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1099 - 1100 Second International Symposium on Biomass/Wastes Energy and Environment (BEE 2019), Tianjin, China, May 23-26, 2019
Chen GY, Weber RS
1101 - 1110 Integrating the Bottom Ash Residue from Biomass Power Generation into Anaerobic Digestion To Improve Biogas Production from Lignocellulosic Biomass
Xiao Q, Chen W, Tian D, Shen F, Hu JG, Long LL, Zeng YM, Yang G, Deng SH
1111 - 1118 Energy Recovery of Furnace Slag from Steel Industrial and Thermochemical Conversion of Lignocellulosic Biomass: Thermal Behavior and Kinetic Analysis on Cellulose under Fast Pyrolysis Conditions
Wu ZQ, Ma C, Zhang B, Zhao J, Xiao ZY, Li MQ, Meng HY, Xu DH, Wang SZ
1119 - 1130 Novel Insights into Anaerobic Digestion of Rice Straw Using Combined Pretreatment with CaO and the Liquid Fraction of Digestate: Anaerobic Digestion Performance and Kinetic Analysis
Guan RL, Gu JY, Wachemo AC, Yuan HR, Li XJ
1131 - 1136 Catalytic Pyrolysis of Herb Residues for the Preparation of Hydrogen-Rich Gas
Zhao BF, Song G, Zhou WH, Chen L, Sun LZ, Yang SX, Guan HB, Zhu D, Chen GY, Ding WJ, Wang JW, Yang HJ
1137 - 1144 Biomass Gasification: The Effect of the Surface Area of Different Materials on Tar Abatement Efficiency
de Caprariis B, Bassano C, Bracciale MP, Deiana P, Hernandez AD, Santarelli ML, Scarsella M, De Filippis P
1145 - 1152 Hydrothermal Liquefaction of Sewage Sludge by Microwave Pretreatment
Chen GY, Hu MT, Du GY, Tian S, He ZY, Liu B, Ma WC
1153 - 1161 Hydrogen Production via Aqueous-Phase Reforming of Ethylene Glycol over a Nickel-Iron Alloy Catalyst: Effect of Cobalt Addition
Tao JY, Hou L, Yan BB, Chen GY, Li WQ, Chen H, Cheng ZJ, Lin FW
1162 - 1165 Anode-Boosted Electrolysis in Electrochemical Upgrading of Bio-oils and in the Production of H-2
Andrews EM, Egbert JD, Sanyal U, Holladay JD, Weber RS
1166 - 1176 Study on the Solubility between Diesel and Acetone-Butanol-Ethanol with or without Water
Jin C, Geng ZL, Zhang XY, Ma MX, Ji J, Wang G, Guan CF, Liu HF
1177 - 1183 Ammonia Measurements with Femtosecond Two-Photon Laser-Induced Fluorescence in Premixed NH3/Air Flames
Liu JX, Gao J, Li B, Zhang DY, Tian YF, Li ZS
1184 - 1192 Modeling Study of the Impact of Blending N-2, CO2, and H2O on Characteristics of CH4 Laminar Premixed Combustion
Ren F, Xiang LK, Chu HQ, Jiang HT, Ya YC
1193 - 1201 Comparison of Combustion Kinetics of the Biomass Hydrolysis Residue with Raw Biomass Materials
Chen GY, Wang YL, Liu F, Yan BB, Cheng ZJ, Ma WC
1202 - 1218 Properties of Nanofluids and Their Applications in Enhanced Oil Recovery: A Comprehensive Review
Sun YX, Yang DH, Shi LC, Wu HY, Cao Y, He YM, Xie TT
1219 - 1229 Mini-Review on Char Catalysts for Tar Reforming during Biomass Gasification: The Importance of Char Structure
Xu DL, Yang L, Ding K, Zhang YM, Gao WR, Huang Y, Sun HQ, Hu X, Syed-Hassan SSA, Zhang S, Zhang H
1230 - 1239 A Novel Surfactant-Polymer/Alkaline-Surfactant-Polymer Formulation for Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) Processes
Ramos GAR, Akanji LT, Afzal W
1240 - 1250 Influence of Pore Structure on Shale Gas Recovery with CO2 Sequestration: Insight Into Molecular Mechanisms
