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15079 - 15081 Special Issue of Energy & Fuels Honoring Michael T. Klein
Weber RS, Reynolds MA
15082 - 15105 Overview of Asphaltene Nanostructures and Thermodynamic Applications
Schuler B, Zhang YL, Liu F, Pomerantz AE, Andrews AB, Gross L, Pauchard V, Banerjee S, Mullins OC
15106 - 15125 A Technical Playbook for Chemicals and Additives Used in the Hydraulic Fracturing of Shales
Reynolds MA
15126 - 15140 Hydrogen Direct Adsorptive Separation: Development Status and Trends
Hao PX, Li S, Li SG, Shi YX, Cai NS
15141 - 15168 Chemistry of Trace Inorganic Elements in Coal Combustion Systems: A Century of Discovery
Senior C, Granite E, Linak W, Seames W
15169 - 15194 Toward Reducing the Operation Temperature of Solid Oxide Fuel Cells: Our Past 15 Years of Efforts in Cathode Development
Yang GM, Su C, Shi HG, Zhu YL, Song YF, Zhou W, Shao ZP
15195 - 15216 Progress in Modeling of Biomass Fast Pyrolysis: A Review
Kostetskyy P, Broadbelt LJ
15217 - 15233 Universal Curves Describing the Chemical and Physical Evolution of Type II Kerogen during Thermal Maturation
Craddock PR, Haecker A, Bake KD, Pomerantz AE
15234 - 15245 Shared Depletion and Restabilization Colloidal Interactions in Phase Diagrams for Silica Nanoparticle and Asphaltene plus Polystyrene plus Solvent Mixtures
Kumar A, Chowdhury S, Shaw JM
15246 - 15256 Probing the Core-Shell Organization of Nanoconfined Methane in Cylindrical Silica Pores Using In Situ Small-Angle Neutron Scattering and Molecular Dynamics Simulations
Mohammed S, Liu MS, Liu Y, Gadikota G
15257 - 15269 Macroscopic Kinetic Investigations on Mixed Natural Gas Hydrate Formation for Gas Storage Application
Veluswamy HP, Bhattacharjee G, Liao JX, Linga P
15270 - 15284 Application of the Modified Regular Solution Model to Crude Oils Characterized from a Distillation Assay
Ramos-Pallares F, Santos D, Yarranton HW
15285 - 15298 Thermal Conversion Modeling of Visbreaking at Temperatures below 400 degrees C
de Klerk A
15299 - 15312 Oxidative Desulfurization of Heavy Gas Oil over a Ti-TUD-1-Supported Keggin-Type Molybdenum Heteropolyacid
Vedachalam S, Boahene P, Dalai AK
15313 - 15321 Effects of Potassium Phosphates on Hydrothermal Liquefaction of Triglyceride, Protein, and Polysaccharide
Ding X, Subramanya SM, Fang T, Guo Y, Savage PE
15322 - 15331 Effect of Phosphate Pretreatments on Properties of Pyrolytic Products from Heavy-Metal-Contaminated Biomass
He J, Strezov V, Zhou XT, Kan T, Kumar R
15332 - 15342 Effect of Torrefaction on Physicochemical Properties and Steam Gasification Reactivity of Chars Produced from the Pyrolysis of Typical Food Wastes
Huang JC, Qiao Y, Liu HP, Wang B, Wang ZQ, Yu Y, Xu MH
15343 - 15354 Effect of Torrefaction on Properties of Pellets Produced from Woody Biomass
Wang L, Riva L, Skreiberg O, Khalil R, Bartocci P, Yang Q, Yang HP, Wang XB, Chen DY, Rudolfsson M, Nielsen HK
15355 - 15369 Effect of Single/Mixed Model Solvents on the Ternary Phase Diagrams of Pyrolytic Lignin, Model Solvent, and Water
Li MY, Yu Y, Wu HW
15370 - 15378 Mechanistic Insight into Hydrogen-Assisted Carbon Dioxide Reduction with Ilmenite
