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7917 - 7949 Recent Advances in Heavy Oil Upgrading Using Dispersed Catalysts
Al-Attas TA, Ali SA, Zahir MH, Xiong QG, Al-Bogami SA, Malaibari ZO, Razzak SA, Hossain MM
7950 - 7970 Determination of C-13 NMR Chemical Shift Structural Ranges for Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) and PAHs in Asphaltenes: An Experimental and Theoretical Density Functional Theory Study
Ruiz-Morales Y, Miranda-Olvera AD, Portales-Martinez B, Dominguez JM
7971 - 7982 Resins and Asphaltenes of Light and Heavy Oils: Their Composition and Structure
Cheshkova TV, Sergun VP, Kovalenko EY, Gerasimova NN, Sagachenko TA, Min RS
7983 - 7992 Interactions between Rock/Brine and Oil/Brine Interfaces within Thin Brine Film Wetting Carbonates: A Molecular Dynamics Simulation Study
Koleini MM, Badizad MH, Kargozarfard Z, Ayatollahi S
7993 - 8006 Experimental Simulation Study on Water Migration and Methane Depressurizing Desorption Based on Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Technology: A Case Study of Middle-Rank Coals from the Panguan Syncline in the Western Guizhou Region
Zhang JJ, Wei CT, Vandeginste V, Ju W, Qiu ZY, Quan FK, Tamehe LS
8007 - 8013 Experimental Insight into the Effects of Two Asphaltene-Degrading Bacterial Consortia on Crude Oil Properties
Shahebrahimi Y, Fazlali A, Motamedi H, Kord S
8014 - 8025 Evaluation of Char Characteristics and Combustibility of Low-Rank-Coal Blends with Different Reflectance Distributions
Jeong TY, Isworo YY, Jeon CH
8026 - 8031 Use of Terahertz Waves To Monitor Moisture Content in High-Pressure Natural Gas Pipelines
Fan ST, Jeong K, Wallace VP, Aman Z
8032 - 8039 Structure and CO2 Gasification Reactivity of Char Derived through Pressured Hydropyrolysis from Low-Rank Coal
Guo WJ, Wang YG, Lin XC, Wang GY, Zheng PP, Yang YP, Mochida I
8040 - 8044 Birch Reduction of Asphaltenes. Synthesis of Hydroasphaltenes
Billups WE, Verma M, Brinson BE, Vishnyakova E, Alemany LB, Shammai M
8045 - 8054 Geochemical Characteristics of Shale Gas in the Silurian Longmaxi Formation, Jiaoshiba Area, Southeast Sichuan Basin, China
Xin C, Chen L, Guo XS, Wang C
8055 - 8064 Comprehensive Understanding of OM-Hosted Pores in Transitional Shale: A Case Study of Permian Longtan Shale in South China Based on Organic Petrographic Analysis, Gas Adsorption, and X-ray Diffraction Measurements
Yang C, Xiong YQ, Zhang JC, Liu YK, Chen C
8065 - 8075 Reductive Gaseous (H-2/NH3) Desulfurization and Gasification of High-Sulfur Petroleum Coke via Reactive Force Field Molecular Dynamics Simulations
Zhong QF, Zhang Y, Shabnam S, Xiao J, van Duin ACT, Mathews JP
8076 - 8100 Organic Matter Types of the Wufeng and Longmaxi Formations in the Sichuan Basin, South China: Implications for the Formation of Organic Matter Pores
Nie HK, Jin ZJ, Sun CX, He ZL, Liu GX, Liu QY
8101 - 8109 Influencing Factors of Autoxidation Kinetics Parameters of Endothermic Hydrocarbon Fuels
Zhao L, Liu J, Zhang XW
