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6519 - 6520 Energy & Fuels: The Way Forward
6521 - 6522 Virtual Special Issue of 2019 International Symposium on Clean Energy and Advanced Carbon Materials (CEAM-2019)
Yu JL, Jeon CH
6523 - 6543 Simple Methods for the Separation of Various Subfractions from Coal and Petroleum Asphaltenes
Musin LI, Foss LE, Shabalin KV, Nagornova OA, Borisova YY, Borisov DN, Yakubov MR
6544 - 6557 Insight into the Application of Surface-Active Ionic Liquids in Surfactant Based Enhanced Oil Recovery Processes-A Guide Leading to Research Advances
Nandwani SK, Malek NI, Chakraborty M, Gupta S
6558 - 6597 Recent Advances in 2D-MoS2 and its Composite Nanostructures for Supercapacitor Electrode Application
Joseph N, Shafi PM, Bose AC
6598 - 6623 Comprehensive Review of the Impact of 2,5-Dimethylfuran and 2-Methylfuran on Soot Emissions: Experiments in Diesel Engines and at Laboratory-Scale
Alexandrino K
6624 - 6633 Progress toward Applications of Perovskite Solar Cells
Zhang HL, Xu HY, Ji X, Liang JK, Yu QF
6634 - 6695 Advancement of Platinum (Pt)-Free (Non-Pt Precious Metals) and/or Metal-Free (Non-Precious-Metals) Electrocatalysts in Energy Applications: A Review and Perspectives
Bhatt MD, Lee JY
6696 - 6734 Chemical Looping Combustion of Coal in China: Comprehensive Progress, Remaining Challenges, and Potential Opportunities
Zhao HB, Tian X, Ma JC, Chen X, Su MZ, Zheng CH, Wang YA
6735 - 6750 Recent Advances in Enzymatic Conversion of Microalgal Lipids into Biodiesel
Hossain SMZ, Razzak SA, Al-Shater AF, Moniruzzaman M, Hossain MM
6751 - 6760 Critical Review on Gas Hydrate Formation at Solid Surfaces and in Confined Spaces-Why and How Does Interfacial Regime Matter?
Nguyen NN, Galib M, Nguyen AV
6761 - 6767 Coal Matrix Pore Analysis Using Nanoscale Scanning Electron Microscopy and Direct Capillary Pressure Curve Simulation
Roslin A, Pokrajac D, Zhou YF
6768 - 6779 Interactions between Asphaltenes and a Model Demulsifier in Bulk and at an Interface Studied by Small-Angle Neutron Scattering (SANS) and Neutron Reflectometry
Knudsen KD, Simon S, Geue T, Cooper JFK, Sjoblom J
6780 - 6790 Effect of Reactive Sulfur Removal by Activated Carbon on Aviation Fuel Thermal Stability
Alborzi E, Parks CM, Gadsby P, Sheikhansari A, Blakey SG, Pourkashanian M
6791 - 6798 Influence of Monomer Ratio on the Performance of Poly(octadecyl acrylate-co-styrene) as Pour-Point Depressants
Fu X, Zhu LQ, He B, Zhu L
6799 - 6810 Comprehensive Molecular Compositions and Origins of DB301 Crude Oil from Deep Strata, Tarim Basin, China
Wang M, Zhu GY, Milkov AV, Chi LX
6811 - 6821 Discovery and Molecular Characterization of Organic Caged Compounds and Polysulfanes in Zhongba81 Crude Oil, Sichuan Basin, China
Zhu GY, Wang M, Chi LX, Li JF, Wu ZH, Zhang ZY
6822 - 6833 Prediction of Shale Apparent Liquid Permeability Based on Fractal Theory
