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ISSN: 0887-0624 (Print) 

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1 - 2 Energy & Fuels Launches the Series of Virtual Special Issues on Recent Advances in Selected Energy Research Areas
3 - 6 Virtual Special Issue of Recent Research Advances in China: Chemical Looping
Zhao HB, Jin HG, Shen LH, Li ZS
7 - 24 Graphitic Carbon Nitride-Based Z-Scheme Structure for Photocatalytic CO2 Reduction
Lin JK, Tian WJ, Zhang HY, Duan XG, Sun HQ, Wang SB
25 - 44 Highlighting the Greener Shift in Transportation Energy and Fuels Based on Novel Catalytic Materials
Muraza O
45 - 62 State of the Art and Perspectives in Catalytic Conversion Mechanism of Biomass to Bio-aromatics
Yan K, Li H
63 - 85 Mini Review on Gas-Phase Synthesis for Energy Nanomaterials
Zhang H, Zhou H, Wang Y, Li SQ, Biswas P
86 - 110 Coal Structure and Its Implications for Coalbed Methane Exploitation: A Review
Li LJ, Liu DM, Cai YD, Wang YJ, Jia QF
111 - 136 Hollow Fiber Membrane Contactors in CO2 Desorption: A Review
Vadillo JM, Gomez-Coma L, Garea A, Irabien A
137 - 160 Insights into the Mechanism of Combustion Synthesis of Iron Oxide Nanoparticles Gained by Laser Diagnostics, Mass Spectrometry, and Numerical Simulations: A Mini-Review
Rahinov I, Sellmann J, Lalanne MR, Nanjaiah M, Dreier T, Cheskis S, Wlokas I
161 - 175 Review of Liquid-Based Systems to Recover Low-Grade Waste Heat for Electrical Energy Generation
Cheng C, Dai YW, Yu J, Liu C, Wang SJ, Feng SP, Ni M
176 - 186 Potential of Green Diesel To Complement the Brazilian Energy Production: A Review
Cremonez PA, Teleken JG, Meier TW
187 - 200 Strontium Oxide Nanoparticles for Biodiesel Production: Fundamental Insights and Recent Progress
Tangy A, Pulidindi IN, Dutta A, Borenstein A
201 - 212 Integrated Experimental Characterization of Shales of Varying Thermal Maturation in the Central Appalachian Basin Using Raman and Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy and Atomic Force Microscopy
Tan XY, Gilliland E, Tang X, Ripepi N
213 - 225 Enhanced Oil Recovery from Austin Chalk Carbonate Reservoirs Using Faujasite-Based Nanoparticles Combined with Low-Salinity Water Flooding
Taleb M, Sagala F, Hethnawi A, Nassar NN
226 - 236 Changes in Pore Structure and Permeability of Middle-High Rank Coal Subjected to Liquid Nitrogen Freeze-Thaw
Li CX, Yao HY, Xin CP, Li HG, Guan JF, Liu YL
237 - 250 Pore Geometry Characteristics and Fluid-Rock Interaction in the Haynesville Shale, East Texas, United States
Wang QM, Zhou W, Hu QH, Xu H, Meendsen F, Shu Y, Qiao HG
251 - 263 Relationship between Hydrocarbon Gas Generation and Kerogen Structural Evolution Revealed by Closed System Pyrolysis and Quantitative Py-GC Analysis of a Type II Kerogen
Zheng YJ, Jiang CQ, Liao YH
264 - 282 Geochemical Characteristics, Hydrocarbon Potential, and Depositional Environment Evolution of Fine-Grained Mixed Source Rocks in the Permian Lucaogou Formation, Jimusaer Sag, Junggar Basin
Zhang JY, Sun ML, Liu GD, Cao Z, Kong YH
283 - 289 Characterization of Oxygen-Containing Aromatics in a Low- Temperature Coal Tar
Gao HS, Zong ZM, Li JH, Wei XY, Guo QJ, Zhao TS, Bai HC
290 - 305 Pore-Throat Size Distribution and Classification of the Paleogene Tight Sandstone in Lishui Sag, East China Sea Shelf Basin, China
Zhao SJ, Fu Q, Ma WR
