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ISSN: 0887-0624 (Print) 

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5107 - 5108 Update to Our Reader, Reviewer, and Author Communities-April 2020
Burrows CJ, Wang S, Kim HJ, Meyer GJ, Schanze K, Lee TR, Lutkenhaus JL, Kaplan D, Jones C, Bertozzi C, Kiessling L, Mulcahy MB, Lindsley CW, Finn MG, Blum JD, Kamat P, Aldrich CC, Rowan S, Liu B, Liotta D, Weiss PS, Zhang DQ, Ganesh KN, Sexton P, Atwater HA, Gooding JJ, Allen DT, Voigt CA, Sweedler J, Schepartz A, Rotello V, Lecommandoux S, Sturla SJ, Hammes-Schiffer S, Buriak J, Steed JW, Wu HW, Zimmerman J, Brooks B, Savage P, Tolman W, Hofmann TF, Brennecke JF, Holme TA, Merz KM, Scuseria G, Jorgensen W, Georg GI, Wang SM, Proteau P, Yates JR, Stang P, Walker GC, Hillmyer M, Taylor LS, Odom TW, Carreira E, Rossen K, Chirik P, Miller SJ, Mccoy A, Shea JE, Zanni M, Murphy C, Scholes G, Loo JA
5109 - 5109 Preface to the PetroPhase 2019 Special Issue
Shaw JM
5110 - 5120 Microfluidic Investigation of Crude Oil Droplet Coalescence: Effect of Oil/Water Composition and Droplet Aging
Dudek M, Chicault J, Oye G
5121 - 5127 Thermal Study on Stabilizing the Combustion Front via Bimetallic Mn@Cu Tallates during Heavy Oil Oxidation
Khelkhal MA, Eskin AA, Nurgaliev DK, Vakhin AV
5128 - 5134 Simultaneous Evaluation of Time-Dependent Phase and Wetting Properties of Hydrocarbon Liquids for CO2-Enhanced Recovery of Oil and Gas from Tight Reservoirs
Wang JS, Jaeger P, Samara H, Ryan D
5135 - 5147 Visbreaking of Vacuum Residue Deasphalted Oil: New Asphaltenes Formation
Yan YW, de Klerk A, Prado GHC
5148 - 5158 Nanoscale Investigation of Asphaltene Deposition under Capillary Flow Conditions
Elkhatib O, Chaisoontornyotin W, Gesho M, Goual L
5159 - 5167 Comparative Study of Ketone and Surfactant for Enhancement of Water Imbibition in Fractured Porous Media
Wang MY, Baek KH, Abeykoon GA, Arguelles-Vivas FJ, Okuno R
5168 - 5175 Study of Phase Transitions in n-Tricosane/Bitumen Aqueous Dispersions by the Optical Method
Kuryakov VN, Ivanova DD, Semenov AP, Gushchin PA, Ivanov EV, Novikov AA, Yusupova TN, Shchukin D
5176 - 5187 Using Microscopic Observations of Cyclopentane Hydrate Crystal Morphology and Growth Patterns To Estimate the Antiagglomeration Capacity of Surfactants
Dicharry C, Delroisse H, Torre JP, Barreto G
5188 - 5195 Phase Behavior for Crude Oil and Methane Mixtures: Crude Oil Property Comparison
Yanes JFR, Ferreira AFB, de Medeiros PYG, Bassani GS, Fleming FP, Feitosa FX, de Sant'Ana HB
5196 - 5204 Stochastic Modeling for Estimating Coalbed Methane Resources
Duan LJ, Qu LC, Xia ZH, Liu LL, Wang JJ
5205 - 5212 Experimental Tests of Natural Gas Samplers Prior to Mercury Concentration Analysis
Enrico M, Mere A, Zhou HG, Carrier H, Tessier E, Bouyssiere B
5213 - 5230 Extending the Modified Regular Solution Model To Predict Component Partitioning to the Asphaltene-Rich Phase
Ramos-Pallares F, Yarranton HW
5231 - 5235 Determination of Carbonyl Functional Groups in Heavy Oil Using Infrared Spectroscopy
