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3981 - 3983 Virtual Special Issue of 7th Sino-Australian Symposium on Advanced Coal and Biomass Utilisation Technologies
Wu HW, Yu Y, Gao XP, Xu MH, Gong X
3984 - 3995 Systematic Evaluation of the Fate of Phosphorus in Fluidized Bed Combustion of Biomass and Sewage Sludge
Falk J, Skoglund N, Grimm A, Ohman M
3996 - 4005 A Review on the Properties of Copyrolysis Char from Coal Blended with Biomass
Chen XY, Liu L, Zhang LY, Zhao Y, Qiu PH, Ruan R
4006 - 4016 Multiscale Investigation of Moisture-Induced Structural Evolution in Asphalt-Aggregate Interfaces and Analysis of the Relevant Chemical Relationship Using Atomic Force Microscopy and Molecular Dynamics
Liu ZY, Cao LP, Zhou T, Dong ZJ
4017 - 4030 Main Factors Controlling Thermogenic Gas Accumulation in the Qaidam Basin of Western China
Guo ZQ, Li J, Tian JX, Zeng X, Xu XL, Wang R, Zhao F
4031 - 4045 Impact of Connate Brine Chemistry on In Situ Wettability and Oil Recovery: Pore-Scale Experimental Investigation
Xie Y, Khishvand M, Piri M
4046 - 4054 Determining the Thermal Properties of Military Jet Fuel JP-5 and Surrogate Mixtures Using Differential Scanning Calorimetry/Thermogravimetric Analysis and Differential Scanning Calorimetry Methods
Prak DJL, Foley MP, Dorn L, Trulove PC, Cowart JS, Durkin DP
4055 - 4070 Accurate Modeling of Asphaltene Onset Pressure in Crude Oils Under Gas Injection Using Peng-Robinson Equation of State
Abutaqiya MIL, Sisco CJ, Khemka Y, Safa MA, Ghloum EF, Rashed AM, Gharbi R, Santhanagopalan S, Al-Qahtani M, Al-Kandari E, Vargas FM
4071 - 4083 Energetics and Structural Behavior of Asphaltene Molecules near Mica Surface: Molecular Simulation Study
Samanta B, Singh MB, Malani A
4084 - 4094 Predictive Modeling of Aerospace Fuel Properties Using Comprehensive Two-Dimensional Gas Chromatography with Time-Of-Flight Mass Spectrometry and Partial Least Squares Analysis
Berrier KL, Freye CE, Billingsley MC, Synovec RE
4095 - 4105 Influence of Asphaltene Aggregation State on the Wax Crystallization Process and the Efficiency of EVA as a Wax Crystal Modifier: A Study Using Model Systems
D'Avila FG, Silva CMF, Steckel L, Ramos ACS, Lucas EF
4106 - 4115 Pore Characterization and Inner Adsorption Mechanism Investigation for Methane in Organic and Inorganic Matters of Shale
Wu XJ, Ning ZF, Qi RR, Wang Q, Huang L
4116 - 4128 Polymer-Enhanced Foam Flooding for Improving Heavy Oil Recovery in Thin Reservoirs
Zhou W, Xin CP, Chen SN, Yu Q, Wang K
4129 - 4138 Intrinsic Solid-State Reaction Characteristics of Coals and Chars in a Direct Carbon Fuel Cell: With Focus on Significance Assessment of Fuel-Borne Factors
Li C, Yi H, Eom S, Choi G, Choi TY, Lee D
4139 - 4152 Factors Controlling Organic Matter Accumulation in the Wufeng-Longmaxi Formations in Northwestern Hunan Province: Insights from Major/Trace Elements and Shale Composition
Xi ZD, Tang SH, Zhang SH, Ye YP
4153 - 4161 Molecular Simulation of the Adsorption Behaviors of CO2/CH4 in Curvature, Planar, and Mixture Models
Zhang Y, Zhuo JK, Wu YF, Yao Q