Liu J, Xie H, Wang Q, Chen SY, Hu ZM
1251 - 1258 The Adsorption and Desorption Behavior of CH4 on Jincheng Anthracite Modified in Fe3+ and Cu2+ Ion Electrolytes
Zhang XY, Zhang RX, Kang TH, Hu YQ
1259 - 1267 Interfacial Behaviors of Ionic Liquid Cations and Asphaltenes at Oil-Water Interface: Dynamic Diffusion and Interfacially Competitive Adsorption
Jia ZD, Niu Z, Yang ZQ, Li XG, Wang JY, He X, Sui H, He L
1268 - 1275 Rheological Behavior of Heavy and Extra-Heavy Crude Oils at High Pressure
Ramirez-Gonzalez PV, Quinones-Cisneros SE
1276 - 1287 Oil Generation from the Immature Organic Matter after Artificial Neutron Irradiation
Wang HJ, Zhao WZ, Cai YW, Wang XM, Ye YT, Su J, He K, Zhang WL, Huang L, Zhang SC
1288 - 1296 Catalytic Hydroconversion of a High-Temperature Coal Tar over Two Attapulgite Powder-Supported Nickel Catalysts
Zhang YY, Wei XY, Lv JH, Zong ZM
1297 - 1308 Pore-Scale Sweep Efficiency Enhancement by Silica-Based Nanofluids in Oil-Wet Sandstone
Kuang W, Saraji S, Piri M
1309 - 1316 Characterization of Inorganic Solids Present in Brazilian Crude Oil Emulsions Using Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) with Energy-Dispersive X-ray Spectrometry (EDS): Evaluation of the Effect of Solvents
Enders MSP, Anschau KF, Doneda M, Druzian GT, Gomes AO, Guimaraes RCL, Flores EMM, Muller EI
1317 - 1328 Phase Inversion of Pickering Emulsions by Electrolyte for Potential Reversible Water-in-Oil Drilling Fluids
Liu L, Pu XL, Zhou Y, Wu XD, Luo D, Ren ZF
1329 - 1336 Conversion of High-Carbon Domanic Shale in Sub- and Supercritical Waters
Nasyrova ZR, Kayukova GP, Onishchenko YV, Morozov VP, Vakhin AV
1337 - 1346 Effect of the Cetane Number on Jet Fuel Spray Ignition at High-Temperature and -Pressure Conditions
McGann B, Kim K, Lee T, Temme J, Kweon CB
1347 - 1354 Toward New Descriptors of Basic Nitrogen Compounds in Middle Distillates by 2D NMR
Proriol D, Chahen L
1355 - 1364 Influence of the Direct Coal Liquefaction Residue on the Fusion Characteristics of Jincheng Coal with a High Ash Fusion Temperature
Xie LC, Xu L, Ma XX
1365 - 1377 Formation of Two-Ring Aromatics in Hexylbenzene Pyrolysis
Lai L, Pang HW, Green WH
1378 - 1385 Modeling the Effect of Maturity on the Elastic Moduli of Kerogen Using Atomistic Simulations
Kashinath A, Szulczewski M, Dogru AH
1386 - 1395 Ultrafine Particle Formation in Pulverized Coal, Biomass, and Waste Combustion: Understanding the Relationship with Flame Synthesis Process
Huang Q, Ma P, Gao Q, Li SQ
1396 - 1407 Cleaning Potential of Selected Coals in Shanxi Province, China: Evaluation of Geological Factors Affecting the Cleaning Potential
Tang YG, Wang XS, Schobert HH, Eble CF, Yang CW, Su YF, Ye K, Cao QS, Liu GH
1408 - 1421 Effect of Air on the Kinetics of Asphaltene Precipitation from Diluted Crude Oils
Duran JA, Schoeggl FF, Yarranton HW, Favero CVB, Fogler HS
1422 - 1431 Hydrate Management in Deadlegs: Effect of Pipe Size on Hydrate Deposition
Zhang XW, Lee BR, Sa JH, Askvik KM, Li XY, Austvik T, Sum AK
1432 - 1437 GC x VUV Study of Diesel: A Two-Dimensional Separation Approach