Cheng Z, Baser DS, Shah V, Fan JA, Fan LS
15379 - 15388 Development of a Detailed Kinetic Model for Hydrogen Oxidation in Supercritical H2O/CO2 Mixtures
Li GX, Lu YJ, Glarborg P
15389 - 15398 Kinetic Simulation of Fine Particulate Matter Evolution and Deposition in a 25 kW Pulverized Coal Combustor
Huang Q, Ma P, Cai LC, Li SQ
15399 - 15410 Particulate Emission from Municipal Solid Waste Combustion: Effect of Si-Al-Based Additives for Its Mitigation
Yang W, Pudasainee D, Gupta R, Li W, Song ZJ, Wang B, Sun LS
15411 - 15423 Mobility of Semi-volatile Trace Elements from the Fly Ash Generated by the Combustion of a Sub-bituminous Coal-The Effects of the Combustion Temperature
Seshadri P, Seames W, Sisk MD, Bowman F, Benson S
15424 - 15432 Metal-Metal Interactions of Ternary Spinel for Efficient NH3 Selective Catalytic Reduction of NOx at a Low Temperature
Yang YJ, Liu J, Du XR, Ding JY, Liu F
15433 - 15442 Synthesizing Clean Transportation Fuels from CO2 Will at Least Quintuple the Demand for Non-carbogenic Electricity in the United States
Holladay JE, Male JL, Rousseau R, Weber RS
15443 - 15447 Delplot-Compliant Data: Molecular Observables versus Reaction Intermediates
Abo-Ghander NS, Klein MT
15448 - 15487 Review on the Current Status of the Co-combustion Technology of Organic Solid Waste (OSW) and Coal in China
Liu HM, Wang YC, Zhao SL, Hu HY, Cao CY, Li AJ, Yu Y, Yao H
15488 - 15501 Review of the Current Laboratory Methods To Select Asphaltene Inhibitors
Enayat S, Tavakkoli M, Yen A, Misra S, Vargas FM
15502 - 15524 Review of Shale Gas Sorption and Its Models
Yang Y, Liu SM
15525 - 15556 New Insights into the Progress on the Isobutane/Butene Alkylation Reaction and Related Processes for High-Quality Fuel Production. A Critical Review
Velazquez HD, Likhanova N, Aljammal N, Verpoort F, Martinez-Palou R
15557 - 15578 A Review of Recent Advances in Biomass Pyrolysis
Wang GY, Dai YJ, Yang HP, Xiong QG, Wang KG, Zhou JS, Li YC, Wang SR
15579 - 15592 Gas Flotation of Petroleum Produced Water: A Review on Status, Fundamental Aspects, and Perspectives
Piccioli M, Aanesen SV, Zhao H, Dudek M, Oye G
15593 - 15613 Applications of Chelating Agents in the Upstream Oil and Gas Industry: A Review
Hassan A, Mahmoud M, Bageri BS, Aljawad MS, Kamal MS, Barri AA, Hussein IA
15614 - 15633 Mini Review of Biodiesel by Integrated Membrane Separation Technologies That Enhanced Esterification/Transesterification
Ding JC, Qu SK, Lv EM, Lu J, Yi WM
15634 - 15671 Biopolymer-Based Electrolytes for Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells: A Critical Review
Hasan MM, Islam MD, Rashid TU
15672 - 15685 Digital Rock Techniques to Study Shale Permeability: A Mini-Review
Tahmasebi P, Javadpour F, Enayati SF
15686 - 15700 Viscosity-Reducing Agents (Breakers) for Viscoelastic Surfactant Gels for Well Stimulation
Fogang LT, Kamal MS, Sultan AS
15701 - 15713 Rationalizing the Anion Storage in Cathodes for Optimum Dual-Ion Batteries: State of the Art and the Prospect
Yang H, Qin TT, Deng T, Zhang W, Zheng WT
15714 - 15726 Batch Reactor Study for Partial Upgrading of a Heavy Oil with a Novel Solid Hydrogen Transfer Agent