8110 - 8117 Simplification of Heavy Matrices by Liquid-Solid Extraction: Part II-How to Separate the LMW, MMW, and HMW Compounds in Asphaltene Fractions for V, Ni, and S Compounds
Gascon G, Negrin J, Montoto VG, Acevedo S, Lienemann CP, Bouyssiere B
8118 - 8125 A Method for Predicting the Amount of Volatile Matter Depending on Time of Pyrolysis Process of Low-Rank Coal
Bayartsaikhan T, Kim HJ
8126 - 8134 Primary Fragmentation Behavior Investigation in Pulverized Coal Combustion with High-Speed Digital Inline Holography
Wu XC, Lin XD, Yao LC, Wu YC, Wu CY, Chen LH, Cen KF
8135 - 8144 Effect of Reservoir Salinity between Bioacid and Carbonate Rock Based on Biometabolic Analysis
Zheng XC, Lin XS, Yang YR, Wen YP, Shi YM, Xie XF, Hou AX, Lai NJ
8145 - 8150 Evaluation of Mercury Removal Efficiency of Coal through Solvent Extraction Procedures
Guo SQ, Zhang LC, Dong Y, Gao LB, Cao YZ, Wei XX, Liang L
8151 - 8164 Breaking of Water-In-Crude Oil Emulsions. Part 9. New Interfacial Rheology Characteristics Measured Using a Spinning Drop Rheometer at Optimum Formulation
Marquez R, Forgiarini AM, Langevin D, Salager JL
8165 - 8175 Ultrasound-Promoter Pretreatment for Enhancing the Yield and Combustible Matter Recovery of High-Ash Oxidized Coal Flotation
Barma SD, Tej SSP, Ramya B, Sathish R
8176 - 8183 Gas Evolution Rates in Supersaturated Water-in-Oil Emulsions at Elevated Pressures
Miranda MA, Raman AKY, Lavenson DM, Subramani HJ, Mohammad SA, Aichele CP
8184 - 8201 On the Optimum Aging Time: Magnetic Resonance Study of Asphaltene Adsorption Dynamics in Sandstone Rock
Shikhov I, Thomas DS, Arns CH
8202 - 8214 Characterization of CO2/CH4 Competitive Adsorption in Various Clay Minerals in Relation to Shale Gas Recovery from Molecular Simulation
Hu XF, Deng HC, Lu C, Tian YY, Jin ZH
8215 - 8221 Permeability Upscaling Using the Cubic Law Based on the Analysis of Multiresolution Micro Computed Tomography Images of Intermediate Rank Coal
Roslin A, Pokrajac D, Zhou YF
8222 - 8230 Experimental Study on Kinetic Behaviors of Natural Gas Hydrate Production via Continuous Simulated Seawater Injection
Li DX, Ren SR, Xu Y, Rui HX
8231 - 8240 Investigation of Solvent Synergists for Improved Kinetic Hydrate Inhibitor Performance of Poly(N-isopropyl methacrylamide)
Ree LHS, Kelland MA
8241 - 8249 Application of Ultrashort Hydrophobe Surfactants with Cosolvent Characters for Heavy Oil Recovery
Baek KH, Arg FJ, Arguelles-Vivas J, Abeykoon GA, Okuno R, Weerasooriya UP
8250 - 8258 Interpreting Water Uptake by Shale with Ion Exchange, Surface Complexation, and Disjoining Pressure
Zeng LP, Chen YQ, Lu YH, Lau HC, Hossain MM, Saeedi AL, Xie Q
8259 - 8270 Molecular Structure and Solubility Determination of Asphaltenes
Ok S, Mahmoodinia M, Rajasekaran N, Sabti MA, Lervik A, van Erp TS, Cabriolu R
8271 - 8278 Study of the Role of Sodium Citrate in Bitumen Liberation
Xiang BL, Truong NTV, Feng LY, Bai TZ, Qi C, Liu QX
