Energy and Buildings

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1 - 6 Preparation and characteristics of composite phase change material (CPCM) with SiO2 and diatomite as endothermal-hydroscopic material
Chen Z, Su D, Qin MH, Fang GY
7 - 15 Simple automatic supervisory control system for office building based on energy-saving decoupling indoor comfort control
Lin SY, Chiu SC, Chen WY
16 - 24 Numerical study on performance of a desiccant cooling system with indirect evaporative cooler
Gao WZ, Worek W, Konduru V, Adensin K
25 - 34 The effect of wind speed and direction and surrounding maize on hybrid ventilation in a dairy cow building in Denmark
Rong L, Liu D, Pedersen EF, Zhang G
35 - 44 The effect of an enclosure retrofit on air leakage rates for a multi-unit residential case-study building
Urquhart R, Richman R, Finch G
45 - 57 Simulated hygrothermal performance of a desiccant-assisted hybrid air/water conditioning system in a mixed humid climate under dynamic load
O'Kelly M, Walter ME, Rowland JR
58 - 65 Field evaluation of performance of radiant heating/cooling ceiling panel system
Li RL, Yoshidomi T, Ooka R, Olesen BW
66 - 73 Closed translucent facade elements with switchable U-value-A novel option for energy management via the facade
Pflug T, Kuhn TE, Norenberg R, Gluck A, Nestle N, Maurer C
74 - 85 Life cycle analysis in refurbishment of the buildings as intervention practices in energy saving
Nicolae B, George-Vlad B
86 - 92 On the use of plug-and-play walls (PPW) for evaluating thermal enhancement technologies for building enclosures: Evaluation of a thin phase change material (PCM) layer
Lee KO, Medina MA, Sun XQ
93 - 103 Analysis of thermal effects of vegetated envelopes: Integration of a validated model in a building energy simulation program
Djedjig R, Bozonnet E, Belarbi R
104 - 117 Optimal design of residential building envelope systems in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Alaidroos A, Krarti M
118 - 136 Method for energy optimization with reliability analysis of a trigeneration and teleheating system on urban scale: A case study
Salata F, Vollaro AD, de LietoVollaro R, Mancieri L
137 - 150 Dynamic frequency regulation resources of commercial buildings through combined building system resources using a supervisory control methodology
Zhao P, Henze GP, Brandemuehl MJ, Cushing VJ, Plamp S
151 - 160 Quantification of economic benefits of renovation of apartment buildings as a basis for cost optimal 2030 energy efficiency strategies
Pikas E, Kurnitski J, Liias R, Thalfeldt M
161 - 175 Feasibility study of "green" insulation materials including tall oil: Environmental, economical and thermal properties
Balo F
176 - 189 In-use monitoring of buildings: An overview and classification of evaluation methods
Olivia GS, Christopher TA
190 - 193 Composite gypsum containing fatty-ester PCM to be used as constructive system: Thermophysical characterization of two shape-stabilized formulations
Serrano S, Barreneche C, Fernandez AI, Farid MM, Cabeza LF
194 - 202 Energy and economic assessment of the envelope retrofitting in residential buildings in Northern Spain
Teres-Zubiaga J, Campos-Celador A, Gonzalez-Pino I, Escudero-Revilla C
203 - 213 Design charts for sizing CC/DV system aided with personalized evaporative cooler to the desired thermal comfort
Mirzai S, Ghaddar N, Ghali K, Keblawi A
214 - 221 Energy metrics of earth-air heat exchanger system for hot and dry climatic conditions of India
Bisoniya TS, Kumar A, Baredar P
222 - 232 Economic feasibility of residential electricity storage systems in Ontario, Canada considering two policy scenarios
Kantor I, Rowlands IH, Parker P, Lazowski B
233 - 242 Thermal environments and thermal comfort impacts of Direct Load Control air-conditioning strategies in university lecture theatres
Zhang F, de Dear R
243 - 256 A new theoretical formulation of dew point temperatures applicable for comfort air-cooling systems
Sarkar M
257 - 287 Design and modeling of 1-10 MWe liquefied natural gas-fueled combined cooling, heating and power plants for building applications
Arsalis A, Alexandrou A
288 - 295 Different modeling strategies of infiltration rates for an office building to improve accuracy of building energy simulations
