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2845 - 2850 Virtual Special Issue of the 21st International Conference on Petroleum Phase Behavior and Fouling (PetroPhase2020)
Zhang YL
2851 - 2869 Molecular Modeling of Subsurface Phenomena Related to Petroleum Engineering
Mehana M, Kang QJ, Nasrabadi H, Viswanathan H
2870 - 2913 Raman Spectroscopy as a Versatile Tool for Investigating Thermochemical Processing of Coal, Biomass, and Wastes: Recent Advances and Future Perspectives
Xu J, He QC, Xiong Z, Yu Y, Zhang S, Hu X, Jiang L, Su S, Hu S, Wang Y, Xiang J
2914 - 2935 Review of Density Measurements and Predictions of CO2-Alkane Solutions for Enhancing Oil Recovery
Zhao CZ, Lu D, Chen K, Chi Y, Liu SZ, Yuan L, Zhang Y, Song YC
2936 - 2964 Review on the Applications and Modifications of the Chen-Guo Model for Hydrate Formation and Dissociation
Wang LB, Cui JL, Sun CY, Ma QL, Fan SS, Wang XH, Chen GJ
2965 - 2980 Shale Wettability: Data Sets, Challenges, and Outlook
Arif M, Zhang YH, Iglauer S
2981 - 2998 Cerium Oxide-Based Catalysts for Low-Temperature Selective Catalytic Reduction of NOx with NH3: A Review
Zhou J, Guo RT, Zhang XF, Liu YZ, Duan CP, Wu GL, Pan WG
2999 - 3010 Gas Flow Models of Shale: A Review
Javadpour F, Singh H, Rabbani A, Babaei M, Enayati S
3011 - 3031 Mechanistic Investigation of the Synergy of a Wide Range of Salinities and Ionic Liquids for Enhanced Oil Recovery: Fluid-Fluid Interactions
Esfandiarian A, Maghsoudian A, Shirazi M, Tamsilian Y, Kord S, Sheng JJ
3032 - 3041 Role of Emulsification and Interfacial Tension of a Surfactant for Oil Film Displacement
Li XX, Yue XA, Wang Z, Yan RJ, Guo YB
3042 - 3064 Multifractal Behavior of the Micro- and Mesopore Structures of Brittle Tectonically Deformed Coals and Its Influence on Methane Adsorption Capacity
Li FL, Jiang B, Song Y, Cheng GX, Lu GW
3065 - 3078 Anionic/Nonionic Surfactant Mixture for Enhanced Oil Recovery through the Investigation of Adsorption, Interfacial, Rheological, and Rock Wetting Characteristics
Kesarwani H, Saxena A, Mandal A, Sharma S
3079 - 3094 Pore Evolution of Lacustrine Organic-Rich Shales: Insights from Thermal Simulation Experiments
Tan JQ, Hu RN, Luo WB, Ma ZL, He GM
3095 - 3103 Hyperbranched Poly(amido amine) Demulsifiers Using Diaminonaphthalene as the Central Core and Their Demulsification Performance in Oil-in-Water and Water-in-Oil Emulsions
Zhang ZJ, Feng XN, Zeng GX, Liu HY, Shen LW, Yang Y, Yuan HK, Yan XM, Mi YZ
3104 - 3111 Investigation of Slickwater Effect on Permeability of Gas Shale from Longmaxi Formation
Liu ZH, Bai BJ, Tang J, Xiang ZP, Zeng SP, Qu H
3112 - 3118 Hydrate Management in Deadlegs: Thermal Conductivity of Hydrate Deposits
Song GC, Li YX, Sum AK
3119 - 3129 Molecular Dynamics Study of the Aggregation Behavior of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon Molecules in n-Heptane-Toluene Mixtures: Assessing the Heteroatom Content Effect
Ramirez L, Moncayo-Riascos I, Cortes FB, Franco CA, Ribadeneira R
3130 - 3139 Organic Acid-Enhanced Viscoelastic Surfactant and Its Application in Fracturing Fluids
Li Z, Kang WL, Zhao YL, Yang HB, Li ML, Kang X, Zhu TY, Zhou BB, Sarsenbekuly B, Aidarova S