Wang FCY
1438 - 1446 Enhanced Shale Oil Recovery by the Huff and Puff Method Using CO2 and Cosolvent Mixed Fluids
Gong HJ, Qin XJ, Shang SX, Zhu CF, Xu L, San Q, Li YJ, Dong MZ
1447 - 1452 New Visual Test Method for the Toluene Insolubles in Oil Products
Yang JW, Liu LY, He ZN, Wang S, Mo YN, Li X, Lingyan, Xiao JZ
1453 - 1466 Impact of Sodium on the Formation Mechanism and Physicochemical Properties of Coal-Derived Soot
Dong HM, Du Q, Li D, Feng DD, Gao JM, Wu SH
1467 - 1481 Technical Implications of Neglecting Compositional Grading Effects in Petroleum Reservoir Simulation Models
Igwe I, Gholinezhad J, Sayed MGH, Ogbuagu F
1482 - 1491 Influence of Wax on Cyclopentane Clathrate Hydrate Cohesive Forces and Interfacial Properties
Wang W, Huang QY, Hu SJ, Zhang P, Koh CA
1492 - 1505 Comprehensive Compositional and Structural Comparison of Coal and Petroleum Asphaltenes Based on Extrography Fractionation Coupled with Fourier Transform Ion Cyclotron Resonance MS and MS/MS Analysis
Niles SF, Chacon-patino ML, Smith DF, Rodgers RP, Marshall AG
1506 - 1513 Compressibility of Supercritical Methane in Nanopores: A Molecular Simulation Study
Corrente NJ, Dobrzanski CD, Gor GY
1514 - 1523 Influence of Methacrylate-benzyl Methacrylate-N-vinyl-2-pyrrolidone as Pour Point Depression on Cold Flow Properties of Diesel Fuel
Lin HL, Xie MY, Yin SY, Yang TS, Su BT, Chen FF, Han S, Xue Y
1524 - 1536 Numerical and Experimental Study of Enhanced Shale-Oil Recovery by CO2 Miscible Displacement with NMR
Zhu CF, Sheng JJ, Ettehadtavakkol A, Li Y, Gong HJ, Li Z, Dong MZ
1537 - 1547 Simulating the Geological Fate of Terrestrial Organic Matter: Lignin vs Cellulose
Atmani L, Valdenaire PL, Pellenq RJM, Bichara C, Van Damme H, van Duin ACT, Ulm FJ, Leyssale JM
1548 - 1563 Nanoscale Pore Network Evolution of Xiamaling Marine Shale during Organic Matter Maturation by Hydrous Pyrolysis
Wang Y, Liu LF, Hu QH, Hao LW, Wang XM, Sheng Y
1564 - 1580 Deformation of Shale and Coal Organic Carbon Slit Micropores Induced by CO2-Enhanced Gas Recovery: A Monte Carlo Simulation Study
Zhang HY, Diao R, Chan HH, Mostofi M, Evans B
1581 - 1591 Preaggregation of Asphaltenes in the Presence of Natural Polymers by Molecular Dynamics Simulation
Celia-Silva LG, Vilela PB, Morgado P, Lucas EF, Martins LFG, Filipe EJM
1592 - 1600 Prediction of the Insolubility Number and the Solubility Blending Number of Colombian Heavy Crude Oils by H-1 Nuclear Magnetic Resonance and Partial Least Squares
Castillo MA, Paez AA, Rueda-Chacon H, Agudelo JL, Molina VD
1601 - 1607 Experimental Investigation of Entrapped Water Droplets in Wax Deposition from Water-in-Oil Emulsion Considering Wax Crystals Adsorption at the Oil-Water Interface
Ma QL, Wang W, Wang CS, Gong J
1608 - 1619 Carbon Isotope Kinetics Effect on the Natural Gas Accumulation: A Case Study of the Baimiao Area, Dongpu Depression, North China
Zheng ZY, Zuo YH, Jiang S, Zhou YS, Zhang YX, Wu WT, Yan KN, Yang MH
1620 - 1626 Effect of Geological Depths on CH4 Adsorption, Diffusion, and Swelling in Kaolinite by Molecular Simulations
Wang K, Zhang B, Kang TH