Fumoto E, Sato S, Takanohashi T
5236 - 5250 Estimation of Methane Recovery Efficiency from Methane Hydrate by the N-2-CO2 Gas Mixture Injection Method
Yasue M, Masuda Y, Liang YF
5251 - 5257 Asphaltene Structure Modifiers as a Novel Approach for Viscosity Reduction in Heavy Crude Oils
Onate-Gutierrez JA, Ramirez-Pradilla JS, Pinzon JR, Combariza MY, Blanco-Tirado C
5258 - 5266 Oil and Water Interactions during Low-Salinity Enhanced Oil Recovery in Water-Wet Porous Media Ryoichi
Morishita R, Matsuyama R, Ishiwata T, Tsuchiya Y, Giang PT, Takahashi S
5267 - 5280 Evaluation of Asphaltene Adsorption Free Energy at the Oil-Water Interface: Role of Heteroatoms
Mizuhara J, Liang YF, Masuda Y, Kobayashi K, Iwama H, Yonebayashi H
5281 - 5292 New Insights on Organic Geochemistry Characterization of the Putumayo Basin Using Negative Ion Electrospray Ionization Fourier Transform Ion Cyclotron Resonance Mass Spectrometry
Orrego-Ruiz JA, Marquez RE, Rojas-Ruiz FA
5293 - 5306 Influence of Pore Water on the Gas Storage of Organic-Rich Shale
Tian H, Wang MZ, Liu SB, Zhang SC, Zou CN
5307 - 5316 Quantitative Molecular Composition of Heavy Petroleum Fractions: A Case Study of Fluid Catalytic Cracking Decant Oil
Li HD, Zhang YH, Xu CM, Zhao SQ, Chung KH, Shi Q
5317 - 5330 Characterization of Petroleum Compounds Adsorbed on Solids by Infrared Spectroscopy and Mass Spectrometry
Villabona-Estupinan S, Rojas-Ruiz FA, Pinto-Camargo JL, Manrique EJ, Orrego-Ruiz JA
5331 - 5380 A Literature Review of CO2, Natural Gas, and Water-Based Fluids for Enhanced Oil Recovery in Unconventional Reservoirs
Burrows LC, Haeri F, Cvetic P, Sanguinito S, Shi F, Tapriyal D, Goodman A, Enick RM
5381 - 5413 Chemical Looping Conversion of Gaseous and Liquid Fuels for Chemical Production: A Review
Li DY, Xu RD, Li XY, Li ZQ, Zhu X, Li KZ
5414 - 5425 Characterization of Crude Oils through Alkyl Chain-Based Separation by Gel Permeation Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry
Alawani NA, Panda SK, Lajami AR, Al-Qunaysi TA, Muller H
5426 - 5435 Significance of Aquathermolysis Reaction on Heavy Oil Recovery during the Steam-Assisted Gravity Drainage Process
Zhang JL, Han F, Yang ZD, Zhang LQ, Wang XW, Zhang XX, Jiang Y, Chen K, Pan HD, Lin RY
5436 - 5443 Surfactant Adsorption on Shale Samples: Experiments and an Additive Model
Zeng TZ, Kim KT, Werth CJ, Katz LE, Mohanty KK
5444 - 5456 Interfacial Phenomena of Purified Petroporphyrins and Their Impact on Asphaltene Interfacial Film Formation
Rytting BM, Harper MR, Edmond KV, Merchant S, Zhang YL, Kilpatrick PK
5457 - 5465 Two-Step Catalytic Degradations of Dahuangshan Lignite and Directional Upgrading of the Resulting Petroleum Ether-Extractable Portions
Liu GH, Zong ZM, Liu FJ, Ma ZH, Wei XY, Kang YH, Fan X, Ma FY, Liu JM, Mo WL
5466 - 5475 In Situ Analysis of Methanogenic Pathways and Biogeochemical Features of CBM Co-produced Water from the Shizhuangnan Block in the Southern Qinshui Basin, China
Li Y, Tang SH, Zhang SH, Xi ZD
