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2619 - 2642 Simulation of Adsorption-Desorption Behavior in Coal Seam Gas Reservoirs at the Molecular Level: A Comprehensive Review
Li JW, Wang YZ, Chen ZX, Rahman SS
2643 - 2653 Additives for Kinetic Hydrate Inhibitor Formulations To Avoid Polymer Fouling at High Injection Temperatures: Part 1. A Review of Possible Methods
Kelland MA
2654 - 2664 HFRR and SL-BOCLE Lubricity of Paraffinic Diesel Fuels Considering Different Origins and Final Formulations with Biodiesels and Additives
Delgado J, Gadea M, Esarte C, Pelaez A
2665 - 2673 Geological-Geochemical Models and Isotope Fractionation Laws and Control Factors of Thermogenic Coalbed Gas in Panxian, China
Tao MX, Chen XR, Ma YZ, Wang YL, Li ZP, Xiao WZ, Huang Z
2674 - 2682 Time-Resolved Quantification of Phenolic Antioxidants and Oxidation Products in a Model Fuel by GC-EI-MS/MS
Frauscher M, Agocs A, Besser C, Rogner A, Allmaier G, Dorr N
2683 - 2692 Microwave-assisted Petroporphyrin Release from Asphaltene Aggregates in Polar Solvents
Fang SG, Liu H, Wang J, Chen HX, Bai RX, Guo AJ, Chen K, Huang JL, Wang ZX
2693 - 2702 Experimental Investigation on the Interactions between Asphaltenes and Comb-like Octadecyl Acrylate (OA) Polymeric Flow Improvers at the Model Oil/Water Interface
Liu DW, Zhang H, Li CX, Yang F, Sun GY, Yao B
2703 - 2709 Novel Relative Permeability Modifier using Polymer Grafted Nanoclay
Abbas A, Saaid IM, Shafian SRM
2710 - 2725 The Influence of Gas Invasion on the Composition of Crude Oil and the Controlling Factors for the Reservoir Fluid Phase
Zhu GY, Li JF, Chi LX, Zhang ZY, Li TT, Zhou L, Wu ZH
2726 - 2738 Characteristics and Influencing Factors of Unconventional Hydrocarbon Accumulation in Saline Lacustrine Fine-Grained Sedimentary Rocks in the Northwestern Qaidam Basin
Zhang X, Liu CL, Guo ZQ, Gui HR, Tian JX, Wu XP, Peng B, Sun YK, Ping YQ
2739 - 2756 Surface Reactivity Analysis of the Crude Oil-Brine-Limestone Interface for a Comprehensive Understanding of the Low-Salinity Waterflooding Mechanism
Tetteh JT, Veisi M, Brady PV, Ghahfarokhi RB
2757 - 2764 Role of Gas Coal in Directional Regulation of Sulfur during Coal-Blending Coking of High Organic-Sulfur Coking Coal
Shen YF, Wang MJ, Wu YC, Hu YF, Kong J, Duan XB, Wang JC, Chang LP, Bao WR
2765 - 2771 Impacts of Mineralogical Variation on CO2 Behavior in Small Pores from Producing Intervals of the Marcellus Shale: Results from Neutron Scattering
Ruppert L, Jubb A, Headen TF, Youngs TGA, Bandli B
2772 - 2780 Effect of Coal Blending on Gasification Performance and Agglomeration
Jiang DH, Zhang HX, Xian SX, Zhu ZP
2781 - 2789 Reaction Mechanism of H2S Generation during Tetrahydrothiophene Aquathermolysis Reaction
Lin RY, Chen K, Miao MQ, Zhang LQ, Wang XW, Jiang Y, Zhang JL, Wang Y, Pan HD
2790 - 2799 Synergism of Ethers on the Kinetic Inhibition Performance of Poly(N-vinyl pyrrolidone) on Methane Hydrate in a Pilot-Scale Flow Loop
Zhang YD, Shen XD, Maeda N
2800 - 2806 High Resolution Mass Spectrometry and Principal Component Analysis for an Exhaustive Understanding of Acidic Species Composition in Vacuum Gas Oil Samples
Bhosale S, Manigiri R, Choudhury RP, Bhakthavatsalam V