1627 - 1638 Supercritical Pyrolysis and Coking of JP-10 in Regenerative Cooling Channels
Pan Y, Zhang HC, Zhang CY, Wang HY, Jing K, Wang LM, Zhang XW, Liu GZ
1639 - 1652 Aqueous Foam Stabilized by an in Situ Hydrophobic Polymer via Interaction with Alkyl Polyglycoside for Enhancing Oil Recovery
Wei P, Guo KD, Pu WF, Xie YH, Huang XL, Zhang JL
1653 - 1663 Solvent Synergists for Improved Kinetic Hydrate Inhibitor Performance of Poly(N-vinylcaprolactam)
Kelland MA, Dirdal EG, Ree LHS
1664 - 1668 Simultaneous Determination of Organic Distribution and Content in Oil Shale by Terahertz Imaging
Miao XY, Chen MX, Li YZ, Zhan HL, Zhao K, Yue WZ
1669 - 1679 Salt-Responsive Zwitterionic Polymer Brush Based on Modified Silica Nanoparticles as a Fluid-Loss Additive in Water-Based Drilling Fluids
Sun JS, Chang XF, Zhang F, Bai YR, Lv KH, Wang JT, Zhou XY, Wang B
1680 - 1687 Modified Biosurfactant Cationic Alkyl Polyglycoside as an Effective Additive for Inhibition of Highly Reactive Shale
Lv KH, Huang XB, Li H, Sun JS, Du WC, Li M
1688 - 1697 Co-Gasification Mechanism and Kinetics of Petcoke with Lignite
Ren LW, Wei RD, Xin J
1698 - 1709 Methyl and Hydrogen Transfer in Free Radical Reactions
Tannous JH, de Klerk A
1710 - 1719 Transport Property of Methane and Ethane in K-Illite Nanopores of Shale: Insights from Molecular Dynamic Simulations
Zhang L, Liu C, Liu Y, Li QB, Cheng QL, Cai SY
1720 - 1727 Unified Model to Predict Asphaltene Deposition in Production Pipelines
Alhosani A, Daraboina N
1728 - 1736 Study on the Co-gasification Reactivity and Interaction Mechanism of Coal with Different Components of Daily Food Waste
Zou XP, Ding L, Gong X
1737 - 1743 Biodiesel/Water/Glycerol Emulsion Separation Using Electrocoalescence: Model and Process Emulsions
Ribeiro KC, Kashefi K, Assenheimer T, Carretoni C, Portilho M, Pinto JC, Nele M
1744 - 1749 Effect of Methane as an Additive in the Product Gas toward the Formation of Lower Hydrocarbons during the Decomposition of a Tar Analogue
Saleem F, Umer J, Rehman A, Zhang K, Harvey A
1750 - 1763 Modeling and Optimization for Gas Distribution Patterns on Biomass Gasification Performance of a Bubbling Spout Fluidized Bed
Kang PX, Hu XE, Lu YJ, Wang K, Zhang R, Han LC, Yuan HZ, Chen HB, Luo X, Zhou YJ
1764 - 1772 Direct Production of Levulinic Acid in One Pot from Hemp Hurd by Dilute Acid in Ionic Liquids
Tulaphol S, Hossain MA, Rahaman MS, Liu LY, Phung TK, Renneckar S, Grisdanurak N, Sathitsuksanoh N
1773 - 1780 Effect of Pressure and Hot Vapor Residence Time on the Fast Pyrolysis of Biomass: Experiments and Modeling
Marathe PS, Westerhof RJM, Kersten SRA
1781 - 1790 Production of an Alternative Fuel by Pyrolysis of Plastic Wastes Mixtures
Quesada L, Calero M, Martin-Lara MA, Perez A, Blazquez G
1791 - 1801 Efficient Catalytic Conversion of Waste Peanut Shells into Liquid Biofuel: An Artificial Intelligence Approach
Li P, Du ZJ, Chang C, Zhao SQ, Xu GZ, Xu CB
1802 - 1810 Improving the Coke Property through Adding HPC Extracted from the Mixture of Low-Rank Coal and Biomass
Zhao J, Zuo HB, Wang GW, Wang JS, Xue QG
