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ISSN: 0887-0624 (Print) 

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11723 - 11751 Progress in Hydrothermal Liquefaction of Algal Biomass and Hydrothermal Upgrading of the Subsequent Crude Bio-Oil: A Mini Review
Djandja OS, Wang ZC, Chen L, Qin L, Wang F, Xu YP, Duan PG
11752 - 11770 Application of Coatings to Alleviate Fireside Corrosion on Heat Transfer Tubes during the Combustion of Low-Grade Solid Fuels: A Review
Zhang XJ, Liu H, Chen TZ, Wang GY, Li HY, Hu HY, Yu Y, Yao H
11771 - 11790 Biomass Catalytic Pyrolysis over Zeolite Catalysts with an Emphasis on Porosity and Acidity: A State-of-the-Art Review
Cai R, Pei XB, Pan HL, Wan K, Chen H, Zhang Z, Zhang YY
11791 - 11812 Development of Chemical Looping Combustion Power Systems at the Chinese Academy of Sciences
Hong H, Jiang QQ, Liu XY, Zhang H, Jin HG
11813 - 11839 Comprehensive Review on Exploration and Drilling Techniques for Natural Gas Hydrate Reservoirs
Sahu C, Kumar R, Sangwai JS
11840 - 11866 Mercury Removal Based on Adsorption and Oxidation by Fly Ash: A Review
Liu Z, Liu DY, Zhao BT, Feng L, Ni MG, Jin J
11867 - 11886 Multiscale Modeling of Lignocellulosic Biomass Thermochemical Conversion Technology: An Overview on the State-of-the-Art
Zhao SH, Luo YH
11887 - 11896 Laser-Based Ionization: A Review on the Use of Matrix-Assisted Laser Desorption/Ionization and Laser Desorption/Ionization Mass Spectrometry in Petroleum Research
Ryan DJ, Qian KN
11897 - 11915 Different Approaches Used for Modeling and Simulation of Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cells: A Review
Arif M, Cheung SCP, Andrews J
11916 - 11941 Review of Acid Diffusion Measurement Methods in Porous Media
Kadafur IB, Aljawad MS, Mahmoud M
11942 - 11961 A Review of Solid-State Lithium-Sulfur Battery: Ion Transport and Polysulfide Chemistry
Pan H, Cheng Z, He P, Zhou HS
11962 - 11975 Recent Progress in Separation Membranes and Their Fermentation Coupled Processes for Biobutanol Recovery
Zhu HP, Liu GP, Jin WQ
11976 - 11986 Influence of Tetradecyl Methacrylate-N-alpha-methacrylamide Copolymers as Pour Point Depressants on the Cold Flow Property of Diesel Fuel
Yin SY, Yang TS, Xue Y, Xie MY, Chen FF, Lin HL, Dai B, Gao F, Han S
11987 - 11997 Dissolution of Cr2O3 into Coal Slag and Its Impact on Slag Flow Properties
Wang ZG, Kong LX, Bai J, Ge ZF, Li HZ, Li YM, Liu W, Li W
11998 - 12009 Geochemical Evaluation of the Hydrocarbon Potential of Shale Oil and Its Correlation with Different Minerals-a Case Study of the TYP Shale in the Songliao Basin, China
Hou LH, Luo X, Han WX, Lin SH, Pang ZL, Liu JZ
12010 - 12017 Careful Investigations of PTV Injection Parameters for the Analysis of Vacuum Gas Oil by High-Temperature Comprehensive GC x GC
Piparo M, Flamant L, Jousset G, Cardinael P, Giusti P
12018 - 12025 Dynamic Adsorption of Functionalized Zwitterionic Copolymers on Carbonate Surfaces under Extreme Reservoir Conditions
Kawelah M, He Y, Alamri H, Gizzatov A, Swager TM, Zhu SS
12026 - 12032 Effect of Thermal Treatment of Different Petroleum Fractions: Characterization by In Situ EPR Spectroscopy
Dappe V, Ben Tayeb K, Vezin H, Mariette S, Serve O, Livadaris V