306 - 317 Impact of Centrifuge-Separated Fractions from Light Tight Oils on the Propensity and Mechanisms of Fouling, and Improved Crude Oil Fouling Potential Prediction Model
Yu GG, Teran C, Patel N, Fields A, Gutierrez R, Crom B, Price X
318 - 328 New Technique for Enhancing Oil Recovery from Low-Permeability Reservoirs: The Synergy of Silica Nanoparticles and Biosurfactant
Wang D, Luo YJ, Lai RQ, Cui K, Li HL, Zhang ZZ, Zhang Y, Shi RJ
329 - 340 Uneven Distribution of Asphaltene Deposits in CO2 Flooding Path: Interpretation by Combining Thermodynamic and Micro-CT 3D Geological Porous Models
Yonebayashi H, Iwama H, Takabayashi K, Miyagawa Y, Watanabe T
341 - 350 Study on Reactivity and Synergy Behavior of Cogasification between Biomass Char and Coal Char
Jiao ZX, Liu L, Zhao Y, Chen XY, Qiu PH
351 - 357 Variable Dimension Fractal-Based Conversion Method between the Nuclear Magnetic Resonance T-2 Spectrum and Capillary Pressure Curve
Xie WB, Yin QL, Wang GW, Yu ZY
358 - 373 Petroleum Generation, Retention, and Expulsion in Lacustrine Shales Using an Artificial Thermal Maturation Approach: Implications for the In-Situ Conversion of Shale Oil
Song DJ, Wang XQ, Wu CJ, Meng SW, Zhang MF, Li HD, Jiao H, Liu XD, Jin X, Tuo JC
374 - 385 Application of Aromatic and Industrial Solvents for Enhancing Heavy Oil Recovery from the Ashalcha Field
Mukhamatdinov II, Salih ISS, Khelkhal MA, Vakhin AV
386 - 396 Effect of the Physicochemical Structure of Mudstone on Readsorption Behavior of Water
Niu XH, Han YN, Feng GR, Cui JQ
397 - 407 Dynamic Response and Fractal Characteristics of a Pore-Fracture System in Ultralow Permeability Sandstone Based on Low-Field NMR
Liu Y, Zhang T, Ma YK, Yang K, Tang M
408 - 418 Evaluation of Asphaltene Stability of a Wide Range of Mexican Crude Oils
Guzman R, Rodriguez S, Torres-Mancera P, Ancheyta J
419 - 424 Grinding Characteristics of Wood Pellet and Coal Mixtures in a Roller Mill
Sakuragi K, Otaka M
425 - 432 Synergistic Effects of CaO and MgO on Ash Fusion Characteristics in Entrained-Flow Gasifier
Zhang LM, Wang JF, Wei JT, Bai YH, Song XD, Xu GY, Pan Y, Yu GS
433 - 443 Effect of Pour Point Depressants on the Impedance Spectroscopy of Waxy Crude Oil
Li HY, Chen CH, Huang Q, Ding YF, Zhuang Y, Xie YW, Xu MM, Han SP, Zhang JJ
444 - 455 Nanoscale Characterization of Thin Films at Oil/Water Interfaces and Implications to Emulsion Stability
Goual L, Zhang BJ, Rahham Y
456 - 464 Applicability of Low-Pressure CO2 and N-2 Adsorption in Determining Pore Attributes of Organic-Rich Shales and Coals
Hazra B, Vishal V, Singh DP
465 - 472 Visualized Study of a Nanoparticle-Assisted Foam System to Enhance Oil Recovery by Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Online Flooding Experiment
Shi GX, Tang K, Wang FQ, Luo Q, Bai L, Sun PC, Zhu DY
473 - 478 Molecular Composition Reveals Unique Rheological Property of Karamay Heavy Crude Oil
Zhang SF, Huo J, Sun XG, Yang FX, Wang P, Wu JX, Zhang YH, Shi Q
479 - 492 Analysis and Research on Pipeline Vibration of a Natural Gas Compressor Station and Vibration Reduction Measures
Liu EB, Wang XJ, Zhao WW, Su ZY, Chen QK
493 - 500 Production Model of a Fractured Horizontal Well in Shale Gas Reservoirs
Wang TY, Tian SC, Zhang WH, Ren WX, Li GS
501 - 509 Transformation of the Sulfur Element during Pyrolysis of Sewage Sludge at Low Temperatures
Xu L, Cheng JH, Ma XQ, Shen JY, Xu ZX, Duan PG
