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1885 - 1889 Virtual Special Issue of Recent Research Advances in China: Thermochemical Processing of Biomass and Solid Wastes
Wang SR, Lu Q, Zhang HY, Yuan HR, Yang HP, Wang CG, Yu Y, Wang KG
1890 - 1917 Higher Alcohol and Ether Biofuels for Compression-Ignition Engine Application: A Review with Emphasis on Combustion Kinetics
Cai LM, vom Lehn F, Pitsch H
1918 - 1932 High-Voltage "Single-Crystal" Cathode Materials for Lithium-Ion Batteries
Wang YZ, Wang ER, Zhang X, Yu HJ
1933 - 1956 Current Status on the Manufacturing of Nanomaterials for Proton Exchange Membrane Energy Systems by Vapor-Based Processes
Ouimet RJ, Ebaugh TA, Mirshekari G, Bliznakov S, Bonville LJ, Maric R
1957 - 1965 Technical Aspects of the Pore Structure in Shale Measured by Small-Angle and Ultrasmall-Angle Neutron Scattering: A Mini Review
Zhang JX, Cheng G
1966 - 1988 Crucial Challenges and Recent Optimization Progress of Metal-Sulfur Battery Electrolytes
Mu PZ, Dong TT, Jiang HZ, Jiang MF, Chen Z, Xu HT, Zhang HR, Cui GL
1989 - 1997 Flow and Permeability Evolution during Microbial Sulfate Reduction and Inhibition in Fractured Rocks
Cheng YW, Chou CW, Voltolini M, Borglin S, Ajo-Franklin JB, Wu YX
1998 - 2005 Community Distribution of Biofilms along a Vertical Wellbore in a Deep Injection Well during Petroleum Production
Zhu PR, Song ZY, Wu XL, Xu P, Zhang XF, Zhu WY
2006 - 2015 The Enhancement on Rheology, Flowability, and Stability of Coal Water Slurry Prepared by Multipeak Gradation Technology
Hu SX, Jiang FH, Zhao BL, Chen YM, Wu CN, Li JG, Liu K
2016 - 2023 Permeability Prediction Method for Dipping Coal Seams at Varying Depths and Production Stages in Northeastern Ordos Basin
Zeng QS, Wang ZM, Huang TH
2024 - 2032 Prediction of Hydrate Formation Risk Based on Temperature-Pressure Field Coupling in the Deepwater Gas Well Cleanup Process
Liu WY, Sun Z, Hu JQ, Chen SY, Wu KL, Sun YH, Luo JL, Li XF
2033 - 2047 Shale Gas Transport in Nanopores: Contribution of Different Transport Mechanisms and Influencing Factors
Liu XY, Zhang LH, Zhao YL, He X, Wu JF, Su SW
2048 - 2063 Fully Coupled Numerical Model and Its Application in Natural Gas Hydrate Reservoir
Liang W, Zhao TB, Qiu Y, Wang XF
2064 - 2074 Improved Methane Adsorption Model in Shale by Considering Variable Adsorbed Phase Density
Kong XX, Fan HJ, Xiao DS, Mu PF, Lu SF, Jiang S, Chen GH
2075 - 2086 Visualizing Gas Diffusion Behaviors in Three-Dimensional Nanoporous Media
Yin Y, Qu ZG, Zhu CY, Zhang JF
2087 - 2097 Structural Evolution of High-Rank Coals during Coalification and Graphitization: X-ray Diffraction, Raman Spectroscopy, High-Resolution Transmission Electron Microscopy, and Reactive Force Field Molecular Dynamics Simulation Study
Zhang S, Song BT, Cao CX, Zhang H, Liu QF, Li K, Teppen BJ
2098 - 2109 Experimental Study of the Pore Structure during Coal and Biomass Ash Sintering Based on X-ray CT Technology
Wang ZW, Zhou H, Li Y, Zhang PG, Mao R, Ren LM, Luo JW
2110 - 2120 Ultrafast Oxidative Desulfurization of Diesel Fuels by Mass Transfer Enhancement of Polyoxometalate Modified Alumina Catalysts
