and wear characteristics
Mosarof MH, Kalam MA, Masjuki HH, Ashraful AM, Rashed MM, Imdadul HK, Monirul IM
630 - 641 Development and validation of double and single Wiebe function for multi-injection mode Diesel engine combustion modelling for hardware-in-the-loop applications
Maroteaux F, Saad C, Aubertin F
642 - 654 Electricity price forecast using Combinatorial Neural Network trained by a new stochastic search method
Abedinia O, Amjady N, Shafie-Khah M, Catalao JPS
655 - 664 Performance evaluation of the displacement ventilation combined with evaporative cooled ceiling for a typical office in Beirut
Younis M, Ghali K, Ghaddar N
665 - 674 Experimental study on a parabolic concentrator assisted solar desalting system
Arunkumar T, Denkenberger D, Velraj R, Sathyamurthy R, Tanaka H, Vinothkumar K
675 - 684 An improved charging/discharging strategy of lithium batteries considering depreciation cost in day-ahead microgrid scheduling
Zhang Z, Wang JX, Wang XL
685 - 696 Development of CuO-ethylene glycol nanofluids for efficient energy management: Assessment of potential for energy recovery
Zennifer MA, Manikandan S, Suganthi KS, Vinodhan VL, Rajan KS
697 - 715 An Integrated Lumped Parameter-CFD approach for off-design ejector performance evaluation
Besagni G, Mereu R, Chiesa P, Inzoli F
716 - 730 A review on DC/DC converter architectures for power fuel cell applications
Kolli A, Gaillard A, De Bernardinis A, Bethoux O, Hissel D, Khatir Z
731 - 745 Entropy generation of viscous dissipative nanofluid convection in asymmetrically heated porous microchannels with solid-phase heat generation
Ting HW, Hung YM, Guo NQ
746 - 755 Comparative evaluation of torrefaction and hydrothermal carbonization of lignocellulosic biomass for the production of solid biofuel
Kambo HS, Dutta A
756 - 762 Experimental evaluation of R448A as R404A lower-GWP alternative in refrigeration systems
Mota-Babiloni A, Navarro-Esbri J, Penis B, Moles F, Verdu G
763 - 771 Parameter identification of the glazed photovoltaic thermal system using Genetic Algorithm-Fuzzy System (GA-FS) approach and its comparative study
Singh S, Agrawal S
772 - 781 Economic optimisation and thermodynamic modelling of SOFC tri-generation system fed by biogas
Joneydi Shariatzadeh O, Refahi AH, Rahmani M, Abolhassani SS
782 - 790 Evaluation of optimal dual axis concentrated photovoltaic thermal system with active ventilation using Frog Leap algorithm
Gholami H, Sarwat AI, Hosseinian H, Khalilnejad A
791 - 797 Using renewable ethanol and isopropanol for lipid transesterification in wet microalgae cells to produce biodiesel with low crystallization temperature
Huang R, Cheng J, Qiu Y, Li T, Zhou JH, Cen KF
798 - 809 Performance evaluation of an open-cathode PEM fuel cell stack under ambient conditions: Case study of United Arab Emirates
Al-Zeyoudi H, Sasmito AP, Shamim T
810 - 816 Onset and steady-operation features of low temperature differential multi-stage travelling wave thermoacoustic engines for low grade energy utilization
Zhang XQ, Chang JZ
817 - 825 Experimental and numerical investigation of form-stable dodecane/hydrophobic fumed silica composite phase change materials for cold energy storage
Chen JJ, Ling ZY, Fang XM, Zhang ZG
826 - 835 Determination of optimum insulation thickness in pipe for exergetic life cycle assessment
Kecebas A
836 - 847 Validity of the Livengood & Wu correlation and theoretical development of an alternative procedure to predict ignition delays under variable thermodynamic conditions
Desantes JM, Lopez JJ, Molina S, Lopez-Pintor D
848 - 857 Experimental and numerical study of fluid flow and heat transfer characteristics in microchannel heat sink with complex structure
Xia GD, Ma DD, Zhai YL, Li YF, Liu R, Du M
858 - 871 Exploring the limits of a down-sized ethanol direct injection spark ignited engine in different configurations in order to replace high-displacement gasoline engines
Baeta JGC, Pontoppidan M, Silva TRV