Aleman-Vazquez LO, Torres-Mancera P, Munoz JAD, Ancheyta J
15727 - 15735 Crude Oil Recovery with Duomeen CTM-Stabilized Supercritical CO2 Foams for HPHT and Ultrahigh-Salinity Carbonate Reservoirs
Zhang LL, Jian GQ, Puerto M, Wang XL, Chen ZL, Da C, Johnston K, Hirasaki G, Biswal SL
15736 - 15751 Effect of Thermal Maturity on Pore Type and Size in Transitional Shale Reservoirs: An Example from the Upper Paleozoic Shanxi Formation, Ordos Basin, China
Xue CQ, Wu JG, Qiu LW, Liu QY, Zhong JH
15752 - 15762 Development of Novel Silicon-Based Thickeners for a Supercritical CO2 Fracturing Fluid and Study on Its Rheological and Frictional Drag Behavior
Fu ML, Huang Q, Gu YG, Xu L, Chen LF
15763 - 15772 Pore Characterization and Its Controlling Factors in the Wufeng-Longmaxi Shale of North Guizhou, Southwest China
Lu H, Zhao AK, Tang HM, Lu LZ, Jiang LP
15773 - 15781 Effective Crude Oil Pickering Emulsification by Oil-Soluble Spherical Polymer Brushes
Wang XH, Zheng ZY, Ye ZS, Liu XC, Yang QS, Guo XH, Xu J, Xu YS
15782 - 15801 Effect of Initial Cooling Temperature on Structural Behaviors of Gelled Waxy Crude Oil and Microscopic Mechanism Investigation
Dong H, Zhao J, Wei LX, Liu Y, Li YH
15802 - 15811 Experimental Study on Methane Hydrate Formation in Drilling Fluid under a Horizontal Bubbly Flow Condition
Zhao XX, Yan XZ, Cao F, Duan WG, Fu WQ, Gao YH
15812 - 15818 Impact of Supersaturation Ratio on the Kinetics of Gas Evolution at Elevated Pressures
Miranda MA, Subramani HJ, Aichele CP
15819 - 15828 Evolution on the Gas Production from Low Permeability Gas Hydrate Reservoirs by Depressurization Combined with Reservoir Stimulation
Guo W, Zhang PY, Wang Y, Jia R, Li B
15829 - 15842 New Integrated History Matching Approach for Vertical Coal Seam Gas Wells in the KN Field, Surat Basin, Australia
Duan LJ, Zhou FD, Xia ZH, Qu LC, Yi J
15843 - 15854 Study of Rheological Properties and Micro-mechanism of Heavy Oil Emulsion Prepared via Ultrasonic Dispersion
Li S, Li ZM, Xu ZX, Ban XC, Lu T
15855 - 15869 Effect of High Pressure on Nonisothermal Pyrolysis Kinetics of Oil Shale and Product Yield
Baruah B, Tiwari P
15870 - 15877 Investigation on the Structural Features of Hanglaiwan Subbituminous Coal and Its Residues from Solvent Extraction and Thermal Dissolution
Gao Y, Wei XY, Li YJ, Liu GH, Kang YH, Ma XR, Li X, Ma YJ, Yan L, Bai JJ, Zong ZM
15878 - 15893 Study on the Adsorption and Thermodynamic Characteristics of Methane under High Temperature and Pressure
Gao Z, Li BB, Li JH, Zhang Y, Ren CH, Wang B
15894 - 15904 Experimental Study on Charged Nanogels for Interfacial Tension Reduction and Emulsion Stabilization at Various Salinities and Oil Types
Geng JM, Shi XD, Han P, Wu YZ, Bai BJ, Zhan JF, Han X
15905 - 15919 Comparison of Chemical-Induced Fracturing by Na2S2O8, NaClO, and H2O2 in Marcellus Shale
Liang XY, Sheng JJ
15920 - 15935 Methane Adsorption Influence and Diffusion Behavior of Coking Coal Macromolecules under Different Moisture Contents
Zhu HQ, Zhang YL, Fang SH, Huo YJ, Wang HR, Cheng G
15936 - 15948 Low-Tension Polymer Flooding Using a Short-Hydrophobe Surfactant for Heavy Oil Recovery