8279 - 8288 Fabrication and Mechanism Study of the Fast Spontaneous Emulsification of Crude Oil with Anionic/Cationic Surfactants as an Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) Method for Low-Permeability Reservoirs
Li Z, Kang WL, Bai BJ, Wu HR, Gou CB, Yuan YJ, Xu DR, Lu Y, Hou JR
8289 - 8301 Precise Wettability Characterization of Carbonate Rocks To Evaluate Oil Recovery Using Surfactant-Based Nanofluids
Haeri F, Rao DN
8302 - 8311 Synthesis of N,O-Doped Porous Graphene from Petroleum Coke for Deep Oxidative Desulfurization of Fuel
He J, Wu PW, Lu LJ, Sun HB, Jia D, Hua MQ, He MQ, Xu CJ, Zhu WS, Li HM
8312 - 8322 Effect of Salinities on Supercritical CO2 Foam Stabilized by a Betaine Surfactant for Improving Oil Recovery
Li WT, Wei FL, Xiong CM, Ouyang J, Dai ML, Shao LM, Lv J
8323 - 8337 Supercritical Methane Adsorption on Overmature Shale: Effect of Pore Structure and Fractal Characteristics
Feng GJ, Zhu YM, Wang GGX, Chen SB, Wang Y, Ju W
8338 - 8353 Concentration Dependence of Mutual Diffusivity of Liquid Hydrocarbons and Bitumen
Grimaldos F, Schoeggl FF, Maini B, Yarranton HW
8354 - 8362 Investigation on the Potential Relationships between Geophysical Properties and CH4 Adsorption in a Typical Shale Gas Reservoir
Liu YL, Hou J
8363 - 8373 Roles of Surfactants during Soaking and Post Leak-Off Production Stages of Hydraulic Fracturing Operation in Tight Oil-Wet Rocks
Tangirala S, Sheng JJ
8374 - 8382 Internal Olefin Sulfonate Foam Coreflooding in Low-Permeable Limestone at Varying Salinity
Rudyk S, Al-Khamisi GS, Al-Wahaibi Y, Afzal N
8383 - 8393 Lake Level Controls on Oil Shale Distribution in the Lucaogou Formation, Wujiawan Area, Junggar Basin, Northwest China
Li YJ, Sun PC, Liu ZJ, Wang JX, Li Y, Zhang MQ
8394 - 8402 Removal of Elemental Mercury from Flue Gas Using Microwave/Ultrasound-Activated Ce-Fe Magnetic Porous Carbon Derived from Biomass Straw
Shan Y, Yang W, Li Y, Chen H, Liu YX
8403 - 8412 Dimethylcyclohexylamine Switchable Solvent Interactions with Asphaltenes toward Viscosity Reduction and in Situ Upgrading of Heavy Oils
Mozhdehei A, Hosseinpour N, Bahramian A
8413 - 8422 Absorption and Removal Efficiency of Low-Partial-Pressure H2S in a Tetramethylammonium Glycinate Activated N-Methyldiethanolamine Aqueous Solution
Tian XF, Wang LM, Fu D
8423 - 8439 Studies on the Selection of a Catalyst-Oxidant System for the Energy-Efficient Desulfurization and Denitrogenation of Fuel Oil at Mild Operating Conditions
Subhan S, Muhammad Y, Sahibzada M, Subhan F, Tong ZF
8440 - 8447 Colloidal Asphaltenes-Non-extinct "Dinosaurs" in Native Petroleum
Evdokimov IN
8448 - 8455 Oil-Based Binding Resins: Peculiar Water-in-Oil Emulsion Breakers
Zargar M, Fridjonsson EO, Graham BF, May EF, Johns ML
8456 - 8462 Effect of Water/Decane Ratios and Salt on the Stability, Rheology, and Interfacial Tension of Water/Decane Emulsions
Adewunmi AA, Kamal MS
8463 - 8470 Study on the Transformation of Arsenic and Lead in Pyrite During Thermal Conversion
Song GC, Xu WT, Ji P, Song Q
8471 - 8482 Exploratory Investigation on the Slurry-Phase Hydrocracking Reaction Behavior of Coal Tar and Petroleum-Based Heavy Oil Mixed Raw Material