872 - 879 Dynamic thermal reaction analysis of wall structures in various cooling operation conditions
Yan B, Long ES, Meng X
880 - 890 Study of solar radiation prediction and modeling of relationships between solar radiation and meteorological variables
Sun HW, Zhao N, Zeng XF, Yan D
891 - 899 Performance analysis and load matching of a photovoltaic-thermoelectric hybrid system
Lin J, Liao TJ, Lin BH
900 - 907 Energy, carbon dioxide and water use implications of hydrous ethanol production
Saffy HA, Northrop WF, Kittelson DB, Boles AM
908 - 917 Preparation and properties of nanoencapsulated n-octadecane phase change material with organosilica shell for thermal energy storage
Zhu YL, Liang S, Chen KP, Gao X, Chang PP, Tian CR, Wang JH, Huang YG
918 - 928 Coordinated control of distributed energy resources to support load frequency control
Pandi VR, Al-Hinai A, Feliachi A
929 - 937 A parametric study of a humidification dehumidification (HDH) desalination system using low grade heat sources
He WF, Han D, Yue C, Pu WH
938 - 945 Multistage distribution network expansion planning considering the emerging energy storage systems
Saboori H, Hemmati R, Abbasi V
946 - 950 High-temperature and high-power-density nanostructured thermoelectric generator for automotive waste heat recovery
Zhang YL, Cleary M, Wang XW, Kempf N, Schoensee L, Yang J, Joshi G, Meda L
951 - 956 A detailed study of combustion characteristics of a DI diesel engine using waste plastic oil and its blends
Kaimal VK, Vijayabalan P
957 - 966 Utilization of biogas released from palm oil mill effluent for power generation using self-preheated reactor
Hosseini SE, Wahid MA
967 - 976 Experimental study on comprehensive utilization of solar energy and energy balance in an integrated solar house
Chang HW, Liu YT, Shen JQ, Xiang C, He SA, Wan ZM, Jiang M, Duan C, Shu SM
977 - 985 Thermal power plant operating regimes in future British power systems with increasing variable renewable penetration
Edmunds R, Davies L, Deane P, Pourkashanian M
986 - 994 Fine-tuning width and aspect ratio of an improved microchannel heat sink for energy-efficient thermal management
Vinodhan VL, Rajan KS
995 - 1005 Parametric analysis of a dual loop Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) system for engine waste heat recovery
Song J, Gu CW
1006 - 1016 An analysis of limits for part load efficiency improvement with VVA devices
Knop V, Mattioli L
1017 - 1036 Application of nanofluids in plate heat exchanger: A review
Kumar V, Tiwari AK, Ghosh SK
1037 - 1045 Hybrid energy fuel cell based system for household applications in a Mediterranean climate
Nizetic S, Tolj I, Papadopoulos AM
1046 - 1058 A stochastic-probabilistic energy and reserve market clearing scheme for smart power systems with plug-in electrical vehicles
Khazali A, Kalantar M
1059 - 1069 Fuel spray and combustion characteristics of butanol blends in a constant volume combustion chamber
Liu Y, Li J, Jin C
1070 - 1081 The optimization model for multi-type customers assisting wind power consumptive considering uncertainty and demand response based on robust stochastic theory
Tan ZF, Ju LW, Reed B, Rao R, Peng DX, Li HH, Pan G
1082 - 1095 Experimental and theoretical analysis of effects of atomic, diatomic and polyatomic inert gases in air and EGR on mixture properties, combustion, thermal efficiency and NOx emissions of a pilot-ignited NG engine
Li WF, Liu ZC, Wang ZS, Dou HL
1096 - 1104 Optimum design and orientation of the greenhouses for maximum capture of solar energy in North Tropical Region
El-Maghlany WM, Teamah MA, Tanaka H
1105 - 1114 Scenario-based stochastic optimal operation of wind, photovoltaic, pump-storage hybrid system in frequency- based pricing
Oskouei MZ, Yazdankhah AS
1115 - 1124 Process energetics for the hydrothermal carbonisation of human faecal wastes
Danso-Boateng E, Holdich RG, Martin SJ, Shama G, Wheatley AD
1125 - 1137 Thermodynamic performance analysis of a novel electricity-heating cogeneration system (EHCS) based on absorption heat pump applied in the coal-fired power plant