1811 - 1821 Solar Steam Gasification of Cellulose in a Molten Alkali Salt: Salt Chemistry and Reactor Performance
Hathaway BJ, Davidson JH
1822 - 1829 Fate of Phosphorus in Fluidized Bed Cocombustion of Chicken Litter with Wheat Straw and Bark Residues
Haggstrom G, Fursatz K, Kuba M, Skoglund N, Ohman M
1830 - 1840 Formation of Soluble Furanic and Carbocyclic Oxy-Organics during the Hydrothermal Carbonization of Glucose
Shi N, Liu QY, Liu Y, Chen LJ, Chen N, Peng JY, Ma LL
1841 - 1850 Chemical Looping Reforming of Glycerol for Continuous H-2 Production by Moving-Bed Reactors: Simulation and Experiment
Jiang B, Li L, Zhang Q, Ma J, Zhang HT, Bai J, Bian ZF, Dou BL, Kawi S, Tang DW
1851 - 1858 Visual Experimental Analysis of the Residence Time of Flexible Biomass Particles in a Baffled Rotating Cylindrical Tube
Gu CH, Zhang YJ, Pan DP, Yao SG, Vladimir K, Guan L, Wu K, Yuan ZL
1859 - 1869 Pyrolysis Kinetics, Thermodynamics, and Volatiles of Representative Pine Wood with Thermogravimetry-Fourier Transform Infrared Analysis
Xu XK, Chen RY, Pan RM, Zhang DD
1870 - 1882 Numerical Simulation of Biomass Gasification in an Entrained Flow Cyclone Gasifier
HadiJafari P, Risberg M, Hellstrom JGI, Gebart R
1883 - 1895 Comprehensive Kinetic Modeling Study of CO2 Gasification of Char Derived from Food Waste
Izaharuddin AN, Paul MC, Yoshikawa K, Theppitak S, Dai X
1896 - 1907 Valorization of Vegetable Waste via Pyrolysis: Thermal Behavior, Volatiles Release, and Products Analysis from Its Extractives
Qiao YY, Xu FF, Ming X, Feng SW, Ji YY, Jiang Y, Li J, Wang B, Tian YY
1908 - 1917 Experimental Study on Product Gas and Tar Removal in Air-Steam Gasification of Corn Straw in a Bench-Scale Internally Circulating Fluidized Bed
Guo S, Wei X, Li J, Che DY, Liu HP, Sun BZ, Wang Q
1918 - 1928 Ex Situ Catalytic Pyrolysis of Algal Biomass in a Double Microfixed-Bed Reactor: Catalyst Deactivation and Its Coking Behavior
Jia LY, Cao CC, Cheng ZJ, Wang JH, Huang JH, Yang JZ, Pan Y, Xu MG, Wang Y
1929 - 1939 Hydrothermal Treatment of High Ash Microalgae: Focusing on the Physicochemical and Combustion Properties of Hydrochars
Liu HH, Chen YQ, Yang HP, Gentili FG, Soderlind U, Wang XH, Zhang WN, Chen HP
1940 - 1957 Pyrolysis Simulation of Thermally Thick Biomass Particles Based on a Multistep Kinetic Scheme
Chen T, Ku XK, Lin JZ, Strom H
1958 - 1964 Waste-to-Energy Approach for Utilizing Non-edible Soapnut Oil Methyl Ester as a Fuel in a Twin-Cylinder Agricultural Tractor Diesel Engine
Venkatesan V, Nallusamy N, Nagapandiselvi P
1965 - 1976 Structure-Reactivity Correlations in Pyrolysis and Gasification of Sewage Sludge Derived Hydrochar: Effect of Hydrothermal Carbonization
Zheng XY, Chen W, Ying Z, Jiang ZW, Ye YT, Wang B, Feng YH, Dou BL
1977 - 1983 Catalytic Pyrolysis of Centimeter-Scale Pinewood Particles to Produce Hydrocarbon Fuels: The Effect of Catalyst Temperature and Regeneration
Chen YW, Aanjaneya K, Atreya A
1984 - 1991 Novel Method Using Na2S2O8 as an Oxidant to Simultaneously Absorb SO2 and NO from Marine Diesel Engine Exhaust Gases
Xi HY, Zhou S, Zhang Z
1992 - 2000 Simultaneous Removal of CO2 and H2S from Biogas by Blending Amine Absorbents: A Performance Comparison Study