Baek KH, Arguelles-Vivas FJ, Abeykoon GA, Okuno R, Weerasooriya UP
15949 - 15956 Ion Suppression of Basic Nitrogen Compounds in Vacuum Gas Oil Studied by Positive Electrospray Ionization Fourier Transform Ion Cyclotron Resonance Mass Spectrometry
Wang W, Li SC, Hou HD, Mo CY, Lai TT, Cai XH, Dong M, Liu ZL
15957 - 15968 Synergistic Effect of Alkali-Surfactant-Polymer and Preformed Particle Gel on Profile Control after Polymer Flooding in Heterogeneous Reservoirs
Gao Q, Zhong CR, Han PH, Cao RB, Jiang GQ
15969 - 15982 Experimental Research on the Proppant Transport Behavior in Nonviscous and Viscous Fluids
Liu XJ, Zhang X, Wen QZ, Zhang SA, Liu QG, Zhao J
15983 - 15989 High-Fidelity Evaluation of Hybrid Gas Hydrate Inhibition Strategies
Metaxas PJ, Lim VWS, McKay SF, Morgan JEP, Johns ML, Aman ZM, May EF
15990 - 15994 Low-Field Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Methodology for Analysis of Drill Cuttings from Unconventional Tight Reservoirs
Althaus S, Chen JH, Zhang JL, Eppler G
15995 - 16005 Lattice Boltzmann Simulations on Shale Gas Flow in Slit Micro/Nanopores in Kerogen and Prediction of Cut Off Pore Throat
Jia XC, Lu XC, Sun ZM, Cao J
16006 - 16013 Modified SARA Method to Unravel the Complexity of Resin Fraction(es) in Crude Oil
Santos JM, Vetere A, Wisniewski A, Eberlin MN, Schrader W
16014 - 16022 Characterization of the Precipitation Modes of Paraffin Wax in Water-in-Model-Oil Emulsions
Li YJ, Li CX, Sun GY, Chen XY, Liu DW, Yang F, Yao B, Zhao YS
16023 - 16034 Investigation of Adhesion between Heavy Oil/Bitumen and Reservoir Rock: A Molecular Dynamics Study
Meghwal B, Rampal N, Malani A
16035 - 16045 Effect of HMP-C(16)AM on Enhancing Heavy Oil Recovery by Emulsification
Gong YJ, Huang WH, Fan HT, Li L, Zhong XM, Luo YJ, Zhang ZY, Yang N, Kang DY, Zhang ZZ
16046 - 16058 Elemental Composition of Fluvial-Lacustrine and Lacustrine Coal-Bearing Environments, British Columbia, Canada
Goodarzi F, Gentzis T, Hofmeister M
16059 - 16072 Fractal Characteristics and Model Applicability for Pores in Tight Gas Sandstone Reservoirs: A Case Study of the Upper Paleozoic in Ordos Basin
Hu YB, Guo YH, Shangguan JW, Zhang JJ, Song Y
16073 - 16080 CO2-Free Hydrogen Production by Catalytic Pyrolysis of Hydrocarbon Feedstocks in Molten Ni-Bi
Palmer C, Bunyan E, Gelinas J, Gordon MJ, Metiu H, McFarland EW
16081 - 16088 Deterring Effect of Resins on the Aggregation of Asphaltenes in n-Heptane
Derakhshani-Molayousefi M, McCullagh M
16089 - 16098 Enhanced Recovery From Organic-Rich Shales through Carbon Dioxide Injection: Molecular-Level Investigation
Alafnan S, Falola Y, Al Mansour O, AlSamadony K, Awotunde A, Aljawad M
16099 - 16108 Effect of Swelling with Ionic Liquid on the Molecular Structure and Pyrolysis Behavior of Hefeng Sub-bituminous Coal
Mo WL, He XQ, Ma YY, Ma J, Ma YJ, Ma FY, Fan X, Wei XY
16109 - 16118 Heat Removal for Adsorbed Natural Gas Storage: Lab to Industrial Scale
Wang YG, Lithoxoos GP, Othman RM
16119 - 16131 Evaluation of Methane Dynamic Adsorption-Diffusion Process in Coals by a Low-Field NMR Method
Li ZT, Liu DM, Xie SB, Fang XL, Si GY, Cai YD, Wang YP