Liu YB, Chu JF, Lian LF, Chen X, An S, Hong LL, Wang DQ, Chen W
2121 - 2133 Influence of In Situ Stress on Well Test Permeability and Hydraulic Fracturing of the Fanzhuang Block, Qinshui Basin
Wang R, Pan JN, Wang ZZ, Li GF, Ge TY, Zheng HD, Wang XL
2134 - 2143 Analysis of the Influence of Rectifier Blockage on the Metering Performance during Shale Gas Extraction
Peng SB, Zhang Y, Zhao WW, Liu EB
2144 - 2152 Evaluation of Silica and Related Matrix Ion Effects on Common Scale Inhibitors
Zhao Y, Dai ZY, Wang X, Dai C, Paudyal S, Ko S, Kan AT, Tomson M
2153 - 2164 Influence of Particle Size on the Heat and Mass Transfer Characteristics of Methane Hydrate Formation and Decomposition in Porous Media
Li XY, Li XS, Wang Y, Li G, Zhang Y, Hu HQ, Wan K, Zeng HP
2165 - 2173 Direct Insertion Analysis of Polymer-Modified Bitumen by Atmospheric Pressure Chemical Ionization Ultrahigh-Resolution Mass Spectrometry
Lacroix-Andrivet O, Castilla C, Ruger C, Hubert-Roux M, Siqueira ALM, Giusti P, Afonso C
2174 - 2182 Application of Low-Field Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (LFNMR) in Characterizing the Dissociation of Gas Hydrate in a Porous Media
Zhang YC, Liu LL, Wang DG, Chen PF, Zhang Z, Meng QG, Liu CL
2183 - 2191 Experimental Study on the Pore Shape Damage of Shale Samples during the Crushing Process
Liu KQ, Zakharova N, Adeyilola A, Zeng LB
2192 - 2208 Gas Generation Potential and Characteristics of Oil-Prone Shale in the Saline Lacustrine Rifting Basins: A Case Study of the Dongpu Depression, Bohai Bay Basin
Zhang PY, Jiang FJ, Zhu CX, Huang RD, Hu T, Xu TW, Li WD, Xiong H
2209 - 2223 Shale Oil Potential and Mobility of Low-Maturity Lacustrine Shales: Implications from NMR Analysis in the Bohai Bay Basin
Chen D, Pang XQ, Jiang FJ, Liu GY, Pan ZH, Liu Y
2224 - 2233 The Role of Methyl Groups in the Early Stage of Thermal Polymerization of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons Revealed by Molecular Imaging
Chen PC, Fatayer S, Schuler B, Metz JN, Gross L, Yao N, Zhang YL
2234 - 2242 Copper Sulfide-Loaded Boron Nitride Nanosheets for Elemental Mercury Removal from Simulated Flue Gas
Liu DJ, Li B, Liu YX, Wu J
2243 - 2252 Pore Distribution and Variation Rules of the Coal Sample with CO2 Adsorption at Different Pressures Based on Small-Angle X-ray Scattering
Nie BS, Wang KD, Gao Q, Cao MW
2253 - 2267 Enhanced Gas Recovery in Kerogen Pyrolytic Pore Network: Molecular Simulations and Theoretical Analysis
Xu HY, Yu H, Fan JC, Xia J, Wang FC, Wu HA
2268 - 2281 Fault Development Characteristics and Their Effects on Current Gas Content and Productivity of No.3 Coal Seam in the Zhengzhuang Field, Southern Qinshui Basin, North China
Wang H, Yao YB, Huang CC, Liu DM, Cai YD
2282 - 2292 Effects of Pyrogenic Carbonaceous Materials on Anaerobic Digestion of a Nitrogen-Rich Organic Waste-Swine Manure
Xu MC, Uludag-Demirer S, Fang D, Zhou LX, Liu Y, Liao W
2293 - 2302 A Sequential Autohydrolysis-Ionic Liquid Fractionation Process for High Quality Lignin Production
Wang J, Rajan K, Annamraju A, Chmely SC, Pingali SV, Carrier DJ, Labbe N