5476 - 5484 Effect of Partial Rapid Pyrolysis on Bituminous Properties: From Structure to Reactivity
He Q, Huang YC, Ding L, Guo QH, Gong Y, Yu GS
5485 - 5496 Isotope Labeling to Study the Hydrogen Transfer Route during Lignite Modification in a Subcritical D2O-CO System
Wang Q, Zhao YQ, Zhang YF, Zhang TK, He SQ, Wei YY
5497 - 5510 Intensified Transformation of Low-Value Residual Fuel Oil to Light Fuels with TPABr:EG as Deep Eutectic Solvent with Dual Functionality at Moderate Temperatures
Razavian M, Fatemi S
5511 - 5523 Reactive Transport Modeling of Shale-Fluid Interactions after Imbibition of Fracturing Fluids
Li QY, Jew AD, Brown GE, Bargar JR, Maher K
5524 - 5536 Low-Salinity-Assisted Cationic Polyacrylamide Water Shutoff in Low-Permeability Sandstone Gas Reservoirs
Al-Shajalee F, Arif M, Sari A, Wood C, Al-Bayati D, Xie Q, Saeedi A
5537 - 5544 Kinetics of Gas Evolution from Supersaturated Oils at Elevated Pressures and Temperatures
Miranda MA, Subramani HJ, Mohammad SA, Aichele CP
5545 - 5552 Oil/Water Interfacial Tension in the Presence of Novel Polyoxyethylene Cationic Gemini Surfactants: Impact of Spacer Length, Unsaturation, and Aromaticity
Fogang LT, Kamal MS, Hussain SMS, Kalam S, Patil S
5553 - 5565 Impact of Biodegradation on Polar Compounds in Crude Oil: Comparative Simulation of Biodegradation from Two Aerobic Bacteria Using Ultrahigh-Resolution Mass Spectrometry
Liu Y, Wan YY, Zhu YJ, Fei CS, Shen ZD, Ying YX
5566 - 5577 Stable Dispersion of Coal Fines during Hydraulic Fracturing Flowback in Coal Seam Gas Reservoirs-An Experimental Study
Awan FUR, Keshavarz A, Akhondzadeh H, Al-Anssari S, Al-Yaseri A, Nosrati A, Ali M, Iglauer S
5578 - 5588 Wellbore Instability Induced by the Coupling of High-pH Fluid-Shale Reaction and Fracture Surface Sliding in Shale Gas Wells: Experimental and Field Studies
Yan XP, Kang YL, You LJ
5589 - 5598 Experimental Study of the Influence of Gasoline-Diesel Blends on the Combustion Process and Soot Formation under Diesel Engine-Like Conditions
Pastor JV, Garcia A, Mico C, Garcia-Carrero AA
5599 - 5610 New Insight into the Petrophysical Characterization of Shales with Different Fluid Saturation States Based on Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Experiments
Zeng X, Sun JM, Yan WC, Cui RK, Yuan WG, Yan W, Dong X
5611 - 5622 Mineral Interfaces and Oil Recovery: A Microscopic View on Surface Reconstruction, Organic Modification, and Wettability Alteration of Carbonates
Rao A, Kumar S, Annink C, Le-Anh D, Ayirala SC, Alotaibi MB, Siretanu I, Duits MHG, Yousef AA, Mugele F
5623 - 5633 Enhanced Performance of Adsorptive Removal of Thiophene from Model Fuel over Micro-Mesoporous Binderless ZSM-5 Prepared by In Situ Crystallization
Xiao YH, Xue QQ, Zhu KR, He GH
5634 - 5640 Synthesis and Performance of a Series of Polyisobutylene-Substituted Succinic Acid Ester Dispersants for Reducing Thermal Oxidation Deposition of Jet Fuel
Qin ZZ, Liu ZQ, Wang L, Zhang XW, Fu YC, Xu GQ, Liu GZ