12033 - 12049 Numerical Assessments of Key Aspects Influencing Supercritical CO2 Foam Performances when Using CO2-Soluble Surfactants
Ren GW
12050 - 12064 Novel Insights into the Pore-Scale Mechanism of Low Salinity Water Injection and the Improvements on Oil Recovery
Mehraban MF, Farzaneh SA, Sohrabi M, Sisson A
12065 - 12077 Mechanistic Aspects of Polymeric Relative Permeability Modifier Adsorption onto Carbonate Rocks
Qin LM, Arjomand E, Myers MB, Otto C, Pejcic B, Heath C, Saeedi A, Wood C
12078 - 12087 New Slip Coefficient Model Considering Adsorbed Gas Diffusion in Shale Gas Reservoirs
Sheng GL, Su YL, Javadpour F, Wang WD, Zhan SY, Liu JH, Zhong Z
12088 - 12102 Analysis of Hydrocarbon Compositional Changes during Oxidative Desulfurization of Bitumen-Derived Gas Oil
Gieleciak R, Litz KE, Rankin JP, De Crisci A, Chen JW
12103 - 12117 Effect of Pressure on Crude-Oil Kinetics During In Situ Combustion
Yoo KHK, Portillo MLT, Ramirez CP, Sampaio LEB, Gerritsen M, Kovscek AR
12118 - 12125 Combined Molecular Simulations and Experimental Study of Methane Adsorption on Anthracite
Zhang XY, Kang TH, Zhang B, Kang GX, Kang JT, Zhang RX, Zhang LK
12126 - 12134 Effect of the Composition of Additive Ash on the Thermal Behavior of Petroleum Coke Ash during Gasification
Li W, Wang B, Nie J, Yang W, Sun LS, Pudasainee D, Gupta R
12135 - 12141 Conformational Analysis of Nonplanar Archipelago Structures on a Cu (111) Surface by Molecular Imaging
Chen PC, Joshi YV, Metz JN, Yao N, Zhang YL
12142 - 12157 Molecular Structure Characterization of CS2-NMP Extract and Residue for Malan Bituminous Coal via Solid-State C-13 NMR, FTIR, XPS, XRD, and CAMD Techniques
Wang CG, Zeng FG
12158 - 12172 Methane Absolute Adsorption in Kerogen Nanoporous Media with Realistic Continuous Pore Size Distributions
Pang WY, Jin ZH
12173 - 12181 Using Spectroscopy and Support Vector Regression to Predict Gasoline Characteristics: A Comparison of H-1 NMR and NIR
Leal AL, Silva AMS, Ribeiro JC, Martins FG
12182 - 12203 Experimental and Numerical Study of Wax Deposition in a Laboratory-Scale Pipe Section under Well-Controlled Conditions
Veiga HMB, Souza LBE, Fleming FP, Ibanez I, Linhares RC, Nieckele AO, Azevedo LFA
12204 - 12214 Pore Characterization of Different Clay Minerals and Its Impact on Methane Adsorption Capacity
Wang XM, Cheng HJ, Chai PC, Bian JH, Wang XM, Liu Y, Yin XB, Pan SD, Pan ZJ
12215 - 12224 1-Pentanol-Assisted Waterflooding in High Salinity Brine up to 140 degrees C in Carbonate Reservoirs
Al Maskari NS, Arjomand E, Almobarak M, Saeedi A, Xie Q
12225 - 12238 Hydrocarbon Generation Kinetics of the Gas-Prone Kerogens in the Central Uplift of the South Yellow Sea Basin
Cai LX, Zeng ZG, Zhang XH, Xiao GL, Guo XW, Pang YM
12239 - 12246 Experimental Study of the Effects of a Nanocomposite Pour Point Depressant on Wax Deposition
Wang CS, Zhang M, Wang W, Ma QL, Zhang SN, Huang HR, Peng ZH, Yao HY, Li QP, Ding YF, Gong J
12247 - 12259 Impact of Oil Polarity on the Mixing Time at the Pore Scale in Low Salinity Waterflooding
Mohammadi S, Mahani H, Ayatollahi S, Niasar V
12260 - 12273 Solvent Extraction of Superfine Pulverized Coal. Part 1. Composition of the Extract
Liu JX, Jiang YZ, Jiang X, Zhang H, Jiang XM