Zhang HS, Li ZL, Zhao HB
1138 - 1148 A novel method based on multi-population genetic algorithm for CCHP-GSHP coupling system optimization
Zeng R, Li HQ, Liu LF, Zhang XF, Zhang GQ
1149 - 1156 Optimization of sunflower oil ethanolysis catalyzed by calcium oxide: RSM versus ANN-GA
Avramovic JM, Velickovic AV, Stamenkovic OS, Rajkovic KM, Milic PS, Veljkovic VB
1157 - 1165 Effect of energy-regenerative braking on electric vehicle battery thermal management and control method based on simulation investigation
Huang JY, Qin DT, Peng ZY
1166 - 1177 Solar irradiance forecasting at one-minute intervals for different sky conditions using sky camera images
Alonso-Montesinos J, Batlles FJ, Portillo C
1178 - 1204 A state-of-the-art review on hybrid heat pipe latent heat storage systems
Naghavi MS, Ong KS, Mehrali M, Badruddin IA, Metselaar HSC
1205 - 1212 Beam, diffuse and global solar irradiance estimation with satellite imagery
Alonso-Montesinos J, Batlles FJ, Bosch JL
1213 - 1222 Kinetic studies of sea mango (Cerbera odollam) oil for biodiesel production via injection of superheated methanol vapour technology
Ang GT, Tan KT, Lee KT, Mohamed AR
1223 - 1238 Development of a skeletal multi-component fuel reaction mechanism based on decoupling methodology
Mohan B, Tay KL, Yang WM, Chua KJ
1239 - 1250 Cycle configuration analysis and techno-economic sensitivity of biomass externally fired gas turbine with bottoming ORC
Camporeale SM, Pantaleo AM, Ciliberti PD, Fortunato B
1251 - 1260 Economic dispatch optimization algorithm based on particle diffusion
Han L, Romero CE, Yao Z
1261 - 1268 Modeling and experimental study of a corrugated wick type solar still: Comparative study with a simple basin type
Matrawy KK, Alosaimy AS, Mahrous AF
1269 - 1280 Effects of exhaust gas recirculation in diesel engines featuring late PCCI type combustion strategies
d'Ambrosio S, Ferrari A
1281 - 1290 Direct tracking error characterization on a single-axis solar tracker
Sallaberry F, Pujol-Nadal R, Larcher M, Rittmann-Frank MH
1291 - 1302 A computational methodology for ejector design and performance maximisation
Hakkaki-Fard A, Aidoun Z, Ouzzane M
1303 - 1317 Crisscross optimization algorithm for solving combined heat and power economic dispatch problem
Meng AB, Mei P, Yin H, Peng XG, Guo ZZ
1318 - 1327 Multi-objective genetic algorithm based innovative wind farm layout optimization method
Chen Y, Li H, He B, Wang PC, Jin K
1328 - 1339 Techno-economic assessment of a Kalina cycle driven by a parabolic Trough solar collector
Ashouri M, Vandani AMK, Mehrpooya M, Ahmadi MH, Abdollahpour A
1340 - 1351 Prospects of solar photovoltaic-micro-wind based hybrid power systems in western Himalayan state of Himachal Pradesh in India
Sinha S, Chandel SS
1352 - 1365 Analysis of the combined effect of hydrogrinding process and inclination angle on hydraulic performance of diesel injection nozzles
Salvador FJ, Carreres M, Jaramillo D, Martinez-Lopez J
1366 - 1376 Synthesis of aspartic acid-treated multi-walled carbon nanotubes based water coolant and experimental investigation of thermal and hydrodynamic properties in circular tube
Shanbedi M, Hens SZ, Amiri A, Hosseinipour E, Eshghi H, Kazi SN
1377 - 1388 Energy performance of an evacuated tube solar collector using single walled carbon nanotubes nanofluids
Sabiha MA, Saidur R, Hassani S, Said Z, Mekhilef S
1389 - 1396 Two-step microalgal biodiesel production using acidic catalyst generated from pyrolysis-derived bio-char
Dong T, Gao DF, Miao C, Yu XC, Degan C, Garcia-Perez M, Rasco B, Sablani SS, Chen SL
1397 - 1398 Comments on "Progress of nanofluid application in solar collectors: A review", by Sujit Kumar Verma and Arun Kumar Tiwari [Energy Conyers. Manage. 100 (2015) 324-346]
Awad MM
1399 - 1399 Characterizing premixed laminar flame-acoustics nonlinear interaction (vol 98, pg 331, 2015)
Zhang ZG, Guan D, Zheng YQ, Li GN