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ISSN: 0887-0624 (Print) 

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13209 - 13224 Flame-made Particles for Sensors, Catalysis, and Energy Storage Applications
Pokhrel S, Madler L
13225 - 13246 Experimental and Kinetic Modeling Studies of Methanol Transformation to Hydrocarbons Using Zeolite-Based Catalysts: A Review
Ali SS, Zaidi HA
13247 - 13267 Formation, Measurement, and Control of Dioxins from the Incineration of Municipal Solid Wastes: Recent Advances and Perspectives
Peng YQ, Lu SY, Li XD, Yan JH, Cen KF
13268 - 13290 Hydrothermal Carbonization and Liquefaction of Sludge for Harmless and Resource Purposes: A Review
Zhang X, Li XX, Li R, Wu YL
13291 - 13306 Coal-Based Fluorescent Zero-Dimensional Carbon Nanomaterials: A Short Review
Raj AM, Balachandran M
13307 - 13320 Methods for Total and Speciation Analysis of Mercury in the Petroleum Industry
Enrico M, Mere A, Zhou HG, Loriau M, Tessier E, Bouyssiere B
13321 - 13334 Recent Advances in Titanium Niobium Oxide Anodes for High-Power Lithium-Ion Batteries
Yuan T, Soule L, Zhao BT, Zou J, Yang JH, Liu ML, Zheng SY
13335 - 13349 A Review of MHP Technology and Its Research Status in Cooling of Li-Ion Power Battery and PEMFC
Li YY, Chang GF, Xu YM, Zhang JN, Zhao W
13350 - 13368 Wax and Wax-Hydrate Deposition Characteristics in Single-, Two-, and Three-Phase Pipelines: A Review
Liu ZM, Li YX, Wang WC, Song GC, Lu ZY, Ning YX
13369 - 13383 A Comprehensive Review of Structural Alterations in CO2-Interacted Coal: Insights into CO(2 )Sequestration in Coal
Sampath KHSM, Ranjith PG, Perera MSA
13384 - 13411 Organic Flow Batteries: Recent Progress and Perspectives
Cao JY, Tian JY, Xu J, Wang YG
13412 - 13426 Advances on Manganese-Oxide-Based Cathodes for Na-Ion Batteries
Ren M, Fang HY, Wang CC, Li HX, Li FJ
13427 - 13437 A Mini Review on the Application of Proton-Conducting Solid Oxide Cells for CO2 Conversion
Ye YJ, Sun X, Zhou MZ, Chen Y
13438 - 13455 A Review on Biomass Gasification: Effect of Main Parameters on Char Generation and Reaction
Zhang YM, Wan LF, Guan JT, Xiong QA, Zhang S, Jin X
13456 - 13472 Progress and Perspective of All-Solid-State Lithium Batteries with High Performance at Room Temperature
Chen LK, Huang YF, Ma JB, Ling HJ, Kang FY, He YB
13473 - 13490 Review on Magnetic Adsorbents for Removal of Elemental Mercury from Flue Gas
Yang W, Wang ZH, Liu YX
13491 - 13522 A Review on Advanced FeNi-Based Catalysts for Water Splitting Reaction
Li DZ, Liu H, Feng LG
13523 - 13535 Changing the Hydrate Management Guidelines: From Benchtop Experiments to CSMHyK Field Simulations
Wang Y, Subramanian S, Estanga D, Majid AAA, Hu SJ, Salmin DC, Koh CA, Zerpa LE
13536 - 13551 Insight into the Interfacial Behavior of Surfactants and Asphaltenes: Molecular Dynamics Simulation Study
Ahmadi M, Chen ZX
13552 - 13565 Chemical Characterization and Interfacial Activity of Molecules Isolated from Brazilian Oils by Adsorption onto Wet Silica Particles
Silva JD, Pinto FE, Souza LM, Romao W, Loh W, Lucas EF
13566 - 13579 Reduction Clathrate Hydrates Growth Rates and Adhesion Forces on Surfaces of Inorganic or Polymer Coatings