5641 - 5651 Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Study of the Fractions and Trapped Compounds in Asphaltenes of Merey Heavy Crude Oils and Its Vacuum Residue
Hernandez MS, Silva PJ
5652 - 5664 Preparation of a Nitrogen Oil Compound Fraction by Modified Gel Silica Column Chromatography
Silva SRC, Moncioso NAP, Sad CMS, Tosta CL, de Souza LM, Cipriano DF, Romao W, Freitas JCC, Kuster RM, de Castro EVR, Filgueiras PR
5665 - 5678 Demulsification of Colombian Heavy Crude Oil (W/O) Emulsions: Insights into the Instability Mechanisms, Chemical Structure, and Performance of Different Commercial Demulsifiers
Acosta M, Reyes LH, Cruz JC, Pradilla D
5679 - 5688 Study of the Influence of Resins on the Asphaltene Aggregates by H-1 DOSY NMR
Madeira NCL, Rainha KP, Mendonca J, Lacerda V, Chinelatto LS, de Menezes SMC, Porto CFD, Pinto FE, Filgueiras PR, Romao W, Neto AC
5689 - 5695 Adsorption Behavior of CH4 and C2H6 on Shale under the Influence of CO2 and Flue Gas
Huang X, Xue JJ, Li X
5696 - 5706 Interplay between Viscous Pressure and Capillary Pressure on Polymer Gel Dehydration and Water Shutoff in Hydraulically Fractured Reservoirs
Liang B, Wu Q, Li M, Yang HX, Yang J, Jiang HQ, Li JJ
5707 - 5714 Influence of the Combination System of Wet Flue Gas Desulfurization and a Wet Electrostatic Precipitator on the Distribution of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Flue Gas from a Coal-Fired Industrial Plant
Lu SY, Wu YJ, Chen T, Song JW, Xu ZY, Tang MH, Ding SS
5715 - 5732 Low Salinity Polymer Flooding: Effect on Polymer Rheology, Injectivity, Retention, and Oil Recovery Efficiency
Kakati A, Kumar G, Sangwai JS
5733 - 5752 Pore Systems of the Different Lithofacies of the Longmaxi Formation at Depths Exceeding 3500 m in the Zigong Area, Sichuan Basin
Feng ZQ, Hao F, Zhou SW, Tian JQ, Wu W, Xie C, Cai YW
5753 - 5765 Pore Network Changes Due to Polymer Flooding: Hebron Field Case
Ma SJ, Muriel H, Valencia LE, James LA, Azmy K
5766 - 5776 Nanocellulose-Strengthened Particle Gel for Conformance Control in Fractured Tight Formations. Part I: Preparation and Mechanical Stability
Wei B, Mao RX, Tian QT, Xiang H, Xu XG, Wood C
5777 - 5787 Semianalytical Analysis of Chamber Growth and Energy Efficiency of Solvent-Assisted Steam-Gravity Drainage Considering the Effect of Reservoir Heterogeneity along the Horizontal Well
Liu H, Wang Y, Xiong H, Wu KL
5788 - 5797 Proanthocyanidin-Based Polyether Demulsifiers for the Treatment of Aging Oil Emulsions
An SG, Li ZW, Chen H, Yan ZH, Tan YB
5798 - 5803 Propane-Aided Leaching of Bitumen from Oilsands
Santa MLS, Sabet N, Hassanzadeh H
5804 - 5812 Investigation on Ash-Fusion Characteristics of Livestock Manure and Low-Rank Coals
Li FH, Li Y, Zhao CY, Fan HL, Xu ML, Guo QQ, Guo MX, Wang ZQ, Huang JJ, Fang YT
5813 - 5822 Enhanced Oil Recovery Using Oleic Acid-Modified Titania Nanofluids: Underlying Mechanisms and Oil-Displacement Performance
Yang YL, Cheng TT, Wu HR, You ZJ, Shang DS, Hou JR
5823 - 5837 Investigation of Mechanisms for Gravity Drainage of Heavy Oil and Solvent Mixtures in a Hele-Shaw Cell
