Energy and Buildings

Energy and Buildings, Vol.149 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0378-7788 (Print) 

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1 - 15 Balancing indoor thermal comfort and energy consumption of ACMV systems via sparse swarm algorithms in optimizations
Zhai DQ, Soh YC
16 - 25 Modelling dynamic thermal sensation of human subjects in outdoor environments
Lai DY, Zhou XJ, Chen QY
26 - 37 Investigation on the cooling performance of a green roof with a radiant cooling system
Yeom D, La Roche P
38 - 44 A customizable framework for computing sky view factor from large-scale 3D city models
Liang JM, Gong JH, Sun J, Liu J
45 - 57 Clarifying thermal comfort of healthcare occupants in tropical region: A case of indoor environment in Thai hospitals
Sattayakorn S, Ichinose M, Sasaki R
58 - 72 On-site monitoring and subjective comfort assessment of a sun shadings and electric lighting controller based on novel High Dynamic Range vision sensors
Motamed A, Deschamps L, Scartezzini JL
73 - 82 Experimental study of large temperature lift heat pump (LTLHP) in CHP system
Sun J, Fu L, Zhang SG
83 - 90 A thermal model of an active chilled beam
Filipsson P, Truschel A, Graslund J, Dalenback JO
91 - 100 The cooling and energy saving effect of landscape design parameters of urban park in summer: A case of Beijing, China
Xu XY, Sun SB, Liu W, Garcia EH, He L, Cai Q, Xu SJ, Wang JJ, Zhu JN
101 - 113 Thermal environment and sleep quality: A review
Lan L, Tsuzuki K, Liu YF, Lian ZW
114 - 122 Thermal comfort and indoor air quality of the "Concept 22/26", a new high performance building standard
Junghans L, Widerin P
123 - 132 On-site diagnosis of hybrid ventilation system in a renovated single-family house
Hurnik M, Specjal A, Popiolek Z
133 - 141 A new practical CFD-based methodology to calculate the evaporation rate in indoor swimming pools
Blazquez JLF, Maestre IR, Gallero FJG, Gomez PA
142 - 150 Assessment of energy consumption in existing buildings
Brady L, Abdellatif M
151 - 159 Determination and analysis of parameters for an in-situ thermal response test
Zhou YS, Zhao LY, Wang S
160 - 170 Analysis of the impact of regional temperature pattern on the energy consumption in the commercial sector in Japan
Hirano Y, Gomi K, Nakamura S, Yoshida Y, Narumi D, Fujita T
171 - 179 Influencing factors and energy-saving control strategies for indoor fine particles in commercial office buildings in six Chinese cities
Ren JL, Liu JJ, Cao XD, Hou YF
180 - 191 Smart lighting: The way forward? Reviewing the past to shape the future
Chew I, Karunatilaka D, Tan CP, Kalavally V
192 - 203 A middleware platform for the validation and utilization of short-term weather forecast data for office buildings
Lee J, Lee S, Kim J, Song D, Jeong H
204 - 215 Investigation of the relationships between thermal sensations of local body areas and the whole body in an indoor built environment
Choi JH, Yeom D
216 - 224 Advanced detection of HVAC faults using unsupervised SVM novelty detection and Gaussian process models
Van Every PM, Rodriguez M, Jones CB, Mammoli AA, Martinez-Ramon M
225 - 234 The impact of climate change on building heat demand in different climate types
Andric I, Pina A, Ferrao P, Fournier J, Lacarriere B, Le Corre O
235 - 245 A set of indices to assess the real performance of daylight-linked control systems
Bonomolo M, Beccali M, Lo Brano V, Zizzo G
246 - 259 Breathing walls: The design of porous materials for heat exchange and decentralized ventilation
Craig S, Grinham J
260 - 271 Effects of radiative exchange in an urban canyon on building surfaces' loads and temperatures
Vallati A, Mauri L, Colucci C, Oclon P
272 - 281 A dynamic life cycle carbon emission assessment on green and non-green buildings in China
Wu XY, Peng B, Lin BR
282 - 297 Development of Sankey diagrams to visualize real HVAC performance
Abdelalim A, O'Brien W, Shi ZX
298 - 309 Modeling and simulation of a photovoltaic/thermal air collector assisting a facade integrated small scale heat pump with radiant PCM panel
Bigaila E, Athienitis AK
310 - 320 Dynamic LCA framework for environmental impact assessment of buildings
Su S, Li XD, Zhu YM, Lin BR
321 - 328 Energy management in smart building with wire-bonded QFN64b electronic package subjected to air free convection. Experimental and numerical study
Bairi A, Roseiro L, Millan-Garcia JA, Gomez-Arriaran I, Odriozola-Maritorena M
329 - 338 Modeling energy consumption and efficiency measures in the Italian hotel sector
Bianco V, Righi D, Scarpa F, Tagliafico LA
339 - 353 Optimization and analysis of a multi-functional heat pump system with air source and gray water source in cooling mode
Liu XY, Lau SK, Li HR, Shen H
354 - 367 Economic impact of changing thermal regulation-An application to the city of Lisbon
Cruz CO, Silva CM, Dias PV, Teotonio I
368 - 383 Global sensitivity analysis as a support for the generation of simplified building stock energy models
Mastrucci A, Perez-Lopez P, Benetto E, Leopold U, Blanc I
384 - 390 Thermal performance of scrap tire blocks as roof insulator
Romero-Flores M, Becerra-Lucatero LM, Salmon-Folgueras R, Lopez-Salinas JL, Bremer-Bremer MH, Montesinos-Castellanos A
391 - 399 Energy retrofit interventions in historic buildings: Exploring guidance and attitudes of conservation professionals to slim double glazing in the UK
Ginks N, Painter B
400 - 423 Consideration of a new extended power law of air infiltration through the building's envelope providing estimations of the leakage area
Baracu T, Badescu V, Teodosiu C, Degeratu M, Patrascu M, Streche C
424 - 436 The Potential of Hydrogen Enriched Natural Gas deriving from Power-to-Gas option in Building Energy Retrofitting
de Santoli L, Lo Basso G, Nastasi B
437 - 449 Towards energy efficient skyscrapers
Saroglou T, Meir IA, Theodosiou T, Givoni B
450 - 462 Experimental evaluation of subjective thermal perceptions for sewing activity
Chowdhury S, Hamada Y, Ahmed KS
463 - 470 Y Enhancement of thermal conductivity by the introduction of carbon nanotubes as a filler in paraffin/expanded perlite form-stable phase-change materials
Zhang XG, Wen RL, Huang ZH, Tang C, Huang YT, Liu YG, Fang MH, Wu XW, Min X, Xu YG
471 - 482 Ventilated Facade with double chamber and flow control device
Astorqui JSC, Porras-Amores C
483 - 493 Simplified model to determine the energy demand of existing buildings. Case study of social housing in Zaragoza, Spain
Marta M, Belinda LM