Fan SS, Zhang H, Yang G, Wang YH, Li G, Lang XM
13580 - 13587 Synthesis and Evaluation of a New Acryloyl-Based Copolymer as Kinetic Hydrate Inhibitor for Sour Gas Environments
Ulhaq MI, Al-Eid M, Al-Malki A, Elanany M, Ali SA, Ajwad HA, Saleem Q, Panda SK, Alawani NA
13588 - 13605 Dual Z-Scheme CuO-ZnO@Graphitic Carbon Nitride Ternary Nanocomposite with Improved Visible Light-Induced Catalytic Activity for Ultrasound-Assisted Photocatalytic Desulfurization
Yaghoot-Nezhad A, Moradi M, Rostami M, Danaee I, Khosravi-Nikou MR
13606 - 13613 Three-Dimensional Inverse Opal TiO2 Coatings to Enable the Gliding of Viscous Oils
Douglas LD, O'Loughlin TE, Chalker CJ, Cool N, Gupta S, Batteas JD, Banerjee S
13614 - 13624 Combined Process of Hydrocracking and Hydrofining of Coal Tar
Niu ML, Song ZY, Pan LY, Yan YL, Liu N, Li D, Li WH
13625 - 13635 Influence of Reactive Flow Conditions on Barite Scaling in Marcellus Shale during Stimulation and Shut-In Periods of Hydraulic Fracturing
Xiong W, Gill M, Moore J, Crandall D, Hakala JA, Lopano C
13636 - 13649 Application of Digital Volume Correlation to X-ray Computed Tomography Images of Shale
Kim TW, Yun W, Kovscek AR
13650 - 13663 Isolation and Characterization of Surface-Active Components in Crude Oil-Toward Their Application as Demulsifiers
Norrman K, Olesen KB, Zimmermann MSL, Fadhel R, Vijn P, Solling TI
13664 - 13672 Dependence of the Kinetic Hydrate Inhibition Effect of Poly(N-vinylpyrrolidone) upon the Molecular Weight Is Influenced by Water Mobility in Millisecond Dynamics
Li DF, Laroui A, Ma S, Wang J, Wang D, Kelland MA, Dong J
13673 - 13685 Modeling the Multicomponent Compositional Effects of Asphaltenes on Interfacial Phenomena
Liu F, Pauchard V, Banerjee S
13686 - 13697 Chemical Properties of Superfine Pulverized Coal Particles. Part 4. Sulfur Speciation by X-ray Absorption Near-Edge Structure Spectroscopy
Liu JX, Yang XC, Jiang YZ, Zhang H, Jiang X, Jiang XM
13698 - 13706 Different Roles of Iron Species in the Network Structure and Viscosity of Silicate Melts
Xuan WW, Wang HN, Guhl S, Zhang JS, Meyer B
13707 - 13716 Study of the Synergistic Effect of the Nanoparticle-Surfactant-Polymer System on CO2 Foam Apparent Viscosity and Stability at High Pressure and Temperature
Fu CK, Liu N
13717 - 13727 Dual-Function Synergists Based on Glucose and Sucrose for Gas Hydrate and Corrosion Inhibition
Farhadian A, Varfolomeev MA, Semenov AP, Mendgaziev RI, Stoporev AS
13728 - 13739 Modeling of Gas Transport Driven by Density Gradients of Free Gas within a Coal Matrix: Perspective of Isothermal Adsorption
Liu W, Qin YP, Zhao W, Wu DY, Liu J, He C
13740 - 13749 Influences of Coal Type and Particle Size on Soot Measurement by Laser-Induced Incandescence and Soot Formation Characteristics in Laminar Pulverized Coal Flames
Yu JH, Chen LH, Zhang JF, Wu J, Wu XC, Zeng QM, Cen KF
13750 - 13758 Influence of pH on Acidic Oil-Brine-Carbonate Adhesion Using Atomic Force Microscopy
Al Maskari NS, Almobarak M, Saeedi A, Xie Q
13759 - 13766 Understanding the Vanadium-Asphaltene Nanoaggregate Link with Silver Triflate Complexation and GPC ICP-MS Analysis