16132 - 16146 Investigation on Co-Gasification Characteristics of Semicoke and Bituminous Coal in a CO2 Atmosphere at High Temperatures
Wang PQ, Wang CA, Wang CW, Yuan MB, Zhang JP, Du YB, Che DF
16147 - 16157 Seepage Characterization of Oil-in-Water Emulsion in Porous Media in Marine Sandstone Reservoirs
Wang K, Li K, Tang J, Fan HJ, Wang HF, Huang X
16158 - 16172 Compositional Trends for Total Vanadium Content and Vanadyl Porphyrins in Gel Permeation Chromatography Fractions Reveal Correlations between Asphaltene Aggregation and Ion Production Efficiency in Atmospheric Pressure Photoionization
Chacon-Patino ML, Moulian R, Barrere-Mangote C, Putman JC, Weisbrod CR, Blakney GT, Bouyssiere B, Rodgers RP, Giusti P
16173 - 16180 Fine and Coarse Particle-Bound Mercury in (Bio)fuels and Biodiesel/Diesel Exhaust under Real World Circumstances
de Jesus RM, dos Anjos JP, Torres EA, da Rocha GO, de Andrade JB
16181 - 16186 Tracking Elemental Composition through Hydrotreatment of an Upgraded Pyrolysis Oil Blended with a Light Gas Oil
Ware RL, Rodgers RP, Marshall AG, Mante OD, Dayton DC, Verdier S, Gabrielsen J, Rowland SM
16187 - 16200 Dual Fluidized Bed Gasification Configurations for Carbon Recovery from Biomass
Pissot S, Vilches TB, Thunman H, Seemann M
16201 - 16211 CO2 Gasification of Sugarcane Bagasse Char: Consideration of Pyrolysis Temperature, Silicon and Aluminum Contents, and Potassium Addition for Recirculation of Char
Motta IL, Arnold RA, Lopez-Tenllado FJ, Maciel R, Maciel MRW, Hill JM
16212 - 16219 Particle Size Distributions of Butanol-Diesel and Acetone-Butanol-Ethanol (ABE)-Diesel Blend Fuels in Wick-Fed Diffusion Flames
Luo JF, Zhang QX, Luo J, Zhang YM
16220 - 16227 Layered Double Hydroxide Functioned as a Novel Template for the Synthesis of Graphene-Oxide-Like Biochar and Enhanced Electrochemical Performances
Wu JZ, Dou L, Hu LY, Wang XL, Yue Y, Zhang J, Qian GR
16228 - 16239 2-Hydroxy-1,4-naphthoquinone (Lawsone) as a Redox Catalyst for the Improvement of the Alkaline Pretreatment of Sugarcane Bagasse
Barreto ED, Baeta BEL, Pereira MC, Pasquini D, Guimaraes VM, Gurgel LVA
16240 - 16249 Conversion of Glucose to 5-Hydroxymethylfurfural at High Substrate Loading: Effect of Catalyst and Solvent on the Stability of 5-Hydroxymethylfurfural
Bai CYL, Hou QD, Bai XY, Nie YF, Qan HL, Zhen MN, Ju MT
16250 - 16264 Ternary Phase Diagram of Water/Bio-Oil/Organic Solvent for Bio-Oil Fractionation
Han YL, Pires APP, Denson M, McDonald AG, Garcia-Perez M
16265 - 16273 A Combined Experimental and DFT Investigation of Selective Hydrodeoxygenation of Guaiacol over Bimetallic Carbides
Tran CC, Mohan O, Banerjee A, Mushrif SH, Kaliaguine S
16274 - 16283 Eudicot Nutshells: Cell-Wall Composition and Biofuel Feedstock Potential
Landucci L, Smith RA, Liu S, Karlen SD, Ralph J
16284 - 16293 Enhancing the Performance and Stability of the Co-anaerobic Digestion of Municipal Sludge and Food Waste by Granular Activated Carbon Dosing
Wang MY, Qian YL, Zhu YD, Yong XY, Jia HH, Wong JWC, Wei P, Zhou J
16294 - 16301 Does Mechanical Screening of Contaminated Forest Fuels Improve Ash Chemistry for Thermal Conversion?
