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5789 - 5789 27th International Conference on the Impact of Fuel Quality on Power Production and Environment
Gupta R
5790 - 5801 Heteroatom Removal as Pretreatment of Boiler Fuels
Siddiquee MN, de Klerk A
5802 - 5809 Analysis and Evaluation of Ash Deposits from the Coal-Fired Callide Oxyfuel Project
Elliott LK, Spero C, Wall TF
5810 - 5819 Fly Ash from Municipal Solid Waste Incineration as a Potential Thermochemical Energy Storage Material
Jahromy SS, Jordan C, Azam M, Werner A, Harasek M, Winter F
5820 - 5828 Physicochemical Approach To Blend Biomass
Defoort F, Campargue M, Ratel G, Miller H, Dupont C
5829 - 5839 Numerical and Experimental Study on Oxy-fuel Coal and Biomass Co-firing in a Bubbling Fluidized Bed
Chen C, Zhao LL, Wu X, Wang JF
5840 - 5848 Characterization of Vinasse for Thermochemical Conversion-Fuel Fractionation, Release of Inorganics, and Ash-Melting Behavior
Dirbeba MJ, Brink A, Zevenhoven M, DeMartini N, Lindberg D, Hupa L, Hupa M
5849 - 5858 On Ash Deposition Rates from Air and Oxy-Combustion of Pulverized Coal, Petroleum Coke, and Biomass
Wang YM, Li XL, Wendt JL
5859 - 5866 Corrosion in Recycled Wood Combustion-Reasons, Consequences, and Solutions
Kinnunen H, Hedman M, Lindberg D, Enestam S, Yrjas P
5867 - 5874 Performance Evaluation of Functionalized Biocarbon for Mercury Capture
Pudasainee D, Gupta R, Khan A
5875 - 5882 Fine Ash Formation and Slagging Deposition during Combustion of Silicon-Rich Biomasses and Their Blends with a Low-Rank Coal
Han JK, Yu DX, Wu JQ, Yu X, Liu FQ, Wang JH, Xu MH
5883 - 5892 Temperature-Gradient-Driven Aging Mechanisms in Alkali-Bromide- and Sulfate-Containing Ash Deposits
Niemi J, Balint R, Engblom M, Lehmusto J, Lindberg D
5893 - 5902 Correlation of Sub-micrometer Ash Formation from Pulverized Biomass Combustion with Ash Composition
Jiang LX, Sheng CD
5903 - 5910 Radiative Properties of Coal Ash Deposits with Sintering Effects
Parra-Alvarez J, Isaac B, Zhou MM, Smith S, Ring T, Harding S, Smith P
5911 - 5917 Influence of Fine Fuel Particles on Ash Deposition in Industrial-Scale Biomass Combustion: Experiments and Computational Fluid Dynamics Modeling
Plankenbuhler T, Muller D, Karl J
5918 - 5932 Method Selection for Biojet and Biogasoline Fuel Production from Castor Oil: A Review
Molefe M, Nkazi D, Mukaya HE
5933 - 5943 Bitumen Coating on Oil Sands Clay Minerals: A Review
Chen Q, Liu Q
5944 - 5953 Hydrogen and Carbon Isotope Composition of Hydrocarbon Gases Generated during Pyrolysis of Peats from Different Environments
Duan Y, Duan MC, Wu YZ, Yao JL, Li ZP, Xing LT, Liu Y
5954 - 5960 Adsorption of Polar Organic Components onto Sandstone Rock Minerals and Its Effect on Wettability and Enhanced Oil Recovery Potential by Smart Water
Mamonov A, Kvandal OA, Strand S, Puntervold T
5961 - 5970 Formation and Flow Behaviors of in Situ Emulsions in Heavy Oil Reservoirs
Yu FW, Jiang HQ, Fan Z, Xu F, Su H, Li JJ
5971 - 5980 Acid Leaching of Rare Earth Elements from Coal and Coal Ash: Implications for Using Fluidized Bed Combustion To Assist in the Recovery of Critical Materials