12274 - 12290 Experimental Evaluation of Kinetic Hydrate Inhibitors and Mixed Formulations with Monoethylene Glycol for Hydrate Prevention in Pure Water and Brine-Oil Systems
Yang CF, Ke W, Zhao C, Chen DY
12291 - 12300 Impact of Compositional Differences in Chalk and Water Content on Advanced Water Flooding: A Microcalorimetrical Assessment
Cobos JE, Sogaard EG
12301 - 12313 Enhancing Imbibition Oil Recovery from Tight Rocks by Mixing Nonionic Surfactants
Habibi A, Esparza Y, Boluk Y, Dehghanpour H
12314 - 12329 Effect of Temperature on Bitumen/Water Relative Permeability in Oil Sands
Esmaeili S, Sarma H, Harding T, Maini B
12330 - 12339 Experimental Investigation of Time-Dependent Thickness and Composition of Multicomponent Wax Deposits on Cold Surfaces
Lee J, Mahir LHA, Larson RG
12340 - 12353 Micro- and Nano-Scale Pore Structure in Gas Shale Using X mu-CT and FIB-SEM Techniques
Garum M, Glover PWJ, Lorinczi P, Drummond-Brydson R, Hassanpour A
12354 - 12365 Structural Properties of Kerogens with Different Maturities
Chiang WS, Chen JH, Jacobi D, Yildirim T, Turkoglu D, Althaus S, Liu Y
12366 - 12378 CFD Simulation of a Hydrogen-Permeable Membrane Reactor for CO2 Reforming of CH4: The Interplay of the Reaction and Hydrogen Permeation
Bian ZF, Xia HC, Wang ZG, Jiang B, Yu Y, Yu KW, Zhong WQ, Kawi S
12379 - 12387 Few Layer g-C3N4 Dispersed Quaternary Phosphonium Ionic Liquid for Highly Efficient Catalytic Oxidative Desulfurization of Fuel
Xun SH, Ti QT, Wu LL, He MQ, Wang C, Chen LL, Yang WS, Zhu LH, Zhu WS, Li HM
12388 - 12398 NMR-Compatible Sample Cell for Gas Hydrate Studies in Porous Media
Zuniga AR, Li M, Aman ZM, Stanwix PL, May EF, Johns ML
12399 - 12416 Effect of Microscopic Pore-Throat Heterogeneity on Gas-Phase Percolation Capacity of Tight Sandstone Reservoirs
Zhang F, Jiang ZX, Sun W, Zhang X, Zhu L, Li XH, Zhao W
12417 - 12428 Predicting Surface Diffusivities of Gas Molecules in Shale
Spanakos D, Rigby SP
12429 - 12439 Probing Multiscale Structure and Dynamics of Waxy Crude Oil by Low-Field NMR, X-ray Scattering, and Optical Microscopy
Yalaoui I, Chevalier T, Levitz P, Darbouret M, Palermo T, Vinay G, Barre L
12440 - 12448 Modeling Study of the Slag Behaviors and SiC Refractory Wall Corrosion on the Top Cone of a Membrane Wall Entrained-Flow Gasifier
Zhang BB, Jin J, Liu HF
12449 - 12456 Speciation of Metals in Asphaltenes by High-Performance Thin-Layer Chromatography and Solid-Liquid Extraction Hyphenated with Elemental and Molecular Identification
Moulian R, Chacon-Patino M, Lacroix-Andrivet O, Mounicou S, Siqueira ALM, Afonso C, Rodgers R, Giust P, Bouyssiere B, Barrere-Mangote C
12457 - 12475 Variations of Pore Structure in Organic-Rich Shales with Different Lithofacies from the Jiangdong Block, Fuling Shale Gas Field, SW China: Insights into Gas Storage and Pore Evolution
Jia AQ, Hu DF, He S, Guo XW, Hou YG, Wang T, Yang R
12476 - 12485 Enhanced Methane Production Efficiency with In Situ Intermittent Heating Assisted CO2 Replacement of Hydrates
Ouyang Q, Fan SS, Wang YH, Lang XM, Wang SL, Zhang YC, Yu C
12486 - 12504 Effect of the Pore Structure on Adsorption and Diffusion Migration of Different Rank Coal Samples
Wang L, Zhang GX, Liu J, Chen XJ, Li ZQ