2303 - 2312 Continuous Slurry Hydrocracking of Biobased Fast Pyrolysis Oil
Bergvall N, Molinder R, Johansson AC, Sandstrom L
2313 - 2325 Determination of Flame Temperatures and Soot Volume Fractions during Combustion of Biomass Pellets
Yan WJ, Li KY, Yu TZ, Huang XL, Yu LB, Panahi A, Levendis YA
2326 - 2334 Investigation of Char Yield and Its Physicochemical Properties with Recycling of Heavy Oil from Biomass Pyrolysis
Shi L, Zhang SP, Su YH, Xu D, Wang ZW, Xiong YQ
2335 - 2346 Quantifying the Structural Transitions of Chinese Coal to Coal-Derived Natural Graphite by XRD, Raman Spectroscopy, and HRTEM Image Analyses
Yuan L, Liu QF, Mathews JP, Zhang H, Wu YK
2347 - 2356 Characterization of Gasoline-like Transportation Fuels Obtained by Distillation of Pyrolysis Oils from Plastic Waste Mixtures
Dobo Z, Kecsmar G, Nagy G, Koos T, Muranszky G, Ayari M
2357 - 2367 Evaluation of Steam-Exploded Wood Pellets Storage and Handling Safety in a Coal-Designed Power Plant
Abelha P, Cieplik MK
2368 - 2378 Effect of Sodium on Ni-Promoted MoS2 Catalyst for Hydrodesulfurization Reaction: Combined Experimental and Simulation Study
Mundotiya S, Singh R, Saha S, Kakkar R, Pal S, Kunzru D, Pala RGS, Sivakumar
2379 - 2390 Effect of H2O on the Transformation of Sulfur during Demineralized Coal Pyrolysis: Molecular Dynamics Simulation Using ReaxFF
Wang M, Gao JM, Xu JJ, Du Q, Zhang Y
2391 - 2401 Removal of Elemental Mercury Using Seaweed Biomass-Based Porous Carbons Prepared from Microwave Activation and H2O2 Modification
Yang W, Liu YX
2402 - 2415 Surfactant-Confined Synthesis of CoMoS Catalysts Using Polyoxometalate Precursors for Superior Fuel Hydrodesulfurization
Huang TT, Peng QY, Gai HJ, Fan Y
2416 - 2424 Experimental Research on the Conversion of Fuel Nitrogen in the Postcombustion Chamber of the Circulating Fluidized Bed
Xiao Y, Song GL, Song WJ, Yang XT, Lyu QG
2425 - 2433 Insight into High Temperature Gas-Phase Arsenic Capture by a CaO-Ca12Al14O33 Synthetic Sorbent
He ZL, Song B, Liang C, Liu B, Ma ZR, Pang KL, Yang JG
2434 - 2442 Investigation of CuO-Fe2O3 Oxygen Carriers with Different Supports in Chemical Looping Combustion
Jiang SX, Shen LH, Yan JC, Niu X, Hu B
2443 - 2455 Effect of Geochemical Characteristics on Caprock Performance in Deep Saline Aquifers
Jayasekara DW, Ranjith PG
2456 - 2467 Structure Characteristics and Hot-Coal-Gas Desulfurization Properties of Zn-Based Sorbents Supported on Mesoporous Silica with Different Pore-Arrangement Patterns: A Comparison Study
Wu MM, Li QC, Wang XW, Mi J
2468 - 2477 Experimental Investigation of Critical Parameters Controlling CH4-CO2 Exchange in Sedimentary CH4 Hydrates
Almenningen S, Graue A, Ersland G
2478 - 2484 High Selectivity for CO2 in Hydroquinone Clathrates Formed from Binary (CO + CO2) Gas Mixtures with Various Compositions
Yoon SJ, Lee D, Yoon JH, Lee JW
2485 - 2492 Influence of Solid Heat Carriers on Mercury Migration Characteristics in Coal Pyrolysis/Circulating Fluidized Bed Combustion-Staged Conversion Process
Zhang YQ, Wang XB, Ji LK, Jiao TT, Zhang HW, Li L, Liang P