2807 - 2815 Structural Evolution of Organic Matter in Deep Shales by Spectroscopy (H-1 and C-13 Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy, and Fourier Transform Infrared) Analysis
Lee H, Oncel N, Liu B, Kukay A, Altincicek F, Varma RS, Shokouhimehr M, Ostadhassan M
2816 - 2823 Blending Characteristics of Isooctene, MTBE, and TAME as Gasoline Components
Ershov MA, Potanin DA, Tarazanov SV, Abdellatief TMM, Kapustin VM
2824 - 2831 Polyether-Based Thermoviscosifying Polymers for Enhanced Oil Recovery: Emulsion versus Powder
Zhou GW, Wang MM, Sun G, Li CQ, Han PH, Quan HP, Su X, Feng YJ
2832 - 2848 Characterization of Methane Adsorption Behavior on Wet Shale under Different Temperature Conditions
Li JH, Li BB, Ren CH, Yang K, Zhang Y
2849 - 2860 Modeling the Behavior of Organic Kerogen in the Proximity of Calcite Mineral by Molecular Dynamics Simulations
Faisal HMN, Katti KS, Katti DR
2861 - 2869 Demetallization of Heavy Oils of High Metal Content through Pyrolysis under Supercritical Water Environment
Tang XQ, Pu JC, Zheng HB, Yu XD, Chen XF, Yuan PQ, Cheng ZM, Yuan WK
2870 - 2879 Dissolution Methods for the Quantification of Metals in Oil Sands Bitumen
Chauhan G, de Klerk A
2880 - 2892 Enhanced Oil Recovery Using Aqueous CO2 Foam Stabilized by Particulate Matter from Coal Combustion
Lv QC, Zhou TK, Zhang X, Zuo BW, Dong ZX, Zhang J
2893 - 2902 Enhanced Oil Recovery in High Salinity and Elevated Temperature Conditions with a Zwitterionic Surfactant and Silica Nanoparticles Acting in Synergy
Zhong X, Li CC, Li YH, Pu H, Zhou YX, Zhao JX
2903 - 2915 Investigating the Potential Cuttings Transport Behavior of Ionic Liquids in Drilling Mud in the Presence of sII Hydrates
Bavoh CB, Ofei TN, Lal B
2916 - 2924 Study of Shale Gas Release from Freshly Drilled Core Samples Using a Real-Time Canister Monitoring Technique: Release Kinetics, Influencing Factors, and Upscaling
Nie HK, Yang ZH, Dang W, Chen Q, Li P, Li DH, Wang RJ
2925 - 2935 Molecular Insight into Microbehaviors of n-Decane and CO2 in Mineral Nanopores
Peng FJ, Xiong KY, Wang RX, Li YF, Guo ZL, Feng G
2936 - 2944 Effects of Stefan Flow on Metallurgical Coke Gasification with CO2
Huang JC, Guo R, Tao L, Wang Q, Liu ZS
2945 - 2957 High-Pressure Methane Adsorption and Desorption in Shales from the Sichuan Basin, Southwestern China
Hu K, Mischo H
2958 - 2968 Desulfurization of Sulfur-Containing Compounds in Heavy Oil in the Presence of Supercritical Methanol
Yan T, Wu L, Wang LT, Fu F, Fang T
2969 - 2979 Thermal Degradations and Processes of Four Kerogens via Thermogravimetric-Fourier-Transform Infrared: Pyrolysis Performances, Products, and Kinetics
Bai FT, Liu YM, Lai C, Sun YH, Wang JX, Sun PC, Xue LF, Zhao JM, Guo MY
2980 - 2988 Valorization Method for Hard Coal as Fuel for Nonindustrial Combustion Installations with Special Regard to Reduction of Mercury Content
Dziok T, Strugala A, Baic I, Olszewska D
2989 - 3012 Novel Functional Group Contribution Method for Surrogate Formulation with Accurate Fuel Compositions
Li RZ, Herreros JM, Tsolakis A, Yang WZ
3013 - 3030 Advances in Asphaltene Petroleomics. Part 4. Compositional Trends of Solubility Subfractions Reveal that Polyfunctional Oxygen-Containing Compounds Drive Asphaltene Chemistry
Chacon-Patino ML, Smith DF, Hendrickson CL, Marshall AG, Rodgers RP