12505 - 12516 Efficient Conversion of Light Cycle Oil into Gasoline with a Combined Hydrogenation and Catalytic Cracking Process: Effect of Pre-distillation
Miao PP, Miao J, Guo YL, Lin CH, Zhu XL, Li CY
12517 - 12526 Injection of Nanofluids with Fluorosurfactant-Modified Nanoparticles Dispersed in a Flue Gas Stream at Very Low Concentration for Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) in Tight Gas-Condensate Reservoirs
Galeano-Caro D, Villegas JP, Sanchez JH, Cortes FB, Lopera SH, Franco CA
12527 - 12534 Using Coal Coke for N-Sorption with an Al-based Nitrogen Carrier during Chemical Looping Ammonia Generation
Feng MQ, Zhang Q, Wu Y, Liu D
12535 - 12544 Study of Very High Molecular Weight Cluster Presence in THF Solution of Asphaltenes and Subfractions A1 and A2, by Gel Permeation Chromatography with Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry
Gonzalez G, Acevedo S, Castillo J, Villegas O, Ranaudo MA, Guzman K, Orea M, Bouyssiere B
12545 - 12555 Self-Assembly of Silica Nanoparticles at Water-Hydrocarbon Interfaces: Insights from In Operando Small-Angle X-ray Scattering Measurements and Molecular Dynamics Simulations
Mohammed S, Asgar H, Kuzmenko I, Gadikota G
12556 - 12572 Methodology for the Development of Empirical Models Relating C-13 NMR Spectral Features to Fuel Properties
Heredia-Langner A, Cort JR, Grubel K, O'Hagan MJ, Jarman KH, Linehan JC, Albrecht KO, Polikarpov E, King DL, Smurthwaite TD, Bays JT
12573 - 12585 Catalytic Route for the Production of Alkanes from Hydropyrolysis of Biomass
Chandler DS, Seufitelli GVS, Resende FLP
12586 - 12597 Torrefaction of Acacia nilotica: Oxygen Distribution and Carbon Densification Mechanism Based on In-Depth Analyses of Solid, Liquid, and Gaseous Products
Singh S, Chakraborty JP, Mondal MK
12598 - 12605 Prediction of the Octane Number: A Bayesian Pseudo-Component Method
Tipler S, Furst M, Van Haute Q, Contino F, Coussement A
12606 - 12615 Air Supplement as a Stimulation Approach for the In Situ Desulfurization and Methanization Enhancement of Anaerobic Digestion of Chicken Manure
Song YL, Mahdy A, Hou Z, Lin M, Stinner W, Qiao W, Dong RJ
12616 - 12625 Production of Partially Deoxygenated Pyrolysis Oil from Switchgrass via Ca(OH)(2), CaO, and Ca(COOH)(2) Cofeeding
Raymundo LM, Mullen CA, Boateng AA, DeSisto WJ, Trierweiler JO
12626 - 12633 Evaluating the Effectiveness of Adding Chicken Manure in the Anaerobic Mesophilic Codigestion of Sewage Sludge and Wine Distillery Wastewater: Kinetic Modeling and Economic Approach
Zahedi S, Martin C, Solera R, Perez M
12634 - 12645 Experimental and Kinetic Modeling of Biomass Derived Hydrocarbon p-Menthane Pyrolysis
Gong SY, Wang HY, Liu YJ, Zhang XW, Wang L, Liu GZ
12646 - 12653 Biodiesel Ethers: Fatty Acid-Derived Alkyl Ether Fuels as Improved Bioblendstocks for Mixing-Controlled Compression Ignition Engines
Carlson JS, Monroe EA, Dhaoui R, Zhu JQ, McEnally CS, Shinde S, Pfefferle LD, George A, Davis RW
12654 - 12664 Investigation on the Catalytic Behavior of Alkali Metals and Alkaline Earth Metals on the Biomass Pyrolysis Assisted with Real-Time Monitoring
Li SS, Wang C, Luo ZJ, Zhu XF
12665 - 12677 Effects of MgCl2 Solution Pretreatment at Room Temperature on the Pyrolytic Behavior of Pubescens and the Properties of Bio-oil Obtained