4162 - 4172 Correlation between Char Gasification Characteristics at Different Stages and Microstructure of Char by Combining X-ray Diffraction and Raman Spectroscopy
Liu MJ, Bai J, Yu JL, Kong LX, Bai ZQ, Li HZ, He C, Ge ZF, Cao X, Li W
4173 - 4182 Ultralow Emission of Dust, SOx, HCl, and NOx Using a Ceramic Catalytic Filter Tube
Tan ZQ, Niu GP, Qi Q, Zhou MW, Wu BH, Yao W
4183 - 4193 Impact of Unconverted Residue Recycling on Slurry-Phase Hydroconversion Performance in a Continuous Microscale Pilot Unit
Alvarez P, Browning B, Lacroix M, Jansen T, Leclerc E, Geantet C, Tayakout-Fayolle M
4194 - 4200 Chemical Composition and Aging Characteristics of Linear SBS Modified Asphalt Binders
Xing CW, Liu LP, Li MC
4201 - 4212 Synergistic Effect of Brine System Containing Mixed Monovalent (NaCl, KCl) and Divalent (MgCl2, MgSO4) Salts on the Interfacial Tension of Pure Hydrocarbon-Brine System Relevant for Low Salinity Water Flooding
Behera US, Sangwai JS
4213 - 4220 Investigation on a Novel Mixed Dialkyl Oxalate System as an Oxygenated Fuel Additive
Guo W, Yin YW, Pi N, Liu F, Tu S, Ye LY
4221 - 4229 Discovery of a High-Octane Environmental Gasoline Based on the Gasoline Fischer-Tropsch Process
Ershov MA, Potanin DA, Grigorieva EV, Abdellatief TMM, Kapustin VM
4230 - 4242 Experimental and Numerical Study on the Anisotropic and Nonlinear Gas Flow Behavior of a Single Coal Fracture under Loading
Shen ZH, Zhou L, Li HL, Lu ZH, Cai JC
4243 - 4250 Effect of CO2 and H2O on Char Properties. Part 1: Pyrolysis Char Structure and Reactivity
Ouyang JC, Hong DK, Jiang LK, Li ZH, Liu H, Luo GQ, Yao H
4251 - 4259 Energetics of Interfacial Interactions of Hydrocarbon Fluids with Kerogen and Calcite Using Molecular Modeling
Zhang ZL, Liu HR, Wang JW
4260 - 4272 Effect of Pressure on Imbibition in Shale Oil Reservoirs with Wettability Considered
Tu JW, Sheng JJ
4273 - 4288 Multidomain Two-Phase Flow Model to Study the Impacts of Hydraulic Fracturing on Shale Gas Production
Cui GL, Tan YL, Chen TY, Feng XT, Elsworth D, Pan ZJ, Wang CG
4289 - 4295 Spraying Model PAHs on a Charged TiO2 Surface for High-Efficiency Degradation
van den Berg JL, Lai YH, Wadsworth GA, Lamberti WA, Woo H, Raman S, Zare RN
4296 - 4306 Optimization of the Production Pressure for Hydrate Dissociation by Depressurization
Li XY, Li XS, Wang Y, Zhang Y
4307 - 4317 Dehydrating Heavy Crude Oils with New Amphoteric Block Bipolymers
Fuentes JV, Zamora EB, Mariath R, Li ZL, Xu ZH, Vazquez F, Flores C
4318 - 4328 Supersaturation in a Wide Range of Recombined Oils
Leon V, Kuroiwa S, Sullivan M, Smythe E, Harrison C
4329 - 4337 Quantitative Evaluation of the Plugging Effect of the Gel Particle System Flooding Agent Using NMR Technique
Gao H, Xu RZ, Xie YG, Li X, He MQ, Wang C, Cao J, Huang X
4338 - 4352 Effect of Pore-Throat Microstructures on Formation Damage during Miscible CO2 Flooding of Tight Sandstone Reservoirs
Wang Q, Yang SL, Glover PWJ, Lorinczi P, Qian K, Wang L
4353 - 4365 CO2 Replacing CH4 Behaviors under Sub- and Supercritical Conditions
Wang J, Wang ZS, Wang YB, Liu ZH, Li Y