Honaker RQ, Zhang W, Werner J
5981 - 5987 Vitrinite Maturation in Confined Pyrolysis Experiments
Zeng LF, Huang WK, Jin J, Ma WY, Yu S, Pan CC
5988 - 5995 Designing CO2-Responsive Multifunctional Nanoscale Fluids with Tunable Hydrogel Behavior for Subsurface Energy Recovery
Asgar H, Ilavsky J, Gadikota G
5996 - 6007 Quantitative Description of Catalysis of Inherent Metallic Species in Lignite Char during CO2 Gasification
Halim N, Ashik UPM, Gao XP, Kudo S, Sanwani E, Norinaga K, Hayashi J
6008 - 6019 Nanoscale Pore Structure Characterization of Tight Oil Formation: A Case Study of the Bakken Formation
Li CX, Kong LY, Ostadhassan M, Gentzis T
6020 - 6026 Inhibition of the Hydration Expansion of Sichuan Gas Shale by Adsorption of Compounded Surfactants
Liu JP, Dai ZW, Li CJ, Lv KH, Huang XB, Sun JS, Wei B
6027 - 6037 Correlation between Drying Behaviors of Brown Coal and Its Pore Structures
Feng GR, Niu XH, Liao JJ, Han YN, Bai ZQ, Li W
6038 - 6047 Evaluating the Transport Behavior of CO2 Foam in the Presence of Crude Oil under High-Temperature and High-Salinity Conditions for Carbonate Reservoirs
Jian GQ, Zhang LL, Da C, Puerto M, Johnston KP, Biswal SL, Hirasaki GJ
6048 - 6059 Cationic/Nonionic Mixed Surfactants as Enhanced Oil Recovery Fluids: Influence of Mixed Micellization and Polymer Association on Interfacial, Rheological, and Rock-Wetting Characteristics
Pal N, Vajpayee M, Mandal A
6060 - 6068 Speciation of Metals in Asphaltenes by High-Performance Thin-Layer Chromatography and Laser Ablation Inductively Coupled Plasma-Mass Spectrometry
Moulian R, Sama SG, Garnier C, Mounicou S, Enrico M, Jaurand X, Lobinski R, Giusti P, Bouyssiere B, Barrere-Mangote C
6069 - 6075 Effect of a Magnetic Nanocomposite Pour Point Depressant on the Structural Properties of Daqing Waxy Crude Oil
Yu HL, Sun ZN, Jing GL, Zhen ZW, Liu Y, Guo K
6076 - 6082 Experimental Investigation of Aluminosilicate Nanoparticles for Enhanced Recovery of Waxy Crude Oil
Wijayanto T, Kurihara M, Kurniawan T, Muraza O
6083 - 6087 Applicability of Simulated Distillation for Heavy Oils
Diaz OC, Yarranton HW
6088 - 6097 Elucidating the Geometric Substitution of Petroporphyrins by Spectroscopic Analysis and Atomic Force Microscopy Molecular Imaging
Zhang YL, Schulz F, Rytting BM, Walters CC, Kaiser K, Metz JN, Harper MR, Merchant SS, Mennito AS, Qan KN, Kushnerick JD, Kilpatrick PK, Gross L
6098 - 6112 Pyrolysis Characteristics of Low-Rank Coal under a CO-Containing Atmosphere and Properties of the Prepared Coal Chars
Ma C, Zou C, Zhao JX, Shi RM, Li XM, He JY, Zhang XR
6113 - 6118 Hydrate Induction Time with Temperature Steps: A Novel Method for the Determination of Kinetic Parameters
Canale V, Fontana A, Siani G, Di Profio P
6119 - 6125 Apolar Behavior of Hydrated Calcite (10(1)over-bar4) Surface Assists in Naphthenic Acid Adsorption
Parambathu AV, Wang L, Asthagiri D, Chapman WG
6126 - 6133 Coke Deposition Inhibition for Endothermic Hydrocarbon Fuels in a Reforming Catalyst-Coated Reactor
Gao MY, Hou LY, Zhang XX, Zhang DR