Li C, Du JT, Yang TF, Deng EN
8483 - 8490 Experimental Research on Combustion Characteristics and NOx Emission of Three Kinds of Solid Fuels Preheated by a Self-Preheating Burner
Liu W, Ouyang ZQ, Song WH, Zhu SJ, Li SY
8491 - 8502 Novel Thermal Maturity Parameters Derived from Alkylbiphenyls and Alkyldiphenylmethanes
Wang QR, Huang HP, Li Z, Li ZX
8503 - 8510 Study on Modification and Desulfurization Performance of a Molybdenum-Based Catalyst
Tu YM, Li TH, Yu GJ, Wei L, Ta L, Zhou ZY, Ren ZQ
8511 - 8521 Kerogen Pyrolysis Experiment and Hydrocarbon Generation Kinetics in the Dongpu Depression, Bohai Bay Basin, China
Yan KN, Zuo YH, Yang MH, Zhou YS, Zhang YX, Wang CC, Song RC, Feng RP, Feng YJ
8522 - 8529 Increased Nonionic Surfactant Efficiency in Oil Recovery by Integrating with Hydrophilic Silica Nanoparticle
Zhong X, Li CC, Pu H, Zhou YX, Zhao JXJ
8530 - 8543 Phase Behavior of Mixtures of Bitumen and n-Butane
Claro YAP, Schoeggl FF, Taylor SD, Yarranton HW
8544 - 8556 Effects of Temperature and Pressure on Spontaneous Counter-Current Imbibition in Unsaturated Porous Media
Feng D, Wu KL, Wang XZ, Li J, Shi JT, Zhang YJ, Qi P, Li XF
8557 - 8565 Studies of the Role of Heteroatomic Species in Jet Fuel Thermal Stability: Model Fuel Mixtures and Real Fuels
Zabarnick S, West ZJ, Shafer LM, Mueller SS, Striebich RC, Wrzesinski PJ
8566 - 8575 Quantitative Modeling of Formation of Asphaltene Nanoaggregates
Gray MR, Yarranton HW
8576 - 8587 How Anion Structures Can Affect the Thiophene Distribution between Imidazolium-Based Ionic Liquid and Hydrocarbon Phases? A Theoretical QSPR Study
Gorji AE, Sobati MA
8588 - 8595 Geochemical Characteristics and Geological Significance of the Anaerobic Biodegradation Products of Crude Oil
Gao CH, Zhang YY, Wang XM, Lin JZ, Li YY
8596 - 8605 Production of Aryl Oxygen-Containing Compounds by the Pyrolysis of Bagasse Alkali Lignin Catalyzed by LaM0.2Fe0.8O3 (M = Fe, Cu, Al, Ti)
Wang HY, Han HJ, Sun EH, Han YJ, Zhang YN, Li JX, Chen YG, Song H, Zhao HZ, Kang Y
8606 - 8619 Kinetic Parameters for Biomass under Self-Ignition Conditions: Low-Temperature Oxidation and Pyrolysis
Schwarzer L, Sarossy Z, Jensen PA, Glarborg P, Karlstrom O, Holm JK, Johansen KM
8620 - 8631 Mathematical Modeling of Acetone-Butanol-Ethanol Fermentation with Simultaneous Utilization of Glucose and Xylose by Recombinant Clostridium acetobutylicum
Lim J, Byun HE, Kim B, Park H, Lee JH
8632 - 8639 Improving Energy Density and Grindability of Wood Pellets by Dry Torrefaction
Yu S, Park J, Kim M, Kim H, Ryu C, Lee Y, Yang W, Jeong YG
8640 - 8648 Ultrasonic-Assisted Upgrading of the Heavy Bio-Oil Obtained from Pyrolysis of Pine Nut Shells with Methanol and Octanol Solvents
Qin LY, Shao Y, Hou ZW, Jia YW, Jiang EC
8649 - 8656 Influence of Porosity in a Packed-Bed Tubular Reactor on Biodiesel Production from Soybean Oil and Supercritical Ethanol: An Experimental and Phenomenological Investigation