Moulian R, Zheng F, Vallverdu GS, Barrere-Mangote C, Shi Q, Giusti P, Bouyssiere B
13767 - 13781 Adsorption- and Diffusion-Controlled Wettability Change in Modified Salinity Water Flooding
Taheriotaghsara M, Eftekhari AA, Nick HM
13782 - 13798 Trace Elements in Water-Soluble Fractions from Bulgarian Coal Fly Ashes and Their Technological and Environmental Importance
Vassilev SV, Kossev KS, Vassileva CG
13799 - 13813 Improved Oil Viscosity Characterization by Low-Field NMR Using Feature Engineering and Supervised Learning Algorithms
Markovic S, Bryan JL, Ishimtsev V, Turakhanov A, Rezaee R, Cheremisin A, Kantzas A, Koroteev D, Mehta SA
13814 - 13821 Studies of the Impact of Fuel Deoxygenation on the Formation of Autoxidative Deposits
Zabarnick S, West ZJ, Arts A, Griesenbrock M, Wrzesinski P
13822 - 13836 Optimization of Huff-n-Puff Field Gas Enhanced Oil Recovery through a Vertical Well with Multiple Fractures in a Low-Permeability Shale-Sand-Carbonate Reservoir
Junira A, Sepehrnoori K, Biancardi S, Ambrose R, Yu W, Ganjdanesh R
13837 - 13848 Application of the Electron Spin Resonance Technique in the Characterization of Brazilian Oils: Correlation with Their Biodegradation Level and Polar Composition
de Abreu CR, de Souza ES, Martins LL, Cordeiro TC, Carrasquilla AAG, Guimaraes AO
13849 - 13861 Formation of Sulfide Deposits and High-Temperature Corrosion Behavior at Fireside in a Coal-Fired Boiler
Wang YB, Wang XX, Wang M, Tan HZ
13862 - 13870 Solvent Nuances Modulate the Decreasing Effect of a Model Asphaltene on Interfacial Tension
Jalali K, Shahad R, Rashid AN, Hawlader S, Jian CY
13871 - 13882 Characterization of the Interfacial Material in Asphaltenes Responsible for Oil/Water Emulsion Stability
Rahham Y, Rane K, Goual L
13883 - 13892 Scavenging Alkyl Mercaptans: Elucidation of Reaction Mechanisms and Byproduct Characterization
Wylde JJ, Taylor GN, Sorbie KS, Samaniego WN
13893 - 13902 Effect of Charge Density of Reverse Emulsion Breaker on Demulsification Performance for Steam-Assisted Gravity Drainage (SAGD) Emulsions under High Temperature and High Pressure
Wang D, Qiao CY, Zhao ZQ, Huang YY, Gao S, Yang DZ, Liu Q, Zeng HB
13903 - 13915 Understanding Asphaltene Fraction Behavior through Combined Quartz Crystal Resonator Sensor, FT-ICR MS, GPC ICP HR-MS, and AFM Characterization. Part I: Extrography Fractionations
Acevedo N, Moulian R, Chacon-Patino ML, Mejia A, Radji S, Daridon JL, Barrere-Mangote C, Giusti P, Rodgers RP, Piscitelli V, Castillo J, Carrier H, Bouyssiere B
13916 - 13923 Effects of Alkaline Metals on the Reactivity of the Carbon Structure after Partial Supercritical Water Gasification of Coal
Wang RY, Lu LB, Zhang DM, Wei WW, Jin H, Guo LJ
13924 - 13942 Comparative Evaluation of Pore Structure Heterogeneity in Low-Permeability Tight Sandstones Using Different Fractal Models Based on NMR Technology: A Case Study of Benxi Formation in the Central Ordos Basin
Zhang JJ, Hu YB
13943 - 13953 Impact of the Oil Matrix on Anionic and Nonionic Surfactant Separation Using Ultra-High-Performance Liquid Chromatography Hyphenated to High-Resolution Mass Spectrometry
Dufour A, Thiebaut D, Loriau M, Ligiero L, Vial J