6134 - 6147 Mineral Transformation and Morphological Change during Pyrolysis and Gasification of Victorian Brown Coals in an Entrained Flow Reactor
Xu T, Bhattacharya S
6148 - 6160 Simulation of Spontaneous Heating of a Small Fixed Bed of Dried Coal Exposed to a Flowing Wet Air Stream
Miura K
6161 - 6169 Probing the Interactions of Dolomite Surfaces with Oil at the Molecular Scale
Wang N, Collins IR, Webb KJ, Wan QF, Durkan C
6170 - 6176 Exploratory Analysis of Automotive Diesel Fuel Stability Test Methods by Infrared Spectroscopy and Parallel Factor Analysis
Skrobot VL, Santos CD, Braga JWB
6177 - 6186 Experimental Evaluation of Common Sulfate Mineral Scale Coprecipitation Kinetics in Oilfield Operating Conditions
Zhang P, Zhang Z, Zhu JY, Kan AT, Tomson MB
6187 - 6196 Effects of Reaction Condition on the Emission Characteristics of Fuel-N during the O-2/H2O Combustion Process of Demineralized Coal
Wang ZZ, Li YP, Zhu WK, Sun R, Zhao YY, Ren XH
6197 - 6204 Sulfonated Nonpolymeric Aminophosphonate Scale Inhibitors-Improving the Compatibility and Biodegradability
Mady MF, Malmin H, Kelland MA
6205 - 6214 Coke Yield Prediction Model for Pyrolysis and Oxidation Processes of Low-Asphaltene Heavy Oil
Liu D, Hou J, Luan HJ, Pan JJ, Song Q, Zheng RN
6215 - 6225 Molecular Characterization of Henan Anthracite Coal
Liu JX, Jiang YZ, Yao W, Jiang X, Jiang XM
6226 - 6233 Relationship between Microstructure and Thermal Conductivity in Coal Slags with Variable Silica and Alumina
Wang Q, Wang D, Li Q, Zhang JS
6234 - 6246 Correcting T-max Suppression: A Numerical Model for Removing Adsorbed Heavy Oil and Bitumen from Upper Ordovician Source Rocks, Arctic Canada
Chen ZH, Dewing K, Synnott DP, Liu XJ
6247 - 6257 Synthesis and Physicochemical Investigation of Anionic-Nonionic Surfactants Based on Lignin for Application in Enhanced Oil Recovery
Chen SY, Zhou YJ, Liu HJ, Yang JJ, Wei YY, Zhang JA
6258 - 6263 Assessment of Various Approaches in the Prediction of Methane Absolute Adsorption in Kerogen Nanoporous Media
Pang WY, Ye YZ, Jin ZH
6264 - 6272 Prediction of the Penetration Grade and Softening Point of Vacuum Residues and Asphalts by Nuclear Magnetic Resonance and Chemometric Methods
Jaimes ML, Santos SN, Molina VD
6273 - 6282 Interaction of Amphiphilic Polymers with Medium-Chain Fatty Alcohols to Enhance Rheological Performance and Mobility Control Ability
Lu Y, Meng ZY, Gao K, Hou JR, Wu HR, Kang WL
6283 - 6293 Impact of Water Pressure on the Organic Matter Evolution from Hydrous Pyrolysis
Sun LN, Tuo JC, Zhang MF, Wu CJ, Chai SQ
6294 - 6301 New Insights into the Primary Reaction Products of Naomaohu Coal via Breaking Weak Bonds with Supercritical Ethanolysis
Liang SS, Hou YC, Wu WZ, Li L, Ren SH
6302 - 6312 Adsorption and Agglomeration Characteristics of Fly Ash Particles in Low Low-Temperature Flue Gas Treatment Systems
Yan Y, Sun K, Deng L, Che DF
6313 - 6326 Experimental and Correlation Development of Heavy Oil Viscosity Using Bio-Additives
Gudala M, Banerjee S, Naiya TK, Kumar GS
6327 - 6334 Increasing the Penetration Depth of Microwave Radiation Using Acoustic Stress to Trigger Piezoelectricity
Morte M, Dean J, Kitajima H, Hascakir B