4366 - 4383 Quantification and Prediction of Pore Structures in Tight Oil Reservoirs Based on Multifractal Dimensions from Integrated Pressure- and Rate-Controlled Porosimetry for the Upper Triassic Yanchang Formation, Ordos Basin, China
Wang WR, Yue DL, Eriksson KA, Qu XF, Li W, Lv M, Zhang JQ, Zhang XT
4384 - 4392 Microwave Plasma-Assisted Catalytic Reduction of NO by Active Coke over Transition-Metal Oxides
Liu HY, Yang JB, Quo XL, Jin Y, Fan BG
4393 - 4406 Evolution of Shale Permeability under the Influence of Gas Diffusion from the Fracture Wall into the Matrix
Zeng J, Liu JS, Li W, Leong YK, Elsworth D, Guo JC
4407 - 4420 Two-Phase Transport Characteristic of Shale Gas and Water through Hydrophilic and Hydrophobic Nanopores
Xu HY, Yu H, Fan JC, Zhu YB, Wang FC, Wu HA
4421 - 4432 Experimental and Thermodynamic Study on the Interaction of Copper Oxygen Carriers and Alkaline-Containing Salts Commonly Present in Ashes
Yilmaz D, Darwish E, Leion H
4433 - 4447 Efficiency Improvement of Heavy-Oil Recovery by Steam-Assisted Gravity Drainage Injection Using New Generation Chemicals
Huang JJ, Babadagli T
4448 - 4465 Gas Production from Hot Water Circulation through Hydraulic Fractures in Methane Hydrate-Bearing Sediments: THC-Coupled Simulation of Production Mechanisms
Ju X, Liu F, Fu PC, White MD, Settgast RR, Morris JP
4466 - 4473 Comparison of the Absolute Adsorption of CH4, n-C4H10, and CO2 on Shale
Wang C, Liu YL, Gao Y
4474 - 4483 Viscosity Modification of Heavy Crude Oil by Using a Chitosan-Based Cationic Surfactant
Negi H, Faujdar E, Saleheen R, Singh RK
4484 - 4496 Mechanistic Investigation of Adsorption Behavior of Two Scale Inhibitors on Carbonate Formations for Application in Squeeze Treatments
Jarrahian K, Sorbie KS
4497 - 4507 A Predictive Thermodynamic Framework for Modeling Density and Phase Behavior of Petroleum Fluids
Abutaqiya MIL, Sisco CJ, Vargas FM
4508 - 4515 Design and Fabrication of a Novel Water- and Heat-Resistant Cu-Based Coordination Compound for Dibenzothiophene Capture
Gao Y, Wu JF, Wang ST, Yan N, Ma N, Dai W
4516 - 4524 Regioselective Synthesis of Methyl-Substituted Adamantanes for Promoting Oxidation Stability of High-Density Fuels
Xie JW, Liu Y, Jia TH, Pan L, Fang YM, Shi CX, Nie GK, Zhang XW, Zou JJ
4525 - 4533 Effects of the Solidification of Capillary Bridges on the Interaction Forces between Hydrate Particles
Liu CW, Zhang CR, Zhou CR, Mi YF, Wang ZY
4534 - 4543 Olefin Saturation Using Asphaltenes As a Hydrogen Source
Fong SY, Sanchez NM, de Klerk A
4544 - 4553 Additives for Kinetic Hydrate Inhibitor Formulations to Avoid Polymer Fouling at High Injection Temperatures: Part 2 Experimental Studies with Denaturants, Osmolytes, Ionic Liquids, and Surfactants
Kelland MA, Njau JS
4554 - 4564 Systematic Study of Ionic Liquids Based Coal Extraction: Selectivity in Extract Molecular Weights and Targeted Functional Groups
Tan S, Helling MR, Basile F, Li-Oakey KD
4565 - 4578 Hydrocarbon Generation Evaluation, Burial History, and Thermal Maturity of the Lower Triassic-Silurian Organic-Rich Sedimentary Rocks in the Central Uplift of the South Yellow Sea Basin, East Asia
Pang YM, Guo XW, Shi BB, Zhang XH, Cai LC, Han ZZ, Chang XC, Xiao GL