510 - 518 Biodiesel Trace Element Analysis by Energy Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometry Using Magnetic Solid-Phase Microextraction
Meira LA, Almeida JS, Oliveira MS, Dias FD, Queiroz AFS, Soares SAR, Teixeira LSG
519 - 528 Catalytic Ethanolysis of Enzymatic Hydrolysis Lignin over an Unsupported Nickel Catalyst: The Effect of Reaction Conditions
Sang YS, Wu K, Liu QF, Bai YF, Chen H, Li YD
529 - 538 Conversion of Injected Forestry Waste Biomass Charcoal in a Blast Furnace: Influence of Pyrolysis Temperature
Solar J, Hippe F, Babich A, Caballero BM, Rodriguez ID, Barriocanal C, Lopez-Urionabarrenechea A, Acha E
539 - 545 One-Pot Cascade Conversion of Renewable Furfural to Levulinic Acid over a Bifunctional H3PW12O40SiO2 Catalyst in the Absence of External H-2
Nandiwale KY, Vishwakarma M, Rathod S, Simakova I, Bokade VV
546 - 551 Simultaneous Direct Production of 5-Hydroxymethylfurfural (HMF) and Furfural from Corncob Biomass Using Porous HSO3-ZSM-5 Zeolite Catalyst
Hoang PH, Cuong TD
552 - 560 Comparative Study of Chalcones and Their Potential as Additives for Biofuels
Faria ECM, Duarte VS, de Paula RLG, da Silva AM, Fernandes FS, Vaz WF, Oliveira GR, Napolitano HB
561 - 574 Comparative Study on Combustion and Emission Characteristics of Torrefied and Ashless Biomass with Coal through the 500 MW Tangentially Fired Boiler Simulation
Jiang Y, Jeon CH
575 - 582 Catalytic Pyrolysis Mechanism of beta-O-4 Type of Lignin Dimer: The Role of H Proton
Chen M, Zhong WP, Wu K, Wei G, Hu ZH, Zheng WG, Ruan HF, Zhang HY, Xiao R
583 - 598 Characterizing Pore-Scale Geochemical Alterations in Eagle Ford and Barnett Shale from Exposure to Hydraulic Fracturing Fluid and CO2/H2O
Sanguinito S, Cvetic P, Goodman A, Kutchko B, Natesakhawat S
599 - 609 CO2 and CH4 Sorption by Solid-State Ammonium and Imidazolium Ionic Liquids
Wang LY, Xie HL, Huang XX, Xu YL, Chu TX, Wu ZY
610 - 617 Highly Efficient Capture of Postcombustion Generated CO2 through a Copper-Based Metal-Organic Framework
Wu HX, Yuan YN, Chen YW, Lv DF, Tu S, Wu Y, Li Z, Xia QB
618 - 625 Mechanism Analysis of Coal with CuO in the In Situ Gasification Chemical-Looping Combustion and In Situ Gasification Chemical-Looping with Oxygen Uncoupling Process
Kuang C, Wang SZ, Luo M, Zhao J
626 - 635 Redox Performance of Cu-Doped Fe2O3/Al2O3 as Oxygen Carriers for Chemical Looping Hydrogen Production
Zhang SX, Feng YC, Guo X
636 - 648 Kinetic and Morphology Study of Equimolar CO2-CH4 Hydrate Formation in the Presence of Cyclooctane and L-Tryptophan
Gaikwad N, Bhattacharjee G, Sangwai JS, Kumar R, Linga P
649 - 658 Effect of L-Tryptophan in Promoting the Kinetics of Carbon Dioxide Hydrate Formation
Khandelwal H, Qureshi MF, Zheng JJ, Venkataraman P, Barckholtz TA, Mhadeshwar AB, Linga P
659 - 669 Optical Sensing of CO2 Geological Storage Using Distributed Fiber-Optic Sensor: From Laboratory to Field-Scale Demonstrations
Sun YK, Xue ZQ, Park H, Hashimoto T, Zhang Y
670 - 689 Design and Optimization of a Dual Renewable Energy-Based Plant Utilizing Integrated Hydrogen to Ammonia and Fuel Cell Systems
Siddiqui O, Dincer I
690 - 701 Investigating the Effects of Pore-Structure Characteristics on Porosity and Absolute Permeability for Unconventional Reservoirs
Lai FP, Li ZP, Fu YK, Adenutsi CD
702 - 717 Ultrahigh-Resolution 3D Imaging for Quantifying the Pore Nanostructure of Shale and Predicting Gas Transport