3031 - 3040 Effect of the Fluid-Shale Interaction on Salinity: Implications for High-Salinity Flowback Water during Hydraulic Fracturing in Shales
Zeng LP, Reid N, Lu YH, Hossain M, Saeedi A, Xie Q
3041 - 3056 Viscosity of Spinel Primary Phase Field Slags from Australian Brown Coals
Ilyushechkin A, Kondratiev A, He C, Bai J, Chen XD, Hla S
3057 - 3064 Influences of Molecular Structure of Poly(styrene-co-octadecyl maleimide) on Stabilizing Asphaltenes in Crude Oil
Zhu QJ, Lin B, Yan ZY, Yao Z, Cao K
3065 - 3086 Comprehensive Modeling of Sorption-Enhanced Steam Reforming of Coke Oven Gas in a Fluidized Bed Membrane Reactor
Chen YM, Zhang BX, Peng RF, Chuai X, Cui X, Kang BK, Yan WJ, Zhang JY
3087 - 3099 Influence of the Slag-Crucible Interaction on Coal Ash Fusion Behavior at High Temperatures
Li XM, Chen XD, Jiang CB, Ding JP, Guo JJ, Kong LX, Bai J, Li W
3100 - 3109 Hierarchical Galloaluminosilicate MFI Catalysts for Ethane Nonoxidative Dehydroaromatization
Wang YX, Caiola A, Robinson B, Li QY, Hu JL
3110 - 3120 Estimating Wax Plug Transportation Force in Crude Oil Pipeline Pigging
Gao XD, Huang QY, Zhang X, Li WD, Zhang Y, Li RB, Chen RQ
3121 - 3134 Supercritical Methane Adsorption on Shale over Wide Pressure and Temperature Ranges: Implications for Gas-in-Place Estimation
Feng GJ, Zhu YM, Chen SB, Wang Y, Ju W, Hu YC, You ZJ, Wang GGX
3135 - 3143 Atomistic Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Surfactant-Induced Wettability Alteration in Crevices of Calcite Nanopores
Bai SX, Kubelka J, Piri M
3144 - 3152 Adsorption Kinetics of Asphaltenes at the Heptol-Water Interface
Mohammadi M, Zirrahi M, Hassanzadeh H
3153 - 3160 Using Three-Dimensional Image Analysis Techniques To Understand the Formation of the Plastic Layer during the Heating of Australian Coking Coal Blends
Hui YZ, Lee S, Chen YX, Mahoney M, Yu JL
3161 - 3172 Characterizing Anisotropic Pore Structure and Its Impact on Gas Storage and Transport in Coalbed Methane and Shale Gas Reservoirs
Zhang R, Liu SM, He LL, Blach TP, Wang Y
3173 - 3187 Pore Structure and Compressibility Characteristics of Heat-Treated Coals by N-2 Adsorption/Desorption and Mercury Intrusion Porosimetry
Li ZT, Liu DM, Cai YD, Si GY, Wang YP
3188 - 3198 Effect of Electrolyte on Synergism for Reducing Interfacial Tension between Betaine and Petroleum Sulfonate
Sun Q, Zhou ZH, Zhang Q, Zhang F, Ma GY, Zhang L, Zhang L
3199 - 3209 Analysis of Hydrogenation Products of Biocrude Obtained from Hydrothermally Liquefied Algal Biomass Using Fourier-Transform Ion Cyclotron Resonance Mass Spectrometry
Zuber J, Wollmerstadt H, Kuchling T, Kureti S, Rathsack P
3210 - 3222 Effect of Calcium and Phosphorus on Interactions between Quartz Sand and K-Salt-Doped Wood under Both Steam Gasification and Combustion Atmospheres
He ZM, Saw WL, van Eyk PJ, Nathan GJ, Ashman PJ
3223 - 3238 Contribution of Microbial Acclimation to Lignite Biomethanization
Zhao WZ, Su XB, Xia DP, Li D, Guo HY
3239 - 3243 Effect of Storage Conditions on the Quality of Jatropha curcas Oils
Macamo AJ, Lucas C, Boene KM, Biquiza L, Kobashi Y, Kato S
3244 - 3249 Effect of Hydraulic Retention Time on Biohydrogen Production from Glucose in an Internal Circulation Reactor
Su CL, Liu YH, Yang XL, Li HH
3250 - 3261 Impacts of Solvents on the Stability of the Biomass-Derived Sugars and Furans