3140 - 3149 Dynamic Monitoring of Induced Strain during N-2-ECBM of Coal with Different Gas Contents
Wang ZZ, Deng Z, Fu XH, Chen H, Pan JN, Zhou H
3150 - 3163 Investigations on Combustion and Emissions Characteristics of Aromatic Fuel Blends in a Distributed Combustor
Sharma S, Singh P, Bhardwaj C, Khandelwal B, Kumar S
3164 - 3173 Combustion Characteristics and Emission Analysis of Tetrahydrofuran-Biodiesel-Blended Fuel in a Diesel Engine
Huang JQ, Xiao HL, Yang XL, Guo FY
3174 - 3185 Assessing the Importance of Pyrolysis Process Conditions and Feedstock Type on the Combustion Performance of Agricultural-Residue-Derived Chars
Manya JJ, Alvira D, Videgain M, Duman G, Yanik J
3186 - 3196 Comparative Assessment of Pretreatment Options for Biomass Pyrolysis: Linking Biomass Compositions to Resulting Pyrolysis Behaviors, Kinetics, and Product Yields
Wang ZH, Wang Q, Yang XW, Xia SP, Zheng AQ, Zeng K, Zhao ZL, Li HB, Sobek S, Werle S
3197 - 3207 CO2 Absorption Performance and Electrical Properties of 2-Amino-2-methyl-1-propanol Compared to Monoethanolamine Solutions as Primary Amine-Based Absorbents
Han SJ, Wee JH
3208 - 3218 Monitoring of Flooding Characteristics with Different Methane Gas Injection Methods in Low-Permeability Heterogeneous Cores
Yang ZG, Yue XG, Shao ML, Yang Y, Yan RJ
3219 - 3227 Agglomeration of Solid Particles in Fluidized Catalytic Cracking Slurry Oil: Particle Separation by the Oil-Water Interface and Particle Composition Analysis
Zhang D, Dai Y, Chen K, Guo AJ, Liu H, Wang ZX
3228 - 3239 Deposition and Removal Studies of Asphaltene from the Glass Surface
Rizvi SHA, Yadav A, Phirani J, Singh V
3240 - 3251 Investigation of Microwave Irradiation Stimulation to Enhance the Pore Connectivity of Shale
Sun MD, Zhao X, Liu Q, Ukaomah CF, Jiang S, Hu QH, Wang QM, Blach TP, Yu BS, Cheng G
3252 - 3265 Fabrication of a Z-Scheme Heterojunction Polyhedral-Shaped BiOIO3/MIL-53(Fe) Photocatalyst for Enhancing Gaseous Hg-0 Removal
Guo JW, Wu J, Guan Y, Wang JM, Liu QZ, Mao X, Qi XM, He P, Wang HN
3266 - 3282 Kinetics of the Thermal Decomposition of Ethylsilane: Shock-Tube and Modeling Study
Sela P, Peukert S, Somnitz H, Janbazi H, Wlokas I, Herzler J, Fikri M, Schulz C
3283 - 3294 Hydrodenitrogenation Kinetics of Diesel Oil and Catalyst Stacking Simulation
Jiang HB, Sun XG, Lv HL, Chen WB, Qin K, Li MF, Nie H
3295 - 3306 Effect of Catalyst Acidity and Reaction Temperature on Hexene Cracking Reaction to Produce Propylene
Sun HL, Cao LY, Zhang YH, Zhao L, Gao JS, Xu CM
3307 - 3314 Highly Efficient LaxCe1-xO2-x/2 Nanorod-Supported Nickel Catalysts for CO Methanation: Effect of La Addition
Han YH, Zhao JX, Quan YH, Yin SN, Wu SP, Ren J
3315 - 3332 Probing the Chemical Kinetics of Minimalist Functional Group Gasoline Surrogates
Ilies BD, Khandavilli M, Li Y, Kukkadapu G, Wagnon SW, Jameel AGA, Sarathy SM
3333 - 3347 Nonpremixed Flameless Combustion in a Furnace: Influence of Burner Configuration
Wang GC, Cheong KP, Si JC, Mi JC
3348 - 3359 Simultaneous Determination of Na Concentration and Temperature during Zhundong Coal Combustion using the Radiation Spectrum