Backman MB, Strandberg A, Thyrel M, Bergstrom D, Larsson SH
16302 - 16309 Empirical Kinetic Models for the Combustion of Charcoals and Biomasses in the Kinetic Regime
Varhegyi G, Wang L, Skreiberg O
16310 - 16319 Flowthrough Pretreatment of Softwood under Water-Only and Alkali Conditions
Zhang LB, Xu ZY, Cort JR, Vuorinen T, Yang B
16320 - 16329 Improved CO2 Hydrogenation on Ni-ZnO/MCM-41 Catalysts with Cooperative Ni and ZnO Sites
Murthy PS, Wang ZQ, Wang LZ, Zhao JH, Wang ZC, Liang WB, Huang J
16330 - 16340 Green Removal of Various Pollutants by Microsphere Adsorption: Material Characterization and Adsorption Behavior
Deng H, Li AY, Ye CH, Sheng L, Li ZP, Jiang YH
16341 - 16349 Study on the Migration Characteristics of As, Pb, and Ni during Oily Sludge Incineration with CaO Additive
Gong ZQ, Liu L, Zhang HT, Wang ZB, Wu JH, Guo YZ, Zhang JQ
16350 - 16355 Activation Mechanism of Fe2O3-Al2O3 Oxygen Carrier in Chemical Looping Combustion
Ma Z, Zhang S, Lu YG
16356 - 16365 Characteristics of Mercury Re-emission and Migration in a Lab-Scale Wet Flue Gas Desulfurization Scrubber under Simulated Air and Oxy-Fuel Combustion Atmospheres
Xu JL, Bao JJ, Liu HT, Yu JH, Mo ZY, Xiang ZH, Sun LC
16366 - 16380 Oxidative Desulfurization and Denitrogenation of Simulated Fuels Catalyzed by TBAPMo(11)Cu@CuO as a High-Performance and Recoverable Heterogeneous Phase-Transfer Catalyst
Aghbolagh ZS, Khorrami MRK, Rahmatyan MS
16381 - 16388 Field Study on the Emission Characteristics of Micro/Trace Pollutants and Their Correlations from Medical Waste Incineration
Ma YF, Lin XQ, Chen T, Li XD, Yan JH
16389 - 16400 Predicting the Shear Viscosity of Carbonated Aqueous Amine Solutions and Their Blends by Using an Artificial Neural Network Model
Aminian A, ZareNezhad B
16401 - 16410 Fundamental Mechanisms of Mercury Removal by FeCl3- and CuCl2-Impregnated Activated Carbons: Experimental and First-Principles Study
Lim DH, Choi S, Park J, Senthamaraikannan TG, Min Y, Lee SS
16411 - 16422 Removal of CO2 from Flue Gas Using Seaweed Porous Carbons Prepared by Urea Doping and KOH Activation
Shi S, Ochedi FO, Cui SB, Liu YX
16423 - 16432 Effects of Wet Flue Gas Desulfurization and Wet Electrostatic Precipitator on Particulate Matter and Sulfur Oxide Emission in Coal-Fired Power Plants
Yang FX, Liu HX, Feng P, Li ZH, Tan HZ
16433 - 16444 Carbon Dioxide Reforming of Methane over Mesoporous Alumina Supported Ni(Co), Ni(Rh) Bimetallic, and Ni(CoRh) Trimetallic Catalysts: Role of Nanoalloying in Improving the Stability and Nature of Coking
Mozammel T, Dumbre D, Hubesch R, Yadav GD, Selvakannan PR, Bhargava SK
16445 - 16455 Fabrication of Z-Scheme Heterojunction g-C3N4/Yb3+-Bi5O7I Photocatalysts with Enhanced Photocatalytic Performance under Visible Irradiation for Hg-0 Removal
Zhou M, Wu J, Wang HN, Guan DY, Dong XF, Wang JM, Jia T, Liu QZ
16456 - 16468 Influence of Hydrophobically Modified Polymer and Titania Nanoparticles on Shale Hydration and Swelling Properties
Ahmad HM, Iqbal T, Kamal MS, Al-Harthi MA
16469 - 16475 Oxygen-Rich Bis(trinitroethyl esters): Suitable Oxidizers as Potential Ammonium Perchlorate Replacements
Unger CC, Holler M, Krumm B, Klapotke TM