Zeng FH, Zhang Y, Guo JC, Ren WX, Jiang QF, Xiang JH
6834 - 6843 Effect of Velocity, Solid Wettability, and Temperature on Drainage Dynamics of C5PeC11-in-Toluene Liquid Films between Silica and Water Droplet
Ivanova NO, Manica R, Liu QX, Xu ZH
6844 - 6850 Microwave-Assisted Extraction of Chloride Followed by Ion Chromatography as an Alternative to the ASTM D6470 Method for the Determination of Crude Oil Salinity
Campos AF, Cassella AR, Cassella RJ
6851 - 6861 Elemental Mercury Capture from Simulated Flue Gas by Graphite-Phase Carbon Nitride
Liu DJ, Zhang Z, Luo F, Wu J
6862 - 6870 Mechanism of the Wettability Impact on Surfactant Imbibition in Dodecane-Saturated Tight Sandstone
Dai CL, Chang YL, Sun YP, Yu ZH, Sun X, Ding F, Ding XX
6871 - 6878 Mechanism of Synergistically Changing Wettability of an Oil-Wet Sandstone Surface by a Novel Nanoactive Fluid
Hou BF, Jia RX, Fu ML, Li L, Xu T, Jiang C
6879 - 6893 Kinetics of Coal Char Gasification with Fe-Based Oxygen Carriers under Pressured Conditions
Guo XT, Chang GZ, Tan XL, Hu XD, Guo QJ
6894 - 6903 Aggregation Behavior of E-SARA Asphaltene Fractions Studied by Small-Angle Neutron Scattering
Ballard DA, Qiao P, Cattoz B, Dowding PJ, Prevost S, Alshamsi M, Charpentier T, Roberts KJ, Xu Z, Harbottle D
6904 - 6919 Insights into the Pore-Scale Mechanisms of Formation Damage Induced by Drilling Fluid and Its Control by Silica Nanoparticles
Mohammadi M, Mahani H
6920 - 6927 Development of a Methodology Using GPC-ICP HR MS for Analysis of the Adsorption of Asphaltene Aggregates on SiO2 Nanoparticles
Castillo J, Vargas V, Gonzalez G, Ruiz W, Gascon G, Bouyssiere B
6928 - 6937 Oxidative Catalytic Cracking and Reforming of Coal Pyrolysis Volatiles over NiO
Wang DC, Jin LJ, Wei BY, Lv JN, Li Y, Hu HQ
6938 - 6950 Experimental Investigation of Molecular Deposition Filming Flooding in a Low-Permeability Oil Reservoir
Yao CJ, Zhan GX, Zhao J, Wang N, Lei GL, Zhang K, Gu JW, Zhang MX
6951 - 6961 Effect of the Interactions between Asphaltenes and Amphiphilic Dodecylbenzenesulfonic Acid on the Stability and Interfacial Properties of Model Oil Emulsions
Liu DW, Li CX, Li L, Dong LC, Chen XY, Yang F, Sun GY
6962 - 6973 Impact of Maturation on the Validity of Paleoenvironmental Indicators: Implication for Discrimination of Oil Genetic Types in Lacustrine Shale Systems
Zhang H, Huang HP, Li Z, Liu M
6974 - 6980 Multivariate Calibration of Total Acid Number in Crude Oils via Near-Infrared Spectra
Sasic S, Yokelson H, Kotecki T, Austin S, Thacker K, Moore R
6981 - 6990 Synthesis and Investigation of Polymers of 2-Methacrylamido-caprolactam as Kinetic Hydrate Inhibitors
Dirdal EG, Kelland MA
6991 - 6998 Anti-coke BaFe1-xSnxO3-delta Oxygen Carriers for Enhanced Syngas Production via Chemical Looping Partial Oxidation of Methane
Zhang L, Hu Y, Xu WB, Huang CD, Su Y, Tian M, Zhu YY, Gong HM, Wang XD