4579 - 4586 Measurement and Modeling of the Adsorption/Desorption Behavior of Light Hydrocarbons on Shale
Wang C, Kong SQ, Liu YL, Gao Y
4587 - 4594 Fate of Phosphorus in Fixed Bed Combustion of Biomass and Sewage Sludge
Falk J, Skoglund N, Grimm A, Ohman M
4595 - 4602 A Rapid and Versatile Method to Determine Methanol in Biofuels and Gasoline by Ambient Mass Spectrometry using a V-EASI Source
Tega DU, Nascimento H, Jara JL, Santos JM, Eberlin MN
4603 - 4617 Parametric Studies on Hydrodeoxygenation of Rubber Seed Oil for Diesel Range Hydrocarbon Production
Ameen M, Azizan MT, Yusup S, Ramli A, Shahbaz M, Aqsha A, Kaur H, Wai CK
4618 - 4631 Upgrading Microalgal Biocrude Using NiMo/Al-SBA-15 as a Catalyst
Subagyono RRDJN, Marshall M, Jackson WR, Auxilio AR, Fei Y, Chaffee AL
4632 - 4642 Novel Method to Estimate the Octane Ratings of Ethanol-Gasoline Mixtures Using Base Fuel Properties
Anderson JE, Wallington TJ
4643 - 4659 Production of New Surfactant-free Microemulsion Biofuels: Phase Behavior and Nanostructure Identification
Zare TS, Khoshsima A, ZareNezhad B
4660 - 4669 Torrefaction of Wood in a Quiescent Layer of Talc
Korshunov A, Kichatov B, Sudakov V, Kolobov A, Gubernov V, Kiverin A
4670 - 4677 Framework Based on Artificial Intelligence to Increase Industrial Bioethanol Production
Pereira RD, Badino AC, Cruz AJG
4678 - 4684 Reactive Catalytic Fast Pyrolysis of Biomass Over Molybdenum Oxide Catalysts: A Parametric Study
Cross P, Wang KG, Weiner J, Reid E, Peters J, Mante O, Dayton DC
4685 - 4692 Hydrodeoxygenation of Guaiacol Catalyzed by ZrO2-CeO2-Supported Nickel Catalysts with High Loading
Lu MH, Jiang YJ, Sun Y, Zhang P, Zhu J, Li MS, Shan YH, Shen JY, Song CS
4693 - 4702 Laboratory Investigation on the Spontaneous Combustion of a Lignocellulosic Biomass and Its Suppression by Chemical Inhibitors
Tang YB, Zhou JQ
4703 - 4720 Summative and Ultimate Analysis of Live Leaves from Southern US Forest Plants for Use in Fire Modeling
Matt FJ, Dietenberger MA, Weise DR
4721 - 4726 Sunlight-Induced Molecular Progression of Oil into Oxidized Oil Soluble Species, Interfacial Material, and Dissolved Organic Matter
Zito P, Podgorski DC, Bartges T, Guillemette F, Roebuck JA, Spencer RGM, Rodgers RP, Tarr MA
4727 - 4733 Effects of Aluminum Dosage on Gel Formation and Heavy Metal Immobilization in Alkali-Activated Municipal Solid Waste Incineration Fly Ash
Tian X, Rao F, Morales-Estrella R, Song SS
4734 - 4744 Preadsorbed SO3 Inhibits Oxygen Atom Activity for Mercury Adsorption on Cu/Mn Doped CeO2(110) Surface
Wang T, Yang YH, Wang JW, Sajjadi B, Chen WY, Zhang YS, Pan WP
4745 - 4753 Effect of the Dried and Hydrothermal Sludge Combustion on Calcium Carbonate Decomposition in a Simulated Regeneration Reactor of Calcium Looping
Li JG, Zhang LH, Duan F
4754 - 4760 Absorption of SO2 in Simulated Flue Gas by Functional Deep Eutectic Solvents Based on Imidazole and H2O with High Mass Capacities
Gao MJ, Hou YC, Zhang Q, Sun Y, Ren SH, Wu WZ
4761 - 4776 Modeling CO2 Solubility in Water at High Pressure and Temperature Conditions