13954 - 13965 Molecular Cartography of A1 and A2 Asphaltene Subfractions from Classical Molecular Dynamics Simulations
Villegas O, Vallverdu GS, Bouyssiere B, Acevedo S, Castillo J, Baraille I
13966 - 13976 Molecular Characterization of Strongly and Weakly Interfacially Active Asphaltenes by High-Resolution Mass Spectrometry
Ballard DA, Chacon-Patino ML, Qiao PQ, Roberts KJ, Rae R, Dowding PJ, Xu ZH, Harbottle D
13977 - 13984 Application of Novel Amphiphilic Janus-SiO2 Nanoparticles for an Efficient Demulsification of Crude Oil/Water Emulsions
Jia H, Dai JJ, Huang P, Han YG, Wang QX, He J, Song JY, Wei X, Yan H, Liu DX
13985 - 14000 Inhibition Impact of Amino Acids on Swelling Clays: An Experimental and COSMO-RS Simulation Evaluation
Quainoo AK, Negash BM, Bavoh CB, Idris A, Shahpin HBA, Yaw AD
14001 - 14011 Detailed Pore Structure Study of Damodar Valley and Upper Assam Basin Shales Using Fractal Analysis
Turlapati VY, Prusty BK, Bakshi T
14012 - 14022 Amidated Cellulose Nanofibrils as Demulsifying Agents for a Natural Water-in-Heavy-Crude-Oil Emulsion
Gomez-Jaimes FN, Blanco-Tirado C, Combariza MY
14023 - 14033 Experimental Evaluation of the Shielded Temporary Plugging System Composed of Calcium Carbonate and Acid-Soluble Preformed Particle Gels (ASPPG) for Petroleum Drilling
Zhai KJ, Yi H, Liu Y, Geng YP, Fan S, Zhu DY
14034 - 14045 Phase Stability Conditions of the Methane plus Tetrabutylphosphonium Bromide plus Water Semiclathrate Hydrate System in the Presence and Absence of NaCl and/or MgCl2: Experimental Measurements and Thermodynamic Modeling
Pourranjbar M, Pahlavanzadeh H, Zebardast S, Mohammadi AH
14046 - 14057 A Multiscale Investigation of Cross-Linked Polymer Gel Injection in Sandstone Gas Reservoirs: Implications for Water Shutoff Treatment
Al-Shajalee F, Arif M, Machale J, Verrall M, Almobarak M, Iglauer S, Wood C
14058 - 14064 Characteristics of High-Carbon-Content Slag and Utilization for Coal-Water Slurry Preparation
Guo QH, Zhang ZQ, He Q, Gong Y, Huang YC, Yu GS
14065 - 14073 Gas Origin and Constraint of delta C-13(CH4) Distribution in the Dafosi Mine Field in the Southern Margin of the Ordos Basin, China
Bao Y, Wang WB, Ma DM, Shi QM, Ali A, Lv DK, Zhang CK
14074 - 14093 Yen-Mullins Model Applies to Oilfield Reservoirs
Chen L, Bertolini A, Dubost F, Achourov V, Betancourt S, Canas JA, Dumont H, Pomerantz AE, Mullins OC
14094 - 14100 Hydrate Management in Deadlegs: Effect of Natural Convection on Hydrate Deposition
Song GC, Li YX, Sum AK
14101 - 14108 The Dielectric Properties of Thiophene Model Compounds: Insights for Microwave Desulfurization of Coking Coal
Ge T, Deng N, Min FF
14109 - 14123 Study of Liquid-Liquid and Liquid-Liquid-Vapor Equilibria for Crude Oil Mixtures with Carbon Dioxide and Methane Using Short-Wave Infrared Imaging: Experimental and Thermodynamic Modeling
Yanes JFR, de Sant'Ana HB, Feitosa FX, Pujol M, Collell J, Pauly J, Fleming FP, Montel F, Daridon JL
14124 - 14131 Estimating the Relative Permeability from the Electrical Parameters of Sandstone with a Complex Pore Structure
Xie WB, Yin QL, Guan W, Wang GW, Lai J