6999 - 7018 Sealing Mechanism of the Roof and Floor for the Wufeng-Longmaxi Shale Gas in the Southern Sichuan Basin
Tang L, Song Y, Jiang S, Li LX, Li Z, Li QW, Yang YD
7019 - 7028 Molecular Dynamics Study on the Adsorption of Heavy Oil Drops on a Silica Surface with Different Hydrophobicity
Ji DL, Liu G, Zhang XL, Zhang CQ, Yuan SL
7029 - 7037 Synergistic Effect of Sodium p-Perfluorononenyloxybenzenesulfonate and Alkanolamide Compounding System Used as Cleanup Additive in Hydraulic Fracturing
Fu LP, Liao KL, Ge JJ, He YF, Guo WM, Zhang SF
7038 - 7047 Additives for Kinetic Hydrate Inhibitor Formulations to Avoid Polymer Fouling at High Injection Temperatures: Part 3. Experimental Studies with Added Polymers
Kelland MA, Njau JS
7048 - 7057 Cardanol/SiO2 Nanocomposites for Inhibition of Formation Damage by Asphaltene Precipitation/Deposition in Light Crude Oil Reservoirs. Part I: Novel Nanocomposite Design Based on SiO2-Cardanol Interactions
Lopez D, Giraldo LJ, Lucas EF, Riazi M, Franco CA, Cortes FB
7058 - 7066 CO2 Huff-n-Puff after Surfactant-Assisted Imbibition to Enhance Oil Recovery for Tight Oil Reservoirs
Wei JG, Zhou XF, Zhou JM, Li JT, Wang AL
7067 - 7075 Partitioning and Emission Characteristics of Hg, Cr, Pb, and As Among Air Pollution Control Devices in Chinese Coal-Fired Industrial Boilers
Tong YL, Yue T, Gao JJ, Wang K, Wang CL, Zuo PL, Zhang XX, Tong L, Liang QM
7076 - 7084 Experimental and Mechanism Study on Crude Oil Spontaneous Ignition during the Air Injection Process
Yue P, Huang SY, Zeng FC, Sheng JJ, Jiang Q
7085 - 7093 Alcoholysis of Ball-Milled Corn Stover: The Enhanced Conversion of Carbohydrates into Biobased Chemicals over Combination Catalysts of [Bmim-SO3H][HSO4] and Al-2(SO4)(3)
Liu H, Chen XL, Zhang YX, Lu MS, Lyu HH, Han LJ, Xiao WH
7094 - 7104 Evaluation of Torrefied Empty Fruit Bunch (EFB) and Kenaf Combustion Characteristics: Comparison Study between EFB and Kenaf Based on Microstructure Analysis and Thermogravimetric Methods
Isworo YY, Kim GM, Jeong JW, Jeon CH
7105 - 7111 Use and Reusability of the Na/Nb2O5 Catalyst in the Ethanolysis of Different Feedstocks for Biofuel Production: Confirmation of Heterogeneity of the Catalyst
Carvalho AKF, Bento HBS, Lima R, de Castro HF
7112 - 7120 Slag Formation during Entrained Flow Gasification: Calcium-Rich Bark Fuel with KHCO3 Additive
Holmgren P, Skoglund N, Brostrom M, Backman R
7121 - 7130 Efficient Depolymerization of Alkaline Lignin to Phenolic Compounds at Low Temperatures with Formic Acid over Inexpensive Fe-Zn/Al2O3 Catalyst
Lu XY, Zhu XJ, Guo HQ, Que H, Wang DD, Liang DX, He T, Hu CJ, Xu CZ, Gu XL
7131 - 7139 Valorization of Bamboo Biomass by Selective Liquefaction Reaction for the Production of Sugar and Phenolic Platform Chemicals
Xu JM, Zhai QL, Xie XF, Jiang JC, Shupe TF