Li KY, Yan WJ, Yu LB, Huang XL, Chen YM, Zhou HC, Zheng S, Lou C
3360 - 3367 Preparation of an Anion Exchange Membrane by Pyridine-Functionalized Polyether Ether Ketone To Improve Alkali Resistance Stability for an Alkali Fuel Cell
Yuan YJ, Zhang TY, Wang Z
3368 - 3375 Study on Catalytic Oxygen Reduction Performance of Mo-PtCu Octahedral Catalyst
Wang FH, Wang XR, Guo ZJ, Yu JH, Zhu H
3376 - 3384 Pyrolysis-Derived Carbon Auto-Coated Co-Ni Oxide-based Nanoparticles on Graphene-like Nanosheets for High-Performance Oxygen Electrocatalysis
Sha QQ, Ma KS, Li JK, Zhao ZL
3385 - 3395 Polyaniline-Copper Composite: A Non-precious Metal Cathode Catalyst for Low-Temperature Fuel Cells
Sonawane JM, Pant D, Ghosh PC, Adeloju SB
3396 - 3406 Nanoscale Engineering of Building Blocks to Synthesize a Three-Dimensional Architecture of Pd Aerogel as a Robust Self-Supporting Catalyst toward Ethanol Electrooxidation
Hajnajafi M, Khorshidi A, Farsadrooh M, Gilani AG
3407 - 3416 Ultralong-Life Supercapacitors Using Pyridine-Derived Porous Carbon Materials
Lai SL, Zhu JY, Zhang WB, Jiang J, Li XH
3417 - 3425 Preparation of a Spherical MnO2 Intermediate by an Organic Template Method and Its Effect on the Electrochemical Performance of Lithium-Rich Manganese-Based Materials
Zhang RB, Yang WT, Lu XY, Lu Q, Jiang Q, Zhang H, Li ZC
3426 - 3437 Effects of Material Parameters on the Thermal Characteristics of a Lithium Ion Battery under Fast Charging Conditions
Li H, Wang YN, He X, Peng WL, Yu KG, Xie ZF
3438 - 3448 Efficient Thermal Processes Using Alternating Electromagnetic Field for Methodical and Selective Release of Hydrogen Isotopes
Murph SEH, Sessions H, Coopersmith K, Brown M, Ward PA
3449 - 3458 3D Hierarchical NiCo2S4 Nanoparticles/Carbon Nanotube Sponge Cathode for Highly Compressible Asymmetric Supercapacitors
Yang XM, He XX, Li Q, Sun J, Lei ZB, Liu ZH
3459 - 3468 Defect-Free MoS2-Flakes/Amorphous-Carbon Hybrid as an Advanced Anode for Lithium-Ion Batteries
Dinh DA, Nguyen TL, Cuong TV, Hui KS, Bui TH, Wu SX, Hui KN
3469 - 3478 Synthesis of Ultrathin MnO2 Nanowire-Intercalated 2D-MXenes for High-Performance Hybrid Supercapacitors
Mahmood M, Rasheed A, Ayman I, Rasheed T, Munir S, Ajmal S, Agboola PO, Warsi MF, Shahid M
3479 - 3489 Interlayer Spacing-Controlled Na0.71Co0.96O2 with High Pseudocapacitance for Enhanced Sodium Storage
Wang JG, Li XY, Xu YL, Duan FY, Yang S, Cao ZR, Dan YY, Chen LZ, Cheng XF
3490 - 3496 Core-Shell Structured Fe7S8@C Nanospheres as a High-Performance Anode Material for Potassium-Ion Batteries
He YN, Xu YF, Li JB, Xu ZH, Zhang ZZ, Sun JL, Zhang M, Zhu XS, Zhou XS
3497 - 3511 Combustion and Flame Front Morphology Characterization of H-2-CO Syngas Blends in Constant Volume Combustion Bombs
Reyes M, Tinaut FV, Gimenez B, Camano A
3512 - 3520 Coal-Assisted Water Electrolysis for Hydrogen Production: Evolution of Carbon Structure in Different-Rank Coal
Chen S, Zhou W, Ding YN, Zhao GB, Gao JH
3521 - 3528 Hydrogen Production via Water-Gas Shift Reaction by Cu/SiO2 Catalyst: A Case Study of CeO2 Doping
Cai GH, He YY, Ren HJ, Zhan YY, Chen CQ, Luo Y, Jiang LL