6335 - 6349 Formation and Dissociation Kinetics of Methane Hydrate in Aqueous Oilfield Polymer Solutions (Polyacrylamide, Xanthan Gum, and Guar Gum) and Their Performance Evaluation as Low-Dosage Kinetic Hydrate Inhibitors (LDHI)
Gupta P, Sangwai JS
6350 - 6360 Investigation of the Antifouling Mechanism of Electroless Nickel - Phosphorus Coating against Sand and Bitumen
Shi XW, Wang JY, Gong L, Luo H, Li JK, Fattahpour V, Mahmoudi M, Roostaei M, Fermaniuk B, Luo JL, Zeng HB
6361 - 6372 Characterization of Shale Pore Size Distribution by NMR Considering the Influence of Shale Skeleton Signals
Li JB, Lu SF, Jiang CQ, Wang M, Chen ZH, Chen GH, Li JJ, Lu SD
6373 - 6379 Influence of Parameters of Delayed Coking Process and Subsequent Calculation on the Properties and Morphology of Petroleum Needle Coke from Decant Oil Mixture of West Siberian Oil
Kondrasheva NK, Rudko VA, Nazarenko MY, Povarov VG, Derkunskii IO, Konoplin RR, Gabdulkhakov RR
6380 - 6389 Characterization of Anthracite-Degrading Methanogenic Microflora Enriched from Qinshui Basin in China
Guo HG, Zhang YW, Zhang JL, Huang ZX, Urynowicz MA, Liang WG, Han ZY, Liu J
6390 - 6404 Effects of Temperature and Salt Catalysts on Depolymerization of Kraft Lignin to Aromatic Phenolic Compounds
Rana M, Taki G, Islam MN, Agarwal A, Jo YT, Park JH
6405 - 6420 Deoxygenation of Wheat Straw Fast Pyrolysis Vapors using HZSM-5, Al2O3, HZSM-5/Al2O3 Extrudates, and Desilicated HZSM-5/Al2O3 Extrudates
Eschenbacher A, Jensen PA, Henriksen UB, Ahrenfeldt J, Li CX, Duus JG, Mentze UV, Jensen AD
6421 - 6428 Hydrothermal Liquefaction of Concentrated Acid Hydrolysis Lignin in a Bench-Scale Continuous Stirred Tank Reactor
Kristianto I, Limarta SO, Park YK, Ha JM, Suh DJ, Jeong Y, Jae J
6429 - 6435 Fenton Reaction-Modified Corn Stover To Produce Value-Added Chemicals by Ultralow Enzyme Hydrolysis and Maleic Acid and Aluminum Chloride Catalytic Conversion
Yang M, Jin CD, E S, Liu JL, Zhang S, Liu QY, Sheng KC, Zhang XM
6436 - 6443 Effect of Hydrothermal Carbonization Conditions on the Physicochemical Properties and Gasification Reactivity of Energy Grass
Qadi N, Takeno K, Mosqueda A, Kobayashi M, Motoyama Y, Yoshikawa K
6444 - 6453 Renewable Jet Fuel from Kerosene/Coconut Oil Mixtures with Catalytic Hydrogenation
Eller Z, Varga Z, Hancsok J
6454 - 6462 Hydrothermal Liquefaction and Photocatalytic Reforming of Pinewood (Pinus ponderosa)-Derived Acid Hydrolysis Residue for Hydrogen and Bio-oil Production
Jaswal R, Shende A, Nan W, Amar V, Shende R
6463 - 6472 Ignition and Kinetic Studies: The Influence of Lignin on Biomass Combustion
Yan YX, Meng Y, Tang LY, Kostas ET, Lester E, Wu T, Pang CH
6473 - 6482 Hydrogen Transfer between Hydrocarbons and Oxygenated Compounds in Coprocessing Bio-Oils in Fluid Catalytic Cracking
Pujro R, Panero M, Bertero M, Sedran U, Falco M
6483 - 6490 Highly Efficient Lignin Depolymerization via Effective Inhibition of Condensation during Polyoxometalate-Mediated Oxidation
Yang WS, Du X, Liu W, Tricker AW, Dai HQ, Deng YL
6491 - 6500 Novel Nonprecious Metal Loading Multi-Metal Oxide Catalysts for Lignin Depolymerization