7140 - 7148 Rapid Pyrolysis of Pulverized Biomass at a High Temperature: The Effect of Particle Size on Char Yield, Retentions of Alkali and Alkaline Earth Metallic Species, and Char Particle Shape
Shen QQ, Liaw SB, Costa M, Wu HW
7149 - 7159 Synthesis of Jet Fuel Range Cycloalkanes with Cyclopentanone and Furfural
Liu Q, Zhang XH, Zhang Q, Liu QY, Wang CG, Ma LL
7160 - 7169 Co-processing of Hydrothermal Liquefaction Biocrude with Vacuum Gas Oil through Hydrotreating and Hydrocracking to Produce Low-Carbon Fuels
Badoga S, Alvarez-Majmutov A, Xing TY, Gieleciak R, Chen JW
7170 - 7182 Introduction of a Preconditioning Step Prior to Assisted Single-Step Acid Pretreatment Influences the Structural Integrity of Lignin in Rice Straw
Chiranjeevi T, Jose S, Ramachandrarao B, Velankar HR
7183 - 7189 Selective Production of Phenolic Monomers and Biochar by Pyrolysis of Lignin with Internal Recycling of Heavy Oil
Liu TL, Mori A, Arai R, Asano S, Kudo S, Hayashi J
7190 - 7197 Selective Hydrodeoxygenation of gamma-Valerolactone over Silica-supported Rh-based Bimetallic Catalysts
Huang X, Kudo S, Einaga UPMAH, Hayashi J
7198 - 7208 Investigation of Carbon Dioxide Absorption Using Different Functionalized Fe3O4 Magnetic Nanoparticles
Elhambakhsh A, Keshavarz P
7209 - 7217 Solidification and Leaching Behaviors of V and As in a Spent Catalyst-Containing Concrete
Wang LL, Qing MX, Yang XN, Su S, Wang ZH, Li HJ, Liu LJ, Wang Y, Hu S, Xiang J
7218 - 7222 Comparison of Particle Number Emissions from In-Flight Aircraft Fueled with Jet A1, JP-5 and an Alcohol-to-Jet Fuel Blend
Tran S, Brown A, Olfert JS
7223 - 7231 Selective Separation of CO2 from Flue Gas Using Carbon and Boron Nitride Nanotubes as a Membrane
Maurya M, Sappidi PK, Singh JK
7232 - 7241 SO3 Removal from Flue Gas by Using Na2SO3
He KJ, Song Q, Yan ZN, Yao Q
7242 - 7256 Carbon Dioxide Methanation: Design of a Fully Integrated Plant
Tripodi A, Conte F, Rossetti I
7257 - 7268 Experimental Study on Particle Removal of a Wet Electrostatic Precipitator with Atomization of Charged Water Drops
Teng CZ, Li J
7269 - 7274 Hydrogenation of CO2 to Methanol and Dimethyl Ether over a Bifunctional Cu center dot ZnO Catalyst Impregnated on Modified gamma-Alumina
Carvalho DF, Almeida GC, Monteiro RS, Mota CJA
7275 - 7283 Bimetallic and Polymetallic Oxide Modification of Activated Coke by a One-Step Blending Method for Highly Efficient SO2 Removal
Yang L, Yao L, Liu YT, Zhao X, Jiang X, Jiang WJ
7284 - 7294 Microwave-Assisted Dry and Bi-reforming of Methane over M-Mo/TiO2 (M = Co, Cu) Bimetallic Catalysts
Nguyen HM, Pham GH, Tade M, Phan C, Vagnoni R, Liu SM
7295 - 7306 Development of Cigarette Carbonaceous Hydrochar/ZIF-67-Based Fluids for CO2 Capture from a Gas Stream in a Packed Column: Mass-Transfer Performance Evaluation
Jaberi H, Mosleh S, Dashtian K
7307 - 7315 Morphology-Based Kinetic Study of the Formation of Carbon Dioxide Hydrates with Promoters