Hemmati-Sarapardeh A, Amar MN, Soltanian MR, Dai ZX, Zhang XY
4777 - 4787 Role of OH Radical in Fuel-NOx Formation during Cocombustion of Ammonia with Hydrogen, Methane, Coal, and Biomass
Tsukada N, Kinoshita N, Kabuki Y, Taguchi Y, Takashima Y, Tsumura T, Taniguchi M
4788 - 4798 Investigation on the Interaction Mechanism of the Solvent Extraction for Mercaptan Removal from Liquefied Petroleum Gas
Sun DX, Zhao YL, Cao YJ, Liu MQ, Zhang YX, Zhao L, Zhang YH, Gao JS, Xu CM, Hao TZ, Chen JL, Ji DW
4799 - 4807 Catalytic Hydroconversion of Ethanol-Soluble Portion from the Ethanolysis of Hecaogou Subbituminous Coal Extraction Residue to Clean Liquid Fuel over a Zeolite Y/ZSM-5 Composite Zeolite-Supported Nickel Catalyst
Kang YH, Wei XY, Liu GH, Ma XR, Gao Y, Li X, Li YJ, Ma YJ, Yan L, Zong ZM
4808 - 4821 Synthesis and Reaction Byproduct Characterization and Mechanistic Understanding of Hemiformal Based Hydrogen Sulfide Scavengers
Wylde JJ, Taylor GN, Sorbie KS, Samaniego WN
4822 - 4827 Bi-reforming of Methane with Carbon Dioxide and Steam on Nickel-Supported Binary Mg-Al Metal Oxide Catalysts
He DD, Zhang YM, Wang ZC, Mei Y, Jiang YJ
4828 - 4836 Hydrogen-Rich Gas Stream from Steam Gasification of Biomass: Eggshell as a CO2 Sorbent
Salaudeen SA, Acharya B, Heidari M, Al-Salem SM, Dutta A
4837 - 4848 Effective and Reusable Oxidative Desulfurization of Dibenzothiophene via Magnetic Amino-MIL-101 Supported H3PMo6W6O40 Components: Comparison Influence on Various Types of MIL-101
Li SW, Wang W, Zhao JS
4849 - 4854 Kinetic Hydrate Inhibition of Glycyl-valine-Based Alternating Peptoids with Tailor-Made N-Substituents
Zhang Q, Koyama Y, Ihsan A, Kelland MA
4855 - 4864 Computational Study of the Evolution of Ni-Based Catalysts during the Dry Reforming of Methane
Praserthdam S, Somdee S, Rittiruam M, Balbuena PB
4865 - 4873 Deactivation Mechanism of the Commercial V2O5-MoO3/TiO2 Selective Catalytic Reduction Catalyst by Arsenic Poisoning in Coal-Fired Power Plants
Lu Q, Pei XQ, Wu YW, Xu MX, Liu DJ, Zhao L
4874 - 4881 Insight into Pyrolysis Kinetics of Lignocellulosic Biomass: Isoconversional Kinetic Analysis by the Modified Friedman Method
Luo LP, Guo XJ, Zhang Z, Chai MY, Rahman MM, Zhang XG, Cai JM
4882 - 4898 Kinetic Modeling Study of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon Formation and Oxidation for Oxygenated Fuels including Methanol, n-Butanol, Methyl Butanoate, and Dimethyl Ether
Dong X, Jia M, Chang YC, Wang PZ, Niu B
4899 - 4908 Size Distributions, Microstructures, and Elemental Compositions of PM2.5 from Two Coal-Fired Fluidized-Bed Boilers Equipped with Fabric Filters
Zhao ZF, Dong HM, Guo X
4909 - 4924 Numerical Investigation of Particulate Matter Processes in Gasoline Direct Injection Engines through Integrated Computational Fluid Dynamics-Chemical Kinetic Modeling
Tan JY, Bonatesta F, Ng HK, Gan SY
4925 - 4933 Numerical Investigation and Improvement of Coke Oven Gas-Fired W-Shaped Radiant Tubes for NOx Reduction
Wang Q, Wang EL, Li XW, Hu ZG, Liu DQ, Yu YM
4934 - 4948 Evaluation of NOx-Reduction Measures for Iron-Ore Rotary Kilns