16476 - 16485 Microbubble-Enhanced Recovery of Residual Bitumen from the Tailings of Oil Sands Extraction in a Laboratory-Scale Pipeline
Dashliborun AM, Zhou OE, Esmaeili P, Zhang XH
16486 - 16492 New Model for Production Prediction of Shale Gas Wells
Hu ZM, Li YL, Chang J, Duan XG, Mu Y, Xu YG
16493 - 16501 Design and Fabrication of Anionic/Cationic Surfactant Foams Stabilized by Lignin-Cellulose Nanofibrils for Enhanced Oil Recovery
Zhang CQ, Xue Y, Huang D, Wei B
16502 - 16511 An Effective Approach to Synthesize High-Performance SSZ-13 Membranes Using the Steam-Assisted Conversion Method for N-2/CH4 Separation
Wu SJ, Li XP, Liu B, Wang B, Zhou RF
16512 - 16521 Performance of Equilibrium FCC Catalysts in the Conversion of the SARA Fractions in VGO
Fals J, Garcia JR, Falco M, Sedran U
16522 - 16531 Adjusting Process Variables in Methane Tri-reforming to Achieve Suitable Syngas Quality and Low Coke Deposition
Lino AVP, Assaf EM, Assaf JM
16532 - 16541 Sulfided Homogeneous Iron Precatalyst for Partial Hydrogenation and Hydrodesulfurization of Polycyclic Aromatic Model Asphaltenes
Peprah BA, Brown O, Stryker JM, McCaffrey WC
16542 - 16551 Size-Dependent Catalytic Cyclohexane Dehydrogenation with Platinum Nanoparticles on Nitrogen-Doped Carbon
Wang J, Liu H, Fan SG, Li WN, Li Z, Yun HR, Xu X, Guo AJ, Wang ZX
16552 - 16559 Dynamic Desulfurization Process over Porous Zn-Cu-Based Materials in a Packed Column: Adsorption Kinetics and Breakthrough Modeling
Liang SY, Li R, Xia B, Guo M, Cheng FQ, Zhang M
16560 - 16571 Acetic Acid Production Using Calcium Ferrite-Assisted Chemical Looping Gasification of Petroleum Coke With In Situ Sulfur Capture
Joshi RK, Shah V, Fan LS
16572 - 16584 Automatic Construction of REDIM Reduced Chemistry with a Detailed Transport and Its Application to CH4 Counterflow Flames
Yu CK, Li X, Wu CW, Neagos A, Maas U
16585 - 16598 Spray and Combustion Characteristics of Gasoline-like Fuel under Compression-Ignition Conditions
Zhai G, Xing S, Yuen ACY, Yeoh GH, Chan QN
16599 - 16612 Stochastic Reactor-Based Fuel Bed Model for Grate Furnaces
Netzer C, Li T, Seidel L, Mauss F, Lovas T
16613 - 16623 Experimental Studies on Combustion and Microexplosion Characteristics of N-Alkane Droplets
Shang WW, Yang SY, Xuan TM, He ZX, Cao JW
16624 - 16635 Reduced Chemical Kinetic Reaction Mechanism for JP-10-Air Combustion
Zettervall N
16636 - 16653 Investigating Water Injection in Single-Cylinder Gasoline Spark-Ignited Engines at Fixed Speed
Singh E, Hlaing P, Dibble RW
16654 - 16665 Construction of a Skeletal Oxidation Mechanism for 2,5-Dimethylfuran Using Decoupling Methodology and Reaction Class-Based Global Sensitivity Analysis
Zhou CY, Chang YC, Wang PZ, Niu B, Jia M
16666 - 16678 Mechanistic Investigations of Particle Ignition of Pulverized Coals: An Enhanced Numerical Model and Experimental Observations
Li LL, Tahmasebi A, Dou JX, Rish SK, Tian L, Yu JL
16679 - 16692 An Unreacted Shrinking Core Model Serves for Predicting Combustion Rates of Organic Additives in Clay Bricks
Wesenauer F, Jordan C, Pichler M, Frei A, Azam M, Jahromy SS, Harasek M, Winter F
16693 - 16704 Experimental Study of SO2 Emission and Sulfur Conversion Characteristics of Pressurized Oxy-Fuel Co-combustion of Coal and Biomass
Tang R, Liu QW, Zhong WQ, Lian GQ, Yu HQ