2493 - 2505 Features of the Composition of Compounds Trapped in Asphaltenes of Oils and Bitumens of the Bavly Oil Field
Ganeeva YM, Barskaya EE, Okhotnikova ES, Yusupova TN
2506 - 2513 Novel Starch Composite Fluid Loss Additives and Their Applications in Environmentally Friendly Water-Based Drilling Fluids
Li XL, Jiang GC, He YB, Chen G
2514 - 2519 Energy Analysis of Methane-Hydrate-Based Produced Water Desalination
Babu P, Bollineni C, Daraboina N
2520 - 2530 Predictive Capability Assessment of Probabilistic Machine Learning Models for Density Prediction of Conventional and Synthetic Jet Fuels
Hall C, Rauch B, Bauder U, Le Clercq P, Aigner M
2531 - 2544 Optimization of Gas Production from Marine Methane Hydrate Deposit Induced by Horizontal Well
Yu H, Xu TF, Xin X, Yuan YL, Feng GH, Chen Q, Yu Z
2545 - 2561 catchyFOAM: Euler-Euler CFD Simulations of Fluidized Bed Reactors with Microkinetic Modeling of Gas-Phase and Catalytic Surface Chemistry
Vandewalle LA, Marin GB, Van Geem KM
2562 - 2578 Investigation into the Anticoking Performances of Sol-Gel-Derived SiO2 and SiO2-CeO2 Coatings during Thermal Pyrolysis of Light Naphtha
Wang ZY, Ding XD, Guo XY, Dou BL, Zhou JX, Wang BY, Wang M
2579 - 2589 Experimental and Theoretical Investigation of the Synergy Effect of Zr and Ce on the Catalytic Efficiency of NiMoS Grafted on SBA-15 for Oil Hydrodesulfurization
Tanimu A, Abdel-Azeim S, Ganiyu SA, Alhooshani K
2590 - 2601 Highly Efficient MoS2 Nanocatalysts for Slurry-Phase Hydrogenation of Unconventional Feedstocks into Fuels
Zheng AD, Wang DG, Wang L, Han JQ, Ma HJ, Pan ZD, Qu W, Wang CX, Tian ZJ
2602 - 2618 Chelating Agents as Acid-Fracturing Fluids: Experimental and Modeling Studies
Tariq Z, Aljawad MS, Hassan A, Mahmoud M, Al-Ramadhan A
2619 - 2629 Directly Printed Oxide/ZSM-5 Bifunctional Catalysts for Methanol Conversion to Dimethyl Ether with Exceptional Stability, Conversion, and Selectivity
Magzoub F, Lawson S, Rezaei F, Rownaghi AA
2630 - 2638 Performance and Emission Characteristics of Microbubble-Enhanced Fuels in a Diesel Engine
Alias EA, Hagos FY, Ishak MI, Dzaharudin F, Abdullah AA, Asyraff A
2639 - 2653 Effect of CO2 Dilution on Methane/Air Flames at Elevated Pressures: An Experimental and Modeling Study
Khan F, Elbaz AM, Saxena S, Mannaa O, Roberts WL
2654 - 2664 Effect of Structural Parameters on Mass Transfer Characteristics in the Gas Diffusion Layer of Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells Using the Lattice Boltzmann Method
Liao JD, Yang GG, Li SA, Shen QW, Jiang ZH, Wang H, Xu LY, Espinoza-Andaluz M, Pan XX
2665 - 2673 Oxygen-Doped Hierarchical Porous Carbon with Improved Selectivity of Hydrogen Peroxide in an Oxygen Reduction Reaction
Chen ZX, Li YZ, Wu M, Cao YL
2674 - 2682 Analysis of Thermal Stress in a Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Due to the Sulfur Poisoning Interface of the Electrolyte and Cathode
Xu YL, Yu SQ, Zhang YH, Dong SY, Li TS, Andersson M
2683 - 2691 Mesoporous Silica Template-Assisted Synthesis of 1T-MoS2 as the Anode for Li-Ion Battery Applications
Venkateshwaran S, Partheeban T, Sasidharan M, Kumar SMS
