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9077 - 9093 Chemical Looping Combustion: Status and Development Challenges
Lyngfelt A
9094 - 9107 Mechanisms of Asphaltene Aggregation: Puzzles and a New Hypothesis
Zhang YL, Siskin M, Gray MR, Walters CC, Rodgers RP
9108 - 9136 Marketability Prospects of Microbial Fuel Cells for Sustainable Energy Generation
Aftab S, Shah A, Nisar J, Ashiq MN, Akhter MS, Shah AH
9137 - 9153 Recent Progress of Palladium-Based Electrocatalysts for the Formic Acid Oxidation Reaction
Shen T, Zhang JJ, Chen K, Deng SF, Wang DL
9154 - 9174 Two-Dimensional Perturbation Correlation Infrared Spectroscopy for Probing Pyrolysis of Biomass: Fundamentals, Applications, and Mechanistic Understanding
Li J, Li SJ, Dong ZG, Gong M, Chen YQ, Yang HP, Chen H
9175 - 9188 Understanding and Engineering of Multiphase Transport Processes in Membrane Electrode Assembly of Proton-Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells with a Focus on the Cathode Catalyst Layer: A Review
Deng X, Zhang J, Fan ZY, Tan WY, Yang GM, Wang W, Zhou W, Shao ZP
9189 - 9207 Recent Advances in Filler Engineering of Polymer Electrolytes for Solid-State Li-Ion Batteries: A Review
Ye F, Liao KM, Ran R, Shao ZP
9208 - 9221 RuddlesdenPopper Perovskite Oxides for Photocatalysis-Based Water Splitting and Wastewater Treatment
Xiao HB, Liu PY, Wang W, Ran R, Zhou W, Shao ZP
9222 - 9230 Lacustrine versus Marine Oils: Fast and Accurate Molecular Discrimination via Electrospray Fourier Transform Ion Cyclotron Resonance Mass Spectrometry and Multivariate Statistics
Melendez-Perez JJ, Oliveira LFC, Miranda N, Sussulini A, Eberlin MN, Bastos WL, Rangel MD, Rocha YD
9231 - 9242 Reactivity of Vacuum Residues by Thermogravimetric Analysis and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy
Leon AY, Guzman A, Picon H, Laverde D, Molina D
9243 - 9251 Synthesis and Evaluation of a Pyridinium-Based Ionic Liquid-Type Surfactant as a New Low-Dosage Methane Hydrate Inhibitor
Romero-Martinez A, Hernandez-Guerrero E, Ramirez-Jaramillo E, Martinez-Palou R
9252 - 9261 Proton Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (H-1-NMR) Methodology for Monolefin Analysis: Application to Aquaprocessing-Upgraded Bitumen
Ortega LC, Sebakhy KO, Trujillo M, Pereira-Almao P
9262 - 9274 Potential of Light Oil and Condensates from Deep Source Rocks Revealed by the Pyrolysis of Type I/II Kerogens after Oil Generation and Expulsion
Wang Q, Jia WL, Yu CL, Song JZ, Zhang H, Liu JZ, Peng PA
9275 - 9282 Influence of Pressure on Spontaneous Imbibition in Tight Sandstone Reservoirs
Wang C, Gao H, Gao Y, Fan HM
9283 - 9295 Study of Asphaltene Deposition onto Stainless-Steel Surfaces Using Quartz Crystal Microbalance with Dissipation
Liu F, Hickman S, Maqbool T, Pauchard V, Banerjee S
9296 - 9303 Comparison of Silica and Cellulose Stationary Phases to Analyze Bitumen by High-Performance Thin-Layer Chromatography Coupled to Laser Desorption Ionization Fourier Transform Ion Cyclotron Resonance Mass Spectrometry