16705 - 16719 Morphology and Nanostructure Transitions of Soot with Various Dimethyl Ether Additions in Nonpremixed Ethylene Flames at Different Scales
Chen MF, Liu D
16720 - 16728 Dual-Template Construction of Iron-Nitrogen-Codoped Hierarchically Porous Carbon Electrocatalyst for Oxygen Reduction Reaction
Luo Y, Zhang J, Chen JW, Chen YH, Li ZJ, Shi JJ, Wang G, Wang RL
16729 - 16735 Trapezoidal Channel Proton-Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell Performance Study
Mei N, Xu XM, Hu H, Li C
16736 - 16745 Configuring the Porosity and Microstructure of Carbon Paper Electrode Using Pore Formers and Its Influence on the Performance of PEMFC
Waseem S, Maheshwari PH, Maheshwari P, Sahu AK, Saini A, Dhakate SR
16746 - 16755 Physically Self-Cross-Linked SEBS Anion Exchange Membranes
Shi Y, Zhao ZF, Liu W, Zhang CQ
16756 - 16764 Feasibility of Pine Bark Pellets and Their Pyrolyzed Biochar Pellets as Fuel Sources in Molten Hydroxide Direct Carbon Fuel Cells
Hao WB, Luo P, Wu ZQ, Sun GX, Mi YL
16765 - 16771 Effect of 3D Carbon Electrodes with Different Pores on Solid-Phase Microbial Fuel Cell
Mei T, Cong C, Huang Q, Song TS, Xie JJ
16772 - 16782 High-Temperature Thermochemical Heat Storage via the CuO/Cu2O Redox Cycle: From Material Synthesis to Packed-Bed Reactor Engineering and Cyclic Operation
Gigantino M, Brunser SS, Steinfeld A
16783 - 16790 Fabrication of Three-Dimensional Porous NiO/Amorphous Ni(OH)(2) Composites for Supercapacitors
Chen XY, Wang SC, Quo GQ, Lu GX, Cui HZ, Wang XZ
16791 - 16799 In Situ Growth of Core-Shell Heterostructure CoMoO4@CuCo2S4 Meshes as Advanced Electrodes for High-Performance Supercapacitors
Xie T, Xu JX, Wang J, Xuan CJ, Ma CL, Su LH, Dong FY, Gong LY
16800 - 16809 Fe0.8Zn0.2 Nanoparticles Wrapped in Mesoporous Nitrogen-Doped Carbon Layers as Electrocatalysts for an Efficient Oxygen Reduction Reaction
Ke WG, Yang JY, Liu Y, Chen J, Deng X, Chen MM, Cao DW
16810 - 16818 Hollow Co3O4 Microspheres Grafted with Nitrogen-Doped Carbon Nanotubes as Efficient Sulfur Host for High Performing Lithium-Sulfur Batteries
Bosubabu D, Sivaraj J, Gurunathan P, Ramesha K
16819 - 16830 Preparation, Morphology, and Thermal Performance of Microencapsulated Phase Change Materials with a MF/SiO2 Composite Shell
Zhai DX, He YY, Zhang XX, Li W
16831 - 16837 Highly Purified Carbon Derived from Deashed Anthracite for Sodium-Ion Storage with Enhanced Capacity and Rate Performance
Wang BY, Xia JL, Dong XL, Wu XS, Jin LJ, Li WC
16838 - 16846 Optimizing the Surface Characteristics of La0.6Sr0.4CoO3-delta Perovskite Oxide by Rapid Flash Sintering Technology for Easy Fabrication and Fast Reaction Kinetics in Alkaline Medium
Christy M, Rajan H, Yang H, Kim YB
16847 - 16857 Functionalized Thermoplastic Polyurethane Gel Electrolytes for Cosensitized TiO2/CdS/CdSe Photoanode Solar Cells with High Efficiency
Prakash R, Maiti P
16858 - 16869 High-Performance High-Voltage Symmetric Supercapattery Based on a Graphitic Carbon Nitride/Bismuth Vanadate Nanocomposite
Murugan C, Subramani K, Subash R, Sathish M, Pandikumar A
16870 - 16878 Investigation on the Strategies for Discharge Capacity Improvement of Aprotic Li-CO2 Batteries
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