14132 - 14146 Tectonic Fracture Formation and Distribution in Ultradeep Marine Carbonate Gas Reservoirs: A Case Study of the Maokou Formation in the Jiulongshan Gas Field, Sichuan Basin, Southwest China
Li H, Qin QR, Zhang BJ, Ge XY, Hu X, Fan CH, Tang HM
14147 - 14158 Co-hydrothermal Carbonization of Water Hyacinth and Sewage Sludge: Effects of Aqueous Phase Recirculation on the Characteristics of Hydrochar
Zhang CY, Ma XQ, Zheng CP, Huang T, Lu XL, Tian YL
14159 - 14168 Regeneration of Deactivated Hierarchical La/Hi-ZSM-5 for Catalytic Pyrolysis of Rape Straw Assisted by Ozone from Nonthermal Plasma
Li XH, Lv ZC, Shao SS, Zhu YC, Cheng JF, Dong WB
14169 - 14181 Physicochemical and Fuel Characteristics of Torrefied Agricultural Residues for Sustainable Fuel Production
Sarker TR, Azargohar R, Dalai AK, Venkatesh M
14182 - 14189 Transformation of Nitrogen during Microalgae Liquefaction in Subcritical/Supercritical Ethanol
Peng Y, Zhang CX, Gong X, Wang S, Liu HP, Li HH, Lin LQ, Yu Y
14190 - 14203 Properties and Combustion Characteristics of Bio-Oils from Catalytic Co-Pyrolysis of Grape Seeds, Polystyrene, and Waste Tires
Muelas A, Aranda D, Callen MS, Murillo R, Veses A, Asrardel M, Ballester J
14204 - 14214 Catalytic Cracking of Inedible Oils for the Production of Drop-In Biofuels over a SO42-/TiO2-ZrO2 Catalyst
Zhang J, Wu Z, Li X, Zhang Y, Bao ZH, Bai L, Wang F
14215 - 14222 Development and Characterization of a Grape Marc Hydrochar Slurry Fuel
Zhao WX, Howie JM, Sun ZW, Kwong CW, Alwahabi ZT
14223 - 14231 Predicting Slow Pyrolysis Process Outcomes with Simplified Empirical Correlations for a Consistent Higher Heating Temperature: Biochar Yield and Ash Content
Allen JA, Downie AE
14232 - 14248 Fast Pyrolysis of Hemicelluloses into Short-Chain Acids: An Investigation on Concerted Mechanisms
Carrier M, Fournet R, Sirjean B, Amsbury S, Alfonso YB, Pontalier PY, Bridgwater A
14249 - 14263 Vacuum Pyrolysis of Hybrid Poplar Milled Wood Lignin with Fourier Transform-Ion Cyclotron Resonance Mass Spectrometry Analysis of Feedstock and Products for the Elucidation of Reaction Mechanisms
Terrell E, Garcia-Perez M
14264 - 14274 One-Pot Synthesis of the Biofuel 5-Ethoxymethylfurfural from Carbohydrates Using a Bifunctional Catalyst Prepared through a Pickering HIPE Template and Pore-Filled Strategy
Chen Y, Guan W, Zhang YL, Yan CH, Li B, Wei YN, Pan JM, Yan YS
14275 - 14282 Effective Synthesis of a Biodiesel Precursor from Furan Derivatives at Room Temperature with NaHSO4 as a Recyclable Catalyst
Si ZH, Zuo M, Jia WL, Chen GF, Tang X, Zeng XH, Lin L
14283 - 14290 Highly Selective Conversion from Alkali Lignin to Phenolic Products
Lu XY, Wang DD, Guo HQ, Que H, Liang DX, He T, Robin HM, Xu CZ, Gu XL
14291 - 14299 Changes in Biochar Functional Groups and Its Reactivity after Volatile-Char Interactions during Biomass Pyrolysis
Li B, Liu DJ, Lin D, Xie X, Wang S, Xu HB, Wang JF, Huang Y, Zhang S, Hu X
14300 - 14311 Insight into the Adsorption Mechanisms of CO2, CH4, and Their Mixtures on Kerogen Type IIIA
Yuan S, Gang HZ, Zhou L, Liang TT, Irfan M, Kazmi M, Liu JF, Yang SZ, Mu BZ
14312 - 14320 Scrubbing of Syngas from MSW Pyrolysis-Volatile Re-forming Process with the Co-produced Oil to Remove Tar and Particulates