Lee WY, Park SY, Lee KB, Nam SC
2001 - 2014 Determination of the Diffusion Coefficient of Supercritical CO2 in Low-Permeability Formation Cores
Tu HM, Guo P, Jia N, Zhou DY, Zhou X, Wang ZH
2015 - 2027 Changing Sandstone Rock Wettability with Supercritical CO2-Based Silylation
Arjomand E, Easton CD, Myers M, Tian W, Saeedi A, Wood CD
2028 - 2034 Experimental and Kinetic Study on CaO-based CO2 Sorbent Pellets with Different Binders
Zhang Y, Gong X, Peng Y, Leng EW, Li Y, Li XM
2035 - 2044 Effect of Different Activation Processes on CaO/Fly Ash Mixture for CO2 Capture
Nawar A, Ali M, Waqas A, Javed A, Iqbal N, Khan R
2045 - 2054 Simultaneous Removal of Toluene, Naphthalene, and Phenol as Tar Surrogates in a Rotating Gliding Arc Discharge Reactor
Xu RY, Zhu FS, Zhang H, Ruya PM, Kong XZ, Li L, Li XD
2055 - 2063 A Prospective Method for Absorbing NO2 by the Addition of NaHSO3 to Na2SO3-Based Absorbents for Ship NOx Wet Absorption
Zhang Z, Zhou S, Xi HY, Shreka M
2064 - 2073 Influence of Different Sulfur Forms on Gas-Phase Mercury Removal by SO2-Impregnated Porous Carbons
She M, Jia CQ, Duan YF, Zhu C
2074 - 2079 Density Functional Theory Study of Steam Effect on SeO2 Capture by CaO Adsorbents
Fan YM, Fan YR, Lou Y, Dong ST, Zhuo YQ, Liu SZ, Weng QY, Hu PB
2080 - 2088 NOx Removal from Flue Gas Using an Ozone Advanced Oxidation Process with Injection of Low Concentration of Ethanol: Performance and Mechanism
Han ZT, Wang JM, Zou TY, Zhao DS, Gao C, Dong JM, Pan XX
2089 - 2096 Structure-Activity Relationship of Carbonic Anhydrase Enzyme Immobilized on Various Silica-Based Mesoporous Molecular Sieves for CO2 Absorption into a Potassium Carbonate Solution
Shao PJ, Chen H, Ying Q, Zhang SH
2097 - 2106 Monoethanolamine-Modified Attapulgite-Based Amorphous Silica for the Selective Adsorption of CO2 from Simulated Biogas
Li QL, Zhang HR, Peng F, Wang C, Li HL, Xiong L, Guo HJ, Chen XD
2107 - 2116 The Interaction of NH4HSO4 with Vanadium-Titanium Catalysts Modified with Molybdenum and Tungsten
Yu J, Zhang ES, Wang LL, Song ZJ, Kong FH, Ma YL, Zhao H, Sun LS
2117 - 2125 Limestone Attrition and Product Layer Development during Fluidized Bed Sulfation
Li DF, Zhang M, Kim M, Cai RX, Yang HR, Choi K, Ahn S, Jeon CH
2126 - 2134 Preparation and Characterization of Coal Pitch-Based Needle Coke (Part II): The Effects of beta Resin in Refined Coal Pitch
Zhu YM, Hu CS, Xu YL, Zhao CL, Yin XT, Zhao XF
2135 - 2142 Properties and Phase Behavior of Water-in-Diesel Microemulsion Fuels Stabilized by Nonionic Surfactants in Combination with Aliphatic Alcohol
Ashikhmin A, Piskunov M, Yanovsky V, Yan WM
2143 - 2151 zeta Potential as a Measure of Asphalt Emulsion Stability
Pinto I, Buss A
2152 - 2159 Effect of Using Rejuvenators on the Chemical, Thermal, and Rheological Properties of Asphalt Binders
Elkashef M, Elwardany MD, Liang YL, Jones D, Harvey J, Bolton ND, Planche JP
2160 - 2168 Influence of Cryogenic Liquid Nitrogen on Petro-Physical Characteristics of Mancos Shale: An Experimental Investigation
Memon KR, Mahesar AA, Ali M, Tunio AH, Mohanty US, Akhondzadeh H, Awan FUR, Iglauer S, Keshavarz A