Lacroix-Andrivet O, Hubert-Roux M, Siqueira ALM, Bai Y, Afonso C
9304 - 9319 Modeling of Asphaltene Deposition Kinetics
Poozesh A, Sharifi M, Fahimpour J
9320 - 9327 New Type Nitrogen-Doped Carbon Material Applied to Deep Adsorption Desulfurization
Deng CM, Zhu MY
9328 - 9338 Structural Analysis of Neutral Nitrogen Compounds Refractory to the Hydrodenitrogenation Process of Heavy Oil Fractions by High- Resolution Tandem Mass Spectrometry and Ion Mobility-Mass Spectrometry
Le Maitre J, Paupy B, Hubert-Roux M, Marceau S, Ruger C, Afonso C, Giusti P
9339 - 9354 Probing Multiscale Structure of Mineral and Nanoporous Kerogen Phase in Organic-Rich Source Rocks: Quantitative Comparison of Small-Angle X-ray and Neutron Scattering
Cherfallot GJ, Levitz PE, Michel P, Kohler E, Jestin J, Barre L
9355 - 9370 Time- and Pressure-Independent Gas Transport Behavior in a Coal Matrix: Model Development and Improvement
Qin YP, Xu H, Liu W, Liu J, Duan WP
9371 - 9378 Flow Risk Index: A New Metric for Solid Precipitation Assessment in Flow Assurance Management Applied to Gas Hydrate Transportability
Melchuna A, Zhang XW, Sa JH, Abadie E, Glenat P, Sum AK
9379 - 9391 Fractionation of Crude Oil Asphaltene by Adsorption onto Silica Particles in a Fixed-Bed Column: Tensiometry Study and Interfacial Behavior of Different Asphaltenes Subfractions
Blancas-Giles MA, Mariath RM, Sebben IC, Santos AF, Yamamoto CI, Scheer AP
9392 - 9400 Discontinuous Displacement at Solvent-Immobile Hydrocarbon Interfaces
Wang HX, Shaw JM, Jin ZH
9401 - 9410 The Influence of Anionic Additives on the Microwave Dehydration Process of Lignite
Ge LC, Liu XY, Feng HC, Chu HQ, Xu C, Zhang YW, Wang ZH
9411 - 9425 A Comprehensive Study Based on the Application of Different Genre of Surface-Active Ionic Liquid and Alkali Combination Systems in Surfactant Flooding
Nandwani SK, Malek NI, Chakraborty M, Gupta S
9426 - 9435 Effect of Framework Si/Al Ratios on the Catalytic Performance of Isobutane Alkylation over LaFAU Zeolites
Yang ZQ, Zhang RR, Dai F, Tang HG, Liu RX, Zhang SJ
9436 - 9449 Characterization of Ultramicropores and Analysis of Their Evolution in Tectonically Deformed Coals by Low-Pressure CO2 Adsorption, XRD, and HRTEM Techniques
Li YB, Song DY, Liu SM, Pan JN
9450 - 9462 Effect of a Pore Throat Microstructure on Miscible CO2 Soaking Alternating Gas Flooding of Tight Sandstone Reservoirs
Wang Q, Wang L, Glover PWJ, Lorinczi P
9463 - 9472 Removal of Olefins from Reforming Aromatic Hydrocarbons over Metal-Halide-Modified Acid-Activated Palygorskite
Guo HJ, Zhang HR, Li QL, Peng F, Xiong L, Wang C, Hu A, Yao SM, Chen XD
9473 - 9482 Study on Synthesized Thermoresponsive Block Copolymer for Water-Based Oil Sands Extraction
Han C, Li R, Lu Y
9483 - 9491 Effect of Carbon Dioxide on Asphaltene Precipitation from Bitumen-Heptane Mixtures
Booran SK, Wang X, Tan XL, Liu Q
9492 - 9497 Adsorption Behavior of CH4, C2H6, and CO2 on Moisture-Equilibrated Shale