Liu YC, Wang Y, Wang WL, Liu LF, Hu CW
12678 - 12687 Understanding the Homogeneous Reactions of Primary Tar from Biomass Pyrolysis by Means of Photoionization Mass Spectrometry
Yang K, Wang JH, Huang JH, Yang JZ, Pan Y, Xu MG, Ma PY, Jia LY
12688 - 12702 Fuel and Chemical Properties of Waste Tire Pyrolysis Oil Derived from a Continuous Twin-Auger Reactor
Campuzano F, Jameel AGA, Zhang W, Emwas AH, Agudelo AF, Martinez JD, Sarathy SM
12703 - 12709 Electrocatalytic Valorization of Organosolv Lignin Utilizing a Nickel-Based Electrocatalyst
Yan KL, Zhang Y, Tu MB, Sun YJ
12710 - 12723 Ex Situ Catalytic Fast Pyrolysis of Lignin-Rich Digested Stillage over Na/ZSM-5, H/ZSM-5, and Fe/ZSM-5
Priharto N, Ghysels S, Pala M, Opsomer W, Ronsse F, Yildiz G, Heeres HJ, Deuss PJ, Prins W
12724 - 12733 In-Depth Experimental Study on Thermochemical Conversion of Furan in Molten Alkali Carbonates
Yang F, Hu HY, Gao Q, Yang YH, Xu K, Chen TZ, Li X, Li AJ, Yao H
12734 - 12742 Evaluation of Biogas Performance and Process Stability from Food, Kitchen, and Fruit/Vegetable Waste by Mono-, Co-, and Tridigestion
Li PC, Liu ZY, Zhao MX, Dai XH, Ruan WQ
12743 - 12756 Study of the Molecular Structure and Elemental Mercury Adsorption Mechanism of Biomass Char
Jia L, Yu Y, Guo JR, Qin SN, Wang YL, Shen X, Fan BG, Jin Y
12757 - 12770 Modeling Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Oil Sands Partial Upgrading Technologies Using a Life Cycle-Based Model
Pacheco DM, Bergerson JA, MacLean HL
12771 - 12778 Lattice Dynamics Study of the Thermal Expansion of C3H8-, CH4-, CF4-, CO2-, Xe-, and N-2-Hydrates
Belosludov RV, Zhdanov RK, Bozhko YY, Gets KV, Subbotin OS, Kawazoe Y, Belosludov VR
12779 - 12791 An Efficient Co-Based Metal-Organic Framework Nanocrystal (Co-ZIF-67) for Adsorptive Desulfurization of Dibenzothiophene: Impact of the Preparation Approach on Structure Tuning
Jafarinasab M, Akbari A, Omidkhah M, Shakeri M
12792 - 12799 First-Principles Investigation of Single-Atom Ni-g-C3N4 as an Efficient Catalyst for Direct Reduction of NO with CO
Zhang LL, Zhang JX, Qi MY, Guo X, Feng X
12800 - 12809 Numerical Investigation of a Syngas-Fueled Chemical Looping Combustion System
Lin JJ, Luo K, Sun LY, Wang S, Hu CS, Fan JR
12810 - 12821 Effect of Salts on TBAB Semi Clathrate Hydrate Formation: Application to Produced Water Desalination
Alhejaili A, Babu P, Daraboina N
12822 - 12832 Moisture- and Temperature-Responsive Polyglycerol-Based Carbon Dioxide Sorbents-The Insight into the Absorption Mechanism for the Hydrophilic Polymer
Parzuchowski PG, Swiderska A, Roguszewska M, Rolinska K, Wolosz D
12833 - 12840 Investigation of Arsenic Poisoned Selective Catalytic Reduction Catalyst Performance and Lifetime in Coal-Fired Power Plants
Zhang Y, Zheng CH, Liu SJ, Wu WH, Yang Y, Zhao HT, Zhu Y, Gao X
12841 - 12852 Utilization of H2O and CO2 in Coal Particle Gasification with an Impact of Temperature and Particle Size
Sutardi T, Wang LW, Karimi N, Paul MC
12853 - 12859 Nanosized Zn-In Spinel-Type Sorbents for Elemental Mercury Removal from Flue Gas
Yu YN, Yang YJ, Liu J, Wang Z, Ding JY
12860 - 12869 YInvestigation of the Coal Oxidation Effect on Competitive Adsorption Characteristics of CO2/CH4
Hu Y, Wang S, He YR