2169 - 2177 Low Molecular Weight Branched Polyamine as a Clay Swelling Inhibitor and Its Inhibition Mechanism: Experiment and Density Functional Theory Simulation
Xie G, Xiao YR, Deng MY, Luo YJ, Luo PY
2178 - 2184 One-Pot Hydrogenation of Furfural into Tetrahydrofurfuryl Alcohol under Ambient Conditions over PtNi Alloy Catalyst
Wu JC, Zhang XH, Chen Q, Chen LG, Liu QY, Wang CG, Ma LL
2185 - 2192 Performance of Diesel Soot Oxidation in the Presence of Ash Species
Fang J, Qin ZH, Meng ZW, Jiang Y, Liu J, Zhang Q, Tan J
2193 - 2204 Interaction of Methane with Calcium Ferrite in the Chemical Looping Partial Oxidation Application: Experimental and DFT Study
Miller DD, Riley J, Siriwardane R
2205 - 2213 On the Effect of the Washcoat on the Partial Oxidation and Steam Reforming of Ethanol on Ni/Al2O3 Monolith in Short-Contact-Time Reactors
Palm MO, Silva ME, Cardoso LR, Duarte DA, Catapan RC
2214 - 2220 Preparation of Lubricant Base Stocks with High Viscosity Index through 1-Decene Oligomerization Catalyzed by Alkylaluminum Chloride Promoted by Metal Chloride
Shao HQ, Gu X, Wang RF, Wang X, Jiang T, Guo XY
2221 - 2229 Cobalt Carbide from Co-Mn Layered Double Hydroxide: Highly Efficient Catalyst for Toluene Pyrolysis
Wang CH, Xu X, Guo Y, Zhou F, Chen HY, Li HY, Zeng Z, Li LQ
2230 - 2237 Polyvinylsulfonamides as Kinetic Hydrate Inhibitors
Zhang Q, Kelland MA, Ajiro H
2238 - 2245 Synergistic Effects of Furfural and Sulfuric Acid on the Decomposition of Levulinic Acid
Chen WB, Hu HW, Cai QJ, Zhang SP
2246 - 2259 Tailoring the Temperature Sensitivity of Ignition Delay Times in Hot Spots Using Fuel Blends of Dimethyl Ether, Methane, and Hydrogen
Vinkeloe J, Zander L, Szeponik M, Djordjevic N
2260 - 2271 Dynamic Modeling on the Mode Switching Strategy of a 35 MWth Oxy-fuel Combustion Pilot Plant
Chen ZH, Zhang X, Luo W, Guo JJ, Tai Z, Li PF, Liu ZH
2272 - 2283 Experimental Evaluation of Performance and Combustion Characteristics in a Hydrogen-Methane Port Fueled Diesel Engine at Different Compression Ratios
Sanli A, Yilmaz IT, Gumus M
2284 - 2292 PbCl2 Capture by Kaolin and Metakaolin under Different Influencing Factors of Thermal Treatment
Yu MZ, Huang YJ, Xia WQ, Zhu ZC, Fan CH, Liu CQ, Dong L, Xu LG, Liu LQ, Zha JR, Wang XY
2293 - 2303 Experiments and Kinetic Modeling of Diffusion Flame Extinction of 2-Methylfuran, 2,5-Dimethylfuran, and Binary Mixtures with Isooctane
Sahu AB, Markendaya S, Badhuk P, Ravikrishna RV
2304 - 2314 Potassium Ash Interactions with Oxygen Carriers Steel Converter Slag and Iron Mill Scale in Chemical-Looping Combustion of Biomass-Experimental Evaluation Using Model Compounds
Storner F, Hildor F, Leion H, Zevenhoven M, Hupa L, Ryden M
2315 - 2322 H2S-Selective Catalytic Oxidation to Sulfur over Iron Oxide Sorbent Supported on Semi-Coke
Zhang XY, Cui L, An DH, Fu JP, Liu J, Dong Y
2323 - 2333 Understanding the Oxidation Behavior of Automotive Liquefied Petroleum Gas Fuels: Experimental and Kinetic Analyses
Ramalingam AK, Krieck M, Pischinger S, Heufer KA