Santiago LEP, Reboucas EG, Silva MG, Oliveira KC, Jesus AA, Aguiar EM, Oliveira JA, Souza DFS
8657 - 8665 Catalytic Depolymerization of a Lignin-Rich Corncob Residue into Aromatics in Supercritical Ethanol over an Alumina-Supported NiMo Alloy Catalyst
Bai YF, Cui K, Sang YS, Wu K, Yan F, Mai FH, Ma ZW, Wen Z, Chen H, Chen MM, Li YD
8666 - 8675 Catalytic Effect of Inorganic Elements on Steam Gasification Biochar Properties from Agrowastes
Millan LMR, Vargas FES, Nzihou A
8676 - 8682 Fast Pyrolysis of Organosolv Lignin: Effect of Adding Stabilization Reagents to the Extraction Process
Chen H, Xu GH, Xiao CY, Bi YD, Hu JL
8683 - 8693 Effects of EGR Dilution on Combustion and Emission Performance of a Compression Ignition Engine Fueled with Dimethyl Carbonate and 2-Ethylhexyl Nitrate Additive
Pan MZ, Qian WW, Huang R, Zhou XR, Huang HZ, Pan XZ, Ban ZB
8694 - 8701 Continuous Steam-Assisted Low-Temperature Pyrolysis of Alkali Lignin and Selective Production of Guaiacol Components in a Fixed-Bed Reactor
Ye J, Zhou MH, Zhao JP, Xia HH, Xu JM, Tan WH, Jiang JC
8702 - 8710 Adsorption Characteristics and Mechanisms of Coal-Microorganisms in the Process of Biogenic Methane Production from Highly Volatile Bituminous Coal
Xia DP, Zhang HW, Su XB, Chen H, Li D
8711 - 8720 Comparison of Anaerobic Methane Fermentation Performance and Ammonia Resistance with Different Inoculum Configurations
Yang ZY, Sun HY, Liu Y, Liu C, Zhang RH, Liu GQ, Wang W
8721 - 8726 Modeling Carbon-to-Nitrogen Ratio Influence on Biogas Production by the 4th-order Runge-Kutta Method
Fagbemi L, Adamon D, Ekouedjen EK
8727 - 8734 Copyrolysis Behavior of Xylan and Polyvinyl Chloride Plastic
Wang WL, Sun K, Ali M, Liu XJ, Huang QX
8735 - 8745 Synergistic Characteristics and Capabilities of Co-hydrothermal Carbonization of Sewage Sludge/Lignite Mixtures
Song YP, Zhan H, Zhuang XZ, Yin XL, Wu CZ
8746 - 8757 An Energy and Exergy Analysis of Biomass Gasification Integrated with a Char-Catalytic Tar Reforming System
Buentello-Montoya D, Zhang XL
8758 - 8765 Biocrude Oil Production through the Maillard Reaction between Leucine and Glucose during Hydrothermal Liquefaction
Qiu Y, Aierzhati A, Cheng J, Guo H, Yang WJ, Zhang YH
8766 - 8776 Kinetic Analysis of Dried Biosolid Pyrolysis
Kreutter W, Liu ZZ, McNamara P, Singer S
8777 - 8785 Effects of Combined Torrefaction and Pelletization on Particulate Matter Emission from Biomass Pellet Combustion
Shao JA, Cheng W, Zhu YJ, Yang W, Fan JY, Liu H, Yang HP, Chen HP
8786 - 8793 Depolymerization of Lignin over a Ni-Pd Bimetallic Catalyst Using Isopropanol as an in Situ Hydrogen Source
Jiang BX, Hu J, Qao YH, Jiang XX, Lu P
8794 - 8803 The Use of Near-Infrared Spectroscopy for the Prediction of Gaseous and Particulate Emissions from Agricultural Feedstock Pellets
Gillespie GD, Gowen AA, Finnan JM, Carroll JP, Farrelly DJ, McDonnell KP
8804 - 8811 Anaerobic Thermophilic Digestion of Maotai-Flavored Distiller's Grains: Process Performance and Microbial Community Dynamics