Tian F, Li TT, Huang X, Dang HL
9498 - 9508 n-Heptane Hydroisomerization over a SO42-/ZrO2@SAPO-11 Composite-Based Catalyst Derived from the Growth of UiO-66 on SAPO-11
Wen CL, Xu JD, Wang XM, Fan Y
9509 - 9514 Applying a 532 nm Laser to Reduce the Viscosity of Crude Oil
Zhang SZ, Miao XY, Peng X, Lu WT, Liu XC, Zhan HL, Liang HQ, Zhao K
9515 - 9523 Controlling Shale Swelling and Fluid Loss Properties of Water-Based Drilling Mud via Ultrasonic Impregnated SWCNTs/PVP Nanocomposites
Rana A, Khan I, Ali S, Saleh TA, Khan SA
9524 - 9539 Formation Stages and Evolution Patterns of Structural Fractures in Marine Shale: Case Study of the Lower Silurian Longmaxi Formation in the Changning Area of the Southern Sichuan Basin, China
Fan CH, Li H, Zhao SX, Qin QR, Fan Y, Wu JF, Zhang J
9540 - 9551 Novel Approach for Enhanced Catalytic Microwave Pyrolysis of Low-Rank Coal
Wu L, Zhou J, Yang RR, Wei T, Zhang QL, Song YH, Tian YH, Lan XZ
9552 - 9562 Nanoconfined Transport Characteristic of Methane in Organic Shale Nanopores: The Applicability of the Continuous Model
Yu H, Xu HY, Xia J, Fan JC, Wang F, Wu HA
9563 - 9572 Characteristics of Products of Thermal Decomposition of Heavy Oil Asphaltenes under Supercritical Conditions
Kovalenko EY, Gerasimova NN, Sagachenko TA, Min RS, Patrakov YF
9573 - 9584 Direct Mass Spectrometric Analysis of Solid Coal Samples Using Laser Desorption/Ionization Fourier Transform Ion Cyclotron Resonance Mass Spectrometry
Zuber J, Dittrich N, Rathsack P, Vogt C
9585 - 9598 Storage Stability of Products from Visbreaking of Oilsands Bitumen
Yan YW, Prado GHC, de Klerk A
9599 - 9608 Artificial Neural Networks To Distinguish Charcoal from Eucalyptus and Native Forests Based on Their Mineral Components
Ramalho FMG, Carvalho GS, Hein PRG, Napoli A, Wojcieszak R, Guilherme LRG
9609 - 9619 Composition and Properties of Rapeseed Oil Hydrotreating Products over CoMo/Al2O3 and NiMo/Al2O3 Catalysts
Vachova V, Toullis D, Straka P, Simacek P, Stas M, Gdovin A, Beno Z, Blazek J
9620 - 9631 Heat-Transfer-Corrected Isothermal Model for Devolatilization of Thermally Thick Biomass Particles
Luo H, Lin WG, Dam-Johansen K, Wu H
9632 - 9642 Estimation of CO2 Reduction Potential and Cost of Solid Biomass Fuel Production Process Integrated with a Waste Gasification and Direct Melting System
Yazaki M, Fushimi C
9643 - 9653 An Efficient Heterogeneous Acid Catalyst DICAT-1 for One-Pot Conversion of Sucrose into 5-(Hydroxymethyl)furfural
Wagh AS, Pawar HS
9654 - 9663 Assessment of Combustion and Gasification Behavior in a Bubbling Fluidized Bed Reactor: A Comparison between Biomass with and without Chemical Additives
Agu CE, Moldestad BME, Pfeifer C
9664 - 9673 Iron (III) Silicotungstate: An Efficient and Recyclable Catalyst for Converting Glycerol to Solketal
Da Silva MJ, Rodrigues AA, Teixeira MG
9674 - 9682 Canna Lily Red and Yellow Flower Extracts: A New Power Source to Produce Photovoltage through Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells
