Energy and Buildings

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ISSN: 0378-7788 (Print) 

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1 - 17 Residential HVAC fault detection using a system identification approach
Turner WJN, Staino A, Basu B
18 - 27 A co-simulation modelling approach for the assessment of a ventilated double-skin complex fenestration system coupled with a compact fan-coil unit
Bueno B, Street M, Pflug T, Braesch C
28 - 34 Using PCM embedded in building material for thermal management: Performance assessment study
Elnajjar E
35 - 44 Optimization of support vector regression model based on outlier detection methods for predicting electricity consumption of a public building WSHP system
Sun SB, Li GN, Chen HX, Guo YB, Wang JY, Huang QY, Hu WJ
45 - 52 Study on distributed individuation lighting model and analysis to energy consumption character
Gao YM, Xu MD, Zhang HY, Guo X, Li P, Zou NY
53 - 65 Prediction model of Cooling Load considering time-lag for preemptive action in buildings
Lim HS, Kim G
66 - 80 A review and critique of UK housing stock energy models, modelling approaches and data sources
Sousa G, Jones BM, Mirzaei PA, Robinson D
81 - 97 Optimization of roof solar reflectance under different climate conditions, occupancy, building configuration and energy systems
Piselli C, Saffari M, de Gracia A, Pisello AL, Cotana F, Cabeza LF
98 - 106 Comprehensive feature selection for appliance classification in NILM
Sadeghianpourhamami N, Ruyssinck J, Deschrijver D, Dhaene T, Develder C
107 - 120 Embodied and operational energy assessment of different construction methods employed on social interest dwellings in Ecuador
Macias J, Iturburu L, Rodriguez C, Agdas D, Boero A, Soriano G
121 - 131 The diversity of residential electricity demand - A comparative analysis of metered and simulated data
Ramirez-Mendiola JL, Grunewald P, Eyre N
132 - 145 Coordinated optimization of multiple buildings with a fair price mechanism for energy exchange
Xu ZB, Hu GG, Spanos CJ
146 - 156 On the analytical calculation of the solar heat gain coefficient of a BIPV module
Baenas T, Machado M
157 - 166 Energy consumption prediction of air-conditioning systems in buildings by selecting similar days based on combined weights
Ma ZJ, Song JL, Zhang JL
167 - 186 Optimal operations management of residential energy supply networks with power and heat interchanges
Wakui T, Sawada K, Kawayoshi H, Yokoyama R, Iitaka H, Aki H
187 - 197 Quantitative internal infrared thermography for determining in-situ thermal behaviour of facades
Tejedor B, Casals M, Gangolells M, Roca X
198 - 205 Experimental analysis of building airtightness in traditional residential Portuguese buildings
Salehi A, Torres I, Ramos A
206 - 216 Thermal performance of a pump-driven loop heat pipe as an air-to-air energy recovery device
Zhou F, Duan W, Ma GY
217 - 227 Investigating the energy performance of an air treatment incorporated cooling system for hot and humid climate
Cui X, Mohan B, Islam MR, Chua KJ
228 - 241 Role of atrium geometry in building energy consumption: The case of a fully air-conditioned enclosed atrium in cold climates, China
Lan W, Qiong H, Qi Z, Hong X, Yuen RKK
242 - 249 Analysis of the experimental performance of light pipes
Vasilakopoulou K, Kolokotsa D, Santamouris M, Kousis I, Asproulias H, Giannarakis I
250 - 262 A numerical study on the effects of design/operating parameters of the radiant panel in a radiation-based task air conditioning system on indoor thermal comfort and energy saving for a sleeping environment
Du J, Chan MY, Pan DM, Deng SM
263 - 274 Shading and day-lighting controls energy savings in offices with fully-Glazed facades in hot climates
Al Touma A, Ouahrani D
275 - 282 A new method for cost-effective demand response strategy for apartment-type factory buildings
Oh E, Kwon Y, Son SY
283 - 292 Life-cycle cost analysis of roofing technologies in tropical areas
Tong SS, Li H