Pu L, Wang X, Cao QP, Liu BY, Liu H, Han Y, Sun GW, Li Y, Zhou JH
6501 - 6508 Comprehensive Modeling of Heat Transfer in Cellulose Pyrolysis with Detailed Kinetic Schemes
Yang XX, Zhao YY, Shen QR, Yao CL, Li R
6509 - 6514 Energy Conversion Efficiency of Pyrolysis of Chicken Litter and Rice Husk Biomass
Weldekidan H, Strezov V, He J, Kumar R, Asumadu-Sarkodie S, Doyi INY, Jahan S, Kan T, Town G
6515 - 6526 High-Pressure CO2 Excess Sorption Measurements on Powdered and Core Samples of High-Rank Coals from Different Depths and Locations of the South Wales Coalfield
Zagorscak R, Thomas HR
6527 - 6541 Hydromechanical Response and Impact of Gas Mixing Behavior in Subsurface CH4 Storage with CO2-Based Cushion Gas
Ma JL, Li Q, Kempka T, Kuhn M
6542 - 6551 Adsorption Mechanism of CO2/CH4 in Kaolinite Clay: Insight from Molecular Simulation
Zhou WN, Wang HB, Yang YY, Liu XL
6552 - 6561 Co3O4 Nanorods with a Great Amount of Oxygen Vacancies for Highly Efficient Hg-0 Oxidation from Coal Combustion Flue Gas
Zhang XP, Zhang H, Zhu HD, Li CF, Zhang N, Bao JJ, He GH
6562 - 6567 Moisture Swing Ion-Exchange Resin-PO4 Sorbent for Reversible CO2 Capture from Ambient Air
Song JZ, Zhu LL, Shi XY, Liu YL, Xiao H, Chen X
6568 - 6576 Nitrogen-Doped Porous Carbons from Lotus Leaf for CO2 Capture and Supercapacitor Electrodes
Liu SF, Yang PP, Wang LL, Li YL, Wu ZZ, Ma R, Wu JY, Hu X
6577 - 6584 Enhancement of CO2 Desorption from Reinforced 2-(2-Aminoethylamine) Ethanol Aqueous Solution by Multi-walled Carbon Nanotubes
Li XJ, Zhang YC, Chen SY
6585 - 6590 Complete Reduction of Ilmenite by CO in Chemical Looping Combustion-Multistep Kinetic Model Approach
Prabakaran V, Jayanti S
6591 - 6599 Simultaneous Removal of NO and SO2 from Exhaust Gas by Cyclic Scrubbing and Online Supplementing pH-Buffered NaClO2 Solution
Han ZT, Lan T, Han ZW, Yang SL, Dong JM, Sun DP, Yan ZJ, Pan XX, Song LG
6600 - 6605 Experimental Study on the NOx Removal by Scrubbing with Urea-H2O2 Solution after NO Partial Preoxidation
Wen ZC, Shen HZ, Li Y, Wang ZH, Wang GQ, Cen KF
6606 - 6615 Analysis of Effects of CO2 Injection on Coalbed Permeability: Implications for Coal Seam CO2 Sequestration
Su EL, Liang YP, Zou QL, Niu FF, Li L
6616 - 6627 Main and Interactive Effects of Four Factors on CO2 Storage in Fractured Nanopores
Zhang KQ, Jia N, Liu LR, Li SY
6628 - 6633 Enhancement of CO2 Absorption into K2CO3 Solution by Cyclohexane in a High-Shear Reactor
Feng Q, Sun BC, Wang L, Shao L
6634 - 6640 Swapping and Enhancement of Guest Occupancies in Hydroquinone Clathrates Using CH4 and CO2
Yoon SJ, Lee D, Yoon JH, Lee JW
6641 - 6649 Zeolite X Adsorbent with High Stability Synthesized from Bauxite Tailings for Cyclic Adsorption of CO2
Qang ZQ, Li R, Yang ZQ, Guo M, Cheng FQ, Zhang M
6650 - 6658 Performance of Bimetallic Additives (Fe-Co, Mn-Co, Cu-Co, and Zn-Co) Modified Na2S/AC Deoxidizers in Removal of O-2 from Low-Concentration Coalbed Gas
Zhang YH, Pan HY, Lin Q, Liu FX, Zhang GX, Hu PF
6659 - 6669 Characterization of Organic Nitrogen Compounds and Their Impact on the Stability of Marginally Stable Diesel Fuels