Han GY, Srebric J, Enache-Pommer E
296 - 304 Exergy-economic evaluation of heat recovery device in mechanical ventilation system
Mroz TM, Dutka A
305 - 313 The impact of the air distribution method in ventilated rooms on the aerosol particle dispersion and removal: The experimental approach
Jurelionis A, Gagyte L, Prasauskas T, Ciuzas D, Krugly E, Seduikyte L, Martuzevicius D
314 - 317 Air jet protection to prevent window surface condensation from air moisture
Naumov AL, Tabunshchikov IA, Kapko DV, Brodach MM
318 - 327 A new desiccant channel to be integrated in building facades
Fernandez-Hernandez F, Cejudo-Lopez JM, Dominguez-Munoz F, Carrillo-Andres A
328 - 339 Simplified server model to simulate data center cooling energy consumption
Ham SW, Kim MH, Choi BN, Jeong JW
340 - 348 Using urban canyon geometries obtained from Google Street View for atmospheric studies: Potential applications in the calculation of street level total shortwave irradiances
Carrasco-Hernandez R, Smedley ARD, Webb AR
349 - 355 Predicting people's presence in buildings: An empirically based model performance analysis
Mahdavi A, Tahmasebi F
356 - 365 China's building energy efficiency and urbanization
Lin BQ, Liu HX
366 - 375 Artificial neural networking model of energy and exergy district heating mony flows
Strusnik D, Avsec J
376 - 393 Daylight in buildings equipped with traditional or innovative sources: A critical analysis on the use of the scale model approach
Boccia O, Zazzini P
394 - 402 Flow and heat transfer in double, triple and quadruple pane windows
Arici M, Karabay H, Kan M
403 - 414 Household electricity consumption and CO2 emissions in the Netherlands: A model-based analysis
Papachristos G
415 - 426 MPC-based optimal scheduling of grid-connected low energy buildings with thermal energy storages
Zhao Y, Lu YH, Yan CC, Wang SW
427 - 438 Solar irradiance feature extraction and support vector machines based weather status pattern recognition model for short-term photovoltaic power forecasting
Wang F, Zhen Z, Mi ZQ, Sun HB, Su S, Yang G
439 - 448 Household electricity use, electric vehicle home-charging and distributed photovoltaic power production in the city of Westminster
Munkhammar J, Bishop JDK, Sarralde JJ, Tian W, Choudhary R
449 - 463 The impact of exterior surface convective heat transfer coefficients on the building energy consumption in urban neighborhoods with different plan area densities
Liu JY, Heidarinejad M, Gracik S, Srebric J
464 - 477 Sensitivity analysis of macro-parameters in the system design of net zero energy building
Sun YJ
478 - 491 Realisable 10-year reductions in European energy consumption for air conditioning
Hitchin R, Pout C, Butler D
492 - 501 Heat transfer analysis of thermo-active foundations
Kaltreider C, Krarti M, McCartney J
502 - 513 CFD modeling for natural ventilation in a lightwell connected to outdoor through horizontal voids
Farea TG, Ossen DR, Alkaff S, Kotani H
514 - 524 Energy assessment of office buildings in China using China building energy codes and LEED 2.2
Chen H, Lee WL, Wang XL
525 - 533 Combined use of design of experiment and dynamic building simulation in assessment of energy efficiency in tropical residential buildings
Sadeghifam AN, Zahraee SM, Meynagh MM, Kiani I
534 - 540 Guidelines on energy efficiency of cultural heritage
de Santoli L
541 - 549 Analysis on the passive evaporative cooling wall constructed of porous ceramic pipes with water sucking ability
Chen W, Liu S, Lin J
550 - 556 An optimized crossflow plate-fin membrane-based total heat exchanger
Zhong Q, Yang LP, Tao Y, Luo CY, Xu ZJ, Xi TG
557 - 572 Different strategies for long term performance of SAGSHP to match residential energy requirements in a cold climate
Reda F, Laitinen A
573 - 588 The influence of hospital ward design on resilience to heat waves: An exploration using distributed lag models
Iddon CR, Mills TC, Giridharan R, Lomas KJ
589 - 594 Development of an energy-saving glass using two-dimensional periodic nano-structures
Huang CL, Ho CC, Chen YB
595 - 600 Thermal performance investigation of heat insulation solar glass: A comparative experimental study
Cuce E, Young CH, Riffat SB
601 - 607 Measurement of actual efficacy of compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs)