Sun YF, Sun K, Zhang LJ, Zhang S, Liu Q, Wang Y, Wei T, Gao GG, Hu X
3262 - 3271 In Situ Measurement of Potassium Release during Biomass Combustion Using Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy: Effect of Silicate on Potassium Release
Zhao HB, Wakil MA, Viljanen J, Song Q, Yao Q, Kwong CW, Alwahabi ZT
3272 - 3283 Reformulated Red Mud: a Robust Catalyst for In Situ Catalytic Pyrolysis of Biomass
Agblevor FA, Wang H, Beis S, Christian K, Slade A, Hietsoi O, Santosa DM
3284 - 3293 Direct Conversion of Biomass Carbohydrates to Platform Chemicals: 5-Hydroxymethylfurfural (HMF) and Furfural
Mittal A, Pilath HM, Johnson DK
3294 - 3304 Modeling Axial Mixing of Fuel Particles in the Dense Region of a Fluidized Bed
Kohler A, Pallares D, Johnsson F
3305 - 3315 Effect of C3, C4, and C5 Alcohols Addition to Diesel in Conjunction with Injection Timing and Intake Dilution on the Characteristics of a DI Diesel Engine
Ganesan S, Dhanasekaran R, Kumar BR
3316 - 3325 Desulfurization of Biomass Syngas Using ZnO-Based Adsorbents: Long-Term Hydrogen Sulfide Breakthrough Experiments
Frilund C, Simell P, Kaisalo N, Kurkela E, Koskinen-Soivi ML
3326 - 3335 Experimental Bench-Scale Study of Residual Biomass Syngas Desulfurization Using ZnO-Based Adsorbents
Frilund C, Simell P, Kurkela E, Eskelinen P
3336 - 3345 Green Waste/Wood Pellet Pyrolysis in a Pilot-Scale Rotary Kiln: Effect of Temperature on Product Distribution and Characteristics
Tanoh TS, Oumeziane AA, Lemonon J, Sanz FJE, Salvador S
3346 - 3356 Promotion Effects of Pressure on Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons and H-2 Formation during Flash Pyrolysis of Palm Kernel Shell
Matamba T, Tahmasebi A, Rish SK, Yu JL
3357 - 3366 Investigation of the Oxidative Degradation of the Synthetic Fuel Oxymethylene Dimethyl Ether
Bogatykh I, Osterland T, Stein H, Wilharm T
3367 - 3375 Effect of Sludge-Based Additive on Ash Characteristic and Potassium Fixation during the Rice Straw Combustion Process
Pan ZZ, Zhang SP, Liu XZ, Zhang HL, Zhu SG
3376 - 3382 Production of Butanol Directly from Hemicellulose through Secretory Expression of a Xylanase in Clostridium acetobutylicum
Wang ZY, Cao XY, Li N, Yang ZJ, Lei M, Zhao Y, Wang LZ, Li ZY, Liu D, Niu HQ, Ying HJ
3383 - 3393 Novel Renewable Double-Energy System for Activated Biochar Production and Thermoelectric Generation from Waste Heat
Chen WH, Lee KT, Chih YK, Eng CF, Lin HP, Chiou YB, Cheng CL, Lin YX, Chang JS
3394 - 3405 Effect of Reduction Treatments of Mo/Sepiolite Catalyst on Lignin Depolymerization under Supercritical Ethanol
Chen MQ, Lu HT, Wang YS, Tang ZY, Zhang JH, Wang CS, Yang ZL, Wang J, Zhang H
3406 - 3411 Clostridium sp. Strain NJ4: A Promising Solventogenic Strain for Butanol Production from Jerusalem Artichoke through Consolidated Bioprocessing
Jiang YJ, Lv Y, Michenfelder R, Chen TP, Wu RF, Xin FX, Jiang M
3412 - 3421 Cellulose Pyrolysis Mechanism Based on Functional Group Evolutions by Two-Dimensional Perturbation Correlation Infrared Spectroscopy
Yang HP, Gong M, Hu JH, Liu B, Chen YQ, Xiao JJ, Li SJ, Dong ZG, Chen HP
3422 - 3428 Low-Temperature Deoxidization of Lignin and Its Impact on Liquid Products from Pyrolysis
Mei YY, Zhang SP, Wang H, Jing SX, Hou T, Pang SS