Ao TJ, Li RL, Chen YC, Li C, Li ZD, Liu XF, Ran Y, Li D
8812 - 8820 Comparison of Sodium Lignosulfonate and Derived Biochar for Influencing Methane Bioevolution
Zhang JS, Zhao L, Yu F, Zang LH
8821 - 8834 Characterization of the Fine Particle Emissions from the Use of Two Fischer-Tropsch Fuels in a CFM56-2C1 Commercial Aircraft Engine
Kinsey JS, Squier W, Timko M, Dong YJ, Logan R
8835 - 8842 Regenerable Ce-Mn/TiO2 Catalytic Sorbent for Mercury Removal with High Resistance to SO2
Wu X, Duan YF, Li N, Hu P, Yao T, Meng JL, Ren SJ, Wei HQ
8843 - 8851 Mineral Carbonation for Carbon Utilization in Microalgae Culture
Ye Z, Abraham J, Christodoulatos C, Prigiobbe V
8852 - 8863 Integrated PVT and Coreflooding Studies of Carbonated Water Injection in Tight Oil Reservoirs: A Case Study
Zou JD, Liao XW, Chen ZM, Zhao XL, Mu LY, Chu HY, Dong P, Guan C
8864 - 8875 Investigation of Elemental Mercury Removal from Coal-Fired Boiler Flue Gas over MIL101-Cr
Dong L, Huang YJ, Liu LQ, Liu CQ, Xu LG, Zha JR, Chen H, Liu H
8876 - 8895 DFT Study on the Dibenzothiophene Pyrolysis Mechanism in Petroleum
Li TS, Li J, Zhang HL, Sun KN, Xiao J
8896 - 8906 Simultaneous Removal of Elemental Mercury and NO from Simulated Flue Gas at Low Temperatures over Mn-V-W/TiO2 Catalysts
Meng JL, Duan YF, Hu P, Xu YF, Geng XZ, Yao T, Ren SJ, Wei HQ
8907 - 8919 Characterizing Variability in Oil Sands Upgrading Greenhouse Gas Emissions Intensity
Pacheco DM, Bergerson JA, Alvarez-Majmutov A, Chen JW, MacLean HL
8920 - 8926 Nature of Active Sites and an Oxygen-Assisted Reaction Mechanism for Mercury Capture by Spinel-Type CuMn2O4 Sorbents
Yang YJ, Liu J, Wang Z, Zhang Z, Ding JY, Yu YN
8927 - 8936 Biomass-Tar-Enabled Nitrogen-Doped Highly Ultramicroporous Carbon as an Efficient Absorbent for CO2 Capture
Li DN, Chen J, Fan YK, Deng LF, Shan R, Chen HB, Yuan HR, Chen Y
8937 - 8945 Highly Efficient and Reversible Absorption of SO2 from Flue Gas Using Diamino Polycarboxylate Protic Ionic Liquid Aqueous Solutions
Zhang HM, Jiang B, Yang N, Zhang N, Zhang LH, Huang ZH, Xiao XM, Tantai XW
8946 - 8953 Adsorption Kinetics of CO2 on a Reconstructed Calcite Surface: An Experiment-Simulation Collaborative Method
Tao L, Huang JC, Yin XT, Wang Q, Li Z, Wang GC, Cui BY
8954 - 8966 Reaction Characteristic Investigation of the Combined Template-Method-Made CaSO4-Mn3O4 Mixed Oxygen Carrier with Lignite
Wang BW, Li HY, Wang W, Luo C, Mei DF, Zhao HB
8967 - 8975 Synergistic Enhancement of CO2 Adsorption Capacity and Kinetics in Triethylenetetrammonium Nitrate Protic Ionic Liquid Functionalized SBA-15
Zhang W, Gao EH, Li Y, Bernards MT, Li YN, Cao GH, He Y, Shi Y
8976 - 8984 Effects of Supports on Pd-Fe Bimetallic Sorbents for Hg-0 Removal Activity and Regeneration Performance from Coal-Derived Fuel Gas
Ma LJ, Yue CX, Ye L, Huo H, Han LN, Chang LP, Bao WR, Wang JC
8985 - 8997 Experimental and Theoretical Investigation of Equilibrium Absorption Performance: Effect of Alkyl Amines as Promoters on the CO2 Loading of 2-Amino-2-methyl-1-propanol at 313 K