12870 - 12879 Comparative Study on CO2 Capture Performance of Prewashed Agricultural Waste-Templated, CaO-based Pellets Subjected to Different Regeneration Conditions
Sun J, Zhou Y, Chen YN, Liang C, Yang YD, Huo XC, Guo YF, Zhao CW
12880 - 12890 Abatement of n-Butane by Catalytic Combustion over Co-ZSM-5 Catalysts
Zhao W, Ruan SS, Qian SY, Feng BB, Ao CC, Wang L, Liu FY, Zhang LD
12891 - 12899 A Simple Route for the Synthesis of Cobalt Phosphate Nanoparticles for Electrocatalytic Water Oxidation in Alkaline Medium
Sankar SS, Rathishkumar A, Geetha K, Kundu S
12900 - 12910 Impact of Selected High-Performance Fuel Blends on Three-Way Catalyst Light Off under Synthetic Spark-Ignition Engine-Exhaust Conditions
Majumdar SS, Pihl JA
12911 - 12917 Well-Designed TiO2@UiO-66-NH2 Nanocomposite with Superior Photocatalytic Activity for Tetracycline under Restricted Space
Wu JF, Fang XX, Zhu YZ, Ma N, Dai W
12918 - 12925 Time-Series Temperature Measurement during Combustion of Volatile Matter and Coal Char of a Single Pulverized Coal Particle via Magnified Two-Color Pyrometry with Blue Backlit Imaging
Sawada S, Okada D, Nakatsuka N, Tainaka K, Hori T, Hayashi J, Akamatsu F
12926 - 12939 Realization of a Novel Free-Piston Engine Generator for Hybrid-Electric Vehicle Applications
Smallbone A, Hanipah MR, Jia B, Scott T, Heslop J, Towell B, Lawrence C, Roy S, Shivaprasad KV, Roskilly AP
12940 - 12950 Impact of n-Hexanol Blending on Morphology, Nanostructure, Graphitization, and Oxidation Characteristics of Diesel Particles
Wang DX, Wang Y, Wang XC, Guo FN, Bai YQ
12951 - 12959 A Coupling Study of Potassium Sulfation Chemistry and Aerosol Dynamics for a KCl/SO2/O-2/H2O System
Hu ZF, Wang XB, Tan HZ, Zhou YG
12960 - 12971 Nanostructural Disorder and Reactivity Comparison of Flame Soot and Engine Soot Using Diesel and Jatropha Biodiesel/Diesel Blend as Fuels
Morajkar PP, Abdrabou MK, Salkar AV, Raj A, Elkadi M, Anjum DH
12972 - 12983 Combustibility and Cofiring of Coal Gasification Fine Ash with High Carbon Content in a Full-scale Pulverized Coal Furnace
Liu X, Wang XB, Sheng H, Zhang JY, Yang CQ, Rahman ZU, Zhang L, Tan HZ
12984 - 12994 Reduced Graphene Oxide-Supported Co3O4 Nanocomposite Bifunctional Electrocatalysts for Glucose-Oxygen Fuel Cells
Madhura TR, Kumar GG, Ramaraj R
12995 - 13009 Direct Liquid Fuel Cells-The Influence of Temperature and Dynamic Instabilities
Nogueira JA, Varela H
13010 - 13022 Influence of Hydrophobicity and Porosity of the Gas Diffusion Layer on Mass Transport Losses in PEM Fuel Cells: A Simulation Study Supported by Experiments
Arif M, Cheung SCP, Andrews J
13023 - 13031 Co-N-Codoped Carbon/Co@Carbon Cloth Hybrid Derived from ZIF-67 for the Oxygen Evolution Reaction and Supercapacitors
Lai XX, Guo RH, Cui C, Ren EH, Xiao HY, Qin Q, Jiang SX, Zhang Y
13032 - 13037 Ni-Co Double Hydroxide Grown on Graphene Oxide for Enhancing Lithium Ion Storage
Song F, Zhang R, Zhang XY, Qin JQ, Liu RP
13038 - 13047 Electrocatalytic Cathodes Based on Cobalt Nanoparticles Supported on Nitrogen-Doped Porous Carbon by Strong Electrostatic Adsorption for Advanced Lithium-Sulfur Batteries
Abdelkader AA, Norouzi N, Rodene DD, Alzharani A, Gupta RB, El-Kadri HM
13048 - 13055 Chemically Prelithiated Graphene for Anodes of Li-Ion Batteries