Edland R, Smith N, Allguren T, Fredriksson C, Normann F, Haycock D, Johnson C, Frandsen J, Fletcher TH, Andersson K
4949 - 4957 Numerical Simulation of Oxy-Fuel Combustion with Different O-2/CO2 Fractions in a Large Cement Precalciner
Zhang LY, Wei XL, Zhao J, Sen L
4958 - 4966 Impact of Biofuel Blends on Black Carbon Emissions from a Gas Turbine Engine
Kumal RR, Liu JW, Gharpure A, Vander Wal RL, Kinsey JS, Giannelli B, Stevens J, Leggett C, Howard R, Forde M, Zelenyuk A, Suski K, Payne G, Manin J, Bachalo W, Frazee R, Onasch TB, Freedman A, Kittelson DB, Swanson JJ
4967 - 4976 Experimental Study on the Burning Characteristics of Transformer Oil Pool Fires
Zhao JL, Wang SS, Zhang JP, Zhou R, Yang R
4977 - 4992 Simulations of Coal Combustion in a Pressurized Supercritical CO2 Circulating Fluidized Bed
Cui Y, Liu XJ, Zhong WQ
4993 - 4998 Effect of Carbon Dioxide on the Lower Flammability Limit of Propane in O-2/CO2 Atmosphere
Hu XZ, Xie QH, Yu QB, Liu H, Yan FS
4999 - 5005 Novel Trisulfonated Poly(phthalazinone ether phosphine oxide)s with High Dimensional Stability for Proton Exchange Membrane
Zhang SS, Liu HP, Tan YL, Lu C, Mao SL, Kang LQ, Liao HY
5006 - 5015 High-Throughput Approach Exploitation: Two-Dimensional Double-Metal Sulfide (M2S2) of Efficient Electrocatalysts for Oxygen Reduction Reaction in Fuel Cells
Xiao Y, Tang L
5016 - 5023 Noble-Metal-Free Perovskite-BiVO4 Tandem Device with Simple Preparation Method for Unassisted Solar Water Splitting
Zhang SC, Shen LZ, Ye T, Kong KY, Ye HH, Ding HR, Hu Y, Hua JL
5024 - 5031 Novel Shape-Stabilized Phase Change Materials Based on Paraffin/EPDM@Graphene with High Thermal Conductivity and Low Leakage Rate
Ding Z, He FF, Li YS, Jiang ZN, Yan HJ, He R, Fan JH, Zhang K, Yang WB
5032 - 5043 Multi-Heteroatom-Doped Carbon Materials for Solid-State Hybrid Supercapacitors with a Superhigh Cycling Performance
Yang L, Yang Y, Wang SH, Guan XH, Guan X, Wang GS
5044 - 5051 N-doped Hierarchical Mesoporous Carbon from Mesophase Pitch and Polypyrrole for Supercapacitors
Liu MX, Li W, Ruan SY, Fei YQ
5052 - 5059 Nitrogen-Doping Through Two-Step Pyrolysis of Polyacrylonitrile on Graphite Felts for Vanadium Redox Flow Batteries
Yoon SJ, Kim S, Kim DK, Yu DM, Hempelmann R, Hong YT, So S
5060 - 5071 Tactical Surface Modification of a 3D Graphite Felt as an Electrode of Vanadium Redox Flow Batteries with Enhanced Electrolyte Utilization and Fast Reaction Kinetics
Gautam RK, Kapoor M, Verma A
5072 - 5083 Void Space Control in Porous Carbon for High-Density Supercapacitive Charge Storage
Vijayan BL, Zain NKM, Misnon II, Reddy MV, Adams S, Yang CC, Anilkumar GM, Jose R
5084 - 5094 Numerical Study of Load Characteristics of a CFB Coal Gasifier by Using the Generalized Drag Model
Li XH, Huo PJ, Liu Y, Qi HY
5095 - 5098 Influence of Ester-Type Plasticizers on the Determination of Biodiesel Contaminations in Aviation Turbine Fuels According to ASTM D7797
Marquardt C, Scheuermann SS, Forster S
5099 - 5105 Sodium-Ion Storage Mechanism in Triquinoxalinylene and a Strategy for Improving Electrode Stability
Zhao QL, Zhao W, Zhang C, Wu YL, Yuan QH, Whittaker AK, Zhao XS