Martinez JF, Schoeggl FF, Maini BB, Yarranton HW
5838 - 5845 Designing Novel High-Performance Shale Inhibitors by Optimizing the Spacer Length of Imidazolium-Based Bola-Form Ionic Liquids
Huang P, Jia H, Han YG, Wang QX, Wei X, Luo Q, Dai JJ, Song JY, Yan H, Liu DX
5846 - 5855 Influence of Asphaltenes on Gelation of Tetrameric Acid with Calcium Ion at the Oil/Water Interface under Flow-Model Condition
Simon S, Gao BC, Tofte S, Sjoblom J, Passade-Boupat N, Palermo T, Rondon-Gonzalez M
5856 - 5867 Experimental Study of the Effective Stress Coefficient for Coal Anisotropic Permeability
Liu ZS, Liu DM, Cai YD, Pan ZJ
5868 - 5883 Interpretation of 1-D Counter-Current Spontaneous Imbibition Processes Using Microscopic Diffusion Theory and a Modified Buckley-Leverett Approach
Standnes DC, Andersen PO, Papatzacos P, Skjaeveland SM
5884 - 5899 Chemometric Classification of Crude Oils in Complex Petroleum Systems Using t-Distributed Stochastic Neighbor Embedding Machine Learning Algorithm
Tao KY, Cao J, Wang YC, Mi JL, Ma WY, Shi CH
5900 - 5906 Characterization of Solid Residues from Entrained Flow Gasification of Coal Bio-Oil Slurry
Feng P, Lin WG, Jensen PA, Song WL, Hao LF, Li SG, Dam-Johansen K
5907 - 5916 Bifunctional Additives To Improve the Cold Flow Properties and Oxidation Stability of Soybean Oil Biodiesel
Muniz AS, Inoue MH, Oliveira DC, Oliveira ARS, Ramos LP, Mittelbach M, Cesar-Oliveira MAF
5917 - 5928 Pyrolysis Oil from Scrap Tires as a Source of Fuel Components: Manufacturing, Fractionation, and Characterization
Wadrzyk M, Janus R, Rzadzik B, Lewandowski M, Budzyn S
5929 - 5937 High-Performance, Biobased, Jet Fuel Blends Containing Hydrogenated Monoterpenes and Synthetic Paraffinic Kerosenes
Woodroffe JD, Harvey BG
5938 - 5947 Evolution of the Lignin Chemical Structure during the Bioethanol Production Process and Its Inhibition to Enzymatic Hydrolysis
Zhao C, Qiao XL, Shao QJ, Hassan M, Ma ZQ
5948 - 5957 Studies on Inter- and Transesterification: Different Oils with the Same Fatty Acid Composition and Their Reaction Behaviors
de Melo LN, Santana LA, da Rocha PF, Meneghetti SMP, Meneghetti MR, Bortoluzzi JH
5958 - 5968 New Halogen Chalcone with Potential for Application in Biofuels
Faria ECM, Duarte VS, da Silva AM, Fernandes FS, de Paula RLG, Alonso CG, Oliveira GR, Napolitano HB
5969 - 5982 Characterization and Distillation of Pyrolysis Liquids Coming from Polyolefins Segregated of MSW for Their Use as Automotive Diesel Fuel
Gala A, Guerrero M, Guirao B, Domine ME, Serra JM
5983 - 5989 Catalytic Hydrotreatment of Industrial Wood Tar under Supercritical Ethanol Conditions
Chen HP, Xiao HY, Xia SW, Wu DY, Chen YQ, Wang XH, Yang HP, Xiao JJ
5990 - 5996 Depolymerization of Wheat Straw to Produce Glucose by Self-Catalyzed Hydrolysis
Yang XM, Wang BB, Lu TL, Zhou LP
5997 - 6007 Torrefaction of Sorghum Straw Pellets in a Stationary Reactor with a Feeding Screw
Liu XZ, Yao ZL, Zhao LX, Song JC, Jia JX