Sahoo SS, Salunke-Gawali S, Kadam VS, Pathan HM
9683 - 9696 Gas-Solid Oxidation of Unwashed Lignin to Carboxylic Acids
Lotfi S, Bahrpaima K, Boffito DC, Patience GS
9697 - 9708 Uncertainty Quantification of Biomass Composition Variability Effect on Moving-Grate Bed Combustion: An Experiment-Based Approach
Randar MH, Lee B, Nasiri F
9709 - 9724 Model Lignin Oligomer Pyrolysis: Coupled Conformational and Thermodynamic Analysis of beta-O-4 ' Bond Cleavage
Azad T, Schuler JD, Auad ML, Elder T, Adamczyk AJ
9725 - 9733 Bio-oil Upgrading via Ether Extraction, Looped-Oxide Catalytic Deoxygenation, and Mild Electrocatalytic Hydrogenation Techniques
He TF, Zhong ZP, Zhang B
9734 - 9740 Catalytic Effect of Alkali and Alkaline Earth Metals in Lignin Pyrolysis: A Density Functional Theory Study
Jeong K, Jeong HJ, Lee G, Kim SH, Kim KH, Yoo CG
9741 - 9753 Catalytic Mechanism of K and Ca on the Volatile-Biochar Interaction for Rapid Pyrolysis of Biomass: Experimental and Simulation Studies
Feng DD, Sun HL, Ma Y, Sun SZ, Zhao YJ, Guo DW, Chang GZ, Lai XY, Wu JQ, Tan HP
9754 - 9762 Catalytic Transfer Hydrogenolysis of Native Lignin to Monomeric Phenols over a Ni-Pd Bimetallic Catalyst
Hu J, Zhao MX, Jiang BX, Wu SL, Lu P
9763 - 9770 Impact of Methyl, Ethyl, and Butyl Ester Blends of Freshwater Algae Oil on the Combustion, Performance, and Emissions of a CI Engine
Jayaraman J, Alagu K, Appavu P, Joy N, Mariadhas A
9771 - 9778 Amino-Functionalized Porphyrin-Based Porous Organic Polymers for CO2 Capture and Hg2+ Removal
Guo JF, Wang LZ, Zhang D, Huang JH
9779 - 9786 Density Functional Theory Studies of the Adsorption and Interactions between Selenium Species and Mercury on Activated Carbon
Qu WQ, Shen FH, Zu HX, Liu SJ, Yang JP, Hu YC, Yang ZQ, Li HL
9787 - 9795 Simultaneous Absorption of NOx and SO2 into Water and Acids under High Pressures
Cheng Q, Li W, Liu DY, Chen J, Yang HN, Jin J
9796 - 9809 Study on the Interaction of the Fe-Based Oxygen Carrier with Ashes
Cheng DY, Yong J, Zhao YC, Gong BG, Zhang JY
9810 - 9828 Constructing a Stable 2D Layered Ti3C2 MXene Cocatalyst-Assisted TiO2/g-C3N4/Ti3C2 Heterojunction for Tailoring Photocatalytic Bireforming of Methane under Visible Light
Khan AA, Tahir M, Bafaqeer A
9829 - 9839 Effect of Mechanical-Chemical Modification Process on Mercury Removal of Bromine Modified Fly Ash
Hu JW, Geng XZ, Duan YF, Zhao WM, Zhu MQ, Ren SJ
9840 - 9851 Effect of Cyclooctane and L-Tryptophan on Hydrate Formation from an Equimolar CO2-CH4 Gas Mixture Employing a Horizontal-Tray Packed Bed Reactor
Gaikwad N, Bhattacharjee G, Kushwaha OS, Sangwai JS, Linga P, Kumar R
9852 - 9861 Effect of CO2 on N Distribution in Pyrolysis and Oxidation of Volatile N and Char N in Oxy-Fuel Combustion at High Temperatures
Wu XF, Fan WD, Liu SL, Chen J, Liu Z, Guo H
9862 - 9871 Effect of Hydrogen Sulfide on the Combustion Reactivity of Ilmenite Ores with Coal Volatiles under Steam Reforming