Guan L, Berrill T, Brown RJ
608 - 618 A study on the energy rebound effect of China's residential building energy efficiency
Lin BQ, Liu HX
619 - 625 Experimental study and performance analysis of a solar thermoelectric air conditioner with hot water supply
Liu ZB, Zhang L, Gong GC, Luo YQ, Meng FF
626 - 639 Evaluation on energy and thermal performance for office building envelope in different climate zones of China
Yu JH, Tian LW, Xu XH, Wang JB
640 - 650 Advanced cooling technology with thermally activated building surfaces and model predictive control
Zakula T, Armstrong PR, Norford L
651 - 662 Hybrid single objective genetic algorithm coupled with the simulated annealing optimization method for building optimization
Junghans L, Darde N
663 - 676 Air infiltration assessment for industrial buildings
Brinks P, Kornadt O, Oly R
677 - 686 Embodied energy assessment of building materials in India using process and input-output analysis
Praseeda KI, Reddy BVV, Mani M
687 - 691 LEED, its efficacy in regional context: Finding a relationship between regional measurements and urban temperature
Donghwan G, Yong KH, Hyoungsub K
692 - 697 A review on the thermal regulation techniques for non integrated flat PV modules mounted on building top
Chandrasekar M, Rajkumar S, Valavan D
698 - 707 Robust model-based fault diagnosis for air handling units
Mulumba T, Afshari A, Yan R, Shen W, Norford LK
708 - 722 Numerical simulation of the temperature evolution in a room with a mur neutralisant. Application to "The City of Refuge" by Le Corbusier
Ramirez-Balas C, Fernandez-Nieto ED, Narbona-Reina G, Sendra JJ, Suarez R
723 - 734 A hybrid numerical-neural-network model for building simulation: A case study for the simulation of unheated and uncooled indoor temperature
Lu T, Lu XS, Kibert C
735 - 744 Assessment of urban roof top solar photovoltaic potential to solve power shortage problem in Nepal
Gautam BR, Li FT, Ru G
745 - 753 Energy performance of radiators with parallel and serial connected panels
Maivel M, Konzelmann M, Kurnitski J
754 - 765 Factors affecting the in situ measurement accuracy of the wall heat transfer coefficient using the heat flow meter method
Meng X, Yan B, Gao YN, Wang J, Zhang W, Long ES
766 - 781 Experimental research of the thermal characteristics of a multi-storey naturally ventilated double skin facade
Andelkovic AS, Gvozdenac-Urosevic B, Kljajic M, Ignjatovic MG
782 - 793 Cost-effective and comfort-aware residential energy management under different pricing schemes and weather conditions
Anvari-Moghaddam A, Monsef H, Rahimi-Kian A
794 - 802 Building energy modeling: A systematic approach to zoning and model reduction using Koopman Mode Analysis
Georgescu M, Mezic I
803 - 807 Simulation of heat and moisture transfer in a multiplex structure
Vasilyev GP, Lichman VA, Peskov NV, Brodach MM, Tabunshchikov YA, Kolesov MV
808 - 816 Using BEopt (EnergyPlus) with energy audits and surveys to predict actual residential energy usage
Rhodes JD, Gorman WH, Upshaw CR, Webber ME
817 - 832 How are UK homes heated? A city-wide, socio-technical survey and implications for energy modelling
Kane T, Firth SK, Lomas KJ
833 - 840 How do the appliance energy standards work in China? Evidence from room air conditioners
Yu H, Tang BJ, Yuan XC, Wang S, Wei YM
841 - 851 Identifying the potential for resource and embodied energy savings within the UK building sector
Mandley S, Harmsen R, Worrell E
852 - 863 Design optimization of insulated cavity rammed earth walls for houses in Australia
Dong X, Soebarto V, Griffith M
864 - 872 Hot gas defrosting method for air-source transcritical CO2 heat pump systems
Hu B, Yang DF, Cao F, Xing ZW, Fei J
873 - 885 Performance assessment of a passive solar building for thermal comfort and energy saving in a hilly terrain of India
Chandel SS, Sarkar A
886 - 897 Evaluation of the performance indices of a ventilated double window through experimental and analytical procedures: SHGC-values
Carlos JS, Corvacho H
898 - 908 Studying the evolution of both thermal and kinetic boundary layers in the vicinity of a vertical conductive gypsum plate under dynamic time-depending conditions at the building scale
Bykalyuk A, Kuznik F, Johannes K