Zhang JX, Chen DZ, He XC, He JL, Hong L
14321 - 14332 Low-Temperature CO2 Splitting in a Noncatalytic Dielectric-Barrier Discharge Plasma: Effect of Operational Parameters with a New Strategy of Experimentation
Jahanbakhsh MR, Taghvaei H, Khalifeh O, Ghanbari M, Rahimpour MR
14333 - 14343 Speciation, Distribution, and Mobility of Hazardous Trace Elements in Coal Fly Ash: Insights from Cr, Ni, and Cu
Liu P, Wang Q, Jung HES, Tang YZ
14344 - 14355 Examination of the Effect of Selected Factors on the Photovoltaic Response of Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells
Gnida P, Libera M, Pajak A, Schab-Balcerzak E
14356 - 14367 Experimental Investigation of Spontaneous Water Imbibition into Methane-Saturated Shales under Different Methane Pressures
Zan YR, Yu QC
14368 - 14378 Mechanical Properties of CH4-CO2 Heteroclathrate Hydrates
Xu K, Yang L, Liu JJ, Zhang ZS, Wu JY
14379 - 14387 CO2 Capture Performance of Supported Phosphonium Dual Amine-Functionalized Ionic Liquids@MCM-41
Ye CP, Wang RN, Gao X, Li WY
14388 - 14399 Impact of Nonoxidized Sulfur Species on Elemental Mercury Removal by SO2 Activated Petroleum Cokes
She M, Duan YF, Zhu C, Jia CQ
14400 - 14418 Well-Designed 3D/2D/2D WO3/Bt/g-C3N4 Z-Scheme Heterojunction for Tailoring Photocatalytic CO2 Methanation with 2D-Layered Bentonite-Clay as the Electron Moderator under Visible Light
Tahir B, Tahir M, Nawawi MGM
14419 - 14428 Molecular Characterization of Photochemically Produced Asphaltenes via Photooxidation of Deasphalted Crude Oils
Glattke TJ, Chacon-Patino ML, Marshall AG, Rodgers RP
14429 - 14438 Enhanced Wet Flue Gas Desulfurization Properties by Additives of Organic Acids, Organic Salts, Inorganic Salts, and Organic Amines
Xiang JT, Zhang Z, Tian LN, Zhao QH, Yang HP, Zhang X, Shao JG, Zhang SH, Chen HP
14439 - 14446 In Situ Electromagnetic Induction Heating for CO2 Temperature Swing Adsorption on Magnetic Fe3O4/N-Doped Porous Carbon
Lin XQ, Shao B, Zhu JC, Pan FHK, Hu J, Wang MH, Liu HL
14447 - 14457 One-Step Synthesis of Nanostructured Cu-Mn/TiO2 via Flame Spray Pyrolysis: Application to Catalytic Combustion of CO and CH4
Yuan X, Qing ML, Meng LQ, Zhao HB
14458 - 14463 A Comprehensive Explanation to CO2-induced Coal Swelling
Duan LJ, Xia TY, Qu LC, Yi J
14464 - 14475 Aqueous CO2 Foam Armored by Particulate Matter from Flue Gas for Mobility Control in Porous Media
Lv QC, Zhou TK, Zheng R, Zhang X, Dong ZX, Zhang C, Li ZM
14476 - 14482 Interactions of CO2 with Hydrocarbon Liquid Observed from Adsorption of CO2 in Organic-Rich Shale
Wang JS, Ryan D, Samara H, Jaeger P
14483 - 14492 Enhancing the Ethylene Yield over Hybrid Adsorbent Catalyst Materials in CO2-Assisted Oxidative Dehydrogenation of Ethane by Tuning Catalyst Support Properties
Al-Mamoori A, Alghamdi T, Rownaghi AA, Rezaei F
14493 - 14504 Molecular Composition of Photooxidation Products Derived from Sulfur-Containing Compounds Isolated from Petroleum Samples
Niles SF, Chacon-Patino ML, Marshall AG, Rodgers RP
14505 - 14514 Identification and Quantification of Chemical Forms of Cu and Zn in MSWI Ashes Using XANES
Rissler J, Klementiev K, Dahl J, Steenari BM, Edo M