6008 - 6019 Chemical Looping Gasification of Torrefied Biomass Using NiFe2O4 as an Oxygen Carrier for Syngas Production and Tar Removal
Zheng AQ, Fan YY, Wei GQ, Zhao K, Huang Z, Zhao ZL, Li HB
6020 - 6029 Vehicle Emissions from a Glycerol-Derived Biofuel under Cold and Warm Conditions
Lapuerta M, Hernandez JJ, Rodriguez-Fernandez J, Calle-Asensio A
6030 - 6040 Optimization of Biomass Pyrolysis Vapor Upgrading Using a Laminar Entrained-Flow Reactor System
Peterson B, Engtrakul C, Evans TJ, Iisa K, Watson MJ, Jarvis MW, Robichaud DJ, Mukarakate C, Nimlos MR
6041 - 6051 Valorization of Food Waste via Torrefaction: Effect of Food Waste Type on the Characteristics of Torrefaction Products
Huang JC, Qiao Y, Wang ZQ, Liu HP, Wang B, Yu Y
6052 - 6058 Kinetics and Mechanism of Catalytic Oxidation of NO in Coal Combustion Flue Gas over Co-Doped Mn-Ti Oxide Catalyst
Rahman SMA, Tahmasebi A, Moghtaderi B, Yu JL
6059 - 6068 Changes in Pore Structure of Dry-hot Rock with Supercritical CO2 Treatment
Li HL, Zhou L, Lu YY, Yan FZ, Zhou JK, Tang JR
6069 - 6076 Zinc Nitrate as an Activation Agent for the Synthesis of Nitrogen-Doped Porous Carbon and Its Application in CO2 Adsorption
Cui HM, Xu JG, Shi JS, Yan NF, Liu YW, Zhang SW
6077 - 6084 Plasma-Modified N/O-Doped Porous Carbon for CO2 Capture: An Experimental and Theoretical Study
Wu DW, Yang YJ, Liu J, Zheng Y
6085 - 6100 CO2-Brine Contact Angle Measurements on Navajo, Nugget, Bentheimer, Bandera Brown, Berea, and Mt. Simon Sandstones
Haeri F, Tapriyal D, Sanguinito S, Shi F, Fuchs SJ, Dalton LE, Baltrus J, Howard B, Crandall D, Matranga C, Goodman A
6101 - 6112 Evaluation of Two Potassium-Based Activation Agents for the Production of Oxygen- and Nitrogen-Doped Porous Carbons
Guerrera JV, Burrow JN, Eichler JE, Rahman MZ, Namireddy MV, Friedman KA, Coffman SS, Calabro DC, Mullins CB
6113 - 6123 Influence of Carbon Dioxide on the Adsorption of Methane by Coal Using Low-Field Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
Bai G, Zeng XK, Li XM, Zhou XH, Cheng YT, Linghu JS
6124 - 6135 Study on the Migration Characteristics of Sulfur and Nitrogen during Combustion of Oil Sludge with CaO Additive
Zhang HT, Gong ZQ, Liu L, Wang ZB, Li XY
6136 - 6147 Regional-Scale Greenhouse Gas Utilization Strategies for Enhanced Shale Oil Recovery and Carbon Management
Menefee AH, Ellis BR
6148 - 6157 Experimental Determinations of Minimum Miscibility Pressures Using Hydrocarbon Gases and CO(2 )for Crude Oils from the Bakken and Cut Bank Oil Reservoirs
Hawthorne SB, Miller DJ, Grabanski CB, Jin L
6158 - 6167 Oxygen Uncoupling Property and Kinetics of a Copper Manganese Composite Oxygen Carrier in a Packed-Bed Reactor
Wang K, Yu QB, Wang Q, Hua JL, Peng RJ
6168 - 6177 Experimental Study on the Influence of Surface Characteristics of Activated Carbon on Mercury Removal in Flue Gas
Wang FJ, Tan SQ, Cao YX, Wang DL, Wu J, Luo F, Liu QZ, Xie XL, Li S, Zhou M
6178 - 6185 Inhibited Phase Segregation to Enhance the Redox Performance of NiFe2O4 via CeO2 Modification in the Chemical Looping Process