Xu N, Liu Y, Cheng ZC, Wang SJ, Jiang LL, Song YC
7316 - 7328 Chemical Looping Combustion Characteristics of Coal with a Novel CaSO4-Ca2CuO3 Mixed Oxygen Carrier
Wang BW, Li HY, Liang YC, Lv LL, Mei DF, Ding N, Zhao HB
7329 - 7339 An Experimental Study on Improved Production Performance by Depressurization Combined with CO2-Enriched Air Injection
Shi M, Woodley JM, von Solms N
7340 - 7352 Phase Transitions and Separation Time Scales of CO2-Crude Oil Fluid Systems: Wheel Flow Loop Experiments and Modeling
Fossen M, Pasqualette MA, Carneiro JNE
7353 - 7362 A Supervised Learning Approach for Accurate Modeling of CO2-Brine Interfacial Tension with Application in Identifying the Optimum Sequestration Depth in Saline Aquifers
Zhang JY, Feng QH, Zhang XM, Shu CL, Wang SH, Wu KK
7363 - 7372 Application of Boehm Titration for the Quantitative Measurement of Soot Oxygen Functional Groups
Wu H, Lu W, Chen YW, Zhang P, Cheng XB
7373 - 7387 Experimental Studies on the Emission of Gaseous Pollutants in an Oxy-Fuel-Fluidized Bed with the Cofiring of Coal and Biomass Waste Fuels
Liu QW, Zhong WQ, Yu HQ, Tang R, Yu AB
7388 - 7396 Experimental Investigation of a Novel, Efficient, and Sustainable Hybrid Silicate System in Oil and Gas Well Cementing
Murtaza M, Mahmoud M, Tariq Z
7397 - 7409 Molten Solar Salt Pyrolysis of Mixed Plastic Waste: Process Simulation and Technoeconomic Evaluation
Jiang GZ, Wang JW, Al-Salem SM, Leeke GA
7410 - 7421 Oxidative Dehydrogenation of n-Butane to C4 Olefins Using Lattice Oxygen of VOx/Ce-meso-Al2O3 under Gas-Phase Oxygen-Free Conditions
Khan MY, Adamu S, Lucky RA, Razzak SA, Hossain MM
7422 - 7429 Biodiesel Production through Heterogeneous Catalysis Using a Novel Poly(phenylene sulfide) Catalytic Membrane
Zhang J, Li XY, He BQ, Song YF, Ji YH, Cui ZY, Li JX, Younas M
7430 - 7438 Sulfur-Tolerant Ni-Pt/Al2O3 Catalyst for Steam Reforming of Jet Fuel Model Compound n-Dodecane
Li L, Hou F, Zhang BF, Zuo SW, An PF, Li GZ, Liu GZ
7439 - 7447 Density Functional Theory Calculations on Copper-Mediated Peroxide Decomposition Reactions: Implications for Jet Fuel Autoxidation
Parks CM, Alborzi E, Blakey SG, Meijer AJHM, Pourkashanian M
7448 - 7454 Estimation of Catalytic Cracking of Vacuum Gas Oil by a Y Zeolite-Containing Two-Layered Catalyst and a Novel Three-Layered Hierarchical Catalyst Using a Curie Point Pyrolyzer Method
Ishihara A, Matsuura S, Hayashi F, Suemitsu K, Hashimoto T
7455 - 7464 Dimethyl Carbonate Synthesis via Transesterification of Propylene Carbonate Using an Efficient Reduced Graphene Oxide-Supported ZnO Nanocatalyst
Kumar N, Srivastava VC
7465 - 7476 Experimental Study on Ignition Delay and Reaction Characteristics of Zhundong Coal Particles in O-2/CO2/H2O Atmosphere
Liu XQ, Liu YH, Wang B, Zhang YD, Zhou Y, Yang H
7477 - 7489 Analysis of Gas-Assisted Pulverized Coal Combustion in Cambridge Coal Burner CCB1 Using FPV-LES