Deese RD, Morris RE, Metz AE, Myers KM, Johnson K, Loegel TN
6670 - 6677 Study of Mercury-Removal Performance of Mechanical-Chemical-Brominated Coal-Fired Fly Ash
Geng XZ, Duan YF, Zhao SL, Xu YF, Huang TF, Hu JW, Ren SJ
6678 - 6688 Effect of Surfactant Headgroup, Salts, and Temperature on Interfacial Properties: Dissipative Particle Dynamics and Experiment for the Water/Octane/Surfactant System
Alasiri HS, Sultan AS, Chapman WG
6689 - 6706 Dry Reforming of Methane over Ni-Cu/Al2O3 Catalyst Coatings in a Microchannel Reactor: Modeling and Optimization Using Design of Experiments
Rezaei R, Moradi G, Sharifnia S
6707 - 6716 Removal of NOx and SO2 from the Coal-Fired Flue Gas Using a Rotating Packed Bed Pilot Reactor with Peroxymonosulfate Activated by Fe(II) and Heating
Chen XJ, Hu XM
6717 - 6726 Analysis of the Combined Ammonia Production and Cyclohexane Dehydrogenation by a Novel Bifunctional Reactor
Ghani R, Boostani F, Iranshahi D
6727 - 6733 Kinetic Measurements on CO2 Adsorption and Release Using TBAB center dot 38H(2)O Hydrates as Adsorbents
Zhou XB, Wan LH, Long Z, Li DL, Liang DQ
6734 - 6741 Characterization of Delayed Coke and Fluid Coke Gasification Using Blast Furnace Slag as a Disposable Catalyst
Linghu RX, Liu YD, Zhang YM, Zhang YM, Gao JS, Zhong YW
6742 - 6753 Hydrogen Production via the Catalytic Partial Oxidation of Ethanol on a Platinum-Rhodium Catalyst: Effect of the Oxygen-to-Ethanol Molar Ratio and the Addition of Steam
Sawatmongkhon B, Theinnoi K, Wongchang T, Haoharn C, Wongkhorsub C, Tsolakis A
6754 - 6766 Structure Responses of n-Heptane/Air Counterflow Flames to Air-Side Partial Premixing of Dimethyl Ether
Lu XQ, Hu G, He YT, Liao SY, Jian XC, Shao YM
6767 - 6774 Analysis of Combustion Characteristics When Adding Hydrogen and Short-Chain Hydrocarbons to RP-3 Aviation Kerosene Based on the Variation Disturbance Method
Li SH, Guo JJ, Wang ZH, Xi SH, Hou JX, Wen ZH
6775 - 6787 Autoignition Characteristics of Ethers Blended with Low Cetane Distillates
Nicolle A, Naser N, Javed T, Rankovic N, Sarathy SM
6788 - 6796 Composition-Structure Relationship of Skeletal-Dendritic Ferrospheres Formed during Industrial Combustion of Lignite and Coal
Anshits NN, Fedorchak MA, Zhizhaev AM, Anshits AG
6797 - 6808 Experimental and Numerical Study of the Fuel-NOx Formation at High CO2 Concentrations in a Jet-Stirred Reactor
Li PF, Wang K, Li WH, Hu F, Ding CJ, Liu ZH
6809 - 6816 Oxidation Kinetic Analysis of Diesel Particulate Matter using Single- and Multistage Methods
Gao JB, Chen HB, Tian GH, Ma CC, Zhu F
6817 - 6828 Formation of Metallurgical Coke within Minutes through Coal Densification and Microwave Energy
Williams O, Ure A, Stevens L, Binner E, Dodds C, Kingman S, Das B, Dash PS, Lester E
6829 - 6836 Investigation of the Rheological Properties of Nanosilica-Reinforced Polyacrylamide/Polyethyleneimine Gels for Wellbore Strengthening at High Reservoir Temperatures
Shamlooh M, Hamza A, Hussein IA, Nasser MS, Magzoub M, Salehi S
6837 - 6841 Impact of Common Plastics on Cellulose Pyrolysis
Kumagai S, Yamamoto M, Takahashi Y, Kameda T, Saito Y, Yoshioka T