Mahmoodi R, Mofarahi M, Izadpanah AA, Afkhamipour M, Hajizadeh A
8998 - 9003 Experimental Study on Denitration Performance of Iron Complex-Based Absorption Solutions and Their Regeneration by Zn
Zhu HZ, Nie ZG, Hu YF, Wang JY, Bai HC, Li YH, Guo QJ, Wang CP
9004 - 9013 Fe-Based Sorbent for Hot Coal Gas under Microwave Irradiation: Desulfurization Performance and Microwave Effects
Wu MM, Guo EH, Li QC, Fang HL, Mi J
9014 - 9022 Performance Investigation of an Electrocoagulation Reactor with Electrodes' Polarity Crossly Oriented in Emulsified Oil Separation
Jiang WM, Chen YM, Liu Y
9023 - 9031 Study on Thermal Decomposition Process of Semidry Flue Gas Desulfurization Ash
Yang Y, Fan YT, Li HL, Qi Y, Han W, Dan JM, Wang JY
9032 - 9039 Performance Evaluation of Newly Developed Absorbents for Solvent-Based Carbon Dioxide Capture
Li CX, Shi XQ, Shen SF
9040 - 9054 Integration of Power Plants with Different Capacities with Aqueous Ammonia-Based CO2 Capture
Zhai RR, Feng LJ, Yu H, Wang YL, Yang YP
9055 - 9066 Dilational Viscoelastic Properties of Water-Fuel Interfaces in Single and Binary Surfactant Systems
Zhang Q, Li YX, Cao LX, Li L, Huang K, Li WL, Yang CF
9067 - 9073 Quantitative Investigation of the Hydration Behavior of Sodium Montmorillonite by Thermogravimetric Analysis and Low-Field Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
Xie G, Xiao YR, Deng MY, Zhang Q, Huang DC, Jiang LF, Yang Y, Luo PY
9074 - 9086 Pyrolysis of Tetralin Liquefaction Derived Residues from Lighter Density Fractions of Waste Coals Taken from Waste Coal Disposal Sites in South Africa
Uwaoma RC, Strydom CA, Matjie RH, Bunt JR, Okolo GN, Brand DJ
9087 - 9098 Molecular Simulation Study on the Effect of Coal Rank and Moisture on CO2/CH4 Competitive Adsorption
Li Y, Yang ZZ, Li XG
9099 - 9106 Catalytic Methane Decomposition over Bimetallic Transition Metals Supported on Composite Aerogel
Gao BY, Wang IW, Ren LL, Hu JL
9107 - 9113 Comparative Kinetic Study on Heavy Oil Oxidation in the Presence of Nickel Tallate and Cobalt Tallate
Khelkhal MA, Eskin AA, Mukhamatdinov II, Feoktistov DA, Vakhin AV
9114 - 9123 Investigation of Combustion Enhancement by Ozone in a Constant Volume Combustion Bomb
Ji SB, Wang H, Shu ML, Tian GH, Lan X, Li M, Li L, Cheng Y
9124 - 9137 Characterization of the Morphology and Nanostructure of the Soot Particles Produced within Transient Diesel Reacting Jet Flame by Using Thermophoretic Sampling Technique
Wang YF, Liu H, Li T, Jiang H, He PF, Liu D, Zhang J, Xiong Q, Liu L
9138 - 9148 Study on Flame Characteristics during Biodiesel Combustion in Industrial Furnaces
Ni ZH, Zhai YL, Li FS, Wang HG, Liu ZW, Wang H
9149 - 9160 Chemical Looping Hydrogen Generation over Ceria/Zirconia-Enhanced NiO-NiFe2O4 Oxygen Carrier
Sun Y, Jiang EC, Xu XW, Wang JM, Tu R
9161 - 9170 Effect of NaOH Treatment on the Low-Temperature Oxidation Behavior of Lignite
Wang YY, Xue S, Tang YB, Mei FD, He W, Pan HF
9171 - 9183 Chemical Reaction Mechanisms Assessment for Simulation of Methane Combustion in Domestic Gas Cooking Burners