Chen YR, Stein OT, Kronenburg A, Xing JK, Luo K, Luo KH, Hasse C
7490 - 7501 Internal Flow and Spray Characterization of Multi-Hole Injectors: Comparison with Single-Hole Injectors
Jin Y, Dong PB, Zhai C, Nishida K, Ogata Y, Leng XY
7502 - 7508 Effects of Ultralow-Emission Retrofitting on Mercury Emission from a Coal-Fired Power Plant
Liu ST, Hao HK, Jia WB, Cao Y, Chen CM
7509 - 7521 Experimental and Kinetic Study of the Promoting Effect of Nitrogen Dioxide on Ethane Autoignition in a Rapid Compression Machine
Deng FQ, Zhao NB, Wu YT, Yang JL, Tang CL, Li ZM, Zheng HT, Huang ZH
7522 - 7532 Characteristics of Oxygen Permeation and Partial Oxidation of Methane in a Catalytic Membrane Reactor for Syngas Production
Nemitallah MA
7533 - 7544 Shock-Tube Laser Absorption Measurements of CO and H2O during Iso-Octane Combustion
Mathieu O, Cooper SP, Alturaifi S, Mulvihill CR, Atherley TM, Petersen EL
7545 - 7553 Soot Formation and Distribution in Coal Jet Flames over a Broad Range of Coal Concentration
Xu KL, Zhang H, Shen WF, Zhang Y, Wu YX, Lyu JF
7554 - 7563 Effect of CO2 and H2O on Char Properties. Part 2: In Situ and Ex Situ Char in Oxy-Steam Combustion
Li ZH, Zou RJ, Hong DK, Ouyang JC, Jiang LK, Liu H, Luo GQ, Yao H
7564 - 7572 Laminar Burning Velocities and Kinetic Modeling of a Renewable E-Fuel: Formic Acid and Its Mixtures with H-2 and CO2
Sarathy SM, Brequigny P, Katoch A, Elbaz AM, Roberts WL, Dibble RW, Foucher F
7573 - 7581 PTFE/rGO Aerogels with Both Superhydrophobic and Superhydrophilic Properties for Electroreduction of Molecular Oxygen
Volfkovich YM, Sosenkin VE, Mayorova NA, Rychagov AY, Baskakov SA, Kabachkov EN, Korepanov VI, Dremova NN, Baskakova YV, Shulga YM
7582 - 7590 Comprehensive Anode Parameter Study for an Open-Cathode PEMFC
Zhao C, Xing S, Liu W, Wang HJ
7591 - 7599 Ultralow Ash Semicoal Powder Obtained by Two-Step Acid Treatment and Its Supercapacitive Properties
Xiong SX, He Y, Wang XQ, Chu J, Zhang RL, Gong M, Wu BH, Qu MN, Li Z, Zhu CY, Yang ZF, Yang C
7600 - 7606 Novel LaFeO3 Coating Modification for a LiFePO4 Cathode
Cui XM, Yi DW, Li NL, Zhang L, Zhang XF, Yang DY
7607 - 7615 Aluminum Ammonium Sulfate Dodecahydrate with Multiple Additives as Composite Phase Change Materials for Thermal Energy Storage
Zhou XC, Zhang XL, Zheng QY
7616 - 7621 Facile and Controllable Synthesis of Co2V2O7 Microplatelets Anchored on Graphene Layers toward Superior Li-Ion Battery Anodes
Gong F, Zhou Q, Liu JH, Wang DD, Wu SL, Xia DD
7622 - 7630 CoFe2O4 Nanoparticle-Decorated 2D MXene: A Novel Hybrid Material for Supercapacitor Applications
Ayman I, Rasheed A, Ajmal S, Rehman A, Ali A, Shakir I, Warsi MF
7631 - 7638 TEMPO Radical-Embedded Perfluorinated Sulfonic Acid Ionomer Composites for Vanadium Redox Flow Batteries
Yang SH, Yang DS, Yoon SJ, So S, Hong SK, Yu DM, Hong YT