3429 - 3439 Application of Core-Shell-Structured K2CO3-Based Sorbents in Postcombustion CO2 Capture: Statistical Analysis and Optimization Using Response Surface Methodology
Bararpour ST, Adanez J, Malunpey N
3440 - 3448 High-Efficiency Absorption of SO2 by a New Type of Deep Eutectic Solvents
Sheng K, Kang Y, Li J, Xu HY, Li D
3449 - 3457 Improvement of the Oxygen Uncoupling Properties of Copper-Based Composite Oxygen Carriers for Chemical Looping Air Separation
Wang K, Yu QB, Annaland MV, Wu TW, Qin Q
3458 - 3466 Modification of Microscopic Properties of Shale by Carbonic Acid Treatment: Implications for CO2-Based Fracturing in Shale Formations
Tian SC, Zhang PP, Sheng M, Wang TY, Tang JZ, Xiao LZ
3467 - 3476 Efficient Conversion of CO2 to Formate Using Inexpensive and Easily Prepared Post-Transition Metal Alloy Catalysts
Hailu A, Tamijani AA, Mason SE, Shaw SK
3477 - 3482 Removal of NO by Using Sodium Persulfate Solution: Catalyzed by Different Nanostructured MnO2
Li YX, Guo RT, Wang ZY, Shi X, Pan WG
3483 - 3492 Molecular Dynamics Study on the Suitable Compatibility Conditions of a CO2-Cosolvent-Light Hydrocarbon System by Calculating the Solubility Parameters
Du YZ, Zhang H, Li XL, Zhang YH, Yuan SL
3493 - 3500 Reversible Chemical Absorption of CO2 in Polyethylenimine Supported by Low-Viscous Tetrabutylphosphonium 2-Fluorophenolate
Zheng WT, Zhang JB, Liu Y, Huang K
3501 - 3512 Hydrogen and Power Cogeneration Based on Chemical Looping Combustion: Is It Capable of Reducing Carbon Emissions and the Cost of Production?
He YD, Zhu L, Li LL, Liu GH
3513 - 3521 Efficient Removal of Sulfur Dioxide from Flue Gas through Liquid Catalytic Oxidation Using Copper Tailing as the In Situ Iron Ion Donator
Tao L, Wang XQ, Wang LL, Ma YX, Zhang YJ, Ning P
3522 - 3531 Combustion Performance and Ash Compositions during Biomass/Semi-Coke Blended Fuel Oxy-Fuel Circulating Fluidized Bed Combustion
Li W, Liu DB, Li SY, Kong RJ
3532 - 3539 Low-Temperature Regeneration of Amines Integrated with Production of Structure-Controlled Calcium Carbonates for Combined CO2 Capture and Utilization
Hong S, Sim G, Moon S, Park Y
3540 - 3556 Construction of a Stable Two-Dimensional MAX Supported Protonated Graphitic Carbon Nitride (pg-C3N4)/Ti3AlC2/TiO2 Z-Scheme Multiheterojunction System for Efficient Photocatalytic CO2 Reduction through Dry Reforming of Methanol
Tahir M
3557 - 3565 Design of Highly Nitrogen-Doped, Two-Dimensional Hierarchical Porous Carbons with Superior Performance for Selective Capture of CO2 and SO2
Kong WP, Liu Y, Liu J
3566 - 3577 Large CO2 Storage Volumes Result in Net Negative Emissions for Greenhouse Gas Life Cycle Analysis Based on Records from 22 Years of CO2-Enhanced Oil Recovery Operations
Sminchak JR, Mawalkar S, Gupta N
3578 - 3590 Exploring the Role of Inorganic and Organic Interfaces on CO2 and CH4 Partitioning: Case Study of Silica, Illite, Calcite, and Kerogen Nanopores on Gas Adsorption and Nanoscale Transport Behaviors
Mohammed S, Gadikota G
3591 - 3600 Novel Polyether for Efficient Demulsification of Interfacially Active Asphaltene-Stabilized Water-in-Oil Emulsions
Li XG, Ma J, Bian RZ, Cheng J, Sui H, He L
3601 - 3613 Modeling the Oxidative Aging Kinetics and Pathways of Asphalt: A ReaxFF Molecular Dynamics Study
Hu DL, Gu XY, Cui BY, Pei JZ, Zhang QP