Tsedenbal B, Kannari N, Sato K, Shirai H, Takarada T
9872 - 9884 NH4Br-Modified Biomass Char for Mercury Removal in a Simulated Oxy-fuel Atmosphere: Mechanism Analysis by X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy
Shen C, Wang H, Shen HT, Wu JF, Zhu YM, Shi W, Zhang XD, Ying ZF
9885 - 9893 Site Trials and Demonstration of a Novel Pilot Ventilation Air Methane Mitigator
Yin JJ, Su S, Yu XX, Bae JS, Jin YG, Villella A, Jara M, Ashby M, Cunnington M, Loney M
9894 - 9902 Comprehensive Computational Analysis Exploring the Formation of Caprolactam-Based Deep Eutectic Solvents and Their Applications in Natural Gas Desulfurization
Karibayev M, Shah D
9903 - 9913 Flue Gas Hg-0 Removal by FeCl3-Impregnated LTA and MFI Zeolites: Influences of Topology and Cation Sites
Hua M, Xu YF, Duan YF, Zhu C, Liu J, Song M
9914 - 9922 Photo-electrochemical Reduction of Carbon Dioxide into Methanol at CuFeO2 Nanoparticle-Decorated CuInS2 Thin-Film Photocathodes
Yuan JL, Gu CH, Ding WM, Hao CJ
9923 - 9931 Formation, Chemical Characterization, and Oxidative Dissolution of Amorphous Polymeric Dithiazine (apDTZ) during the Use of the H2S Scavenger Monoethanolamine-Triazine
Wylde JJ, Taylor GN, Sorbie KS, Samaniego WN
9932 - 9939 Bi-Doped Ceria as a Highly Efficient Catalyst for Soot Combustion: Improved Mobility of Lattice Oxygen in CexBi1-xOy Catalysts
Cui B, Li Y, Li SR, Xia YK, Zheng ZF, Liu YQ
9940 - 9947 Resistive Oxidation Kinetics of Iron(II) Thiochelate used as a Nitric Oxide Absorbent in Flue Gas
Cheon S, Kim SH, Yoon HC, Han JI
9948 - 9955 Role of 3D Alumina Foam Support on the Formation and Dispersion of Active NiMoS Phase for Hydrodesulfurization Application
Umar M, Tanimu A, Ganiyu SA, Dafalla H, Kozhevnikov I, Alhooshani K
9956 - 9962 One-Pot Synthesis of Alloy Ir-Cu Microspheres with Excellent Electro-Catalytic Activity Toward Oxygen Evolution Reaction under Acidic Conditions
Zhou LM, Liu X, Wang KK, Zhao XH, Pu HK, Zhang T, Jia J, Dong KY, Deng YJ
9963 - 9970 Kinetics of Hydrogenation of Furfuryl Alcohol and gamma-Valerolactone over Ru/C Catalyst
Jain AB, Vaidya PD
9971 - 9977 Synergistic Effects of Sodium Iodide and Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate at Low Concentrations on Promoting Gas Hydrate Nucleation
Asadi F, Nguyen NN, Nguyen AV
9978 - 9989 Two-Stage Stimulation of Gas Carbonate Reservoirs with High Anhydrite Content: Experimental and Modeling Study
Mahmoud M, Aljawad MS, Kamal MS, Ali A, Al-Nakhli A
9990 - 9999 Nonlinear Threshold Sooting Index Prediction Method for Surrogate Formulation Emulating Sooting Characteristics: A Case Study Using RP-3 Jet Fuels
Zhang C, Wang RX, Hui X, Xue X, Lin YZ, Sung CJ
10000 - 10009 Hybrid Flamelet/Progress Variable Approach for NO Prediction in Pulverized Coal Flames
Zhao CG, Luo K, Cai RP, Xing JK, Gao ZW, Fan JR
10010 - 10018 Dual-Scale Flamelet/Progress Variable Approach for Prediction of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons Formation under the Condition of Coal Combustion