Garum M, Glover PWJ, Lorinczi P, Scott G, Hassanpour A
718 - 742 Development of the Reduced Chemical Kinetic Mechanism for Combustion of H-2/CO/C-1-C-4 Hydrocarbons
Sharma D, Mahapatra S, Garnayak S, Arghode VK, Bandopadhyay A, Dash SK, Reddy VM
743 - 751 CuMnAl-O Catalyst Synthesized via Pyrolysis of a Layered Double Hydroxide Precursor Attains Enhanced Performance for Benzene Combustion
Zhang Y, Lin YL, Huang ZW, Jing GH, Zhao HW, Wu XM, Zhang SW
752 - 761 Fabrication of Controllable N-Doped Ce0.2Zr0.8O2 via O-N-O Bond with Robust NO Oxidation and Durability at Low Temperature
Cai W, Yu X, Zhao YX, Chen MS, Wang Y, Han HJ, Zhong Q
762 - 769 Exploring the Chemical Space of Linear Alkane Pyrolysis via Deep Potential GENerator
Zeng JZ, Zhang LF, Wang H, Zhu T
770 - 784 Numerical Investigation on the Combustion Performance of a Natural Gas/Hydrogen Dual Fuel Rotary Engine under the Action of Apex Seal Leakage
Fan BW, Wang YG, Zhang YY, Pan JF, Yang WM, Zeng YH
785 - 795 Effects of Initial Temperature on the Deflagration Characteristics and Flame Propagation Behaviors of CH4 and Its Blends with C2H6, C2H4, CO, and H-2
Liu LT, Luo ZM, Wang T, Cheng FM, Gao SS, Liang H
796 - 805 Facile Preparation of Low-Cost and Cross-Linked Carbon Nanofibers Derived from PAN/PMMA/Lignin as Supercapacitor Electrodes
Xuan DP, Liu J, Wang DC, Lu Z, Liu Q, Liu YX, Li SR, Zheng ZF
806 - 815 Constructing a Grape-like Silicon/Mildly Expanded Graphite Microsphere Composite as a High-Performance Anode Material for Lithium-Ion Batteries
Ma CL, Hu ZH, Song NJ, Wang HQ, Liu YZ
816 - 826 Facile Fabrication of Fe2O3-Decorated Carbon Matrixes with a Multidimensional Structure as Anodes for Lithium-Ion Batteries
Wang JT, Ma C, Tang JW, Yang XJ, Wang YB, Jia XF, Cai WD, Qiao WM, Ling LC
827 - 838 Green Synthesis of Fe-Decorated Carbon Sphere/Nanosheet Derived from Bamboo for High-Performance Supercapacitor Application
Xu ZH, Zhang XM, Li K, Lin HJ, Qian XQ, Sheng KC
839 - 846 Performance of Integrated Thin-Film Silicon Solar Cell-Based Water-Splitting Devices under Varying Illumination Angles and an Estimation of Their Annual Hydrogen Production
Welter K, Becker JP, Finger F, Jaegermann W, Smirnov V
847 - 855 Hydrogen Production via Methane Cracking on Dry-Coated Fe/ZrO2 with Support Recycle in a Fluidized Bed Process
Keller M, Sharma A
856 - 867 g-C3N4/alpha-Fe2O3 Supported Zero-Dimensional Co3S4 Nanoparticles Form S-Scheme Heterojunction Photocatalyst for Efficient Hydrogen Production
Yan T, Liu H, Jin ZL
868 - 876 Anchoring Iron Oxides on Carbon Nitride Nanotubes for Improved Photocatalytic Hydrogen Production
Kheradmand A, Wainwright A, Wang LZ, Jiang YJ
877 - 882 Preparation and Characterization of Flexible Smart Glycol/Polyvinylpyrrolidone/Nano-Al2O3 Phase Change Fibers
Zhang XG, Wu BG, Chen G, Xu YF, Shi TT, Huang ZH, Liu YG, Fang MH, Wu XW, Min X
883 - 893 Chemical Composition Changes during the Commercial Entrained-Flow General Electric and Gaskombinat Schwarze Pumpe Coal Gasification Processes
Wang YF, Tang YG, Huan BB, Guo X, Finkelman RB
894 - 897 Conversion of Inorganic Chlorides into Organochlorine Compounds during Crude Oil Distillation: Myth or Reality?
Pagliano E, Gajdosechova Z, Lopez-Linares F, Mester Z
898 - 904 Microwave-Heated Graphene Realizes Ultrafast Energy Conversion and Thermal Storage
Yang C, Yang HR, Bai YG, Wu XD, Guo WC, Li MN, Zhang F, Wang PF, Han XG