14515 - 14526 Effects of Microstructure and Rock Mineralogy on Movable Fluid Saturation in Tight Reservoirs
Yang L, Wang S, Jiang QP, You Y, Gao J
14527 - 14534 Vat Dye Safranin O- and Perylene-Based Conjugated Donor-Acceptor Polyimide as Sensitizer for Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells
Sonker E, Tiwari R, Singh S, Kumar K, Srivastava P, Krishnamoorthi S
14535 - 14547 Effects of Stress and Temperature on the Permeability of Gas-Saturated Wet Coal
Wang JH, Wang Y, Wan ZJ, Zhang HW, Cheng JY, Yan WZ
14548 - 14559 Effect of Cryogenic Liquid Nitrogen on the Morphological and Petrophysical Characteristics of Tight Gas Sandstone Rocks from Kirthar Fold Belt, Indus Basin, Pakistan
Mahesar AA, Ali M, Shar AM, Memon KR, Mohanty US, Akhondzadeh H, Tunio AH, Iglauer S, Keshavarz A
14560 - 14572 Enhanced Biosurfactant Production Using Developed Fed-Batch Fermentation for Effective Heavy Crude Oil Recovery
Samak NA, Mahmoud T, Aboulrous AA, Abdelhamid MM, Xing JM
14573 - 14580 Sulfonated Vermiculite-Mediated Catalysis of Reed (Phragmites communis) into Furfural for Enhancing the Biosynthesis of 2-Furoic Acid with a Dehydrogenase Biocatalyst in a One-Pot Manner
Zhu X, Ma CL, Xu JX, Xu JH, He YC
14581 - 14590 UV-Curable Polymer-QD Flexible Films as the Downconversion Layer for Improved Performance of Cu(In,Ga)Se-2 Solar Cells
Nazim M, Kim B, Lee S, Min BK, Kim JH
14591 - 14597 High-Throughput Screening of Metal-Organic Frameworks for Ethane-Ethylene Separation Using the Machine Learning Technique
Halder P, Singh JK
14598 - 14610 Heterojunction of CdS Nanocapsules-WO3 Nanosheets Composite as a Stable and Efficient Photocatalyst for Hydrogen Evolution
Bharagav U, Reddy NR, Koteswararao VN, Ravi P, Pratap K, Sathish M, Cheralathan KK, Shankar MV, Kumari MM
14611 - 14619 Catalysts Based on Acidic SBA-15 for Deep Oxidative Desulfurization of Model Fuels
Akopyan A, Polikarpova P, Gul O, Anisimov A, Karakhanov E
14620 - 14632 Isomerization of Alkanes over Ionic Liquids Supported on SBA-15
Perumal T, Mangesh VL, Perumal SK, Arumugam R, Subramanian N, Subramanian S, Kannan S
14633 - 14646 Influence of Hollow ZSM-5 Zeolites Prepared by Treatment with Different Alkalis on the Catalytic Conversion of Methanol to Aromatics
Jin WY, Qiao JR, Yu JP, Wang YL, Cao JP
14647 - 14655 Highly Efficient Al-Doped Ni-Mn-O Catalysts for Auto-Thermal Reforming of Acetic Acid: Role of MnAl2O4 for Stability of Ni Species
Song YX, Chen BQ, Hu XM, Wang Q, Xie XY, Dai H, Huang LH
14656 - 14666 Boosting Ni Dispersion on Zeolite-Supported Catalysts for CO2 Methanation: The Influence of the Impregnation Solvent
Bacariza MC, Amjad S, Teixeira P, Lopes JM, Henriques C
14667 - 14675 Transition Metal Complexes Based on Hypergolic Anions for Catalysis of Ammonium Perchlorate Thermal Decomposition
Xu YQ, Wang YN, Zhong Y, Lei GR, Li ZM, Zhang JG, Zhang TL
14676 - 14687 Z-Scheme ZnM-LDHs/g-C3N4 (M = Al, Cr) Photocatalysts: Their Desulfurization Performance and Mechanism for Model Oil with Air
Huang Z, Song HY, Li A, An Z, Zhang KQ, Xiang X, Shu X, He J