3614 - 3620 The Influence of Montan Resin in Crude Montan Wax on the Character and Performance of Refined Montan Wax
Chen YX, Zhang HF, Dai WF, Xiang C, Jiao SY, Li BC, Zhang M
3621 - 3627 Effects of Hot Water-Based Extraction Process on the Removal of Petroleum Hydrocarbons from the Oil-Contaminated Soil
Chen HS, Li X, Zhang QM, Liu YS
3628 - 3639 Fatty Acid Methyl Ester Synthesis through Transesterification of Palm Oil with Methanol in Microchannels: Flow Pattern and Reaction Kinetics
Wang XD, Xu X, Wang QL, Huang ZX, He JY, Qiu T
3640 - 3648 Thermodynamic Analysis, Kinetics Modeling, and Reactor Model Development for Acetic Acid Hydrogenation Reaction over Bimetallic Pt-Sn Catalyst
Rakshit PK, Pathak S, Voolapalli RK, Upadhyayula S
3649 - 3660 Experimental Study of the Combustion and Emission Characteristics of Lower Alcohols in a Constant Volume Vessel
Shao ZJ, Han YQ, Yang H, Wang J, Tian J, Xu Y, Zhang LX, Ren XM, Xu C
3661 - 3670 Extension of the Thermal Annealing Concepts Developed for Coal Combustion to Conversion of Lignocellulosic Biomass
Senneca O, Ontyd C, Cerciello F, Schiemann M, Scherer V
3671 - 3678 Simultaneous Measurements of Light Hydrocarbons Using Supercontinuum Laser Absorption Spectroscopy
Halloran M, Traina N, Choi J, Lee T, Yoo J
3679 - 3690 Adsorption of Volatile Organic Compounds at Medium-High Temperature Conditions by Activated Carbons
Ma XW, Zhang Z, Wu H, Li JJ, Yang LJ
3691 - 3708 A New Detailed Ethanol Kinetic Mechanism at Engine-Relevant Conditions
Roy S, Askari O
3709 - 3724 Effects of Hydrogen Addition Ratios on Cycle-by-Cycle Variations of a Duel-Fuel Spark Ignition Engine with Ethanol Intake Port Injection and Hydrogen Direct Injection under Various Excess Air Ratios
Chen Z, Yu XM, Shi WB, Li GT, Wang S, Guo ZZ, Chen AX, Jin YT
3725 - 3742 Data Consistency of the Burning Velocity Measurements Using the Heat Flux Method: Syngas Flames
Lavadera ML, Konnov AA
3743 - 3754 Composition, Structure, and Formation Routes of Blocklike Ferrospheres Separated from Coal and Lignite Fly Ashes
Anshits NN, Fedorchak MA, Fomenko EV, Mazurova EV, Anshits AG
3755 - 3771 A Comprehensive Experimental and Simulation Study of Ignition Delay Time Characteristics of Single Fuel C-1-C-2 Hydrocarbons over a Wide Range of Temperatures, Pressures, Equivalence Ratios, and Dilutions
Baigmohammadi M, Patel V, Martinez S, Panigrahy S, Ramalingam A, Burke U, Somers KP, Heufer KA, Pekalski A, Curran HJ
3772 - 3779 Laminar Burning Velocity Measurement Using the Filtered Broadband Natural Emissions of Species
Farhat A, Kumar REV, Samimi-Abianeh O
3780 - 3787 Study on the Simultaneous Measurement of O-2 and CO Concentrations in the Exhaust Gas of a Methane/Air Flame Using Tunable Diode Laser Absorption Spectroscopy
So S, Park DG, Jeong N, Kim D, Hwang J, Lee C
3788 - 3796 Dual-Fuel Operation of Biodiesel and Natural Gas in a Model Gas Turbine Combustor
Chong CT, Chiong MC, Ng JH, Tran MV, Valera-Medina A, Jozsa V, Tian B
3797 - 3804 Modification of Phosphorus-Rich Sewage Sludge Combustion Ash Using Pure Source Materials for Analysis of Ash Adhesion Behavior at High Temperature
Gao JG, Kamiya H
3805 - 3815 Optimization of the Global Reaction Mechanism for MILD Combustion of Methane Using Artificial Neural Network
Si JC, Wang GC, Li PF, Mi JC