Jang J, Ki H, Kang Y, Son M, Auxilia FM, Seo H, Kim IH, Kim KH, Park KH, Kim Y, Kim WB, Ham MH, Kim IS
13056 - 13066 Investigation of Electrochemical Charge Storage Efficiency of NiCo2Se4/RGO Composites Derived at Varied Duration and Its Asymmetric Supercapacitor Device
Ghosh S, Samanta P, Samanta P, Murmu NC, Kuila T
13067 - 13078 Hydroelectric Cell Based on a Cerium Oxide-Decorated Reduced Graphene Oxide (CeO2-rG) Nanocomposite Generates Green Electricity by Room-Temperature Water Splitting
Bhargava R, Shah J, Khan S, Kotnala RK
13079 - 13088 Organic Molecular Electrode with Ultrahigh Rate Capability for Supercapacitors
Ma FQ, Wang XT, Hu ZG, Hou LJ, Yang YY, Li ZM, He YY, Zhu H
13089 - 13095 Renewable and Metal-Free Carbon Derived from Aquatic Scindapsus Affording Meso-microporosity, Large Interface, and Enriched Pyridinic-N for Efficient Oxygen Reduction Reaction Catalysis
Li DN, Fan YK, Yuan HR, Deng LF, Yang JZ, Chen Y, Luo B
13096 - 13103 Low-Cost Synthetic Honeycomb-like Carbon Derived from Cotton as a Sulfur Host for the Enhanced Electrochemical Performances of Lithium-Sulfur Batteries
Jin H, Bai YL, Pu FZ, Li T, Ye LL, Zhang MM, Xu H, Yang ZM, Kong CC
13104 - 13110 A High-Quality Monoclinic Nickel Hexacyanoferrate for Aqueous Zinc-Sodium Hybrid Batteries
Ma FX, Yuan XH, Xu T, Zhou SY, Xiong XS, Zhou Q, Yu NF, Ye JL, Wu YP, van Ree T
13111 - 13117 Binder-free One-dimensional NiCo2O4 Nanowires@Carbon Papers Composite as an Anode for Lithium-Ion Batteries
Wang ZL, Xia YB, Liu L, Wang AN, Zhang Y, Liu X
13118 - 13125 Zinc-Carbon Paper Composites as Anodes for Zn-Ion Batteries: Key Impacts on Their Electrochemical Behaviors
Wu ZX, Yuan XH, Jiang MJH, Wang LL, Huang QH, Fu LJ, Wu YP
13126 - 13136 Porous SnO2/Graphene Composites as Anode Materials for Lithium-Ion Batteries: Morphology Control and Performance Improvement
Lu ZY, Kong Z, Jing LY, Wang T, Liu XH, Fu AP, Guo PZ, Guo YG, Li HL
13137 - 13143 Scalable Synthesis of Si/C Microspheres with 3D Conducting Nanosized Porous Channels as High-Performance Anodes in LIBs
Huang SM, Shan W, He SG, Chen HD, Qin HQ, Wang SF, Hou XH
13144 - 13148 Nitrogen-Doped Hard Carbon as Symmetric Electrodes for Sodium-Ion Capacitor
Wang XY, He SG, Chen FM, Hou XH
13149 - 13156 Amorphous TiO2/C Frameworks as Intercalation Pseudocapacitance Anodes for Fast and Durable Sodium Storage
Xu H, Yu GX, Wang WJ, Qin LG, Ren LH, Jiang YQ
13157 - 13166 Boosted Electrochemical Performance of Honeycomb-Like NiCu-LDH Nanosheets Anchoring on NiCo2S4 Nanotube Arrays for Flexible Solid-State Hybrid Supercapacitors
Huang JJ, Xie JL, Wang L, Zhang J, Wang PJ, Sun PH, Yao ZJ, Yang YF
13167 - 13178 Low- to Room-Temperature Dehydrogenation of Dimethylamine Borane Facilitated by Ionic Liquids: Molecular Modeling and Experimental Studies
Kundu D, Pugazhenthi G, Banerjee T
13179 - 13185 Integrated Photo-Electrocatalytic (PEC) Systems for Water Splitting to Hydrogen and Oxygen under Concentrated Sunlight: Effect of Internal Parameters on Performance
Ziani A, Al-Shankiti I, Khan MA, Idriss H
13186 - 13207 New Molecular Insights into Aggregation of Pure and Mixed Asphaltenes in the Presence of n-Octylphenol Inhibitor
Ghamartale A, Zendehboudi S, Rezaei N