14688 - 14707 Combustion of n-C-3-C-6 Linear Alcohols: An Experimental and Kinetic Modeling Study. Part I: Reaction Classes, Rate Rules, Model Lumping, and Validation
Pelucchi M, Namysl S, Ranzi E, Rodriguez A, Rizzo C, Somers KP, Zhang Y, Herbinet O, Curran HJ, Battin-Leclerc F, Faravelli T
14708 - 14725 Combustion of n-C-3-C-6 Linear Alcohols: An Experimental and Kinetic Modeling Study. Part II: Speciation Measurements in a Jet-Stirred Reactor, Ignition Delay Time Measurements in a Rapid Compression Machine, Model Validation, and Kinetic Analysis
Pelucchi M, Namysl S, Ranzi E, Rodriguez A, Rizzo C, Somers KP, Zhang Y, Herbinet O, Curran HJ, Battin-Leclerc F, Faravelli T
14726 - 14740 Experimental and Kinetic Modeling Study of Laminar Flame Speed of Dimethoxymethane and Ammonia Blends
Elbaz AM, Giri BR, Issayev G, Shrestha KP, Mauss F, Farooq A, Roberts WL
14741 - 14756 Study of Ignition and Combustion Characteristics of Consecutive Injections with iso-Octane and n-Heptane as Fuels
Xing SS, Zhai GX, Mo HJ, Medwell PR, Yuen ACY, Kook S, Yeoh G, Chan Q
14757 - 14767 Kinetic Study on the Isomerization and Decomposition of the Alkenyl Radicals of 2,4,4-Trimethyl-1-pentene
Yin GY, Hu EJ, Zhou M, Zhan HC, Huang ZH
14768 - 14775 Numerical Investigation on Combustion Characteristics of Laminar Premixed n-Heptane/Hydrogen/Air Flames at Elevated Pressure
Dong WL, Hu JL, Xiang LK, Chu HQ, Li ZH
14776 - 14785 Quantum Chemical Calculation of Original Aldehyde Groups Reaction Mechanism in Coal Spontaneous Combustion
Zhu HQ, Huo YJ, Fang SH, He X, Wang W, Zhang YL
14786 - 14795 Effect of Recycled Flue Gas Ratio on Combustion Characteristics of Lignite Oxy-Combustion in a Circulating Fluidized Bed
Raheem DG, Yilmaz B, Kayahan U, Ozdogan S
14796 - 14813 Kinetic Study of the Ignition Process of Methane/n-Heptane Fuel Blends under High-Pressure Direct-Injection Natural Gas Engine Conditions
Li JR, Liu XL, Liu HF, Ye Y, Wang H, Dong JJ, Liu B, Yao MF
14814 - 14821 Investigations on the Optimal Ignition Strategy of Internal Combustion Engines via Various Spark Discharge Conditions
Ye C, Xu HT, Sun Z, Nour M, Li XS, Xu M
14822 - 14831 Colloidal Particle-Stabilized Foam To Control the Coal Spontaneous Combustion: Stability Mechanism Analysis and Extinguishing Properties
Yang F, Lu Y, Yan ZH, Wang GGX, Hu XM, Gu WX
14832 - 14842 Numerical Investigation of the Free and Ducted Fuel Injections under Compression Ignition Conditions
Liu XL, Mohan B, Im HG
14843 - 14852 Gas-Phase Pyrolysis Characteristics of Hydrocarbon Fuels and Their Potential Impacts on Combustion Operational Performance
Corporan E, Casselberry RQ, DeWitt MJ
14853 - 14863 Effect of an Electrospray-Generated Ionomer Morphology on Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cell Performance
Cho S, Tamoto K, Uchida M
14864 - 14873 Degradation Behaviors of Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Stacks in Steady-State and Cycling Conditions
Alenazey F, Alyousef Y, AlOtaibi B, Almutairi G, Minakshi M, Cheng CK, Vo DVN
14874 - 14881 Two-Phase Composition (LiFePO4/FePO4) and Phase Transformation Dependence on Charging Current: In Situ and Ex Situ Studies
Raj H, Rani S, Sil A
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