Cai RP, Luo K, Gao ZW, Zhao CG, Xing JK, Fan JR
10019 - 10029 Promoting the Removal of Coal-Fired Fine Particles by the Coupling of Different Vortex Sheets in Chemical-Turbulent Agglomeration
Sun ZK, Yang LJ, Ma XW, Wu X, Wu H
10030 - 10038 Significant Impact of Flash Boiling Spray on In-Cylinder Soot Formation and Oxidation Process
Sun Z, Yang SZ, Nour M, Li XS, Hung D, Xu M
10039 - 10049 Impact of Carbon Paper Anisotropy on Water Droplet Movement through the Electrodes of Proton-Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells
Moqaddari MR, Shojaeefard MH, Molaeimanesh GR
10050 - 10058 Improving the Immobilization of Glucose Oxidase on Carbon Cloth Via a Hybrid Approach of Cross-Linked Chitosan/TPP Matrices with Na Polymers for High-Performance Self-Pumping Enzyme-Based Biofuel Cells
Duong NB, Truong VM, Li YS, Wang CL, Yang H
10059 - 10066 Treatment of m-Cresol Wastewater in an Anaerobic Fluidized Bed Microbial Fuel Cell Equipped with Different Modified Carbon Cloth Cathodes
Liu XM, Niu YJ, Wang LY, Guo QJ
10067 - 10077 Enhanced Proton Conductivity of a Zn(II)-Based MOF/Aquivion Composite Membrane for PEMFC Applications
Paul S, Choi SJ, Kim HJ
10078 - 10086 Enhanced Methanol Electrooxidation over Defect-rich Pt-M (M = Fe, Co, Ni) Ultrathin Nanowires
Liu XJ, Sun YD, Yin X, Jia C, Ma M, Chen YH
10087 - 10099 Cross-Linked SPEEK-PEG-APTEOS-Modified CaTiO3 Perovskites for Efficient Acid-Base Cation-Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell
Pugalenthi MR, Cao GZ, Manimuthu RP
10100 - 10108 Efficient Ferrite-Based Perovskite Anode for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells with A-Site and B-Site Co-exsolution
Zhao J, Pu YJ, Li LF, Zhou W, Guo Y
10109 - 10119 High-Performance Phase-Change Materials Based on Paraffin and Expanded Graphite for Solar Thermal Energy Storage
Fang GH, Yu MH, Meng KK, Shang F, Tan X
10120 - 10130 Binder-Free Two-Dimensional MXene/Acid Activated Carbon for High-Performance Supercapacitors and Methylene Blue Adsorption
Li Y, Pan CP, Kamdem P, Jin XJ
10131 - 10141 Electrochemical Performance of rGO/NiCo2O4@ZnCo2O4 Ternary Composite Material and the Fabrication of an all-Solid-State Supercapacitor Device
Mary AJC, Sathish CI, Vinu A, Bose AC
10142 - 10147 Mathematic Modeling and Performance Analysis of Vanadium Redox Flow Battery
Gu FC, Chen HC, Li KY
10148 - 10159 Enhanced Electrochemical Performance of a Hybrid Supercapacitive Material Based on Ternary Doped Polyaniline/Activated Carbon Composite
Chonat A, Palatty S
10160 - 10169 New Thiophene Imines Acting as Hole Transporting Materials in Photovoltaic Devices
Pajak AK, Gnida P, Kotowicz S, Malecki JG, Libera M, Bednarczyk K, Schab-Balcerzak E
10170 - 10177 Enhanced Catalytic Activity of LaMnO3 by A-Site Substitution as Air Electrode of Zn-Air Batteries with Attractive Durability
Zhang YD, Feng FX, Zhang CH, Zheng QL, Wang CC, Hu HB, Wu MZ, Guo YM