Ma Z, Zhang S, Xiao R, Wang JF
6186 - 6196 Study on Proppant Transport in Fractures of Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Fracturing
Zhou Y, Ni HJ, Shen ZH, Wang MS
6197 - 6208 Density Functional Theory Study on CO2 Adsorption by Ce-Promoted CaO in the Presence of Steam
Yan XY, Li YJ, Zhao JL, Wang ZY
6209 - 6219 Desulfurization of Spent Tire Pyrolysis Oil and Its Distillate via Combined Catalytic Oxidation using H2O2 with Formic Acid and Selective Adsorption over Al2O3
Zhang Q, Zhu MM, Jones I, Zhang ZZ, Zhang DK
6220 - 6228 Corrosion Susceptibility of Cr-Mo Steels and Ferritic Stainless Steels in Biomass-Derived Pyrolysis Oil Constituents
Jun J, Frith MG, Connatser RM, Keiser JR, Brady MP, Lewis S
6229 - 6238 Key Parameters of Fly Ashes Generated from the Industrial Energy Sector Decisive for Their Pro-ecological Applications
Rybowicz P, Mochnaczewski M, Koziel M, Uruski L, Lagosz A, Michalik M, Chmielarz L, Adamski A
6239 - 6244 Flexible, Lead-Free Nanogenerators Using Poly(vinylidene fluoride) Nanocomposites
Gaur A, Tiwari S, Kumar C, Maiti P
6245 - 6260 Development of New Kinetic Models for Methanol to Hydrocarbons over a Ca-ZSM-5 Catalyst
Heriyanto H, Muraza O, Nasser GA, Sanhoob MA, Bakare IA, Budhijanto, Rochmadi, Budiman A
6261 - 6278 Effect of Multifunctional Nanocatalysts on n-C-7 Asphaltene Adsorption and Subsequent Oxidation under High-Pressure Conditions
Medina OE, Gallego J, Olmos CM, Chen XW, Cortes FB, Franco CA
6279 - 6287 A Simple and Direct Route to High-Performance Acrylamido-Based Kinetic Gas Hydrate Inhibitors from Poly(acrylic acid)
Zhang Q, Ree LS, Kelland MA
6288 - 6297 In Situ Raman Study of the Formation and Dissociation Kinetics of Methane and Methane/Propane Hydrates
Truong-Lam HS, Seo S, Kim S, Seo Y, Lee JD
6298 - 6305 Amine N-Oxide Kinetic Hydrate Inhibitor Polymers for High-Salinity Applications
Zhang Q, Kelland MA, Frey H, Blankenburg J, Limmer L
6306 - 6316 Lean Blowoff in a Toroidal Jet-Stirred Reactor: Implications for Alternative Fuel Approval and Potential Mechanisms for Autoignition and Extinction
Stachler R, Heyne J, Stouffer S, Miller J
6317 - 6325 Investigation of Heterogeneous NO Reduction by Biomass Char and Coal Char Blends in a Microfluidized Bed Reaction Analyzer
Chen L, Liu L, Geng K, Zhao YJ, Wu JQ, Sun R, Sun SZ, Qiu PH
6326 - 6337 Formation and Reduction of NO2 in Fixed Bed Combustion of Coal Char under Oxy-Fuel Conditions: Experimental and Density Functional Theory Analysis
Yue S, Wang CB, Xu ZY, Si T, Zou C, Anthony EJ
6338 - 6345 Direct Measurement of Single-Particle Adhesion Behaviors on Metal Surfaces at High Temperatures Using Model and Modified Pulverized Coal Combustion Ash
Gao JG, Aozasa T, Tsukada M, Matsuda H, Makino H, Kamiya H
6346 - 6354 Effects of Graphene Oxide on the Mechanical and Microscopic Characteristics of Cement-Based Plugging Material for Preventing Spontaneous Combustion of Coal
Xi X, Shi QL, Jiang SG, Wang K, Wu ZY, Shao H