2334 - 2345 Experimental Investigation on NOx Generation Characteristic and Burnout Performance of Co-Combustion of Carbon-Based Solid Fuels under Deep-Staged Combustion
Wang CA, Wang CW, Wang PQ, Jia XW, Yuan MB, Mao QS, Du YB, Che DF
2346 - 2354 Pollutant Emissions during Co-incineration of Landfill Material Refuse-Derived Fuel in a Lab-Scale Municipal Solid Waste Incineration Fluidized Bed Furnace
Cai PT, Zhan MX, Ma HC, Xu X, Chen T, Li XD
2355 - 2365 Ranking Oxygen Carriers for Elemental Mercury Oxidation in Coal-Fired Chemical-Looping Combustion: A Thermodynamic Approach
Ni MG, Liu DY, Jin J, Feng L, Liu Z
2366 - 2375 Comprehensive Chemical Kinetic Model of 2,6,10-Trimethyl Dodecane
Yu J, Gou XL, Yu JJ
2376 - 2384 Prediction of a Swirl-Stabilized CH4/H-2 Flame Structure Using Conditional Moment Closure Coupled with OpenFOAM
Gaikwad P, Sreedhara S
2385 - 2390 Pyrolysis Kinetics and Thermodynamics of Typical Plastic Waste
Liu HR, Wang CJ, Zhang JQ, Zhao WP, Fan MH
2391 - 2404 Re-Recognition of the MILD Combustion Regime by Initial Conditions of T-in and X-O2 for Methane in a Nonadiabatic Well-Stirred Reactor
Luan CC, Xu ST, Shi B, Tu YJ, Liu H, Li PF, Liu ZH
2405 - 2416 Experimental Investigations on Laminar Burning Velocities of n-Heptane plus Air Mixtures at Higher Mixture Temperatures Using Externally Heated Diverging Channel Method
Kumar R, Singhal A, Katoch A, Kumar S
2417 - 2424 HgCl2 Reduction under a Low-Temperature Selective Catalytic Reduction Atmosphere
Jiang SJ, Cai LF, Yang JP, Peng HY, Liu H, Li HL
2425 - 2434 Mechanism of Electrocatalytically Active Precious Metal (Ni, Pd, Pt, and Ru) Complexes in the Graphene Basal Plane for ORR Applications in Novel Fuel Cells
Zhang WB, Xiao Y
2435 - 2444 Thermal Conductivity Enhancement and Shape Stabilization of Phase-Change Materials Using Three-Dimensional Graphene and Graphene Powder
Li WH, Lai-Iskandar S, Tan DL, Simonini L, Dudon JP, Leong FN, Tay RY, Tsang SH, Joshi SC, Teo EHT
2445 - 2451 Electrospun Coal Liquefaction Residues/Polyacrylonitrile Composite Carbon Nanofiber Nonwoven Fabrics as High-Performance Electrodes for Lithium/Potassium Batteries
Li X, Sun N, Tian XD, Yang T, Song Y, Xu B, Liu ZJ
2452 - 2461 Sulfonated Poly(ether ether ketone) Hybrid Membranes with Amphoteric Graphene Oxide Nanosheets as Interfacial Reinforcement for Vanadium Redox Flow Battery
Liu B, Jiang YH, Wang HX, Ge J, Shi HF
2462 - 2470 SnO2@C@Fe3O4 Sandwich-like Hollow Nanospheres for High-Performance Lithium-Ion Battery Anodes
Guo WB, Wang Y, Zhang FC, Rao S, Mao PY, Wang DX
2471 - 2479 Hierarchically Porous PVA Aerogel for Leakage-Proof Phase Change Materials with Superior Energy Storage Capacity
Yang L, Yang J, Tang LS, Feng CP, Bai L, Bao RY, Liu ZY, Yang MB, Yang W
2480 - 2491 In Situ Synthesis of MnO2/Porous Graphitic Carbon Composites as High-Capacity Anode Materials for Lithium-Ion Batteries
Zeng HH, Xing BL, Zhang CT, Chen LJ, Zhao HH, Han XF, Yi GY, Huang GX, Zhang CX, Cao YJ
2492 - 2500 Catalytic Pyrolysis of Poly(ethylene terephthalate) in the Presence of Metal Oxides for Aromatic Hydrocarbon Recovery Using Tandem mu-Reactor-GC/MS
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