10178 - 10187 Construction of Single-Phase Nickel Disulfide Microflowers as High-Performance Electrodes for Hybrid Supercapacitors
Dai ZY, Xue LC, Zhang ZB, Gao Y, Wang J, Gao QS, Chen DJ
10188 - 10195 A Nitrogen-Doped Carbon Matrix Aiming at Inhibiting Polysulfide Shuttling for Lithium-Sulfur Batteries
Zhao Y, Wang ZL, Zhao XL, Wang XY, Lam KH, Chen FM, Zhao LZ, Wang SF, Hou XH
10196 - 10202 Pseudocapacitance-Induced High-Rate Potassium Storage in CoSe@NrGo Hybrid Nanosheets for Potassium-Ion Batteries
Liu YH, Cui K, Ma ZY, Wang XF
10203 - 10210 Self-Sacrificing Template-Derived Hollow-Structured NiCo2S4 Spheres with Highly Efficient Supercapacitance Performance
Gai YS, Xie T, Shang YY, Su LH, Wang J, Gong LY
10211 - 10217 Rational Structure Design of Fast-Charging NiSb Bimetal Nanosheet Anode for Lithium Ion Batteries
Song G, Choi S, Hwang C, Ryu J, Song WJ, Song HK, Park S
10218 - 10224 Hydrogen Release: Thermodynamic and Kinetic Studies of NaBH4 Activated by Different Zeolite Nanoparticles
Xi SL, Zhang P, Fu YY, Tome KC, Zhang TH, Zhou SX, Guo YM, Yu H
10225 - 10231 Co-N-Doped Carbon as an Efficient Catalyst for Lithium-Oxygen Batteries
Cao DQ, Wang QZ, Yin X, Sun YD, Ma M, Wu YP, Liu XJ
10232 - 10240 Synergistic Catalytic Mechanism between Ni and Carbon Aerogel for Dehydrogenation of Mg-Based Hydrides
Shi R, Zhang JG, Zhu YF, Liu YN, Hu XH, Zhang Y, Su W, Li LQ
10241 - 10246 Preparation of Nickel-Decorated and Nitrogen-Doped Carbon Nanotubes for Highly Efficient Hydrogen Evolution Reaction by Hydrothermal Method
Qan YJ, Huang SF, Li DX
10247 - 10255 N-Sorption Capability of Al2O3-Supported Mn-/Fe-Based Nitrogen Carriers during Chemical Looping Ammonia Synthesis Technology
Wang BY, Guo HX, Yin XL, Shen LH
10256 - 10267 Synergistic Effects of the Zr and Sm Co-doped Fe2O3/CeO2 Oxygen Carrier for Chemical Looping Hydrogen Generation
Ma SW, Chen SY, Ge HJ, Song T, Lu P, Xiang WG
10268 - 10275 MoS2 Quantum Dots as Efficient Electrocatalyst for Hydrogen Evolution Reaction over a Wide pH Range
Mohanty B, Mitra A, Jena B, Jena BK
10276 - 10281 Core-Shell Cu@CoP as Highly Efficient and Durable Bifunctional Electrodes for Electrochemical Water Splitting
Wang PC, Lin YQ, Wan L, Wang BG
10282 - 10289 Pure Hydrogen Production from Polyol Electrolysis Using Polyoxometalates as Both a Liquid Catalyst and a Charge Carrier
Sheng F, Yang Q, Cui DY, Liu CM, Sun Y, Wang XJ, Su W
10290 - 10298 Construction of a Facile Recyclable Graphene-Like C3N4 Cilia Array for Effective Visible-Light-Responsive Photocatalytic Hydrogen Production
Sun ML, Wang Q, Dai BY, Sun WH, Ni YR, Lu CH, Kou JH
10299 - 10305 Investigating Change of Polydispersity and Rheology of Crude Oil and Bitumen Due to Asphaltene Oxidation
Oldham D, Qu X, Wang HNA, Fini EH
10306 - 10306 RETRACTION: Promoting the Removal of Coal-Fired Fine Particles by the Coupling of Different Vortex Sheets in Chemical-Turbulent Agglomeration (Retraction of 10.1021/ACS.ENERGY-FUELS.0C02151, 2020)
Sun ZK, Yang LJ, Ma XW, Wu X, Wu H