6355 - 6366 Study on the Chemical Inhibition Mechanism of DBHA on Free Radical Reaction during Spontaneous Combustion of Coal
Wang J, Zhang YL, Wang JF, Zhou CS, Wu YG, Tang YB
6367 - 6382 A Novel Integrated Strategy for Construction of a 96-Species n-Decane Skeletal Mechanism with Application to Ignition Delay Tester
Xiao G
6383 - 6391 A Computational Study on the Transient Ignition and NTC Behavior of Non-Premixed Dimethyl Ether/Air Counterflow under Elevated Pressure
Wang B, Li ZS, Lee HC, Dai P, Gan XH
6392 - 6400 Emission and Distribution Behavior of Toxic Elements during the Cocombustion of Coal with Biomass
Zhou CC, Gao FY, Yu YJ, Zhang WW, Liu GJ
6401 - 6413 Delineation and Prevention of the Spontaneous Combustion Dangerous Area of Coal in a Regenerated Roof: A Case Study in the Zhoujing Coal Mine, China
Lu Y, Yan ZH, Shi SL, Wang G, Li H, Niu HY, Guo ZG, Wang P
6414 - 6422 Co-Generation System of Bioethanol and Electricity with Microbial Fuel Cell Technology
Yuan JX, Liu SJ, Jia LJ, Ji AQ, Chatterjee SG
6423 - 6429 FeP Nanocatalyst with Preferential [010] Orientation Boosts the Hydrogen Evolution Reaction in Polymer-Electrolyte Membrane Electrolyzer
Sapountzi FM, Orlova ED, Sousa JPS, Salonen LM, Lebedev OI, Zafeiropoulos G, Tsampas MN, Niemantsverdriet HJW, Kolen'ko YV
6430 - 6438 Stability and Electrochemical Performance Analysis of an Electrolyte with Na+ Impurity for a Vanadium Redox Flow Battery in Energy Storage Applications
Ding MQ, Liu T, Zhang YM
6439 - 6447 Preparation, Characterization, and Modification of Sodium Acetate Trihydrate-Urea Binary Eutectic Mixtures As Phase Change Material
Li X, Fu ZH, Qiao YJ, Zhang ZH, Zhou Y, Hai CX, Shen Y, Sun YX, Zeng JB, Ren XF
6448 - 6461 Electrophoretic Deposition of Nickel Cobaltite/Polyaniline/rGO Composite Electrode for High-Performance All-Solid-State Asymmetric Supercapacitors
Rashti A, Wang BH, Hassani E, Feyzbar-Khalkhali-Nejad F, Zhang XY, Oh TS
6462 - 6473 Thermochemical Heat Storage Performance of CaO Pellets Fabricated by Extrusion-Spheronization under Harsh Calcination Conditions
Li BY, Li YJ, Sun H, Wang YZ, Wang ZY
6474 - 6482 Molecular Structure Control in Mesophase Pitch via Co-Carbonization of Coal Tar Pitch and Petroleum Pitch for Production of Carbon Fibers with Both High Mechanical Properties and Thermal Conductivity
Guo JG, Li XK, Xu HT, Zhu H, Li BL, Westwood A
6483 - 6489 Improving the LIBS Quantitative Analysis of Unburned Carbon in Fly Ash Based on the Optimization of Reference Value
Yao SC, Yao XY, Zhang LF, Qin HQ, Yu ZY, Chen XX, Lu ZM, Lu JD
6490 - 6500 Thermodynamic and Process Analyses of Syngas Production Using Chemical Looping Reforming Assisted by Flexible Dicalcium Ferrite-Based Oxygen Carrier Regeneration
Shah V, Mohapatra P, Fan LS
6501 - 6509 Superhydrophobic Surface Fabrication for Strengthened Selective Water Shut-off Technology
Liu DX, Zhang RH, Liu XW, Chen WY, Tian XY, Yuan J, Huang B
6510 - 6517 Hydrofining Process of Coal Tar Based on Four Kinds of Catalyst Grading
Niu ML, Ji PP, Fan Z, Yan YL, Li D, Li WH