7639 - 7647 Spherical Gr/Si/GO/C Composite as High-Performance Anode Material for Lithium-Ion Batteries
Huang YH, Peng J, Luo J, Li WW, Wu ZY, Shi MH, Li XX, Li N, Chang BB, Wang XY
7648 - 7657 Electrospun Nanofibers of Tin Phosphide (SnP0.94) Nanoparticles Encapsulated in a Carbon Matrix: A Tunable Conversion-cum-Alloying Lithium Storage Anode
Yadav P, Malik W, Dwivedi PK, Jones LA, Shelke MV
7658 - 7665 Beyond Conventional Activating Methods, a Green Approach for the Synthesis of Biocarbon and Its Supercapacitor Electrode Performance
Altinci OC, Demir M
7666 - 7675 Coffee-Ground-Derived Nanoporous Carbon Anodes for Sodium-Ion Batteries with High Rate Performance and Cyclic Stability
Chiang PH, Liu SF, Hung YH, Tseng H, Guo CH, Chen HY
7676 - 7683 Well-Defined Hierarchically Porous Double-Shell Hollow Polypyrrole@Sulfur Microspheres with Outer Sulfur Shells for Lithium-Sulfur Batteries with Superior Electrochemical Performance
Wei WL, Li JM, Liu D, Pan CO, Liu P
7684 - 7691 Stable Lithium Metal Anode Achieved by In Situ Grown CuO Nanowire Arrays on Cu Foam
Cao JQ, Deng LY, Wang XH, Li WY, Xie YH, Zhang J, Cheng SY
7692 - 7699 Exploiting the Oxygen Redox Reaction and Crystal-Preferred Orientation in a P3-Type Na2/3Mg1/3Mn2/3O2 Thin-Film Electrode
Zhang YM, Phillip ND, Song BH, Sacci RL, Liu J, Dudney NJ
7700 - 7708 Synthesis and Characterization of Nanoalumina and CNTs-Reinforced Microcapsules with n-Dodecane as a Phase Change Material for Cold Energy Storage
Dong BB, Li SL, Zhang XW, Wang JH, Peng H
7709 - 7715 Space-Confined Synthesis of Ultrasmall SnO2 Nanodots within Ordered Mesoporous Carbon CMK-3 for High-Performance Lithium Ion Batteries
Li YN, Zhu L, Yao TH, Liu T, Qian RF, Li F, Han XG, Yu LM, Wang HK
7716 - 7725 Template-Assisted Fabrication of ZnO/Co3O4 One-Dimensional Metal-Organic Framework Array Decorated with Amorphous Iron Oxide/Hydroxide Nanoparticles as an Efficient Electrocatalyst for the Oxygen Evolution Reaction
Muthurasu A, Chae SH, Kim T, Mukhiya T, Kim HY
7726 - 7734 Combined Light Extinction and Scattering Measurement for Measuring a Low-Particulate-Mass Concentration with a White Cell-Based Optical System
Jiang M, Liu XW, Han JK, Wang ZF, Xu MH
7735 - 7742 Sulfur Uptake during Oxygen-Carrier-Aided Combustion with Ilmenite
Vigoureux M, Knutsson P, Lind F
7743 - 7755 Simulation of Sorbent-Enhanced Steam Methane Reforming and Limestone Calcination in Dual Turbulent Fluidized Bed Reactors
Ebneyamini A, Grace JR, Lim CJ, Ellis N
7756 - 7762 Recovery of Hydrogen and Sulfur by Electrolysis of Ionized H2S in an Amine-Containing Organic Electrolyte with Highly Temperature-Dependent Sulfur Solubility
Ma YJ, Jin XB, Hu Y, Huang Q, Wang ZY
7763 - 7769 Lattice Distortion of Current Collector upon Supporting Dimensional Changes of Electrode-Active Materials in Alkali-Metal-Ion Batteries
Mishra D, Jangid MK, Chhangani S, Gandharapu P, Prasad MJNV, Mukhopadhyay A