2692 - 2703 Novel Robust Nanohybrids of Pompon-like MoS2 and N/S Dual-Doped Graphene for High-Performance Asymmetric Supercapacitors
Li ZQ, Zhao JL, Yin ZK, Wang XL, Wu ZG, Liu DX, Zhu M, Wang XX
2704 - 2716 Thermal Buffering Performance of a Propyl Palmitate/Expanded Perlite-Based Form-Stable Composite: Experiment and Numerical Modeling in a Building Model
Dixit P, Vennapusa JR, Parvate S, Singh J, Dasari A, Chattopadhyay S
2717 - 2726 Electrochemical Performance Enhancement of Nitrogen-Doped TiO2 for Lithium-Ion Batteries Investigated by a Film Electrode Model
He Q, Sun ZG, Shi XW, Wu WW, Cheng JP, Zhuo RF, Zhang ZY, Wang J
2727 - 2741 Analysis and Optimization of Thermophysical Properties and Phase Change Behavior of Expanded Vermiculite-Based Organic Composite Phase Change Materials
Song S, Yang ZW, Li JH, Wang CD, Zhao SY
2742 - 2749 Metal-Organic Aerogel Assisted Reduced Graphene Oxide Coated Sulfur as a Cathode Material for Lithium Sulfur Batteries
Li XC, Chai WW, Yin WH, Ye WK, Wang K, Zheng J, He CJ, Tang BHJ, Rui YC
2750 - 2757 High Performance of Sulfur/Carbon Cathode Synthesized via a Facile Green Microwave Approach
Xu HX, Hao JW, Chen Y, You HR, Liu XM, Yang H
2758 - 2765 Large-Scale Production of a Silicon Nanowire/Graphite Composites Anode via the CVD Method for High-Performance Lithium-Ion Batteries
Liu B, Huang P, Xie ZY, Huang QZ
2766 - 2774 Electrochemical Performance of an Asymmetric Coin Cell Supercapacitor Based on Marshmallow-like MnO2/Carbon Cloth in Neutral and Alkaline Electrolytes
Miao JY, Zhou C, Yan XH, Jiang H, You MY, Zhu YH, Li YL, Zhou WD, Cheng XN
2775 - 2784 Hierarchical MoO42- Intercalating alpha-Co(OH)(2) Nanosheet Assemblies: Green Synthesis and Ultrafast Reconstruction for Boosting Electrochemical Oxygen Evolution
Meng YL, Li YQ, Tan ZQ, Chen X, Wu LL, Ji LW, Wang QS, Song XZ, Song SY
2785 - 2794 Nitrogen-Doped Microporous Carbons Synthesized from IndoleBased Copolymer Spheres for Supercapacitors and Metal-Free Electrocatalysis
Deka N, Barman J, Gawas P, Parse HB, Kakade B, Nutalapati V, Dutta GK
2795 - 2804 Nitrogen, Sulfur, and Phosphorus Codoped Hollow Carbon Microtubes Derived from Silver Willow Blossoms as a High-Performance Anode for Sodium-Ion Batteries
Yang D, Li SJ, Cheng DJ, Miao L, Zhong WH, Yang XQ, Li ZH
2805 - 2814 Paraffin/Ti3C2Tx Mxene@Gelatin Aerogels Composite Phase-Change Materials with High Solar-Thermal Conversion Efficiency and Enhanced Thermal Conductivity for Thermal Energy Storage
Liu XJ, Lin FK, Zhang XG, Liu MY, Sun ZH, Zhang LP, Min X, Mi RY, Huang ZH
2815 - 2825 Novel Nickel Foam with Multiple Microchannels as Combustion Reaction Support for the Self-Heating Methanol Steam Reforming Microreactor
Zheng TQ, Zhou W, Yang YF, Zhong YC, You HH, Li XY, Chu XY, Hui KS, Ding WH
2826 - 2837 Transformation of Basic and Non-basic Nitrogen Compounds during Heavy Oil Hydrotreating on Two Typical Catalyst Gradations
Li YE, Guan YM, Liu M, Yuan SH, Zhang C, Song YY
2838 - 2844 Studies of the Bubbling Fluidized Bed Retorting of Dachengzi Oil Shale: 1. Effect of Retorting Temperature
Han XX, Huang YR, Wang XY, Wang YW, Jiang XM