293 - 305 Energy retrofitting of residential buildings-How to couple Combined Heat and Power (CHP) and Heat Pump (HP) for thermal management and off-design operation
Lo Basso G, Nastasi B, Salata F, Golasi I
306 - 319 Deep energy renovation of the Maersk office building in Denmark using a holistic design approach
Jradi M, Veje C, Jorgensen BN
320 - 331 A simplified estimation model for determining the optimal rooftop photovoltaic system for gable roofs
Ban C, Hong T, Jeong K, Koo C, Jeong J
332 - 343 Modelling the relationship between heating energy use and indoor temperatures in residential buildings through Artificial Neural Networks considering occupant behavior
Magalhaes SMC, Leal VMS, Horta IM
344 - 357 Operation dynamics of building with radiant cooling system based on Beijing weather
Hu R, Niu JL
358 - 364 Seasonal variability of temperature profiles of vegetative and traditional gravel-ballasted roofs: A case study for Lebanon
Koura J, Manneh R, Belarbi R, El Khoury V, El Bachawati M
365 - 380 Evaluation of efficiency of hybrid geothermal basket/air heat pump on a case study winery based on experimental data
Tinti F, Barbaresi A, Torreggiani D, Brunelli D, Ferrari M, Verdecchia A, Bedeschi E, Tassinari P, Bruno R
381 - 392 New cool concrete for building envelopes and urban paving: Optics-energy and thermal assessment in dynamic conditions
Rosso F, Pisello AL, Castaldo VL, Fabiani C, Cotana F, Ferrero M, Jin W
393 - 405 Thermal transmittance of historical stone masonries: A comparison among standard, calculated and measured data
Lucchi E
406 - 417 Water-to-air-heat exchanger and indirect evaporative cooling in buildings with green roofs
Berardi U, La Roche P, Almodovar JM
418 - 428 Assessing household energy uses: An online interactive tool dedicated to citizens and local stakeholders
Marique AF, Cuvellier S, De Herde A, Reiter S
429 - 438 Heat transfer study of external convective and radiative coefficients for building applications
Evangelisti L, Guattari C, Gori P, Bianchi F
439 - 454 Polygeneration systems in buildings: A survey on optimization approaches
Rong AY, Su Y
455 - 468 Green roof thermal buffering: Insights derived from fixed and portable monitoring equipment
Alvizuri J, Cataldo J, Smalls-Mantey LA, Montalto FA
469 - 475 A comparative study on the thermal conductivities and mechanical properties of lightweight concretes
Tasdemir C, Sengul O, Tasdemir MA
476 - 486 Measurements and predictions of the skin temperature of human subjects on outdoor environment
Lai DY, Zhou XJ, Chen QY
487 - 493 Actual energy savings from the use of thermostatic radiator valves in residential buildings - Long term field evaluation
Cholewa T, Siuta-Olcha A, Balaras CA
494 - 500 Hydrophobic silica aerogel glass-fibre composite with higher strength and thermal insulation based on methyltrimethoxysilane (MTMS) precursor
Ul Haq E, Zaidi SFA, Zubair M, Karim MRA, Padmanabhan SK, Licciulli A
501 - 510 A metamodel for building energy performance
Jaffal I, Inard C
511 - 519 Implementation of predictive control in a commercial building energy management system using neural networks
Macarulla M, Casals M, Forcada N, Gangolells M
520 - 533 Numerical study on the performance of an air-Multiple PCMs unit for free cooling and ventilation
Liu SL, Iten M, Shukla A
534 - 547 Impact of building characteristics and occupants' behaviour on the electricity consumption of households in Abu Dhabi (UAE)
Giusti L, Almoosawi M
548 - 563 Two-stage indoor physical field reconstruction from sparse sensor observations
Jiang CY, Soh YC, Li H
564 - 573 Case study investigation of the building physical properties of seven different green roof systems
Scharf B, Zluwa I
574 - 584 Stochastic analysis of embodied emissions of building construction: A comparative case study in China
Zhang XC, Wang FL
585 - 591 A modeling method for predicting the concentration of indoor carbon dioxide leakage and dispersion based on similarity theory
Tong X, Wang ZR, Cheng Z, Zhou C, Mao N