3816 - 3827 Comparative Study on Different Treatments of Coal Devolatilization for Pulverized Coal Combustion Simulation
Xing JK, Luo K, Wang HO, Gao ZW, Jin T, Fan JR
3828 - 3835 Influence of Initial Pressure and Vessel's Geometry on Deflagration of Stoichiometric Methane-Air Mixture in Small-Scale Closed Vessels
Mitu M, Giurcan V, Razus D, Oancea D
3836 - 3842 Emission Characteristics of Soluble Ions in Fine Particulates in Limestone-Gypsum Wet Flue Gas Desulfurization System
Cheng T, Zhou XC, Yang LJ, Sun ZQ, Wu H
3843 - 3849 Effects of Gaseous Agents on Trace Element Emission Behavior during Co-combustion of Coal with Biomass
Zhou CC, Gao FY, Yu YJ, Zhang WW, Liu GJ
3850 - 3857 Effect of the Anode Structure on the Stability of a Direct Methanol Fuel Cell
Jing FN, Sun RL, Wang SL, Sun H, Sun GQ
3858 - 3866 Microbial Fuel Cells Simultaneously Treating Sulfide and Nitrate under Different Influent Sulfide to Nitrate Molar Ratios
Cai J, Qaisar M, Ding AQ, Wang KQ, Sun Y, Wang RY
3867 - 3876 Enhanced Performance of the Chitosan Proton Exchange Membrane via Anatase Titania Anchored GO and Sodium Ligninsulfonate Constructing Proton Transport Channels
Cui FY, Wang WY, Shan BJ, Liu CN, Xie CC, Zhu LY, Chen XY, Li N
3877 - 3886 Excellent Rate Capability and Cycling Stability of Novel H2V3O8 Doped with Graphene Materials Used in New Aqueous Zinc-Ion Batteries
Duan WY, Zhao MS, Li YL, Lashari NUR, Xu T, Wang F, Song XP
3887 - 3894 Synthesis of High Reversibility Anode Composite Materials Using T-Nb2O5 and Coal-Based Graphite for Lithium-Ion Battery Applications
Qu XX, Liu YH, Li BB, Xing BL, Huang GX, Zhang CX, Hong SW, Yu JL, Cao YJ
3895 - 3900 One-Step Synthesis of SiOx@Graphene Composite Material by a Hydrothermal Method for Lithium-Ion Battery Anodes
Zhang JY, Ma PP, Hou ZL, Zhang XM, Li CB
3901 - 3908 Enhanced Cycle Stability of Na2Ti3O7 Nanosheets Grown in Situ on Nickel Foam as an Anode for Sodium-Ion Batteries
Chen ZH, Zhang QX, Lu L, Chen XY, Wang S, Xin CZ, Xing BL, Zhang CX
3909 - 3922 N-O-S Co-doped Hierarchical Porous Carbons Derived from Calcium Lignosulfonate for High-Performance Supercapacitors
Liu YB, Huang GX, Li YY, Yao YH, Zhang FM, Xing BL, Zhang CX
3923 - 3930 N-Doped Biomass Carbon/Reduced Graphene Oxide as a High-Performance Anode for Sodium-Ion Batteries
Dan RQ, Chen WM, Xiao ZW, Li P, Liu MM, Chen ZG, Yu FQ
3931 - 3940 Constructing a Multifunctional Globular Polypyrrole Slurry Cladding Carbon Aerogel/Sulfur Cathode for High-Performance Lithium-Sulfur Batteries
Gao XG, Huang Y, Guang ZX, Li X
3941 - 3951 Study on Char-Ash-Slag-Liquid Transition and Its Effect on Char Reactivity
Zhang XS, Bai YH, Wei JT, Song XD, Wang JF, Yao M, Yu GS
3952 - 3959 Integration of Solvent Extraction and Noncatalytic Esterification for the Treatment of Acidic Feedstocks
Busto M, Torresi P, Manuale DL, Yori JC, Vera C
3960 - 3968 Interpretation of Double-Peak Endotherm on DSC Heating Curves of Bitumen
Frolov IN, Okhotnikova ES, Ziganshin MA, Firsin AA
3969 - 3975 Sulfur Transformation Behavior of Inorganic Sulfur-Containing Compounds in Chemical Looping Combustion
Wang C, Luo M, Zhou LZ, Zhang HY
3976 - 3980 Universal Method for Energy-Saving Absorption of SO2 with Absorbents Adjusted by Lactic Acid
Hou YC, Zhang K, Gao MJ, Sun Y, Zhang Q, Ren SH, Wu WZ