Laguillo S, Ochoa JS, Ortiz A
9184 - 9195 Analysis of Relationship between Entropy Generation and Soot Formation in Turbulent Kerosene/Air Jet Diffusion Flames
Bazdidi-Tehrani F, Abedinejad MS, Mohammadi M
9196 - 9204 Investigations on Gradual and Accelerated Oxidative Stability of Karanja Biodiesel and Biodiesel-Diesel Blends
Suraj CK, Krishnasamy A, Sundararajan T
9205 - 9214 Experimental and Kinetic Study on the Cool Flame Characteristics of Dimethyl Ether
Wang ZJ, Gou XL, Zhong C
9215 - 9223 Research on the Characteristics of the Coal-Oxygen Reaction in a Lean-Oxygen Environment Caused by Methane
Liu HW, Wang F, Ren T
9224 - 9231 Impact of Pentanol Addition and Injection Timing on the Characteristics of a Single-Cylinder Diesel Engine
Sen M, Emiroglu AO, Keskin A
9232 - 9240 Experimental Study on a Metal-Chelating Agent Inhibiting Spontaneous Combustion of Coal
Qiao L, Deng CB, Dai FW, Fan YP
9241 - 9248 Separation Performance of Hg2+ in Desulfurization Wastewater by the Graphene Oxide Polyethersulfone Membrane
Chen H, Wu H, Wang QW, Ji L, Zhang TT, Yang HM
9249 - 9271 Numerical Investigation of Gaseous Hydrogen and Liquid Oxygen Combustion under Subcritical Condition
Mardani A, Farsani AG, Farshchi M
9272 - 9279 Fate of Chlorine in Rice Straw under Different Pyrolysis Temperatures
Peng BX, Li XR, Luo J, Yu X
9280 - 9288 Transformation Characteristics of Arsenic and Lead during Coal Combustion
Ji P, Song GC, Xu WT, Song Q
9289 - 9301 Reduction of Detailed Chemical Mechanisms Using Reaction Class Based Global Sensitivity and Path Sensitivity Analyses
Chang YC, Jia M, Niu B, Xie MZ, Zhou CY
9302 - 9308 Effects of Ammonium Perchlorate Particle Size on the Aluminum Agglomeration in Primary Combustion of the Ammonium Perchlorate/Aluminum Binary Mixture with a High Aluminum Content
Chen Y, Zhu BZ, Sun YL, Zhang SY, Shi W, Liu XD
9309 - 9329 Preparation of Highly Porous Carbon through Slow Oxidative Torrefaction, Pyrolysis, and Chemical Activation of Lignocellulosic Biomass for High-Performance Supercapacitors
Yakaboylu GA, Yumak T, Jiang CL, Zondlo JW, Wang JX, Sabolsky EM
9330 - 9341 Influence of the Clay Content and Type of Algerian Sandstone Rock Samples on Water-Oil Relative Permeabilities
Akkal R, Ramezani H, Khodja M, Azzi S
9342 - 9350 Application of Gelatin Quaternary Ammonium Salt as an Environmentally Friendly Shale Inhibitor for Water-Based Drilling Fluids
Li XL, Jiang GC, Yang LL, Wang K, Shi H, Li GR, Wu XJ
9351 - 9362 Bench-Top Thermal and Steam Catalytic Cracking of Athabasca Residual Fractions: Attainable Upgrading Levels Correlated with Fraction Properties
Ortega LC, Rogel E, Perez-Zurita MJ, Peluso E, Carbognani J, Ovalles C, Lopez-Linares F, Vien J, Pradhan A, Pereira-Almao P
9363 - 9366 Toward Stable Operation of Sewage Sludge Incineration Plants: The Use of Alumina Nanoparticles to Suppress Adhesion of Fly Ash
Gao JG, Matsushita M, Horiguchi G, Fujii R, Tsukada M, Okada Y, Kamiya H